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Your one-stop shop for all things VShojo and their friends! News since last thread:

Obviously the biggest news is Kiara of Hololive-EN dropping a rather large bomb on all of us that EN-management may be reversing its position on ignoring or outright blacklisting any association with VShojo and others. While this may only be related to the upcomig DigiKomi event this weekend, it opens a door that was previously closed, and not just for our girls, but for just about everybody else, too. Since the Trash Taste podcast, HL-EN hasn't really allowed a ton of collabs for their talents outside of Hololive itself. For the longest time that one exception was looking like just that, but perhaps now Kiara and HL-EN will have a chance to expand a bit. There's also some speculation this might be a response to the Nijisanji-EN launch. Regardless, don't expect poor Melody to be involved, as Cover will only go so far.

So the DigiKomi event is going on this weekend, and four VShojos are participating with Veibae, Nyanners, Silvervale, and Ironmouse being there. Obviously with Kiara also attending this event Veibae and Kiara have a chance to be on the same stage simultaneously, which both have wanted for a while. Expect hormones to run amok and Nyanners to steal Kiara from Veibae.

Ironmouse pushed past 500k followers on Twitch and 10k subscriptions on the same night. The next night, her simps, partially led by her own moderation staff, assaulted her further by pushing her from 10k subs to 13k subs in the span of about one hour. The power of simpery cannot be underestimatd!

May 20th is Zentreya's birthday! Remember to come hang out with the Dragon Dommy Mommy and wish her a happy day! Expect mass simpery, but do not ever feel you're required to donate shit. Just be there and have fun.

In sadder news, Momo's father passed away last week and she has been rather distraught since. She put out a donation request over Twitter to help her mother pay for funeral costs and made all the funds in less than an hour. Again, never underestimate simps.

By request, Anny (formerly Annytf) has been added! Enjoy the lewd OnlyFox!

Vshojo team page: https://www.twitch.tv/team/vshojo

Snuffy: https://www.twitch.tv/snuffy

Haruka: https://www.twitch.tv/harukakaribu

Momo: https://www.twitch.tv/momo

Bunny_GIF: https://www.twitch.tv/bunny_gif

Anny (note no more tf): https://www.twitch.tv/anny/videos

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Zentreya is live! https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya

So is Momo! https://www.twitch.tv/momo

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Gee. I. Wonder. Who. She. Is. Playing. With. On. Tuesday.

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Melody schedule. Two CB sessions this week for you coomers!

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Mel live and doing media share for the first time in ages. Neat.

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Looks like she remembered to turn off the jiggle physics today. Boo!

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Why did Vei change her discord?

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>had a dream about zen doing a voice reveal
>turns out shes actual a woman
Is this foreshadowing bros?

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Does zen game with a full mocap suit like codemiko? She did 24hr stream in that? And most importantly does it have a poop flap?

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Just watched on Mel's stream:


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Probably because the discords have become toxic as shit lately.

Did you cum?

No she doesn't use a full mocap suit. Just units for the head and arms (and legs if she's going to dance) that are tracked by the cameras.

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No i did not cum

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The hell is wrong with you.

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Im not attracted to zen, veibae on the other hand

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>Im not attracted to zen

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>you finally get to fuck veibae
>"Bro you better not be a fucking dribbler, you better be able to pull out and hit me in the face from down there"

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Not that I am questioning your taste, but if Zen turned out to be a girl, what would be the problem? You gotta cum! Just cum!

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I hit the wall from about 6 feet away, I think she'll be pleased.

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Am I dumb if, even if she does turn out to be an absolute goddess of a women with a voice like an angel, I'd still want her to keep up the TTS routine? Zen's delayed voice and typo flubs are the basis of the camaraderie she has with chat, which is where a lot of the humor comes from. I feel like just talking like every other vtuber might take away from that.

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Nah. I mean, Zen is Zen and whomever plays Zen is whomever plays Zen. It's perfectly natural to love her for what she is.

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If he turned out to be a girl their would be no problem, but i know it's not the case

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No you don't, but that's okay, just cum anyway. What are you gay?

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>Mel recognizes a Rhythm Heaven song for its porn parody version

>> No.3836261

yeah thats why he want's zen to be a dude

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Getting worked up over a vtubers real face/gender when cooming to their character design is kinda odd. Its like those people that try to hit you with the "hehe, you know that hentai was drawn by a gross neckbeard in his moms basement right???"

...Okay? I'm jerking off to the big titty anime girl, not them. How many of y'all like porn with male artists or directors? Same deal desu

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Oh well then carry on.

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Speaking of Zen,

Anons, it's time for you daily beatings


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Upon doing research into vshojo I realized 90% of them have ties to more ecelebs than vtubers. This really is the glorified /incel/ thread.

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what the fug

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Riveting. How many fives of minutes did you devote to your research? Do present your results for the committee.

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please show your math

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NTA, but because I'm lazy I decided to look it up.

The only eceleb collabs that come to mind are Anthony Padilla, the trash taste guys, that one woman silver looks up to/uses the music of, nags, noble and nux. Maybe one or two I'm forgetting.

For other vtubers, theres Momo, Bunny, Snuffy, Taka, Merry, Mira, Layna, Siro, Kaede, and Kizuna. Plus another 1 or 2 Im forgetting about.

All in all...literally nothing to ree over.

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Silver's talked with Felicia Day before who's pretty normie as far as celebs go. But they've collabed with plenty of vtubers before like the ones mentioned and comdost, natsumi moe, artemis, and lumi and stuff. Their vtuber connections are almost all indie instead of corporate because they all started indie too (aside from Hime and Froot)

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Melody yesterday mobilized the Science Team and got the fake Melody account on YT banned. About fucking time, too.

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Everyday until you faggots learn

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learn what?

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until you learn

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Please do not reply to doxxfags.

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Thanks for doing these write ups, I'm an occasional iron mouse watcher and that's basically it. So it's nice to see what's going on.

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Mousey gets extremely emotional with milestones, even if they're just arbitrary numbers that inevitably don't mean anything. To her, tho, those milestones are all symbols of everything she's gone through and reminders of how far she's come despite everything. Thus, any milestone is a treasure, and she will cry. And she did, a lot.

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I didn't even realize it was happening, I'll have to catch the VOD.

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veibase plastic surgery face is still the top result when you google her lmao

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It’s not add. Ever fapped to a TsundeRie? Same energy

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ironmouse and nyanners make the best vtuber collabs. like you don't see this energy in hololive

>> No.3845089

Their playthrough of A Way Out is probably the only VOD of anyone I've watched more than once they play off each other so well.

