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ITT: wastes of good design

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george floyd gaming

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Came here to post this, obvious answer.

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What could have been

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it was funny when she called the headpatting hand disgusting

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>watch some mana
>she's loud, brash, rude and confrontational
>think it's kinda cute in a way at first
>turns out it's not kayfabe, she's just a shitty person

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Mana doesn't know what kayfabe is. Or how vtubers work in general.

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I win.

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I'm surprised she even knows how to move the model at this point

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Who's this?

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The Vtuber know as Sam "The Ham" Hyde

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Mori done wrong

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Still butthurt about her naming them huh? A million other vtubers and vtweeters in the sea of shit out there who never stumble onto the most important topic of our age, go get angry at them instead if this isn't the real issue you have.

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She feels more real than VShojo and HoloEN

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Go back in your little cave, no one should be forced to care which of your countries bombs which. If anything, they should both get nuked to spare the rest of the world the headache.

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>most important topic of our age,
only because pallywood keeps shoving it down your throat

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>butthurt about her naming them

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>A million other vtubers
six times too few

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Tachibana-san.. it's too late. You couldn't control the menhera and here's the result

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She's not bad per se, just kinda mediocre.

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Wdym? I watched her for a little bit, she is not my cup of tea but she definetly is a nice person.

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>he lacks the critical information

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Futakuchi Mana, communist vtuber

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Read through her twitter, and go to the mana thread

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>Futakuchi "Stop creating start tweeting" Mana

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Unironically this, it fits so well. The rap/metal dichotomy adds to the irony.

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you forgot
>i hate twitter

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I can't explain it well, but watching Mana's meltdowns makes me appreciate Mori more for some reason.

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>says she hates twitter and drama during her debut
>a month later, gets aggressively political on twitter
>people tell her that maybe she shouldn't
>she gets angry, starts calling people names, going "umm sweaty" and telling fans to get a real hobby
>enters a /vt/ thread discussing this, starts arguing with people
>gets absolutely blown out, loses it, starts swearing incoherently, leaves
For all her "vtubing" career, the most entertaining piece of content she ended up ever creating is this post >>3678896

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When did she enter a vt thread?

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>enter a subculture/hobby which you have no idea about, for the reason of furthering your own gains or advertising your presence
>start insulting long-time members of said subculture and berating their interest in said hobby
This happens often enough, is there a name for this phenomenon?

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Even today, I can't stand her voice. I even tried when she collab with my favorite, but her voice is just that annoying. Can't even watch any apex team that has her.

Ayame is cute though.

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God I have seen this so many times before, dude. I fucking hate people like this. And then if you call them out on it, they accuse you of gatekeeping.

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Hi mana! Fuck Hamas terrorists, u mad?

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Isn't that basically how holo newfag keep insulting /vyt/ back in jp?

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Is it just me or does she talk like she's got something in her mouth?

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I've heard it being called "entryism", but judging by the wiki article it's not quite the same thing.

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for me this brings to mind vidya journalism in mid-2010s

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I think she talks like when someone close their nose and talk.

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this post makes a frightening amount of sense

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nah, that's just newfags being retarded. I'm talking about something a little different. Outsiders joining a community and trying to change it from the inside by accusing people who have been there for a while of gatekeeping. For example, when Pokimane tried to become a vtuber and got lots of backlash, and then dumb shits on Reddit/Twitter accused the vtuber community of gatekeeping.

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I wonder what happens if you press the link in the post you replied to, anon...

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>is there a name for this phenomenon?
Yeah, it's n00b.

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Not really, that's too broad a term.

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I saw it being referred to as "social cuckoos" once, but the term didn't gain traction.

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A cigarette.

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Cultural Subversion?

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it was funny when she called the headpatting hand disgusting

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But /vt/ accuses /jp/ of gatekeeping all the time...

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That refers to a much grander scale.

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Her 2nd costume reveal would have started a CN gosling movement...

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we heard you the first time anonchama

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Alright last try
Subculture Subversion

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Sounds solid enough, anon. I'll be using that from now on.

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Go bomb some children or something moishe

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At least I'm not using my entire civilian population as meat shields, Ahmed.

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>Design is an eye catcher
>Not that bad of a streamer, but not that great as well
>Gets juggled around by management
>Dumped after learning that Pajeets market is a deadend

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nothing because the link is broken

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newfags AWAY

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culture vulture

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Hobby gentrification.

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While it's not exactly what you described, it could be included in "hobby gentrification". A bunch of outsiders get into a hobby and try to change it from within to suit their standards, completely ignoring the opinions of the people who made that hobby to begin with. Happened with comics, a few ttrpgs, various spheres of gaming and now we have the same kind of people trying to redefine what it means to be a vtuber.

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>you guys are creeps
>I hate you
>unsubscribe from me and never come back
Are you really okay with your audience consisting of the kind of people who hear this kind of shit from you and still stay subscribed?

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I like this one.

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Even the BGM is good. What a shame.

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I would rail the fuck out of Snuffys pink cat loli avatar and its better than Shityanners

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That one 3D wolf slut

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Snuffy's old one worked because 2 minutes in you could tell she was a degenerate thinly veiled with the kawaii exterior and that's what makes her hot.

I hope you're not talking about my Finnish wife, anon.

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Come on, she may be boring as shit but at least she's a nice girl

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He said good, not mediocre and bland

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It will always be a shame

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Too far.

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fingol hands typed these posts

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Nah she designed her own model so it's not a waste at all since her streams are just ''art''

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I still beleb...

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absolutely this

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Who is this? Top-tier design

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Based centrist

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Was IN the most mismanaged thing 2434 ever created?

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Juniper Actias, moth girl, created her own stuff, and has variations like baby mode and nightmare mode.
She's Ok.

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Fucking SEAnigger

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What could have been...

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>latest cope is pretending a raging leftist is omg based and redpilled /ourgirl/ because she hates Israel just like the majority of the planet
sorry chuds, futa is /ourbreadtuber/

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>she hates Israel just like the majority of the planet
Twitter isn't real life, no one cares what goes on in the shithole that is the middle east.

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people are so fucking desperate for validation, she and her "freethinking" fanbase that think themselves as edgy "cool kids" included

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Almost every single Holo has a design that resembles a lot of their personality or things that they like, and Aloe's design has this real strong sexual vibe to it.
I'm wondering if the staff at Cover knew how much of a coomer she is or if it was nothing but mere coincidence.
That or she just simply said "I want my design to be a succubus" and that's it

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This 100%
When I first heard the shark's voice I just wanted to die

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She's a god tier artist, nothing was wasted here

>> No.4349804

Same, I left the debut stream like 5 seconds after hearing the voice

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that's boring design tho...

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>hardcore SJW
>nice person
Either anon can't judge characters, or just plain stupid

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