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Post em

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jap bros will make threads trying to understand this picture

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>Coco collab with Melody
>In chaturbate
Schizos would lose their shit about Coco being a "whore"
Without even knowing how her roommate is

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at least make it a rabbit...

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?? pekora is already a rabbit

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Microsoft buyout of Cover

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HoloEn 2 pulls a NijiEN and releases a gen full of safe puritan designs and and all the girls have safe plesant personalities. Infighting between shills and fans will destroy the fanbase. Especially if the same mistake is repeated with Gen3.

If theres no other company provides a proper alternative like VShojo, Niji, prism, kawaii Tsunderia it would kill the English vtubing scene.

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>Haachama does a cooking. Somehow, someway, mixes together a dish with a shit ton of mustard. Downs it with milk.
>Combo causes you to puke
>Haachama pukes
>chat laughs at first, it's funny to see someone hurl live on stream
>Haachama laughs too
>slips on pukes
>hits head, dies live on stream
>Various streamers come together. Hololive girls in various degrees of mourning
>Some autists don't understand that people mourn differently
>Massive infighting, actual threats sent to their roommates if they mourn enough or "right"
>A super autist decides to make one of the roommates pay for not mourning they way he wants them to
>Another death
>Shit truly hits the wall
>Months go by
>Most of the girls left. Basically a shell of a former company
>Kiara still left and has absorbed the remaining autists
>Kiara planned it all, and she made out like a bandit

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I can't believe Kiara is going to kill Haachama
what a whore

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>Youtube kneels even more to their paypig companies
>all the underage-looking anime is banned from the platform
>cover has to choose between redesign everyone to mature characters or go to Twitch
>no cunny = no money
>Hololive is now twitch-only
>the bikini 3D models are taken out of the shadow realm so they can make use of the hot tube category
>hololive takes over the entire section
>Matsuri gets +700k viewers by spanking her tanned ass for every new subscription
>this is now the most watched stream of all time, getting the media attention
>cunny is recognized as the most lucrative thing ever
>Cunnycoin is created
>Elon musk sells Tesla and SpaceX so he can invest everything on Cunnycoin
>the human progress stops

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It's the only way she can get to 1 million.

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How is that a Yab, this is fucking based

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Where did this obsession with "the final yab" even come from? This was never a thing on /jp/

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Wasn't creating their own streaming platform listed as one of Cover's future goals?

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That would be based though..

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based on what?

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I wish I wasn't illiterate and could read them.

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More like Final Coom.
I'd literally die due to jacking off too much.

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Swimsuits would be a way to draw some eyes to a new site, but the casual viewers wouldn't follow.

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It'd be nice to have a non-Jew-owned back-up though.

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This board revolves more around discussion of the meta of VTubers than their content.

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I dislike the existence of this entire board it was best contained on /jp/

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>but the casual viewers wouldn't follow
I fail to see the downside to this

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Pekora will turn into an actual rat which gets the company building shut down by health services. Cover never financially recovers

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laughed out loud at the thought

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so what is this mean?
Why peko is a rat

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Coco will make a 4chan meme review stream, and you tards will fill the thread with schizoposting, promptly getting her channel deleted, and causing an outrage that sparks the end of vtubers as we know them today.

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..and watch zhangs ddos it to the ground