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Mousey brings out the best in everybody she collabs with, because she does not give any fucks even if she's nervous as hell. Nyanners is still way into her own head and spergs out badly when she meets anybody for the first time. While this wasn't the first time they played together it was the first time they played together alone and they just get more and more comfy and open as it goes on. Like the characters they're playing, they get to know each other slowly and begin to trust. Which is probably why the big swerve in A Way Out really hit them hard (and they played off it really well). Nyanners is absolutely amazing in collabs if she's comfortable with the people she's with. Go look at the first Lewdcast with her then the more recent one with her. It is night and day how Nyanners acts with her friends. This is also partially why the Kizuna Ai collab was so cringy. Not only were the girls trying to be reserved, but they were all so nervous around the legends that were Ai and SIRO and Kaede as well, that they couldn't function.

In the future, if anybody wants to do a collab with Nyanners, they should spend a week off camera just hanging out with her and getting to know her and letting her get to know you. Or just collab with Mousey, who will own the entire thing. God I love Mousey.

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Based Mousebro.

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Momo schedule!

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Why are there so few vshojo clippers?

>> No.3846371

There are more than you think, but they're not usually big channels (and often have other vtubers, too). Cooksie is probably their biggest one that focuses more on them and other EN vtubers, and kamitsurugi who does a wide variety of vtubers (both JP and EN).

But the only dedicated clippers to VShojo only are VShojo themselves.

>> No.3846508

Few? I have like whole youtube recommended filled with them.

>> No.3846579

They rarely apear on my feed, I thought the algorithm was nothing the for being on twitch, and giving preference to hololive

>> No.3846649

* Mogging them

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Let's see if I can point out a few and spoonfeed you, ya little whipper snapper.

Cooksie - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdktGrgQlqxPsvHo6cHF0Ng
kamitsurugi - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUErrriX4EM3BXXZNPKW4Sw
Holo Eymon Ch - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_8wa1VbAAH-ksQ7aH3hkkg/videos

Despite that name, does zero Holo content.

Johnathan Gustian - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMOT3O36ZtHXPjg4R09OAKg/featured

He seems to have more of a boner for Connor CDawgVA which is probably how he noticed vtubers.

Rusian X - https://www.youtube.com/c/RusianX/videos

This guy is new, I haven't watched any of his stuff but it's popping up on my recommended.

MonkeVTuber - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyuiFmASdnrb7L0W6RZHp7Q/featured

Another newfag, seems to really like Veibae.

Then there's Best of Ironmouse - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzDJ6vpUcDViKoFTryBxQlQ

Who, naturally, focuses on Ironmouse.

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Second look at what will be Froot's 3D model!

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Would you be her player 2?

>> No.3847756


And if you want to see Connor's side of things in Ironmouse collabs - there's a dedicated Connor clipper https://youtube.com/channel/UCE_PWDA01KI5ubI4K69A2Ww

>> No.3847790

Damn I was just coming here to link envtuber cutesy. They do less short clips and more short videos so you get full bits from streams and stuff and I like that since most clips miss out on a lot of cool moments by trying to condense a bit into 2 minutes or less.

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Some good ones there. I also forgot about Midori, who does a lot of Mel clips

>> No.3848140

Those arms have some weird perspective shit going on or something.

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My gog, veibae is hot. I want her to fucking rape me in my sleep.

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Holoniggers are SEETHING

>> No.3848887

I only watch nyanners fyi

>> No.3848904

Thoughts on connor/mouse streams. Theyre pretty good but i thought the recent language one was a little sloppy for mouse. Shes been taking more meds for something coming up or is this common?

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There's also VShojo SIngs which is primarily clips of Mouse and Nyan singing of course.

>> No.3849053

>Theyre pretty good but i thought the recent language one was a little sloppy for mouse.
She got plasma on that day so she was extra medicated and she wasn't in the best of shape because it was a few days late.

>> No.3849527

Suprisingly, there's no seething or outrage about it except for one or two schizo making thread about it.
I guess everybody already expected it? Or it's just loud minority.

Wish the collab going well, even though I didn't really watch Kiara that much compared to other HoloEN.

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Nyanners is not a grifting cu-

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She's so damn cute. She's like an adorable, shit talking kitten. I want to pat her head.

Also holy shit her eyes are mesmerizing. and her eyebrows. Didn't expect eyebrows to have so much character and be charming.

>> No.3853187

I hope theres some traction on that playdate with Pikamee

>> No.3853555


>> No.3853585

ironmouse (2)

>> No.3853620

ironmouse (3)

>> No.3853656

wheres kiaRA

>> No.3853749

Who the fuck is top right?

>> No.3853801


>> No.3853973


>> No.3854742

Froot, obviously

>> No.3854844

I'm probably not following very well, but did the Nyanners/Kizuna Ai concert happen yet?

>> No.3854883

yeah like 3 weeks ago

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File: 282 KB, 1280x1811, _veibae_fanart__by_tuka2k_dearjgx-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.3859190

She's a succubus, so no she's not going to.

>> No.3859324

Mouse has said before that she's an extrovert who's been forced to live the life of an introvert. And her ability to make friends super quickly even when she's super nervous is a pretty good indicator of how true that really is.

I think the seething is almost entirely localized to /vt/. Everybody else I've seen is either excited to see what comes of it or is ambivalent towards it.

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>> No.3860545

Based. Veibae has one of the best avatars precisely because of the eyebrows. They just add so much.

>> No.3860707

Its a shame she doesn't stream anymore

>> No.3861465

She could at least pay rent.

>> No.3861578

>Kiara & Veibae collab
This might be good, Kiara's the only HoloEN that I actually like

>> No.3862264

you fags did not have a thread for like 4 days? did you get raided by the schizos or did no one want to make a new thread?

>> No.3862329

Your supposed to pay her.

>> No.3862416

Unless there's a big event basically none of the girls stream on Sundays or Mondays so if the thread dies Saturday night nobody bothers until Monday evening when stuff for the next week starts lining up.

>> No.3863796

Not sure why you replied to him, but basically yeah. I'm nearly the only person who makes the threads. Sometimes others do, but usually me, and there's little point when nobody is scheduled.

>> No.3864055 [DELETED] 

Real vshojo fans are on /pmg/ away from the /vt/ard schizos

>> No.3864499

Can someone explain where these threads have been the last several days?
I missed you fags.

>> No.3864726

My guess, no one wanted to be bothered to make one

>> No.3864807

I doubt that. If /vg/ and /sp/ has taught me anything it's that there's always multiple autists fighting to make the thread and inevitably you get thread splitters.

>> No.3864854

I mean, this thread was here yesterday and there were a couple Mouse threads going that weren't too bad. I think we just went without one on Sunday.

>> No.3864968

Yes, the last one pruned Saturday night and only Hime streamed Sunday (which I didn't expect). Monday is normally dead too but we got Zen and Melody and a hot lesbian Momo and Bunny stream, so I made a new one.

Veibae is live!

>> No.3865037

Maybe one Mousey thread but the other was a stealth Anti Connor thread. Also a Hime thread which ended up being more about Trash Taste than she.

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>more village
Vei please go back to BoI.

