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Why is her model the best I've seen of all vtubers?


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if only she stopped hanging out with vshitters

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better rigging than all of hololive lmao

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and nijisanji, and every other japanese vtuber agency. what's your point?

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No point watching her when she will sell out and join vshitshow by the end of the year.

They can't stop hiring more whores!

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Her 2D is a downgrade but even then it's better than all of hololive.

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I like vei and froot's live2Ds better

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dunno her model kind of freaks me out.

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I miss her old mouth tracking, it was scary good

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her 3D model rules but her 2D model looks like it has a massive stick up its ass that the entire model is hung on like a scarecrow

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anon, on all levels except official, she is a vshojo

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I want this racoon to suck my dick while I play video games!

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because you have shit taste

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>her 3D model rules
disagree. 3d model mouth can get really awful. her l2d looks much easier on the eyes too

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>not saying trash taste
c'mon man

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Because VShojo is simply superior.
Take the Frootpill frens.

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RIP Anon.

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Her 3d model is miles better than the 2d model, and her 2d model is miles better than the fucking pony model, yet she uses 3d model the least, fuck you snuffy

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I love the pony model.

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2D > 3D always

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Cummies for Snuffy!

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This fuckin wholesome creature, still wanna smash

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This is true, I hate that v tubers have multiple models, multiple outfits are fije but one model is always gonna be better and Snuffy 3d model was perhaps the best one on the market with its godlike tracking

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trash panda looks one gen behind, the way the whole body stretches up when she leans back

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>jews fear the multi-model vtuber

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i heard snuffy posts here, dat true?

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She's pretty cool

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Definitely not

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she lurks. shes even called out posts in active threads of anons on stream before

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More like stuffy

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She called this place "4channel" without skipping a beat. Any oldfag would call this place 4chan by default. I presume she only came here after /vt/ was made.

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>implying I wouldn't impregnate pone suffy

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Just like CodeMiko, amazing model and rigging, boring and shit streamer.

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I think she's entertaining as fuck from the clips I've seen. She's better than anyone except maybe Nyanners at comedy.

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I wish she'd be less skanky.

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Anon I'm sorry, that's just how 3d women are.

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sorry snuffy if you want a thread about you you're probably gonna have to make me nearly break nofap again

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The 2D model is a necessity for come collabs, plus it's nice to have for the sake of variety. It's also got good rigging as well so Snuffy may as well mog other vtubers in every dimension.

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She wouldn't be Snuffy then.

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Why would I ever post in these threads, dumbass.

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post toes if you're real

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>less skanky
>doesn't want swamp wife

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Please tell me someone drew porn of pony Snuffy.

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remember if u wanna be snuffy on an anyoymous site then never use proper punctuation or grammar and never hit backspace on any spelling mistakes also i use exclimation points unnecessarily and extensively !! for no reason idk zoomer stuff
hoping to see some improved snuffy roleplay!!

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she did
she's our replacement for Nyan

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She's the only twitch vtuber I can stand.

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I like the threads that show appreciation for Snuffy because it reveals how shallow the VShojo hate is. This anon has it right >>4059486 Snuffy is more degen than most of VShojo, makes constant jokes about shit like putting smegma on crackers as a snack, talks about smelling dicks or the taste of cum, and is a zoomer who loves tiktok. But without the pink V next to her name anons will pretend like she's different.

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do you think everyone on the site is the same person? theres threads for 50 indies no one cares/knows about like snuffy on the board, the only people who come to the thread are the couple of people who know her and most likely like her. the pink V is trying desperately to get brand recognition so a ton of people know about them and will recognize the threads go onto them to talk about how much they suck.

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>the only people who come to a thread about a specific vtuber are fans
anon what are you smoking and is it legal

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wasted on her garbage-tier design

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It's probably because snuffy hasn't been outed as a hypocritical clout chaser cheating bitch, and doesn't try to fake her voice with a cringe whispery tone.

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did everyone just forget about the traumatized all her mods to the point they all quit thing?

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Too bad the design is ugly and her name is stupid. That’s vshojo’s whole problem. Good models, but ugly or uninspired designs and stupid names. Oh, and they’re all whores and proud of it.

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>I wish she'd be less skanky.

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VShojo gets hated because it's fairly popular and its chuubas act like regular 3dpd, except maybe Melody and Froot. Purityfags worry that chuubas that aren't cute anime girls who have never spoken to a man in their lives getting popular will influence Hololive, making the inevitable EN gen2 act more like VShojo or possibly even corrupt the existing streamers into becoming f*moids. That's also why they constantly screech at Kiara for being rougher than the rest of them.
They then repost clips of hololives doing lewd shit for views and discuss how much they want to have sex with their pure waifus, but that's beside the point.
They probably think reeing at VShojo on a chinese furry erotica forum will ruin their business, while the only thing it achieves is exposing newfags to a #relatable pack of vtubers.
Speaking of which,
Thanks for the bump friend! She's not vshojo though, she shills GFUEL.

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that's based

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Please elaborate. If she dabs on her own jannies in her spare time I might end up subbing.

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>all the snuffy porn is with her basic model or the knockoff nyanners model

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I just want to find a girl like Snuffy, who I can cuddle with her in bed while she plays on her Switch

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Snuffy made porn of Snuffy.

