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In about a day.

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Kana gaming!

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We made it..

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I need to smell her pantsus

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It felt like way more than a week, I'm glad she's coming back

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Somehow >we survived...

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Felt like forever but she's finally home...

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One of the rare images of her model where you can see her eyebrows

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Finally it's custody week with my daughterwife

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Do you think she's gonna do a voice changer bit when she starts the stream or do you think her description is making fun of doomposters?

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Hope you like the scent of unwashed NEET
I think her sweat smells like 2 day old yoohoos, dr.pepper and OB.

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Don't tempt me like this Anon, you're going to turn me into a horny-poster

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I thought the description of the video was "cu,m". Honestly I don't know why she changed it, it was perfect

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She may be a stinky dork, but I LOVE THIS FOX

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I hope she doesn't stay up too late being nervous about the stream/schlicking over her latest lewd art

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Kana's wife won't let her sleep in more ways than one

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Are there any rrats about why she takes the breaks so often? It must be pretty important because it happens often and it seems like she doesn't have a choice in the matter

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Back in the day, the usual rrat was that she was pregnant.

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I thought it was just a joke. The way she "debunked" it was pretty sad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K96oRLpyt1w&t=5977

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So many people willing to get her pregnant and yet that's not gonna happen..

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I think most people trust her enough to believe what she says, there's not a lot of rrat posting in these threads. There is a lot of doom-posting but it's mostly just vague terror at the possibility of losing such a one of a kind streamer because people know she could never be replaced

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I personally just think her family is very active, and she's often dragged along with it. We still have that one month trip coming up that happened around June/July last year.

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That was what I got from her stream where she talked about her breaks. She's a busy fox and sometimes she needs to prioritize family or her mental health

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I don't blame people for being confused. It's tough to visualize a stinky NEET as being busy at all, even though she's obviously not going to share her real social calendar with us. It's also concerning how many mental health breaks she needs, but now I'm sounding like a doomposter

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>It's tough to visualize a stinky NEET as being busy at all
Kana saying that she does nothing all day besides playing FF and League also doesn't help

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Helping her dad out around the house, running errands, and meeting up with family doesn't really come up as something interesting that you did this week but it can tire or stress you out and make you feel not 100%. I'm just guessing but it's possible she's making arrangements to concentrate the stuff she has to do into particular times so she doesn't tire herself out before streams.

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That's recency bias, she's taken 2 week- long breaks recently, but considering year+ that she's streamed it's really not that much. She only left Tsunderia in February, she's still working on how she wants to run her streams now that she's not accountable to anyone anymore. There's really no need to worry

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She's in a LDR and goes to see him everytime she's on 2 week break

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>Helping her dad out around the house, running errands, and meeting up with family doesn't really come up as something interesting
I think it is, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd rather hear her say "I did some errands" rather than "I did nothing all day and I stayed in bed looking at the ceiling". Either way I don't consider her breaks to be necessarily bad, as long as she takes care of herself then I can deal with a week long break.

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The most probable rrat, I'm sad to say

>> No.3819722

It's a pretty believable rrat...
Then again, she did say this >>3809538 and she seemed fairly serious about it. Kinda makes me wish for the rrat to be true

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I think the whole point of that stream, to let everyone know she's not taking breaks because she literally having a mental breakdown or anything. She takes pre-emptive breaks when she feels like her mental state is taking a bad turn so she can focus on herself and not let it get bad. She's been through a lot in the year she's been streaming and grown a lot as a person I feel so she's able to tell when she can be a fun bubbly streamer and when she'll have to fake it which only makes her feel worse.

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Kana is so sexy, I want to make tea with her dirty stockings

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>muh pregnant
>muh LDR
Well yes, all me

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I literally refuse to believe this rrat, stop trying to pollute my mind with dirty thoughts about a cute little fox

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Anon I'm pretty sure you're the only one who doesn't have any dirty thoughts about her, just look at the thread

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Have the Goslings gone back to sanity or are you still in love Kana?

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Why would i stop loving Kana?

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I could never stop loving Kana

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i will be till she comes back, then ill watch the stream and fall into gosling mode again

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Damn you guys have actually kept the thread alive. Good job.