>> No.3866300

I like watching the girls play scary games. They get so immersed and spooked, it's cute

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File: 203 KB, 1500x843, E1sRYF4VEAEMpXI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyan schedule! She should be live in less than an hour.

Also, VShojo is asking for questions!


I believe this is related to DigiKomi this weekend, maybe as a new kind of VShojo Showdown? Maybe a "Match Game" type thing where a girl is asked a question and the others have to guess the right answer before the real one is given? Either way, submit questions.

>> No.3866697

So do I but I wish they'd play something different. I'm tired of everyone playing village.

>> No.3866787

Silver and Snuffy beat it, so they'll move on to something else, and Vei looks like she's getting close, so she'll probably beat it today. It's just the game du jour and they all enjoy it. Silver might move on to Subnautica Below Zero since she played the first one or more Skyrim (most likely more Skyrim).

>> No.3866819

Pink cat ____?

>> No.3867594

Live! https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners

>> No.3867782

Vei was just asked if she'd ever do a stream with Kiara and she said maybe pausechamp.

>> No.3868819

Maybe she doesn't know that Kiara more or less spilled the beans and is keeping things on the downlow.

>> No.3869391

Oh I'm so glad, someone else pronounces clique the same way I do.

>> No.3870127

I hate hearing about something like this. Not because I don’t want to hear it but it just sounds awful. Hope she will feel better.

>> No.3870285

At this point i'm pretty sure ironmouse can make any collab with any vtuber group happen. It just that she is too shy to ask people out of her friend circle for a collab. I just hope the Belmond collab happens soon.

>> No.3870351

She's okay now. She did not exactly say why the plasma treatment was late, but after she got it done she seemed fine.

>> No.3870415

Yeah, one commonality I have observed with vtubers so far, regardless of who they belong to, is that if they don't reach out first, then shit doesn't happen. They're all introverted spergs and it takes the planners to push things forward.

>> No.3870684

Will vshojo fans be mad at a hololive collab? What are you doing to counter it?

>> No.3870828

Speaking only for myself, why would I be mad at it or want to counter it? Mousey wants to collab with them so badly, and I don't get in the way of what Mousey wants. There's mutual interest between Kiara and Vei, so let them have fun. If anything, if Melody continues to be blacklisted I will find Yagoo and give him a wedgie... which would be impossible because his ass is already tight enough.

>> No.3870859

it sounds fun

>> No.3870941

Vshojo fans will love it. Literally only people mad at the hololive collab are hololive purists.

>> No.3871336

Don’t really care but out of all the people, Vei and Nyanner is the ones I don’t want anywhere near Hololive given their known history. Hell, even Zen, or freaking Melody I would be fine with but those two are literal walking baggage that should not ever be allowed to step foot near Hololive. With Kiara associating herself with the two most hated people here it just makes her a even bigger target by the psychos and I’m sick of seeing her targetted so much because I like her.
Also, a Mousey and Calli collab would be one of the sweetest thing ever. Mousey teasing Calli and Calli being a dork is a great image,

>> No.3871512

I like both Hololive and VShojo so I'm really looking forward for the collab. The ones who are mad are mostly schizos

>> No.3871688

Say it for those in the back: /vt/ is not representative of vtuber fans as a whole. I've seen maybe 2 instances of people not super excited by this outside of /vt/ and I'd bet most anything the people I saw are also /vt/ posters.

>> No.3872077

Did you not watch the Kizuna Ai collabs with Nyanners and Vei (also Froot, Mouse, and Silver)? They behaved themselves quite well in the presence of their senpais, and were more nervous than wanting to just go ham. The same would happen in any collab with the HL-EN girls. They know that their brand of humor may not translate to the standard HL audience, and the last thing they'd want to do is embarrass themselves or the person collabing with them. They're kind girls, even if they come off as negative to you.

Now, second, third, or fourth collab where they're much more comfortable with each other? Bets are off. And with Mousey the floodgates are opened with just one word. During the Padilla interview Mousey was containing herself well until Padilla basically gave her permission to go nuts and be herself, then full Mouse came out. Otherwise, she knows how to hold it in when it matters (even if she fails her own "seiso" challenges).

In short, you worry too much. Unless folks like you blab all the baggage to all the HL fans, most of them will never know. It isn't like they go around telling everybody their baggage. The girls aren't the ones creating rrats and doxxing themselves. That's you fucks. If none of you knew anything you knew thanks to lolcow you farming assholes and doxfags, you wouldn't be giving a shit about anything right now either.

>> No.3873527

I get Nyanners but what's wrong with Vei?

>> No.3873802

Vei spouted off about HL sometime in October or thereabouts, and now the HL spergs think she's worse than Nyanners or something. Even tho she said nothing wrong.

>> No.3874088

She got some things incorrect now but it was so long ago HL EN hadn't even debuted and the things she said may well have been true at the time. I genuinely don't know if like first gen HL had input on their characters and stuff like they apparently do now.

>> No.3874341

Nyan absolutely out boomer'ing all of us by completely losing her shit at a clip from Beavis and Butthead.

>> No.3874432

The main point is that what she said was a massive nothingburger and old news, but now they have to act like Vei killed their puppies.

>> No.3874525

I love B&B but yeah I have never ever laughed at it like she's going insane right now. She sure is special...

>> No.3874578

I just think that what she said was uncalled for and the fact she pretty much did a 180 and try to sweep all of it under the rug very disingenuous. Nothing wrong with changing your views and admitting you were wrong but to try to hide it like nothing happen while getting close to the same people you badmouthed before, even if not intentional, leaves a very sour taste in people’s mouth. Imagine if someone from Hololive talked shit about someone like Iron Mouse but then later on starts sweet talking her somewhere down the line while acting as if they said none of that once she gets even more well known and want to be her “friend” now.
I’m not even looking for any sort of apologies but it irks me that Vei seems to be so underhanded and sneaky in this matter.

>> No.3874779

Autism. Like >>3874432 put it she even said she likes HL in the clip and just doesn't like the corporate side of it. And she was basing some of that off info that turned out to not be true.

>> No.3875296

If Vei was talking shit about Kiara specifically and then changed her mind, then that's or Kiara to forgive and forget, not me. If Kiara didn't care, then I wouldn't care. And, since you're talking about Mousey, Mousey is a fucking saint. She's already had a bunch of you folks hating on her, making mean spirited art about her life, and whatnot, and does she think badly of any of you? No. And thus neither do I. Being mad for someone else's sake when they're not even mad themselves is the height of autism.

What she did was speak badly of Cover, and I have zero idea why any of you want to defend Cover. YOU don't even like Cover half the time. But if she's changed her mind, who gives a damn. She's changed her mind. Holding a previous opinion over someone, especially if it was based on bad info, is a dick move.

>> No.3875484

Who did Vei badmouthed?

