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Mother's Day is almost over, but the Vale/Zetsu family is still currently having a blessed time playing The Forest together. They're a cute family and Silver gets to be extra bratty with them and really pouty when she gets bullied.

MamaVale lewds are not allowed, fyi. Ever.

Other VShojo weren't so fortunate this weekend. Zentreya had a family emergency and has been stressing about it ever since. She's keeping in touch on Twitter with everybody but streaming is out of the question until probably tomorrow. She's not alone either. Ironmouse stated that she also had a sudden family emergency yesterday, which explains why she didn't stream (but did coop with Melody in a chatting stream) and why she came on today instead, because she kind of needed to just have fun with her Precious Family. She's such a sweetie.

In other news: Momo states that while anal isn't her first choice, she's not against it. Froot has attached cat ears to her head in an obvious demonstration of solidarity with Kiara and Gura, and drew a cute Ame who was packing heat. Melody decided to forgo the trend of Resident Evil Village play and instead take a blast to the past with Press X To Not Die, a game so full of 90s references that Mel got stuck in a never ending logic loop of stating "Oh my god how OLD is this?".

Vshojo team page: https://www.twitch.tv/team/vshojo

Snuffy: https://www.twitch.tv/snuffy

Haruka: https://www.twitch.tv/harukakaribu

Momo: https://www.twitch.tv/momo

Bunny_GIF: https://www.twitch.tv/bunny_gif

Previous thread >>3440511

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The heck?

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Oh there we go. That was weird.


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Mel's schedule (pic). Mousey's schedule she announced on stream:

Tuesday - Demon Debut
Wednesday - Torture Day (almost certainly with Connor)
Thursday - Hangout day (no details)
Friday - Playdate (no details)
Saturday - Gamer Girl Saturday (no details)
Sunday - VR Chat Meetup

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Silvervale debuted her new song today, a tribute song to her mother. Not up on Spotify or YouTube yet so no links, but soon as it is we'll all be able to put it on repeat and love it forever.

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>leaving vei out of the op

What's your fucking problem!??!?

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Is Mamavale single? Asking for a friend.

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So how likely is it that Anny joins Vshojo soon? She's really cozying up to Nyanners and Vei.

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Fucking never, hopefully. I love this fox, but her joining, and the pressure to perform that comes with it, would be terrible for her mental health. I'm happy she's inclining from the association, but I hope she can focus more on her art soon and less on appeasing the retarded masses that only know her from the Cooksie clips

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Thought she was already in it desu...

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>all the other girls are in pinup poses
>Nyanners is the only one in foot fetish position
That's pretty epic

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what the HECK!

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>tfw such a non-footfag you never realize who that pose is pandering to until anons point it out

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Melody is on way early doing an art stream.

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God, I love Melody.

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Maybe after snuffy, haruka, momo and bunny

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Did vshojo aco threads pmg die?

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Nah someone just forgot to change the thread title

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Melody raided Moe, nice.

Probably the only time she'll get decent numbers.

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What's up GILM bro. Welcome to the darkside.

No I am 99.9% sure this is it: >>>/aco/5336516

I haven't watched Moe in a long time. She still sounds adorable as hell and is now rocking a loli model? Is that temporary or has she been doing that for a while?

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It's just one of her models, it gets used once in a while, she has a lot of outfits for streams. But she does have a new design coming soon.

Moe still streams regularly and puts a lot stuff on YouTube.

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And for the stream itself: https://www.twitch.tv/natsumi_moe

Only posted in here since Melody raided her, she's usually posted in /wvt/ outside of that.

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Bunny schedule

Moe just dropped a very fascinating idea for a vtuber child. If she ever had kids she'd make new models for them every year so we can literally see them grow up. That would be amazing. Probably terrible for the kid, but amazing.

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Moe counts as thread appropriate since she's an old friend of several of the girls, mostly Melody. I have thought about adding her and Mira a number of times in the + since they have done a lot together in the past but not as much recently. Mira played with Silver recently but Moe remains distanced. This raid shows that they're still friends even if they don't do much together anymore.

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Personally I wouldn't add Moe only because she doesn't interact with them really and if she does play with the girls on stream it's like every six months or so.

She doesn't want to be portrayed as a lewdtuber as well so that's another possible reason why she doesn't do much with them. Even if she gets on with the girls, she's very incompatible with the group.

And she probably doesn't want to be hanging on their coat tails like others did since she only gets like 250 viewers or less on most streams. Zen also raided her on her birthday stream a few weeks ago too.

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Yeah she hasn't really collabed with any of them since like Jan and I don't even know when the last time before New Year's Jackbox stuff she was around. She was definitely at least close enough to be part of Mouse's big group shot that she showed off when announcing the creation of VShojo back in November though.

And fun thing I just noticed about this pic is that it has Vei's new design. It was in the works for a long fucking time.

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Our sister thread is doing the birthday cards for Zentreya's birthday on the 20th. If you're someone who wants to avoid the "adult" part of the /aco/ situation, then here's the rules reprinted from there:

>images should be 200px by 200px
>nothing that goes too far (cursed, insults, doxxing, ...)
>don't attention whore
>This will run till the 20th, so no rush
>anyone can join, from regulars, to lurkers, to a discordfag that just found this thread today
>We aren't that many people, so multiple submissions per person is fine
>A limited number of larger tiles (400x200, 400x400,..) can be added
>just about anything goes from text saying 'happy birthday', to a meme edit, to a full OC piece of art.
>post your image and ill add it to the grid

some examples of cards: https://imgur.com/a/bblqT7D

You can slap the submissions here if you want and I can, or another helpful anon, repost them over there.

