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Having these pruning more often is making it hard to do these summaries of news. On the other hand, I don't have to type as much! The only thing to really talk about is that Silver gave away 4 Steam codes for Biomutant last night; congrats to the winners!

Vshojo team page: https://www.twitch.tv/team/vshojo
Snuffy: https://www.twitch.tv/snuffy
Haruka: https://www.twitch.tv/harukakaribu
Momo: https://www.twitch.tv/momo
Bunny_GIF: https://www.twitch.tv/bunny_gif
Anny (note no more tf): https://www.twitch.tv/anny/videos

Previous thread: >>4229134

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rrats are news now?

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>Anny (note no more tf)
I haven't gotten into her content yet, but I personally thought the name 'Annytf' was like a spin on 'NANI THE FUCK'?

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Oh, I forgot to put in the news that VShojo is doing its own schedules on their official Twitter, but they don't include some of the others we follow here so I'll keep doing schedules (all times EST):

Veibae: Live now! More Conkers and she'll be collabing with Silvervale later
Bunny: 12pm (should be on now but isn't, not sure what's going on)
Nyanners: 3pm - Short stream before weekend vacation.
Zentreya: 4pm - Mass Effect 2?
Silvervale: 5pm - It Takes Two with Veibae
Froot: 5pm - Guerrilla Stream (someone needs to tell her that guerilla streams usually aren't announced...)
Melody: 6pm - Private stream
Mousey: 7pm - Playing with some JACKASS.
Momo: Off
Anny, Haruka, Snuffy, Hime: Unknown

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I don't spin narratives, and if I do I expect to be called out on it. If I summarize anything that is untrue or misinformed then I expect people to keep me accountable. I'm only human and just a fan.

Actually, that's funny and I hadn't even noticed that until you said it. I think it was supposed to just be Anny The Fox and that she couldn't just get "Anny" for her Twitch channel at first, but now she does.

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Always appreciate the summaries dude, since I can't keep up with all of them. But watch out for the crazies that are emboldened at the moment due to their "victory"

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We're already seeing that, which is why the threads keep getting autopruned the same day rather than every 3 days or so like they were before. It isn't just here, either. Some jerkass last night got banned from Ironmouse's discord for shit talking Nyanners then proceeded to call her on discord to threaten / harass her about it. Even if I assume that it wasn't one of the HL gatekeeper squad, it's still evidence that these crazy motherfuckers are getting into everything.

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>>It Takes Two with Veibae

Again? Why are they still playing this game?

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They didn't finish it. It Takes Two is kind of a long game, and rather impressive with all the different mechanics they put into it.

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Really enjoyed Mouse's singing last night, i'm not even into musicals, but now i almost want to check some out.

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actually seeing about how they have a hard on from their "victory" against the other collab. im just going to assume any idiot that tries to cause trouble for mousie that goes above and beyond is one of the holo pillow fuckers trying to "defend" their "pure rap maiden"

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If you want to fix it for mouse, get her a message somehow that she needs to get everyone but her, mel and silver out of Vshoujo. She's not bad herself but any association with those soulless fame chasers is poisoning her

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so zentreya's a guy, right?

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only way to get that to her would be if you are willing to donate with a message or join patreon and tel her at a meetup. she has no other communication channel open.

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Obviously. And I wish he'd gtfo

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Actually, it would be hilarious if it was someone who intentionally joined Mousey's discord to get dirt but couldn't keep his Nyan-anti ass mouth shut and fucked himself.

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I don't think there's anyone that would bet otherwise
Would be quite a tweest if not though

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Until otherwise proven, the only answer anybody can reliably give is "maybe". Nobody truly knows but Zentreya.

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It's obvious bro.

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aside from the Vtuber community being bad, i do think there is a problem with Vtuber agencies being lazy and choosing to put scantily clad characters/ jiggly boobs in their streams so they can use the sex appeal to attract viewers. I think it does alienate some viewers. It alienates people who are female and are embarrassed that their gender is portrayed in such a way, and alienates people who just want to watch a fun stream without titties bouncing everywhere, it can be insulting because it’s like the Vtubers think you NEED to see sexy stuff to be interested in them. Vtubers that are dedicated to just being fanservice titty-fests like Project Melody and Silvervale are silly, though I won’t say that they shouldn’t be allowed to exist, I mean if people want to watch titty bouncing then that’s just their preference for the kind of media they enjoy (I cant imagine what that must be like), I only have a problem with it when they try to argue that these Vtubers are in any way good or entertaining outside of the sex appeal, lol. I just think it’s kinda dumb to inject needless sex appeal into every form of media. Especially when it’s shoved into streams that are otherwise…uh, normal and fun because they have cool content I guess? like when Hime Hajime was made and they totally ruined the character by turning her into a weirdly sexualized caricature. They were just trying to make more money and the Vtuber seemed like a soulless husk compared to Hololive Vtubers. Everyone remember’s Callis’s big boobs and how she shows them off when she zooms in and I never cared about that because it didn’t detract from the rest of the stream at all, I still appreciated Calli as a character and thought she was cool. Actual thought and effort was put into making her an interesting Vtuber, and the titty is just an afterthought, as it should be if it absolutely needs to be in a stream. But a lot of Vtubers seem to go overboard with fanservice and it can be mind-numbing. They often use it as a crutch because the rest of the stream isn’t good so they have to make up for it by going “HEY LOOK TITTIES AND PANTIES!!!” (vshojo) do I think it’s because the agencies hate women??? not at all, but I do think it’s because they’re lazy as fuck and can’t put effort into making something more creative and interesting without resorting to flashing SEXY TITTY!!! BONER!!!! ARE U CUMMING YET!! everywhere.
anyway that concludes my rant on sexualization in Vtubing, sex is cool and all but I can live without it being pushed in my face at all times

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>trying to "defend" their "pure rap maiden"
There's mostly positive responses any time the collab gets brought up in Mori threads.

