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The audience reflects their oshi.

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some randoms on twitter got upset over it but it didn't really matter

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she doesnt have enough english audience to piss off the twitter mobs

>> No.4194300

Shitty google translate means half of them still think she meant "I'm 9", which is an odd thing to tweet but not enough to make people mad on its own.
And the majority of the ones that actually know what she actually meant/know about the LO tweets are also cunnyfags, or at least don't mind watching one.
Helps that she was relatively coy about it in her public streams. It's obvious what she meant, but she's got deniability.

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It seems a lot of people just don't know.
It's baffling how many times I've witness a "hololive fan" on twitter find out their oshi is a lolicon, like the fact that I've loss count, is fucking stupid.
Maybe it's because they only watch clips, I dunno.

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Their jaws would drop if they knew the sort of shit jp holomems like and follow with thier official accounts.

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She's cute enough.

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please redpill me on this. im trying to find out the truth on the scope of loli/shotacons in this industry.

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At one point she was getting so much shit through her Marshmallow account that she closed it. She's opened it back up now. Moral outrage is a fleeting thing.

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Everyone in HoloJP is one or both. Everyone except maybe Mori in EN is a lolicon, and I'm not sure who's a shotacon but I'm pretty sure there's at least one or 2. I know people joke about Mori being one for her talking about short men, but I'm inclined to believe her on that honestly.
>Only willing to shit talk her anonymously
Disgusting. I'd never do that to a chuuba, and I'm sure no one else here would either. Not that I'm enough of a shit head to take it to them directly, but still.

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Let's just say ryona is a well represented fetish.

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She was a pioneer of UOH.

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You know vtubers are going to get big enough at some point that they'll get the Smash Bros treatment over this.

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Did you not see her flooding her basement over Klee?

>> No.4197759

>spoiler 1
that's fucking stupid reasoning.

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Contrary to what idiots think some retards on twitter can't really cancel anyone.

>> No.4197969

Especially Japanese people.

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*I* know that was her barely containing her cunny lust, but
1. Still enough deniability for some people to assume she just thinks Klee is cute.
2. I don't think any clips of that really took off anyway.

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Yes, there has to be someone in power who wants the person being "cancelled" to be fired or humiliated. They are just using twitter nonsense as ammunition. Sometimes the cancelling tweets are a paid astroturfing campaign.

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People dont fucking care, your mind has been brainwashed by /v/ if you think otherwise

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This image isn't even complete, Noel isn't there and she's talked about lolis too.

To be honest, I always thought this was gonna be the big yab. That Hololive and the vtuber community was going to be called Pedofiles, and the JP fanbase was gonna hate the English one... but still hasn't happen yet.

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Most weebs don't give a shit, and most people who aren't weebs already think anime is for pedos anyway.

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How can it be that all these girls are so based? Were they selected for this purpose?

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Why are there so many Pikamee antis trying to hurr her name by saying she is a little girl enthusiast?

>> No.4200541

Yeah well I think your half right most of hololive fans don't care.
But stuff like this >>4196052
Two of them are vtubers themselves, Cleary some people in community care.
Maybe calling it the "big yab" was wrong, I don't think audience/viewership would be affected much, just their reputation will be hit bad.

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I don't think there are that many.

>> No.4200801

She has said multiple times that she buys Comic LO.

>> No.4200808

-i think luna is just referring to her character
-kanata 's is 100% rooted in fantasy thankfully
-i need more for haachama and watame, from what little i can tell they might just be memeing. watame in particular i just cant see it in a legitimate sense.
-i want to punch the orange hair and beret girl very violently

thank you for sharing this.

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i think its less "they dont give a shit" and more most dont go out of their way to seek out the information, and therefore wont know. also almost all of these don't fit the "beyond a reasonable doubt" mold, so denial is still very possible.

>> No.4200995

Honestly, maybe I'm looking at a specific sort of crowd that gets riled over it, but I'm sort of following the idea that these types of people will go after smaller VTubers but not having the balls to throw a shitfit at bigger personalities or making excuses that exclude them.

Of course anyone that actually tries tend to get torn to shreds or just bitch about in their little corner. It's almost pathetic though how those types of people drop or hate certain VTubers the moment they do something that 'offends' them when it isn't even harming anyone.

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Flare is a lolicon? I thought she was seiso.

>> No.4201416

She is, yes. The fact that she ended up with a girl with massive titties is hilarious for that reason.

>> No.4201425 [DELETED] 

Fun lick tuck
078522 x 06724
Call me katie

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>he doesn't know

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every nerd in the continent of japan is a lolicon and if female probably shotacon and fujoshi too

>> No.4201654

Flare is a fujoshi, she just isn't vocal about it like the other fujoshis in hololive.
For example, Marine talked about how she tried to make Pekora read yaoi during a sleepover with her, Pekora, Noel and Flare. And she talked about how Flare was also trying to encourage Pekora to read it but wasn't being as pushy as Marine.