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Well, either way, she can still be thread appropriate. I just won't + her, but she is a friend so she can be talked about here without being off topic.

And that image was drawn by Froot (before she even debut as a vtuber), so yeah a really long time.

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Please refrain from doing this.

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Fuck off. Stop bringing this board's retards and shitters over there who can't even hide the fact they're from /vt/.

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The other thread is not your fucking sister. You claiming as such makes people think the other thread is just 'VShojo+ but with porn'. It's not - in fact, VShojo is just barely tolerated there. Let that thread be its own thing.

>> No.3543596

>in fact, VShojo is just barely tolerated there.
Kek, they talk more about the vshojo girls and other vtuber twitch thots more than the actual namesake of the thread, even when she's streaming.

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Do you read your own thread?

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>Come to /vt/ to complain
You are both a hypocrite and a shitter.

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kill all trannies

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why be mad just wait and they die on their own

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i can't believe blue pink cat stole pink cat's phrase!

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Finally got around to listening to Lonely Heart, it's really good! Though having just come from the shitshow that is not!/morig/ constantly timelooping about the sound mixing on Mori's most recent EP, I do have to say Nyanner's whispery vocals are kind of drowned out by the instrumentals, especially in the beginninig.

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There are a few issues but for her first proper song I think it's a good start.

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Why s Melody streaming on YouTube?

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it's a a fake account

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How is this legal?

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Vei is just starting her encounter with booba lady in resident evil.

>> No.3550550

mel contacted youtube and they said theres no proof that shes the real mel and thats a fake account so they cant do anything about it.

>> No.3550573

Apparently she tried to take it down before, but youtube is retarded and wouldn't believe her.

>> No.3550630

YouTube is pretty fucky with its policies. For Mel to claim that this guy is stealing copywright she's going to have to file a complaint which requires her to identify herself, which would then be delivered to the person who owns the channel. There's also the possibility they just don't give a damn. Mel has known about this account for a long time and tried to convince the owner to give up the name to her so she didn't have to use a derivative of her own name. The guy refused (or didn't reply, I don't recall which). In any event, him streaming her content is a fairly new change and I don't know what Mel can do about it without exposing herself.

>> No.3550661

>Mel's complaints land in the lap of a jelly HR hambeast

>> No.3550681

would be so savage if it was digi himself rage impersonating her

>> No.3550726

I addition to the new behavior of streaming her content without her permission, the owner has also created memberships and accepts Superchats, none of which go to Mel. So he is literally leeching off her IP. In ANOTHER THREAD ON 4CHAN SOMEWHERE THAT WANTS TO REMAIN A SECRET DESPITE THE FACT EVERYBODY FUCKING KNOWS YOU EXIST ALREADY someone noted that Nyanners went into that chat and told everybody that they were being played and her comment was deleted and the channel was changed to "members only" chat.

>> No.3550963

I doubt it. This account was made about the same time Mel became a thing and for the most part all he was doing before was just archiving her stuff. I think she has stated that she doesn't know the guy. If it was Digi he already knows who she is so exposing herself to him wouldn't matter.

>> No.3551154

If you notice there's only a couple accounts posting and they're using Twitch chat lingo.

I wonder if they're actually involved in the scam.

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wake up samurai, broccoli kitty is on and trying cyberpunk again.

>> No.3551627

>pressure to perform that comes with it
It's not hololive. They don't work for an agency, the agency works for them. Most popular vtubers (or streamers in general) work with an agency, even if they don't tell it officially. I wouldn't be surprised if a streamer of her magnitude did too.

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If I wanted Momo's body, I'd fuck it!

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>Can't stand the majority of vshojo half of the time
>Still want to dick down all of them until my nuts fall off

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Good. Good.

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Your dick is desperately telling you to lower your unrealistic standards before you become a wizard

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lol same

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Well, unless we get a surprise stream from Silvervale or Snuffy then Momo is your last waifu streaming this evening. Time to catch up on the backlog if she's not your thing!

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Well if you're not going to do it, they're going to do it themselves.

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Oh my Ai-chan...


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There are Gods among us.


>> No.3558761

I've heard her roommate actually looks just like her.

>> No.3558891

Pease remember anons
>every vtuber puts on an act and is not like that in real life
>every vtuber hates thier community to an extent
>your vtuber is not a "pure maiden"

Just had to remind you guys before we lose any more anons to parasocial relationships

>> No.3559430

Please remember anons.
Don't fall for weak bait.

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Please remember anons

The game

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God I love Vei so much bros.

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Do you love her big nose?

>> No.3563342

Is Snuffy's identity known? I've heard it mentioned that it is a few times and was just really curious. Did she stream and shit before becoming a vtuber?

>> No.3563408

You're asking for IRL information and / or doxx, which nobody is going to give you. But, no, not as far as I know. Her simps are still trying to use a measily reflection shot to try to get an image of what she looks like and / or squee their asses off which barely a booba shot. And if they're that excited over that shit, then I doubt she is known.

>> No.3563592

What I'm actually curious about is what she looks like. Most vtubers are surprisingly attractive which I find kind of strange

>> No.3563940

You can be curious about it all you want, that's all fair. I think we have a very weird impression that if someone is a vtuber they must be some hambeast or something. We're forgetting that vtubing appeals to people (not just women) on a lot of different levels. Some may be attractive but they have zero confidence or are shy or just want to avoid what you're asking for (being doxxed). It is already bad enough for many female streamers who get quite a bit of harassment both on stream and off stream, and considering how many assholes have doxxed vtubers for the purposes of doing the same, it isn't a shock they want to remain as incognito as possible. I'm not saying you're on that kick, but understand that their privacy is wanted for a reason.

