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Thoughts on veibae? I can only get a glimpse of her when she collabs with other vshojo and she seems loud, very lewd, can be cute but also crude like a mix of mouse and calli?


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I hate her

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I love Vei but I haven't watched her since her 2d debut, therefore Vshojo. Utter shame to waste her top tier 3d model and rigging.

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I hope they fix her new 3d model, it just seems off, not as cute, eyes are to close and outlines are too cartoony. Gives off some bad western vibes

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Degenerate haafu, with an even more degenerate pink cat waifu. Her streams are occasionally entertaining.

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is vei the new nyanners? lately people keep making multiple threads about her with >what do you think lol

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I thought that specifically meant half-Japanese people

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I love when she collabs with Kiara, I love it so much that I hope she can convince Kiara to join her in VShojo!!! ^^

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I have been subscribed to her for three months, her voice is amazing. She gets angry really easy though, she needs to learn to not let chat bother her so much.

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She's half polish there's a distinct difference.

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Fuck you Voyboy

Worst Top NA

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She is pretty fun if you're not a purityfag. Also, not as bad at games as the other ones.

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Cute whore. Amazing voice.

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CEO of sex.

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When is she gonna get high on stream again?

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She makes /vt/ and Holochimp purists seethe so she's good in my book.

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I get the feeling she would have sex with someone for $10

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>who do you think I am, you fucker?
this was from last stream. the girl has no chill.

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lost all of her credibility attacking others

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What you need to understand about Vei is that while she roleplays a succubus online, she has her mother answer the door when the really cute delivery guy is bringing her pizza

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Didn't she just attack suits? Or did she talk shit on an actual chuuba?

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but that would imply she had any credibility to begin with

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she said holos are fake roleplayers doing scripted streams, and that they do shit things to support a shit company

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Unfunny whore

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Bet she's tasted his cum though.

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my cum yeah

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Her voice is too chalky for me but I can see why she's popular

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Literally just a twitch thot with an anime avatar. No different from Pokimane.

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Her yelling at chat is an integral part of the veibae experience.

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Either ignorant retard who has learned better or malicious whore.

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the only thing she did wrong is she didn't shit on hololive hard enough

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Have you even watched the thing? She outright says that companies could just replace the roommate and nobody would care.

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nooo you can't make fun of these entirely corpo-manufactured personalities that are focus group tested and designed to extract as much money from gachikois as possible, i love them so much

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Fuck off faggots, make another thread if you want to invoke the spergs and start fighting about what 2D waifu is better, NOBODY CARES!

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Sorry anon, you’re in a vshojo member thread. Controversy and drama are in their blood. Vei is still alright though.

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This is a thread about veibae and what people think about her. Turns out, they think she’s a cheap lying whore!

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Stop shitposting with my oshi. OP asked for thoughts and I posted >>3903458. Not my fault some retarded autist got triggered.

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You can't make fun of them and then collab with them after without apologizing

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But she can.

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>corpo-manufactured personalities

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>this is what vshitters actually believe

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Nice voice but too horny and open about it for me.

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It's not like she's the antichrist or anything, but whether online or in person, ever met someone who just pulls stuff out of their ass, lies about people, fabricates gossip, etc? That's basicallly what she did. It's usually the tip of a shitty iceberg. Why lie about something so trivial? Sour grapes?

There's no shortage of vtubers. Like literally thousands out there dying for views. Don't understand why people are so quick to defend her.

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>too horny and open about it for me

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Go back

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Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with having sex ect. But there was some clip where she mentioned having cum in her mouth and that level of openness publicly about that sort of thing is kinda weird to me.

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To the place you belong

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>you’re in a vshojo member thread. Controversy and drama are in their blood.
Find a vshojo fan who has a problem with hologirls, you can't

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West Virginia?

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I can tell you about a certain vshojo who shittalked about hololive and the hologirls

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she said come
c. o. m. e.
not cum
come, into my mouth
it's vore which is completely different

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Based, fuck suits
misinterpretation rrat

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There are some, but most of them are falseflaggots. And who cares anyways, let idolfags play their favorite game

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Mountain momma!

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Well, too bad Vei does have a problem with them and is now collabing with one of them for clout, which makes her look like a huge hypocryte.

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>focus group tested and designed
it's a japanese company, they have no fucking idea of what they are doing

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Nigger, she literally called them fake and said they just read from a script

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Hottest voice ever

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apparently not even in reddit it was well received lol
If the hugbox fails...

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she cheated on her ex boyfriend anon, what did you expect

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Reddit is bad, so if they think it's bad, it must actually be good. I fully support this collab now.

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Don't mix up your rrats, that's Froot.

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no she was with other guys when she was with pokelawls

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>not even in reddit
it's the same SEAniggers from here lol

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Cheeky brat.