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>haha boobies haha vagina haha girls saying crass things haha
Vshojo in a nutshell

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Nyan canceled for today.

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>Everyone remember’s Callis’s big boobs and how she shows them off when she zooms in and I never cared about that because it didn’t detract from the rest of the stream at all, I still appreciated Calli as a character and thought she was cool.
Hmm so basically it's ok when holos do it
Thanks for the ted talk

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Especially since, while we don't know what happened, they have mentioned there's a group chat they occupy to mass ban particularly troublesome people and someone shitty enough could have that happen to them.

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It isn't, especially if you watch her streams. Because there are times when she does appear to be quite masculine and then there are times when you'd swear she was the girliest girl that ever girled. It's weird to watch. Is it all an act? I don't know. I'm sure Zen, if a guy, knows how to "act like a girl" because they've been doing this for years, but there's shit that comes up spontaneously and there's now way she can prepare for it and "act" that quickly when your brain's reflexes kick in before you can even think.

I'm at a point where if Zen turned out to be a guy it wouldn't surprise me and if Zen turned out to be a girl it wouldn't surprise me. I can believe either thing at this point. The "voice reveal" video years ago had both a guy and a girl present, so one of them is Zen, or both of them are Zen, or neither of them are Zen.

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depends if you think big tits are inherently sexual, she's never opened up any jokes or comments about them herself, and at best gives a fake laugh and deflection when someone else does. She didn't even take off her jacket prop during the new outfit reveal

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When I posted that she was waffling on it but was crowdsourcing her supporters for ideas and motivation. I didn't see the cancellation, thanks for the update!

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Yes, its obvious.

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You're both stupid. That's a copy / pasta modified from Nyanners' rant on pointless video game sexuality. That line you're referencing was originally about Lulu in Final Fantasy X, and it is pretty telling that the modifier decided to use Mori Calliope in the part that Nyanners finds an example of not what she's talking about.

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>he has to deal with spontaneous things happening!!
Lol so what hes hiding behind and avatar and TTS. He can present himself however her wants.

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Okay, right, good talk, good talk. I enjoyed this, I did, I did. Do it next Thursday, too?

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No it isn't

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Want to know how I know you've never watched Zen ever?

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Stop giving the zen shitter (You)'s

>> No.4270139

I have, then stopped because I dont watch guys.

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So why is he in your head rent free lol

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and there is always the couple theory. that they take turns wearing the tracker and manning the tech desk.

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>holo pillow fuckers trying to "defend" their "pure rap maiden"
You people really cant stop yourselves can you?
Nobody really was against this collab and you start shit with deadbraps.
Are you really suprised about the amount of people shitting on your VTubers?

>> No.4270218

Fucking lol. Vei just addressed the Kiara collab and confirmed that she's not banned from collabing with her.

>> No.4270245

Hes not? I was responding to someone else's post. Try thinking a bit next time.

>> No.4270288

got a timestamp on that. not questioning but i suck at clipping.

>> No.4270306

>Nobody really was against this collab and you start shit
Hold up are you implying any vshojo fans were against the collab?

>> No.4270330

You aren't fooling anyone

>> No.4270353

The board in general

>> No.4270362

Yes, but I recognize that that dude is waaaay more entertaining than the tranny shark

>> No.4270363

Transcript cause she only talks about it for like 10 seconds.
>Too bad about the Kiara collab? The thing is it's not about the ??? or the ??? (don't know what 2 words she says here) It's more like, I've got to weigh the pros and cons of it. Like I'd love to do it, but at the same time I don't want to deal with like the heat that's gonna come from. I'm gonna have to think about it. If that's something I wanna do. We'll see.

>> No.4270382

So how did we start shit?

>> No.4270409

Are you illiterate?

>> No.4270443

Zentreya is live! https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya

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I think what he's saying is we're not saying Deadbeats are responsible for shit. Just a general /vt/ asshat or some other gatekeeper.

>> No.4270509

Replied to the wrong dude. I meant >>4270409

>> No.4270510

sounds like shes reconsidering, especially with nyan not going to do it if she doesn't. i hope it still does go through.

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Am I supposed to believe this is real?

>> No.4270735

She's probably trying to gauge what kind of response the collab would actually get. Right now, the gatekeepers just got really upset and Vei's response was more due to the paranoia of what might happen next. Possible she received some threats or Kiara did and that's what made her back off, but I don't think I've seen anything anywhere that says anybody was threatened. So, she might just be waiting to see if any escalation might happen as a result of the gatekeepers' concerns being ignored and going forward with the collab.

What I would love to see, is both of them jerking around everybody and still doing the collab, but each person using a different avatar and a different name.

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>> No.4270883

Well you don't have to be explicitly threatened to feel threatened. Just because it hasn't happened before it started doesn't mean it won't happen after and that's probably what's worrying.

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>> No.4271133

Yeah, and considering one of the things people jumped on Vei about was the "idol culture" and "doxxing" from her first rant, I am sure her fears are already deeply rooted in how crazy she thinks they can get.

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>> No.4271229

Needs to be more ripped

>> No.4271325

I like this one. Mousey said she wanted to play the cello but it was too big for her.

>> No.4271393

Cute. I just got curious how tall a Cello was and according to google a full Cello is 4 feet tall, which would mean Mouse is less than a foot taller than it. And if she was told that a long fucking time ago (during Jr. High I'd guess at the earliest) she could've been even shorter.

