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Everyone say something nice about vshojo.

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they're pee pee poo poo

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>a man behind text to speech

Checks out.

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melody chaturbate streams were good, does she make them still or does she just stream on twitch now?

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I hope something very unpleasant happens to them.

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I don't get why people find him entertaining but ok

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You can live your entire life and you'll never has as much fun as Zentreya controlling 5 Gecko avatars dancing the YMCA while Gura sings.


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Ironmouse makes me laugh every now and then. Mel is okay but the rest might as well be the same person.

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they keep in touch with local politics and are brave enough to post their opinions about that meanie drumpf

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Zentreya could be the most hairy manly man behind an anime girl that could ever exist, but that dude has true passion for what he does and I respect that

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wow how brave and insightful.

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Why do I have to find the avatar so unbelievably hot god fuckin damn it

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so brave and stunning

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Mel and Ironmouse are alright.

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Still not as brave as streaming with a female character even though you`re a man

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It's pretty funny how he has more charm acting as an anime girl than most girls behind anime avatars

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Arguably not as bad as Kiara

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mel is surprisingly wholesome for a girl who basically nuts on stream.

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I wish I was brave enough to anonymously post something on twitter. Maybe vshoujo aint so bad after all.

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he doesn't, you're just a faggot in denial

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Who the fuck is that

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>this confuses and angers the /pol/tard

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Another one for the blacklist. You had One job, "woman"
And one of the coldest takes this side of 2020 too. Tbis is precisely why i am browsing this board so i can see all this dumb shit that seperates the tards from the professionals.

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>he doesn't know norm

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He got dumped by his gf who was supposed to do the voice and was such a pathetic cunt he rebounded onto faggots like you

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Ok, that one made me legit kek

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I'll admit Zen's physical comedy is pretty funny, sometimes.

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Sorry but there's some things in this world that are just impossible.

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impressive rrat you got there

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Still don't know who that is. I guess I'm out of touch.

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I just want the apart meme to stop
can people please learn english

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They're better entertainers than all of Hololive

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lurk more

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This is what he's most known for.

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great all those retarded teenagers and coomers really need to read that shit and take a stance against the evil orange man.

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Ah, now that I recognize. Thanks, anon.

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I'll say it, I think an audit would have eased tensions instead of getting out of control with everyone thinking they were getting cheated.

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Being ironic about it doesn't make it any funnier just more shitty.

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>Keep politics out of vtubing!
>Bring up the chinese at every opportunity

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Froot is a comfy stream to watch from what I've seen, and I enjoy watching nyanners or ironmouse every now and then. Silvervale seems fun to from what I've seen. Don't enjoy Zen streams, havent really watched vei at all so no opinion, and Melody is just eh.

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American politics do not affect vtubing, chink antis do

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Melody, Ironmouse and Froot are the only ones that are actually good, and have talent

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At least she had the balls to say it.

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So are saying chinks are even more powerful than shitty muricans? Based.

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babies can get others to change their diapers when they shit themselves
adults can't
so babies are more powerful than adults

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1 changcoin has been deposited

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Based. Adulthood has been a disaster for us all

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Yes we understand Murica KNEELS to might of Chinese power

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>out of touch.
No you're just a fucking zoomer. Norm hasn't been relevant in years

>> No.4104201

They affect it so much because you idiots bring them up at every opportunity.

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See >>4103752 and >>4103808
That's a boomer.

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>remembers the bit of Norm roasting OJ but not his new shit
>gets called zoomer

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Mouse's new model is sex.

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The model has really nice hair for a male.

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It's just pink veibae.

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She still does them on chaturbate, but not as frequently I think. I dunno I stopped paying attention to her since last summer

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>I guess I'm out of touch.
I guess I'm out of time.

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Kiara's roommate never did anything as bad or cringey like that on her roommate's account you dumb vshojo nigger. Her supporting blm is dumb, I'll admit yeah. It's even cringe. However that's basic normie shit, not even so much as a hard political stance to take sadly. And she's never pushed that topic further ever since she said that.

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One of the greatest comedians of all time, faggot.

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We did get cheated faggot. DYRBI that old man Joe is even cognizant of where the fuck he is now?

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You mean the same fucking bugman that come into Coco's streams shitting themselves for over half a fucking year because she acknowledged Taiwan as a country and not as a part of China? Yeah, that's really OUR fault for bringing China up you fucking Zhang cocksucker

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They were cheated, thats why there wasn't any audits and why everything was shut down hard.

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Your the fucking retard that has the audacity to say keep politics out of vtubing then call anyone a zhang with a opinion you don't like. Just ignore the spam its not hard

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Yes, Trump got cheated. But the lack of an audit because of dem leadership and the ensuing chaos led to dem voters thinking they were getting cheated too. Just audit the damn thing and let the chips fall where they may. SCOTUS really dropped the ball when they were given the chance despite spending months in 2000 litigating Florida.

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Keep letting that Zhang boogeyman live rent free hypocrite

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Back to >>>/pol/ and take your retard conspiracies with you

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so brave to take the side of the corporate sponsors

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Did the tankies from Twitter spill over from here? You know if really want your communist paradise, you can just move over there anytime you want! I hear they let you eat all the sewage slop and covid-free bats all you want!