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>Journoshit from a big website writes article
>"Virtual YouTuber agencies turn a blind eye on misogyny, sexism and pedophilia as their talents struggle"
>Screenshots of smoltuber designs
>quotes from people like Matsuri/FBK/Suisei etc. talking about being shotacons/lolicons
>Excerpts from lewd ASMRs
>"This content is absolutely normal for VTubing"
>Statistics about demographics, young impressionable boys, underage watchers etc.
>"But as bad as the content is, the people playing these roles suffer immensly as they are tied down to long term contracts that even forbid romance while they are constantly exposed online by vitrolic fans as their management agencies turn a blind eye for fear of offending their most ardent fans"
>Anonymous quote from talent from a VTubing agency: "I've been doxxed dozens of times, people even took selfies peeing on the grave of my family members, there was even some NAVY Seal threatening to kill me with his sniper squad."
>Cover provides fully incompetent statement: "Prease unda stando" and "just enjoy"
>Indepdent VTubing expert Nyanners: "Sexualisation of children has been a long running issue with Virtual YouTubers and by extension the anime community. Some VTubers are clearly adult and performing for an adult audience, but many have been groomed into using child-like avatars and promote pedophila and other harmful things through their content. The root cause of that are Japanese companies which seem to be able to operate on YouTube without the oversight an American company would be under."
>Non-statement from YouTube: "We carefully screen for guidelines violations and remove offending videos quickly through our robust processes."
>Behind the scenes YouTube is in full damage control mode as advertisers start getting antsy after reading the article
>Major changes to monetisation are being made. "Does your video contain children or characters that look like children or that could appeal to children?" - all VTubers are required to select it because of their anime designs
>Is your video made for an audience age 18 or older? Most VTubers are forced to select this because of their designs, only the most sfw designs get a pass and even then, one yab on stream and you get this option selected for you
>Advertisers can opt out of advertising videos that contain such content and most do
>Clipping these videos is being forbidden because children can't consent
>YouTube algorithm is rejigged so that videos that have these two checkboxes checked no longer get recommended
>Cover, Niji and a couple more notice that massive shortfall in revenue while sponsorships in Japan can't make up for it
>A couple months of quiet, some talents retire, others work on their designs to become more family friendly
>VTubing boom abates and sites that are used as refugee centers like mildom, twitcasting etc. can't work quickly enough to adapt to EOP audiences
>VTubing is ultimately consigned to NND and other nip sites
>Your Oshi is very saddened by all this and commits suicide

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/vt/ is /tv/ backwards

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someone made it up in a vtuber iceberg thread and it got traction because it perfectly describes what all these dramafags and doomposters have been doing ever since they announced HoloEN.

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>puts hololive on mixer
>region restrict streams
>stream only works on microsoft internet explorer 8

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This is the most likely final yab, the most tragic too

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Suisei is not a fucking shoutacon!
How hard is it to understand?!
Would you call Jotaro Joestar a shouta?
Would you call Korosaki Ichigo a shouta?
Would you call Shinji Ikari a shouta?!
Would you call Leo Fotia a shouta?

Being sexually attracted to a boy because they aren't an adult is vastly different from being sexually attracted to a boy because they are a kid.
It's like calling someone a lolicon because they like Asuka or Violet.


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Suisei go back to playing Tetris

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>Coco collab with Melody
>In chaturbate
god imagine

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you better watch out walking back home tonight

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The Taiwan yab was as final as it gets so far. Things were never the same after that shit went down.

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I mean, she literally asked us to go watch her on chatrubate a year back.

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Sounds about right

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For chinks maybe.
Literally didn't affect anyone else, except coco who maybe had a rough couple of weeks.

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Dissolved an entire branch, annihilated perms for any Chinese games (like Genshin), and holos now need to walk on eggshells regarding anything tangentially related to China.
I'm pretty sure it was the biggest scandal in the history of vtubing.

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>Dissolved an entire branch,
Good. Got rid of snakes.
There are a few who feel bad for chowa but almost no one watched her anyway
>annihilated perms for any Chinese games (like Genshin),
Absolutely based.
>and holos now need to walk on eggshells regarding anything tangentially related to China.
As if this wasn't a problem for the past 20 years already. Chinks have been flinging shit at anything that moves and doesn't belong to them.
Just like how malaria and terrorists exist but no one really cares about it.

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Anon you made my stomach turn upside down

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This sounds like cope. No, Yogiri's graduation was not good. No, losing a bunch of perms for games holos actually wanted to play is not based. And being painfully aware about this huge group of antis is not fun either.
The whole scandal was not a good thing for anyone, and if nobody cared, Coco would be collabing with Gura right now and we won't be talking about Chinese anits. The point is, it fucking sucks, and it's hilarious how one word did more damage to Cover than any other shit they pulled, and they pulled a lot of shit.

>> No.4218987

>Indepdent VTubing expert Nyanners
Don't forget the other vtubing expert and the one responsible for the current vtuber boom, Pokimane

>> No.4219339

I am sure if there is a way to promote herself, Poki would be all over it.

>> No.4221728

this is not real, this will not be real. Please don't let this happen, stop. My hatred towards journalism will only grow stronger

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>It comes to light that Coco was fingering Ollie

>> No.4222653

Yes. Cover needs to create their streaming platform ASAP.
Even Alex Jones survives on his own website.
Fuck our current culture and fuck journalism in particular

>> No.4222713

I want that to happen so I can die happy

>> No.4222930

1 of HoloEN Gen 2 girls will hate Kiara or Ame they’ll argue on stream It’ll be a En 1 vs 2. They’ll destroy each other someone will dox all the ID, JP, and EN girls on stream the end.