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She will collab with Hololive and you can't do anything about it, SEAchama

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Hello, I just came here to say that in the grand scheme of things, you are worthless.
No matter how hard you try, you'll never protect 'your girl' from the opinions of delusional virgins.
You are always trying to defend them or protect them from destructive criticism, but they'll never know about your efforts. After all, you are a self-pitying cunt whose only purpose is to argue with other self-pitying cunts.
Keep battling an useless war, you don't fully even believe what you are typing, you are pathetic, you are in an asylum with other schizos.
Holofags & VShojofags have truly deluded themselves into believing there's only one kind of woman that is true and argue about it. How sad.

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Vshitters don't even know the gamebu collapse or the Kizuna clones and what those incidents did to the company which pulled that shit.
Vei needs to do a naked dogeza not to apologize, since she doesn't care, but because it's hot.

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>VShojofags have truly deluded themselves into believing there's only one kind of woman that is true
I like Gura and Ame streams too though

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She is fine if she doesn't talk too much. Not that her voice is the problem. The actual things she says just really show you how little is in her head. I don't like listening to her lukewarm takes or her stories. She is boring and has no depth. In terms of entertainment the only Vshojo worse is Hime and Hime is a literal joke character.

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She's the most based vtuber there is. Funny, sexy as fuck voice, really good at videogames, she says what she thinks without picking the "right" words and really down to earth, you can actually write something in her chat and she will most likely read it, even if you're a noname rando.
Vei may seem way too over the top at the beginning, for example, she might say something so gross it'll make you wanna puke, but you begin to find it hilarious after a while. Just kick back and enjoy the show, you know.

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Get out the board, whore, dont you have some cocks to suck

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Friend would not be happy hearing about that.

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This is exactly why I post here, to trigger idiots like you lol, an actual fucking "get off my board" haven't seen those in a while

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Shame personality is shit, design is good

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what did she mean by this?

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Alright, Vei. Don't you have some clips of you trashing Hololive to take down?

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>he didn't get it

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that's her discord?

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>This is exactly why I post here, to trigger idiots like you lol, an actual fucking "get off my board" haven't seen those in a while
How new to miss the pun?

>> No.3905707

What pun

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>Thoughts on veibae?
I want her to touch my pee pee

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she attacked suits but people are twisting her words to make it seem like she didn't. as you can see by the other reply to this post

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"I hate that like, side of hololive? that roleplays? because when you know, about uh like the ummm the ah background stuff? that they have to do? just to be in hololive? it's like spooky"

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yes, she was misinformed. if she was correct then who do you think would be forcing the talents to roleplay? fucking god? or suits?

>> No.3906207 [DELETED] 

"they literally support a terrible company"

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lol find me positive posts about cover before this week

>> No.3906227

Vshojo fans everyone. You can't make this shit up.

>> No.3906230

>all the girls worried about permissions when people ask about the next game to play

>> No.3906248 [DELETED] 

everyone will praise Cover's ability to scout talent and screen out people like veibae

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>this thing i made up
okay retard

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pretty much.

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Moved the goalpost twice then deflected. Do you really think that anon was gonna listen to you?

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She is a bitch and I don't like her attitude.

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Her voice is so fucking hot.

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Veibae? She is a fucking bitch.

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Fuck yeah she is

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"Pussy. Pussy cocks sex cum. I love dicks. Dicks that cum. Cumming cocks inside of pussies sex sex sex"

I just summed up a Vei stream. Unironically.
No one even has anything to say about her other than "uhh her breathe porn voice gives me a boner"

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she also say thank yuu to duke uwu

>> No.3906858

Bigger judas than Artia. Also a nice punching bag.

>> No.3906869

it's because Kiara got the green light for collabing with a certain Vshojo member, Vei even announced that something special is coming up, so you can connect the dots
it's just antis being antis

>> No.3906879

mori mouse collab?

>> No.3906890

Unironically the only good thing about Cover. things_cover_should_do.txt exists for a reason.

>> No.3906905

woops wrong paste

>> No.3906910

wrong, she talks about her period as well

>> No.3906922

>is vei the new nyanners
Yeah. People remembered that this exists, because when she said it, she was just a random 2view speaking bullshit. One of the pink cat antis even said that Veibae is even more of a hypocrite for working with the suppose black companies she talked about before.

>> No.3906944

what's wrong with that

>> No.3906950

If there was ever gonna be a hololive-vshojo collab that match up was an obvious one.

>> No.3906971

I fapped to her dancing gif once.
That's pretty much it.

>> No.3906974

This bitch deserves to be facefucked and gagged to prevent her from spreading any more bullshit about Hololive.

>> No.3906976

Holy horny bananas, Batman.

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The things she complains about with Cover are exactly the things VShojo does not do. She gets to keep her character and her model even if she graduates. I know understanding a concept more than 1 sentence long is difficult but your brain is a wonderful thing and it shouldn't be wasted like this.