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Get fucked faggot. Do us all a favor and take that stick out of your ass and beat yourself to death with it.

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>Doesn't deny it
Fucking disgusting, get out crossboarder

>> No.4105199

Why did they delete it though?

>> No.4105225

You are the retarded crosdboarding scum that thinks people actually liked having a retard as president

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nazis are his biggest super chatters

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That's the thing with poltards, you always think we give the slimmest shit about your retarded opinions, when really we hate your autistic asses ranting about off-topic shit all over the boards. Fuck me I miss pre-2016 4chan.

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Why the fuck would I deny having the political opinions that I have? I'm quite proud of them and I stand by them. You're the one sperging out like a cuck that got told his bull wouldn't come by later in the day to fuck his wife. By the way, she needs to loose 20lbs before I'd even approach her again.

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The digikomi panel indicated to me that they can have a collab with Hololive which I am looking forward too. I do not understand Twitch's streamer culture and all those visual and audio sub notifications because they make me feel like I am in a casino and everything's telling me to spend my money now so I can have more shiny lights and flashy sounds in my life. However, this isn't their fault and I still feel like I should give them a few more chances.
nta, this is /vt/ and you are off topic.

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>The cuckshit out of the left field
kek doesn't get more poltard than that.

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what the fuck is 14 xb

>> No.4105431

I despise all of them except Ironmouse and Melody. They seem like sweet girls and I wish them them only the best, especially Mouse.

>> No.4105436

the good old /pol/ derail
a classic

>> No.4105439

You miss being cukholded and being told everything is OK on /v/ while you play the latest triple A game that gets shitted out by Bethseda is what you mean

>> No.4105478

Doesn't get more spergy than you are, faggot

>> No.4105489

Is it a derail if it's true? >>4103077

>> No.4105540

Please stop false flagging as some newfaggot who's not aware of who the whores at vshojo ate. Or maybe you are a newfaggot, in which cases you need to lurk more for a thousand years or you need to go back you faggot.

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i fucking hate them

>> No.4105652

that tweet is among the most lukewarm inoffensive norm political statements out there and if you disagree you need to medicate fast before you shoot up a mosque or something

>> No.4105661

They hate you too :)

>> No.4105749

Are you retarded?

>> No.4105803

Don't bother trying to tame them, wokefriend.

>> No.4105805

Melody was cool before Hololive was cool in NA. There, something nice about a Vshojo girl.

>> No.4105841

Oh my God, those grandma's in the wheelchairs came into the capital building with their AR-15's and their racist Gadsden flags making all of our politiciansfear fir their lives!!! Whatever are we going to do!?!

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I am aware, and I dislike much of their behavior when not collabing with people outside of their company. But I think they are alright otherwise, some of them more than others. If someone wants to collab with these, by all means.
What's your excuse for posting in a thread about people you don't like?

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Nice girls who deserve success and to be loved: Mouse, Melody
Normal girls who I don't like but have nothing against: Silver, Hime
Wish would stop streaming: Froot, Zentreya, Veibae
Wish would die: Nyanners

>> No.4106085

People who care about your opinion:

>> No.4106126

Literal who.

>> No.4106210

This is 4chan no one cares about anyone's opinion in the first place, we just like to spew shit through our mouths to simulate actual discussions

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>youtube tier comments

>> No.4106299

>not reading OP
Stay mad

>> No.4106303

>reddit tier comment replying to youtube tier comments

>> No.4106322

It's nice that the worst of the worst have labeled themselves so I can avoid them.

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I don't like Silver and Hime's design, and Silver said nothing memorable during Digikomi as far as I remember. Then again, the kind of interactive "convention panel" they had didn't do much for me with Taya and Kiwi either.
>we just like to spew shit through our mouths to simulate actual discussions
This is true because you are all me.

>> No.4106419

Someone that knows whats up

>> No.4106501

Hot damn that's good.
Stay mad.

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>> No.4106627

>this is the same person that totally needed to take a politcal stance over some shit
this is why we don't want political takes from entertainers.

>> No.4106669

I feel that they deserve the benefit of the doubt and don't deserve to have their names dragged through the mud just because they're associated with Nyanners or Twitch. From what I've heard Melody is quite nice, and Ironmouse as well... it makes me feel conflicted being a Hololive fan and being expected to hate a group I've never watched as a collective out of some sense of self-perseveration or simply doomposting when there's been many a "yab" Cover has survived in the past. I feel in conflict with my desire fo form an educated opinion about these girls and knowing nothing I say in the positive sense about them would ever be respected thanks to several members' influence.

>> No.4106773 [DELETED] 

Easing tensions was never part of the plan.

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>> No.4106793

See >>4105989.

>> No.4106978 [DELETED] 

This thread needs a chemo
Leave your politics at the door

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I can tell you for a fact that Nyanners is not the only whore in Vshojo, just the most well known and disliked one outside of Melody, who I do not dislike at all despite being an actual camwhore.

