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blue nyan

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Nyan love! Vei hate!

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pink gura after skimping on her rig

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Fuck you, vei is bae

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I like this one.

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Vei is a petty bitch who ruined nyans chance at a collab

>> No.4275951

A collab with a shit company Vei did her a favor

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Who makes a better cat? Nyanners or Gura?

>> No.4275960

Nyanners can still do it, she's just letting things die down for now.

>> No.4276001

it's ok, they made up

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Your opinion of the company doesn't change the fact that she wanted to collab and now she can't because vei couldn't keep her mouth shut.
Public apology when?

>> No.4276097

more like linked up lmao

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is this something she said

>> No.4276130

Look I like Gura, but Nyanners has Nyan right there in her name, you can't beat that.

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Never it's for the greater good

>> No.4276186

you didn't hear it from me but she;s going to announce her name change to gawr nyanra soon

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>Public apology
At this point it would be too late and would probably be dismissed as insincere by everyone angry at her and would just make the situation worse, best course of action for them now is to just give it some time and Nyan can collab at a later date.

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>nyan can collab
no, the best course of action is she abandons her entire internet personality and goes back to struggling in a normal day job

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Vei isn't actually blocked by cover either. She briefly talked about it in today's conker stream. She just doesn't want to deal with the heat just for one collab, but might change her mind.

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>being an unironic hater

>> No.4276707

>doesn't want to deal with 4chan
understandable. this place rrats and brigades the moment someone sneezes the wrong way.

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>being an ironic hater

>> No.4276746

>bumping this thread

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What happened?

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nyanners had gay sex with veibae in the secret discord sex room

>> No.4276863

Holo collab cancelled because Cover found out vei shit talked them

>> No.4276865

Vei pulled a hololive rrat out of her ass 8 months ago and when Kiara revealed she was going to collab with her a little bit ago people weren't happy.

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newfag here can nyan actually collab with hololive?

or did the gutter whore fuck it up?

explain for retard

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Yes? I like nyan.

>> No.4276924

No one wants to collab with nyanners, she was just coming along for the ride

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Cover was not involved, it was only angry fans that made Vei pull out.
In her stream today she said that she doesn't want the heat but might reconsider at one point.

>> No.4276966

shit bro... same

>> No.4276992

Yes, she can. But right now there won't be a collab.

>> No.4276999

of course not but they cant deny she is queen of non hololive Vtubers and keeps it relatively SFW compared to her retarded friend

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>try to look up the Vei drama
>somehow find out Froot cheated on her husband instead
What the fuck
What are other Vshojo rrats I missed?

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I want to do lewd things to that smug cat.

>> No.4277048

There's a billion nijis. All of them are better than the judas of 4chan and many have bigger numbers. She's the queen of fuck all.

>> No.4277084

Basically they're all assholes to some extent except mouse and melody, as far as I know

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Vei was the one invited to collab with Kiara first and Nyanners was basically an extra guest, after the shit with Vei she felt it wouldn't be right for the +1 to still go. It seems she's still welcome to collab with them and probably will do so later down the line, just not under the current circumstances.

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nyanners is the only one i know by name the fuck are you talking about

>> No.4277209

Silver seems fine. The worst I've seen this place dig up is her just yelling at twitch chat for spamming something.

>> No.4277230

>judas of 4chan
Doesn't really say much, does it? If the worst thing people can say about her is that she isn't the same person she used to be then she really doesn't seem so bad.

>> No.4277255

Who was on top?

>> No.4277290

refer to >>4276001

>> No.4277321

Silver is wholesome as fuck and Zen is genuinely a good person but is hated because it might be a guy and he/she posted something political that /pol/ didn't agree with.

>> No.4277341

>Still trying to push this misinformation
You dont get to push this to make Veishit look better. Caps still reveal the truth

>> No.4277385

You're right. People outside of 4chan have little reason to care, but this place probably won't forgive her anytime soon.

>> No.4277405

Nyanners is notoriously bad at explaining herself, if Vei says it's still possible if she changes her mind then that means she can't have been blocked.

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To elaborate on both facts and rrats:
>Nyan is anti-cunny and anti-4chan
>Silver lashed out at entitled fans (IMO a nothingburger)
>Zen tweeted about Jan 6 and is a man
>Froot cheated on her military husband and scammed /k/
>Vei trashtalked Hololive and Cover based on misinformation
>Hime… well, she’s a joke

>> No.4277438

Anon, Vei spoke about it today. Literally a few hours ago. You're posting an outdated post tat doesn't even mention cover.

>> No.4277474

>She definitly didnt mean what she said. I know better than her what she meant
>Vei would never lie to me

>> No.4277479

>and anti-4chan
Nyan literally still browses, just not this board. She has confirmed that a few timed. She's not anti 4chan.

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Nice, I haven't actually watched her much yet but I guess I should.

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My bad, she’s anti-/vt/

>> No.4277552

Where does she ever say this? People say this, but no source. I heard she likes to visit one thread on 4chan. That’s it. I assume wallpapers of some kind

>> No.4277561

damn bro she saw your post

>> No.4277571

>just not this board
I bet she takes a look every now and again, there's no way a vtuber could be on 4chan and not have some morbid curiosity about the vtuber board kick in sometimes.

>> No.4277575

She still hates this place, but she is here forever

>> No.4277600

>I assume wallpapers of some kind
Erotic wallpapers maybe.