It's okay, and natural, to be curious, but respect their wishes. It's that simple.

>> No.3564018

First proper song? She has a whole album released with Magic Circuit, and I think Nectar and Osaka are overall nicer than Lonely Heart, which tries too hard with its chord progression.


>> No.3564094

Paper Heart is my favorite from her work with Magic Circuit. Lonely Heart is pretty good but I don't love it. The duet with Kizuna AI right after in the concert rules though.

>> No.3564143

I think when people say 'her first song' they mean her own song. The Magic Circuit songs are, well Magic Circuit's songs, not hers. Like DAOKO singing a TeddyLoid song, she's just a vocalist. Meanwhile Foolish (not Lonely) Heart is her own song.

I suppose the distinction is kind of retarded, tho. Magic Circuit wrote the song and did the music and she just sang, and with Foolish Heart someone else wrote the lyrics and the music and she just sang. Fundamentally not different, I guess.

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Also speaking of Magic Circuit she's going to do more music with them in the future, a duet with Mousey no less! Silvervale also gets at least one song on that upcoming album. Pretty stoked for our girls.

>> No.3564387

shes 24 and lives in ohio

>> No.3564424

>Also speaking of Magic Circuit she's going to do more music with them in the future
Yes, that should be pretty great

>> No.3564495

Well yeah, that's why I said about Magic Circuit, because Nyanners didn't write Foolish Heart either.
The distinction here is the promotion. The song writers for Foolish Heart are mentioned in the credits, but not in the title.

> not Lonely
Oh shit. Well, good enough, I could also say Silky Heart, which I now remembered and it's stuck in my head.

>> No.3564607

I like these kinds of internet musical collabs because it feels like there is a LOT of musical talent out there that never gets recognized. It feels like the garage band era of the late 80s and 90s or even the freelance music of the 60s and 70s, where it seemed like anybody could rise up and be a superstar if they just got a shot. I think the issue is that nobody (other than Justin Beiber) has figured out how to transition from YouTube musician to big top 40 billboard type superstar. It's kind of sad, and yet at the same time there's something appealing about them remaining underground indies you can appreciate as they are.


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>> No.3566311

I think there is this weird assumption, especially from autists that if you are attractive you must be confident (or normal), but believe me, plenty of nerds are attractive, and all of them are messes. I don't know any who aren't neurodivergent or mentally ill in some way.

Vtubing isn't really much different from having a username as your identity, it just adds a fictional face to it.

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Yeah, several of the VShojo girls are good looking, but they're so full of anxieties and social awkwardness (I mean, Nyanners, hello?) that they just can't put themselves in front of the camera. The vtuber allows them to be on camera without being on camera. It's kind of a weird exploration of anonymity. Guys like Padilla and Connor and some other folks have commented on the advantages of it. I also remember when Mel was being attacked by the IRL camporn community they were saying that she gets to "hide" from all the negativity that comes with being an adult entertainer. Frankly, I think she's just brilliant and ahead of the curve, but whatever. Point is, these girls are hot messes, but they're OUR hot messes.

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>> No.3566684

>I also remember when Mel was being attacked by the IRL camporn community
Lmao I remember that. So much reeing. It was hilarious.
A similar thing is happening on Twitch now with the hot tub meta. A lot of it is just butthurt because they feel like their potential viewers are being stolen. Fucking entitlement.

>> No.3567602

It was thanks to that discourse I (and probably many many others) found Melody and tuned into her third stream on CB. It’s also thanks to that I’m down this rabbit hole of vtubers and becoming one myself

>> No.3572919

i have infiltrated a doxcord server with information of several vtubers, including all holos, vshojo, and some nijis. someone posted nyanner's full address and some phone numbers.

i don't watch vshojo, and in fact have some unsavory thoughts on nyanners, but this is insane. do they have a legal team i could contact?

>> No.3573036

you can ask any of their discord mods what to do with it

>> No.3573064

oh, they have a discord? could you give me a link

>> No.3573088

they have individual ones, links on their twitter/twitch pages

>> No.3573093

thank you anon

>> No.3573140

>someone posted nyanner's full address and some phone numbers.
Hopefully it's all just the outdated stuff.

>> No.3573218

unfortunately nyanners' discord server from her twitch is a dead invite. should any other vshojo's discord mods do fine?

>> No.3573224

why are people like this?

>> No.3573342

The thrill of finding out secrets, I would guess. Even if they aren't going to do anything with the information, people like being in an exclusive club. Makes 'em feel big and important

>> No.3573487

she said lolicons are bad people so they're out to prove her wrong

>> No.3573516

no, it's just professional doxfags. same people dox hololive girls

>> No.3573661

>nyanners' discord server from her twitch is a dead invite
it might still be on lockdown since last week someone spammed DMed the server, her reddit and threads here with doxxing information. id suggest melody or silvers mods, they are pretty competent and nice

>> No.3573705

thanks anon. the fact that nyanners had that happen to her just recently is fucked up, and the now i see this. fuck these freaks

>> No.3574808


I'm sure it's appreciated, but the vShojo management team are aware of these servers and are working to get them taken down. I think her mods have been warning against 'going after' these people too (it's a difficult situation and interacting with them directly will likely make things worse).

>> No.3576553

Unfortunately, doxxing will continue forever because it gives people power over others.