>> No.3907060

why are hololive fans so mentally ill

>> No.3907075

encouraging obesity

>> No.3907086

Anon, that's not the issue, it's okay if she wants to keep things for herself, but...
>Why Cover should not keep the models they commissioned?
>Who are those contacts from Hololive she's talking about?
>If it's scripted, why they allow things like Asacoco or HoloMythCast?
>What's so bad about Idol culture per se?

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dunno lol

>> No.3907101

you're just mad you'll never be a magic rich fat guy

>> No.3907137

She also said that hololive talents have to do shitty things for a shitty company. She also said that roleplaying is fake and they have to read scripts. She also said that idol culture as a whole is a shitty thing. I know understanding things she said over the course of the whole video is difficult but your brain is a wonderful thing and it shouldn't be wasted like this.

>> No.3907140

Open up. Version 2.0.
>Help them organize schedules.
>Talk to other managers to help organize collabs. Say one stream Holo A says she'd like to collab with Holo B someday but she's too shy to ask. Holo A's manager should at the very least float the idea to Holo B's manager.
>Take advantage of the hundreds of popular games with open streaming licenses
>Keep track of their physical and mental health. If it looks like they are getting burnt out, work with them to find the problem and help fix it
>Make sure their connections and equipment are functioning well. Buy or reimburse them on things they need to stream such as games, accounts, payments for servers. Lobby to fix problems with models or rigging if there is any.
>Watch their streams when possible and monitor any technical problems or interruptions.
>Teach them basic OPSEC, research and scrub their past lives to avoid doxxing.
>As much as possible, keep track of Antis. That's not to say every anonymous comment can be followed up on, but if some guy says he knows where a Holo lives and is gonna visit her, maybe take action.
>Teach the newer ones how Hololive works, what will be expected of them, both from the fans and the company. This includes memberships, concerts, collabs, merchandise, pricing, etc.
>Hire competent staff with background in talent management for managers, translators, mods, etc.
>Use their prestige to hook their talent up with creatives who want to make things for them.
>Screen all fan-made content that the Holos want to feature.
>Reach out and connect the talent to merchandise producers so they can offer a range of products, some personalized to the Holo's taste
>Present concerts in a way that offers the best experience for both the idols and the fans
>Support the Holos with projects if they want to go above and beyond what's required, re-invest in the talent that made you money
>Leaves schedule management for the talents, resulting in multiple issues when things don't go to plan
>Use a messy system for collaborations, which results in long waiting periods and delays
>Refuses to use open streaming licensees until they can get explicit permission from the developers or publishers, further delaying stream concepts, as well as operating on a branch-by-branch permissions list, resulting in members of one branch having permission while others do not, without telling them
>Leave talents to their own devices, only seeming to check in if the talent's conditions have already had a negative effect in some way, when it could be prevented and fixed much earlier
>Outside of the initial iPhone and software, they don't provide a computer setup that would enable the streamer to operate at their peak. This has resulted in setbacks for multiple Holos in their debut period as internet and hardware issues handicap their streams until they can be fixed
>Seem to allow multiple issues to persist across multiple streams, when support staff getting involved would help resolve said issues much faster (such as talents playing through OBS, resulting in delayed feedback, making the talents frustrated and harming the stream experience for both them and the viewers)
>Very little OPSEC, which has allowed for multiple incidents to occur where talents are harassed by antis who follow them from their past lives
>Slow to act, and multiple antis have popped up after getting banned to keep going under new accounts. They need to be more aggressive on this front
>Throw their talents into the water headfirst, leaving them to stumble into the lessons firsthand, when these issues could have been easily avoided
>Have consistently had issues with support staff, resulting in multiple needing to be either reprimanded or fired after they cause issues for the talent
>Prefer to focus on the "tech company" aspect, leaving the talent to make their own connections if they want anything to be done
>Have allowed multiple fan-works to slip through the cracks with issues, resulting in problems for the talent such as traced emotes or harmful messages hidden in retweeted fanart
>Slow to develop any merchendising contacts, Holos have been limited to voice packs, small pillows and acrylic stands, with only small exceptions as of late, as well as having management veto some of the talent's ideas on "character" basis
>Stubbornly stick to the live viewing model, resulting in multiple concerts where restrictions force them to simply stream footage of the venue screen online, resulting in much flatter visuals than intended
>Require the Holos to personally invest in projects, while also holding them to strict standards of what can and can't be done without informing them before they start working on said projects.

>> No.3907141 [DELETED] 

Because lonely schizo incels is the target audience of Hololive. They went apeshit for months because some welsh dude dared to talk to their precious pure girls, and now this

>> No.3907167

>Defending a corpo this hard
>She never said she had contacts with a holo directly, she is discussing things she's heard
>She said it "feels" scripted. Never said it was
>literally fucking everything
I think she was responding more to how idol culture in general is bad since virtual idols are handled very differently from real ones. But holy shit you have to be stupidly naive if you're not aware of how incredibly fucked up real idol culture is.

>> No.3907180

Lol I was trolling you, I'm not reading all of that
Cover is incompetent, but come on...