>> No.4277672

Not a Nyanners anti, but I find it funny she’s seething. She lets schizo anons live in her head

>> No.4277675

She talked about something on /x/ a while ago and she definitely visits /pmg/. She occasionally briefly talks about "a certain site" but never says 4chan.

>> No.4277685

She described it as comfy. So I’m leaning towards something more relaxing you never can tell with her, so it’s still a possibility

>> No.4277706

So which one of you guys will sacrifice himself to make Nyanners drive off a cliff?

>> No.4277727

>She described it as comfy
Yeah, and she also talked about finding porn communities more chill to hang out in.

>> No.4277728

is it a sacrifice if you enjoy it?

>> No.4277732

Samefagging, she has the personality of a teen who got trashtalked online. As twittards would say, touch grass Nyanners

>> No.4277743

>he thinks it's real

>> No.4277747

You inspected that element really well anon-kun
But I'd fucking love to see this, the shitflinging following the raid would be glorious.

>> No.4277765

>he doesn't know they're joking too

>> No.4277768

She said /x/ isn't nearly as good as it used to be so she probably doesn't browse it much now.

>> No.4277773

Still funny, I like shitposting

>> No.4277880

Keep seething, you bandwagoner pussy. You hate this place but still lurk around here, you still want chan public because you want to expand your simp brigade for bucks but no way in fucking hell it's going to happen. You burned the anon bridge, now tell your redditards to stop being tourists around here. Nor them nor you are welcomed here.

>> No.4277924

Are you a fan trying to bait antis with this? You know she has a prius so you probably watch her streams. Or are you a schizo and watch her despite hating it to get ammo for rrat threads?

>> No.4277952

>Getting to die alongside Nyanners

>> No.4277982

>You burned the anon bridge
I have given her money. I'm serious.

>> No.4277996

Loli hater that deserves to be hated

>> No.4278000

back to twitter

>> No.4278015

>when nyan meets me IRL and I'm 6' 7 and jacked
She'll suck my dick and you all know it

>> No.4278016

Did it feel good?

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I'm enjoying the twitch emotes. They're pretty good.

>> No.4278077

Yeah but she'll do it really angrily.

>> No.4278085

oh shit bro she saw your post too

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>> No.4278147

Why is the nyanners discord groomer making up shit now? Go back

>> No.4278183

Nyanners, I have a question, do you still hate cunny? that also includes yours

>> No.4278191

I've been a tourist for a while. I remember PUDDI, I remember noko, I remember old /a/ tripfags like Shin, Taiga, Komeiji and Yutanpo. I remember moot saying captcha would be temporary.

>> No.4278263

>literally all post-2010 shit
please leave

>> No.4278265

Never understood this point. You know she doesnt earn that much money at the end of the day and she has no assets to her name?
It wont coast her over the rest of her live after her streaming career ends
So she'll be flipping burgers after a few years with no tangible education or experience and search through trash bins during her pension

>> No.4278266

She hates hers the most, she constantly abuses it.

>> No.4278309

can't wait to break her nose on my pelvis

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>> No.4278403

Depends on what she does with the money she's earning now. A single whale donated over 2k to her yesterday in addition to all the other donations and subs she gets. She's making a lot. If she's smart with the money and can keep this up for a year or two she won't have to work ever again.

>> No.4278469

>smart with money
She probably spunks it all on figmas and clothes

>> No.4278497

>No "Today at" tag by the name
Are you even trying?

>> No.4278535

Holy shit, is this real? Post it to twitter a hololive collab would literally never happen.

>> No.4278554

I’m leaking this to Twitter
This’ll be Nyanners fall

>> No.4278556

Given the fact she wants to buy a pile of plywood (read burger house) She'll have quite a lot of running costs for the house and taxes

>> No.4278581

Alright I'm gonna go subscribe now.

>> No.4278650

Woah, /our girl/ is back guys.

>> No.4278665

>Nyanners gets canceled by a 4chan shitpost of her fans
This would be some of the greatest shit ever

>> No.4278675

Burger housing tax is hilarious. I understand the new owner is liable for any and all previously unpaid property tax and utility bills. One deadbeat can make a property forever worthless, and the costs just keep mounting.

>> No.4278698

Our cunny loving racist never left guys

>> No.4279134

That stream was great.

>> No.4279990

I was going to say, a shitpost by her fans ends up getting her blacklisted from any collab ever. Make it happen, faggots.

>> No.4281020

it’s funny because this is unironically true. She vocaroo’d Ebola Chan for /pol/ as well as a moon man cover. Girl was everywhere back then, but newfriends wouldn’t know this

>> No.4281048

Kicky ricKKKy

>> No.4281050

d-did you actually think this was real?

>> No.4281101

cute cat

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>> No.4281567

>has admitted to still lurk boards, even when anons have made it clear she's persona non-grata
>even though what people say here has hit her self-steem
Even if it's not real, if she or one of her simps read it and pass it on, I have to ask: why is she still here? Attention for money? Her redditards already shell enough attention or money, to the point I'd even venture to say she doesn't even need attention from boards because she already is big enough to get Kizuna to collab even if the thing had less viewers than previous Ai stuff and she's a waning star). Spamming anons with retarded pink cat will only make hate retarded pink cat even more.

>> No.4281646

You'll understand once you're an oldfag like Nyanners. Look back at your posts in this thread in 2040 and despair.

>> No.4281687

>Even if it's not real
I hope for your sake you're just baiting and you're not actually this stupid.

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