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>Confess your sins to the Shark of Salvations

I confess, that when I see any thread which criticizes Kiara, I pretend to be an Anti so that Kiara Anti's would look bad, and KFP bros would look significantly good.

Samples of this is saying far fetched and out of touch things like:
>Kiara would never reach 1M
>Kiara obviously want numbers and cries about it every night
>Kiara hates Gura for being #1
>Kiara will graduate soon
>Kiara is the reason EN is so boring
>Kiara makes collabs less engaging
and other things that would make Kiara Anti's Laughable

but one of my best works is smearing Ollie's name, so that KFP bro's looks more dignified than ZoMcucKks

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>but one of my best works is smearing Ollie's name, so that KFP bro's looks more dignified than ZoMcucKks

C-could, could it be?

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>I'm only pretending
But half of that is correct. Kiara is a worthless numberfagging clout chaser with an audience that literally need to dilate their axe wounds.

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I'm in the military, and we were on a field op(kinda like a practice simulation with other platoons playing enemy forces) back in December. I was pulling security with my RTO in the rear when we got bored and decided to watch a melody CB stream for shits and keks. The stream was louder than we thought it was and Melody's fingerbang moans ended up getting the attention of a passing Op4 patrol. Our platton got wiped and I was smoked for ended hours the rest of the field mission.

This is why western vtubers and vshojo are cancer

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No one cares, you are just arguing with people in this bubble, it doesn't affects the vtuber in any shape of form, this place does not matter, the people who watch vtubers don't even come close to 4chan, stop larping like you rrats matter, nobody fucking cares

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Okay, I'm making one of those internet laws.
I'm calling it Kizuna's Law:
>If nobody cares about something, nobody will comment on it

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Oh I bet you’d love Froot, anon. Give her a chance.

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I never jack it to my Oshi but I constantly jack it to Kiara's porn even though I find her obnoxious.

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>Enter general for girl I dont like
>Shit on them and make claims based on nothing
>Leave and never come back

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I rarely watch vtuber streams, never watch VODs, and only occasionally watch compilations, but I browse the vtuber generals on /jp/ since the three kings era and /vt/ daily.
I'm one of those autists who can become a secondary of everything but a primary of almost nothing. I can name and know the memes and traits of most notable vtubers, but don't watch them. I can't say I feel bad about this, since I rarely get much out of being a "true fan" of anything.

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>barges into kiara general
>makes up a rrat
>refuses to elaborate further

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Worth it probably

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That's every /vt/ user you dummy

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Pretty sure most people came with the hololive boom

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Same with "clipfag" fags, probably watched a clip moments before saying this and cant understand a word of japanese

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I make a point not to do this. People should have some place to just chill and talk about their oshi in relative peace. I only shit up the off general threads I see floating around.

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OP here
Most of my acquaintances online and IRL who are into vtubers can at least partially follow the Japanese, have oshi(s), and most at least lurk /jp/, /vt/, or other boards. I can read japanese with relative ease, but that's more DJT guides, Anki mining, and sad panda than vtubers.

Now, if you're saying the majority of posts are made by anons with nothing of substance or genuinity to say, who come here specifically to avoid being filtered out like in other communities, I agree.

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I always imagine my oshi dead or dying, possibly because of all the concernfags on this site, and it has been eating me on the inside

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I feel like vtubers are holding me back from getting a gf

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I think I don't actually truly enjoy watching chuuba content and just got into it because it felt like something to get my mind lost into while there was nothing to do and my region was going full soviet bloc over a flu

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>OP here
Sure faggot sure, it's totally you

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Yeah Anon, that's totally it it's totally the vtubers that are holding you back from getting a gf

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Original poster to who I was replying to, not the thread OP.
You are the first person I've seen to confuse (or care about the validity of) this.

