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why can’t hololive be like this

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it is but only under the blanket.

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Why are women like this?

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I use whores from time to time, rent them, enjoy them for a brief moment of climax. Does not mean I want to hear them, follow them, or worship them like some kind of celebrity. Let whores be just whores.

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>he has sex
Normalfags AWAY

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Interesting. I've always wanted to know what kind of mental gymnastics you have to pull to convince yourself you're not actually a huge cuck for paying for sex, and here it all is in one post.

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you're worse than them actually

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I talked to escorts, it can be interesting. Talked about literature once with one, another one told me about her first time with another woman and that got her hot, she ended up sucking me off.

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Even when talking about sex she's so boring.

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based anon, vcucks are in denial

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At least they're not the ones paying for a woman to have sex with them.

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women are disgusting

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>summarize vshojo in one sentence

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Mutt vtubers cant be subtle. Everything is blatant and vulgar, cant handle sexual stuff as casual comedy like Marine. One of the reasons that Amerimutts are so fucking lame and boring.

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>another vcuck in denial

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at least they have sex

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why does she just sound like nyanners

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vshitshow chama.

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No they're the ones paying for a woman to say their name in a youtube video

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Yeah, they're paying for them to be fingered during stream. Such Chads.

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What an absolute waste of a nice model

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Not everyone has to be idol material or give off that image, but you can only be as vulgar as you are funny, else you come off as trashy. It’s a universal rule even outside of streaming.

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Impressive, very nice

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Looks like hololive dodged a bullet by telling her to fuck off on the audition

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I wish I was gay

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>Looks like my period when I also have diarrhea
>All my vagina skin came out at once, it was like a hunk of meat, it was like a fist in the pad
>I should have grilled it? HAHAHA YEAH, RIGHT? I didn't eat it! I poked it.
>Do you think it's like, love, if you try... vagina Mignon?
It seriously only gets worse and worse as it goes on.

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yubi yubi

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>it's okay when hololive does it!!!!

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The en version of Kagura Mea

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Nothing any Holo has ever done is comparable to the content she chooses to discuss in >>4265262, except maybe Ollie getting yubi'd on stream which is in its own class as well. And Vei talks like this all the time, it's not a one off like the time Coco lasered her pubes.

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Highly sexually active 17 year old zombie

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There's an ancient saying that goes - whores aren't paid for sex, they're paid to go away the next morning.

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Mea isn't half as bad as any of the Vshojo sluts, and she's actually funny and entertaining to boot.

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I falied to see where they talk about sucking dick and swallowing cum anon.

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she wasn't fingering herself dumbass it was that Connor guy

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>t. doesn't actually understand Japanese

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This is a blue board.

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im not sure which would be worse.. this or that. i believe that sex is usually cheaper than this and im not really sure what the person thinks that they are getting with their $1k

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this board and mutts fucking suck at erotic humours. in fact mutts cant produce any good erotic comics/cartoons

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She's so fucking repulsive

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I'm so repulsed but so glad it exists for some reason.

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yes, and?

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Give me one (1) timestamp where Mea is talking about her past experiences sucking dick or drinking cum.

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Veibae is live right now!

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Yeah but that whore you are fucking isnt a vtuber is she? Checkmate incel

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>he doesn't know about the tier 3 omegle streams

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>Veifag fall to the point of making bait thread for hatewatcher

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sure but idk if few seconds of the vtubers time is worth that much. that dude donated like $4k and im pretty sure that he didnt even get a minute of attention with it

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>literal fags itt are disgusted by this

>> No.4266879

>huge cuck for paying for sex,
A cuck is someone that's being cheated on knowingly and may or may not enjoy it. An incel that buys hookers is not a cuck.

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I'm not good at listening, please translate

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If fags are disgusted by poking literal shit in your toilet then I'm gladly a fag

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it's like a proof of concept, nice closure

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Ollie moaning and giving birth to Connor's child while streaming fucking when?

>> No.4266944

Its not that different than having a girlfriend or a wife. Your still making a payment, just not with money all the time but with different currency

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I'm not trying to defend Vei but even a goddamn werewolf is entitled to legal representation, so: she didn't say she poked shit in her toilet, she said that her uterine lining was "backed up" and eventually all came out at once in her sanitary pad. So, when she poked the hunk of vaginal meat that sloughed off her insides into the pad inside her panties, it was not in the toilet and it was not feces.

P.S. Fags poke literal shit in mens' assholes with the head of their penis.

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>pays for whores
Your literacy reps.

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Remember how Coco shaved her vagina on stream? This is the kind of stuff she would laugh at 100%.
Some people just have this sense of humor, especially bongs.

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Vshojos are more vile than actual 3DPD. Most women on the planet would be aghast to say shit like this, let alone say it in front of thousands

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You're not going to be happy about this one, Europoor.

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sounds pretty based to me

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One of the many reasons why Vshojo is considered a piss stain in the vtuber scene. They have no dignity and they have zero respect for the medium. This is what the image of vtubers will boil down to. They are Literally a virtualization of twitch thots.