The biggest whore out of all of them is Froot's roommate. She has a very interesting history that I encourage everyone who's even slightly interested in to looking her up

>> No.4108307

>What's your excuse for posting in a thread about people you don't like?
For posting shit about people who I don't like? Who the fuck are you? Do I need your's or Op's permission to post about people that I don't like? This ain't fucking Reddit or Twitter. I can say whatever the fuck I want because I'm not a pussy and I don't care if my people get offended by my opinion!

Oh wait, sorry, I forgot that this thread was the V-Shojo general, my bad. The Op's post about "say something nice about vshojo" clearly meant that this thread was supposed to be a pro V-Shojo thread and not at all an excuse to shit on all over the whores of Vshojo and call them out as the lying cunts they are. My mistake.

>> No.4108333

>who I do not dislike at all despite being an actual camwhore
For those of you that don't know why this happens, it's because having an actual personality matters. Melody is sex, her entire persona is sex, but she has a fucking personality, and it shows.

>> No.4108401

>call them out as the lying cunts they are
Two of them. Most of the rest are camwhores or just patreon whores. I haven't been able to find anything "bad" about Silver outside the two retards that got banned from her chat for underage levels of faggotry.

>> No.4108886

Is this Calli's father?

>> No.4108926

Unfiltered fun.

>> No.4108995

that's good

>> No.4109014

Yes, that's exactly my point.

Look, I'll say this, I guess as benefit of the "doubt" it's definitely more than two. At the very least it's three, or whatever or whoever you consider to be a "liar".

>> No.4110329

I've never heard a single bad thing about froot even from people who hate vshojo, what's up?

>> No.4110772

Something to effect of she hooked up with a Jody while her husband was doing military shit. Not sure if that's like a rrat though

>> No.4111007

>he doesn't know
ask /k/

>> No.4111168

>go to /k/ to ask about vtuber drama
>end up throwing glock in the trash and buying a beretta 92fs

>> No.4111181 [DELETED] 

Ok. I tried posting about this before but the meidos fucking gave me a day ban for it even though it wasn't dox posting and it's all shit that happened here. So ima be vague

So here's Froots roommate's deal. Her roommate is actually from here much like Nyanners is. Unlike nyanners, she was just an artist and not much of an attention whore like Nyanners was. There's a certain right-wing board on this site that believes in the 2nd ammendment that she would go visit too and promised to do commissions for patch designs for people on that board. Later on, her roommate's significant other got deployed over seas while she stayed at home and cheated on him. She banged liked 8 other dudes or something while her lover was in a sand dund shit hole somewhere. And this is not a rrat, there are imgur and twittter screenshot post of these men she would message and it blew up all over a certain board. Plus she never did finish those patch commissions from what's been said by people who paid her.

These are all on warosu if you check the archives.

>> No.4111407

Ironmouse a cute

>> No.4111482 [DELETED] 

>blm riots and detroys normal peoples businesses and homes for 3+ months
>redhats rush the capital and wander around for 4 hours

I hate this fucking country so fucking much

>> No.4111717

cringe, buy sig

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File: 1.50 MB, 2548x1236, kiarapolitics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you sure about that?

>> No.4111933

choke on a cock, whitey

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>nice girls

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for me it's smith & wesson

>> No.4112213

Abayo chocoball!!!

Thanks for the pic

>> No.4112267

I hate this.

>> No.4112316

Dear God, kill it with fire.... OH WAIT

>> No.4112360

Sounds pretty based to me. Only make sure to convert it to a G

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>> No.4112403

>Huawei good
She literally fucking supports the people harassing her coworkers..

>> No.4112537

to be fair she made those posts before the drama happened so it's not as big of a gotcha as you think.

>> No.4112829

Oh no, I've made terrible discoveries.

>> No.4112915 [DELETED] 

trump lost, biden is your president, chauvin will spend his life in jail

>> No.4113172 [DELETED] 

>chauvin will spend his life in jail
Floyd will spend his in a casket

>> No.4113194
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>Wasted opportunity for a "Popipopipo" reference

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>I don't know much about politics in Brazil but

>> No.4113351 [DELETED] 

Trump lost to a senile old man.

>> No.4113406

are you new here?

>> No.4113447

I own both, I trust my Block more but the 92fs is more fun to shoot

>> No.4113462

>not a single argument in response

>> No.4113525

I'm surprised your wife's boyfriend lets you post here

>> No.4113542

>replying to bait
can mods just shut this thread down

>> No.4113566

Not anymore.

>> No.4113573

just downvoted

>> No.4113591


>> No.4113615

A pity she doesn't have them anymore, huh?

>> No.4113730 [DELETED] 

It's a bloke
Nah he just regurgitated a luekwarm leftard take on the safest platform you could possible do it on, many such cases.

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This is a significant weather advisory for /vt/. I repeat, a significant weather advisory for /vt/. On Sunday, May 23rd a strong autistic shitstorm has been located in your area. Hazards include:
>Off topic /pol/fagging
>Twitter drama
>Bait flooding
>Aggressive ratt posting
>Jannies working overtime
Please seek immediate shelter in a bunker thread with a bag of chips and one of your Oshi's VODs until the storm has passed.

>> No.4113792

okay rat

>> No.4113964

Please buy better firearms anonchamae, you lot better not have poorfag ARs/AKs too

>> No.4114109 [DELETED] 

You are legally obligated to use preferred pronouns on the internet now. Canada gave themselves that legislative power.
She doesn't have them anymore.