>> No.4271453

People should use the waybackmachine to look at all the shit she wrote on her blog more often.
Maybe then she would get the hate she deserves.

>> No.4271767

Yes, but most of his fans either dont care or are in denial

>> No.4271817

Yeah more people should track down what people wrote years ago on the internet

>> No.4271916

She made her bed and now should lie in it.

>> No.4271955

>lie in it
No problem. She is very good at lying.

>> No.4272324

Doesnt really matter.

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>> No.4275310

Don't bully me, Miss Ironmouse!

>> No.4275339

>This getting deleted
mods be retarded, it's stuff she put out under the nyanners name for everyone to see on the internet. you cannot silence the truth

>> No.4275387

bit melodramatic but ok

>> No.4275454

Check /vt/ rule 2. Did you ban evade to make this post?

>> No.4275558

It has nothing to do with IRL. Nyanners posted those things on the internet. Discussion is NOT limited to streams and content, no matter what rule they laid down. I'd like to see them ban everyone talking about stuff vtubers said on twitter for instance.

>> No.4275595

Nice, mods are finally doing something to clean up this thread a bit.

>> No.4275627

Why do you care so much anyway? If you don't like them don't watch them.
Or are you one of those psychos who think her sheer existence somehow damages vtubing or whatever stupid idea you have in your head.

>> No.4275711

they need to stop half assing it and actually clean up the whole thing, take it to /aco/ if you insist on posting vshoujo on a website they don't belong on

>> No.4275751

Bitches be trying to collab with people I actually watch. Stay in the gutter where you belong. Until we can be sure they are blanket blacklisted again people need to and WILL post the truth about the vile shit most of the members of VShojo have said or done.

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>Hate was against Vei and Nyan
>Nobody minds the Mouse collab
>”Holofags will also ruin this”
Rent free, also cope

>> No.4276102

There is still a big difference between shit said now on Twitter while they're vtubers and shit said years ago before they became vtubers. None of what she said in those posts has anything to do with her streams or content now. So, while current tweets are fine, old shit is not, especially since she's also deleted her old tumblr stuff.

>> No.4276416

Nyanners is Nyanners. She chose to stay that character with that name to keep her subs and fame instead of starting over with a new character. Of course she did, she doesn't give a fuck about vtubing beyond it being the hot new thing to extract easy money from lonely nerds. Well, she doesn't get to cherrypick, she keeps all of the baggage associated with Nyanners.

>> No.4276503

How is it rent free? It's a thread about vshojo and that's why a vshojo collab probably isn't happening

>> No.4276580

Irrelevant. Whatever Nyanners says as a vtuber or while she's one is fair game. All your shit from years ago is not relevant and the mods obviously agree. No more meta discussion.

>> No.4276693

>Discussion is NOT limited to streams and content, no matter what rule they laid down
It literally is in the rules. Break the rules, get banned.

>> No.4276758

Rules intended for Japanese vtubers and hololive

>> No.4276761

Wut? Elaborate plz

>> No.4276819

>unironical discord/reddit mindset
I'll give you a hint, mods deleting this will only spur people to shitpost about it.

>> No.4276820

That's enough (you)s for the shitters, please.

>> No.4276871

When's Vei's collab with Silver?

>> No.4276878

Read the sticky thread in the catalog, anon. Vshojo belongs on this board.
The hololive subreddit might unironically be a better place for you than this board. I'm serious here.

>> No.4276938

I thought 15 minutes ago but I'm now realizing I didn't check timezones and don't know when it's supposed to actually be.

>> No.4276982


>> No.4276991

And to you I'll offer two hints
Firstly: Nobody likes ruleniggers
>discussion should pertain to a VTuber's streams and content
Literally content under the name Nyanners
>should not pertain to their real lives, relationships, or appearances
see above, doesnt really apply

>> No.4277045

Huh. I guess I'll skip this one then, gotta sleep. Being a euro is suffering sometimes.

>> No.4277119

Not content and not something she did as a vtuber.

>> No.4277156

Isn't Vei in europe too? What the fuck is her sleep schedule?

>> No.4277269

She woke up shortly before starting stream today, meaning she woke up at 5 pm in her time. So in a word, terrible.

>> No.4277358

Vei is a disgusting half-bong living in bongland
Think about that the next time you think about fapping to her

>> No.4277382

>lives with her parents
>wakes up at 5 PM
>spends all her time playing vidya, even N64 shit
Yup, she might look like a stacy, but she's a NEET.

>> No.4277503

But my waifu is a bong.

>> No.4278362

This raccoon's laughter is contagious.

>> No.4278407

Silver streaming now: https://www.twitch.tv/team/silvervale

>> No.4278436

Oh shit, how did that happen.

>> No.4278829

and the rhubarbed succubus princess is with her now.

>> No.4279082

Mousey is live!

>> No.4279471

Welcome Precious Family!

>> No.4279541

3 Collabs going!

Silver + Vei: It Takes Two
Zen + Froot: Knockout City
Mouse + JERK: Knockout City?

The girls are practicing their dodgeball skills. I wonder if we can get a big tourney going among vtubers. 3 person teams from different orgs all having fun throwing balls in each other's faces sounds like a good time!

>> No.4279704

damn her plasma was delayed till tomorrow. i do hope its nothing major.

>> No.4280001

something happening next thursday where mousie would stream at noon est. she could talk about it but doesnt want to for fear of speaking too much.

>> No.4280158

Nah, probably just a scheduling issue or some rubbish. It isn't the first time (this week) it has been delayed or in the past. She'll be fine.

Noon eastern would be midnight-1am in Japan, so it probably isn't that. Maybe a musical thing? A collab with another YouTube celebrity? That is interesting.