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Its one thing to appreciate cunny on a tuvan sewing forum and another to imply the cunny is getting dicked on a tuvan sewing forum

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I wouldn't allow it to die, where would I shitpost during the stream if there was no Kana thread?

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She's not going to blue ball us with a <1hour stream, right?

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2 hour long comeback stream

>> No.3836319

It'll be a 20 minute update stream

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I'll just be glad to hear her voice again

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I missed her so much, bros

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Holy fuck I love her so much

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kana was recording adult videos...

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She told you to be nice to them but you can still bully her (don't do that)

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I thought I got over her but I still love her...

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Kamiko Kanye

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kana is dying...

>> No.3837277

>does my own spit count as water?
It does to me. The things I'd do to drink it...

>> No.3837373

i thought she was going to say she ate dog poop

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i've only now realized how fucking good kana's rig is after looking at rhombuses for the past week

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Her rigging is fantastic. Gura got fucked up badly.

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My chest.
Your shit.

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>I'm thinking about scat constantly

>> No.3838094

It's only an issue with Gura, Luto and Donut look good as well. Gura deserves a better rigger

>> No.3838097

So Kana is into scat...

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How is she so based?

>> No.3838178

Way too much else going tonight, but Kana is sounding cute tonight. Aside from the scat.

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I can't get over how cute she is.

>> No.3838326

>take a week off
>return with a bad cough and talks about NTR, vore, and scat
What happened bros

>> No.3838356

anons, would you ever lie to Kana?

>> No.3838396

She clearly got her basedness from her dad

>> No.3838419

I would lie with Kana

>> No.3838428

Sexual repression/frustration

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most based reply

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yeah she's most definitely a daddy's girl

>> No.3838576

Freudian slip

>> No.3838579

Sure Kana that's fi-

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We are learning so much about Kana today

>> No.3838615

kana no!

>> No.3838623

Don't forget bestiality.

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>> No.3838636

Jesus fucking christ Kana LOL

>> No.3838644

She is unloading her power level on us fucking hard tonight, god damn.

>> No.3838657

>believes that every man dreams of having a harem of wives and should marry multiple women
>probably wants to be the one who gets cucked

>> No.3838673

>Comes back from break
>All fucking limiters are off
Jesas kana

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There's no fucking way she doesn't read this thread after the stream

>> No.3838732

First time watching. Is this normal??

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>I have sex with dogs
hot but Susan will perma bonk you,

>> No.3838742

No, but also yes.

>> No.3838767

she's normally only this unhinged on twitch

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>> No.3838793

Not quite. She's usually this based but generally not all at once.

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>> No.3838803

Based Kana exposing herself as a lolicon on stream

>> No.3838812

Is Kana a honeypot at this point?

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>> No.3838881

>taking her meds

>> No.3838890

>at this point?

>> No.3838916

>uno secundo as they would say in spanish
Holy kek

>> No.3838924

Kana you need to take a break from 4chan or someone is going to cancel you

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>> No.3838990

holy fuck kana is getting a little too based today she needs to calm down

>> No.3839000

Now this is a comeback stream

>> No.3839004

>You guys are unhinged today
No Kana, you are

>> No.3839134

Is she unironically drunk?

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>in 2 months your baby would be almost all the way there
Picked up, Abe would've been pleased if he were still PM

>> No.3839205

I never thought about this before but does Kana have other expressions that she can select manually?

>> No.3839227

Okay. She definitely sets herself apart from the usual VTuber...

>> No.3839339

Yes but it's normally more spread out, she's going all out today

>> No.3839369

>throat irritated
Maybe her sister actually got her stoned

>> No.3839436

kana what the fuck

>> No.3839461

Did she just say she'd suck all the cum out of me?

>> No.3839463

Nachomama's children really love feet don't they?

>> No.3839478

I think that is the weirdest thing that has made me horny...

>> No.3839480

Most tame thing she's said all stream

>> No.3839486

>this talk about toenails
what the fuck is she on
I show up and within 5 minutes she's being completely unhinged

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>Now I'll let you suck the- no.

