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in what ways do they fundamentally diverge from each other?

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At the point, pink cat, shark, and that whale everyone thought for EN Gen 2 are copies of each other. At least Shark plays good video games.

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Gura cute and funny
Nyanners not

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You think anyone on this board has the critical faculties to assess that without devolving into an ape-brained fury about events spanning a decade ago? Dream on, faggot.

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One pretends to be a whore and the other one is a whore

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Nyanners isn't gonna fuck you no matter how hard you white knight her bro

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SHE is cute and funny in a way that's incredible rare for anglophonic persons

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Gura is just Nyanners who bites her tongue to pander for the undesirables

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one is cunny one pretends to be cunny

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I think it's pretty obvious that I don't

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Gura is on the cover leash and can't be a gremlin. Nyanners is a bird.

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Remember that gura used her "live your day in your own way" philosophy to cheat on her ex-boyfriend.
And now you're eating up her words

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Isn't that Froot

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Gura has never had a boyfriend. What are you talking about?

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Roommate reps, anon

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I am 100% certain that Gura and Nyanners have talked about their content and how Gura can avoid the landmines Nyanners trampled through in her years. There's that clip of Nyanners saying that while Gura might play dumb, she's actually way smarter than she lets on.

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Transatlantic cock

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i don't get the cubes reference

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She labeled us all pedophiles and ran away to tumblr to become a typical chastising tumblrite. I'll never forgive her for that.

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do chumbuds really

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Ok I’ve always had issues with people saying “she’s not dumb, she’s actually a super genius” sorts of things about Gura.

Yes she is incredibly good at being an entertainer and using what she has available but she’s not some super genius playing 10D chess

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You're incredibly naive of you think Gura's entire stream personality isn't carefully crafted to pander to as many people as possible without offending as few as she can.

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>she's actually way smarter than she lets on
Wait you mean Gura isn't actually a child? What the fuck chumbros we have been lied to. Thank you whorecat for blowing the lid off this scandalous development.

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...why would anyone believe you?
if there was actual non-schizo proof no one would stop talking about it and posting the doxx

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You don't just accidentally stumble into becoming the biggest vtuber on YouTube, no matter how much chumbuds believe in some kind of borderline miraculous innate charm

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No shit sherlock.

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Because a lot of women use that same tactic to cheat on their boyfriends and then get off scot-free. Instead of being labeled as a cheater, they just go that they wanted to "live their lives their own way" and "live each day like it's the last".
It's simple mindgames anon.

Also I'm not posting the actual source, cause I don't wanna be b&. Just do your archive reps fag

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Wrong chuuba

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based no-effort success rrat

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>Also I'm not posting the actual source
they always say this

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Yes thats what i mean, if whatever proof you have is in the archive and anyone could find it and think with meds: "seems legit".

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do cumbuds really

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>Also I'm not posting the actual source

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Thank you anon

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You're incredibly naive if you think the internet social savviness Gura's spent years accumulating is indicative of any other kind of learning or quick-wittedness.
She's a meme-loving bumpkin with a history of substance abuse. It makes perfect sense why she's uninformed and slow.

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Gura is just a nice girl with a good sense of humor and fun to listen to.

Nyanners is an immoral, lying, greedy, hypocritical. pedo-baiting nasty skank whose """humor""" entirely consists of being disgusting and shouting. She is underhanded, fake and supports censorship but makes exceptions for herself and people who benefit her in some way.

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>he's still trying

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Gura is an actual and legitamate degenerate holding herself back and trying to change, Pink whore is a vanilla slut looking to become more and more depraved but it's always hollow and insincere

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>NOOOOO the cunny shark is actually a blessed loli descended from heaven and not a 20-something depressed shitposter with a real past, personal problems and drama and opinions of her own

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I do often question how both Gura and her former life skyrocketed so quickly in their respective fields. This is the kinda shit people would question with bots, rigging, or just straight up dumb luck

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Yeah nobody cares about any of that. We all have problems and drama. It is human.
But no normal human pulls the kind of stuff Nyanshit did. It takes a sociopathic personality to do that.

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No, it's literally a combo of cute design + cute voice + being retarded in a way that is endearing. She's the perfect storm, but that doesn't mean she isn't a complete retard.

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Holy cuck fantasy, chumbats!

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Where the hell did this come from?

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She's DEFINITELY not gonna see this bro.

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she's just too retarded to fail. And her former life isn't really as popular as people claims

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I can't believe Gura's room is not actually dirty but messy of all the blueprints, maps, psychology books and complex formulas to be the most cute shark chuuba that has ever existed
My cute shark is not lazy! She is a hardworking woman who will take over the world!

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The absolutely state of gura's anti
Stop product source from your ass

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She's quite literally EN's Aqua, only a loli (which is what rushia has) and an amazing singing voice. EN has a much larger pool of viewers to draw from than JP.

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You should reach some highs soon then

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I hope she takes the next step.

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She unironically has that miracle charm though. It even worked against her, she didn't WANT to be the biggest.

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I'm not cute enough

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yeah bro totally, she really just accidentally mocged everyone and isn't playing it down because modesty is cute

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This is a weird kind of anti.

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>freezes up at any mention of

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Actually have proof that she's on 4chan, mentions browsing 4chan still

Not even a single hint of her going on here, most likely a redditor judging from her past meme videos

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In far less ways than /vt/ likes to admit.

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It's not about the amount, Nyantard.

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but those ways are critical

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nyanners is 4chan
gura is 4channel, aka reddit

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Nyanners is more self-centered and less easygoing than Gura.

