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So in the end, there weren't really any surprises and they ended in the same order as their subscriber counts except for Kiara and Ina.

Ame and Gura's being technically outside golden week and the majority being at pretty bad time for JP also suggests that their JP viewership percentage isn't very significant.

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Nice one chicken

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i didnt watch calli's reveal because of.. reason. why shes over 2hr bros?

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How does Kiara have so many dead subs compared to Ina?

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Ame probably had the second most watch time

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incorporated the SC reading into it

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Ina has a niche where her subs actually care about what she's doing, Kiara's subs just wait for Holotalk since she has no interesting solo content

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She thanked SCs during the same stream.
Gura will do them later.
Kiara did them on a later stream.
Ame is going to include hers in SC Sunday.
>Ina thanking superchats.

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it was part karaoke stream

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Ina streams consistently within a 5 hour window every week. Kiara streams all over the place, so people will either just catch the VODs or have stopped watching her entirely.

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>gura couldn't even reach 200k
I'll always remember you SNESbro and sorry I ever doubted you.

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Ame and Kiara's - S tier
Calli and Ina's - A tier

Gura's - F tier
It's really that simple

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huh, I expected Kiara to have more views than Ina because of the teaser image and illustrator, actually. did Ina surpass her in subs too?

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Currently Ina's at 948k and Kiara at 950k but they usually trade back and forth of who's got the most of the two every so often.

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Lmao Kiara

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Neither did any of the others. Why are you bitching?

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>dead subs
By doing thoses karaoke sub begging streams

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High average viewers for Gura

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I didn't expect it at all.

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Is it high or low?

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He probably means high. Ame has always been third, but lately it seems like Ina has a cult following.

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Chikeek eternally seething

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She's in the 1m+ club. Any rational person would have projected 90-110k for her.

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Miko's comeback stream had an average of 128k viewers. We still won.

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Since Gura was the first to get 1M followed by Calli and Ame, by the order of the number of peak viewers, does this mean Ina would be getting the 1M before Kiara cause I do hope so

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takos actually care

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Honestly, Ina has been doing better than Ame in live viewers lately. So nothing is certain anymore.

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No because Kiara will do a karaoke stream at 990k to get there first.

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Well the only reason Calli has low average viewers relates to how long they continue the stream. If Calli cut the stream sooner, it would be higher. It’s kind of dumb.

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And Kiara make a retweet when Ina hits 990K about how shes gonna do a karaoke

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>Ina has a cult following


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We are the tentacult, yes.

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Ina's got the stuff with Pixiv later this month so she could see a bump in subs around that time.

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It means multiple things.

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There will be no karaoke, but Kiara plans to do an endurance stream and get the record Mori took from her back.

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>No because Kiara will do a karaoke stream at 990k to get there first
The race between Kiara and Ina is going to be good.

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>Ina will continue on with drawing and chill streams without caring about subs
>Kiara will have 3 live sub watching sites up on different monitors while picking all the most popular songs from JP senpais landmark karaoke streams

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Tell you what, I didn't notice it before, but Kiara is the only one that has put her face in the thumbnail, and the only one with a text colour that blends with the new outfit silhouette, which is smaller and in the background already, making it even less visible or important. If this had popped up in my recommendations or I hadn't known the Holos and were just casually glancing over her channel, most likely I would have missed that image, and thus her stream, because there are simply too many elements present. Just look at how minimalistic yet still attention-drawing the other 4 thumbnails are (Calli's is a bit arguable, but it's still way better than Kiara's). Ayame, Watame, Towa and Kanata all kept the modest approach as well, and it paid off.
The Phoenix? She has effectively scorched herself.

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Subs mean nothing to live viewers. Pewdiepie has 100 millions subs and gets 40-60k on his livestreams. Thats 0.06% of his subscriber base.

To be a subscriber you need to press one button once in your life and thats it, you're a subscriber. To be a live viewer you have to actively view a stream and be involved. I had to ask for a day off for the Ame outfit stream. Not everyone can do that.

VOD views are a better indicator of interest, but they still don't compare perfectly.

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>most didn’t watch Kiara because of a thumbnail I personally didn’t like.
Okay buddy.

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>Ame gets a SS tier outfit with a SS tier reveal stream
>Loses to both Mori and Gura's even though the latter was awful on both ends

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He half right and half wrong. Subs matter, which is why Ame came in 3rd over Ina even though Ina generally passes Ame in daily live viewers. However, it’s not the only thing that matters. You cannot predict perfectly whether they show or not.

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I think Ame’s outfit is average to bad.

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and I think is great, fits her character and personality, also it looks good and the rigger did a good job

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I think Kiara got a debuff because her silhouette made it so obvious to everyone what her outfit was. Otherwise her NUMBERS would have been about the same as Ina's.

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She actually has another job unlike the others. Please undastand

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Its ogey anon. Some people actually get sexual arousal from smearing shit on their body. People are weird.

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>and I think is great, fits her character and personality
But does it? My issue with Ame is she doesn’t fit her own character. She seems too dumb for the role she’s playing. Also the outfit being average doesn’t help any, even if it fits the charter she is suppose to be playing but cannot. Also she appears to tame, while pretending not to be.

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Found the guratard. Go back to the ocean rigger

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What would /vt/ do if kiara graduated? Who would be their next target?