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>> No.3839697

How many fetish boxes has she checked off this stream dear lord

>> No.3839754

This stream is a fever dream (kana's) the fan art from this are going to be amazing


>> No.3839767

This is too much, at this point I'm not the weird one if I watch with one hand busy

>> No.3839771

That fucking NTR callout holy shit

>> No.3839773

Weird how i might make an exception on these weird fetishes just because it's Kana

>> No.3839779

She's absolutely going to regret the stream as soon as she ends it

>> No.3839889

I feel like the next stream is going to be awkward when she realizes what she's done. Hopefully she doesn't take tomorrow off.

>> No.3839907

That's nearly every fetish that's normally mentioned in her threads

>> No.3839973

>normally mentioned

>> No.3840055

You're new here, huh?

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>Please don't dislike my stream anon

>> No.3840184

I think you should check the previous threads, because I've seen too many people wanting to eat Kana's shit...

>> No.3840189

>don't dislike my stream anon
Wait what?

>> No.3840202

>samefagging your garbage posts


>> No.3840226

I made 3/4 of those posts and I don't even like scat.
Piss on the other hand....

>> No.3840335

>Don't pay me to fuck me
>Mindbreak me
Well you don't have to fucking tell me twice

>> No.3840345

fantasizing about being in an abusive relationship...

>> No.3840364

>ywn be in an abusive relationship with Kana

>> No.3840401

I think Kana would actually want to be cucked...

>> No.3840423

God, I want to mindbreak this fox so hard, bros...

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>my mom hit me today

>> No.3840476

I dont want to cuck Kana though I want to fuck that mesugaki

>> No.3840512

I know Kana isn't your typical woman but do women really fantasize about being treated like shit?

>> No.3840518

I want to eat Kana's shitty cooking!

>> No.3840537

Nacho mama give Kana crying emotion please

>> No.3840550

no, Kana. I WILL make you bathe, I'll teach you to cook although I do like cooking so you're not doing all the cooking, and I WILL make you my WIFE. mark my words.

>> No.3840557

All of them do. They unironically love it.

>> No.3840559

I've heard it's not that uncommon

>> No.3840585

being bad wife material just leaves her as rape and throw away material

>> No.3840587

"50 shades of grey" was a best seller for a reason

That said treat Kana nice until we know if her anxiety is bad or not

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She's aware of the Goslings and wants them to become sane again

>> No.3840646

Being attached to power and having that power demonstrated go hand in hand

>> No.3840785


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She isn't helping things.

>> No.3840979

She was joking when she said that she's underage, right?

>> No.3841007

Yes, she really is 109 years old.

>> No.3841021

who tf knows at this point

>> No.3841024

Of course not

>> No.3841063

I've never seen Kana play a Switch game before

>> No.3841069

At this point, we just don't know

>> No.3841178

I don't see how she's helping the goslings become same again.

>> No.3841243

>Implying she's not a gosling herself

>> No.3841254

She's let her voice leak several times this stream, I'd say she doesn't sound like it.

>> No.3841297

Yeah I know she isn't but she's aware of it at least

>> No.3841334

>Grass knot will hurt him a little bit
It's the best move against groudon

>> No.3841385

Tell her and be her hero

>> No.3841418

It's fine. The game figured it out for her

>> No.3841539


>> No.3841567

>considers vaporeon the most attractive pokemon

Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3”03’ tall and 63.9 pounds, this means they’re large enough to be able handle human dicks, and with their impressive Base Stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one. Due to their mostly water based biology, there’s no doubt in my mind that an aroused Vaporeon would be incredibly wet, so wet that you could easily have sex with one for hours without getting sore. They can also learn the moves Attract, Baby-Doll Eyes, Captivate, Charm, and Tail Whip, along with not having fur to hide nipples, so it’d be incredibly easy for one to get you in the mood. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough water. No other Pokémon comes close to this level of compatibility. Also, fun fact, if you pull out enough, you can make your Vaporeon turn white. Vaporeon is literally built for human dick. Ungodly defense stat+high HP pool+Acid Armor means it can take cock all day, all shapes and sizes and still come for more

>> No.3841595

What's wrong with that? Cute Pokemon.

>> No.3841743

she's read that pasta before on one of her twitch streams, I think.

>> No.3841992

kana was already NEET when bio-P recruited her to found Tsunderia in late 2019 and she's said that she graduated HS, so that would make her at least 19 or 20

>> No.3842089

posting a twitch kana clip because I feel like it


>> No.3842115


>> No.3842345

Maybe she was a prodigy

>> No.3842379

a prodigy at vtubing, yes

>> No.3842512

I wonder what her favourite doujins are...