>> No.3875713

Cover specifically. Not even a specific HL girl and it was so long ago it was using her very first model before she added the horns to it. https://files.catbox.moe/yif1bp.mp4

The parts that aren't true are that the girls don't have any input on their characters and they have to stay in character. The parts that are true are that HL owns everything related to the persona so if they graduate then they lose it all which is a perfectly valid reason to dislike the corporate side of it.

>> No.3876218

Really? This is the clip? The one that made Vei "worse than Hitler" or whatever?
If yes, then I don't believe that those people are being genuine, no one is that retarded, this is even less than a nothingburger.

>> No.3876337

Its not me you have to convince, although I doubt you can convinced the schizos here. Personally, I was just having fun at first and while it was fun to fan the flame a bit it’s actually a bit boring now. I was posting the link a bunch of time but I stopped when I started feeling at least a little remorse since cancel culture and all that is twitter’s bullshit.
But it is still interesting to watch all this blow up, although pretty slowly but honestly, I would like it to be a contained shitstorm and if it did affect anyone for it to only affect Veibae, and to a lesser extent Nyanner too because fuck her, but otherwise would prefer if the other of the vshoujos don’t get dragged in especially a certain mouse.
Otherwise, I’m just as interested in the collab but still worried myself cause I do like Kiara and hate this shithole for always targeting her. But what do my thoughts matter. I’m just another schizo autismo shitposting everywhere.

I do honestly hope the best for the certain ones though.

>> No.3876353

Well, just pay attention to who are the ones sperging out. It's the usual dramafags and tribal bait fucks making a huge deal out of it. The rest of the /vt/ denizens are ignoring it, as usual, because they don't care.

>> No.3876476

lol then you can just fuck right off

>> No.3876497

It honestly sounds like you should just join the "don't give a fuck" crowd. You can't control the spergs, shitters, schizos, or whatever any more than we can, so why bother fighting it? Just ignore it.

>> No.3876689

While >>3876476 is blunt, he has a point. You kind of made your own bed on this one, bruh.

>> No.3876712

They will collab, have fun and make good content out of it. Fuck schizos, idolfags and shitposters

>> No.3877134

>The rest of the /vt/ denizens are ignoring it
You say this as if about 90% of /vt/ isn't completely schized out idolfags

>> No.3877320

I have a little faith. A little.

>> No.3877631

Some people don't just have chuuba loyalty, they have this fucked up company loyalty and will defend corporations even when they're clearly holding a vtuber back from doing something they want to do
It's been even weirder to see than the usual antis

>> No.3877923

Mousey is live! https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse


I wonder what she's doing with Connor tonight.

>> No.3878130
File: 261 KB, 800x800, 1517549919875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I-Is there m-more findom vtuber art?

>> No.3878151
File: 608 KB, 1419x1010, 1608578404010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why do twitch employees watch and participate in these streams? i thought that their job is to make sure that no one is having fun

>> No.3878209

kill yourself

>> No.3878344

Veibae is Veibased. That's why.

>> No.3878529

nah. i have seen the same person on multiple streams

>> No.3878999

Maybe they forgot to change accounts. But, hell I dunno. Twitch admin staff can blow me.

>> No.3879363

pretty sure that its intentional. last time i spotted him was probably a week ago and he had his staff tag on then too. but its not like i know what their job involves.. maybe they are actually supposed to be funkillers but he got distracted by the extremely cringy vshojo streamers

>> No.3879750

Fucked if I know. Maybe when they're off the clock they actually get to have fun. The bastards.

>> No.3879795

They watch streams all the time it's just a normal thing. He seems to be enjoying himself based off the stuff he's saying and how actively he's participating in the chat though.

>> No.3880303

>Also, a Mousey and Calli collab would be one of the sweetest thing ever.
Well, good news. Mouse just teased that this is happening.

>> No.3880350

the job markets sure have changed. few years ago you actually had to work but now people get paid insane amounts of money for doing basically nothing all day if they manage to pass some university shit tests. but if one really starts thinking seriously it could be some legal thing.. after all its the internet so im sure that people abuse the report system all the time and that dude could be looking after the streams to see if there are real problems. if they just ignore the reports and something bad actually happens it could mean problems for them, and if they just ban anyone automatically it would harm their reputation if that even matters for these megacorporations

>> No.3880427

Mousey is terrible at keeping secrets....

Chat: "Is it the Holo-EN collab?"
Mousey: "Oh that, no. That is... I don't know what you're talking about. ^_^"
"Them pink haired girls tho..."

>> No.3880559

hololive is a serious no fun japanese thing. no way they would ever take these americans that openly behave like your average citizen would, everything they do must go strictly like it was written on their script

>> No.3880964

how do you know? part of japanese work culture is being an obedient slave and vshojo tier independent thinking would absolutely not be allowed. everything a japanese company does is extremely carefully planned way before it happens

>> No.3881079

The girls have said thjat they had some input on how their characters would look. I've always interpreted that to mean that they can make a lot of requests and stuff but the basic idea (like: You will be a reaper) are what they have to base their design around. I don't fucking know though I don't work for them I just know what I've heard them say. HL owning the character wholesale is definitely true though.

>> No.3881326

There's only so much planning you can do, tho. The rest has to be done by the talents. Also, we're not talking about a regular Japanese job, but one of entertainment, so there's going to be a bit more freedom than a normal salaryman type thing. Obviously Cover has loosened up on some things since the beginning, where very little input from the talents was taken into account for character models and such. They're still strict and anal, but they have gotten a little better.

>> No.3881499

Damn, that’s awesome. Part of me hope that Calli might convince her to join Hololive but another part of me know how loyal she is to Vshojo that I know she won’t just abandon her friends. A little torn, but it also makes me happy and respect her just as much.
I’m glad for this. I hope the collab does go through.

>> No.3881571

sure but they very likely still have strict guidelines about what is expected and what they don't want to hear. its not really even a secret. if you have ever seen the idol stuff you would know that they go through tons of training before they actually perform in front of people. everything is planned as well as things possibly can be

>> No.3881596

lol there is absolutely no way she would abandon all she's put into her current persona to join. Unless they let her keep it which I think they've done a couple times before but they don't usually to exercise some control over the talent by owning their character.

Anyway here's the clip if anyone wants to see it. I'd say it's all but confirmed based on what she said. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1027391091?t=0h31m18s

>> No.3881716

>how loyal she is to Vshojo
Even if Vshojo wasn't a thing I sincerely doubt she'd join Hololive or any agency where you'd have to give up your old persona.

>> No.3881736

Just like that discord guy, they have all their private info an most likely spying on them as we speak

>> No.3881762

Hololive has zero to offer Mousey.

>> No.3881826

I know that. That’s why I respect her compared to the rest who would do it in a heartbeat. It says alot about strength of will and dedication to keep at it, pride in her hardwork. Its inspiring and can almost make a grown man cry.
But even if she does decide to join in some way or another, I will be just as happy and accepting for her.

>> No.3881859

She loves the Hololive girls but I really can't see her actually joining them.