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Today's schedules (all times EST):

Bunny is on right now playing RE8.
Momo: Off
Snuffy: Unknown, usually 6-9pm
Mousey: 7pm with the Demon Queen "debut" (she already showed it off last week, but this is the formal reveal)
Melody: Off (Adulting)
Silvervale: Off (no schedule, but she rarely does things on Tuesdays)
Nyanners: 3pm (no schedule, but she usually streams Tuesdays at 3pm, assuming she's back from her mini vacation)
Zentreya: 4-5pm usually
Veibae: Unknown (she's usually on by now or will be in 5 minutes, but so far isn't)
Froot: Unknown (internet still giving her hell, and she's been in a fury of drawing pictures of the Hololive girls new costumes, pic related is a new one of Gura)
Hime: Unknown

Haruka Karibu put up a message on her Twitter that her streams are going to be sporadic over the next two months because she's getting a bunch of shit prepared for her 1 year anniversary on Twitch. So, the Canadian may be on or may not be on and we'll never know until it happens!

>> No.3578841

idk. i heard of her but never watched for a single second and also never knew that she is a vtuber. thats a term i learned about a while ago when i was browsing pixiv

>> No.3578910

how do people even get that kind of stuff? its not like they tell them on stream so feels like they are just assuming things and directing their attacks at unrelated people

>> No.3580133

Well, some of it is old info from the days when Nyanners (and maybe others) tried to fight YouTube copywright strikes, which requires you to provide your identification to prove you're the channel or IP owner. Nyanners talked about that on stream a couple of weeks ago. Whether that information is still accurate to this day I can't say. But, I mean, why do any doxxfags or hackers do anything? Most of the time it is either for some ulterior motive or the lulz. The Chinese antis became particularly good at it during the height of the anti-Coco sperging.

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>> No.3580343
File: 475 KB, 1628x2048, 1611859655973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do i learn to like the other vtubers? i tried the others a bit but they just did not feel as interesting as nyanners. i even watched some tranny vtubers for a while and did not immediately close because they were actually good at the games which is something that girl vtubers never are

>> No.3580481

Typical of google to have tools that don't support people who want to be anonymous huh.

>> No.3580549

its probably why the pros use proxy companies to make the dmca claims. its very rare to see even a company doing it on their own but very common to see some enforcement company acting on behalf of their customer

>> No.3580755


You don't like other VShojos? Ironmouse is also a mix of wholesomeness and crazy chaotic energy, and when she gets full tsundere while collabing with Connor it's hilarious.
Mel and Froot can be very wholesome and relaxing, when they do "just chatting" (solo).

Also. Streams can be different, content can be different. Maybe you still didn't see yet something that might interest you.

>> No.3580813

Ever see A Clockwork Orange? Pry your eyes open and watch them, putting water drops in your eyes every so often to keep them moist, and let the brainwashing take hold.

>> No.3580902

Yeah, for all the fuckery that Twitch gets over their policies, YouTube is just as bad or worse. Inconsistent as hell they are.

I don't know if VShojo can do that on their behalf, tho, since the girls own their own creations and IPs, VShojo can't claim ownership of anything and can't defend the girls either. It's the one drawback to VShojo probably.

>> No.3580939

Eh, there's no requirement to like anybody else. A Nyanners fan is a Nyanners fan doesn't necessarily mean they're a Froot fan. I tend to like all the VShojos to a certain extent, but that has a lot to do with their quality of content not that they're all part of the same team.

>> No.3580946

You just need to see the right thing then watch more hoping for more of that thing

>> No.3581011

They're doing it for the same reasons as always. They personally don't have the guts to do anything but they're hoping someone will SWAT them or a mentally distubed person will show up with flowers and slime thinking Nyanners will marry them, but also ready to do a murder/suicide if rejected. There are some really fucking weird people out there.

>> No.3581174

Yep. Thankfully the girls have gotten wise to this bullshit and won't engage them. Better to ignore them than to provoke anything.

>> No.3581191

Lich rhymes... with bitch...
whoa... this is a fucking revelation... my brain is expanding holy shit.

>> No.3581325

Veibae is live! https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

>> No.3581375

Nyanners would normally be streaming by now but isn't. Nothing on her Twitter about not being here today, so until she shows up assume she's not streaming today for reasons.

>> No.3581406

She's on a mini-vacation, don't remember if she announced it anywhere or just talked about it though.

>> No.3581414

maybe i could like that but when i end up on their stream they are always playing games

>> No.3581430

Her vacation is going one day longer

>> No.3581443

She did but she said she would be back on Tuesday. She may be running late. Priuses can only go so fast.

>> No.3581469

She said she'd be back to streaming tomorrow like an hour ago on her discord.

>> No.3581496

some of them look like they could have potential but they often waste it on games. only men can play games so thats what i would watch if i want to see a comfy game stream

>> No.3581514

Did she announce that on her Discord? It's not on her Twitter.

>> No.3581518

Vei is ruthless today. Holy shit!

>> No.3581548


>> No.3581556

Ah, shit, didn't see that before I posted. Okay. No Nyan today. The day is now less fun and smells less of Pepto BIsmol.

>> No.3581674
File: 598 KB, 1456x970, 1593804212583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i watched a while and now i want to go beat up someone. nyanners is the only one that does not give me these feels

>> No.3581685

At least we have Ironmouse reveal at 7pm

>> No.3581692

Forgive her, she's just upset she doesn't have her Nyan for another day. She's going through withdrawls.

>> No.3581746

i think its just a bit too much of dumb girl trying to do something she does not understand. some of that is fine but it becomes annoying when thats the only thing

>> No.3581752

Mousey always make my day better!

>> No.3581786

No it's just what Vei always does. She insults and berates her chat as part of her thing and they love her for it. I'm not sure why she's the "tsundere" of the group since she's more of the himedere; a haughty girl talking down to others.

>> No.3581841

Do you like any other vtubers? Have you tried watching indies?