>> No.3907187

>>What's so bad about Idol culture per se?
Is this serious? You cannot be this naive.

>> No.3907225 [DELETED] 

back to twitter

>> No.3907231

>everyone constantly bitching about cover
>this girl says bad things about cover/general idol schizo culture
>suddenly everyone simping for cover

>> No.3907246

>Cover is incompetent
As >>3906248 said, the only competent department there is Scouting.

>> No.3907271

>>suddenly everyone simping for cover
>what is >>3907140
Back to whatever shithole you came from.

>> No.3907345

>>Defending a corpo this hard
Literally how? The personalities are themselves, but the model is from the corpo. If Suisei retired, she wouldn't be able to use her new comet model, but would still retain her original model since that was hers to begin with. Also, as Unlimited proved, they may own the model, but making it reappear with another person would be the final yab holofags keep talking about.

>> No.3907367

I'll leave a dislike on the collab even if it "helps the algorithm" bullshit, I'm starting to think that's just a conspiracy to make people ignore the content they dont like instead of showing disconfort in a visible way, when you see the whole 35 dislikes the video will have, one will be mine anons.

>> No.3907383 [DELETED] 

Mine too, and I'll probably supa something unhappy

>> No.3907395

>I mean, if they pay the artists and riggers, why not?
>Okay, but why present it as facts (correct me if I'm wrong?
>Fair enough
>They are performers and are under a screen, the gachikois are a separate problem, tell me the issues to discuss better, issues specific to Idol Vtubers

Her opinion is okay-ish overall

>> No.3907404

she's not a bitch in that "mm damn what a bitch" way but in the "god damn what a fucking cunt" way.

>> No.3907410 [DELETED] 


>> No.3907415

>giving someone money to tell them how unhappy you are

>> No.3907446

>She never said she had contacts with a holo directly, she is discussing things she's heard.
She's a rrat poster who propped up a rrat on her platform bro.
She said it "feels" scripted. Never said it was
"I hate that like, side of hololive? that roleplays?"
>literally fucking everything
So you think the singing, dancing, and the push to better yourself is sad? Ogey bro.
>I think she was responding more to how idol culture in general is bad since virtual idols are handled very differently from real ones. But holy shit you have to be stupidly naive if you're not aware of how incredibly fucked up real idol culture is.
Most of the bad things that people say, "Idol Culture" isn't even idol shit. Just antis, schizos, and stalkers. There's been 1 major incident that was actually idol culture related for hololive. That being the mel situation. Are you gonna frame hololive off of that incident? Ok, how about I frame Vshojo as a Black company because of Melody's fiasco with her Modeler?

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mm damn what a bitch

>> No.3907467

Gee, I sure hope you guys only consume ethically produced pornography or none at all, else you'd be a hypocrite

>> No.3907491

I have sex instead

>> No.3907515

Because what are they going to do with the model if the person leaves the company? They don't repurpose them or recast or anything like that. They just sit there and rot. It's just another method used to exercise control over the talents by letting them know what they stand to lose if they decide to leave. There's contracts and stuff they could have people sign if they really believe a talent may try to sign on just to receive a model and then quit but they don't take that route because this is the one that keeps them in line.

She's going off hearsay and at the time the clip happened everyone thought that Aloe had been fired for being doxxed and breaking the rule of revealing her real life self. That turned out to not be the case but everyone thought it was (in the west) at the time and that's what she's undoubtedly talking about. And like I said I think she's referring more to idol culture in general that's fucked up since virtual idols were still very new at the time so it's easy to assume they would have a lot of the same problems. There's entire books and documentaries about exploitative and fucked up Japanese and Korean idol culture is if you actually don't know anything about it. That being said I'm assuming a lot of the fucked-upness of those businesses don't apply to Holo since it's all handled virtually so you don't have to say, pressure performers into getting eating disorders so they stay trim.

>> No.3907517

The only 3d I would fap to is amatuer
So maybe

>> No.3907523

How the fuck did you make that connection?

>> No.3907524

A penny or a dollar whichever is less

>> No.3907555


>> No.3907557

I hate her voice so much.

>> No.3907563

Or the food you eat, the beverages you drink, the clothes you wore, the fuel you used for your transport...

>> No.3907587

>what they stand to lose
Lol no, the corpo has everything to lose if the talent goes. Again, are you even aware of the game-bu fiasco? Think of how bad it was that made the usually docile and corpo-bootlicker nips go against the company.

>> No.3907608

>muh corporate bad
>muh only Reddit defends corporations
>muh I'm totally not harassing the talents behind my cries to have Cover do more for their talents
Zhang, you will never fit in here. You're better off on Twitter with the other useful idiots that compose the VShojo and EN Indieshit community.

>> No.3907637

>There's contracts and stuff they could have people sign if they really believe a talent may try to sign on just to receive a model and then quit but they don't take that route because this is the one that keeps them in line.
You would have to prove this without breaking the law.