>> No.4280220

and asked who the collab would be with retorted with "pink haired people are cool." its on, its on like donkey kong.

>> No.4280337

Unless Mori is planning on being somewhere else in the world next Thursday, then I don't know. She also said something about how UK audience members can watch her, but I doubt it is anything with Froot or Vei or she wouldn't say she can't talk about it yet.

>> No.4280476

did she say noon eastern or noon UK time?

>> No.4280504


>> No.4280590

Singing time!

>> No.4280782

So is she basically confirming this is the collab? I think Mori lives in Japan, right? The last time she had to announce something at a specific time it was the Kizuna Ai collab in Among Us, but that was something she announced in the middle of her normal streaming times not something she had to get on stream specifically for.

>> No.4280924

Yeah, she had to wait until noon Japan time. Nyan had to do the same thing announcing the concert. I don't know what this is about. An early stream implies that she'd be doing something with somebody on stream on Thursday but I can't figure what that would also require some secrecy.

>> No.4281404

>this forced banter
My soul hurts. I respect the hustle, but I wish they'd nip the shippers in the bud.

>> No.4281487

Is what it is. At this point I think they both kind of enjoy the antagonism. For Mouse, and she's said this before, a Puerto Rican household is one where you talk shit all the time to each other out of love. It kind of makes her a natural tsundere.

>> No.4282477

nah, it's just a falseflagger because there's basically no Deadbeats that are also holo purists to that level, not when Mori clearly hangs with chuubas from all sides of the scene

>> No.4283258

lmao Mouse calling Connor a Redditor as an insult. She's great

>> No.4283268

holy BASED mouse btfoing the normalfag

>> No.4283389

I've never heard anybody call it a "slur" like cancellable offense, but definitely a nice bang against the monke.

>> No.4283555

Snuffy asked for pics of vtuber feet a day or so back and now I've seen at least 3 pics of her feet and I don't know if that was intentional baiting on her end or just coincidence.

>> No.4283655

I'm sure it isn't a coincidence at all especially with all the feet on desk things. Snuffers is also a degenerate.

>> No.4284121


>> No.4284195

Mouse and Connor switched to the Forest a couple minutes back btw if anyone wasn't interested in Knockout City. The last time they played this had a fantastic ending so hoping this time is just as good.

>> No.4284310

Wow just a few minutes in Connor accidentally comments on a strange sound over Mouse's stream and it's her oxygen he's hearing. Now he feels awful and is getting dragged for it lmao

>> No.4284422

He's also digging the hole deeper by spilling spaghetti about it. Mouse is really self conscious about things like that and him trying to make it better by continuing to bring it up is not helping!

Stupid monke.

>> No.4284488

Does anyone know who the guy who subs Vei's YouTube videos to Japanese is? Is it just some random Japanese fan?

>> No.4284534

>he saw
the words that spawned a thousand rumors.

>> No.4284536

Connor's seen Mouse. He spilled the beans. What's he seen?

>> No.4284588

mouse will die streaming one day, holy shit

>> No.4284612

If you mean the videos not on her account then yes. If you mean older vids on her account then that was her editor and I assume he was getting paid for it.

>> No.4284613

it wouldnt suprize me a bit if he had access the forbidden knowledge

>> No.4284654

The new videos have Japanese subs too, you just have to toggle them. I wonder if she's paying for two editors now that she brought Jugs along.

>> No.4284655

Yeah, she immediately reacted to that and chat did not miss it. I don't know what he meant by that, but the way she reacted is pretty telling.

>> No.4284711

Neat I didn't know that. No idea about that then I just remember both her and Nyan commenting on how the videos being translated to Japanese were done by random fans.

>> No.4284802

I’m not paying full attention to the stream because I’m cooking, but by “saw” are you talking about when they said he saw her internet speed and started ragging on it just awhile ago?

>> No.4284880

Nah it was way later. She was feeling embarrassed over her oxygen being audible and in an attempt to make her feel better he talked about how if you didn't know she was sick you'd never know from how she comes off on stream. Then kinda let it slip that he'd possibly seen at least one pic of her irl i the process. At least that's the most obvious way to interpret what he said.

>> No.4284911

Forbidden knowledge?

>> No.4284951

No, that was more of an exposure thing. She had stated she'd improved her streaming "all on her own" but he kind of blew that out by saying that. It is obvious he's provided her some tech advice.

No, in this case, he was talking about her medical condition. He inadvertently embarrassed Mouse when he asked what a "cracking" noise he was hearing was over her mic. She said it was her air hose for her breathing device, very shyly, and got really down. He tried to immediately apologize and just kept making it worse, finally he said something like "I know what things are like for you, I saw it" and she immediately acted shocked like he'd revealed something very private.

I think the inference is he's probably seen what she looks like IRL or what her home situation is. Probably her devices, and whatever else she's got permanently done to her body for easy access by those devices.

That shit is very private to her, so to brazenly mention he's seen it, and to say it on stream, triggers her vulnerabilities. She was pretty shocked he said that. Thankfully, he's shut the hell up and they're back to normal now.

>> No.4284967

Ah. Well, if that’s true, I’m glad they’re close enough for her to show something like that

>> No.4284982

If you know about Mouse's medical conditions, you kind of know a lot. There are things she has never told her chat about that he probably is privy to with their friendship.

>> No.4285027

>Mouse keeps walking into fires
I know this thread is still mostly discussing what happened a few minutes prior but I can't stop laughing at her just walking into fires and nearly dying constantly.

>> No.4285052

Mousey has it rough, what's with schizo fans threatening her on Discord and her anituber bf spilling spaghetti all over her stream

>> No.4285053

The fire's hitbox is pretty damn big and the game has some clumsy ass motion controls. Like, you can be a ways from the fire then push forward just a tap and you're in the fucking fire's range. It's really weird.