>> No.3842579

That would be unbelievable based

>> No.3842616

>Maybe she was a prodigy
We're watching the same idiot right?

>> No.3842714

I don't know maybe she got stupid after highschool, that happened to me

>> No.3842777

There are plenty of loli foxgirl doujins, probably something like that

>> No.3842834

there's one called The Lazy Fox and the girl is even named Kana, I'm sure our Kana would love it

>> No.3842931


>> No.3843562

god her fucking wiggle

>> No.3843597

I missed her so much

>> No.3843768

Same, she's really special

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>alright everyone

>> No.3843874

>alright everyone

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File: 1.06 MB, 480x351, 1612138856742.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Alright everyone
No please

>> No.3843986

Amazing stream, it actually didn't hurt when she left this time, I'm just happy

>> No.3844064

Now the question, was she high? I want to beeleeb

>> No.3844155

Kana doesn't do droogz but a drink/high stream would be kino

>> No.3844219

She had a lot of chaotic energy stored up from having to pretend to be normal all week so she peed it all out over us

>> No.3844296

When you have to be normal for a long period of time, you end up with a lot of stored up dorky energy
She just ejaculated a week-long load

>> No.3844366

That wasn't dorky energy. That was degenerate energy. Not that I'm complaining

>> No.3844377

Impressive return stream overall, I didn't expect it to be that good. She seems to be in high spirits again.

>> No.3844449

I think this is the perfect stream to introduce someone to Kana. She was incredibly based, cute, funny, horny, and it got pretty relaxing at the end

>> No.3847499

Fucking THIS. Please! I would eat everything that comes out of this stinky fox.

>> No.3848398 [DELETED] 
File: 3.94 MB, 3784x2506, 87069302_p0 - 神狐かなちゃん.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would you do?

>> No.3848535

I missed the stream and I'm watching the vod, and she just said the pee on me thing, and I've got the biggest fucking boner. Jesus Christ Kana. She's so fucking erotic. UUOOHH and HRRNNGG.

>> No.3849134

Thank you anon. That was really nice of you. Her laugh makes life worth living.

>> No.3849198

Save that picture

>> No.3849394

What would I do? I'd sniff her feet through her socks, take off one of her socks and jam it into my mouth, pull off her panties and jam them into her mouth, and then rough anal all up in her guts.

>> No.3849419

Some transexual janny is gonna come along and delete that pic cos of the nipples. Save now before it's too late.

>> No.3850413
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>> No.3851952

>the sweeto guy showed up in her chat again
you just know

>> No.3852101

Anon, he's been dating and living with Wolfychu for years

>> No.3852417


>> No.3853835

kana likes NTR doujins because she wants you to be as rough as the guys in NTR doujins

>> No.3854354

Is she actually as "socially inept" as she says? I know people are different on the internet but Kana doesn't seem like she'd struggle that much with having a conversation.

>> No.3856158

Maybe she just hates interacting with people, nothing to do with being an autist who can't talk.

>> No.3857348

But she likes talking with chat

>> No.3857355

I have my thoughts on this fox. Primarily, I have thought about things from different perspectives and damn is she a real bitch of a vixen. Is the big hitter for Tsunderia and dumps the company. To equate this to other groups, this would be like if Mito or Sora left their companies early. The companies would've been absolutely fucked. Dead in the water, like the group she was a founding member of is currently.

This is also why I think western Vtuber groups will never be able to amount to anything like the titans that are Nijisanji or Hololive. Because westerners in general have no loyalty on par with Asians if there's not a tough as hell contract or brand tying them down.

>> No.3857782

Damn that is some good bait. If you knew about the whole situation then you'd understand why she left.
Tsunderia did nothing for her so why should she?

>> No.3857861

Yea but at the same tsunderia hasn't exactly been without fault. Hard to tell what exactly happened but apparently she was tired of how much they interfered in how she streams and runs her discord while only being focused on helping Char and 2nd gen. The discord mod drama was taking a toll on her too. Her membership stream after leaving shed a lot of light on her side of the story.

She seems to have a lot more fun now that she doesn't need to limit herself and honestly that's what I care about the most. I like Kana specifically, not tsunderia.