>> No.3881881

why ruin her? hololive would just make her boring because you have to be all professional and that does not really fit mouse

>> No.3881975

What? I don't think any of them would give up what they've got to join. They've already "made it" so to speak. They might get bigger numbers but what they'd lose to get those numbers would probably be too much. A mid-tier or relatively unknown streamer are the ones most likely to jump at the chance.

>> No.3881981

>the rest who would do it in a heartbeat
They're all doing pretty well for themselves, I don't see any of them wanting to join at this point honestly.

>> No.3882077

>Its inspiring and can almost make a grown man cry.
She makes me cry routinely, big wet happy manly tears.

>> No.3882097

Well, even if she’s just affiliated and come back time and time as a friend or collab stream I think will still be great. I just want nothing but her success if all.

>> No.3882117

how do people get such feelings out of the smallest things?

>> No.3882179

The smallest thing can touch the biggest heart. Or something like that. Maybe smallest heart would fit better.

>> No.3882210

That would definitely be a great outcome, I'm with you there.

>> No.3882212

Yes, it was a pretty good show. The Nyanners and Kizuna Ai duet was great.

>> No.3882247

i just check the reddit thread on hololive and the guys are mad.

>> No.3882268

Fuck I don't know. Mouse is the only one who can do this to me. Sometimes Nyanners and Silvervale, too, and I have a feeling if Melody was given a chance to actually collab with Coco I'd probably get misty because I know it bothers her that she's excluded. Froot having an emotional moment not long ago was more of a surprise than anything, but it did allow us to see a little bit of her heart which is what makes these endearing empathy bonds.

>> No.3882294

maybe it depends on the thing but the things that people usually shit themselves over make me feel nothing

>> No.3882390

Sometimes it helps if you've had a similar situation or can relate to how they're feeling. I have absolutely zero in common with Mouse, but my brother does (AIDS) and is disabled from a spinal infection he caught as a result, so I kind of see a little of him in her and her in him.

>> No.3882401

Mostly at the idea of vei and nyanner. It was already talked about above. And also many are probably crossposting from here to there.

>> No.3882510

I don't care who you are or what you prefer, if you're a Mousefag you're a goodfag in my book.

>> No.3882572
File: 238 KB, 1000x1288, E0B_CA-XEAEEyyd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

omg mousey is rocking it now so much

>> No.3882613

She's singing new songs, too. I've never heard her do the FF Crystal Chronicles song or the Blend S OP.

>> No.3882619

Do they have some contractual agreement with cdawgva or does she just love the antagonistic relationship?

>> No.3882742

i can't believe that there is people who have so strong feelings about something that does not affect their life at all. don't like what you see? just close the tab then like i do.

>> No.3882783
File: 156 KB, 1754x1240, E03UP4bVoAMowzQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good god, is she made of tungsten or what

>> No.3882823

You'd have to have a truly blackened soul to not feel for Ironmouse at least a little bit.

>> No.3882848

Yeah but they feel obligated to watch anything their oshi is in
So they're "compelled" to watch something they don't like to not miss out on lore to post about

>> No.3882896
File: 365 KB, 1254x1770, E0zWR9BVIAM1wDr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3882938

Well... a little of both? Apparently Connor is going to be the voice of Bubi, Ironmouse's demon butler companion (who is an asshole). I don't know how often they'll stream together, but I wonder if she'll have Bubi as part of her "Late Night Talk Show" thing she's planning. It would make sense because every good late night host needs their second man to riff off. Connor also has experience with interviewing and talk show stuff, and if he does the Sebastion voice, it would be pretty hilarious.

Otherwise they have just really hit it off and become good friends seemingly out of nowhere. I don't know if either of them expected to be this close, but they're obviously comfortable enough with each other where Mouse can be completely wasted high on stream with him and know he's not going to be a total ass to her about it. He also bought some of the meal replacement milks Mousey drinks just so he can share the "misery" of drinking them with her on stream. He's a really nice guy and they have a real brother-sister vibe going on. The tsundere act is just played up for the audience (and she does it well) tho it might be going too far for the both of them. Mouse is constantly teased about it by her chat and sometimes her friends and she continues to play it off in spirit really well, but I guess Connor's mods have banned discussion of "shipping". So, we'll see how much longer the routine will go on.

>> No.3882942

just don't hate back bro, that's not what we're here for

>> No.3882999

i have some weird brain damage that makes me like anyone who collabs with nyan but if i see them alone i just cant keep watching them. i tried to watch veibaes stream for a while but i just couldn't do it for more than few minutes...

>> No.3883013

She's done FF:CC a couple times. Dunno about the other one.

>> No.3883014

I like the hologirls too so it's hard to get mad

>> No.3883040

I totally forgot about the Bubi thing, it would make sense spending more time together to make sure they are comfortable around each other and since Bubi is meant to be an asshole it makes sense she wants to practice a long term antagonistic relationship

>> No.3883042

They're actually friends. The tsundere thing is just an act.

>> No.3883082
File: 56 KB, 500x500, avatars-O7egsF0Q7t8EPmhj-ZrN6ow-t500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm vibing so much rn, you have no idea

>> No.3883136

I just meant that they have been collaborating a lot, compared to other friends and they seemed to be really nurturing the antagonistic relationship See the schedule name for the collab: "WTF AGAIN? WHY?", it just seemed like they were encouraging the meme but seeing as he will be Bubi it makes sense.

>> No.3883198

>i have some weird brain damage
That would be pink cats' specific strain of toxoplasmosis.

>> No.3883234

It took me a longer while to get used to Vei too, but she bought me eventually with how extremely based she is

>> No.3883299

Even outside of knowing about her condition, I never heard of anything bad from her that she did compared to the rest that can be used seriously on her. I understand hating but it would just be hate for the sake of hate which is not even fun since it better to be indifferent. I admit I disliked her cause of her being part of Vshojo at first but learning about the things she did behind the scene made me warm up to her more. And no, I’m not talking about her sickness. Infact, I was going to dislike her for that because I thought she was trying to garner sympathy but she doesn’t do that at all. That was more just side knowledge.

Its like trying to hate someone who just minding their own, wanting to do their best. It’s too petty to be of satisfaction to hate on someone like that. People can try, but assholes are assholes regardless of everything.

>> No.3883340

>look at chat
>Connor is lurking her now chat
>Conner has to be hiding somewhere in here
>Connor might be lurking from the shadows Who knows, he might be watching Mousey sing
God they are so fucking thirsty

>> No.3883350
File: 115 KB, 1024x726, ironmouse_and_calliope_mori___unholy_alliance_by_kasey_n_moore_degnscl-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mar 27, 2021
They knew.

>> No.3883354

Someone so fake can't be based

>> No.3883374

>and also many are probably crossposting from here to there
I wouldn't be surprised. I've seen unironic redditors on /jp/ and /vt/.

>> No.3883426


>> No.3883500

didn't mouse say she didn't want to be in art with mori because of the implication?