>> No.4114348

Melody and Ironmouse are the only members of vshoujo who doesn't suck

>> No.4114519

>retarded camwhore who shows her pussy on chaturbate
>doesn't suck
go away

>> No.4114622 [DELETED] 

>destroys normal peoples businesses

In those 4 hours they beat a cop to death. They also wandered around "aimlessly" because they couldn't get through the barricades to beat more people to death.

>> No.4114681 [DELETED] 
File: 802 KB, 835x980, 156890706786.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In those 4 hours they beat a cop to death.
It was ruled a stroke.

>> No.4114707 [DELETED] 
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spreading ,misinformation is a federal crime
also this is /vt/- Virtual Youtubers

>> No.4114973 [DELETED] 

Are you implying they didn’t destroy businesses of average people? Fuck off, leftyfaggot
>spreading fake news about “murdered” officer
Yeah, you need to dilate. Stat

>> No.4115013 [DELETED] 

Seeth faggot seeth

>> No.4115167

anyone that will go out of their way to tweet this shit on their vtuber account instead of their personal one isn't worth watching
shame because I just started watching their streams the other day

>> No.4115198 [DELETED] 

>senile old man lost to another senile old man
The absolute state of burger politics.

>> No.4115211 [DELETED] 

>all this deflection
Jesus christ

>> No.4115585

The wait was worth it. Thanks anon.

>> No.4115750

I'm not a leaf and will call troons whatever I please.

>> No.4115776

Awweeee it got deleted.

>> No.4115846

Back on topic.

>> No.4115879

>source is literally 'dude trust me'
screencapped to make fun of you when Veibae and Kiara are talking about sex

>> No.4116048

Kiara confirmed it HERSELF.

>> No.4116279

Kiara confirmed it HERSELF *in my head*

>> No.4116323

Do you roomate reps, nigger.

>> No.4116336


>> No.4116469

No she didn’t kek
>roomate reps deflection
So no source. Fuck off, retard

>> No.4116544

Stay in denial.

>> No.4117362

Asking as someone who doesn't follow vshojo; why does silver's avatar look so bad? Is there a reason she keeps it? sentimental or something? It looks really jarring next to the other girls.

>> No.4117682

It would be a nice group without nyanners in it.

>> No.4117892

Did he really cut his penis? Did somebody ate it?

>> No.4117956

I wonder if that bitch is regretting that decition now that he got pretty far without her

>> No.4117966

>Denying lies is denial

>> No.4117992

I actually like silver the most out of them. Mel and mouse are cool but Mel is a bit too "dumb" and Mouse is a bit too loud for me. I will admit that if not for forbidden knowledge Froot would've been my favorite. I like vshojo for what they're trying to do but basing opinions on company labels is retarded.

>> No.4117993

She has a girlfriend, she's got to satisfy her somehow.

>> No.4118156

Pathetic. Hololive really is the best company with best girls out there

>> No.4118412

So he made a tulpa. Nice.

>> No.4118444

>forbidden knowledge

>> No.4118538


>> No.4118552

here >>4111181

>> No.4118645


>> No.4118862

I like to watch Mel and Nyanners vods while I draw. They’re fun.

>> No.4118919

i love nyanners

>> No.4119037

That's not Froot though

>> No.4119586

>>Off topic /pol/fagging

>> No.4120898

>I can't do it anymore, regardless of being apart of an agency or being non-political. This is insane. This isn't democracy or America right now. Instead we are hearing the justification and celebration of NIGGERS storming government buildings and burning their own cities down with molotovs, bricks, hatred, racism, and more. END IT!

Holy fucking BASED.

>> No.4121037

I haven't seen on CB as much anymore. Which I knew would happen eventually since there's more money for streamers if they hit it big on Twitch than a porn site.

>> No.4121092

People would probably respect them more if Nyanners never involved herself with them

>> No.4121237


>> No.4121282

Froot has baggage, Zen has baggage.
Iron Mouse is the only one without any baggage afaik.

>> No.4121341

The /k/ patches and jody thing. You'll have to look it up yourself, it's been posted twice in this thread and deleted by mods I'm guessing.

>> No.4121778

>Iron Mouse is the only one without any baggage afaik.
Dying of genetic AIDS isn't baggage?

>> No.4121801

That's more future stuff then stuff holding her back, nobody cancelled a big crossover *cough*vei*cough* due to being dying.

>> No.4121810

IM has baggage, but I got banned for posting it last time despite it being on her Twitter. That being said, I wouldn't call it actual baggage because there's nothing really wrong with the circle of life wink wink.

>> No.4121845

>circle of life
I mean she is a vshojo girl not a real idol girl so who cares about the slutshit, I mean melody sells her virtual body on chaturbate.

>> No.4121853

Ironic that the girl with a disease is the least cancerous and the literal cam whore is the least whorish. Isn't it.

>> No.4121901

Yeah, I don't really care either. That's why I still watch her streams despite knowing. However, a lot of autists go nuts at the thought of their oshi having had a penis within a mile radius of their vagina so go figure.