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this but in reverse, when I see KIDF defending Kiara I just make insane posts and shit on other vtubers while saying Kiara is perfect

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I dont feel like i'm going anywhere with watching vtubers, the idea of going out to find love is null in my mind

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Funny thing is a similar thing did happen to me, gf cheated will I was in Iraq and became an anituber, poor pain peko

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Not really, they're a coping mechanism, and coping is an action of your volition. And no, you're not a loser for having copes - there are very few people who don't have a few they lean on every so often, we're not automotons. Thing is, you have to seek out the copes, and they are generally indifferent to your existence. Quiting a single cope alone just leaves a vacuum to fill with another.

For the long term goal of getting a gf, you really have to determine what qualities of that relationship are necessary to you, what personal circumstances and characteristics inhibit your attainment of those qualities (gf or not), and what habits you can pick up in order to modify those characteristics to something you desire.
Most of the time self-improvement both physically, mentally, and emotionally is the right direction to go to attaining fulfilling relationships, of which a gf is a possibility.

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I care way too much about numbers

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>Enter EN Numberfag thread
>Shit it up with false info and double down when people try to reply
>Never watch any EN vtubers

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Good on you, but it's usually less on individuals and more the nature of the general itself. If anons have to intentionally make a point to not do something, it's probably going to be done if there's a motivation to do it.
Some generals, especially those who don't even call themselves a general, are pretty amicable but may as well not exist to most anons on the same board since they get nothing out of it.

I think the worst generals are those dedicated to a topic dominated by private communities. 4chan is the most visible place for them to air out dirty laundry, so they use the general for that purpose alone, and keep relevant discussion to their private communities or public sites with filters.

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I have nothing but absolute contempt for the seeming multitude of posters who jumped in on this without the slightest interest or understanding of Japanese pop culture and general cultural norms. I find it incredible to see that some don't see that this works precisely because it adheres to the Japanese way of doing things and that a fully American vtuber would be shit just like all American media is shit. You watch stuff like this to get away from American media, not to infect it with American mores. I also think that a concentrated effort and desire to protect this from American corporations and influence is the single most important thing a fan can do.

I am not a gamer at all. I see the games merely as a framing device for the girl to talk and interact with us, and while I can and do often enjoy the journey through the game this is wholly secondary to the girl doing her thing.

Antis, tribalfagging and excessive rrats that steer into madness fill me with contempt. It's plainly obvious that there's a lot of genuine mental patients here, but that's true for all other boards as well and became obvious a few years ago. Still, I never got used to it.

I sometimes feel that some users don't respect the girls enough. No, not because of lewd posting - that's fine and dandy - but they tend to come up with these retarded stories about them or assume they aren't putting in the effort or thatthis is somehow easy to do.

On a positive note, though I'm European I find it endearing and cute when Gura or other girls try to directly communicate with the Japanese or other Asians and notice their presence in the chats and so on. It gives me an overall warm feeling to see how appreciative the girls are of their audience.

I truly enjoy all the teasing, innuendo, moans, subtle lewdness and Japanese words and phrases that the girls use. It gives so much flavor to the experience and is excellent fanservice which I deeply appreciate. Whenever a girl does it I see it as an expression of her knowledge, kindness and femininity. And professionalism.

Fanservice is an essential part of this and anyone who can't see that needs to kindly fuck off.

EN girls need to do more ASMR, zetsudan and talk/interaction based content. Not a complaint, just an observation. I deeply appreciate what they've done so far in that regard.

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You're making a lot of assumptions on the rules of rigging an avatar to your body. Next you'll tell me that vshojo ain't vtubers.
I earnestly don't care if whoever they are has a bf as long as they aren't hanging out on the stream (unless they're also entertaining). They're entertainers, not some sort of gleam of purity into this decadent world.

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I think you're the one that needs meds anonchama

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Thanks anon, that reminds me ive been doing some excercises and ive been eating less, it isn't much, but it is more than what ive been doing last year

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Gura has motivated me to filet and eat sharks

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Progress is progress mate
Maybe try going out to some interstate clubs or groups as things open up

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Why are you on 4chan anon?