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>It's almost pathetic though how those types of people drop or hate certain VTubers the moment they do something that 'offends' them
Maybe i don't want to spend my media consoom time on someone who participates in such degeneracy.
>when it isn't even harming anyone.
normalizing fucking underage children in front of an impressionable underage audience is pretty fucking harmful you retard.

>> No.4202046

>if female
Half the males are shotacons too.
>in front of an impressionable underage audience
Children shouldn't be on the internet unsupervised.

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File: 375 KB, 852x480, vlcsnap-2020-12-17-01h21m39s568.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only a pedophile will think this is somehow sexual, she just thinks little girls are cute

>> No.4202160

Most of this faggots from corpo and media in the West use twitter all the time and it's sirious business for them but it doesn't work like that in every country. In Japan it seems to be more of a geeky nerdy thing.if you believe Shion at least.

>> No.4202341

This was brought up when she tweeted about buying comic LO...

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>he really doesn't fucking know

>> No.4202378

they're going to add sonic and cloud?

>> No.4202406

She based.

>> No.4202452

lolicon: matsuri. flare. iofi.
shotacon: suisei ("shounencon")? fubuki. marine. astel. roberu (likes /ss/)?
probably more, but these are the ones i'm 100% certain of.

>> No.4202512

Sounds like a 'You' problem for spending too much time laserfocusing on the tiny aspect that so far is a nothingburger.

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>hurr anime girls harmful
Sourrce: my ass

>Maybe i don't want to spend my media consoom time on someone who participates in such degeneracy.
Yeah maybe you should quit with vtubers and fuck off back to your SJW discord then
People like you are why westerners are hated

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Shion follows several hard-core loli artists. Aqua does too.

>> No.4202669

anyone know which vid it was where she talks about this incident and thanks the guy who told her about lo?

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Are you from the western vtubers general or the vshojo general? Fuck off retard

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and then you have your full blown degenerates like Watame who likes it all.

>> No.4202726

Was that actually real? I now her being a lolicon was, and I've seen a more sfw loli desktop reveal by her at some point, but I never found footage of that one.

>> No.4202766

I can tell you're from reddit

>> No.4202779

>western vtubers general
They're a lot of things, but not that.

>> No.4202835

Yeah they post Kana and Pikamee in there. So the guy's likely a vshojofag then.

>> No.4202850

>In Japan it seems to be more of a geeky nerdy thing.if you believe Shion at least.
what? everyone and their grandmother uses twitter in japan and they tweet 10x more than anyone in the west

>> No.4202897

Making it easier for normalfags to participate in the Internet was the biggest cultural misstep the Internet has ever had to suffer.

>> No.4202940

>redditfags use slippery slope arguments when it suits them

>> No.4202965

I'm pretty sure Watame has never expressed any interest in shotas but definitely belongs in the lolicon category. Noel however... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIe75xf3YxI

>> No.4202995

Blame Facebook

>> No.4203006

go back

>> No.4203041

The way her windows has cropped this makes it look more lewd than it really is.

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kill yourself unironically for being purposefully dense

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Got to floor 60 on my Gustav Bow, a fucking shame I don't have a dedicated archer yet, but my Laharl is making good work of it for now I guess.

Been farming the IW non-stop for like a week and still no sword or spear, holy shit. All I ever get is fists, guns, wands and monster weapons... not like this doods...

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>alcohol, driving and anything +18 should be banned from existence because minors exist
That's how you sound like, touristchama

>> No.4203526

Kill yourself vshojonigger

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>> No.4204146

Bros she's Japanese. I don't judge muslims when they throw faggots off of buildings or Brazilians when they kill trannies. Why would I be upset about a Japanese girl flicking her bean to drawn images?

>> No.4204531

> I thought she was seiso.
Never was.

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Shigure Ui is
a) not a holo
b) not a lolicon
why is she in that picture
here is a video in which she establishes herself as a woman of class and culture, maybe you boorish lolicons should try to learn something from it

>> No.4205266

because she is female and not a burger

>> No.4205301


>> No.4205352

a)It's about Vtubers in general, there are Nijis there
b)She likes loli, like in protect them. She kinda doesn't like lolicons, but...

>> No.4205381

The people that complain about that kind of shit get dog piled by fans and filtered out over it and never return.

>> No.4205642

This is true for big Vtubers, but the indie ENVtuber is full of normalfags that can't shut up about loli sexualization for a week. See>>4196052

>> No.4205669

*indie ENVtuber "community"

>> No.4205795

Amazing how often these words come out of a certain type of persons mouth.

>> No.4205804

It won't surprise me if an indie chuuba tries to groom a fan at some point. Vtubing still new to the masses so it will happen at some point.