>> No.4223042

I need Hololive to make their own Website so Choco and Mel can be whores in peace. I need my Choco deep throat dildo Asmr.

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The final yab unironically was narrowly avoided and would have been Cover outright firing Coco and Haachama due to the Taiwan incident, while keeping HoloCN and further sympathizing with antis on BiliBili. A huge portion of the western audience would have left, and the Japanese audience would have been left furious. The fallout would have caused several holos, including Fubuki, to quit, leading to a gradual disintegration of the company.

I don't see how anything, other than highly controversial and political shit like that, would cause such an explosion. Then again, America DID nuke Japan before, so...

>> No.4223531

Imagine cover had done this and then a couple of months the new VTubing guidelines come into play on bilibili etc. where half the Holos would be banned outright anyway.

>> No.4223605

Didn't mixer die or got absorbed by Facebook?

>> No.4223910

The Coco EN ban is the stupidest fucking shit and I will never forgive enma or whoever thought that was a good idea for that.

>> No.4225456

inb4 "enma did it to save the girls"

>> No.4225548

a rrabbit

>> No.4225933

It's all in character...

>> No.4226186

the everyday life you take for granted will one day crumble... love your oshi while you can

>> No.4226225

this is true, just as annoying as R*dditors unironically referring to shoujo characters as lolis left and right

>> No.4228606

they unironically tried banning pornography of legal age smol flat-chested women down under because they look too much like children, so this could totally happen

>> No.4228831

This is all Youtube related. What happens if everyone switches to Twitch?

>> No.4228866

>interest dries up
>the market is oversaturated while there's no new things brought in
>revenue falls, companies shut down

>> No.4231347

>there's no new things brought in
Creative deficiency will definitely kill vtubing

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>Final Yab Theories
Coco collabs with Veibei and admits on stream that holo contract is extremely exploitative

>> No.4233125

You people are always so fucking terrified of the sjws coming to cancel you but vtubing will never be big enough in the west for anyone to give a shit. Or you ignore the fact that your average gaming streamer seems to be constantly getting outed for DMing a sixteen year old his dick and nobody is shutting that shit down.

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The classic

>> No.4233377

We allready know shes whory nothing to be ashamed to be honest.

>> No.4233678

Yeah some variation of this basically. People don't realize that the only thing protecting vtubing from being forced to go full PG13 in fear of being deplatformed is the Japanese language filter. Injecting English into it and exposing it to Anglos was the final yab, it's simply occurring as an ongoing process rather than a switch being flipped.

>> No.4233717

Stop living in 2018 and look at the SC rankings.

>> No.4233813

dubs and this will never happen

>> No.4233908

And I think France pulled that off, even.

>> No.4233939

I like your optimism anonchama

>> No.4234282

Reminds me of that dude who was facing CP charges because cops found a video featuring Lupe Fuentes, who then appeared as a witness to testify that she is in fact not underage and wasn't either during the shoot of that video. Fucking clown world.

>> No.4234586

I appreciate him posting the hottest black anime girl.

>> No.4234598

It took Pewdiepie having 70mil sub and making dozens of millions a year in ad revenue and a contract with Disney for a show starring him for sjws to care enough to take him down. That was also back when youtube was a lot smaller. There's not even a single holo talent with as many subs as Ai right now. They're firmly in the "too small to care" territory right now, and with how slowly they're growing since the height of the lockdowns, I suppose they'll stay there for the foreseeable future. Once they enter mainstream media in the Anglo sphere, that's when you have to start worrying.

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>gura & nyanners collab
>/vt/ seethe because whore traitor lolihater is in collab with precious based uooh shark
>reddit seethe because based pink cat is in collab with disgusting pedo-pandering slave bitch.
>chat is in flames, a war between uooh-anons and normie-groomers has begun
>both girls chat was spammed to death by their respective antis
>cat simps dox gura, real photos revealed
>shark graduates
>hate and death threats grow exponentialy to pink cat
>cat close all her social media. She made it in the news, talking about harrasment and pedophilia.
>people support her, she got her VA job in crunchyroll
>finally when all is calm down she was stabbed to death in the street by some squizo chumcum
>Holo in full damage control nuke all HoloEN
Minus the stabbing this can be real, best case scenario both graduates, Senzawa will be revived and Pink cat never returns because nyanners name will be cursed.

>> No.4235683

yep dude, you nailed it, reddit really hates gura...

>> No.4235836

If this post ends in 0, it will happen.