>> No.4386619

Because I like casual anonymous conversation, and some boards here are appealling to me. I'd assume that's a similar reason to you.
Just because others use it as their designated spot for posts too shitty or trollish for other communities doesn't mean I must. That's just boring to me.

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I bought a lot of hololive cosplay just to take nude/lewd pics in them

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I enter KFP threads and "support" Kiara by saying the most schizo possible things while still being believable

>> No.4386879

Anon pets cannot consent to that
Please stop

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My confession: Some people use confession threads to vaguepost about "that guy" like some kind of twitter ninny, and that fills me with contempt.

>> No.4387927

hate to hear it
I'm amazed you can say that and people not immediately scream you deserved it for "being a baby killer" lmao

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I LARP as a gachikoi and always send messages, declarations of love, and supas to my oshi. I don't actually love her or mean it, if she ever needed something from me for real I would bail hard.

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Part of me wants the Final Yab to happen, to actually see it all crash and burn before my eyes, even though I realize it would ruin a lot of lives.

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I genuinely believe Kiara tried that retarded coupling with Mori cause she believed she would be number 1 in hololive EN now shes locked in it and its cringe as fuck.

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come on anon you can't say this and not post the pics, give it to us

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Because everyone knows most soldiers don't do shitanymore. Its rare to even see a combat deployment these days

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I'm just saying cause of the reactions I see in any other thread when Froot's rrats are mentioned.

>> No.4391359

I also go around having discussions about vtubers on YouTube, discord and reddit, depending on my mood or the topic.
What I like about 4chan is the freedom but not anarchy of threads, in other places people are too sensitive.

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But the anarchy is fun

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>find a completely absurd rrat I like
>agrees with everything the anon say and even add my own rrat to it
>feed it to newfags

>> No.4391582

That's dark humor, it's great and you can hardly find it in other places. I mean true anarchy, there is still some order in here.

>> No.4391616

i bought them but theyre not here yet silly anon!!

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Vtubing is already heavily americanized. The Japanese culture portion of it has been appropriated, adapted, and worn as a costume. Although, in fairness, Japan was already influenced by America in a lot of ways.

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my oshi is the one I bully the most. sometimes I write replies to my own posts defending her, only to have the anti version of me come back with a much better argument, and ultimately try to make other people join in and start the big argument in the thread.
I imagine my oshi reading and crying.... I dont know why i keep doing it, it makes me sad if theyre sad, but i also love it...

>> No.4394592 [DELETED] 

look at /ggg/ for proof if you dont believe me.....

>> No.4394671 [DELETED] 

I kneel. very based anon

>> No.4394841

is cope.
>changing yourself to please others
you have already failed.

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you fucking psycho

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Everytime I watch vtubers I realized how miserable my life is and want to kill myself, the only reason I haven't done it is because I want to make sure my younger sister graduates in highschool first, get into a good college and get married to a good man; then I'll do it.

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Do it faggot, Livestream it

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>they actually fucking happened and all of /k/ will tell you, not schizos

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dude you and >>4393716 can team up to do something truly based if you worked together

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Fuck your sister anon, it'll ease your troubles

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Why wait anon, you can do it now

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this is now a psychoposter thread
this is what happens when you put "sins" in the OP, you summoned them....

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I really didn't pay attention to anime stuff until vtubers and I dunno how to deal with the emotional pain of being earnestly in love with an anime girl who will never really love you.

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I don't give a single fuck about idol "culture" and the other jap shenanigans. /jp/ fags can go fuck themselves. I see vtubers as roleplay streamers.

>> No.4396362

Vtubers are the buffer that keeps me from the rope

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>KFP bros would look significantly good
Well I guess you failed.

>> No.4402162

That's always fun

I like replying to bait threads purely to fan the fire.

>> No.4409197

when i post about wanting to smell gura's armpits, it is not ironic shitposting. i literally want to smell her armpits.

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Pic related. I made it and firmly believe it.