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See this is what I mean when I say I'm glad they're confined to Twitch and the cancer there gets that dessert.

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Bunch of humorous innuendoes vs "LET ME GARGLE YOUR BALLS AND DRINK YOUR CUM". Ya totally the same thing.

>> No.4267624

Why is everyone complaining about these things? I though the point of vshojo was that its a whore group of vtubers?
Isnt that why they hired melody and nyanners?

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>literally has a warning that she's very vulgar in her description
>people still manage to get offended and call her too vulgar
I don't understand this. I don't like Coco's Reddit humor, so I don't watch her. Simple as.

>> No.4267755

idk where that is. i like her content but i don't remember seeing any warning anywhere

>> No.4267849

next thread

>> No.4267862

It's in her Twitch description
>I am very vulgar, don't watch if you get offended easily! I probably hold the world record for how many swear words I can fit in a sentence.

>> No.4267890

Melody is more pure than the other girls even when she's begging for you to fuck her pussy with that dorky voice and having an orgasm live for 2000 people.

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If shit stays in the bowl I dont care. If it starts crawling out of the toilet and sullying the floor I do give a shit

>> No.4267961

The vulgarity is tiring because it's all an act, no woman with internet access has had a hard enough life to actually be crass, so it's just them trying as hard as possible to piss daddy off

>> No.4268070

oh those things. i never see it because i would have to scroll down to get there

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Almost all of these are either cringe or meh-tier, but either way they don't compare to someone talking about their bodily fluids, much less solids like A FUCKING VAGINA CUTLET.

>> No.4268107

What "bowl" are you even talking about?

>> No.4268182

I got clips recommended so I watched a few of them, she is indeed vulgar, some people might like that but I don't, to each his own I guess.

>> No.4268186

the one that you eat from in every morning.

>> No.4268239

Haachama barfed on stream, and that's just the first thing that comes to my mind with bodily fluids involved. Some of these girls have incredibly dirty minds and an avatar to hide behind, so they let themselves unwind and do/say things they normally would not. That's why vtubers became popular in the first place.

>> No.4268286

some of you can learn from this.

>> No.4268358

>leave the next morning
You must be rich if you are hiring all nighters on the regular.

>> No.4268374

No it's retarded, 95% of people go for the sex and leave within the same hour.

>> No.4268387

Huh. No wonder Kiara's interested in her

>> No.4268389

Damn, I forgot how fucking impressive Conker is for an N64 game.

>> No.4268454

Holy based

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i guess you dont understand the meaning of this then.its about women being insufferable.

>> No.4268522

That sounds like a you problem anon.

>> No.4268885

>complains about women
>on a board dedicated to women
I think you're lost, anon.

>> No.4268969

Horrible. Remember, toilet "humour" is just repulsive, not actually humorous.

>> No.4268988

He lacks the top secret documentation.

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>> No.4269041

Then why the fuck are you on a board about listening to women talk.

>> No.4269055

>Japanese viewers love Vei's attitude
>Westerners act like complete prudes around everything she does
So we finally reached a point where Westerners OD'd on the idol culture while nips got bored of it.

>> No.4269093

Who let the Twitter kiddies in? Fuck off back to /r9k/ and stay there.

>> No.4269103

Isn't that because they don't actually understand what she says and think her voice's hot?

>> No.4269107

I find vshojo pretty cringe. Every single one is the same.
>omg I'm a girl but I'm saying LeWd things!?!?!

>> No.4269123

basically weebs are so enamored with otaku culture they try to romanticize and overplay the shitty parts of it as well

>> No.4269157

They know what English curse words sound like, everyone does. They're not dumb, and Japanese enjoy low-brow humor as much as Brits do.

>> No.4269167

I thought we hated clipfags yet that's all 90% of this board knows about vshojo

>> No.4269180

Hmmmmm are you sure about that? cause it seems that that opinion is changing fast

>> No.4269197

Why would Hololive want to be liars?

>> No.4269215

Please anastandu, he's ESL and autistic.

>> No.4269219

I'm not offended, I just don't want her anywhere near hololive

>> No.4269264

What do you expect from a board that are legit purityfags?
They think idols interacting with the opposite sex in any way is TOTALLY FORBIDDEN. Fucking retards have never probably watched idolshit outside of Hololive or shitty anime like LoveLive.

>> No.4269292

It is. Anyone that says it isn't will inevitably 'muh living cock-sleeve isn't truthful to me.' Life was a mistake.

>> No.4269338

clipfag's are bad for most vtubers because those streamers have depth of personality and content that can't be summed up in clips. vshoujo doesn't have that problem

>> No.4269355

Kek, you type like a complete fag.

>> No.4269412

The same reason you're on such a board, bitching about what they talk about.

t. half the nigger you clearly are.

>> No.4269468

Sounds kind of hypocritical.

>> No.4269501

>The faggot doesn't know about vomit & scat porn nor how prolific it is in sunrise-land.