>> No.4236073

Everything in this post would 100% happen except for
>HoloEN Gen2 adds black character
Only unrealistic part

>> No.4237637

A bit boring but the final yab for Hololive will be when chuubas start leaving the company. Once it starts, it'll keep happening every few months and those that remain will be less popular because they remind the audience of the ones who left. In that sense, the final yab almost happened with China

>> No.4241657

>the final yab almost happened with China
quick rundown please

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Yo do your reps bro, thats like tip of the iceberg information there.

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File: 320 KB, 827x919, image_2021-05-26_214601.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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Fake & gay

>> No.4243557

Apocalypse cults are pretty popular

>> No.4246222

>No chinese games.
This is just a good filter to have in general.

>> No.4246343

This makes no sense.
If it was a real black girl talking, everyone would know immediately.

>> No.4248245

Have you seen all these startups popping up?
Fucking terrible. No vision. No creativity. Zero individuality. Don't know their target audience. Puritan designs. Slutty designs with no aesthetic, uniqueness or tact. Overused themes. Bunnygirl, catgirl, devil, gothic lolita, big techwear jacket over a dress, guy-in-hoodie. Subpar rigging. Chipmunk and Gremlin voices. Flavorless roastie voices. Zero Charisma. Autistic introvert. Stupid bitch extravert. Play the same games. Sing the same songs. Shills spend more time defending the companies shortcomings from obvious trolls then researching what people want. Shit feedback. Shit networking.
If anything is going to be a final yab that's it right there, these companies will deflate everyone's interest in vtubers if they continue down this boring path.
This shit is not looking good, by the time the time these companies realize they need to be more creative it will be too late.

>> No.4250696

If they die, they die. Smaller companies failing won't affect indies and larger ones as much, and that doesn't limit indies and other companies, small or not, from trying to push the boundaries and be creative. A bigger yab is something that effects the larger vtuber companies and possibly even the vtuber scene as a whole (indies included); the 'final yab' usually refers to just hololive tho.
If the companies are smaller they won't be the ones exposing most people to vtubers and turning them off or on to them; that will fall on those larger companies and indies.

>> No.4251261


>> No.4251715

kek this

>> No.4252969

With Kizuna Ai seiyuu shenanigans, West Taiwan maddening, Instant Debut Retirement and all that....can there even be a final yab? Or is VTubing just too resilient nowadays?

>> No.4253102

i don't believe in a single "final yab" incident, i think eventually the industry will lose popularity and have to reduce it's scale to save resources

>> No.4253159

Coco has antis in China, she showed the word Taiwan on stream, zhangs got pissy, some CN members got in the harassment, it came down the Coco being fired or Cover leaving China. They left China

>> No.4254943

I see it killing off a lot of the more run of the mill tubers. If it comes down to a creative war of attrition I foresee Nene and Polka being the final two Holos standing, as Nene has enough creative retard strength to overcome any industry disaster and Yagoo would kill off everyone that isn't Sora or Fubuki to save Polka (and she has enough creative retard strength and more importantly business knowhow to carry both herself and cover for decades).

>> No.4256048

Vshojo decided to betray holo after receiving a large sum of money from Niji to become their partner. This explain Kiara collab destruction and more interaction between Niji - Vwhores.

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>> No.4257531

The Journoshit article is a 100% guarentee to happen. And from then its a 50/50 shot of whether it escalates to the rest.

Remember, the BBC in Bongland unironically called the author of Girls und Panzer in an interview a sicko who panders to pedophiles. Nothing happened (thank god). But all it takes is one successful article and the final yab will commence

>> No.4257559

Oversaturating the market with blandness. Will slowly kill everything.

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>>Anonymous quote from talent from a VTubing agency: "I've been doxxed dozens of times, people even took selfies peeing on the grave of my family members, there was even some NAVY Seal threatening to kill me with his sniper squad."

>> No.4260669

I could see literal who indies doing that since there are so many more of them with such shittier designs, at least on Twitch. A lot of them will probably quit by the end of the year due to not being successful and everything opening back up which would somewhat help. I do agree that oversaturation is an issue.

>> No.4261321

Once accomplished it would be very sweet; the adbux and superchat money that would not go to YT would pay any required infrastructure twofold, plus they would still be represented through clippers and the algorithm anyway. I have no idea how they could get there taking acceptable risk and losses. YT would try to kill them off if they tried to stream in both places, restricting superchat access or renegotiate worse contracts. They would have to transition very fast and suddenly while also drawing enough people with them.