>> No.4121957

I think it's just people who assumed they were focusing on being idols, especially mouse and nyanners doing more singing and stuff.
They need to remember that compared to the average couching cast western songstress/actress they are STILL pure angels.

>> No.4122180

Everyone has baggage but nobody would give a shit about their baggage here if Nyanners didn't join up. Same way that there are dozens of dozens of indie vtubers with baggage all over but none of them get brought up here.

>> No.4122278

NGL, Nyanners is my biggest objection to Hololive going anywhere near VShoujo.
If Nyanners would just fuck off and die everyone would be better for it.

>> No.4122281


It's at least something in the western market that is trying to stand up to Cover.

>> No.4122315


If he ever becomes big it's going to really prove that being a woman on the internet is playing on easy mode compared to being a man with the exact same personality traits.

>> No.4122380

Mousey sings nice and her karaoke with songs from musicals she did Friday was wonderful.
>despite it being on her Twitter.
She deleted it, so that's not really a defense. Honestly I don't give a shit, I enjoy her streams regardless. But if it's something they don't want to talk about themselves anymore, it breaks the rules here so stop posting it.

>> No.4122627

So, apparently /vt/ hates Nyanners. Why is that?

>> No.4122682

She went from 14 year old SomethingAwful soundclip girl saying racist shit to lolibait song youtuber to very upstanding and socially aware tumblr girl to pee pee poo poo vtuber and people don't like being lied to about it...

>> No.4122710

Vshojo is infinitely more entertaining and talented than any member of Nijisanji.

>> No.4122734

Mousey is cool. The rest are a waste of time and rig.

Choppin it off doesn't change biology.

>> No.4122794
File: 747 KB, 1280x720, 1614815192074.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mouse, Melody and Froot are lovely.

>> No.4122812

Nyanners, doesn't really have a personality of her own. She's basically a mirror with decent comic timing. Her personality is nothing more than a reflection of the people around her.
When she was a kid posting on SA and /b/ she was a reflection of that. When her only friends were a Skype call of tumblr friends, she was a tumblrina. Now that her friends are e-thots she's acting like a wannabe e-thot.
When someone's life is that sad, its wrong to be mad. Just pity her.

>> No.4122835

It's current year, grandpa, biology is only relevant to your doctor. Everything else is how you dress and act.

>> No.4122837

That's kinda funky. Current persona is fun though.

>> No.4122863

Say what you will about Melody but she is actually a trailblazer in the vtuber world and has probably done just as much for the world of vtubing as Kizuna Ai has. Hololive's big push in the west doesn't happen if Melody doesn't blow up with her Chaturbate streams. She had mainstream audiences talking about her and she made vtubers popular in the west again after it died out following the four kings era. She is one of the most influential vtubers of all time and Vshojo was just formed because a bunch of has beens wanted to leech off of her clout.

>> No.4122876

while she is an adulterer, which is cringe, she cheated on an army guy, which is based.

>> No.4122928

yeah, I don't personally care about any of it. Just stating what the wrench is. What Nyanners does NOW like single handedly killing the nekopara collab is the really stupid part of it all. Get a grip, seriously...

Ironically, Coco convinced her to try vtubing in the first place.

>> No.4122986

Melody, Froot and Ironmouse are actually nice people who I wouldn't mind seeing collab with HoloEN.

>> No.4123120

Think of them as a man all you want, Gecko Zen and all it's iterations are pretty hilarious

>> No.4123141

>melody sells her virtual body on chaturbate.
She sells her real body too. No wonder Cover said no way to a Melody collab. My question is why are Coco and Mel friends?

>> No.4123175

People actually believe this. Feelings are more relevant than logic and facts. We're fucked.

>> No.4123194

oh, don't be overdramatic, it's only 1% of the population that actually believes that. The rest are just pretending to get by.

>> No.4123204

Him*. Them is a plural pronoun if you know the gender. IDGAF about 21st century changes to language to score woke points.

>> No.4123272

aside from actual adultery, Froot scammed /k/

>> No.4123275

I guess im not the only one that thinks Mousey and Mel are nice

>> No.4123314


>> No.4123345

i like always using "them" as a "can't be bothered to learn pronouns in case the person has a preference"
realistically, saying different pronouns is way less annoying than half the stuff you need to do to fit in on the right

>> No.4123419

>Just ignore the spam its not hard
Not according to Cocos chat. You fucking bootlicker.

>> No.4123425

You're being so dishonest. Just call men him/he/his and women her/she/hers. Anyone identifying as something else can fuck off with their preference. We don't play pretend anymore.

>> No.4123474

Whatever weirdo. I learn if it is a dude or a chick and then call them appropriately.

>> No.4123531

too lazy to get into everyone's pants to check
also, if i don't care enough to learn other people's preferred pronouns, what makes you think i'm' going to listen to your opinions

>> No.4123535

Anons generally agree that those two are nice and shockingly have a personality. I guess being a literal chaturbate whore means Mel doesn't care about acting like one so she's just normal. And Mousey just wants friends.

>> No.4123556

Literally peak comedy
t. twitter tranny

>> No.4123596

Oy vey! Not the rich elites!