>> No.4285135

Wait, really? What the fuck.

>> No.4285201

Happened yesterday while she was on stream with Nyan. See >>4268649

>> No.4285209

Yeah during the collab yesterday she banned someone from her chat for shittalking Nyanners in the chat and then the guy called her on Discord to threaten her during the stream. Imagine being like this

>> No.4285237

He was shittalking Nyanners in her chat so she banned him. He responded by calling her on discord and threatening her

>> No.4285241

While schizos will always schizo, I'm sad that one of them targeted Mouse.

>> No.4285274

Wasn't just her chat. Every single person she knew, all of VShojo, any smaller indies, anitubers, basically anybody she knew with a Discord that guy got banned from.

Mouse doesn't have a lot of rules that aren't found in other Discords. Don't be a dick is a simple rule to follow, but obviously that Nyan-shitter just couldn't help himself.

>> No.4285601

Fitting. How are they supposed to trust a schizo who can't even control himself in Ironmouse's chat/discord of all places.

>> No.4285770

its interesting that shes way more open about it with him than pretty much anyone else. more willing to joke around with it etc.

>> No.4285877

Mouse always gave me the impression that she'll trust you fully if you prove yourself to her. Though only until you irreparably betray that trust.

>> No.4285880

What's wrong with Zen?

>> No.4285945

Ignore the schizochama. Just keep enjoying the girls.

>> No.4286104

Agreed. She highly values her close friends. In this case I don't think it was one of those "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" kinds of things, but it might have been part of something else, like helping with the internet issues, which is hard to do behind a vtuber avatar.

Melody has for sure seen her au naturale tho and I am sure the vice is also versa'd.

>> No.4286133

Shouldn't this @theartgun?

>> No.4286218


>> No.4286264

I guess that makes Gura a clout chaser, since she came up the same way. Calli as well.

>> No.4286297

Damn, I can't believe that Gura and Mori were making content as Gura and Mori before Hololive, I never knew that.

>> No.4286325

>Nyanners is Nyanners. She chose to stay that character with that name to keep her subs and fame instead of starting over with a new character.
>Well, she doesn't get to cherrypick, she keeps all of the baggage associated with Nyanners.
Anon... your reading comprehension

>> No.4286444

>>I can't figure what that would also require some secrecy

Did you miss this entire thread?

>> No.4286552

Really. 5 hours later you just had to say something about a conversation that was started by a shitter and was just bait, huh? Nice job.

>> No.4286666

Both Nyan and Mousey have seen Mel naked irl.

>> No.4286704

@theartgun is Mouse's mother.

>> No.4286785

I am not at all sure what you're on about. The conversation was about Mousey being cryptic of whatever reason she's going to stream next Thursday at noon, which is unusual for her. If it is the Mori collab, which might require some secrecy until Mori is ready to announce it. But, the time is kind of weird unless Mori is not going to be in Japan. So I was just trying to work it out because I don't know shit about Mori's schedules or where she's going to be.

>> No.4286863

And there was that ERP session they all had.


Veibae is obviously exaggerating and being a troll, but the session actually did happen according to people "in the know" (Veibae actually admitted it on stream and Nyan was being more secretive). But, they definitely know what each other's naughty parts look like.

>> No.4287781

I've always just laughed off Twitch chat being dumb all these years, but I've never seen quite as much idiocy on display as I have this stream.

>> No.4287967

In a grabbag of people that size you're always gonna find some real winners anon. That's not limited to Twitch, particularly since some of that idiocy comes roaming in after watching Youtube clips.

>> No.4288082

The thing I've noticed about HL's chats is that they move so fast as to be just unreadable. It makes me wonder why anybody bothers trying to type when almost none of their messages can get through. Twitch has emote spam, but they generally don't flood chat constantly with comments. Both are stupid in their own ways.

>> No.4288721

What do anons think about Vei describing how she shit her bloody uterus out of her vagina after abusing birth control for 2 months straight.

>> No.4288754

i thought it was a funny moment

>> No.4288812

Vile and repulsive.

>> No.4288956

Serious De Jevu of college

>> No.4288974


>> No.4288985

monke brain in action

>> No.4289032

3dpd spotted

>> No.4289125

i'm sorry anon people in this thread know how vei is and if they watch her then they know what to expect. people can have different senses of humor and that's fine.

>> No.4289171

Meh. That's a classic part of the unfunny female comedian playbook.

>> No.4289176

Speaking of Vei someone drew this cute version of a younger Vei on Twitter and I'm mad I forgot to save the link to who did it but have the pic anyway.

>> No.4289259

I skimmed through her art tag and saw this

>> No.4289283

Reminder, again, to people to not give obvious shitters free (you)s.

>> No.4289372


>> No.4289497

No one's gonna be outraged by it m8. I like Vei, I think she took that joke a bit too far in that clip, but I'm not gonna clutch my pearls over it. She's a dumb semi-NEET girl who tries to entertain her viewers to the best of her abilities, that's all there is to it.

>> No.4290211

I’m used to it. Both from Vei and having 2 sisters. It’s gross, sure, but I wasn’t offended by it

>> No.4290227

It's almost as if a bunch of non Veibae fans, who have suddenly cropped up en masse around here in the last couple of weeks, thought coming into a VShojo general to shit on her was not going to be received well. It's amazing!