>> No.3883583

I think she just said that one picture "didn't make her feel happy" she likes Mori a lot

>> No.3883634

It was only that specific picture (you know the one), she's fine with any art that isn't "ha ha she's chronically ill".

>> No.3883662

They are the kind of people that have nothing to look forward too in life except watching their favorite pure chuuba. And the thought of their favorite chuuba changing is worrying to them, since its the only good thing they have in their life.

Or im over thinking it and their just mad for a completely different reason.

>> No.3883665

I honestly have no idea what you're talking about

>> No.3883724

No. She retweeted that drawing

>> No.3883730

Mocking her for her illness is something she doesn't like. There's a notable piece of art that does exactly that. She's got nothing against fanart that depicts her with Mori or anything like that on principle.

>> No.3883731

idk what causes it for me.. i saw that shes good at the game but im not really a fan of that elf stuff and she overreacts to stuff that make me feel nothing or very little and i find that annoying

>> No.3883751
File: 799 KB, 200x189, IMG_1033.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's this about?

>> No.3883764

I was pretty indifferent to Kiara collabing with Vshojo. I'll support all her endeavours since shows a genuine passion for these things. If anything the reactions to all this make me want this to happen all the more.

>> No.3883842

This has already been discussed in this thread and nobody cares. Try scrolling up.

>> No.3883904

>uploaded today
yup, rent free

>> No.3883917

i would be the weirdo there. i did give it a try some time ago but it didn't work because i fell into that shadowban trap really quickly for having opinions that the sheep people did not agree with. at least here we have honest jannys do the moderation instead of users that abuse the mod functions

>> No.3883934

>Or im over thinking it
You are, you shoudn't waste any thought on what the dipshits posting on Reddit are thinking.

>> No.3884010

Its pretty funny. This was actually going to be me but I lost interest when I thought about how little gain I would benefit from this if I did do it so I said fuck it and let my lazy side take over. But i guess in the end, the next person would always be the one to do it. Pretty funny and satisfying to know that although I’m a piece of shit, there will always be a bigger piece of shit right behind. Feels good.

>> No.3884018

sounds almost like me but i still just close the tab if i don't like what i see. its not like the little guy can change the way this world works so why make yourself feel worse than you already feel for no reason

>> No.3884185

I so fucking agree with her about the company, but notice it's not about the holo girls itself. Thus, as mentioned before, she's based.
I'm not gonna continue this topic. There are people who want a war between them and will try to misdirect the potential animosity for the company towards the girls. I'm not gonna take that bait.

>> No.3884357
File: 92 KB, 675x900, agesv1mgnz561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what a concert

>> No.3884595

>god I hate the Idol culture
God I hate western women.
>they get doxxed and shit
This is true for all streamers, fuck off.

>> No.3884687

idols are fine but when i see their fans i feel like im watching a comedy

>> No.3884717

You mean western fans, the problem is in the west not the idols.

>> No.3884726

Eh, her comments on idol stuff and role play is wrong. Also the talents to seem to have a lot of input from what's been talked about by the ENs. They haven't had avatars fully prepared before hand since like Gen 2. Also a lot of these girls would have nothing without Cover, the company may make some shit choices at times, but shit talking a company that literally saves lives is retarded.

>> No.3884827

Trying to start drama in a general thread and shitting it up is usually uncalled for. I wonder will the stupid jannies will check it up since it is technically a call for raid or spamming. Whichever one. But they’re probably too useless to respond regardless of reports.

>> No.3884845

pretty sure its mostly japanese people that appear on the concert recordings or streams. how can one person that was basically created by a corporation for profit gaining purposes make people have such insane feelings and reactions

>> No.3884927

>how can one person that was basically created by a corporation for profit
What are you on about the hololive girls are real people and some like Mori had previous careers that brought fans over. Yes, they are working to make money for the corporation like average people. What is wrong with that?

>> No.3884939

How is the DigiKomi thing gonna work exactly, is it just gonna be the vtubers answering set questions?

>> No.3884976


They have a bunch of different events, no clue what "Otaku Exposed" will entail though

>> No.3885015

obviously not the physical person. i mean the personality, branding and looks. basically everything that make the fans like her

>> No.3885069

never heard of it. is it something popular in the weeb circles?

>> No.3885117

It's a German convention, digital this time because of covid.

Oh right, they'll probably have some Q&A since they're looking for questions at https://twitter.com/VShojoOfficial/status/1394724586546155522

>> No.3885131

>personality, branding and looks
Of course Branding is controlled by the corporation. By looks you mean model and yes the company that bought and continues to pay for the model owns it.
Have to disagree here pretty hard, we can see the pre-HL life of MANY users and it seems their personality is still there. Yes they have to roleplay a Dragon or Angel or whatever but that is not very different than Zen being a dragon or Mouse being a demon etc.

>> No.3885306

it probably helps that they are selected very carefully so they get the kind of person that they want

>> No.3885499

They have very good talent recruitment.

>> No.3885620

Yeah, but honestly things could have been worse. Even with the borderline tribal antagonism that has been present it hasn't been REEE level obnoxious twattery. Or it wasn't until >>3884595 showed up.

I would be surprised if jannies did anything right now. If it gets worse maybe.

>> No.3885735

>if you criticise anything anyone does it is "REEE level obnoxious twattery"
Fuck off I like Vei but she is just wrong there.

>> No.3885743

i think that it cant really be compared to vshojo. holo seems to be about being some kind of virtual idol while these don't even try to be like that. everything is done their own way and thats why the weebs that were expecting the average idol shit hate vshojo. they basically expect the tame japanese culture instead of the crazy stuff that happens literally every time when someone like nyanners streams

>> No.3885773

Can't argue with that. Obviously snagging Gura was huge, and Amelia had experience, but the others I knew jack squat about. Apparently, through the grape-vine, HL signing Mori really pissed off DigitrevX, which is probably the one thing I can slap a gold star on Cover for.

>> No.3885805

remember that keeping a fight going requires more than one person. if you reply to a person you disagree with you basically encourage him to keep posting more

>> No.3885885

The comment I quoted is absolute obnoxious twattery.


I mean, that's grade A level /jp/ fag bullshit and isn't obviously going to fly very well in a VShojo thread. And I really don't want to discuss any of Veibae's comments with a twat like that. It wouldn't make a fucking difference even if I did.

Besides, we already discussed this above. The topic is old.

>> No.3885900

>it cant really be compared to vshojo
VShojo is built around the talent and the company exists to market their products / work on collabs where as Hololive has several people who were essentially homeless with little to no social media presence.
>weebs that were expecting the average idol shit hate vshojo
I disagree, I think that vshojo has various baggage related to 4chan (nyanners, froot, zen) that caused 99% of the drama, you don't see the same hatred to other western vtubers.
Hell you could expend it to twitch too since the tuber in vtuber meant Virtual Youtuber and there is a strong predominant culture on twitch as a whole.