>> No.3858046

>dead in the water
>signed Miori, company collab with Prism next week, new generation launch in the summer

Not that they're titans of the industry or anything, but they're far from irrelevant. It's sad that Kana and them couldn't find a way to see eye to eye behind the scenes, but at least everyone seems to be doing okay now

>> No.3858095

Talking to chat and talking to a person are different things. The layer of separation makes social anxiety a lot easier to manage

>> No.3858178

I guess it makes sense, since she also hates recieving DMs

>> No.3858268

God I wanna fuck this slut so bad... Why is she always tempting me like this?

>> No.3858340

Make sure you piss on or in her

>> No.3858380

>She seems to have a lot more fun now that she doesn't need to limit herself and honestly that's what I care about the most. I like Kana specifically, not tsunderia.
This is why Western groups will never be titans. Holofags, Nijifags may cry about tribalism. Though that implies their groups are cohesive, the individualism leads to lone wolves like Kana shoving off when circumstances become less than ideal. That's just my thoughts though. Good luck to her though.

>> No.3860152

Kana is the perfect woman, the breeding instinct is simply a reaction to the need for her genes to proliferate

>> No.3860359

>western groups cannot grow
For one, that doesn't matter. But really it's the fault of the company, not the talents. If what you were saying was true then no YouTube network would have been able to flourish and it's a model that was started by the West. Expecting someone to stick with a company who is actively damaging them is ridiculous and I'm glad Kana isn't bound by that nonsense.

>> No.3860540

It's too bad Kana couldn't have stayed. I think her main issue was S-Train and he's gone now but too late.
Being a part of her discord since the beginning its obvious how things have changed for her. She wants to lewd herself as a loli and the company not seeing eye to eye on that isn't surprising.
I'm just happy to see Purin becoming friends with other members of the company while also staying friends with Kana.
It must be hard for the talents to have both Kana and Ria graduate with a lackluster experience while they're picking up the pieces of a shitstorm.

>> No.3860813

Most YouTube "networks" did fell apart. I can't really think of any large network that isn't dealing with Vtuber talents.
If this is the case then I am more on Kana's side. Though still have to be graceful for Tsunderia for allowing her to keep model. Since most companies would at attempt to at least "retire the character" if their talent left.

>> No.3860843

Seeing how she is now, I can't imagine her in a company setting at all. Other than the initial startup costs, there's nothing a company could do for her. She doesn't have to worry about working with merch suppliers or getting music rights. She's far too based for sponsors. The only thing she might be missing is legal support for DMCA claims, but she hasn't had to worry about those.

Tsunderia is doing alright, definitely better since they picked up Miori. I'm happy Purin is opening up too. Tsunderia is going in a successful company direction and Kana is going in a successful indie direction. Things worked out for everyone

>> No.3861026

>Tsunderia for allowing her to keep model
I remember her saying that she had to argue a lot with them for this, but I have shoddy memory so don't take my word on it

>> No.3861124

Negotiations over something that valuable had to have happened, sure. Not that we'll ever know the exact details of it

>> No.3861345

Fullscreen is like the biggest network and they're still around, they absorbed Machinina. Disney still has their network that PewDiePie used to be signed to. Discovery network has Phillip DeFranco. OfflineTV with Pokimane and those guys. There's a lot more but you get the idea, YouTube networks are still around. The thing is with the way YouTube functions these days you don't really need a network anymore.

Of course I have no problem with corporate vtubers, I'm watching Kiara right now. I just don't think joining a company is as necessary as Hololive fans makes it out to be. The Holos were blessed because their brand struck at the exact right time with the right people to create a huge wave of hype. Most other companies, Western or not, are not seeing that type of growth. Ironically VShojo is one other company that actually seems to be doing quite well for itself.
Basically what I mean is that in most cases whether you're independent or not you'll have to grind it out for an audience unless you blow up randomly off of a meme. If a company cannot provide you any benefits and you already have a successful channel I don't see any issue with walking. And that's aside from the fact that Kana was having more issues than that with Tsunderia.

>> No.3861442

How is Kana going to cope with her audience growing? She's expressed her preference for a smaller audience in her twitch streams before, so what is she going to do when 1k+ people watch her streams daily?