>> No.4205937

Vtubers are fucking based, I tell you

>> No.4207136

>marine's dindu comment on the right


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>>4202940 >he doesn't know how cultivation theory works
>"Pedophilia is degeneracy."
>every response is angry spastic flailing
every time.

>> No.4207350

Because target market doesn't give a fuck?

>> No.4207395

Holy shit that voice I actually started drooling

>> No.4207399

>I'm pretty sure Watame has never expressed any interest in shotas but definitely belongs in the lolicon category.

>> No.4207430

she's just too good
I feel like literally no one can hate on pika earnestly

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she expressed interest in loli during her gacha streams and collab, i don't know anything about her being interest in shota

>> No.4207573

Indie EN "Vtuber" "community". Everyone who actively makes content is either very pro loli or at least accepting of it. Even ones who were anti loli before have publicly walked back such statements like that moth whore because the audience pool for VTubers is mostly lolicon wahhabists.

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The follow up for that W's account is hilarious

>> No.4207759

He changed his pfp from/to
>Noel(also a brocon)
>A fucking TV
Hasn't posted anything since 5/12, retard was a clout chaser who doesn't watch Vtubers

>> No.4207941

That's fucking embarrassing top kek
I love how Hololive talents automatically filters all the retards like them simply by existing
Takes away 95% of all problems

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>tfw was born at just the wrong
>tfw wasn't born a japanese shota

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Because she is a woman, and women pedos are less bad.

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Would that be a step up or down from fans trying to groom chuubas?

>> No.4208344

>Vtubers posting their W's account
I fucking hate the internet

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>> No.4208458

Because the ones that hates lolis are in the 1% and can easily be told to fuck off. vtubers isn't in a small bubble where people can dictate careers.

>> No.4208507

Does the UOOOHH meme come from her?

>> No.4208535
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It comes from this

>> No.4208563

I found myself 2 close irl weeb friends because of loli

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File: 392 KB, 1651x2987, dorontabikids-1397184180887433221-20210525_093401-img3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This wasn't about loli either, that guy was posting pictures of junior idols around the same time and clearly tracing them in his art. It's good he's back to drawing lolis again it was a shame he quit for a while there.

>> No.4208829

that's what the sjws were trying to accuse them of, despite having no proofs
i remember some gimmick account accusing them of cp or something
they did that with a lot of other artists as well, especially the one who made klee animations

>> No.4209039

I don't think he ever left. the guy had a backup account that was inactive until the one he posted on the most got nuked. some artist does that for precaution because they know how Twitter can be.

>> No.4209191

Meh. Looking at his history he only drew like a handful of lolis, the rest are all non loli

>> No.4209324

Were you not following him at the time? The Junior Idol stuff was pretty obvious and frequent. No idea bout actual cp but it seems unlikely as opposed to kurata ichiro who got arrested for being the admin of a tor site in 2019 and was undoubtedly tracing cp.

>> No.4209400

Is this the legendary Mugnemite incident I missed because fucking youtube didn't send me a notification? Damn Pika I love you even more now.

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File: 373 KB, 2150x3035, dorontabikids-1397388910200639489-20210525_230733-img4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recently he's done that, but previously he didn't. It wasn't that he left, he just stopped drawing lolis and only did hags for the last ten months or so.

Look again.

>> No.4209485

yeah i was there and there were a lot of false accusations, including his involvement with 3dpd
and of course a 3dpd fag, but that's old as shit

>> No.4209770

>kurata ichiro
Looking that up was a mistake. Is that how 3D = 2D people think? They're all just look like a sketch of someone and has no appeal at all. Doesn't look moe or anime in any sense.

>> No.4211668 [DELETED] 
File: 1.45 MB, 1389x2048, 1621040281624.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just in case for any 2d is pedophelia niggers in the thread.
Sources on why and how it's not. Since they won't bring in any sources on why and how it is.

>> No.4211794
File: 72 KB, 923x959, 923px-Portrait_of_Max_Stirner.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is pragmatist spookery. Lolicon is good because I like it and want to view it. This is the only compelling form of reasoning as laws, morality, and reaction are not real.

>> No.4211886

You spent how much time gathering all these sources? Seems like something a PEDO would do.

>> No.4211953
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>Seems like something a PEDO would do.
What can I say?

>> No.4211955

I mean, as long as you aren't harming actual children

>> No.4212088

stirnerposting is a spook

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>> No.4212342

Yes, and? All intellectuals have always been so.

>> No.4212484

What is your point, this doesn't contradict that egoism would support lolicon, or is there something among these other ideologues I'm supposed to find objectionable?

>> No.4212574
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It is simply in their nature. There is nothing that can be done about the french.

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It always leads back to here.