>> No.3885966

She made a stupid comment about Japanese Idol culture that is commonly spread among Western Women. The comment was valid.

>> No.3886157

It causes drama on 4chan cause people here are autists who continue to hold onto grudges half a decade old. The community at large is fine with them and Nyan is the most popular member of the group.

>> No.3886228

>who continue to hold onto grudges half a decade old
Just like real life.
>The community at large is fine with them
Who do you mean "the community"?
I think Nyanners is exceptionally talented and have no ill will to her myself. I was just saying the reason vshojo has friction on 4chan is their individual history with 4chan. Not because they are not idols or something.

>> No.3886229
File: 154 KB, 512x512, 1620883755973.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In general this board hates Vshojo, what could they do to make you guys not hate them?

>> No.3886285

>you guys
You're here too big guy.
>not hate them
I guess they should keep working, stop complaining about 4chan/vt, and hope they people with grievances forgive/forget/move on.

>> No.3886295

i think that its nice to have this kind of niche content too. the others may have more viewers but overall the experience is worse because youtube as a platform sucks and theres just way too much going on to even have a small chance to get a reply to your comment from the streamer

>> No.3886413

>its nice to have this kind of niche content too
Vshojo's not niche, it's very popular.
>the others may have more viewers
You mean one company, there are plenty of smaller groups and indies
>youtube as a platform sucks
Twitch isn't perfect either.
>theres just way too much going on to even have a small chance to get a reply to your comment from the streamer
That depends on how fast the chat is, twitch streamers can have very fast chat and some small youtube indies have very slow or dead chats.

>> No.3886426

provide injections of risperidone free of charge

>> No.3886448

>everyone stops using 4chan
Please no.

>> No.3886458

>stop complaining about 4chan/vt,
Definitely, it's best for both sides if they just don't acknowledge this board.

>> No.3886519

idk.. didnt that shark have like 200k live viewers? these have around 10k so i think that its the right term. and holo youtuber chats are so fast that it actually makes the stream unwatchable because you need a supercomputer to make the javascript run without issues. on twitch you can easily disable the chat if necessary but on youtube i did not see any option for that

>> No.3886535

There is nothing since holofags bait in every single thread. It's why nijisanji discussion has moved elsewhere.

>> No.3886547

Anon holding onto grudges after that long is not healthy. You either stop thinking about it and let it go or you make up. Obviously people aren't going to make up but she continues to live rent free in their heads and become antis instead of just ignoring something they don't like. And by "the community" I mean people online in the west who like vtubers. No centralized location just discussions in comments sections, social media, stream chats, etc. That sort of thing.

>> No.3886564

>didnt that shark
A pre-vftuber like Nyanner moving a lot of there viewers over. Also part of that ONE big company.
Vshojo is big compared to many other companies and indies.

>> No.3886582

All will be forgiven if Nyanners finishes FFX

>> No.3886606

no? lmao? she has 10-20k.

>> No.3886652

Gura had a lot for her new outfit reveal, as they all did, but is easily the most popular western vtuber period even without that. And YouTube does have a function to disable live chat I think. Also, you won't hear any of us defending Twitch that heavily. Twitch has a lot of issues.

>> No.3886730

>holding onto grudges after that long is not healthy
It's a good thing I hold no grudges and enjoy Nyanners, Iron Mouse, Vei and others.
>You either stop thinking about it
No, I will not become stupid and ignorant to appease some random commentator.
>Obviously people aren't going to make up but she continues to live rent free in their heads
That's just how it works, look at Coco and her Chinse antis. It doesn't go away.
>I mean people online in the west who like vtubers
That's a lot of people.
>people in America who like JPvutbers
>people in America who like ENvutbers
>people in Europa who like JPvutbers
>people in Europa who like ENvutbers
>people in Oceania who like JPvutbers
>people in Oceania who like ENvutbers
That's easily six divisions and still too broad.
>No centralized location just discussions in comments sections
I think active Twitch viewers comment on Twitch more often than fans who are less familiar with twitch culture but that's just my loose observation. I can't back that up with factual data

>> No.3886757

Not be western for starters.

I don't think it was that many but big events typically cause a spike in viewers, and YT seems to have higher viewcounts in general though how much of that is actual people and the like I don't know. I just know that the sites scale very differently and half a million Youtube subs is very different from half a million Twitch followers. Also Youtube's chat is fucking awful and uses a shitload of resources. I don't doubt it is busier but it craps out a lot faster and sooner than Twitch's does.

>> No.3886799

pretty sure i save over 200k on that laggy stream i opened a while ago and messages were flooding in probably at 100 per second

>> No.3886825


>> No.3886850

You have autism, that's a shame anon.

>> No.3886864
File: 88 KB, 1280x720, 1612222743854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao you aren't going to cancel the collab

>> No.3886915

well.. it was probably that cat ear meme reveal thing but the numbers were still insane. never seen anything like it on twitch but maybe they too are different on special days

>> No.3887128

It definitely is bigger than anything I've seen any other vtuber pull. Think it was like ~130k viewers or something not the 200k that other anon posted but it's still huge and rivals some of the biggest streamers out there, though of course it fell off hard right after since it was a special event. Don't know how many she gets on a normal day though.

>> No.3887303

Damn, I only saw Mousey's stream after Vei raided her tonight. Did she sing anything good tonight or was it her usual catalog of anime songs?
With my luck she sang Unlasting and I missed it

>> No.3887335

Yeah I don't think I've ever seen 200k viewers on Twitch for anything. XQC is arguably Twitch's biggest viewcount getter and he runs 100k, still half of that event. Obviously when HL has special events, they all show up for each stream. Good on them. If YT ever implements the raiding system that Twitch has, you may see some gigantic live views.

>> No.3887375

She actually did do some new songs tonight though she didn't sing for long. One of them was from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles which I've never heard her do before.

>> No.3887377

I thought I saw someone say it peaked at 194k, which isn't quite 200k but still fucking impressive.

>> No.3887446

FUCK. I'll have to check out the VOD then. She was online for over an hour before Connor joined. Was she just fucking about for a while?

>> No.3887481

>Was she just fucking about for a while?
She sang for a pretty long time, I missed the beginning though

>> No.3887497

I've been trying to get Mousey to sing Unlasting for weeks to no avail. I love that song and her rendition of it gives me goosebumps.

This isn't her best rendition (the more recent one she sang which I can't find a clip for is better):


>> No.3887610
File: 1.50 MB, 1920x1080, 1600448633663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just weird that people would watch those events if they don't care about the content normally. personally i would not bother if i never cared about them before

>> No.3887662

Yeah, but there's a difference between a person who watches every stream and a person who just subscribes so they can watch the recorded streams later but shows up when they hear something cool is happening.

>> No.3887694

It's my favorite song she sings. I've tried requesting either of the Spice and Wolf OPs and Kiss of Death from Darling in the Franxx a few times, any of which might be my new favorite if she ever does them.
Unlasting 100% needs to be on her cover album if she ever gets to making it.