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Before she left, SHE hit 1M faster than everyone else in her field


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>One was a lolrandumbxd animu girl with a cute voice (actually a mutt) that joins the most popular company of a popular fad. But here's a twist; she actually doesn't want to be the most popular virtual girl ever :( Poor soul, how could this happen to her...
>Another one was also a mutt emulating prepubescent girls to make childlovers happy (but not really). Now finally with a fresh coat of paint that realizes her true form she desperately wanted to be!
Both were e-whores wanting to stay relevant while seducing manchildren into giving them their money tbdesu. None of that gay nakama powurr bullshit.

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whoops, this data proves me otherwise. my bad

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Looks like you got them mixed up, anon.

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Nyanners is funny sometimes. Gura is just boring.

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>le ebin oldfag
go outside

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Damage controlling this hard? Nyanners is exactly how I expected attentionwhoring "oldfags" to end up.
Not even kidding, this is from one of her streams.
With Gura you're very possibly right, but she embodies the "lurk moar" and "don't be a faggot" tacit rules of this place despite being a zoomer.

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Nyanners is tumblr.

>> No.4425881

>Not even a single hint of her going on here
And that's how it's supposed to be, no reason to be proud of being here and telling the whole world about it.

>> No.4425903

and Gura is discord

>> No.4425910

Literally Gura.

>> No.4425912

>Nyanners is exactly how I expected attentionwhoring "oldfags" to end up.
Christ, now you're making me imagine a vtuber equivalent of fucking Taiga or Lanced Jack. Or even that retard Athens. Dear god, it could actually happen.

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Since when was proclaiming you posted on this website an accomplishment? Are you an ex SA goon or something?

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Still better.

>> No.4425962

There's a very real one in /wvt/. I won't tell you more because he doesn't deserve attention.

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Easy. Gura has an excellent singing voice, Nyanners does not. I'm gonna bet Gura's new original song is gonna surpass Nyanner's Foolish Heart in a day.

>> No.4426048

Anon, literally everyone and their mothers was doomposting about HoloEN. Hell, their own mid-term goals were to reach 100K in a year.

>> No.4426057

he's true though, litterally called each other 'buddy'
let it go

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nyanners and vei should have just ditched vshojo and twitch before they got too entrenched. i think its part of why she has to cuck to the trannyjannies of twitch by doing a bunch of weird doublethink takes to appease them and the woke twitter mobs. the rest of the vshojo chuubas are so hilariously bad and revolting. vei and nyanners should have branded as an opie and anthony type duo instead of hitching their wagon to those other shrieking unfunny normalfag roasties.

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Funny how ironmouse was number one for like 2 days before being surpassed by codemiko and always ahead of pink cat.

>> No.4426406

Everyone who? It's literally hololive but instead of relying on clips, EOPs can finally tune into a stream and understand their favorite anime girl. Literally everywhere outside of this shithole were ready to eat that shit up. You're honestly pretty goddamned stupid if you didn't see success coming a mile away when a group of vtubers that speak English debuts under a brand that is mainstream among English speakers.

>> No.4426415

Finally the vshojo can experience their first graduation.

>> No.4426678

Seeing the state of the scene during early 2020, if senzawa kept making content she'd probably be near the top still.

>> No.4426764

Mouse would've surpassed her by sheer virtue of having more content.

>> No.4426798

Both do cringe memes so not so much desu.

>> No.4426803

>weird doublethink takes
Nyanners has been doing that for a good while before vshojo. I've given up on trying to figure out what she actually believes at this point, I don't think even she really knows.

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Senzawa was a Nyanners rip-off. Gura is just senzawa with degeneracy removed.

>> No.4426827

They are the worst two members and Vshojo would be ok without them.

>> No.4426830

>Gura is just senzawa with degeneracy removed.
how do you figure
they both get wasted on stream, nyanners seems like basically the same content but with more fart/poop/cum jokes

>> No.4426871


I usually enjoy her streaming with Mel or Mouse, but I hope I wont miss her stream with Snuffy Wednesday.

>> No.4426875

Nah they at least regularly stream, Hime is the worst member for vshojo.

>> No.4426876

>nyanners is basically the same content but with more completely different and 10x worse stuff

>> No.4426931

you know what? my brain thought that the post i was replying to said "NYANNERS is Senzawa with the degeneracy removed".

I retract everything

>> No.4426963

For a ripoff she is more popular then the original

>> No.4427010

jesus anon, meds

>> No.4427017

really makes you think

>> No.4427022

>Nyanners "Trap is a problematic word" was the same as senzawa "I still love you but let's tone it down
They were both meme queens but their approach to the community was different.

>> No.4427178

nah vshojo is a bad larp version of hololive. nyanners and vei and to a much lesser extent ironmouse are the only ones that arent completely terrible. besides them who else is there? a literal man with a tts voice and a bunch of unfunny roasties with ms paint-tier models and ugly voices.

>> No.4427192 [DELETED] 

Who cares, they produced the same content.

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Rip-offs becoming more popular than the original happens all the fucking time. Oreos are a rip-off, Facebook is a Myspace rip-off, the movie Avatar may very well be the most infamous rip-off of all time.

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she's just your average fame chaser, she doesn't actually have any beliefs other than what endears her to the biggest audience. That's the ultimate difference between that makes gura acceptable to watch and nyanners not

>> No.4427508

>I still love you but let's tone it down
What's that about?