>> No.4212936

Did Anontan make an uncensored version of that pic? Either way I bet Beatani shlicks to it

>> No.4213014
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I'm saying that Stirner supported faggotry, and anyone shitposting with his name is a faggot as well. Also nihilism is moronic.

>> No.4213151

normalize my cock in your mouth faggot

>> No.4213227
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>> No.4213339

Good, faggotry and lolicon and shotacon are good because I like them. You are correct that nihilism is moronic, but nihilism is not egoism. It is not that nothing matters, it is that only the things I like and want matter and you should go fuck yourself.

>> No.4213395

these girls are based

>> No.4213436

based pikamee, I knew I was right to subscribe to her

>> No.4213621

Here's the thing. Everyone loves little girls. You can fucking quote me on this. Sure, there are different kinds of "love", and different definitions of "little girl". Loli, most of the time, doesn't refer to actual children as we all know. But i do remain steadfast in my claim. If there's one thing that unites humanity, beyond religion, creed, race or country, is the ability to look at a little girl and be like "damn, that's nice".

>> No.4213855

>i only WANT To fuck an underage entity but i dont actually do it

>> No.4213887

Yes, it is in the archive of the same thread as the original.

>> No.4213970

>English Audience
*Some Americunt baboons

Unless you are an Amerimutt monkey or a braindead Anglo puppet, nobody gives a fuck. Nearly all those stupid puritan agendas come from Amerimutt manchidren.

>> No.4213981

Good job anon, you can articulate the concept of desires and decision making that separates animals with smooth brains from those with wrinkles.

>> No.4214300

It comes from the entire anglo world, not only the US, and it's not actually puritan per se, but more because of those countries turning into matriarchies/female centered societies, with femoids trying to shame men for liking younger women, so older women don't lose their sexual market value.
That's why you hear from those countries the women pushing the narrative that a 30+ years old man dating a 18 year old girl is grooming

>> No.4214412

itt: pedo cope

>> No.4214508

Fuck off. This is a cunnychad thread.

>> No.4214574


>> No.4214618

Manga/anime is literally for the younger audience. Some adults still enjoy shonen and shonen and such but they arent the main audience. Nearly all (pre-zoomer) Amerimutts or Anglos totally lack this perception for lots of reasons.

For example, American comics/cartoons they make nowadays are NOT for teeanagers/pre-teens. They are for manchildren, while manga/anime always take aim at teenagers/pre-teens and gets the whole generation as its readership. The pedo argument and the puritanical preaching come from such an adult/manchild idea. It has to be puritanical because adults screech over it and preach their teeangers/pre-teens.about it. Its not a teeangers/pre-teens idea.

The Amerimutt manchildren believe manga/anime is for adults. They cant think of teeangers/pre-teens and what interests them. Theres no rule that teenagers/preteens cant enjoy sexual stuff and you cant make sexual stuff for them unless you live in China. Also this means manga/anime will keep getting teeanage/pre-teen audiences, probably forever.

>> No.4214738

or maybe most people just find you fags disgusting for jerking off to children

>> No.4214803

hey i'm not a pedo, I'm just showing why in the anglo wolrd there's a strong reaction against anime girls thinking that little girls are cute, or a man being attracted to a 15 years old woman

>> No.4214880

Manga dominates your Amerimutt comics because modern Amerimutt artists/writers only think of their own manchildness and totally ignore teenagers/preteens. Preachers are always adults, not teenagers, and ofc none of them try to entertain teenagers.


This is also why YA books still keep selling somewhat well, while comics and cartoons are already dead. They take aim at teenagers, not at you manchildren.

>> No.4218469


>> No.4222518
File: 192 KB, 976x1114, chokeamee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.4222989

Can someone edit Pika┬┤s twitter over mammoths?

>> No.4223534
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>> No.4226568

Based bump

>> No.4226694

What is wrong with this woman?
Ngl very based to be posting that shit

>> No.4226887

I beat little girls

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What are the best Pikamee English streams?

>> No.4228057

Roberu isn't a shotacon but he wants to be a shota.

>> No.4228496

He tried to clarify for the Kaigai Nikkis, he doesn't self-insert as the Shota. He wants to "watch" /ss/ as a third-party.
Kinda a weird position but it is what it is.

>> No.4229188

>Kinda a weird position but it is what it is.
It really doesn't sound like something that unusual. Isn't it just kinda along the lines of being a voyeur?

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>> No.4230129

There's no such thing under the Hololive brand. Not even Sora.
It's a myth.

>> No.4230217

>beret girl
Go back

>> No.4233284

I can't believe that Pikamee actually tweeted this.

>> No.4233705

Her Henry Stickmin and There is no Game streams are really good

>> No.4233767

They don't watch TVubers at all

>> No.4238906

post yourself in a school outfit and rain boots

>> No.4243393

The more of them get filtered, the better.

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