>> No.3907654

It's not a zhang, anon, just an underage retard. Or probably Vei herself. She was half-bug, right?

>> No.3907674

>She was half-bug, right?

>> No.3907679

no you're right cover definitely can't afford good lawyers to draft up a contract that would be able to handle all of that

>> No.3907684

>No Kiara or Ollie shit threads
Hmm, I wonder why...
>Two Veibae threads occupied the first page
Oh, that's why

>> No.3907686

Ranting about idol culture while consuming blatantly exploitative porn is a bit like complaining about global warming while driving an SUV to work.
The moral of the story: 2D > 3D

>> No.3907713

>watching professional porn
anon there's billions of amateur vids out there it's not hard at all to watch ethically made porn

>> No.3907731

just another twitch thot. nothing special.

>> No.3907736
File: 49 KB, 720x656, sxarp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2D > 3D
This. I wonder why retards have forgotten this simple rule.

>> No.3907774

It's much worse than that. The only company that has somehow managed to keep a virtually airtight control over their property is Disney. They had to pretty much pay off (lobbying) the government to even get this done. After them it's Apple with the App Store, but that is right now being challenged and we don't know what will happen.

>> No.3907801

kek. kiara of vhoejoe.

>> No.3907816
File: 1010 KB, 923x861, 1617653478907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did not know that I still had this much hatred inside me. I thought I was an empty husk of a person these days. But now the hatred inside me burns like the flames of a thousand suns.

>> No.3907821

Good. It's obvious the clip is a piece of its time, some folks would not be quite pissed if they didn't had a little trust in Cover. Anyway, she probably changed her opinion, because the MegaCorpo thing is ridiculous.

>Because what are they going to do with the model if the person leaves the company? They don't repurpose them or recast or anything like that. They just sit there and rot
Probably true, who knows what they will do with them in the future?
> It's just another method used to exercise control over the talents by letting them know what they stand to lose if they decide to leave. There's contracts and stuff they could have people sign if they really believe a talent may try to sign on just to receive a model and then quit but they don't take that route because this is the one that keeps them in line.
You are making shit up, why firm the contract in the first place?

>> No.3907865

>anon there's billions of amateur vids out there it's not hard at all to watch ethically made porn
>amateur porn
A large part of that is business owned too. Let's not forget about revenge porn, hidden cam or even the leaks. The internet is a warzone and porn is a minefield. lol

>> No.3907888

How hard is it for Veibae to simply apologize or recant? Or let me guess, it's OK for her to keep those opinions because cOrPoRaTe BadD?

>> No.3907898

Vei is alright, personally I like Iron mouse more but eh.

>> No.3907906

>Hating Ironmouse
No you definitely are an empty husk of a person.

>> No.3907907
File: 11 KB, 261x244, shade pupper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh corporate bad
How is wanting them to do whatever they want to do harassment?

>> No.3907922 [DELETED] 

le wholesome 100

>> No.3907935

>revenge porn
Fuck you for reminding me of Stalag fiction, I was trying to forget about it.

>> No.3907939

If you aren't into a collab just don't watch it

>> No.3907969
File: 46 KB, 512x512, lulu gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hating on Ironmouse

>> No.3907993

>How hard is it for Veibae to simply apologize or recant?
Pretty hard these days, you know how it goes when an internet personality apologizes, all the cancel culture fags smell blood in the water because they've just admitted to wrongdoing.

>> No.3907994

You don't though. You just want your precious VShojo collab free of any repercussions that come with it so "Holocels seethe." You don't actually care about what they do. You just want them to please you and the rest of this shitty board. Fight the system brother! Yeah! I'm so cutting-edge and hip!

>> No.3908047

>Meme response
Not really helping your case of not being a soulless husk.

>> No.3908061

I don't even know what repercussions you mean? Shit like >>3907098 ?

>> No.3908081
File: 831 KB, 2404x1260, death of subculture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3908093

I don't know, ask Kureiji "I want to break the rules" Ollie about how purityfags and anituber haters made her piss her pants

Actually this, doesn't mean I'm not leaving a dislike

>> No.3908101
File: 976 KB, 936x783, 1618001567950.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That voice
>That design
>That attitude
Yeah, I fap while watching stream.

>> No.3908117

Fuck off Ironmouse is based

>> No.3908134

Don't mix us with HoloEN, please.

>> No.3908154

The entire vshojo fandom combined is a lower number than the amount of literal children Gura has in her chat.

>> No.3908163

Really, a sick girl who can't leave her room getting to virtually hang out with someone she's admired for quite some time is what rekindled hatred inside you?

>> No.3908199

Anon, when the big bad orange woman scared you, you literally hid yourself under moonrunes.

>> No.3908235

fucking retarded gaynigger, you're unworthy of posting armstrong

>> No.3908271

Ironmouse has probably been a vtuber for longer than you've even been watching them.