>> No.3861496

>so what is she going to do when 1k+ people watch her streams daily?
Get anxious when they start giving her money

>> No.3861501

YouTube networks fell apart because they failed to provide any kind of support for their talents, which is the other part of why Kana left.
That said, I truly believe that Char and Slugma reformed the business into less of a YouTube network and more of a real agency. S-train leaving because he wasn't allowed to just do whatever he wanted anymore and being able to pull talents from another agency imploding is a great sign that the management is being more involved and helpful. Purin getting a bouquet for her High School Graduation was really heartwarming too

>> No.3861536

What did S-train do?

>> No.3861618

VShojo started completely differently than everyone else. They bought existing VTubers that already had a massive audience, launched two others, and successfully marketed them to sponsors and non-VTuber outlets. It helped that the founders are well-known in the YouTube sphere and used their clout to actually grow the company. That sort of model takes a shitload of money and marketing contacts, so it's no surprise they're the only ones that have tried

>> No.3861699

That is so weird to me. What is it about recieving money makes her feel so anxious? It's not only because it makes the streams longer because she can still end the stream and read the superchats the next stream

>> No.3861712

If you believe Kana, he was controlling to the point of harassment. If you believe the much less popular rrat, Kana wasn't happy with the responsibilities of promoting the other talents and having to play a seiso uwu character, so she blamed it on management and abandoned the other streamers. They're probably both true to an extent

>> No.3861755

Well VShojo is a network in the traditional sense whereas other Vtuber companies function more similarly to idol agencies (with exceptions). VShojo seems to be setup in the same way that other networks are where they form a partnership with existing talents but they advertise their group the same way other vtuber companies do. It's kind of interesting and despite the fact that they all had some level of success prior to joining, I actually didn't think it would work as well as it has been.

>> No.3861836

He started getting really possessive and overbearing trying to force Kana to act a particular way. When challenged he would get aggressive and threaten to withdraw all support, eventually he left as Kana's discord mod and took basically the entire mod team with him because he was a spiteful jerk.

>> No.3861881

It would be almost impressive to avoid success with Melody, Nyanners, and Ironmouse attached to your brand. Although how widely they've been embraced outside of the VTuber community was a shock to me too

>> No.3861953

>having to play a seiso uwu character
I'm not sure about this one... Kana has said that she didn't have a problem doing it and that she kinda liked it, but on other streams she said that it felt like she was lying and that she didn't like not being herself. Kana seems honest most of the time and I trust her but at this point I don't know what to believe.

>> No.3862137

It's pretty obvious that this fox is about as far from seiso as the rest of us. Whether she likes playing the character or not, her real personality is going to break through it eventually and you get streams like the one we had yesterday. It's not hard to imagine the pressure of being forced to maintain that image for a company. What I'll never understand is why she agreed to try it in the first place

>> No.3862141

It could be both. She could have enjoyed the persona a bit but felt guilty about presenting herself in what she saw as an inauthentic manner. I do remember her saying it was a little annoying sometimes where she had to play dumb with stuff.

>> No.3862270

>Kana has said that she didn't have a problem doing it and that she kinda liked it
When was that? In her Minecraft stream awhile ago, it seemed more like she hated it and that it was draining for her.
>"Seiso Kana is a fucking dumb bitch who fucking wanted to suck di-"
>"Seiso is so stupid and fake"
>became tired of streaming because she had to fake being seiso

>> No.3862357

She's a NEET, she doesn't like being forced to act a particular way. While it may be fun to put on the act once in a while, having someone tell you you have to act this way and having them criticize you when you don't is really demotivating for her. Having a character that you do sometimes is fun, having a persona that you have to keep up is a lot more like just lying to your audience

>> No.3862495

I'm sorry mate, I don't remember the stream... I am certain that she did say it though if that's worth anything

>> No.3862579

That's also just Kana's sense of humour in that segment.

>> No.3862604

anyway with all that said I'd still eat kanas asshole and bury my nose in her stinky fox cunny

>> No.3862651

I've seen this exact behavior from shit-stain firsthand in a certain someone's server.
>getting pissy at people for posting suggestive emotes
>almost throwing some members into the time-out channel for talking about nsfw topics
>"At least _ apologized, where's you're apology _?"
>justifying it by saying it's "to protect the children"
Hope he reads these threads and finds out that every time he left a voice chat we'd all shit on him for being a groomer. And I mean ALL of us.