Yeah, keep telling yourself it's EOP syndrome and they're super-pure as a society.

>> No.4269522

been watching her stream the past 10 minutes and there hasn't been any sex jokes, sounds like you're just a clipfag

>> No.4269589

Hmmm, that's probably why my cum is leaking from your asshole as you seethe

>> No.4269606

Faggot probably hasn't heard of how popular love hotels are. He knows nothing of Japan besides video games.

>> No.4269623

>The same reason you're on such a board, bitching about what they talk about.
Everyone here bitches about Vshojo newfagchama, doesn't mean they don't enjoy and gosling over other chuubas. If you don't enjoy any vtubers at all you might as well just find a different hobby.

>> No.4269697

Go back to Global, then go back to /v/ and stay there. Fucking goslingfags are the worst thing to happen to vtuber discussion on this shithole site.

>> No.4269710

>1:42 in
>Booba, booba. Booba?
Also she blocked clips kek

>> No.4269722

oldfagchama, but agreed - just pointing out hypocrisy because I've legit nothing better to do currently.

>> No.4269775

Holy fucking cope, every newfaggot ironic weeb knows about the haha wacky japan porn and love hotels. Even normalfags know about them.

>> No.4269782

>Booba, booba. Booba?
You're watching a Conker playthrough.
>Also she blocked clips kek
Works on my machine.

>> No.4269789

So Veibae is popular ONLY because her design is god tier?

>> No.4269802

>he gets filtered by girls talking about gross shit
you're ngmi if you break the odds and get into a relationship, the female body can be fucking disgusting

>> No.4269804

If women used 4chan, this is what they’d greentext about.

>> No.4269808

At this point, is booba even a sex joke? It's reached AMOGUS levels of mindless faggotry.

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>> No.4269820

Clearly most of this board do not. Also learn how to use that phrase, dumbfuck.
Then fuck off back to where you came from and stay there.

>> No.4269826

Nyanners uses 4chan and as gross as she is, she doesn't do that shit in here.

>> No.4269831


>> No.4269836

Search the definition of cuck first

>> No.4269839

Holy fucking cope, newfagchama doesn't get we're calling him retarded for this exact fact.

>> No.4269851

On 4chan nonetheless. People getting "grossed out". Where the fuck did these tumblr tier cunts come from? Actual fucking children.

>> No.4269873

This. If you can't deal with disgusting shit, you won't be able to live with a woman, simple as.

>> No.4269875

Wait, did you just insult yourself?
Holy kek.

>> No.4269881

>god tier

>> No.4269958

Design, voice, attitude. She makes people both extremely angry and extremely horny, it's the combination that guarantees a bump limit in every Vei thread.

>> No.4269978

don't go to /cgl/

>> No.4269982

god tier

>> No.4270027

Only children get grossed out by /cgl/.
This site should force users to browse 20 /d/ threads before they can even post.

>> No.4270079

>anons think they're geniuses because they believe most japanese veibae viewers are scatfags and not just jerking off to her voice
You people are so retarded it goes around and it's not even funny anymore but just depressing.

>> No.4270144

>Kay’s cooking

>> No.4270153

Yes, by all means enjoy your sloppy seconds.. or 1000's, or STDs. or whatever your fucked up coom brain is really getting out of paying for sex. You're basically on the same level as a cuck.

>> No.4270171

Go back to your board.

>> No.4270253

Every straight man pays for sex, the only difference is that with whores the payment is more direct.

>> No.4270338

Magnum Omega IQ think here. The smartest kind of thinking.

>> No.4270340

>This is what coomers actually believe.

>> No.4270372

>le oomer
not even going to name the site, you know where you belong

>> No.4270404

Did you pay for the dinner? you paid for sex.
Did you pay for the movie tickets? you paid for sex.
Did you pay for the drink for the drink? you pay for sex.
Did you bought her a gift? you paid for sex.
Did you pay for the ice cream? you paid for sex.

>> No.4270412

You'll understand when your testes drop, kiddo.

>> No.4270451

>anon thinks paying a coke addict whore to stick his dick inside her std infested hole is better than talking to an ordinary woman and taking her out to dinner
We're reaching cope levels that shouldn't be possible.

>> No.4270456

You are gay

>> No.4270519

>he still doesn't get it.
And you talk of mental gymnastics? You didn't even make it to the top of the horse, you broke your nose off the side of it when you tripped.

>> No.4270532

>go back
Shouldn't you be on kik or backpage looking for a hole to get your coom fix scheduled?

>> No.4270562

>anon thinks paying a coke addict whore to stick his dick inside her std infested hole is better than talking to an ordinary woman and taking her out to dinner

>> No.4270653

There's no mental gymnastics going on here, this is a rather straight forward conversation. You just don't want to admit the truth, which is that for some reason you are desperate to prove to us that your sex is the very best sex possible. No one cares. You want us to pat you on the back because you had the ebin secks?
I guess we all have our fetishes.

>> No.4270670

That wasn’t funny either tho.

