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How can you be mad at her?
She's cute!

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Her fanbase harassed Iofi, now they're harassing her rigger.

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>never criticize Holo

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Is anybody actually mad at her? It's not like the rigger being a hack is her fault.

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was not expecting my pic to be saved and have a letter changed lmao

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It is her fault for not asking for any variations or accessories though

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Always liked her but dont have time to watch her

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Who is mad at Gura, other than seething numberfagging antis?

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Rigger stole my meme.

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>shit that never happened
>criticism of a terrible job is harassment

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Someone fill me in, I don't pay attention to EN shit

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Like Gura
'ate her fandom
simple as

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Gura broke the all time record for live viewers in a vtuber stream uesterday during her outfit reveal so her schizo antis are extra seething.

Her rigger also utterly ruined her new outfit and both him and Cover are getting a ton of well-deserved flack for it. Aforementioned schizo antis are ttying to spin this like chumbuds are psychos harassing and sending death threats (literally never happened) or claiming theyre mad at Gura to try and get them to turn on themselves and stop pushing for this to be fixed, because they want Gura stuck with the shitty rigging.

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Her autistic fanbase actually thought she was LEGIT angry during the among us ID collab and went after iofi for "doing a shitty translation job". Gura had to actually tell them she was playing up the anger for entertainment and to fucking stop during her next stream.
Some cumbuds thought she was serious when she tweeted out she'd never play with Amelia again, that's how bad their autism is.

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It was one (1) chink who harrassed iofi, not a real chumbud probably one of the schizo Coco hater bugs.

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>Her autistic fanbase
>literally two chinks on youtube

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Her fanbase is composed of 10 shitheads now

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>no true cumbuds fallacy

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chinks or not, they were two (2)

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Who were the two? I feel like doing my reps

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Seethe and cope, she didn't even reach 200k. Chumcucks on suicide watch lmao

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around riggers pull the trigger

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