>> No.3862896

She makes the jokes and then she talks seriously about how she felt about it, keep watching

>> No.3863383

Not to defend the fucker, but isn't that what a moderator is supposed to do? I don't do Discord but that sounds like pretty typical janny behavior

>> No.3863516

I mean as soon as I started watching the stream, she said that she fucks dogs and doesn't care. That's one hell of a 1st impression

>> No.3863746

He went above and beyond the wishes of the Admin and would even argue with the admin and threaten to leave if he didn't get his way. He had major small pp energy and was probably a manlet

>> No.3863749

She puts peanut butter on her cunny and makes her dog lick it

>> No.3863830

Somehow I'm reminded of redo of a healer lol

>> No.3863972
File: 874 KB, 3539x4096, kana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Kana! Even if she fucks dogs!

>> No.3864219

>all this old drama from disc*rd
god i hate that fucking platform so bad, IRCfags don't look so bad nowadays

>> No.3864265

I wish I was a dog so I could knot in Kana's butt and flood it with my seed

>> No.3864395

Kana hates it too but it beats YouTube/Twitch notifications sadly

>> No.3864536

Twitch isn't bad if you get email notifications, but YouTube is fucking atrocious.
Now that she's not corporate, wouldn't Twitch make more sense for her? She seems more relaxed there anyway. Or would it not be worth it since she has a guaranteed audience on YouTube and she just has to deal with it the worse platform?

>> No.3864538
File: 3.69 MB, 2508x3541, 1607131172223.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This entire conversation is nice and everything but I just REALLY want to fuck the phox

>> No.3864874

She's already in the YT algorithm considering that she regularly gets people saying they got her in their recommended, plus having two platforms allows her to test things out on Twitch to then carry over to her larger audience on YT

>> No.3865806

She could also do the thing where she streams on Twitch and then posts highlight edits of her vods on YouTube. At this point it seems that she has some momentum on YouTube though so she may as well just keep doing what she's doing. Interested in seeing what the skit she's working on will be like.

>> No.3866336

>censoring time zone
What the fuck are you hiding?

>> No.3866448

That it was Kana herself who made the OP

>> No.3866466

His timezone I guess

>> No.3866626
File: 41 KB, 520x288, dog cat fox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3868597

But I'm the one with multiple daily jellyfish stings......

>> No.3869823

Don't be greedy anon, she also wants the piss

>> No.3870378


I want this fox to tease me with more sexual innuendo!

>> No.3871342


>> No.3871364

One of these days she's going to say the gamer word and it's going to be based as fuck

>> No.3871999

I want to bury my face in Kana's tail!

>> No.3872519

What does her tail smell like?

>> No.3872755

it probably has a wild, beastly scent underlied by Kana's gentle, feminine fragrance

>> No.3872900

Dogs and foxes are both canines
There is absolutely nothing wrong with her mating with a dog

>> No.3873015

So it smells like pee and air freshener?

>> No.3873812

if you want to put it *that* way, I guess so

>> No.3875130
File: 284 KB, 1015x572, 1621376741252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit that's quite a schedule.

>> No.3875283

Man I love Kana but her streams are the bane of my sleep schedule. I hope she likes Omori

>> No.3875508

You can cope with less than 8 hours of sleep, right anon?

>> No.3875604
File: 557 KB, 850x784, EyBd6jQWYAAvT6j.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not easy but I do it for her

>> No.3875735

It feels weird to see a schedule from her again, I hope she's not forcing herself too much

>> No.3876202

I'm with you. Going to sleep at 2am and waking up at 6 isn't easy, but I can deal with it. Naps are a blessing.

>> No.3876966

Well she said she wanted to play more games and become a better streamer so all we can do is support.

>> No.3878272

Do you think she regrets what she said in yesterday's stream?

>> No.3878916

nah she always talks about just owning your shit even if people think you're weird or cringe for it

>> No.3880214

What's there to regret? She ejaculated all her pent up energy all over us, she probably feels relieved

>> No.3880404

I know I felt relieved.