>> No.4261430

Give me your BEST rrats but only the best because you dont want to overdo the damage you may cause and hurt someone.

>> No.4262237

The Final Yab is that there will be no actual final yab

>> No.4264712

maybe the Final Yab is the friends we've made along the way

>> No.4269784

outcompeted yab

>> No.4270392

>Ryan Gosling
>Pierce Brosnan
>Ocasional banepost
So we were /tv/ all along

>> No.4270489

Pekora has a shell company on the ID server to launder money and evade the japanese corporate tax. Usaken is a front.

>> No.4271713


>> No.4272387

Are you God? Cause this is legit

>> No.4272556

The Ekum Bokum meme surge was a planned advertising campaigned pushed by a collaboration between YouTube and Hololive to inject VTubers into The West and breath life into the dead lifestreamer-only YouTube streaming system. They planned this to correlate with the release of HoloEN months in advance so they would be able to immediately capitalize in a perfect storm of attention that catapulted VTubers into western relevance.

>> No.4272707

Polka an hero's herself live on stream.
You all know why.

>> No.4274049

>You all know why.
I dont, enlighten me about your rrats.

>> No.4274313

I cannot without roommate stuff. Lehs just say she's pretty much one of us. Genuinely fucked up /r9k/ style. It's a shame really I think she's a lovely person.

>> No.4276875

Kiara is going to go on a rant taking crap about all her genmates saying they don't deserve their popularity and that she deserved to be the first to hit 1 million and she's leaving for Vshojo

>> No.4279505

Where can I go to get all the details on the Hololive roommates? I want to be "in the know" for all the drama.

>> No.4279659

There's a post in the Choco thread that will help. Check there.

>> No.4279726

anon if we're all extinct who's watching your oshi

>> No.4279889

Found it. Thanks for the tip, Anon. I've officially gone off into creep territory with your help.

>> No.4279999


>> No.4280282

>The Final Yab is underway
>Nene is missing
>Gen 5 broken
>Polka about to an hero live on stream
>Hitomi Chris has returned to destroy Cover
>plague of rrats
>JOPs, EOPs, CHOPS, and Indogs forced to fight side by side for their oshis
>all hope is lost
>no one has heard from Yagoo in weeks

>suddenly a stream in the darkness Delta sets up a Public Stream
>14k waiting

>the stream goes live Delta's live 2d has been finished
>she says hello to everyone and wants everyone to warmly welcome her friend
>Nene's avatar appears on stream
>50k live viewers
>Nene and Delta sing Haooy Synthesizer
>100k live viewers
>Polka enters the chat
>Polka starts crying live on stream as Delta comforts her
>200k live viewers
>the rest of Gen 5 joins to stream
>500k live viewers
>Kiruno Ruki is brought in to meet Gen 5
>rrats literally being vaporized by the numbers
>Yagoo enters the chat and performs naked dogeza as Delta decides to return to Hololive
>1 million live viewers
>enough energy is gathered to help Sora defeat Hitomi Chris ending the Final Yab

>> No.4280965

Not my oshi...

>> No.4281036

One of the girls does a flip during a stream

>> No.4281164

I'd love to see Moona do a flip on stream.

>> No.4281274

Realistic final yab: Cover is caught committing massive tax evasion and the Japanese government hits them with huge fines. Cover is forced to sell off large parts of the company to satisfy their creditors, including IP. Talents are force to choose between moving to another company with their character, or quit. Most choose quit.

>> No.4281282

>the human progress stops
Thats in acurate its more like
>The human progress goes to unprecedented highs
>love for cunny unifies humanity under its love
>as we elevate our consciousness guided by the wisdom of cunny the eldrich entities lurking in the shadows awake lifting up humanity from their frivolous existence to the next level of evolution
>cunny is love
>cunny is life

>> No.4281331

does this bitch just stopped doing the porn thing? who the fuck watches her any way, all those western vtubers aer all the same untalented media share whores.

>> No.4281360


>> No.4281369


>> No.4281547


>> No.4281554

Which Choco thread are we talking about?

>> No.4281645


>> No.4282136

yes newfag kun people for all around the world post here, i know, i know... shocking.

>> No.4282463

that's just regular youtube going to shit, as it has been
that's entirely realistic

>> No.4282592

I looked up Watame and Polka.

>> No.4282917

This is a pretty believable rat. I'm now genuinely concerned this will happen

>> No.4283971

Hello time traveler. Let us know which coin to invest in so we can make it.

>> No.4284075


See you at $8k in November.