>> No.4270708

Hush, you can't say that or the Tatsunoko coping force will call you a chink.

>> No.4270724

Now you don't even know what the conversation is about. Must feel bad being a brainlet.

>> No.4270729

> vei
> describe periods and other body related stuff in exquisite detail
> there is no joke or punchline

> coco
> the stream is just a regular zatsudan
> the joke is that she's occasionally lasering hair off her body
> not explicit at all, actually comfy stream with occasional comedy when she gets the laser wrong

>> No.4270818

>look we're selling buttplug type AsaCoco now!
>hey guys, i got [numbers]!
Yeah bro, the height of comedy.

>> No.4270886

Hololive does lewd stuff as a joke, and very often if you're not a cynical twat there's something to laugh at

vsluts talk about past sexual experiences and disgusting stuff in explicit detail
but there's no punchline. There's no joke. nothing to laugh at. only cringe.

>> No.4270945

You talk like a fucking child. Stop it.

>> No.4270975

The conversation is about stroking your ego to prove that you're not a loser since you visit prostitutes. Yes, yes, you're super cool anon, you sure dabbed on those femoids. All women are whores amirite bros? We done now?

>> No.4271023

> doesn't know the origin of the Asacoco joke
> doesn't watch coco zatsudans

lurk more before posting

>> No.4271043

Be quiet kid you fool no one

>> No.4271047

I'm not the fag that visits hookers. Try read the conversation.
Then go back to /pol/ or wherever the fuck your type comes from.

>> No.4271081

You cherry pick shit, I'll throw it right back at you.
You talk like a fucking child. Stop it.

>> No.4271125

>all those replies
When did anon become so weak? A bunch of you would have a heart attack from looking at goatse.

>> No.4271232

When's goatse captcha? Generate several million skewed goatse variants and compare it with celebrites faces.
A lot of children will quickly go back to Twitter / Tumblr / Reddit after that change.

>> No.4271264

> still haven't seen any good vod timestamps or clips of vei talking about anything remotely entertaining by herself without it devolving into sex jokes.

well..? I'm waiting.

>> No.4271276

You have to 18+ to post here. llittle shit

>> No.4271308


>> No.4271335

why would anyone watch a reddit dragon zatsudan?

>> No.4271347

I've never watched her once. That's why.
Talking, child, stop, etc.

>> No.4271389

I can't believe someone would use such a cute avatar to say such vile shit. To all women haters, not all girls are like this luckily... But female "comedians" tend to do this for some reason indeed.

>> No.4271415

VShojofags you stick out like a sore thumb. Stop trying to justify your whores and go back to your discord and twitter.

>> No.4271439

Be quit you shitty stupid brat

>> No.4271472

how is there a whole audience of people that listen to this and love it

>> No.4271479

You still talking? Listen to your seniors. Do your homework, you can't even type properly.

>> No.4271484

This is true. But by all means they can have their threads in /trash/ where they belong

>> No.4271509

White supremacist vtuber when

>> No.4271557

There is one. Some /pol/tard tier one that is probably banned by now.

>> No.4271588

Join Vshojo and do it. They are talent-first afterall

>> No.4271591

>it's okay when Coco does it
You don't watch Vei, so why bother arguing about it? She does zatsudans too, and they're not any more lewd than anything any other non-Holo does, maybe with more cursing than usual. Asacoco jokes or those fake English lessons are as dumb as anything Vei or Mel or Mouse do, Coco would not have been out of place in Vshojo. That's why she wanted to collab with them before anyone else in Hololive even mentioned them.

>> No.4271599

Jesas please go back, the only thing you'll accomplish is being called out as a retard here (which you are)

>> No.4271624

>I'm not the fag that visits hookers. Try read the conversation.
Then what the fuck do you want?
>Then go back to /pol/ or wherever the fuck your type comes from.
It was a joke mocking the usual /pol/ and /r9k/ users whom I assumed whoever I was talking to belonged to.

>> No.4271625

Matsuri, Marine and Kiara strike me as the sort of girls that would go to omegle to watch cocks when they were teenagers.

Matsuri is horny about everything.

Marine and Kiara have shown to enjoy looking at nude men (Marine in Outlast, Kiara in A Way Out)

>> No.4271655

>guaranteed (You)s

>> No.4271668

I think that would be too classy for them

>> No.4271702

17? That would explain some much about the zombrap

>> No.4271739

>except maybe Ollie getting yubi'd on stream which is in its own class as well.
>anons unironically believe this rrat
The absolute state of this board

>> No.4271793

This is the most cancerous shit I've heard in a long, long while. She literally sounds like someone who has mental retardation and is unaware of what they say

>> No.4271798

Because Japanese [and] idol culture.
Also, that thumbnail and title is baity as fuck and not a good example of what I've seen of VShojo so far.

I honestly enjoyed that moment as I live for candid talk and was always seen as the weird one when I said shit that was half as disgusting.
Pretty sure at least 3 Hololive members are like this but hold back.

This >>4267274
They're basically kindred spirits to people who like talking about the most mundane or odd shit they've experienced (typically called weirdos).

