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Should bullying be a graduationable offence in the vtuber industry?

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Yes, unless it's cute girls bullying other cute girls, then it's hot.

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Yes, unless it's cute boys bullying other cute boys, then it's hot.

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No, we need resilience and education nowadays not safe spaces.

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Makes me laugh thinking how seriously some people took this all because of that one meme

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Deron looks like such a stacy here.

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The dark side of nijisanji...

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The dumb side of /vt/

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That is disrespectful to the victim.

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Anon you're too on the edge, can't even take a joke anymore.

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I want the girls and the fandom to keep bullying Maimoto.

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It should be but that panda cunt is still working for Nijisanji despite bullying Luna out of the organization.

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it should be a monetarily rewarded entertainment effort. which it is.

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Did...did the bimbo's fingers clipped through inchou's head!?

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if any of the holos pulled this shit i would take them down myself. this is not acceptable behaviour.

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Honma gets beaten by her mother every night. please undersrand.

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:fire: maimoto :fire:

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She's just an airhead.

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Who could ever bully a beauty like Maimoto?

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me on the left

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Your skull is filled with rats

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Shut up, post more Niji bullying in action.


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