>> No.4123643
File: 106 KB, 267x267, 1612060975656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hasn't this "thing" been replying to Mori a lot on twitter? Collab incoming...

>> No.4123654

>too lazy to get into everyone's pants to check
Hahaha ok retard

>> No.4123668

>can't tell if dude or girl by voice and face alone
You sound silly

>> No.4123730

>Coco convinced her to try vtubing in the first place.
t. your ass

>> No.4123756

Peak white woman

>> No.4123803

Nope they are all degenerate sjw whores

>> No.4123861

If I can't tell be looking at you and hearing you speak, then that's your fault, not mine, if I misgender you.

>> No.4123872

And it'll be terrible judging by Mori's recent collab.

>> No.4123873

Silver as well desu. The only drama I've seen over her is her model being too bratz/IMVU/cotton candy vomit for some folks and one clip where she told an annoying person in chat to fuck off. She obv does sex jokes too, but overall feels like the coziest of the bunch, especially when she does collabs with her family members.

>> No.4124426

Seems like Silver gets a pass as well. Nobody has brought up a deeper reason for hating her so most just leaves her out with a meh

>> No.4124468

Zen replies to a lot of people and them doing so to Mori is nothing new. I wouldn't consider it indicative of anything.

>> No.4124474

I honestly forget she exists. Just really boring to watch, I guess.

>> No.4124609

>Collab incoming...
After today? I sincerely doubt it.

>> No.4124861

I remember one clip of her having a meltdown but it was taken down, can't remember why she had it.

>> No.4125441
File: 890 KB, 1037x796, 1616928586785.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do yourself the service and don't surround yourself in things that make you feel miserable. You're too mad about someone saying "I think they're alright" for your own good.
>I can
>I don't care
>my people
>my opinion
>me me me me me
Good for you, but your grandstanding is off-topic on this board. Nothing you're saying about Vshojo is new or interesting.

>> No.4125592

I think they can be nice to watch sometimes.

>> No.4125614

That's what >>4123873 mentioned. IIRC, she was being hounded by some guy in chat to play a completely different game with Mouse and after a while she snapped at him. That's the most "aggressive" thing I've seen from her, so nothing really scandalous about her.

>> No.4125788

Found it

>> No.4126080

God damn, her avatar is shit

>> No.4126094
File: 290 KB, 252x252, vei.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vei has the sexiest voice I ever heard
Nyanners is entertaining
Froot is a great artist and her streams are chill

>> No.4126120

>spic whore
Kill yourself

>> No.4126177

not even antis are doing their reps anymore...

>> No.4126184

>Mix of UK and polish accents
you first, retard

>> No.4126255

>watching boring shallow whores
I regret even watching the clips

>> No.4126274

It's Pa Pee Poo Pee Poo

>> No.4126291

Cheated on her (now ex) husband whilst he was deployed, scammed some /k/ fags.

>> No.4126300

I wish you'd regret trying to bait strangers on the internet with your retarded opinions

>> No.4126305

>Collab incoming...
If the possibility looms, I suggest people ask Zen for his opinions on the many other events following that should demand the same "I can't do it anymore" response if it weren't for hypocrisy.
Where does he stand on Muslims curb stomping Jews, for instance?

>> No.4126374

Nyanners has a natural knack for being entertaining. She carries a stream no matter what she's doing. She can literally watch paint dry on stream and I still get that sweet serotonin release in my brain.

Ironmouse is probably the single most talented singer among Vtubers.

I love Vei and Zen interacting with their chats.

Melody radiates lovable dork energy.

I haven't watched others as much but they each seem very charming and I wish them the best.

>> No.4126420

ironic since twitch pretty much embraced being a softcore porn site.

>> No.4126495

I don't like the speech to text to text to speech thing zen does but I can understand it. I hate my voice. One day in the future we'll have real time synthesized voices like vocaloid or something and men all over the world can pretend to be anime girls on the internet.

>> No.4126508

Bout what I expected. A real nothing burger of drama. Maybe she coulda been more tactful but people begging for a sudden collab despite plans will never stop being annoying. Same when in happens to hololive, same when it happens to indies.

>> No.4126550

I like Zen, but it'll be really damn annoying if and when they get outted as a guy, that normies parade it around everywhere as more proof of "lol all vtubers are gross men".

Like that noracat dude. IIRC, i think his fanbase even knew it was a dude as well.

>> No.4127764

Хв - хвилинa - "minute" in Ukrainian.

>> No.4127879

They know how to shitpost.

>> No.4127964

>Ironmouse is probably the single most talented singer among Vtubers
You're stretching too much.
She is good but not exceptional.

>> No.4127987

Polack foreigners are even more subhuman than spics.

>> No.4128028

I prefer Hololive because it's clean and doesn't do degenerate shi

>> No.4128069

Nyanners did a cool cover of ponponpon one time.
Melody is good at what she does.
Ironmouse deserves to be healthy and happy.
I have no idea who the others are.

>> No.4128108

Why? Vei looks like a regular western girl with as much ego as the amount of makeup she wears.

>> No.4128295

I've ejaculated on three different occasions watching Melody on the hub

>> No.4128426

It's really sad you can't tell the difference between jokes and being a retarded degen.....