>> No.4271815

>That's why she wanted to collab with them before anyone else in Hololive even mentioned them.
Technically she wanted to collab with Melody before Vshojo was a thing.

>> No.4271828

Still going at it I see.
haha funny pego imaeg
Children, everyone.

>> No.4271845

vshojos are for fap, then close the tab, holos are for love

>> No.4271854

Based doesn't mean "contrary to the most widely-held belief", newfagchama. That is a cope invented by anons who are currently being BTFO.

>> No.4271861

This isn't /r/incel man or /r9k/ anon. Sure, alot of people hate women and there are a bunch of unironic virgin losers that despise women with every fiber of their being, but most of use here don't "hate" women because we're not getting laid, we hate them because of the shit that Veibae and people like Amy Schumer have said that has now become normalized for western women to say under the disguise of "feminism".

>> No.4271914

Go back to Sunday School.

>> No.4271942

I paused this video one second in and knew what she was going to say. Disgusting creature!! Kay's Cooking deserves better!

>> No.4272035

At least it's still not that normal in most western countries. Here a routine like that would get rightly panned as sick filth and told to GTFO.

>> No.4272067

>"You don't like hearing a woman talking about cooking her pussy juices and eating that shit like a filet mignon? What are you some kind of puritan catholic?"

Everytime you guys are the ones that get pointed out as coping, not us anons that don't want to hear that shit. It gets so tiring pointing this shit out all time so much...

>> No.4272147

Yes, we all know you are weak children that get triggered at pointy body parts and ICKY bodily fluids EWWWWWWW
Fuck off. Just fuck. off.

>> No.4272152

She attracts the "please step on me" people. So they love this shit. Her being a talentless thot that talks shit to them makes their peepee hard.

>> No.4272222

Nothing any of the Vshojo girls do would be normal in any countries. That's the whole point, that they're super lewd and vulgar and see any boundary of decency as a challenge to be smashed.

>> No.4272276

Kinda like 4chan?
Or are you one of those newfags I hear so much about?
You know this site was started mainly because of nazimods on SA banning loli and shota?

>> No.4272341

Dunno if I started too late but I have been watching Ironmouse for about two months and she has never said something of this level, at most a lot of expletives in various languages... Maybe it's because she is latina.

>> No.4272345

even /b/ doesn't talk about overly explicit shit all the time it gets really tiring. That's the problem Vshojo has it's exhausting to just hear coomers go on and on.

>> No.4272358

Stay on dicord or whatever shithole you called from filthy creature

>> No.4272380

Yeah, na, you clearly don't go to /b/.
I bet I could go there right now and find worse shit.

>> No.4272446

Sure thing Vwhore worshiper

>> No.4272459

not so sure about that. when i have been walking around places i have heard young women talk in similar ways

>> No.4272497

I don't even watch them. You have no argument.

>> No.4272515

Where the fuck do you think you are cocksucker? YOU fuck off. Stop pretending like this is your board or that you're from here, you faggot troll. You should go back to >>> /b/ or >>>/soc/, those boards are better suited for faggots like you

>> No.4272530

>her design is god tier?
it's not, Veibae avatar looks more like chinese downgrade avatar copy from an original japanese one

>> No.4272552

Mouse is the only one I kinda like out of all the V-whores. Even her horny ranting is pretty tame and I'd be okay with collabs if it was only her.
I've seen speculation about a mori and mouse collab and most anons seemed pretty ok about it.

>> No.4272569

What does that have to do anything? You can use 4chan and not like Vshojo. Anonymous image boards and vtubers are completely different.

>> No.4272588

She looks better than Aloe though. The colors are far more pleasant.

>> No.4272615

That's funny, that you are on the vtuber board and saying that.
I was against this board being made in the first place because faggots like you would come here.
/jp/ should have gotten those few people that offered to mod instead of that faggot having a little spergfit modwar in december.
You fuckers should be banned back to the shit boards you came from.

>> No.4272656

You just don't get it, do you Simon?

>> No.4272659

You clearly haven't been to /b/ in a long time then, if you ever have. There are no trolls or troll raids being planned over there, it's just a bunch of horny underaged b&'s asking for nudes of camwhores& Instagram whores

>> No.4272661


>> No.4272693

Do it. All I see is typical /b/ posts. Unless there's literal images of period blood diarrhoea shit on /b/ right now you can't find anything worse.

>> No.4272702

I wouldn't mind them being trashy if they had good material. They all seem to get their """"humor"""" from Amy Schumer or some shit like that. They try to compete with men with the jokes but they just come off as actual whores and just generally displeasing to listen to for anyone that isn't a braindead teenager still stuck on edgy pee pee poo poo vagina dick humor. You can do edgier jokes but they just default to cock talk because they know it's the easy way out. Fucking lazy sluts.

>> No.4272723

I'd rather be a newfag over someone who wasted 15 or more years on this corpse of a website.

>> No.4272756

That's because people like Mouse and Melody are the only exceptions because they have a personality first and act as a whore second.