>> No.3581860

oh i was too focused on the tard tier gameplay to notice that but thats another thing that im not really a big fan of

>> No.3581880

Oh are you the hackerboy she just attacked? Did you manage to get your hand off your dick?

>> No.3581969

? all i saw was yet another brainlet trying to play that new resident evil game. those fuckers will never get past the first real challenge, not even in the easy casual mode

>> No.3582013

she's playing on hardcore though retard

>> No.3582056

idk if like is the right word but i watched some vaughnixi tuber for a while and he was pretty good at the game. the girls just manage to make me feel very uncomfortable for some reason

>> No.3582106

more like screaming and running around like a tard

>> No.3582184

You are not required to watch her. That's perfectly fine, but thanks for giving her a view! The support is appreciated.

I don't know that vtuber, but if you're that upset about gameplay then I dunno what to tell you. Vei is actually decent a games, but if she's not on your level then there are tons of other people to watch.

>> No.3582263

idk.. maybe its just the too girly behavior that upsets me. if i open a stream that was advertised as a gameplay stream then im expecting serious playing, not screaming to the mic and running around like you have no idea what you are actually supposed to do on the game

>> No.3582316

tuned in again and she goes ItS JuSt LiKe DarK SoUls lmao, i bet this bitch hasnt even played dark souls in her live

>> No.3582323

>serious playing
>singleplayer game
ACfag how did you get here?

>> No.3582365

like just kill the enemies instead of running away and screaming in the mic?

>> No.3582383

Yeah, but it is also a survival / thriller / horror game, of a genre that is known for jump scares and other shit. Honestly, I think the girls actually freaking out about the scary shit is more immersive. They're actually getting into the game. I haven't watched a ton of guys playing this, but are they jumping when shit comes out of nowhere or running for their lives as if they are the ones actually running from the zombies / werewolves / whatevers? I would think that if you were Capcom this is the kind of experience you were going for.

This is also why you take girls to scary movies and haunted houses and shit, so they can get all scar-aroused and cling to you and you can be a big tough man and protecc them.

>> No.3582391

Of course, but the question was how to like other vtubers.

You have a ton of vods to choose from (several hours each), pick ones without games. Or do you 100% need livestream experience? For me it's almost impossible, since I either sleep or at work.

Or, well, be just a Nyanners fan, and have more free time for other stuff.

>> No.3582392

Oh never thought of that

>> No.3582447

>Of course, but the question was how to like other vtubers.
Just do it? Taste is subjective and what turns you on may not turn us on. It's all very personal.

>> No.3582542

oh that shit. maybe thats why i don't like it. years of imageboard lurking made me too aware of things that i would rather not know about. sometimes i just feel like it would be best to just kill myself since the death does not want to come on its own

>> No.3582571

there's no need to kill yourself just because you're autistic, get help instead

>> No.3582573

Zentreya is live! https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya

>> No.3582610
File: 444 KB, 1195x693, zenbrokenstream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3582667

Yeah that escalated quickly. You need a break from 4chan, like seriously.

>> No.3582692

almost 30 years of this hell feels more than enough. everything seems to be getting worse as time passes. theres still some stuff i want to watch but once thats done its probably time to leave

>> No.3582738

sometimes i go to the so called alt chans too. but they have even more depressing info than this heavily censored reddit clone so its probably not helping much

>> No.3582821 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.43 MB, 1457x1018, 1620765031842.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incoming vei outfit

>> No.3582926

What? Are you expecting no-reaction MLG pro gamer shit? It’s a single player horror game? Why are you upset when she gets scared? Isn’t that the point?

>> No.3582955
File: 957 KB, 1666x795, 1600815271158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Youtube and Twitch are still different in terms of how they operate there should be a loop hole, Mel could just do something on Twitch that wouldn't be allowed on YT and that guy is gone, or at the least forced to have less Mel material to steal.

Virtual Hotub stream, body paint, something

>> No.3582965

The more known alt sites were formed due to being upset women were involved in video games.

>> No.3582966

Holy shit. Where did you get that?

>> No.3582992

She’s actually gone through the entire series

>> No.3583009

I sincerely doubt you could, honestly. Twitch is a shit ton more neurotic about random crap than YouTube is. I don't know what she could do.

>> No.3583063

I ain't reading all that anon. I'm happy for you. Or sorry that happened.

>> No.3583076

it feels too fake

>> No.3583117

theres a good reason to be upset when no one of them can play the games. they do it only for the attention

>> No.3583146

What rationale do you have for this line of thought?

>> No.3583361

maybe i should just get into drugs. positive effects could be forgetting about this site so i would not be reminded about things that i hate anymore. i just cant stand the overacting that these women do, even their normal behavior can be challenging

>> No.3583904

Okay, I don't know what your game is here, but if you're looking for therapy you really need to find it with a professional. We're just VShojo+ fags here.

>> No.3584357

i doubt that theres any help for this. i just don't enjoy much things anymore. probably doing slow suicide too since i barely bother to get out of the bed, even moved the pc so that i can be there all day

>> No.3585023
File: 865 KB, 2869x4096, E1H7FX8WYAYXmCH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3585048

Even tho we already saw it, Mousey is always hype for new shit and we didn't see all the toys!

>> No.3585160

Yeah she's on a mini vacay rn. Should be back sometime this week

>> No.3585303

Well I was wondering if her playing Apex with Anny and Vei on Saturday delayed her vacation start, so maybe she's taking an extra day as a result.

>> No.3585396
File: 852 KB, 2647x4096, __vei_indie_virtual_youtuber_drawn_by_neonbeat__4cbc8e323dbcf95fcfbdcabd99a47014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3585525

Sometimes she just antagonizes and sometimes there's some asshole who deserves it.