>> No.4427597

Probably her nuking her discord after it got overrun with psychos.

>> No.4427784

I don’t give a shit. I like Gura so I only watch Gura.

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She just ran away because she was afraid of arguing with them. Munibug was the one who nuked it.

>> No.4428007

Gura is just boring, i don't get the hype.
The only thing i remember about Nyanners is that she was use as shitpost back in the day kinda like boxxy, it really turn me off from watching her.

>> No.4428187

You don’t understand, that’s a calculated move on her part.

>> No.4428198

>a lying, nasty hpyocrite whose only humor are sex and toilet jokes
>not terrible
what is wrong with people like you? seriously, do you have a damaged brain? I cannot fathom how people can tolerate such a bitch

>> No.4428209

I find her to be boring as well. I think you have to be into the quirky dumb cutesy type to enjoy her streams. I don't really like Nyanners either though. They don't seem to be very similar to each other now a days so the comparisons are weird.

>> No.4428228

you don't remember pomf what are we going to do on the bed ?

>> No.4428292

Nyanners is worse at video games.

>> No.4428311

The only redeeming factor of Gura as a vtuber is her voice. I've been a member to her since day one only because she loves to spam karaoke streams on the membership.

>> No.4428313

That doesn't even sound possible

>> No.4428346

Yeah Gura is fake and boring and Nyanners is annoying to the point Id wanna kick her down a flight of stairs.

>> No.4428352

Maybe your definition of a rip-off is retarded.

>> No.4428404

Oh it is, you can tell Nyanners isn't lying about having ADHD from watching her play something that requires any amount of focus.

>> No.4428543

i'm gonna show you 4channel tourists a 4chan classic

>> No.4428553

most vtubers are kind of meh on their own and only shine when they have someone to bounce off of.

>> No.4428566

good well rigged model model and cute voice. historic internet hypocrisy aside thats all the matters really.

>> No.4428743

This isn't even a 4chan thing. I had been aware of it for three years longer than I've been aware of the 4channel. It was just the general weeb fandom at the time.

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>> No.4428969

Good thing I wasn't here decades ago so I can assess this without bias.

>> No.4428989

Who's the whale?

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>> No.4429024

So what is your assessment?

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Outside of the whole "muh lolicon" autism, which is completely meaningless outside of 4chan, they're very similar people. Nyanners is Gura's senpai by quite a few years, but they have a similar sense of humor and audience. The only difference is that Gura has to play around her degeneracy nowadays because Hololive is (mostly) family-friendly and her audience is full of kids, while Nyanners is even more of an unabashed degenerate than before.

>> No.4429127

>while Nyanners is even more of an unabashed degenerate than before.
She quit playing Nekopara, one of the most mainstream normie VNs in existence, because catgirl slavery or some shit.

>> No.4429147

This. Gura was literally inspired by Nyanners to start covering rap/meme songs in a cute anime girl voice

>> No.4429172

She quit it because streaming VNs is boring as fuck, unless it's a completely insane VN.

>> No.4429206

Nah they went on to do a different VN so that wasn't the reason.

>> No.4429210

The difference is also that one is a backbiting sociopath and one has yet to do anything wrong.
Pink cat bad. Dumb fish good.

>> No.4429220

Which one?

>> No.4429258

Love Cubed

>> No.4429339

Based Gura living for the fun of it.

>> No.4429419

You'd be surprised how many people were expecting it to fail back than.

>> No.4429437

>backbiting sociopath
For throwing 4chan of all things under the bus? Bullshit. If Gura had a similar past with 4chan, she would've said the exact same thing as Nyanners. Associating with this place is not worth the potential cancellation.
>one has yet to do anything wrong
I'd disagree, but I'm not discussing roommate shit.

>> No.4429470

That one is short enough to finish in one sitting though. Nekopara requires a bit more commitment.

>> No.4429539

Community response and treatment is just as important as the content you put out when your a YouTuber.

>> No.4429587 [DELETED] 

t. tries to cancel celebs over which party they voted for

>> No.4429595

She literally said she dropped it because it made her 'uncomfy'.

>> No.4429604

More like throwing her entire audience under the bus with gusto, realizing wokeshit wasn't where the money was and going back to pandering to a similar audience while pretending nothing happened.
You really can't compare that to anything Gura or her past incarnations have done.

>> No.4429894

Not even referring to that more just making sure said content creator doesn't end up pissing off a portion of their own fanbase by condemning them or coming off as an asshole.

>> No.4429925

4chan wasn't her entire audience, and it's not Gura's audience either. Their audience is people on Youtube and Twitch, and that audience never went away or changed. 4chan was her starting point, but nothing more than that. And that's fine.

>> No.4430063

>Not even a single hint of her going on here

>> No.4430146

FPBP, absolutely based.

>> No.4430159

>If Gura had a similar past with 4chan, she would've said the exact same thing as Nyanners.
I doubt it, she would just sweep it under the rug instead of going on a jihad against it

>> No.4430186

>4chan wasn't her entire audience
Her TED Talk implied "Everyone who watched the video is a pedo". 4chan was singled out for other stuff.

>> No.4430196

It's not a safe option, especially nowadays. If Gura had her own pomf video without addressing it, you bet someone would've tried to cancel her over it. Better safe than sorry.

>> No.4430204

How long are you going to pretend that she simply disowned 4chan and didn't make a bunch of broad-sweeping neo-puritanical statements about Japanese culture and anyone who enjoys it?

