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i hate Xbox now wtf?

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So you're saying Niji is filled with california cucks?

And that Gura's rigging is done by gamefreak?

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vshojo v hololive shitters really are just a bunch of /v/ fags huh

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Playstation = Hololive. Global brand that is more popular overseas than it is in its own home country.

Nijisanji = Xbox (specifically the 360 era). Brand that focuses on the local market and is so dominant there that they can somewhat keep up despite being irrelevant everywhere else.

Don't know what gaming brand I can equate vshoujo to. They're definitely not nintendo since they're not relevant outside of the twitch crowd. Maybe Dreamcast era Sega?

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Whats 774inc ?

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Vshojo = Google Stadia

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Hololive fits PS better because of their fans' massive brand loyalty. Also because Playstation is more relevant in the West.
Don't watch Western shit, so I don't know what would fit Xbox.
Nintendo is Animare.
Nijisanji is the Japanese arcade scene.

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Also why will vshojo fit any of them vshojo is full of sex joke

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Of course a /v/tard will make something as retarded. Kill yourself op

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wtf fuck xbox

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So /v/ is behind the tribalism and agency wars, color me surprised...

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Selling my Xbox now! Kys

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what anime is holo?

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Why do you hate Hololive so much? Sure, it has its flaws, but it is not all bad. There are some genuinely good talents in Hololive. Not everybody is shit and outdated.

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change vshitjo to animare and you'll get the accurate chart

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voms is clearly the iOS app store

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Nyanners is Master Chief confirmed.

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>They're all enjoyed by virgin freaks

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>hololive fans are tribalistic retarded babies who don't know better
>niji fans are tribalistic retarded babies who are too insecure about numbers
>vshojo is irrelevant in japan

idk bros, sounds good to me. Who's steam and the epic store though?

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>Implying Hololive isn't Xbox

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Vshojo is Sony California / PS
Western indies are Xbox

Nijisanji should not even be compared to a console and they should be the desktop chads. Since when did any of those consoles show a loli being subjected to the BDSM whip?

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vshojo can't be ps because ps is actually an established brand name that is highly profitable and recognizable throughout the world.

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>steam and the epic store
>the old archaic agency with all the talent and basically a monopoly on the market, management is basically nonexistant and talents are all left on their own
>the new uppity agency that is all talk and no show, throws around money knowing they're too late to the market to make any meaningful difference

Don't think there is anything that fits those two

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They are full of sex jokes but then they get triggered if it involved anime girls like loli, like when they cancelled Nekopara collab and then rubbed it on people's faces. They are hypocritical like Sony with TLOU2 vs. anime game censorship.

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What the fuck are those bottom images? I never heard of a sony game with gay sex, if that's true snoys should rope asap

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>Live in a society which has decided to reject loli
>still expect people to openly support it

Being "brave" or "standing up for what you believe in" is fucking retarded. Market forces will trump ethics any day and market forces have decided lolishit is unviable in america. If you want that shit back in america just change the paradigm of the entire nation, otherwise you're an old man yelling at clouds.

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not him but that's the last of us 2 ya dumb newfag

>vshitjo cope
not viable when gura is the most popular and is a loli? sounds like a retarded sjw faggots like you would say
unironically neck yourself

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Literally console wars. Vtubers never should have grown in the west.

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>Spreads fake news
>Hurr not viable
This is your average braindead Vshojo supporter
This is why no one likes you here
Go back to sucking tranny cocks, nigger

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TLOU2 has gay sex? Lmao sony is literally a meme right now

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TLOU2 is a quick google my dude.

Kill yourself retard.

Yes, they censor anime games and force Japan to censor all versions even Japanese ones but won't even bat an eye to explicit scenes of western games.

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Vshojo = Sega because they aren't relevant

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>and then rubbed it on people's faces.
How did they rub it in exactly? They just dropped it and did a different game for the collabs instead.

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hololive can't be playstation
as much as i hate playstation, at least they aren't too braindead and actually immediately take down games that are broken
meanwhile hololive is irresponsible as fuck and barely cares about their talents
hololive is like the broken PC port of a console game

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Nintendo = Hololive. Well known, well liked, kinda shady when you look closely.
Xbox = Niji Not as popular as Nintendo but has it's fans and try its best.
Basedny = Vshojo. Bunch of westerners ruining market. Fuck that shit.