>> No.4284209

She is a rodent.

>> No.4284414

creating a streaming service is not fucking easy
its literally like eternally DDOSing your server
i really hope they dont waste time attempting it
unless they want to stop livestreaming and just host a bunch of recorded videos on S3

>> No.4284550

I will minecraft whichever journalist that tries this

>> No.4284564

it will be that way if we ignore these articles and somehow skirt the temporal outrage
just hope that /vt/ never steeps down to raiding twitter or whatever
i think there's definitely money involved in vtubing just like there's money and drama involved in twitch bath tub scene
its just not as prevalent in america so it haven't been caught up in their shitty politics yet

>> No.4284704

They've already got one of their own in the HoloEN. How long until Kiara cracks under that kind of pressure and turns on the rest of the talent?

>> No.4284787


>> No.4284799

If this ever happens YouTube may come to an end.

>> No.4284858

>>"Virtual YouTuber agencies turn a blind eye on misogyny, sexism and pedophilia as their talents struggle"
this already happened

>> No.4284902

I don't know when the final yab will come, but when it does the fucking changs will be the reason for it.

>> No.4284930

you know, I am really waiting for this to happen so that a gachikoi will do a mass shooting against these retards. Dont ever piss the gachikoi because they'll literally burn your house down

>> No.4285014

You can painsplit with torrent-like technologies, though. You know, having the data be sent through other viewers? Will be laggy AF in the lowest-end leech side and a shitton of logistics to work through, but in theory, it is possible.

>> No.4288483

what the fuck is that webm

>> No.4288717

Honestly believeable.

The wings of the industry won't get clipped yet though, not til either they become a threat or the target looks juicy.

Despite their popularity, their appeal hasn't quite permeated to the types of people who would be in a position to commission such a story though, since it currently appeals predominantly to young millennials/zoomers

>> No.4293729

How new?
The stream is literally still up

>> No.4293771

Enma was probably a chink

>> No.4293847


Do you idiots seriously only watch the holo?
Have you not seen the 360 videos of eliene, or kaf’s whole storyline videos related to her character squad?
There are insanely innovative vtubers out there

>> No.4293914


>> No.4294150

Call me carlson and projared had their career destroyed for basically nothing lol, say that again with a straight face,

all allegations against projared were fake yet just the mention made every one splerg

>> No.4296454

Holostar EN

>> No.4296588

>coco colabing with mel in chaturbate
>it's a laser cunt shaving stream but now in 3D
I would watch it

>> No.4296887

Not him but I think it's swatting of female streamers

>> No.4297470

I find it odd that, out of all the wool structures in minecraft holoserver, it's always Pekora's structures that gets hit by lightning. I beleeb someone in holo is secretly burning her structures to the ground. I also believe Pekoracho knows this and is just feigning ignorance/telling people it was a lightning strike to avoid unnecessary maikura drama.

>> No.4299273

Russian Police closed down an e-girl farm, those are comon in russia and colombia

>> No.4299382

did someone show this to pekora yet? and did they get blocked?

>> No.4301856


>> No.4302063

>Despite their popularity, their appeal hasn't quite permeated to the types of people who would be in a position to commission such a story though, since it currently appeals predominantly to young millennials/zoomers
This isn't the 90s anymore where it was predominantly conservative old men getting mad at this shit. Its the age group you referenced and all they need to do is go on one of their unhinged witch hunts on social media and depending on the traction, a story would take root.

>> No.4302091

shut up please. Let me cope in peace

>> No.4302250

please no... just imagine the weirdos who would get in there just to get a sniff of their oshi's hair

>> No.4302486


The Upd8 'Four Kizunas' thing was the final yab, and everything that happened since is just proof that one single yab by itself can't kill vtubing. It's spreading out of control. I 100% believe that from now on we will always have 1-3 mil subs vtubers in the world, even if Hololive gets its own final yab.

>> No.4302521

How about a Holostars ES?
The final yab is the mexican one gets drunk on stream and calls the leader of the zetas (the most violent cartel in mexico) a faggot, then gets beheaded

>> No.4302743

>Holostars ES?
Would a HolostarsEsp be more popular than HolostarsEN?

>> No.4302809

Yes, because spic weebs can speak english, but would rather watch spanish speakers (that aren't normalfags), same applies to fujos here, currently K-Pop is in for fujos, but spanish speaking vtubers, if the right marketing is used, could take their market

>> No.4305303

if this ends in 9, it will happen in the far future

>> No.4306935


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