>> No.4430219

This. Joji is a good example of just moving on from the cringy shit, which is what Nyanners should've done. She'd have a private personal army if that happened.

>> No.4430285

so sick of hearing about nyanners all the time, she and her group are beyond cringe, can only imagine what kind of sperg watches that shit

>> No.4430287

>i turned a bad copypasta into a bad rap

>> No.4430301

That's just putting words in her mouth. Either she said it or she didn't.

>> No.4430380

>so sick of hearing about nyanners all the time
Who do you think makes these threads? Also, Vei is in another one defending her TED Talk again.

>> No.4430387
File: 964 KB, 4096x2304, EhzncbmXgAA2bPT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Outside of the whole "muh lolicon" autism, which is completely meaningless outside of 4chan
You really underestimate how much people reacted about it, I think it's still a small crowd compared with Nyanners audience, but many think of Nyanners as the loli hypocrite.
Fair enough, some don't have the hate boner that 4chan has, but quoting a part of the tweet: "I can forgive but I can't forget"



Personally, I don't care that much, but at best it makes neutral and at worst it makes me apathetic of Nyanners, without mentioning I find her humor kinda cringy (must admit she has a good model and rigging)

>> No.4430423

who was that girl who called out gura for pedo pandering? venti latte or something? does she know about nyanners?

>> No.4430428

Br*ttany Ven*i already tried cancelling her for months; Gura didn't respond at all which was the right move because it made the other bitch look like a psycho loser.

>> No.4430431

Literally every single big name who didn't actually do something wrong and said as much instead of paying penance to insatiable woke hyenas has come out of cancellation attempts bigger and better than ever, with their own fanbases harassing the attempted cancelers and the big name themselves getting tons of free press as a wrongly-harassed victim.

>> No.4430452 [DELETED] 
File: 1.07 MB, 813x766, NyannersDrama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not him, but saying that "they aren't just cartoons, they're children" is implying lolicons are pedophiles

>> No.4430454

That's because she didn't have a leg to stand on and her desperate attempt at trying to gain relevancy off of the HololiveEN boom was obvious. Almost nobody would respond to her nonsense and Cover would have never allowed it even if she wanted to.

>> No.4430485

itt pedos who have been upset over getting called out for 15 years straight

>> No.4430507

>does she know about nyanners?
She tried reaching out to pink cat around the time of the Gura drama and Nyanners had her blocked.

>> No.4430528

If Nyanners stopped being a SJW would /vt/ like her?

>> No.4430552

>Pikamee is based too w
Those ARE the 4chan people.
As I see it, she was simply afraid. Imagine if you were trying to start a career, and in the back of your mind, there's always this lolicon video you made as a teenager that went viral for some fucking reason. Shit that anyone could google and trace back to you. And you know very well that there are actual, unironic pedos who enjoy that shit, because of course there are.
She became paranoid, and that's why she went on all those rants. I can relate because I know how obsessive and unreasonable paranoia can be.

>> No.4430572

>shitty internet lolicon anthem
>it doesn't matter if they're "just cartoons", they're children and that's that
>I do not approve of any of my fans proclaiming themselves as lolicons or acting like it's some cutesy anime term that isn't rooted in disgusting pedophilic crap
Oh, so she's a fucking 2D=3D retard. Hey >>4430301, you got your answer.

>> No.4430602

See >>4430287. Gura is even more paranoic than Nyanners, and she didn't care, because she knew it was a non-issue unless she made it one.

>> No.4430609

>substance abuse
Why are HERfags so retarded? Why can't you even bother to read video descriptions?

>> No.4430610

Didn't she already quietly drop it? I haven't paid attention to her in years.
But no, I don't like backstabbing bitches. It's the least lovable quality a woman can have.

>> No.4430628

They used to have a bet on the place where her OD'd body would be found. Did you ever think they weren't retarded?

>> No.4430630

If she just said "Hey I was a judgmental bitch in the past. Do what you want as long as you're deliberately upsetting people" that would be good enough for most anon I would think.

>> No.4430645

>Gura is even more paranoic than Nyanners, and she didn't care
That means she's not more paranoid, simple as. Besides, the pomf video didn't have the same "ironic" subtext that the video you mentioned had.

>> No.4430739

Considering how paranoid she was about YouTube fucking her over I'd say those descriptions were just there to cover her ass.

>> No.4430821

She was never paranoid about that and tins of her videos were demonetized. You are a retard who never even watched her.

>> No.4430844

16yo Nyanners
>Made a video song based on a doujin about a little girl getting fucked silly
16yo Gura
>Made autistic videos of her playing with LPS dolls
those moments are crucial

>> No.4430857 [DELETED] 
File: 83 KB, 534x1200, EhKHHPtX0AE05j8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People keep mentioning it and I kinda agree with them, Nyanners could have just deleted the video and said it made her uncomfortable, but she felt the need to call out a bunch of people >>4430452 and it doesn't matter anyway since there are reuploads of Pomf
And it's not only the loli thing, that's not the only reason anons call her a SJW (pic related). Of course, it's old shit, but it makes some people wary of her because for things like Nekopara they believe she never changed.

>> No.4430877

The pink cat is a shitty person making shitty content for shitty reasons.

>> No.4430891

this, thread should have been over right here

>> No.4430925

>Made autistic videos of her playing with LPS dolls

>> No.4430995

>and not a 20-something depressed shitposter with a real past, personal problems and drama and opinions of her own
That is not a bad thing.

>> No.4431015

Oof. What even drives people to defend pink cat here?