>> No.4292854

I have a confession to make. I want to gatekeep people like Nyanners away from Hololive, even if it means having to gatekeep Vei out of it as well, because she is deeply affiliated with these insufferable cunts incompatible with Hololive and Japanese culture. They are only going to bring in cancer. Hololive is doing fine as they are and I don't want them to get infested with western trash. They've already ruined anime fanbases. They've already ruined gacha and a lot of video game fanbases and I'm not gonna give up Hololive just like that.

>> No.4292935


>> No.4292944

Damn bro, that's crazy

>> No.4293144

Her Vtuber persona is her Nyanners persona, dumb dumb.

>> No.4293240

>make gimmick account
>ruin it with hot takes and shitty opinions

>> No.4293287

100%. but atleast the guy can be funny at times.

>> No.4293296

Vtubing: Serious Business.

>> No.4293319

>make vtuber account
>ruin everyone's community by hosting gimmick accounts and shit opinions
>follow those people to give them a pat in the back and make them feel like destroying communities is a good thing

>> No.4293459

HoloEN isn't THAT bad dude calm the fuck down.

>> No.4293468

Anon, please. At least shitpost with stuff Nyanners herself said, not what people she happens to follow on twitter say.

>> No.4293507

She already said the same thing. Have you not seen the collage?

>> No.4293544


based and red pilled. you have my axe.( but not the homos; stay away!)

>> No.4293571

Post direct links to the tweets in question.

>> No.4293579

That's why I said he could shitpost with that instead of posting shit from other people Nyan isn't responsible for. Or he could just fuck off and not let the cat live in his head rent free.

>> No.4293709

Nyanners and a holoen is bound to happen at one point this year. You're not going to be able to stop it. Vei had an easily spreadable clip where she shittalked hololive, but the youtube and reddit masses are not going to jump on the anti-Nyanners bandwagon when "Nyanners betrayed her old lolicon fans on 4chan by saying mean things about loli hentai" is all you people have against her.

>> No.4293779

They haven't attacked Holos [yet]. Nyanners' fanbase ganged up and targeted small indie vtubers (like Kyuotto) and harassed them to no end. Several of them ended up quitting vtubing, if not, they encouraged mass blocking and also being spammed with death threats due to the misinformation they spread about them. All of this was because they were a loli vtuber. Of course Nyanners validates all of those cunts.

>> No.4293879

a lot of these pre debut vtubers that go around canceling others are in her patreon discord (since they are "vtubers" they get a special role and get in for free). ive seen them coordinate blocking people in there, even her mods participate in it so she 100% knows about it and supports it.

>> No.4293897

My Vstreamer is a 300 iq mastermind, solely focused on taking down (You)r favorite chuuba. She's currently pulling strings behind the scenes to contact her vast network of "Vtubers sneezing" Twitter accounts and there's nothing you can do to stop her.

>> No.4293915

Nyanners mods are the fucking worst. She needs to purge all of them and get new ones.

>> No.4293999

Most people rejected Her message. They hated Veibae because She told them the truth.

>> No.4294000


*needs to purge herself. a hearty bottle of chlorox will do. along with a bowl of tide pods.

>> No.4294034

>She's currently pulling strings behind the scenes to contact her vast network of "Vtubers sneezing" Twitter accounts and there's nothing you can do to stop her.
I kneel.

>> No.4294226

You know >we dont have to do much if the HoloEN collab happens.
People will look up VSJ, they will find the clips and screenshots of the old shit.
Spergs will go around trying to "Stick it to cover" in chats/reddit/discord whatever. This is bound to piss off some holofans and from that point the shitflinging will propagate on its own.
Stupidity is one of the greatest weapons, you just have to point it in the right direction.

>> No.4294283

Exactly so that's why everyone on Vshojo must suffer if it means to prevent Nyanners from going anywhere near Holos

>> No.4294376

Fucking disgusting

>> No.4295270

I really need to watch Melody streams
She seems like such a sweet cute girl whos actually funny
So fucking cute it hurts bro

>> No.4295442

no apology no collab

>> No.4296174

based as hell

>> No.4296206

Do you really, really give that much of shit about it?
I doubt she's the awful person you claim she is

>> No.4296336

>Do you really, really give that much of shit about it?
After coming from a lot of fanbases and having experienced a ton of shit, YES. I do not care whether or not Nyanners deliberately propped up her shitty fanbase, that's her problem and I don't want them anywhere near Hololive. Unlike anime or video games, the community is half of what makes a vtuber worthwhile, especially with the amount of general feedback and interaction. She can support all the SJWs and gimmick accounts all she likes for as long as she's as far away as possible from any Hololive members.

>> No.4296397

vshojo fans will be gone like a week after the collab
we aren't the type to get obsessive or we wouldn't be ok with these evil western whores
you keep acting like this is some kind of back and forth battle when no vshojo fans are stirring any shit

>> No.4296446

He also seems to think that many of us aren't already there. I'd guess a good portion of us watch both holoen and vshojo.

>> No.4296472

>no vshojo fans are stirring any shit
That's a disagree from me. You can easily notice that most indie harassers would be Vshojo fans because Hololive would immediately filter them. See >>4293779
Do I really need to compile every single harasser and plot their affiliation with Vshojo to an excel spreadsheet? I would but I honestly could not be fucked doing that. Just stay in your own communities and keep your shit to yourselves.

>> No.4296494

We're coming for your HoloEN girls, freak. Not one of them will survive the fallout when Nyanners leaks Gura's cunnyfolder that she'll have Gunrun hack during the collab.

>> No.4296506

You know there's a ton of crossover already? Most vshojo fans probably watch some Holos. Besides you crazies are probably the ones who call Kiara awful things or think Calli is some kind of slut so I shouldn't be surprised

>> No.4296525

now this is astroturfing

>> No.4296556

Just because there's a crossover doesn't mean you're allowed to bring your Vshojo western bullshit into Hololive. I don't care about Kiara or Calli for as long as they don't attract those same types of people incompatible with Hololive and Japanese culture.