>> No.4272770

And that is not explicit?

>> No.4272780

Honestly, this gave me the urge to fuck Vei.

>> No.4272789

Veibae looks exactly like ironmouse and the rest of vshojo, all of them has the same vibe as those western ugly whore dolls they sell to kids

>> No.4272792

You are scum who does belong falseflager

>> No.4272800

So exactly what I said, and what he (you?) said?
So where's the argument?
Not to mention gore and such.
No but there's probably animals being set on fire or people being run over.
If not that, then /gif/.
What, that okay with you Jesus freaks? Destruction of animals being A-okay but a little bit of vaginal fluid or erections and suddenly you are screaming world war 3?
Ask me how I know you are a burger?

>> No.4272834

By all means get out and go on with your life stop making this board even shittier than it already is. Also don't come back nobody wants you here

>> No.4272840

That's a new one.

>> No.4272877

If I was in charge you faggots would be banned before most of your posts would even get submitted.
You kids have ruined this site since you found it.

>> No.4272988

No, I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. Take your meds, you've become incoherent.

>> No.4273010

looks like you should consider doing the same

>> No.4273065


it's on /b/ I expect it there. It's considered the cesspit of the internet for a reason. I don't expect to see it from a vtuber unless you're fine with equating vshojo as a cesspit which I am.

>> No.4273103

Exactly. Fuck off. Learn to follow a discussion or don't respond, you fucking memekiddie.

>> No.4273131

Go back to Gaia, underage attentionwhore.

>> No.4273155

Silvervale's the only one who looks like that. I don't like Vshojo either but you're grasping at straws.

>> No.4273236

The reason this site is tame now is BECAUSE of people like you. That's my point.
Do your brain reps.
100% of this website was a cesspool. For 8 fucking years. Now we have kiddies like you that get sickly at the mere mention of period blood for crying out loud.

>> No.4273238


>> No.4273301

Vshojo's oversharing fujoshit meta just isn't very endearing.

>> No.4273304

Being a degenerate should not be normalized faggot. People come here to blow off steam and to engage in mischievous activities that you could not get away with normally otherwise. And that's fine. It's good places like 4chan exist. But not every place should be like 4chan. Can you imagine if people actually acted irl like they do on here? It'd be fucking chaos.

That's why standards exist. 4chan has no standards besides not doxing anyone or posting CP. And that's fine. But that shit that happens here should not be normalized, and that's what the whores at vshojo get called out for. For being fucking degenerates. It's fine if that's what you want to be, but don't act fucking surprised when you get called out for it, much less take offense to it and better yet get called out for being a ho but wants to get treated like they're a pure little girl and that their fucking behavior is acceptable. It's not.

That's why vshojo needs to stay on their side, and Hololive needs to stays on the other.

>> No.4273342

Don't you have some BBC thread on /pol/ to be making?

>> No.4273420

>Now we have kiddies like you that get sickly at the mere mention of period blood for crying out loud.
You're not from here. Stop acting like we EVER wanted to hear that from whores and pretended that was ever funny or wanted.

>> No.4273462

Anon, nothing you said has any relation to what anyone was talking about. You are absolutely fucking retarded. I won't be replying to you any longer. Be happy knowing you got the last word, it probably means a lot to you.

>> No.4273486

people got old and the cringy gore videos stopped being funny

>> No.4273514

I told moot several times to kill that shit board.
If he did you people would have never found this fucking place.
So it is okay for 4chan to be shit, but Voshojores aren't because... why is that again?
Do you even have an argument or are you just screeching? Look in the mirror, kiddo.
Okay election tourist. Go back to thedonald or wherever that cancerous community went to. 8kunt? No clue.

>> No.4273541

moralfag out

>> No.4273694

I'm glad we can agree Vshojo are shit

>> No.4273709

Still doesn't change the facts. This site is no different to Facebook now. It's literally nameless Facebook. (which is rather ironic since 4chans first 5 years were 80% name and tripcode users. But anonimis legun kiddies don't know that)

>> No.4273795

Oh, they are. But so is your argument. i say "argument" loosely.
Now post some funny buzzwords and give yourself a pat on the back, champ.

>> No.4273909

Oh oops, I said vagina, I said penis, I said cock. So vulgar teehee teehee.

Disgusting whore

>> No.4273921

>Being a degenerate should not be normalized faggot.
>That's why standards exist.
>4chan has no standards and that's fine.
Election tourists like you are having a constant cognitive dissonance with your "degeneracy" obsession. You know you're a degenerate, that's why you're here. Normal people don't lurk here. But you hate it when others act as degenerate as you are because you're the only one who deserves such privileges in your eyes. So you have this (surprisingly normal, historically speaking) moral crusade against degeneracy while being a degenerate who defends degeneracy in a place where others can't see him be a degenerate.
Shit like this is more hypocritical than anything Nyanners did.

>> No.4273979

so basically, /b/ is full of the average viewership of vshojo.