>> No.3884909
File: 2.00 MB, 1768x2912, 1618952786778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3885160

She's so cute

>> No.3885319

I understand the people who want to fuck her but imagine picking her up and hugging her small, stinky, soft, and fluffy body. She's too cute

>> No.3886699

>Members Only
What a way to make me want to be a member. Damn it Kana why must you torment me so. So fucking horny for this little nymph.

>> No.3886788

I hope she doesn't regret all the crazy shit she said, cos it was based as fuck and was one of her best streams ever. Made me fall in love with her even more. Had an intense boner for most of that stream. Why is she so fucking sexy?

>> No.3887135

I guess it's time to take out the credit card

>> No.3887213

I think I'm going to do it too. Hopefully she keeps doing them.

>> No.3887395

>She's going to be more hinged
Damn it

>> No.3887425

I wonder if she fucked her dog today.

>> No.3887434

Gotta find balance anon

>> No.3887530

The hinge is slowly falling apart

>> No.3887665

If she goes unhinged too much, it'll start to be forced. You need inspiration for madness.

>> No.3888038
File: 286 KB, 889x592, 1619548350215.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Existentialist Kana

>> No.3888392
File: 1.46 MB, 1024x681, 1619405108669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ywn be infected with Kana

>> No.3888490

She was definitely aiming for China the based fox

>> No.3888506

I want to get all the diseases Kana could possibly give me!

>> No.3888534
File: 322 KB, 640x480, 1446499631914.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Let's kill the entirety of SEA

>> No.3888574

>Should I infect the rats?
This stream is beautiful

>> No.3888727


>> No.3888869

Is the stream fucking up for you guys too

>> No.3888904


>> No.3888925


>> No.3888940

Yes and it's annoying

>> No.3889006

works on my machine

>> No.3889064

I never thought that Plague Inc would make for such an interactive stream

>> No.3889073

It's completely crapped out for me twice now and I had to refresh the page.

>> No.3889180

I can't tell if it's YouTube's fault or Kana's connection.

>> No.3889190


>> No.3889211

I think it's Youtube. A buddy who's watching something else is also complaining about buffering.

>> No.3889218

it's youtube, same thing is happening for every streamer

>> No.3889225

It's YT. Other streamers are having troubles
t. watching multiple streams

>> No.3889294

I am going to [REDACTED] Youtube HQ for not letting me watch Kana

>> No.3889376

Sick website

>> No.3889415

I'm actually really pissed

>> No.3889451
File: 493 KB, 500x375, 1608537314446.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Alright everyone

>> No.3889453


>> No.3889457

>alright everyone
Kana no!

>> No.3889533

>ended the stream because retards couldn't keep their mouth shut
its was working on my end

>> No.3889557

I miss her already bros

>> No.3889575

Same, I'm crying rn

>> No.3889606

I fucking hate youtube.

>> No.3889684

nigga I couldn't see shit

>> No.3889710

Her stream is the only thing that makes my day better and youtube gets to ruin it for no reason
Fuck this shit, it was such a good stream too

>> No.3889970

One thing. I needed one thing to work today. Fuck you YouTube you ruined my fucking day.
I just hope Kana doesn't feel bad about this. It was a really fun stream while it lasted.

>> No.3890049

I'm even having problems with regular videos, not just livestreams. So it definitely isn't Kana's fault.

>> No.3890246

time to go watch some VODs, stay strong bros

>> No.3890309

I guess I get to have a good night of sleep... Who am I kidding I'll just spend 2 hours being sad and being restless

>> No.3890529

#YouTubeDOWN is trending for a reason

>> No.3890533

anyone got any funny clips from yesterday's stream?

>> No.3890988

I know people hate him here, but Kana virus wrote a comment in the VOD with pretty much all the funny and interesting bits. I rewatch the streams after they end so I can have links for the funny moments but that time he pretty much did my job for me.

>> No.3892639

She seemed to be getting mad at chat for talking about Youtube being down. What else are they supposed to talk about if they can't even watch your stream?

>> No.3893000

To be fair it's not like she could do anything to fix it...

>> No.3893490

If you just keep complaining about something the streamer can do nothing about, it just makes their frustration about the stream not working worse. Please try and be a courteous chatter

>> No.3893539

I didn't really complain but still felt bad when she got mad

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