>> No.4431090

She says peepeepoopoo and I immediately lose any bad thoughts I had of her.

>> No.4431095

This reads like something she wrote while feeling very self-righteous and smart, with the whole "enlightened centrist" position. I do that shit too from time to time, and I always feel dumb about it later. No wonder she nuked her Tumblr since then.
It's not a good idea to judge people by a few or so dumb posts they've made, not when they're public figures with tons of other shit to check out. I've been watching Nyanners out of curiosity recently, and she's sure as fuck not an uptight moralistic type. She's a degenerate girl with a lot of insecurities, which explains this behavior to me.

>> No.4431152

2D will forever remain a derivative of 3D. No matter how much you furr yourself up, no matter how you twist the features, it will always be only a distortion of human image, nothing more.

>> No.4431154

Anon, that's just one instance. And that tumblr was active for a good while. She only recently nuked it, it was just privated before.
>sure as fuck not an uptight moralistic type
Nekopara playthrough...
>degenerate girl with a lot of insecurities
Can't argue with this one.

>> No.4431166
File: 348 KB, 834x841, 1621821952161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just a reminder that Nyanners still allows minors in her discord despite her content being very explicit and sexual in nature. So uh... yeah.

>> No.4431225

we don't know her opinions on shotacon, so I give her the benefit of the doubt

>> No.4431239

Stop projecting. She's always disliked getting fucked by YouTube and Twitch.

>> No.4431240

what's the deal with U O H?

>> No.4431274

>Anon, that's just one instance
One of how many? Five? She's been on the Internet for like 20 years now, maybe even more.
>Nekopara playthrough...
She decided not to finish the game, that's about it. It's not like she was playing Senran Kagura and constantly whining about butts and boobs for hours.

>> No.4431284
File: 38 KB, 626x256, EypFzMfUYAEpWp1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4431308

There's no "benefit of the doubt" here. If your content is like this, under no excuse can you allow underaged users to freely browse your servers.

>> No.4431317

Gura tried to run away from her degeneracy and become kid friendly, while Nyanners embraced her degeneracy.

>> No.4431415

This meme has ruined the crying emoji for me. I have almost a compulsion to type UUUOOOH when I see it.

>> No.4431416

Ah yes the same chuuba that literally said "fuck the kids" is trying to be kid friendly. Retarded take of the week. Nice try come again next week.

>> No.4431434

Gura was never really a degenerate. Nyanners is the one that ran away from her origins. Just ask her what she thinks of the word "trap" or "loli".

>> No.4431454

>Gura tried to run away from her degeneracy and become kid friendly
by teasing her audience with her sweet loli voice and her small, soft and perfectly-arched feet

>> No.4431459

do you also happen to be a pedo

>> No.4431482

Not every lolicon is a pedo.
Every pedo is a lolicon.

>> No.4431485

>Made a video song based on a doujin about a little girl getting fucked silly
Groomed by neckbeard incels. Sad and pathetic.
>Made autistic videos of her playing with LPS dolls
Naturally girly and innocent. Cute and feminine!

>> No.4431572
File: 430 KB, 377x520, 1621977908946.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Reddit is when people do things I don't like and 4chan is when they're based.

I get where the logic comes from but nyanners literally got popular in the beginning precisely because she posted on 4chan. Perhaps 4chan isn't the holy ground secret base you make it out to be and is more like a top 1000 website with massive traffic from all across the globe.

>> No.4431586

Not really? Is everyone in this earth into anime porn?

>> No.4431588

>Stop projecting
how ironic

>> No.4431598

Ngl, I hate pre-Vtuber Nyanners since she seems like the daughter of Mother's Basement.
Vtuber Nyanners is an individual that I don't have interest in crossing paths with, but will acknowledge that she TONED DOWN the moralistic garbage (she wouldn't be part of VShojo if she still believed in >>4430857).
Anons will say that she would jump from and even denounce the Vtuber bandwagon if it lost popularity or became controversial, but I don't buy that, at least because I wasn't here before Vtuber Nyanners.
Now, imo, anons will hold grudges, but less would hate Nyanners if she would just take a stance instead of trying to appeal to different "political spectrums", if you know what I mean.
Otherwise, this happens to you >>4425285

>> No.4431759

>secret base
noone thinks that, faggot
at least noone that can see the number of ips
>nyanners literally got popular in the beginning precisely because she posted on 4chan
yeah she was alright back then but became more of a bitch recently

>> No.4431778

Gura's roommate was classmates with b*ll d*lphine

>> No.4431788

History has proven that usually the most outspoken critics of loli are kidfuckers for real.

>> No.4431898
File: 1.74 MB, 1002x1188, Gura is based 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And Gura is able to pander more to actual degenerates while keeping the facade (pic related)
That's no true, some pedos don't feel satisfied with anime kids. Hell, I saw a MAP once being against lolicon
Something I don't understand, why announce yourself as a minor in an anonymous imageboard? You are giving a pass to weirdos to come for you

>> No.4431905

b*ll d*lphine is south African

>> No.4431962

Her feet was Amelia's doing

>> No.4432020

So does nyanners constant bring up the comparison between the 2 to recieve more clout?
Can't think of any other reason to have this shit thread...

>> No.4432070
File: 1.29 MB, 1200x1600, 6fe8adff8fd1d429f06209c61585fa99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just very thankful we have Gura. I love her.

>> No.4432074

She's white

>> No.4432103


>> No.4432115

>(she wouldn't be part of VShojo if she still believed in >>4430857).
She also can't be that hateful of lolicons anymore either, since Melody is one.