>> No.4274037

Miko just made groping gestures with her new 3D tracking system and said she could feel up the other talents.
Kanata got excited over the thought of being able to feel up Noels boobs.
At least half of fucking Hololive have felt up Noels boobs.
Are you going to post about that on your blog? No?

>> No.4274074

A reminder that a professional may use crass language or sexual content. It works because it creates a contrast with their usual material.
A whore only knows crass language and/or sexual content. Nothing else.

>> No.4274111

You know what they say about people screeching about [highly contentious subject], usually they partake in said subject.
Case in point, all the anti-pedo pedos that keep getting arrested.

>> No.4274116

>I told moot
Oh? Give me his phone number then.
Show me the threads.
Go on.
I’m waiting.

>> No.4274124

You're such a falseflagger that you don't even pretend to hide it. Go fuck yourself cocksucker. I never said vshojo couldn't exist. In fact I advocate that they exist! People should be allowed to be degenerates. As an anon said earlier, a ho should be a ho, but don't go expecting to be treated like a fucking garden rose when you have the personality of a fucking toilet bowl filled with shit which is exactly what Veibae wants to be treated like and never get criticized for. That's what a bunch of hoes want to do; act like fucking bitches but never get called out for it. Fuck. That.

This post went on way too long, but I'm done. This is my last (You) you're getting, cunt.

>> No.4274141

>still oldfagging
Just post tits, everyone knows you just want some validation.

>> No.4274151

Honestly despite nyanners shitting nyanners did herself and got in return her and notch unironically did the right thing disavowing any association with this site. Imagine getting fired or not getting a job because you said nigger or said fuck the jews just to be based and pander to flippant retards on this site

>> No.4274179

Bingo! Which is why they should also be mocked for it.

>> No.4274208

I just remembered something, didnt someone become a vtuber from here after stealing concept from here or hlgg and then fucked off? Koopa something or other

>> No.4274210

This is fucked. How can you do this to Kay's Cooking?!

How do people unironically listen to Vei's voice? She SOUNDS retarded and bitchy at the same time. At least she's not raising her pitch like a cartoon

>> No.4274252

Okay. Bye. Keep crying about your hypocrisy.
I called him a faggot on AIM.
If you don't know his AIM, fuck off.
/b/ was 80% of this site, once. Actually, it was literally 100% of it for months.
>ha ha tits or GTFO dasu dasu am i doin it rite
Go away, ED kiddie.

>> No.4274306

You mean like what Notch did after he got rich? kek

>> No.4274347

What the actual fuck is this thread, I feel like I walked in on a bunch of elementary schoolers fighting.

>> No.4274366

Yeah, he will always be based in my book for that

>> No.4274412

Touch grass, roastie

>> No.4274418

You're so mature and cool anon wow

>> No.4274425

Some underagechama with too much free time on his hands.

>> No.4274500

Are you one of those zoomers who says "fuck" every third word to show how grown up he is, newfagchama? This shit isn't edgy, funny or original, it's just disgusting.

>> No.4274518


>> No.4274564

People hate Vshojo, but they never actually watched it, so they resort to clips and random arguments tangentially related to Vshojo. This quickly turns into a shitshow.
Basically, they really want to hatefuck Veibae.

>> No.4274584

The amazing irony in your post.
Yes. And? Want me to jack off a third time?

>> No.4274631

What kind of a sperg mentality is this? Are you literally touched in the head anon, or just that stupid? I've been here longer than you have faggot, but it's funny you call me out as a tourist because that's exactly what you are. I've been here for over 13 years, and I think anyone with a functioning brain can tell you that the average for 4chan behavior of calling everyone a faggot is not something that should be normalized. It shouldn't be condemned either and let some cunt on twitter get you fired from your job because you said some xenophic, slur trap word or something bullshit like that, but it's not something you should tell your co-workers or your boss or the public at large because you got into a disagreement over somethingthat wasn'tthat serious.

There's a time and place for everything you little bitch. Not everyone needs to act like a whiny cunt out in public, but oh wait, we do have those people like that out in public! They're called zoomers! Which is exactly what you are!

>> No.4274702

I watched Vei stream on twitch once because of youtube clips with Japanese subtitles. She is just inherently repulsive exactly like this thread describe her to be. I stay away from her ever since. What now?

>> No.4274714

Why anyone would spend their free time watching a twitch thot with an anime avatar that behaves like your average 3d roastie is beyond me.

>> No.4274719

As if zoomers know that site exists. most of the few thousand left on the site are housewives and people with horrible spending habits

>> No.4274786

>n-no they're not really like that, you're just clipfags!!!
I've skipped through a few Vshojo VoDs and they really are like this. Why can't you even own up to what you enjoy on an anonymous image board, faggot? Is meanie anon's criticism so hurtful? Just walk away from the screen.

>> No.4274866

Asking the wrong people, anon. If you state the answer, which is simply because of the matter of a fact that Hololive holds their talents accountable to not make a fool of themselves on stream, the resident eternally teenage punks regardless of age will all scream "MUH CORPORATE" or "FUCK OFF BOOTLICKER" or "CREATIVE FREEDOM BEING RAPED." On a side note, how do people go 15+ years without outgrowing their edgy phase on /b/?