>> No.4296570

I haven't heard of any harassment by the fans, but maybe it happened, I don't know. Still, the vshojos themselves actually help out smaller indie vtubers, at least occasionally. Mouse and Nyan sometimes host small indies after their streams to help them get discovered.

>> No.4296604

At least read the thread before saying non-sense >>4292854
There's a group of trendhopping "ENVtubers" affiliated with Nyanners that are harassing loli vtubers non-stop, and all Nyanners did was to validate their actions.

>> No.4296709

You're grasping at straws here. Nyanners is not responsible for shit other ENVtubers and TBAs do on twitter. She hasn't voiced her support for that in any way and she hasn't directed her own fanbase to harass anyone. She always asks her fans to not overwhelm smaller streamer and be well behaved in their chat when she hosts them. She follows like 500 accounts on twitter, of course some of those will be retards.

>> No.4296788

Then what's with them voicing their support for Nyanners that she hated loli, and then proceeded to attack loli vtubers because of that? Nyanners is a bad influence to the community and the fact that she doesn't denounce their actions means that those same pieces of shit think that their actions are being validated ESPECIALLY the fact that they get follows from Nyanners herself. All of this looks like Nyanners is showing support for those people, even if it's not deliberate or direct in any way.

>> No.4296792

Well let's just bring it up to her and see what she'll do. But knowing her she'll just ignore it

>> No.4296847

I'm talking about Fangz, Reikan, Ali, and so much more of the "ENvtuber" harassment community who thinks Nyanners is supporting them. Fuck those cunts and Nyanners is a piece of shit.

>> No.4296869

>the cunnycuck lives in fear of the pink cat

>> No.4296909

It's the opposite actually

>> No.4296925


>> No.4296967

Let those people talk, Nyan is not engaging with them. They're retards if they think Nyan supports their harassment. Nyan always asks her fans to behave and often praises her viewers for being relatively civil when she sends them over to another streamer, anyone with a brain would be able to see that she doesn't want drama. Nyan has also been on the receiving end of online harassment and knows how shit it is.

>> No.4296973


>> No.4296985

>asks her fans to behave

>> No.4297001

Oh my god shut up and go touch some grass

>> No.4297002

The one she was seething about?

>> No.4297017

>Nyan has also been on the receiving end of online harassment and knows how shit it is
>implying she's not a hypcrite

>> No.4297036

Nyanners not ever denouncing those people is only making them think they are being propped up by her. At the end of the day, she is the root cause as to why they are behaving like this. There are literally discords of those people where they organize harassment campaigns and put people on a "list".

>> No.4297102

Being silent about it is equivalent to condoning it

>> No.4297224

I'm gonna bet one of them is one of her personal mods

>> No.4297228

It's not. You sound like one of these BLM retards.

>> No.4297251

No in this case it actually is. They won't stop if Nyanners doesn't tell them to stop.

>> No.4297261

>one of these BLM retards.
Like Nyanners?

>> No.4297287

reminder she used her fans sub money to bail out "protestors"

>> No.4297315

Uh she did? That would make a lot of polfags seethee

>> No.4297428

They won't stop if she does.

>> No.4297481

Yeah, they'll just target Nyan next.
There's just no winning against these guys.
I'd like to see how well those fags would do against Vshoujo fans

>> No.4297496

They literally deify Nyanners as the "Sjw who will take over vtubing" or some shit. For as long as they follow Nyanners (and she follows them back) and she validates them, Nyanners needs to stay the fuck away from Hololive as far as possible.

>> No.4297509


>> No.4297695

I agree that pink cat should unfollow them if those people harass others and she knows about it, but them deifying her means nothing. They would still turn on her instantly.

>> No.4297763

Oh, it was just a charity stream and before she became a vtuber. Okay then, you made it sound like she personally bailed someone out or something.

>> No.4297832

He's right, tho. /pol/ gets mad at anything that helped"protestors".

>if those people harass others

>> No.4297891

It's best that Nyanners should be the one who turns on them rather than them turning on her. At least I just want them to lose a big chunk of their confidence and for them to stop organizing harassment campaigns.

But for now I hate the pink cat because she is one of the biggest reasons for all of this.

>> No.4297945

I like how the schizo anti strategy has shifted to criticizing nyanners for shit that unrelated randoms do now
I enjoy even more the irony in trying to "keep away" harassment culture from hololive when the only people trying to cancel anyone here are the hololive fans on their retarded crusade against nyanners and vei

>> No.4298002

>Gatekeeping is the same as invading, infesting, disrespecting and destroying culture
vshojotards are really braindead aren't they

>> No.4298010

She won't. In a way, she's probably like Aqua, who was too much of an autist to even try to distance herself from her chinese fans for fear of what they would do. Nyanners probably thinks like that too if you consider her self deprecating rants.

>> No.4298034

ok karen

>> No.4298042

>you made it sound like she personally bailed someone out or something
Doesn't matter if it was personally, in the same way those retards have a black list, the poltards have their own and they will get mad enough to put her on their hit list, specially if they live in the cities that got affected by the actions of those people a year ago, is a matter of this shit spreading out more and she could get the bugmen treatment

>> No.4298051

At least you don't say that they want to cancel Mouse too. There have been at least two threads where the personal army retards where ignored and openly mocked for trying to start shit against Mouse.

>> No.4298053

>before she became a vtuber
she was already a vtuber at the time

>just a charity
yeah, giving the money to a charity whos entire purpose was to bail out people is completely different than doing it yourself.