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Present it.

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I wish snuffy would make porn of me

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When will Snufy's big fat smelly butt collab with Pikame?

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Snuffys one of the few vtubers that feels like she's not putting on an act. I like her chill, tomboy friend demeanor
It's also the reason I'd dick her down

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>like she's not putting on an act.

Because she used to have an act and then dropped it a week after debuting. You can see the moment here


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Snuffy isnt hypocritical.
Snuffy is more consistent.
Snuffy doesn't care about the title 'Vtuber' like some trendhoppers.

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When she official joins Vshojo you're gonna take that band-aid off

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After seeing how smooth Snuffy is, I just can't get over how Subaru's model is so utterly terrible. It's soooooo bad. The tracking, I mean. Her mouth doesn't know when to open or close. Her expressions aren't organic. She's just a marionette.

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can't believe nyan's done this, how is she the sole vtuber on earth who has changed their opinion as they grew up?

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I want to have a one night stand with Snuffy, but then I'd catch feelings and that'd be bad. Her ava is hot as fuck.

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Did she really downgrade her model so much so that she could engage with vshojo? Was that really the reason?

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She still uses her 3d model. The 2d one is just so she can mog other vtubers in all dimensions.

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Bad lighting, asian features, bad rigging.

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I love you faggots, exquisite taste all around.

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What does being asian have to do with bad rigging? Forget slanty eyes. One of the main problems is her mouth tracking.

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I'm worried that Snuffy is turning into some crazy because of the amount of cats she owns. Like seriously if a woman owns more than one cat, something is wrong.

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>not wanting to fuck Snuffy while her cats watch in horror

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Usually it's a good idea to get cats in pairs. They tend to behave better that way. But more than 3 causes problems.

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Nigger she was literally faking her voice until like two months ago

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Has there been any continuation of the Snuffy mastrubation ASMR arc or did it go the way of the dodo?

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Post it please.

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Only because it's you satan

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That's pretty lewd. I hope there's more.

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What's the lore behind this one?

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She's not asian

>> No.4134072

Subaru is super asian.

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Sorry, I'm retarded

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Remember people said the exact same about Veibae and she eventually sold out to Melody.

Just saying. Snuffy is the next one to join them, by the end of the year. She will give in just like Veibae did.

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Most vshojo models are a fucking downgrade. Ironmouse for one is awful.

>> No.4135498

Snuffy does less streams with Vshojo these days, maybe turning them down ended that saga

>> No.4135537

she got all the growth she could from them, time to move on to others

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hi snuffers

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this but unironically. Old mouse model was unique at least, she looks like red nyanners now. Snuffy also used to be nyanners with big hands but she got better.

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Nobody in VShojo was forced to get new models they were in the works for a long time before they joined but this provably false rrat won't die. Veibae's new design was in Mouse's VShojo debut group shot a full 6 months before it debut.

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>is a zoomer
She's over 30, bro.

>> No.4140530

she had a birthday recently and said she turned 24

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>Who you gonna believe? The source or a complete fucking nobody on 4channel.org?

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god damn someone should make an animation for this

>> No.4145071

How much do you offer?

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you fuckers need to stop convincing snuffy to order pizza you feeder fat fuckers

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She commissioned 2D and 3D, but got 3D first.

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Snuffy has $$$$$, that’s why she can afford what she has.
She also has the luxury of potentially not being locked into a small set of riggers/artists.

>> No.4147259

it's not a big secret that if you drop thousands you can get the best artists and riggers to design a character and rig it for you lol
everyone already knew that

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>tfw no chubby cougar tomboy sugar mommy Snuffy gf

>> No.4147491

just become a cute boy anon

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Fuck, I'm nearly 30 already, is my only chance now to become a shota vtuber?

>> No.4149104

yeah bro
don't let you dream be dream and shit

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I’m a guy and I wish I could have a model as cute as Snuffy’s, even in 2D.
What’s the secret? Fluffy hair?

>> No.4149716

is her name snuffy because she wants to be murdered very sexually

>> No.4149738

that and look like you're always semi horny

>> No.4149869

yes, and don't look for snuffy on E621
worst mistake of my life

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B-but Manager Mommy Urara said that really expensive 3D and 2D models are not worth it!

fuck I love how fucking retarded Urara sounds while speaking uooohh lisp

>> No.4150210

I am right here

>> No.4150329

How are you posting and playing KH at the same time?

>> No.4150395

with her feets

>> No.4150925

Okay is there any popular vtuber that doesn't have a massive case of imposter syndrome?

>> No.4151348

>look like you're always semi horny
Why am I finding it hard to visualize with my WIP model... welp.

>> No.4151415

Jerman985 since he'll debut his catboy avater next saturday

>> No.4151824


>> No.4152402

idk looks pretty shitty to me

>> No.4152735

Not bad. Phone sex would be awesome with her.

>> No.4152779

implying she didn't already

>> No.4153941

sounds like she's taking a fat ogre shit

>> No.4154108

hmm... mind if i jerk off to this?

>> No.4155016

have you paid her on patreon?
if not, uncum that nut right now

>> No.4155523

When was this????

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>we still don't know what her ponut and horse pussy look like

>> No.4163568

He's a doxxfag, he's right but report him anyway

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