>> No.4409953

I’m a normalfag who learned about Holos, and vtubing in general, (other than Kizuna Ai) from Miko’s famous GTA clip

>> No.4409987

same, make sure to remind people every day to take the /vt/ pill or get back to /jp/

>> No.4410082

What I find funny is I think Kiara actually believed she would be #1 in subs for EN. If not her she thought it would be Mori and pushed the takimori bullshit.

>> No.4410130

Same here anon. I got recommended that clip last April and been here since. I was never interested in anything Japanese related before that. Never watched an anime and still haven't.

>> No.4410143

I got a foot fetish because of haato

>> No.4410249

I genuinely dislike KFP a lot.
Somewhat relevant to you: I feel bad about it but can't stop myself from shitting on KFP and Kiara. I don't watch her streams or shit on her personally, but I get annoyed with everything KFP fairly easily. The whole arrogance bit drives me up a wall, especially with the personality and avatar she has. If she were socially autistic and had the same personality it'd probably be fine in my eyes, but as is now I just can't stand it.

I don't look to dislike Kiara. It's something shoved in my face which I end up reacting to.

>> No.4410331

> Gura's live numbers decreasing each day?
What she's doing wrong?

>> No.4410369

It's amazing how many people actually got psyched into disliking Kiara by such a blatant false flag push. Maybe it's just something anons that didn't start on /v/ aren't used to

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I try to downplay Kiara's faults because I'm a unityfag but holy shit
>unironic numberfagging
>complaining about 1 mil subs in any context, especially when higher than most holos let alone vtubers
>complaining about pity subs which in turn begets more pity
I'm not gonna try to diagnose her with armchair psychiatry, but holy fuck, something needs to change about her entire mindset.

>> No.4410921

The numberfagging she does seems more like pure german goal-oriented autism than a backstabbing win at all costs type of career focus. Just looking back at the past few weeks in particular, if she actually wanted to beat Ina there's way more she could have done to draw eyes to her channel. Its annoying to hear "stream heart challenger" and shit like that but I don't think it was ever a competition with anyone but herself

>> No.4410966

Trust me when I say it has little to do with that. She and her fans are mentally not similiar to others. I can't deal with how insane they are. The whole egg thing is just another example of it -- random anti on a gay ops discord gets doxxed and suddenly they expect every single anti to just disappear, now spamming their image everywhere as if anyone who dislikes Kiara gives a fuck.
The kinda person who runs a discord server is already likely to be bad/sad, an anti discord server is just multiplying it. Find me a mori anti server and it'll be as pathetic, I bet.

Point being the constant fucking witchhunts and desire to not accept reality bothers me. People dislike her, move on with your day, is it too much to ask? Honestly mori could've ended up another Cali but her fans are tolerable and her personality as well as autistic shyness quickly makes almost everyone either not care or like her.

>> No.4410976

Connor actually makes me seethe & I would probably drop my oshi if it came out she fucked him. She could fuck damn near anyone else & I wouldn't care, but something about him just makes me irrationally angry and I want to drop anyone vaguely associated with him.

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I wouldn't care if my Oshi fucked someone, so long it's a down to earth caring person, or at least someone like Jerma

>> No.4411114

He's attractive and sucessful. ollie couldn't resist

>> No.4411167

most kiara anti posting outside the "pretending to be toxic KFPs" has been dead rrat bullshit from /jp/ refugees that eternally seethe over the existence of EN, indog whining about her one funny moment with moona, and a few leftovers from her /co/ days. "ok eggman" is the only proper response to that nonsense and eggposting is more entertaining than anything that's happened on /vt/ since the haachama hiatus.

>> No.4412247

Same. I love to shitpost everywhere, but going to generals just seems low. I imagine most anons feel the same, since generals are simultaneously, paradoxically a shitposter/baitfisher's paradise and the most peaceful on-topic threads on the board.