>> No.4298081

Nyanners is kinda autistic and definitely has some self-esteem issues (just look at her recent "people would probably like vshojo more if I wasn't in it"). It's kinda cute though.

>> No.4298084

I think you need to step away from the computer for a little bit

>> No.4298089

I've read a rrat that Froot cheated on her soldier husband. Is it true?

>> No.4298100

In a way, she did more than Futakuchi Mana because one was just a retard autistically sperging on twitter and the other actually did something tangible.

>> No.4298119

Even if its true, its not "cheating" if you're a soldier
Thats basicly just announcing to the world that you're a massive cuck

>> No.4298123

Not this timeloop again. But yes. Also

>> No.4298130

>a charity whos entire purpose was to bail out people
One of those charities is 15 years older than BLM and the other is a covid fund.

>> No.4298154

I'm just saying, I'm just pointing the potential tribalism that could be unleashed by that

>> No.4298171

Never understood this.
Are you an idiot for thinking your SO will always stay faithful when you are gone? Yes
Is you SO a piece of shit for not having the guts to end the relationship and fucks around? Also yes

>> No.4298191

Even poltards have better things to do than target an anime streamer who did a charity stream for a few hundred viewers once.

>> No.4298216

Yadda yadda relationships are overvalued. Or yadda yadda corruption of traditional marriage. Pick your poison.

>> No.4298242

You REALLY overstimate /pol/fags. But they don't do anything not because >anime, but because nobody brought it up.

>> No.4298273

I like Vei despite everything

>> No.4298303

It could be, it could not, who knows, but something is sure and that is that some poltards got into hololive at least since the china arc

>> No.4298364

nyanners is responsible for her own community you fucking dumbass

>> No.4298419

So it's just cope for being a shitty person got it

>> No.4298458

You can't control the actions of individuals and the vast majority of Nyan's community is respectful.

>> No.4298467

Basically, yeah. If she was unsatisfied, she could've just divorced the bastard.

>> No.4298486

I actually enjoy how much she makes people seethe.

>> No.4298510

>the vast majority of Nyan's community is respectful
See >>4296985. She can't control her own community, give her some slack.

>> No.4298558

but you can be responsible and tell them off
scold them if they are doing the wrong thing, that IS being responsible
whatever the minority does is still part of the community, and that is a responsibility of a vtuber especially

and yes that is nyanner's responsibility and that is still her fault she didn't warn her community and gauge the consequences of her actions
even gura constantly reminds her community to be respectful and to not start shit

>> No.4298592

it's not her fault because she didn't warn them, it's her fault because this behavior is what she actually wants

>> No.4298623

>even gura constantly reminds her community to be respectful and to not start shit
Nyan does the fucking same though? Do you even know what you're talking about?

>> No.4298631

I'm giving her the benefit of doubt. See >>4298010.

>> No.4298644

The Nyanners in your head is growing more and more devilish it seems. Hang in there.

>> No.4298661

whatever the case may be, nyanners should be responsible

where? when did she scold her fans to not harass loli vtubers? all she did was bitch about loli in discord which ended up where we are right now

>> No.4298701

Is gura or whoever your oshi is responsible for your actions? Did your oshi tell you to go to an online mongolian throat singing convention and relentlessly try to slander her fellow vtubers?

>> No.4298714

How on earth are you gatekeeping? Holos have an audience that is way beyond what vshojo will ever have

>> No.4298715

>people that don't actually watch [insert Vei/Nyanners/Zen/Froot here] post reasons why the person that only exists in their heads is bad.

>> No.4298765

yes and i have the right to gatekeep the community unless gura tells me to stop
same deal with nyanner fans who attack loli tubers

>> No.4298767

Funny how hime isn't there because even for antis, she's just a streamer with an avatar, ergo, not a vtuber.

>> No.4298775

This all feeds back to >>4294226
You dont need a lot of people to start a fire and people here are more than willing to fan the flames for a lot of reasons. Nyanners being associated with these people just makes it easier.

>> No.4298779

yeah, except nyanners did distance herself from her original fans by calling them every name under the sun because her tumblr friends thought they were "problematic." She can do it again, it just proves she doesn't want to

>> No.4298809

You're moving goalposts. Nyan hasn't and won't talk about loli vtubers specifically, but she reminds her chat to be respectful to other streamers all the time. Basically every time she prepares to host someone. She doesn't want to be involved in any more shit than she already is due to her past with this website.

>> No.4298837

God I wish I could join VShojo too just to make /vt/ seethe even harder

>> No.4298842

I'm a Vshojofag and even I sometimes forget that Hime exists.

>> No.4298862

it's not moving goalposts, like the other anon said, she literally caused this whole issue, and it's now her responsibility to fix it
she shouldn't have been bitching about loli in the first place, what the fuck is she doing

>> No.4298911

meds, fast

>> No.4298912

I know what you mean. The seething on /vt/ gives me strength. I really hope the inevitable collabs between Vshojo and HoloEN will be massive successes so I can enjoy the tribalfag tears on /vt/ when they realize how irrelevant their opinions are.

>> No.4298981

im not taking meds for as long as nyanners condones the people harassing loli tubers in her fanbase

>> No.4299002

Remind me again, why does Nyanners get a free pass from the woke mob when her 2d is a child and her voice and acting also match that?

>> No.4299032


>> No.4299045

I just asked Nyanners about it on Discord and she told me to tell you that she won't stop until all the pedotubers have killed themselves. We can't let her win bro

>> No.4299050

don't know or care

>> No.4299097

I have more rrats for you Nyanners

>> No.4299113

Stop making up people and problems
Eat your veggies

>> No.4299154

>getting to die together with Nyanners
I wish that was real, but you forgot the timestamp next to her name.

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