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“loud latina screeching”

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yeah no

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We need es chubbas

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Yeah, but who would willing marry a Mexican when there are better Latina's out there.

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That's not the Mexican accent though. That said, there's little to no Latina that would take your bullshit and will jump you if you try.

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I now understand why Hispanics beat their wives, I can't imagine coming home to that grating shit after a long day at work

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She's Latinx, right?

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That's a strange way of expressing your desire to become Ironmouse's wife, but you know what anon? I support your right to freedom of being a degenerate

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That's Caribbean accent, can be from Colombia, Venezuela or any small countries near that hellhole

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Latin x Me

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Spanish speaker here
She sound like a cuban

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She's from Puerto Rico

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So not a real latina then..... ogey

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pic related

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You’re a reddit nigger, right?

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Holy shit go back to your shithole, reddit nigger.

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I love my gremlin latina wife

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I love Mouse.

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Fuck you this is like chink or nigger to us, never post this again.

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>dog barking
>vacuum WHIRRRRing
>baby crying
>parents arguing
Anything else for the latina vtuber checklist?

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Her collab with Pikamee is going to be LOUD AS FUCK

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>falling this easily for bait
How new?

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Maybe some CASO CERRADDDOOO or her parents wanting to show her a meme they found on Facebook I love my family but I have no idea why we fit so many of those stereotypes, minus dog barking since I like cats more

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most stereotypes exist for a reason, pendejo

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God I want to fuck her to death (literally)

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Always sad to see how people pick on Latinx because of their heritage :(

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Why would you browse this board if you hate those words so much?

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You have low reading comprehension

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>there's little to no Latina that would take your bullshit and will jump you if you try.
that's the hottest part though

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god damn that duolingo stream with connor while she was on meds, my heart was dying from cuteness

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She's puerto rican, which is an specific type of latina. People in South American aren't like her, Peruvians are much more low key for example.

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Only cubans and puerto ricans say that. You won't hear it on South America or Central America.

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Colombians dont say coño. Just cubans and Puerto ricans.

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Kek wtf
But chinks and nigger are not socially acceptable way to address a race though unlike the politically correct Latinx. What really is the deal? What do you people want to be called?

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I want to oppress you socially and politically in a systemic way.

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How hard does Jorge Ranos get every time he acts smug?

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We live in small tigh knit households. Its better than white people who all hate each other and kick out their kids at 18.

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as a spic pls no.
spics ruin everything

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> caribbean accent
> colombia
anon have you ever looked at a map?

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Latino. If you absolutely positively need to be gender neutral, maybe latine. Maybe.

Latinx is just a mess to say. La-teenks? Latin-X?


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Her catholic dad threw holy water on her

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why do amerimutts love the gay sounding word so much

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Latino, just latino. Also fuck you.

Dont encourage the gender neutral tranny shit.

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You haven't known pain until you've seen [email protected]

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>[email protected]

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kinda like this one better

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I'm kinda proud of myself for having to look up what that is.

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That's not even recent, that's early 2000s

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>Mousey will never tell you that she wants to eat you in R'lyehian
It hurts.

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Venezuelans say it too tho

>t. Veneco

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In Venezuela we use Coño in every sentence

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This stuff just makes me remember good times with girls I've been with. Sometimes they are just so cute it hurts yours soul.. too bad it happens very rarely and the bad stuff outweighs the cute stuff. Or maybe I'm just unlucky and bad with women

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Someone explain this shit to me. I understand the facebook recipes, that's obvious, by why do Latin boomers love Caso Cerrado so much?

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Seeing him and Mouse bond lately is just so heartwarming. Honestly, Connor's easily the chillest dude I've seen collab with any vtuber. I like his vibe

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Stop browsing here, Ollie

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The fact that there are white people out there that want to use this unironically makes me violently angry. Its a Latino Heat thing

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>why do Latin boomers love Caso Cerrado so much?
I actually only know about this show because Mouse was talking about stuff she used to watch with her family and brought it up. Trashy court show with clickbaity titles? Of course the elderly are gonna love it.

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So what would sex with a crippled iron mouse be like?

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Not just threw holy water on her, threw the water on her then gave her a thumbs up then left the room.


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So you like being called a latinx?

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IronPapi is the best.

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I can't imagine how anybody would find that DESIRABLE.
T. Mexican, raised around fairly posh Mexican women and STILL ON EDGE ABOUT IT

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This was fine because it mostly showed up on forms/questionaires to save space on "-o/a".

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Peruvians may as well be considered another species.

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vchuubas in general made me realize how much I miss having women in my life
not even sexually/romantically, just having cute feminine energy in your life

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this is the best bait in this thread, well done anon

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t. pooruvian

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Mouse's parents were from Puerto Rico. Not sure if that applies to her or not.