>> No.4432155

That's correct, Amelia is into 9000 years old shark lolis spreading their legs

>> No.4432400
File: 27 KB, 326x270, 1583521159240.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of them turned her back on her loyal fanbase in order to sell out.
The other is Nyanners.

>> No.4432496
File: 183 KB, 1896x1671, holo portrait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like both and no one can stop me

>> No.4432523

Nyan's live by the way.

>> No.4432538

Mind sharing the source on that one?

>> No.4432540

Yeah, turning your back and backstabbing are quite different.

>> No.4432555

Youre retarded, all creators do the things they do for attention which is ultimately for personal gain, nothing is pure. So any of them is ready to replace what they do for something more rewarding and not requiring to degrade themselves by associating with whores like delphine.

>> No.4432587

Free Nyanders Pomf Pomf protests of 2012 The Canadian Baby Seal Massacre The Anti-Nyanners Struggle The Great Nekopara collab The Great Pink Cat Cultural Revolution Pink Cat Rights Slime Rights Wife Democratization Vshojo Freedom Waifu Independence Multi-Nyanners system Not looking both ways before crossing the street Pink Cat Liberation Republic of Blegh Nyanners IRL Jerma Pedo Autonomous Region The 4chan Pedophile Autonomous Region Nobel Peace Prize Hololive, Twitch copyright strike, anti-nyanners, counter-toilet humor protest movement, Discord, harassment, anti-seiso, Nyanners hair length button, International wife shortage, Nyanner's true age, Simp purification, Nyanners human-catgirl experiment, Anime hybridization, Elon Musk, Nyanders returned to power and peaceful evolution of the people Tumblr, Twitter, SJW, Traps, Lolicon struggle, Nyanner Russian Origins, Pink Feline dictatorship, dictatorship, suppression, unified surveillance, suppression, persecution, aggression, plundering, destruction, torture, massacre, and abduction of live organ harvesting, trafficking in vtubers, smuggling, Catnip prostitution, gambling, lottery, Pomf Pomf, Feet pictures, FFX Leaks, Fredrick the Slime, The Catnarok.

>> No.4432589

South Africa was colonized by the Dutch and the British. It's not uncommon to see white people there.
Anyway, she moved to the UK and Gura is from neither of those places. She's from Atlantis.

>> No.4432677
File: 862 KB, 600x888, 1621993224388.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4432682

Gura's voice sounds natural compared to Nyanners.

>> No.4432699
File: 762 KB, 1259x904, 1620335420813.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4432739
File: 99 KB, 930x700, pizzagate reporter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4432750
File: 2.16 MB, 1300x1180, Gura is based 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remembered that Gura retweets more suggestive fanart on Twitter, also thanks to Venti for providing the image on bottom right
I already knew that, and it made me give Nyanners the benefit of the doubt time ago, but after Nekopara... it just made me more wary about her
Obvious bait
Double cunny

>> No.4432784

What do you people want from nyanners anyway? Do you want her to say "pedophiles are cool" and then reupload POMF on her main channel?

>> No.4432796
File: 215 KB, 720x1948, Pedo projection 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4432812

thats a good start

>> No.4432829
File: 2.64 MB, 1871x1594, nyanners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>precisely because she posted on 4chan.
And then she turned around, denounced her former audience as pedophiles that should get roped and grasped on to every sjw meme she could.
She might have started on 4chan but she is peak reddit now.
>She also can't be that hateful of lolicons anymore either,
She still is, but has no problem associating with them when it suits her needs (see: Kizuna Ai collab). That's exactly why she gets called a hypocrite.

>> No.4432874

why did they choose that inkling image specifically?

>> No.4432894

She dropped it because she was getting shit or playing it. One thing you guys just don't care to understand about Nyanners is that she has the self-confidence and determination of a tulip. She responds to backlash to extreme levels and is at the point of near PTSD these days wanting to do anything because she's expecting people to just backlash her for it.

>> No.4432910
File: 57 KB, 320x800, 1576336640691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a couple of those too.

>> No.4432928

She's about to play Bully, not a game I would've expected from her.

>> No.4432931
File: 2.71 MB, 271x413, 1619727638438.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like loli but I don't see myself ever going after real kids. What's wrong in these peoples' heads?

>> No.4432932

Just want her to not be a 2d=3d nerd. It would be awesome to know that the ens can go ahead and talk about the shit they want. It would be even better they knew the other biggest vtubers in the west won't attack them for it.

>> No.4432933

>the RevSaysDesu video
Thanks for exposing where a majority of these Nyanners antis came from.

>> No.4432966

Gura is Finnish.

>> No.4433001

They probably want her to say lolicons are not pedophiles
However forgiveness was never an option as she is le scary vulgar western whore and does not feign childlike moe innocence

>> No.4433036

I don't even want an apology anymore. I don't think she deserves forgiveness of any sort.

>> No.4433123

gura is mexican

>> No.4433155

because there's nothing to forgive lol

>> No.4433159

There's not really anything wrong, logically. The more flak loli gets the less attention their grooming gets and the more they look like an "upstanding citizen" for fighting the evil pedophiles.