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>But does it?
Yes? Ame's character is a cute girl and she's an extremely cute girl.

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Mori/Ollie probably.

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>She seems too dumb for the role she's playing
She's objectively the most intelligent EN and is generally very comfy in her members only streams. She'll just talk about fish that she likes and food she ate for the entire time.

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I like the jacketless with the gun
she looks sexy

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>dead subs compared to Ina
doesn't seem like they that far apart to me, given that kiara grew her audience streaming around JST prime time and ina has the most consistent timeslot among all of hololive.

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>Too dumb
>Fixes everyone in her gen's technical issues
>Live troubleshoots in her collabs
>Programmed the interaction on her costume stream

She's basically the Botan of EN, who everyone in JP consider to be the smartest member

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>She's objectively the most intelligent EN
How so?
>She'll just talk about fish that she likes and food she ate for the entire time.
Hmmm. It’s not that interesting to me. To each their own I guess.

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>a girl working a computer
That’s not a high bar to set anon.

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>How so?
This, in addition some of the JP members have mentioned that she showed them how to do some OBS tricks

>Hmmm. It’s not that interesting to me. To each their own I guess.
How does this relate to her costume not being related to her personality? seems you just dont watch her and based it purely off this stream

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Tell that to the rest of EN, theyre completely retarded besides Ina

>> No.3427235

194k people coming to see shit tier model isn't something to be proud of

>> No.3427245

Well, she's the only EN capable of reaching that bar, so what does that say?

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>How does this relate to her costume not being related to her personality?
When did I say that? I said the outfit being average doesn’t help any, even if it fits the charter she is suppose to be playing but cannot. As for the outfit, I just find it average, not that it doesn’t fit.
>theyre completely retarded besides Ina
That’s been my observation as well.

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I've never said nor meant "most", and it's not about me liking it or not, it's about being easily distinguishable from the rest at a glance, which might or might have not been a factor in her viewership. Another thing being her speaking fluent Japanese, but at the same time streaming at the worst timeslot for the JP audience, this contributed to the "problem", too.

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Anon, Kiara had 24 hours extra to rack up views on the vod. The fact that they are the same with one less day for Ina is actaully quite telling

>> No.3427533

>which might or might have not been a factor in her viewership
Alright. The point I would make is that her live viewership seems to be the lowest in general, not just for an outfit stream. Then above her is Ame, then above Ame is Ina, and so on.

>> No.3427630

imagine getting less views than fucking towa lmao

>> No.3427659

I think I get it. It basically the same as most of her thumbnails. Gotta be honest, I only clicked on Ina's new outfit VOD because of the ominous thumbnails. The outfit's meh but it fits her a lot (will COVER risk giving her a japanese traditional outfit?)

>> No.3427997

I think it'll come soon enough, but given EN had a shared casual theme now wasn't the time. Maybe for New Years they'll give them one.

>> No.3428068

Takos just have yellow fever!

>> No.3428075

Kiara destroyed herself like she usually does. Started off streaming at JP primetime, now streams at EU primetime. North Americans caught in the crossfire; had to switch from really early to very late. Scheduling all over the place is something amateur streamers do and there’s no hope for someone like that in the Hololive sharktank; the competition is too strong.

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Kiara was doomed from the start because of her shit personality.

>> No.3428201

And now you and miko are back to being irrelevant

>> No.3428275

>Pewdiepie, content creator that focuses on meme reviews and reaction videos

>gets only 0.06% viewers when he is livestreaming, the one thing that isn't his draw

Don't know if stupid or retarded, so I'll just call you stuparded

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I get what you are saying anon but is already a given that their average views growth are nearly identical over a fixed period of time. Why do you think they are always almost neck and in subs as well, outside of chicken sub rally karaokes and shit like that. In the end they wont drift that much apart. This aplies to other metrics you can check, likes, comments etc follow the same pattern
Their case is actually a pretty interesting statistical anomaly, is almost as if the algorithm was artificially keeping them balanced outside of small deviations.

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She is doing fine thought? I fact there is a perfect word to describe kiara situation inside hololive the is the "average" she is smack dab in the median, almost at the same distance she is from the top as she is from the bottom, and that doesn't seem to be changing any time.
If there is anything i could say against her is that she could be doing a lot better if she wasn't retarded and tried to learn a bit how the system works, but hey woman brain i doubt there is anything anyone can do to change that.

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Average compared to what? All of Hololive?

Why are you comparing her to all of Hololive, compare her to her genmates because HoloEN is one of the blowout gens. Kiara is fucking trash compared to the rest of the talents in the same group

>> No.3429607

You just want to shit on her, we know.
Kiara derangement syndrome. It's been six months already. Get a life.

>> No.3430107

>Why are you comparing her to all of Hololive
You realize that you are doing the same right? By saying EN is a blowout you are comparing them to the to the rest of hololive. They dont exist in a vacuum they "blew out" thanks to previous gens paving the way for them.
>Kiara is fucking trash compared to the rest of the talents in the same group.
In what world? she is gonna join the 1 million club along with ina somewhere around the next 50 days.
next you are gonna bring up
>muh try hard
>muh begging subs
thats the point, some people are born with a magic touch and able to go viral without putting much effort, others use the tools they have available to achieve results, and in the in the end that's the only thing that matters RESULTS.
You can vacate the premises now.

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