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Holo or Niiji. Which existed first? That answer gets Nintendo

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Nah anon, otherway around. The PS that everyone loved and grew up with died the moment they decided to pander to the twitter trannies. I'd rather deal with cover's management with all of its incompetence and shortcomings. At least they have a spine to stand up to chinks.

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I would swap Nintendo and PlayStation (ignoring the fact that Sony partially owns nijisanji of course)

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This is pretty obvious.

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Hololive is xbox
Niginigeers are snoy
Vwhojo is not vidya

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and VOMS?

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what the fuck dies this shit even means???

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Someone finally got it.

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VOMS would be HsDxD, and VShojo would be the Nickelodeon complaining about Environmental Racism.

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DxD implies that vShojo is nothing but a bunch of visual looking sluts and nothing more

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Now literal console wars on this board. Tomorrow it will be soijack spam and uncontrollable /pol/posting. You could have stopped this

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You guys finally admitted that vtubers are console war bs.

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Anon you had one job!
Xbox is Hololive as well since xbox does sponsored content with Cover.

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There's no going back now. We have reached a point where the users who have only been here for a few months outnumber the ones who've been here since there was only a single virtual youtuber thread on /jp/. Just remember, it's only going to get worse from now, so enjoy the remnants of /vt/ while you can.

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It was inevitable from the moment ENVtubers became a thing. Everything the west touches will get ruined at one point, that's how it's been and how it will be. You have retards here complaining about sexualization and it's only going to get worse.

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Vshojo is more like the Ouja.

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>At least they have a spine to stand up to chinks.

If by "stand up to" you mean "bail only after it was obvious their kowtowing to China didn't work" then yeah.

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why is vshojo even in there when they're not a corporation and have no shareholders

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That literally no one gave a shit about and Luna already uninstalled

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They stand with their homies and lost 40-60% of their audiences. How many companies do that nowaday or they all kneel to zhangs like those NBA niggas?

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You can't spell /vt/ without /v/, faggot!

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What is that one in the middle next to the Playstation logo and why do they have the fag colors? Are they a vtuber agency specifically made for gay fags?

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its an agency run by your mom

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Cover existed before Ichikara, Sora existed before Mito but Nijisanji existed before Hololive

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vshojo is more like GOG or something, not even really comparable both in scope and user numbers.

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Niji is more like Sega. Chaotic and doesn't know what the fuck it's doing.

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>Be Hololive.
>Fuck up the rigging of Gura like video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W71KsnYcijI
>corporate ownership of models.
>feels staged and souless while not wanting to associate with other companies like V-shojo or Nijisanji while those two atleast did a colab.

There better only be idol faggots that love hololive, See no problems with V-shojo(feels like they have alot of freedom) as company name brand, don't know Nijisanji enough to pass judegment but I am sure its a little better than hololive in terms of corporate niggertry. For some reason I would feel like a chink if I was to say I love hololive as a company brand.

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There's still male in it, holo should be K-on

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>Sony to Holo, Industry leader.
>Xbox to Niji playing catch up to industry leader
>Nintendo to VShojo. Doing their own thing.
that's how I see it. I'll admit I don't know much about Niji though; I mostly see anons shitposting between the Holo and Niji and compared that to Playstation v Xboxs.

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You really don't know japan. Playstation literally holds a monopoly over xbox in Japan

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Hololive is sony because muh global brand

Nijisanji is Xbox since they are only popular in their home country and west taiwan

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I'd rather just liken them all to Nintendo, but different products

Hololive - Nintendo Switch: the surprise winner, no one expected them to be as successful as they are now, most people agree they were boosted by COVID.

They have very obvious flaws, and management doesn't care enough to fix said flaws because they know people will still support them

Nijisanji - 3DS: was former king, long outlived their era, and still refuses to change.

People still like them because they offer something that the other doesn't (3DS is still popular in Japan as a web browser and an Mp3 player iirc.)

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Which Senran Kagura game is next to your porn?

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So Kizuna AI is Nintendo?

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>VOMS would be HsDxD
You're so fucking stupid

>> No.3529183

Vshojo is Ouya or Stadium

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>hololive is worshipped by children and spics
>american chads

>> No.3532865

>muh proxy console wars

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No, Kizuna Ai is Atari

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ITT: Dipshits who don't know how analogies work

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