>> No.3887738

Um, well I can sort of understand that, but every fanbase gets up for a rare or big event. We're a bit spoiled on our girls changing their models or outfits whenever they feel like it, but for the HL fans that's not very common, so it's a chance to be part of something unique. Mouse had 12k for her new model reveal, even tho we'd seen it earlier, because people just like to see new shit.

Then complain about it on /vt/.

>> No.3887750

honest and hard working volunteers that do it for free
her singing is always great. whenever the collab happens between her and mori I hope they do something music related together

>> No.3887756

It's called casual fans, and it's number showing on their VOD views. Gura and Mori VOD always had high number, even though sometimes their live viewer isn't as big as the Japanese holo side.
Too bad you can't really measure it on twitch streamer.

>> No.3887782

Anyone have a clip for this or know what time it happened at?

>> No.3887832

I think I know why her rendition is so good. Mouse is really good at singing soulful songs, and she can bring the "soul sistah" out during those songs really well. Unlasting is not a soul song at all, but she sings the verses as if it were, with a bit of that husky emphasis at the end of each line. She brings an extra impact to the song an it is just beautiful to listen to.

>> No.3887849

>Too bad you can't really measure it on twitch streamer.
When I have to go back to work in person I'll probably miss every one of Nyanners' streams due to the times she streams. I'll be one of those people.

>> No.3887895

>not blasting cringe cat from your phone/second screen at work
"fans" these days baka...

>> No.3887906
File: 141 KB, 1102x1209, 1613057082091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i watch all nyans i can.. i could watch vods at a saner time too but im too retarded at that so i watch her lives when i should be sleeping

>> No.3887946

True. Mousey does have the soul of a large black woman.

>> No.3887955

It's here >>3881596. She's still streaming so clips aren't publicly stored yet, but that link is the point where she starts talking about it.

>> No.3887961

I also do this, I try to catch as much of Mouse's streams as well.

>> No.3888035

Did you see today's then when she specifically chastised someone for watching when he should be sleeping? VOD views are fine too and you shouldn't let a live event affect your schedule consistently!

>> No.3888109

It's why she does And I'm Telling You so well. Such a small Puerto Rican woman with the soul of Aretha Franklin.

>> No.3888573
File: 1.73 MB, 1271x1964, 1619733040345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah but the nyan streams feel like a special thing that i need to enjoy when its still possible. not like i have any incentive to keep a normie schedule so i can keep doing this kind of stuff even if its a bit dumb

>> No.3889345
File: 1.51 MB, 3456x4096, 1621215745962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like we'll autoprune tonight. If someone else doesn't make a new thread sometime overnight then I'll do it tomorrow.

>> No.3889444

You're probably the only one making these threads, this board can go for ages without a VShojo general.

How do we whip these lazy fucks into keeping this alive? (I'm not going to do it by the way)

>> No.3889536

It's fine.

>> No.3889585

I made what I think are the first few since I never saw any on here previously. But then I stopped once it appeared to become self-sustaining.

>> No.3889653

I don't want to do it, but if you ask anon im sure he'll accept
Right anon?

>> No.3889708


>> No.3890476

Anyone even watching Mouse? Holy shit, she seems to REALLY hate Connor.

>> No.3890921

Nah, it's all part of the act. If they hated each other they wouldn't play games together. I am sure tho that there are moments where he says something that does actually get her goat.

>> No.3891429

Wow that actually scared me for a second. Her avatar just went limp and she didn't say she'd be right back.

>> No.3892874
File: 816 KB, 3840x2160, 1621368125132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3894302
File: 594 KB, 1873x2048, 1621384425336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3895184

You're just new. Everyone's having great fun when Mouse goes tsundere on Connor, and she knows that. And he isn't afraid to talk back too.

>> No.3896406


Mousey in a nutshell and why her fans love her.

>> No.3896553

I can watch someone for an hour or so, but generally I have other stuff to do, plus some stream late for me so I can't stay up watching them.

>> No.3897364

Thoughts on veibae? I can only get a glimpse of her when she collabs with other vshojo and she seems loud, very lewd, can be cute but also crude like a mix of mouse and calli?

>> No.3897850


Let me chime in for a bit.
I'm pretty disappointed about the whole thing.
I have plenty of things to look forward to in my life and have no parasocial relationship with any of the chuubas. I have no qualms about collaborations with male vtubers (Depends on how they behave to be honest) nor indie vtubers, however lewd they may be. I wouldn’t say I’m a unicorn, but I do share traits with your average idolfag, as the Idol-activities of the VTubers I follow are what I look forward to the most.
I am perfectly content with just watching Hololive and paying no heed to the activities of other vtubers and their agencies
It is just that collabing with VShojo who rubs me the wrong way.
I’ll try to explain my reasoning so you might get where I’m coming from:
- The VShojo community is pretty big and full of twitch kiddies/undesirables. Even you guys should be able to admit this. It does remind me of Gura, whose nonmember chat is also cancerous.
I wish nothing but happiness for Kiaras, but I don't want an influx of your fanbase. The Trash Taste Collab was already bad enough.
- The entertainment you guys enjoy is not the kind I want to see more of in the product I consume.
- Kiaras last artstream was already full of things I'd consider yab, like talking about the Eurovision Song Contest, Masks and whatnot. I can't help but think it is because she's now in closer contact with other agencies. Who you associate with influences your conduct. This is universally true.
- Building upon the last point, I believe more interaction with the western Vtuber landscape will lead to further evolution of HoloENs and HoloIDs identity down the line. I dislike the trajectory they’re currently on. Since this train seems to have no breaks, I can only hope their endeavors won’t influence the Japanese branch.

I have all but given up on the future of the English-speaking branches at this point, since every argument is dismissed with an “Ok chud”/”Ok Incel”/”You can't do shit anyway” by the apathetic and agenda-driven ones.
Last but not least, my favorite retort:
“Why do you care so much? It’s just a stupid hobby, let them do what they want.”
When the time comes, I’ll add it to the list of things ruined by the current culture, like video games, western cartoons, movies, theater, light fiction, you name it. But I’m running out of ways to cope with the state of the world at blindingly fast pace. Even my more active hobbies like meeting friends, indoor climbing and camping were robbed from me last year.

>> No.3898417

Have you tried not being a reactionary?

>> No.3898583

If I were any higher on the openness scale of the Big Five I'd break the meter.
Also being a reactionary doesn't mean you're a hateful person who wants to hold women and "minorities" back. I should know, I've met some.
I just like wholesome entertainment for adults. Is that too much to ask for?

>> No.3898679

>like talking about the Eurovision Song Contest
Is that really so bad?

>> No.3898822

nooo don't mention gay song contests or personal hygiene items you're ruining the illusion

how do we get these people to touch grass

>> No.3900361

Have you considered therapy?

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