>> No.3585689

I think it would just be better for Zen to use a voice changer, the text to speech plus donations just sounds like two NPCs talking to eachother.

>> No.3585966
File: 443 KB, 1069x817, 1614609128448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mousey on in 18 minutes!

>> No.3586791

Implying that's not what's happening anyway

>> No.3586903

so that was a fucking lie

>> No.3586972
File: 126 KB, 1287x699, E1AvFWZXEAIiai0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Satan is live!

>> No.3587013

Dat bgm

>> No.3587244 [DELETED] 


she is live. but the preroll is going on so you have time to get there.

>> No.3587694

>Change is hard
That's not the only thing hard mouse...

>> No.3587708

Bros... that design is all over the place. I love her but god that's an eyesore.

>> No.3587726
File: 165 KB, 960x960, 1597103566857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those puppies have their own gravity wells

>> No.3587840

I'm sorry it's an improvement, I won't ignore "soul" or all that shit of her original but I don't want her to go back in fact I want her to double down and work on a 3D version of this right away.

She clearly loves her new shiny, look at how much fun she's having with it and all her bouncing even the close ups she's proud of displaying it

>> No.3587909

A dangerous semen demon has been summoned.

>> No.3588033

yeah i will be in the group that prefer the old one.
upgrades are great and always welcome but this chages so much this could be a new vtuber with some small changes.
if mouse is happy then its good but we all know not everyone will like it.

>> No.3588040

okay i really don't like most of the outfit but the belly cloth is fucking great

>> No.3588097

Looks great, muh soul fags btfo

>> No.3588119

>muh soul fags btfo
the previous one gives off better "mischief" vibes wich suit her better imo

>> No.3588132

This new design looks nothing like her

>> No.3588145
File: 96 KB, 359x302, fug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she is growing stronger

>> No.3588190

Way too many moving parts I find it super distracting with like 7 moving parts outside of her head. Then you have horns, ear wings, hearts and the cloth behind them, way too many things going on there. She also has an earring, heart hair pin and her ahoge hair. I don't find it ugly just too much at once for my tastes.

>> No.3588224

Ok the tears are kinda cool

>> No.3588228

her stream

>> No.3588261

>meat grinder
ideas hurt

>> No.3588289

okay fuck that was cute

>> No.3588294

its very high quality but it will feel weird when mouse start to talk about irl stuff, mouse is a streamer who is very down to earth sometimes and this new model will feel strange with it.
it does encapsulates her lewd side very well but maybe not her cute(for a lack of a better word) side.

>> No.3588297

she just strays further and further away from the cute design and into the adult woman type

>> No.3588330

No pleasing everyone. You make it complex, people will say it's too busy. You make it subtle, people will say it's boring.

That said it's an absolute step up quality wise, aesthetics aside

>> No.3588375

just looking at the quality itself, yeah this shit is next level, its really well made and the moviment feels natural

>> No.3588458

quality wise its incredible i still do not think that it fits her though

>> No.3588473

Literally calling her 2nd alt "gremlin" , you're alright mouse. Also at the end of the day all that matter is "will this new avatar get her more money and subs" , yes, yes it will.

>> No.3588506
File: 365 KB, 1254x1770, 1620415763208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mao-Su... cute.

>> No.3588525

That's actually clever

>> No.3588548

Why does Ironmouse have 3 different avatars from 3 different artists?

>> No.3588586
File: 2.92 MB, 922x536, mouse.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Next level shit. Why can't holos get models and tracking like that? Compare this to gura, it's like another fucking universe.

>> No.3588590

Because she can.

>> No.3588604

Demon brainwashing techniques

>> No.3588612

because that is not tracking, that is a dance/emote she can use it

>> No.3588616

that's not "tracking", the model just has a lot of parts that shake

>> No.3588620

theres no need to get a more elaborate outfit for RP reasons since she never uses it to RP. Her content is mostly chatting and reaction

>> No.3588621

>Compare this to gura
don't. >we just escaped the rigger timeloop hell.
also no tracking outdoes snuffy

>> No.3588642
File: 878 KB, 1053x642, 1618207229056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because every Vshojo member has at least, their original avatar, now most of them are getting their official live2D redesigns and i'm sure shortly after 3D officials, it solidifies the group visually.

>> No.3588644

because she enjoys designing, showing off, and playing with new models. plus it means she can use different ones for different occations. its fun for her, what other reason does she need?

>> No.3588654

It fucks with her identity
as least it's better than her awful second model

>> No.3588658

keep seething, holotards

>> No.3588680

All of theartgun's models are pretty much on the same quality as Snuffy's in terms of tracking though. Have you seen Mouse's model by her? https://twitter.com/EngVTubersOOC/status/1370899530842005507

>> No.3588693

I'm not a "holotard" that's just the truth
The model is good but that's not tracking

>> No.3588697

>It fucks with her identity
Yes clearly the new avatar has brainwarped Mouse she is totally acting out of herself right now

>> No.3588739

Oh no they hit her with the "Say trans rights" donation

>> No.3588756

holy kek how did this pass

>> No.3588767

Which she ignored. Besides, she's busy doing her presentation.

>> No.3588814

They're getting ever more brazen. Now you've got, say, Vei fucking talking about watching porn streams and how she doesn't like thick cum.

They're going to violate TOS en masse at some point here.

>> No.3588844

big blain for big thoughts

>> No.3588876
File: 532 KB, 1000x1000, 1619227261868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, aren't they great?

>> No.3588882

Because it was a joke where she turned off that part of the hair? Or are you joking?

>> No.3588911

Give her a break, the stress is getting to her.

>> No.3588949

the star eyes are great.