>> No.3908307


>> No.3908333
File: 261 KB, 2250x2250, ._..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I did not know that I still had this much hatred inside me. I thought I was an empty husk of a person these days. But now the hatred inside me burns like the flames of a thousand suns.

>> No.3908356

Were you the guy she counted down for?

>> No.3908375 [DELETED] 
File: 110 KB, 960x960, ·_·.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have another (You)
Don't talk about Mousey like shit

>> No.3908420

This hobby has been dead the moment cover decided to pander to eops. Ironically hololive is more normie bait than vslutjo is.

>> No.3908463

Got any more?

>> No.3908467
File: 110 KB, 960x960, ·_·.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have another (You)
Don't talk about Mousey like shit

>> No.3908494

Well said /v/.

>> No.3908703
File: 238 KB, 810x1028, ksjd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The entire board, no exceptions

>> No.3908714
File: 636 KB, 784x627, 1620692563645.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually he is worthy

>> No.3908722

What exactly did you find so hateful about mousey?

>> No.3908766

Well I don't think she can. She literally has said she isn't allowed to talk politics, so she probably can't.

>> No.3908776


>> No.3908840

Anon, how the fuck is retracting from her previous statements (which don't involve RL politics) not allowed?

>> No.3908876
File: 124 KB, 436x252, Rance_Yikes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unironically an hero yourself faggot

>> No.3908879 [DELETED] 

works with whores

>> No.3908901

Probably avoid drama by not talking about it. Most normies don't even know about it. Her making a apology video brings attention.

>> No.3908914

I was referring to the collab announcement which Ironmouse pretty much confirmed.

>> No.3908943

t. buttblasted purityfag
Always knew Holochimps go hand-in-hand with /r9k/tards

>> No.3908956 [DELETED] 

don't care, won't watch

>> No.3908964

Not necessarily an apology, just say that she has a more clear opinion of Cover, nobody wants her to do a dogeza

>> No.3908985
File: 39 KB, 257x362, 1620053463727.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cope and seethe some more

>> No.3909010

This is not about purity. Nyanshit is an immoral lying piece of shit. I would not mind any Vshojo member if that whore was not part of it.

>> No.3909017

>don't care
>the hatred inside me burns like the flames of a thousand suns.

>> No.3909043

Blame the retard oldfags of 4chan at the time who doxxed her shit and ended up pushing her towards the tumblr crowd.

>> No.3909068 [DELETED] 

that's >>3908914, I just wanted to chime in and let everyone know that I will not watch any content from cam whores

>> No.3909078


>> No.3909092
File: 62 KB, 1062x896, c47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nobody wants her to do a dogeza
Tell that to >>3904760

>don't care
>after posting armstrong

>> No.3909099

>She thinks your oshi is TRASH

>> No.3909104

I can't quite pin where her accent comes from

>> No.3909121 [DELETED] 

the garbage can

>> No.3909122

Slag, probably?

>> No.3909130

Well only one of them's a cam whore you know. Ironmouse couldn't be one if she wanted to.

>> No.3909167

Half Polish, half British.

>> No.3909184 [DELETED] 

By working with a prostitute they're making it very clear what their product is and it's not video games or chatting

>> No.3909211
File: 56 KB, 500x500, ratanas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3909222

Which one? Veibae? Zentreya? Nyanners?

I don’t even like Vshojo, but grow up faggot

>> No.3909251


>> No.3909273

>Their product isn't what all of them do, it's what one of them does in addition to also doing that same thing

>> No.3909275

What a retarded narrative. She was always an immoral lying piece of shit and an attention whore on top.
Do not believe any of her sob stories. She was doxxed because she was retarded. That is all.

>> No.3909285

>Which one

>> No.3909301

Victim blaming…

>> No.3909305 [DELETED] 

what all of them do, is sell sex on the internet

>> No.3909317

Yeah but that again still brings attention, and honestly, who really cares? She said something stupid, who cares? Shit almost all of Hololive said nigger or go home or any along that line, no one cared, one because that's actually based and two because they didn't give it much attention in further streams.

>> No.3909331 [DELETED] 

Yes I don't want an apology I want Vei to leave

>> No.3909333

I know, not gonna lie, I’m okay with Mel and Mousey

>> No.3909342

Does that make Choco and Mel whores?

>> No.3909351
File: 197 KB, 777x1398, e3fa1e1911cefd554043592ee19b0e21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In the collab, Vei is going to call out Hololive and call Kiara a fake and a fraud to her face and ask why she works with such a shitty company

Here's my ralts

>> No.3909353
File: 111 KB, 220x220, 1619278067858.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>st-stop it g-guys! she was a little baby with no agency of her own! people FORCED her into making loli content! I swear.

>> No.3909367

Did she kick your dog in a past life or something?

>> No.3909370 [DELETED] 

find me a stream with them talking about swallowing cum, their sexual escapades, or anything of the sort

>> No.3909417

That would be awkward, the TTS misinterpreting stuff would certainly ruin the mood.