>> No.4128564

Nest of whore: there're louded mouth whore, attention whore, hypocrite whore, pure whore, lying whore and whores I don't know. Together they build a brothel called Vshojo to bait desperate virgins.

>> No.4129287

Yeah, that was pretty funny.

>> No.4129389
File: 464 KB, 1280x720, gura skyfall with instrumental [sound=files.catbox.moe%2F2sovys.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ironmouse is probably the single most talented singer among Vtubers.
I love Mousey, but Gura is better, and she isn't even in the top 10 for vsingers.

>> No.4129424

Suisei and AZKi are the best singers in the vtubing industry. Anyone claiming otherwise are dumb biased EOPs

>> No.4129472

>>4129389 here. Please, go listen to sone of the vsingers out there, like AZKi's oshi. Don't be a tribalfag.

>> No.4129489

For aggregate talent I don't see anyone who can beat out her in the few times she's gone all out.
Though others obviously have a more rounded set + production + a body they can use without issues.

>> No.4129515

Suisei is better than them.

>> No.4129580


Anon, pls. Listen to the soundpost. Mousey is great, but there are even bigger and better vsingers out there.

>> No.4129614

Brave, stunning

>> No.4129630

taking the same stance as mass media conglomerates AND silicon valley billionaires, i can't imagine how much courage it took to make such a brave tweet like that. absolutely stunning.

>> No.4129727

Mind if I share this to Reddit?

>> No.4129754

All yours.

>> No.4129887

>they still think it's about the degenerate shit

>> No.4129970

I'm going to be honest here, I despise that kind of shit with all my soul, and I can't see her avatar without being mad about it, but I think that she still should get a second chance because it was her personal life and >we are not supposed to know that, her actions on her private life shouldn't define her as a chuba

>> No.4130097

Anon, she repurposed her past channel to her current one. Also, ask /k/.

As was said before, that's on the dragon. Most of the others are just regular streamers with an avatar.

>> No.4130132
File: 628 KB, 1000x1414, 1619735353872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Melody is fucking sexy and I wish more lewd vtubers were as open as she is. It's very refreshing to watch a vtuber who can do entertaining streams and also pleasure herself on camera freely, going over the usual "innuendo for the boys" line. There's some unique honesty and intimacy to it.

>> No.4130188

The thing I hate most about these 'INSURRECTION' faggots is that you should be the political figures you go after, not your local neighborhood grocery store.

>> No.4130207

It's almost as if she had an actual personality outside the "lol sex".

>> No.4130302

>Also, ask /k/.
For the patch story? That's stealing, unprofessional at best, but doesn't make me as mad as the the first part, and I still belev she shouldn't be get hate for it, I know I'm typing this while being mad but hope you get my point

>> No.4130307

I’m glad I wasn’t around when all the /k/ drama shit happened, because she’s not a bad vtuber. She’s chill and curious, must’ve been a quiet kid.

>> No.4130322

She uses lol sex as a conduit to make her personality shine.

>> No.4130426

You know what's funny? The cheating thing would've probably been forgotten since
If the patches thing didn't happen.

>> No.4130452

But her personality ISN'T lol sex

>> No.4130503

THey seem like they're always having a lot of fun in their streams and I wish i didn't find their style of comedy in every clip ive seen of them completely insufferable.

>> No.4130739

>the funniest vshojo clip has gura do half the work
checks out

>> No.4134107

Something was really bothering me with the dates so i checked archive to clarify the timeline of the veibae drama:
The date of the veibae rant stream. /jp/ thread was talking about that as the stream was going out live so it's easy to verify:
2020-09-14 - https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S26323432#p26324996
Before that only 4 talents graduated from hololive:
2018-06-26 - Hitomi Chris
2020-03-06 - Yakushiji Suzaku
2020-07-28 - Tsukishita Kaoru
2020-08-31 - Mano Aloe
The asacoco stream that started chink spergout:
2020-09-25 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w66x87VSQRc
Veibae claimed that whole rant was during Aloe and Taiwan thing (timestamp https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1030401573?t=0h11m11s) but Taiwan arc started 11 days later. Those dates were bothering my beacuse i'm really curious who was that retired hololive talent that talked with her about shitty treatment. Beacuse Aloe only talked positively about hololive in her fanbox stream the only person that could contact her and feed her this info was artia but now with the clear timeline it also couldn't be her.

>> No.4134436

>Tsukishita Kaoru
As far as I remember, his graduation had nothing to do with Cover, but there was something happening in his life or with his family that forced it.

>> No.4134995

>she still should get a second chance because it was her personal life
If some male chuuba raped a girl irl would you still want to support him? IRL stuff is much worse because online drama remain online for the most part. She rode like 8 cocks while her man was deployed. That's enough for me to ghost Froot forever.

>> No.4135044

As I said earlier itt, bitch is lying out her ass.

>> No.4135163

I bet Nyanners will stream today.

>> No.4135362

had she apologized to the parties involved for lying to them about her relationship, I don't think anyone would have felt the need to spread the dms to slander her. But no, she swept it under the rug and blamed the people she fooled around with.

>> No.4135432

For real? I heard that he had gay sex with YAGOO and when Sora (YAGOO’s daughter) found out she killed both him and YAGOO and has been running Cover from the shadows ever since.