>> No.3588992

that's pretty good

>> No.3589103

I'm sort of surprised she hasn't used her 3D model more often. She said it was much easier on her than using the previous one but she also said she gets really weirded out by how much it shows her movements while she sings (which I personally thing is a bonus but whatever).

>> No.3589114

yeah imma need this waiting screen for a wallpaper

>> No.3589120

Same. I like all of her models but the 3D one is easily my favorite. I love how expressive it is and wish it was her default when not playing super demanding games.

>> No.3589172

>snuffy tracking
literally just luppet?

>> No.3589196

It's still impressive as hell. TheArtBox is doing amazing shit with those iPhone thingamajigs. I'm too boomer for this shit.

>> No.3589222

its streamlined enough that even indie vroids can do it in one click, the quality of fine tuning sure i can say is nice, but its not particularly fresh or unique. even silvervales tracking is more high tech than snuffys

>> No.3589275

She's talked before about how she doesn't have the best computer. Using 3D avatars is basically the equivalent to running an entirely separate game. Silver uses a 3D model exclusively and she's spoken about how she pretty much had to upgrade her PC to the highest level consumer hardware she could get.

>> No.3589286

Eh. It's still amazing what kind of shit has developed in just a year. Melody was once cutting edge but now a bit behind the times. Motivated people with a booming industry means tech advances are just going to continue. But, as people noted above about how HL has lacked behind a lot of others, maybe the flashy gadgets don't matter as much as what people like (or brand name loyalty).

>> No.3589320

>Melody was once cutting edge but now a bit behind the times
She is still considered cutting edge, just stop

>> No.3589403

Get off my lawn and go cry with Mousey ya whippersnapper!

>> No.3589527

she most definitely is not considered cutting edge lmao. im willing to hear you out if you want to try to justify your lunacy though

>> No.3589552
File: 206 KB, 900x808, EuC-9k5WgAIloCa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3589567


>> No.3589630


>> No.3589635

If the others did more full body streams like hers, it would be plainly obvious how far behind she is. In terms of model quality, facial tracking, and especially hand tracking, she's above only 2D tubers and anyone still using Vroid.

>> No.3589658

The fact that she had an inhouse full body tracking setup automatically puts her in the top 1% of vtubers in terms to technology

>> No.3589664

>hand tracking
i actually laughed out loud when i thought of melodys hands
i've seen people using vroid that have better tracking than her actually especially with those circulated tutorials for unity and the new vseeface updates

>> No.3589776

mouse sounding good
used to watch her and vei quite a bit
the soulless succubus models theyre both using are bit of a turn off though

>> No.3589781

Don't silver and zen have hand tracking? I don't get their set-up though, are they gaming with huge clunky VR straps or did they shell out for those expensive mocap suits?

>> No.3589798

Damn mouse doesn’t look like she has downs anymore and her singing is nice

>> No.3589924

It really sucks how rarely Mouse sings these days. Last year she'd sing practically every night, now it seems to mostly be a special occasion thing.
I hope she can release her cover album sometime soon. All these covers properly recorded without alerts or giggles will be amazing.

>> No.3589956

>mouse sounding good
That was probably the strongest I've heard her sing Angel Beats intro. The lower range requirements of that song usually kill her, but she managed to make it through most of it just fine.

I do not know what Silver and Zen use, but they usually have their hands in a similar knife hand formation Melody does. There's just something about hand controls that are obnoxious unless you're using a full glove like unit.

>> No.3590018

why does mousey change her model so often?

>> No.3590042

for fun

>> No.3590054

I remembered Zen's hands being pretty solid and I looked it up out of curiosity and now that I'm actually paying attention I see what's happening. She's got a very slow idle animation applied to her hands where the fingers curl and uncurl slightly every couple of seconds to make the karate chop pose look a little more natural. Also hotkeys to swap to different premade poses as you can see her hit a key right before she does the dance motion here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwXjYbZJCOU

>> No.3590075

Literally the equivalent of going shopping for a new wardrobe for her. She needs some way to play dress up. Plus she makes a shitload of money on Twitch.

>> No.3590121

She also has a lot more to do now than she did a year ago and more people to do it with. I like her singing, too, but every night would make it feel less special. As for an album, I don't think she could put out an actual album of cover songs. She's got a duet with Nyan coming tho!

>> No.3590178

>It really sucks how rarely Mouse sings these days.
I believe she mentioned in the last few streams that she needs to sing more, maybe you'll get your wish. She's pretty into resident evil right though.

>> No.3590213

>"I want whoever helps me to dress me up like a doll and fuck the shit out of me... GOO-BYE!"

This is her playing with her dolls. With herself.

>> No.3590247

Right, she has all emotes for her hands. I think Silver does, too. Mel used to actually have hand tracking at one point. In fact, she made a joke about it during the Nyanners 1million subs on YouTube tribute video about how she "broke all her fingers" in celebration of the achievement.

>> No.3590268

She's been saying that she wants to put together a cover album for a long time, pretty much since I started watching her last year. With her improvement I think it's just a matter of getting her a higher quality mic and an audio editor.

>> No.3590367

She's got the resources now. Silver and Nyanners have both put out original songs, and she's been part of rap ciphers and such. I wonder if it is just harder to find time to do a long recording session.

>> No.3591352
File: 90 KB, 1063x752, pbs_twimg_com_media_EnIM9NPXUAEt4c8_jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I not sure about Zen, but I know Silver and Snuffy use Luppet with iPhone-X face tracking and Leap Motion for hand tracking. It an expensive setup for sure, but it is all stuff that works out of the box.