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>most kiara anti posting outside the "pretending to be toxic KFPs" has been dead rrat bullshit from /jp/ refugees that eternally seethe over the existence of EN, indog whining about her one funny moment with moona, and a few leftovers from her /co/ days. "ok eggman" is the only proper response to that nonsense and eggposting is more entertaining than anything that's happened on /vt/ since the haachama hiatus.

>> No.4412383

Not that anon but it really isn't the case. I'm being 100% with you. I'm just a normal anon but there's plenty to dislike.
Eggposting isn't very visually interesting (like for instance, like them or hate them, pepe and wojaks). If anything, it makes me want to start actively shitting up KFP threads.

>> No.4412523

This but unironically

>> No.4412544 [DELETED] 
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>Not that anon but it really isn't the case. I'm being 100% with you. I'm just a normal anon but there's plenty to dislike.
>Eggposting isn't very visually interesting (like for instance, like them or hate them, pepe and wojaks). If anything, it makes me want to start actively shitting up KFP threads.

>> No.4412726

I dislike complaints about chuubas not playing enough games/playing wrong games/being bad at them. Games will always be inferior content to me. I don't care about most games besides VNs and rhythm games, but I would watch my favorites play absolutely anything as long as it's entertaining to listen to them, no matter how bad they're at the game. I still hope my oshi will never pick up APEX or any other FPS though, Monhun is bad enough already
The most interesting content for me will always be zatsudan and idolshit like utawaku and 3D lives. Vtuber who doesn't do zatsudans and doesn't sing is basically worthless to me.

>> No.4413773

I excitedly went to eatch the WoD char creation with a sparkle in my eye, but the fucking second Kiara went to introduce her character I had to close the VOD.

I don't want to hate the chicken since her model gives me the biggest fucking boner next to only 3 other Holos, but holy fuck her voice just grates my ears to no end and her mannerisms just amplify the pain. Like yeah I can skip it, but you can't just selectively listen to a TTRPG, cause you miss out on actual content.

>> No.4414156

This is some 4D chess. I know OP is actually a KFP anti.

>> No.4414177

There are some oldfags who were here since eliene was active

>> No.4415744

I think Kiara sucks, Mori is weird/ can't rap, and I stopped watching Holo since everyone I liked had to censor or delete playlists

>> No.4420646

I try to change it up by posting actual sonic-themed stuff. It's also being kept alive by one janny that deletes eggposting on sight, making the egg-wojak spammers more riled up. Whether discordnigger or one of his friends is actually the janny in question I don't know

>> No.4421047

I seen people say a large part of the whole thing is pretty much a jobs program. How true is this?

>> No.4421225

Anything after 2013-ish basically yes, aside from the few places doing research most of the military is just spending money to spend money while waiting for the next happening

>> No.4423705
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I spent 2 hours going through all 3000 pictures of gura's roomate's dad's facebook profile in hopes that I would find a picture of her

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I dont even watch vtubers
I am here for the dramas and horny post general

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I didn't know what to expect from membership but I did it anyway. To support the content. To see her grow.
I made a mistake. It's been more than half a year. Contents are spares and random; which most of the time misses its mark. Membership streams are the usual 'intimate' talk session. Fuckin gay ass shit, I want to know where's the content, not make parasocial relationship. Every other members being absolute simps, playing along with the lovey-dovey faggot shit. No, I'm not impressed and I'm not entertained. Stupid sexy anime semen demon.
At least I can flex my membership badge on chat.

>> No.4425732

I am a DeadBeat

>> No.4426735

I can't enjoy Mori's streams, at all I also just don't like her music but that's my taste
I've never watched Ame because of timezone. I literally have no idea how she is like. Her performance on 1v1 collabs are very good but she is non-existent in full en collabs.
I find gura funny but her fanbase filters me out. I still watch all of her vods but rarely I watch streams anymore.
I tried to like Ina due to peer pressure from here but honestly, she is a worse background voice than my chill playlists.
Kiara filtered me so hard in the beginning but I find myself watching her more often after her new outfit. I can only stand her energy for 1-2 hours but while I can stand her, she is the most fun holo I've watched.