>> No.4274909

Towa did that

>> No.4274912

Still surprised people don't like her voice, its probably her best asset

>> No.4274919

And just to clarify. You need to go back to whatever shithole you crawled out of, cunt.

>> No.4274929

>average for 4chan behavior of calling everyone a faggot is not something that should be normalized. It shouldn't be condemned either and let some cunt on twitter get you fired from your job because you said some xenophic, slur trap word or something bullshit like that
And once again, it's like you're having a fucking stroke with your retarded arguments. So I will do my best to normalize calling people like you faggots by calling you a faggot, faggot. Cry me a fucking river about your public at large, I'll call them faggots too if they act like faggots.
You're a fucking faggot.

>> No.4274932

kiara needs to graduate for ever bringing any of these hoes near hololive

>> No.4274974


>> No.4274977

Oh, it's worse, you are one of those kiddies.
Come here for Chanology did ya? EPIC LULZ SCIFAGS.
You are directly why 4chan died. Fuck out of here.
I'd almost forgive you for being a Trumptard.

>> No.4275029

>Cry me a fucking river about your public at large, I'll call them faggots too if they act like faggots.
You're a fucking faggot.
And this is the part where I say 3edgy5me and I tell you to go back to >>>/b/ you little zoomer

>> No.4275101

>I'd almost forgive you for being a Trumptard
And this is how we know you don't belong here.

>> No.4275162

a lot of this seems off-topic

>> No.4275176

Oh wait, did I forget to read the memo? Apparently /pol/ is always right, right? Still counting?

>> No.4275186


>> No.4275197

ogey election tourist

>> No.4275215

Well, it's two pretend-spergs ranting at each other, of course it got derailed, that was the point.

>> No.4275220

>paying for sex
Do you not lift or even try to look good

Not paying for sex with hot women is not hard, women are not smart, and easily to get into your or her bed

>> No.4275249

I think your quotes got derailed.

>> No.4275250

Holy shit, I need some sleep.
Meant for >>4275162

>> No.4275252

Vshoujo is off topic so nothing is lost, there's a group making sure there's always a few of these in the catalog so if saging won't work just make them as cancerous as possible until the jannies delete them on sight

>> No.4275288

> I've been here for over 13 years
and you type like a faglord who came here only 3 months ago, you tryhard newfag who are more cancer than any /b/tard could ever be

>> No.4275293

No they aren't. You are not the mods.
Go cry about it some more on /qa/.

>> No.4275325

If your definition of hot is a 200lbs overweight single mother, sure it isn't hard. Unfortunately, mine isn't.

>> No.4275338

t. virgin pretending to know shit

>> No.4275372

If this one guy had his posts deleted this thread would go down around 100 posts, holy shit the amount of raw arguing. (I know a guy who intentionally gets into e-battles and arguments for fun it better fucking not be him)

>> No.4275379

Except these are anti threads. There's a Vshojo general, that's where the actual discussion happens.
>just make them as cancerous as possible
I like how not responding, hiding and ignoring doesn't even cross your mins.

>> No.4275406

I never once brought up politics, but I get called out as /pol/tard and better yet as drumptard? OK zoomers. Good to know you people have as good of a comprehension skill as your insults.

>> No.4275424


>> No.4275428

You will never fuck a virgin. If you never fucked a virgin in highschool, you already missed out.
That's half the fanbase of this board, if not more. It's all /v/lards have ever known.

>> No.4275486

Imagine watching twitch thots that are too ugly to show tits

>> No.4275493

Enlighten us anon

>> No.4275496

You sure use a lot of their lingo. That's why, tourist-kun. That's why.

>> No.4275509

Retardchama, I just called you out for being a retard.
Or do you really think everyone cares about your feefees?

>> No.4275513

no he was genuinely a fucking oldfag with a metric fuck ton of disorders and starts shit for fun. he intentionally takes a side even if he doesn’t stand for it and just pushes until he can “break” his opponent into arguing back like this.

>> No.4275519

How to say you're a faggot without saying you're a faggot

>> No.4275533

>incels itt are grossed out by normal women's biological functions
now i see why you are drawn to fake idols


>> No.4275556

Then where did you learn to type like a retard. Where do you come from anon?

>> No.4275587

I know because I egg him on. It's funny. Especially improperly using old memes.

>> No.4275590

hiding doesn't keep them out of the catalog, and people intentionally bumping means good threads keep getting buried. They've been at this for months after being told to fuck off the website so ignoring doesn't work

>> No.4275651

this thread

>> No.4275746

I wish vei would stop posting threads about herself for an hour. She's pretty much admitted to drumming up manufactured interest and reposting her own commissions everywhere. Go outside, slut.

>> No.4275758

I will never understand how this board loves korone but hates kiara.

>> No.4275766

but this board has 0 good threads

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