>> No.3909425

I don’t care, the schizos outside of here care; she doesn’t need to address past comments specifically, just say something positive about Cover and the schizos will calm down their tits

>> No.3909453

Choco has talked about her dating attempts, which ended in hilarious ways.
>One guy invited her to a pachinko parlor on their first date
>One guy invited her to a karaoke and then spilled his spaghetti so hard he just stared at her tits and asked her to bear his children right there
>One guy asked her to pay for his car’s gas bill
>One guy told her he cheated on his gf to be with Choco

>> No.3909518

She got doxxed before she left to tumblr if that's what you're implying.

>> No.3909527

I like Mel and Iron, both are actually really amusing. Although favorite vtuber as a whole gotta pikamee honestly. Like, there's a few that purely rely on 'Mmm seggsy' but if I lose interest in what they're doing I'll just look up nsfw of the character rather than watch them.

>> No.3909532 [DELETED] 


>> No.3909534


>> No.3909568

God Choco is like a high class escort built for old fat ugly executives

>> No.3909584

True honestly. But I don't blame her for not wanting to, kinda like Coco not wanting to deal with China though, you don't want to even associate with the spastic shitting themselves in your chat.

>> No.3909594

Usual thoughts, anyone vshoujo related is shit and banking on being lewd trash.

>> No.3909595

But who would accept 10$ to have sex with a girl like her?

>> No.3909608

Please red pill me, it has been showing up a lot.

>> No.3909609


>> No.3909620


>> No.3909641

Kek, thank you for taking the bait
Now seriously, Nyanners and the schizos made their choices, it ended like shit

>> No.3909651

Imagine how big of a yab it would be if it was a Niji who said this

Didn't a Hololive girl graduate because she spoke I'll of Nijisanji?

>> No.3909666

did she talk about swallowing cum?

>> No.3909673


>> No.3909699

True, it's really all Youtube's fault.

>> No.3909743

All her dates were strikeouts, what do you think?

>> No.3909759

I don’t watch VShojo, only a few clips, but I’m actually fond of them, if there’s a collab I would watch, it’s one with them

If that’s her choice, that’s fine, no one should force her to say something she doesn’t believe

>> No.3909762

You mean the Nijichads actually do something when someone lies about their company?
Oh no no no...

>> No.3909834

Her roommate has sex

>> No.3909886

(Both me.)
Honestly I like don't watch streams live, i watch the full recording after. Only stream I can say I've watched is Alicegawa, mostly to try and help a smaller one grow a little bit.

Yeah, I think if it weren't for spastics she probably would have but I don't know.

>> No.3909907

No more details?

>> No.3909930

God-tier voice but I don't like her personality, too degenerate but not in an endearing way.

>> No.3909965 [DELETED] 

Anon, they all have sex

>> No.3909966
File: 126 KB, 550x550, 1393619620253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it's Vei with Kiara and Calli with Ironmouse?
Who is with Gura, or Nyanners?

>> No.3910008

Extremely fair.
Not iron mouse. She's a cripple.

>> No.3910009

If Yagoo is telling the true, a fair amount don't (can't)

>> No.3910134

Huh, thank you for showing me a new Vtuber

Well, the only thing it can be done, is only wait for now

Anyway, I’m out, have a nice day, you deserve it

>> No.3910153 [DELETED] 


There's no way Choco emulates blowjob and rough bed sex ASMR on her roommate account if she has never done it before

>> No.3910190

Never, one of them will tell the other to fuck off

>> No.3910193
File: 602 KB, 1080x766, Screenshot_20210506-004319_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, alice is genuinely great. Have a nice one man.

>> No.3910214

I feel like I'm missing something.

>> No.3910217
File: 26 KB, 640x591, z6ol7que8vs61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A veibae stream everyone.
>inb4 muh purity
No. I just don't want to constantly hear about sex related shit.

>> No.3910317

>Thoughts on veibae?
cute and sexy design wasted on a disgusting tryhard am i kawaii uguu voice screaming about cocks and her pussy. Legit makes me want to puke everytime i hear her disgusting voice

>> No.3910363
File: 26 KB, 376x219, 1606347310849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3910398


>> No.3910539

chaaht what the fuuhckuh

>> No.3910562

>That was such a fun stream, Kiara! I've said some negative things about Hololive in the past, but you've really opened my eyes and shown that I was wrong. I love you and hope we can collab again!

>> No.3910572
File: 110 KB, 1080x822, 1620777218428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>screaming about cocks and her pussy.

>> No.3910607

>hating managers = hating the girls

>> No.3910673

On first listen her voice reminds me of a female Stewie Griffin but worse.

>> No.3910717

Her artist is excellent but you're all just a bunch of drooling fucking morons and she's cringe as fuck.

>> No.3910789


>> No.3910802

You don't find constantly hearing penis and boob jokes funny?

>> No.3910835

Dumb slut with a voice that makes me want to kill myself. Also half anglo/polish, no humanity left really.