>> No.4136556

Why doesn't he wear the SS uniform anymore?

>> No.4136800
File: 208 KB, 501x506, 1614791588777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's your (You)

>> No.4136881

Anyone have the pic that shows Nyanners being a hypocrite?

>> No.4136937
File: 199 KB, 399x398, 1620692159001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the amount of people that connect talent to the organization that they work under is crazy

>> No.4136982

What's the appeal of a fucking vtuber that uses text to speech?
Is she actually a guy or something?

>> No.4137010

sounds more believable than my rrat, I kneel

>> No.4137120

yes he is.
I also legit cant understand why would someone watch a text to speech vtuber regardless of gender.

>> No.4137957

Eat a dick, simp

>> No.4137994


>> No.4138595

you will never be a woman

>> No.4138938

>that normies parade it around everywhere as more proof of "lol all vtubers are gross men"
The problem is that we know at least half of holos roommates.

>> No.4139433

That's weird, either she was lying or Artia was working against cover way before the china arc, probably she was just lying and trying to include Artia as her source cause she knew her

>> No.4139885
File: 194 KB, 496x379, 1621105974016.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anyone who isn't transphobic is a tranny
Again, >>>/pol/

>> No.4139894

>>people are gonna judge me because i'm vshojo
More like people gonna judje vshojo because of you.
If vshojo was just mel, mouse and silvervale no one would have a problem with hololive/vshojo collab

>> No.4139973
File: 148 KB, 371x353, 1554210338290.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All that shifting and deflecting
No amount of cum she slathers herself with will make her slippery enough to get out of this

>> No.4139989
File: 250 KB, 595x630, 1588451503417.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>anyone who isn't transphobic is a tranny
>Again, >>>/pol/

>> No.4140008
File: 272 KB, 496x606, 1621798669544.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If vshojo was just mel, mouse and silvervale no one would have a problem with hololive/vshojo collab

>> No.4140133

THIS x 100. Mel keeps her literal whoring to her roommate and away from Vshojo but sadly Veibae is now the face of their group.

>> No.4140146

Zentreya could pass for female if you closed your eyes and covered your ears, on a good day

>> No.4140202

I don't think anyone who watches Zen cares
Or they wouldn't watch

>> No.4140218
File: 24 KB, 400x400, Amelia Laughs at You.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, lunchtime is over. Time to go to your algebra class

>> No.4140394 [DELETED] 
File: 208 KB, 528x661, 1620199076306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hey, lunchtime is over. Time to go to your algebra class

>> No.4141053

Correct. Now kill yourself

>> No.4141061
File: 696 KB, 650x712, 1621131010542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is for discussing VShojo. Please go join a tranny hate thread on >>>/pol/

>> No.4141768

>sToRmInG tHe CaPiToL
There's that phrase, word for word again. Why do these fuckers talk in media generated headlines? Are they incapable of forming a natural dynamic sentence on their own?
NPCs truly walk amo...well, you know the rest.

>> No.4141964

Yeah it's very cringe and bluepilled, definitely not based

>> No.4142216

be the bigger woman and ingore him then

>> No.4142545

Please stop besmirching Amelia's name, Sneedemis

>> No.4142600
File: 155 KB, 512x512, ha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4142917
File: 311 KB, 495x495, el sheep de la payasa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You already know what Amelia's take on the matter would be. She's not a transphobe. Because she's a decent person

>> No.4143302

Fuck man, why do you guys have to insert yourselves into every situation? This thread has nothing to do with trannies yet here you are talking about how Amelia says trans rights or some shit.
At least you have good taste in girls. Amelia and Watame are top tier.

>> No.4144776

encouraging transgenderism is among the more cruel things you can do to a person, quite far removed from anything approaching decency

>> No.4145708
File: 132 KB, 1264x646, really dude.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>>/pol/ go back and stay there

>> No.4145761
File: 150 KB, 327x336, 1614839045575.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair, they brought it up first with Zen. Also thanks, they are both my favs

>> No.4146308

Only Mori likes trannies

>> No.4146835
File: 82 KB, 792x913, 1621819145838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whatever helps you sleep at night

>> No.4147661 [DELETED] 

>I don't represent Melody's content
That sounded like a jab at Melody's adult streams. She fucking wishes she was like Melody.

>> No.4147921

>>the amount of people that connect talent to the organization that they work under is crazy
Shouldn't that be obvious to anyone with half a brain? If you represent an organization, of course people are going to judge it based on how you present yourself, and vice versa.

>> No.4148011

>I don't like cover
>oh so you fucking hate Gura?

>> No.4148348

Pretty sure a lot of people do actually think like that, but I'm not saying that everyone bases their entire opinion of an organization off of one of their members. However, I think it should be pretty obvious that an organization member's behavior will reflect on the rest of the organization and vice versa. It's not really that complicated of a concept to grasp, especially given the rise of cancel culture, as much of a buzzword as that's become. Now of course there str exceptions, but I think it's still a valid way of thinking about things.

>> No.4151425

I pretty sure if someone says that they hate vshojo, they mean they hate most of their """"""""talent""""""""" and not just the company

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