>> No.4433195

>only a sociopath would be opposed to pedophelia

>> No.4433301

It's got to the point where whenever I hear her intro song it makes me fucking infuriated
Fuck me? Nah fuck YOU bitch
Then I'd hit her but she's not there to hit

>> No.4433329

Smash community, and the image apparently is impactful
"You are attracted to the body of a child"
"Fiction reflects your IRL desires"
"Doesn't matter if it's a drawing, she's a minor"
Don't even know how would she apologize, maybe screaming UOH when seeing a loli?
I mean, yeah? His audience is full of lolicons and anti-SJW, or even people who saw the video and don't like loli but bought the "loli hypocrite" narrative

>> No.4433352

Get fucked nerd

>> No.4434166

i'm assuming she used some kind of free ribbon with text generator she found online, anyone know the site? i want to make a ribbon that says wow big cunny

>> No.4434218


But yeah... Gura isn't a huge hypocrite and cunt

>> No.4434487
File: 43 KB, 163x251, WOW Cunny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4434517

nice, can you get the big in there since it's wow cute and big funny? and does it come in purple

>> No.4434544

Sorry, I just found the image while ago and I don't have exceptional editing skills

>> No.4434709

And now she can't even look at 10 seconds of boobs in a game without going ''LOOK GUYS ITS BADONKERS WOW LOOK LOOK LOOK''

>> No.4434738

As a reminder, Nyanners is 4chan


>> No.4434784

based nyanners

>> No.4434890

>nooo you can't shit on nyanners for something she did 10 years ago and never apologized for!!
>btw she's totally one of us guys, look a this vid she did 10 years ago :)

>> No.4435069

Isn't this kind of
What's the word
Fuck it begins with H

>> No.4435228

Stopping is not enough. She needs to undo every bad thing that she did and promote lolicon, THEN we can call it quits.

>> No.4435347

You are delusional, one thing is wanting people to stop hating on lolicon, and another is wanting people to promote it. No shit people believe lolicons are groomers

>> No.4435543
File: 34 KB, 592x290, 1592950113603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes and? Nyanners will never be forgiven up until she undid the damage that she caused and the loli vtuber's lives that she ruined.

Even defending a lolicon being attacked or promoting a lolicon's art should be enough. Even lewding lolis herself without the hypocrisy bullshit would also suffice. But Nyanners wouldn't even do that because she's an SJW panderer.

>> No.4435605
File: 136 KB, 463x453, 1621439429356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the loli vtuber's lives that she ruined.

>> No.4435684

>campaign against loli
>anti-loli shitters and SJWs flock to your fanbase
>they start harassing people into quitting vtubing and others into suicide, all while glorifying Nyanners

>> No.4435911

>No shit people believe lolicons are groomers
Only pedos want to believe that since they're the actual groomers

>> No.4436102

Generally speaking all vtubers are e-whores.
Where do you think we are faggotchaama

>> No.4436325

She's not gonna see this, bro.

>> No.4436513

>nooo you can shit on nyanners for something she did 10 years ago and never apologized for!!
>btw she's totally not one of us guys, just don't look a this vid she did 10 years ago :)

>when we do it it's not hypocrisy!

>> No.4436588
File: 167 KB, 1406x933, ohmygooooooooood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh lolis
Cry more, pedos.

Pink Cat funny.

>> No.4436608

/Nyanners won't sex me so she is a whore/

wow incels go shoot up a school or something

>> No.4436695
File: 247 KB, 463x453, OMG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>nooo you can shit on nyanners for something she did 10 years ago and never apologized for!!
>10 years ago
>17 Feb 2021
We have a time traveler anon.

>> No.4436708

bro you can’t say that... it really will happen in americlap...

>> No.4436711

>nyanners may sex me so i'll simp

>> No.4436723

Jesus fuck you fags need to get laid.

Have sex children.

>> No.4436760

Then she decided to delete the majority of her early shit because she wanted to go professional and didn't want to be linked back to this place.

>> No.4436792
File: 415 KB, 480x238, 1398580567929.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4436830
File: 706 KB, 1733x2048, 1591163664652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>le naynners discord brigade has arrived
She is not giving you a crumb of pussy, bro

>> No.4436838

>Have sex children
the ever important "," would be essential here

>> No.4436885

haha nig go cry back to your china-numba-won bots!

>> No.4436918

>Implying Nyanner's army does shit
They cry to mom then emote spam anything she says on her soapbox

>> No.4436924

>That anime with the little girl with giant tits
>Shows Uzaki
They're university students...

>> No.4436985

Yeah she's also a 1000 year old vampire...

>> No.4437012
File: 73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4437023

The man was too busy trying to get SJW Brownie points he could redeem at his nearest discord groomer station

>> No.4437039


>> No.4437107

Uzaki criticism is the dumbest shit ever, she does not look or act like a loli, the fuck are those idiots smoking.

>> No.4437174


>> No.4437197
File: 218 KB, 1132x1472, 89290889_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She looks nothing like a loli character either.
Have you ever watched a single anime?
This is a loli body type and while I'll definitely jerk off to it on the regular it looks absolutely nothing like Uzaki's body type.
Her personality is also nothing like a loli and nor is her voice.
If you unironically think Uzaki is a loli then you are unironically retarded.

>> No.4437236

to be fair, she has a generic as shit animoo face which your average SJW simp will misconstrue as loli
>No one ever gave a shit about the Sailor Scouts basically being ultra skanks
Still blows my mind, they very clearly reference high school life all the time

>> No.4437242

>Have sex children.

>> No.4437315
File: 191 KB, 2048x1167, guragamesh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gura regularly references old /b/ memes from before 2007, which is wild considering her (probable) age. Ina has often drops old /a/ memes. Pic related.