>> No.3911143

It’s Mousey, so I don’t give a fuck
You’ll have to show me a stream where that’s her entire gimmick

>> No.3911181

> god-tier voice
> god-tier model
> corposhills hate her
> virgins hate her
> Nyanners haters (a.k.a. child molesters) hate her
She's perfect.

>> No.3911192

Not sure yet, but I'm going to approach her from a fresh perspective. Her design is pure sex, at least.
When NijiEN debuted, /vt/ was whipped into a major frenzy of shitposting and outrage. It was so excessive, it kinda snapped me out of some stupor and forced me to do a double-take of where I've been and what I've been doing. I suddenly felt really stupid for always going with the flow, hating on vtubers and companies I had never even watched before, parroting dumb shit rrats just to fit in even though I knew they were fake, raiding others' threads just because they didn't love Hololive like I do etc.
I think I'm gonna take the /v/ approach of "do the opposite of what the consensus on the board is" for a while. I really have no personal reason to dislike Veibae, Nyanners or anyone else in Vshojo, so I might as well give them all a fair chance.

>> No.3911205 [DELETED] 

Enjoy dude, it’s gross and unfunny

>> No.3911232

It's twitch. She can't just start saying "Yeah I like hunting ghost, but I like dressing as a ghost and burning crosses more.", gotta take what you can get. Seriously wish we would get a alternative to twitch already, not even that hard to make, twitch has nothing special.

>> No.3911239
File: 130 KB, 463x453, 1614154676994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ctrl f
>309 results

>> No.3911257

She's okay, the moth is better.

>> No.3911550


>> No.3913129

just enjoy

>> No.3913769

It's some kind of american english spoken by a bong. Some people say it's polish but she doesn't sound slavic at all.

>> No.3915562
File: 1.43 MB, 1457x1018, preview.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Some people say it's polish but she doesn't sound slavic at all.
It slips sometimes

>> No.3916214

I never watched her but I desperately want to have sex with her

>> No.3916319

I hate that she joined Vshoujo, she's not a good person

>> No.3916367

HoloEN was a mistake. At this point, just keep the whores contained with HoloEn.

>> No.3916857

Vshojo literally collects girls who are terrible human beings though

The only one who is nice is Ironmouse

>> No.3916969

Hi Veibae

>> No.3919472

>Terrible human being
What did she do? I dont watch her but I cant imagine her doing anything to make her a terrible human being.

>> No.3920706

Cute feet

>> No.3922528 [DELETED] 

based on that DIVORCED meme probably cheated on their partner but I don't do reps

>> No.3922609

There is nothing wrong with women being sexual. It's a matter of whether they do anything besides it.

>> No.3923752

is this what you newfags did to /jp/ before getting your own containment board?

You're like /pol/, a vector for tourist infestation, (kids, discordfags, SEAniggers) don't pretend to be better than vshojofags

>> No.3924299

I miss her catgril design.

>> No.3924758

Vei is hot and sexy as fuck. I don't give a fuck about the drama or whatever other rrats exist.

SEX>>>>>old drama

>> No.3926184 [DELETED] 

Chested on her husband when he was deployed and scammed /k/

>> No.3926323 [DELETED] 


>> No.3930794

Holy shit shes the only Vtuber whos voice give me an insta boner
No fucking clue why
but just started watching her

>> No.3930910

i want to coom in her, and her voice is amazing. I really liked her old 3d model so much im sad she moved from it

>> No.3932741

She's your average e-thot, and her fans are all a bunch of keks

>> No.3937549

idolfag deterrent which is great

>> No.3937587

Base highIQ poster

>> No.3937711

When the only good thing about her is her voice and not one of these faggots actually care about what she says

>> No.3937795
File: 304 KB, 2048x1448, 1619507261168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder how far off that is

>> No.3937854

it's not feet, it's a foot. And it's the wrong one.
I wonder why drawing the correct feet is still so difficult for many artists. Are they all so fat they can't see their own when looking down?

>> No.3937878
File: 15 KB, 500x279, shit_bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And it's the wrong one.

>> No.3937882

>admitting to be a /v/tard
also, don't use your inability to distinguish between shitposting and anons with proof that something sucks to have a moral high ground. It's just you being the type of idiot that game developers scam all the time.

>> No.3937894

look at your own feet, its not that hard.

>> No.3937910

You're right I just had to go back and look

>> No.3937975

What are you talking about? Having 2 left feet is completely normal

>> No.3938030
File: 3.94 MB, 4096x2892, lahjj1syj4s61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3938042
File: 1.09 MB, 4096x2159, Virtual-YouTuber-Hololive-Anime-Art-artist-6185537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3938069
File: 2 KB, 125x88, 1621505020123s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3938158

And Marines stream
And Matsuris stream

>> No.3938240

Show me one video of them saying exactly that

>> No.3938398

s-shut up

>> No.3938959
File: 31 KB, 683x449, ogey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3939778

day old ass post lmao

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