>> No.4426900

I wanted to become a VTuber even before Melody, Nyanners and HoloEN branch announcement but haven't acted on it even one bit. The regret of not doing anything is growing stronger each day.
I think of Suisei and how she pulled through as an indie, then forced to realize that I'll never do what she did

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I hate the faggots on this board

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I don't think I would like my oshi IRL

>> No.4427088

My condolences, anon

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My dad voted for Margaret Thatcher

>> No.4427294 [DELETED] 
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You'll find another excuse not to do it after the aforementioned events happen and you know it anon.

>> No.4427995
File: 1.11 MB, 560x315, 1621983189956.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish that anyone who brings politics (nazi and commieshit) in this board is strung up by their feet and sawed in half

>> No.4428134

I hated kiara cuz she's a bitch, but then I realized that bitches have a greater purpose for people pleasure

>> No.4428155

I fucking hate newfags, I can't stand them and wish that no new fans would join this community. Everytime I have to see some random asking questions about "why roommate talk isn't okay" or some other extremely baseline shit I cringe. The constant influx of normalfag secondaries will be the death of this whole community.

>> No.4429290

Unironically this. It’s easy to think antis and rats in this board and in the other Chans can have a big effect on Hololive and vtubers in general but literally no one gives a shit. Hell, /vt/ antis couldn’t get Kiara suspended after she said “nigga” while singing a rap song.

>> No.4429471

>join membership for idol streamer
>complain about idol related content
If you wanna support just supa twenty bucks once a month and leave it at that. Youtube takes half of your donation either way

>> No.4429474

Varies, I'm US army and there's such a large diversity of jobs and roles, it depends on what your a part of.

You can be in an elite ass unit doing call of duty in real life, or some dude in OCPs fixing Humvees and cleaning weapons, to a glorified paper pusher

>> No.4429544

I decided on my oshi (Miko Sakura) purely because she played one of my favorite games GTAV and I was too lazy to give the other vtubers of that time a try so I just settled on Miko and now I’m in love with her.

>> No.4430510
File: 76 KB, 308x235, inaaaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your entire existence is built on coping and escapism

D-dareka t-tasukete....

>> No.4430768

I numberfag my oshi, not because she has the biggest numbers, but because in the scheme of Hololive she is well into the lower half and I am afraid she might get discouraged and quit. I go to HoloStats several times per week to check her views and sub counts. I don't want to concernfag but I can't help it. I just want her to be more popular, bros.

>> No.4434398

>I made the EN doxx template
>I don't really have an oshi, as I love all the girls except Kiara
>I pick one at random when asked though
>I used to be a unityfag, but I can't anymore thanks to her. Honestly, she's so annoying sometimes I think she does it on purpose

>> No.4437378

I judge the girl by their fanbases, which means I hate 90% of Hololive and started to hate NijisanjiEN because their threads are just literally garbage, even Ina

>> No.4437539

> My love Noel because of the chestnut and not the chest but trying to tell anyone is like trying to say Art is a girl on this board.
> I will shitpost as a unityfag and falseflag defend Gura even though I hate her and every cunny vtuber for being a risk to my Oshi's future.
> I've jacked off more than 30 times to the fucking Ollie but only because of the naRRATive and not the lewd sound.
> I would Love to have proof that Art is a guy. I'd love him even more

>> No.4437715

>get into a good college and get married to a good man
What a cuck, do it right now and save yourself the trouble.

>> No.4437946

even though I hate Kiara and don't hate Amelia, I found that Kiara's minecraft streams are much more watchable, even enjoyable, by comparison.

>> No.4438258

dont do it, anon. Be that good man and marry your sister

>> No.4438678
File: 23 KB, 600x350, gosling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still think about my old oshi (retired 2019) and can't help comparing vtubers I currently watch to her whenever they pick up stringed instruments.

>> No.4438742

>I want to make sure my younger sister graduates in highschool first, get into a good college and get married to a good man; then I'll do it.
so, in other words, you'll never do it.

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