>> No.3807606

She is too. Don't think she lives there currently though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bajk1FN5IPA

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All women are insufferable retarded whores unless submissive

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The cost of living in the Commonwealth of PR is too high for most Puerto Ricans, so they end up moving to garden spots like Reading, PA.

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this is the most disgustingly easy bait in years and it's still getting as many (You)s as it did months ago
fishing with dynamite

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I don't know why you all seem to think saying "latinx" is something you only see on tumblr. It's common parlance in the medical sector in particular. Here's a few big names using it for example:

>> No.3808449

Because it is, only 2% of Hispanics use latinx. just because the bullshit has infiltrated retarded white owned corporations and government agencies though their HR departments doesn't mean its not tumbr

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I'm force to live with spics. I don't know why people think there actually peasant people. Don't let their big asses fool you.

>> No.3808555

Calling the cartel to rip your heart out

>> No.3808619

I mean argies aren't exactly "low key" and they're sudacas

>> No.3808678

how do you fuck up "they're" the first time, but you get "their" correct the second time?

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>peasant people

What a fitting typo.

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dont worry, hispanic people will be using latinX in a few years, just give it time

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chinga tu madre nimu

>> No.3812604

Family members being heard in the background very clearly, so much you can have a second stream. Imagine the chuuba is trying to show you her terraria speedrun and you can hear her dad, cousin, uncle and brother yelling "MESSI LA CONCHA, CORRE" I would want to watch that more lmao

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Ironmouse cute

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*quiet muffled sounds of crying from pain of being bedridden*

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the same reason people like clips

>> No.3813173

so are her and conner dating or what? can she even date i thought she was like bubbleboy.

>> No.3814073

ldr/online basically. conner is being nice because he knows she wont live much longer and is okay staying out of other tangible real relationships to give his friend some happiness before she dies.

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>> No.3816084

Probably not, but who knows?
She's not exactly a bubblegirl, but with covid about she might as well be. Due to it she had to live under stricter conditions.
I'm sorry he's spending time with her and not you anon.

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>tfw no terminally I'll latina gf to pamper and bully
Bros... How do I cope...?

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Her collabs with Connor are my new favorite RomCom. Anime of the season right there.

>> No.3818315

I can excuse it, she has to enjoy her life when she can.

>> No.3820198

racist american bastards.

>> No.3820202

Ironmouse deserves every bit of happiness. Even when she says or does cringey things. She is too precious.

>> No.3820266

I wonder if HoloES actually happen, will Mousey take the chance to join. She checks all the boxes that Yagoo requires from his talents.

>> No.3820309

>dont worry, hispanic people will be using latinX in a few years, just give it time
They absolutely fucking refuse to because it's not part of their language or culture. Even leftwing latins find it insulting that white people keep trying to alter their language. LATIN is already the gender neutral term. Not Latinx.

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Maybe it's the sick girl factor, but yeah, just have this intense desire to protect mousie and her happiness.
Really hope she can play with Ollie and Pikamee soon.

>> No.3820559

For me its because I’ve actually seen her around doing her best to try to be friend and spread love to even the most obscure indies. She didn’t have to nor does she benefit from it but she does it anyway, which makes me give some respect to her. At least with her you know she isn’t trying to do shady shit like the rest of the girls in her group. She reminds me of Mori, who I see doing the same thing and it makes me happy.

>> No.3820820

If you ask me, it's inspirational that she went through with her vtuber youtuber despite being born with a health condition that would result in fucking your social life up. She's like the Ricky Berwick of Vtubers.

>> No.3820910

Its one of the few things I’m glad about vtubing becoming more popular and stuff. The fact its helping her and that even the success of vshojo is such a large boon to her makes it kinda sweet. Not a fan of Vshojo but if its providing here with such benefit, then its all good. Still, hopefully if she does decide to move on that she will still be able to stay just as well.

>> No.3828364

She deserves all the hugs

>> No.3829816

By being an ESL LARPER.

>> No.3830571

She doesn't talk too much about her condition because she thinks it makes people uncomfortable, but I find it interesting and respect her more for knowing some of the bullshit she has to go through.

>> No.3842074

>At least with her you know she isn’t trying to do shady shit like the rest of the girls in her group

>> No.3842235

god they would be so cute collabing together

>> No.3843939

I've never met a spic who called themselves or other latinx, only a White professor

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>> No.3844174

Remixes from indies but not on my endings

>> No.3844603

Mouse probably wouldn't for the same reasons she didn't audition for holoEN. She didn't want to start over and stop being Ironmouse or abandon her community. With her current success it's even less likely.

>> No.3844769

Hololive has literally nothing to offer Ironmouse.

>> No.3844863

Fuck, the caso cerrado got me

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