As far as I'm aware Melody hasn't gone into specifics regarding her setup, however the fact that no one has reproduced it points t it being developed inhouse. If I had to put money on it, I would guess that she using Unity with one or more Microsoft Kinects sensors. Plugins to do this already exist, it just a matter of slapping everything together with some basic Unity know-how.

>> No.3591984

I don't think Silver uses the same thing Snuffy does. Maybe for facial tracking only, but Silver is using the same 3D setup for her hand movements she's always used. As for Mel, yeah it's Unity based but it was made by DigitrevX (who also did YFUBaby and Natsumi Moe's models) and it is totally not standard programming. Equipment might be Kinects because I remember Digi muttering something about that recently regarding YFU and I know she and Mel use similar stuff. From what Mel has said, they're moving away from Digi's programming (because of the nasty situation that turned into) with a different programming system. She called it "udon ish" a few months ago, but it isn't Udon. Whatever it is, we call it "the noodle upgrades" anyway and recently she's started showing more and more improvements looking a lot more like what she was a year ago as opposed to the mess she'd become by January.

>> No.3593299

The new mouse model is not marketable
Teeth too sharp, books too lewd.

>> No.3593601

Hey, if Lil Nas can lap dance Satan, then Satanas can lap dance the world.

>> No.3593779

>Watch snuffy
>someone redeems pony time
>turn off stream
anyone else?

>> No.3594111

bunny is on doing an ASMR stream.


>> No.3594463
File: 11 KB, 225x225, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3594712

But to be fair she should put that on a timer. Zen only allows Gecko redeem once a week for a reason.

>> No.3594832
File: 91 KB, 630x810, 1620254545742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my, southern drawl whispers in mah ears.

>> No.3595054

Ironmouse just ended her stream saying she skipped a plasma treatment.

>> No.3595132

2 days late, it's over

>> No.3595143
File: 2.21 MB, 1874x879, pikamee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol Ironmouse raided Pikamee and I guess she's new to Twitch so it sounds like she doesn't know what a raid is but she said thanks to Ironmouse-chan like 10 times so that's cool.

>> No.3595449

I'm not sure she "skipped" it she just said she was supposed to have it 2 days ago. She was having a family emergency on the weekend so maybe she did. Either way she'll be fine once she gets it tomorrow.

>> No.3595493

Unfortunately, sending 7,000+ raiders to someone out of nowhere can tax anybody's system if they're not ready for it and it caused a hiccup in her stream so people had to refresh to reconnect.

>> No.3595532

Where the fuck are all the V-shojo members at yesterday and today? I am forced to watch Snuffy, Momo and bunny_gif.

>t. Twitchnigger

>> No.3595610

Yesterday you had Mel in the morning, Zentreya in the afternoon, and well that was it. Mondays are notoriously dead for VShojo members. Today you had Veibae, Zentreya, and Ironmouse. Tomorrow you should have Zentreya, Ironmouse, Nyanners, Veibae, and probably Silver. I don't know about Froot and Hime's schedules.

>> No.3595615

Monday is always the empty day, and Tuesday's not much better, but there was streams earlier.

>> No.3595660

The only oddity today is that Nyanners wasn't on, but even if she was, she'd have done what Veibae and Zentreya did and raided Mousey to have a big crowd for the demon queen reveal.

>> No.3595700 [DELETED] 

Give newer V-tubers a chance. https://www.twitch.tv/yuikaichan

>> No.3595962

I don't think she knows who Ironmouse is and she probably didn't know how many people she got.

>> No.3596044 [DELETED] 

>made by DigitrevX (who also did YFUBaby and Natsumi Moe's models)

Did those two buy and own their models? In case they ever do go big or digi learned from his experience with Mel to not sell off his models?

>> No.3596095

For Pikamee it's for the best, people still won't let Monoe go so last thing she needs is anti harassing her about VS

>> No.3596273 [DELETED] 
File: 21 KB, 300x451, motoaki-tanigo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Did those two buy and own their models? In case they ever do go big or digi learned from his experience with Mel to not sell off his models?

If Digi ever does become successful from his models he will probably be like pic related,

>> No.3596824

>but I know Silver use Luppet
wrong lol
she's never used gaze tracked head tracking ever before like luppet has

>> No.3597091

What does she use then?

>> No.3597147

She did, but it took a bit to register it was Ironmouse that raided her. She said Iron Mouse? Iron mouse? OH Ironmouse-chan!

>> No.3597218

Fuck antis. It would be rude if she didn't acknowledge the raid and thank Ironmouse, which she did. There's no association, just appreciation, simple and polite.

>> No.3597253

shes always used suva just seems like now she added iphone tracking to it thats why her head and arm tracking is better than others but she doesnt have finger tracking right? unless someone wants to call me crazy and help out

>> No.3598335
File: 194 KB, 1500x843, 1620782067674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyan's schedule.

>> No.3598351
File: 261 KB, 1642x1502, 1620795567920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3598625
File: 249 KB, 900x1273, 1620768100001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3598665
File: 181 KB, 800x1174, 1620782588313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here ya go. This is from Nanoless' twitter but not the animated version Mousey has for her screen.

>> No.3599825

She's using motion trackers, it's not the suit the codemiko uses but its similar. Same goes for her head gear. She also has finger tracking gloves.

>> No.3600980

why does no one get how suva works its been around a long time there arent finger trackers

>> No.3601122

>Why aren't you getting laid? It's not hard if you're good at it
Hilarious coming from a literal incel.

>> No.3601248

Femcels are a myth, anon.

>> No.3601276

That's because you assume incels are after sex.

>> No.3601426

What are you talking about? The Nice Delivery Guy comes whenever she orders something.

>> No.3604622

Anons, this vtuber girl was scared of zombies in a videogame, I think it's a sign I need to kill myself

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