>> No.4437361

I'm just playing Dante's Avocado

>> No.4437432

I refuse to believe her roommate is 28+ but it would make the absolute most sense, meme knoweldge wise

>> No.4437446

Skanks were okay at the time, we were still in the "lesbians bad" phase.

>> No.4437530
File: 373 KB, 1440x1855, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-image--1871033016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There I fixed it for you

>> No.4437585

Ye I guess if their only frame of reference is a screenshot.

Anime itself is wholesome as fuck. I was dreading MC lusting over her tits, but her body type was barely even acknowledged.

>> No.4437586

I should get a towel warmer though, that's not a bad idea.

>> No.4437610

she mentioned pac-man world and barbie horse adventures as being nostalgic in her dmc 3 stream so you could base it off of that

>> No.4437723

Back when she debuted she said Barbie Horse Adventures was her first proper game. So she is either a zoomer or haven't picked up games till late.

>> No.4437827

Nyan probably supports trans people

>> No.4437965

>Nyan probably supports X, Y, or Z
She is as SJW as they get, she will very likely go suck a random darkie's dick if her calicuck friends tell her thats what the right thing to do is

>> No.4438058

Girugamesh guy has persisted as a meme in broader anime subculture for a while so I'd be hesitant to say they learned it from /a/.

>> No.4438071

Seems like there's a lot of iterations to this game, RRATs say 24 is her oldest, but i just can't see it. My guess is 28-30? or is that too old

>> No.4438187

I've tried to figure this out from context, someone please spoonfeed me

>> No.4438215

>gura= seiso virgin who loves her fans
>nyanners= whore
It's really that simple.

>> No.4438228


>> No.4438280

forced to be safe by corporate overlords
can talk shit about whatever

>> No.4438282

>the only reason you could possibly like Nyanners is if you're a simp
What to know how I know you're a pedophile?

>> No.4438283

Would you? If she knocked on your door and asked you?

>> No.4438294

It stands for Russian Ration. We have a lot of Steve1989 fans here.

>> No.4438300

I'm 23 and i reckon shes probably around 3 years older at most based on whats shes said in streams

>> No.4438332

and r.rat from mgs3

>> No.4438376

>gura= seiso virgin

>> No.4438411
File: 71 KB, 843x948, gawr_gura_by_mrcheesborgar_decle9y-pre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gura has a shit diet IRL so is probably fat as fuck

>> No.4438469

Gura literally takes several days to eat one McDonald's happy meal.

>> No.4438475

I'm 32 and the shit she and Ame say make me wonder if i was late to my own age ranges party, or they were early
>Watched the Toonami lineup as a kid
>N64 was my first real console, SNES before that only had 2 games
>Arcade and Malls
>Nokia Brick was my first phone
And somehow they know all of this shit better than i

>> No.4438489

I'm from the nyanners raid brigade who can't differentiate between anime girls and real people. Yes I am a discord groomer and I support nyanners

>> No.4438516

>divvies up a single McDonalds hamburger to serve as her only sustenance for days

>> No.4438596

You are a pedophile if you are attracted to lolis though

>> No.4438616

All she eats is junk food.
She's a hog

>> No.4438622

Catabolic state induced fat reserves might be something to consider in this situation
>She was only going to eat cornbread for dinner

>> No.4438645

You were late if you started with N64. I'm 34 and my gaming area started wtih 8-bit consoles.

>> No.4438776

nah started with SNES, but all it had was TLOZ:ALTTP and Donkey Kong Country which i was far too young to remember. Think my old man bought the NES for me and my bro but we were like 6-8 and couldn't make heads or tails of it

>> No.4438950

Pretty sure it was a bit different for us since we were in a weird transitional period when home entertainment technology was really exploding. I'm 34 and I grew up on NES but I had friends who literally weren't allowed to play video games and other friends who had Atari 2600s.
It's a pretty well accepted thing now and people younger than us are also just sort of naturalized to the Internet so I assume a lot of them just have encyclopedic knowledge of all these old memes that somehow get a resurgence due to youtube or tiktok or whatever.
Do people even still go to malls?

>> No.4439109

it's good to not dislike people for no reason, anon. glad she is a normal person

>> No.4439480

thicc western whores

>> No.4439514

so is elon

>> No.4439781

Why do you have so much difficulty differentiating between reality and fiction, pedo?

>> No.4439972

Well, she didn't do a good job of that

>> No.4440168

Unironically this. Both are autism, but one had at the very least a regular upbringing.

>> No.4440337

>no bbw vtuber

>> No.4440468


>> No.4441565

>Do people even still go to malls?
we're in the middle of a pandemic, so no.
I'm 21 and I grew up playing SNES, Game cube and PS2 from family members.

>> No.4443815

has this happened once outside of your head?

>> No.4444048

Nyanner's is probably the funniest V-tuber (as in makes me consistently laugh). She's not my favorite tho because of all the running from her past like a coward.

Gura is just the product of a healthier environment growing up.

>> No.4444821

No, because her content is still being a degenerate whore

>> No.4445053

I want her to quietly disappear off the internet.

>> No.4445088

Finally the internet came back, fair enough, I thought you thought something like “lolicons are based and redpilled”
>>4437107 >>4437197
It surprises me SJWs had to wait for Ilulu to go for the actual oppai loli, and after the Uzaki controversy, I don’t think some of them know she’s a loli
>>4436588 >>4436608
The Discord brigade thing is true…
>>4436723 >>4438596
…and they’re actual pedos
Kek, and true

>> No.4445130

I fucked up in the last one

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