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Discuss vtubers who believe in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, here.

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It’s like /x/ all over again...
Can we have one (1) board that doesn’t devolve into religious and political tribalism?

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Is there a chuuba that read bible every sunday and banishing devils as their lore?

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Confirmed Christian Holos:


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Sora singing Ave Maria:

Sora singing Amazing Grace:

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Shuba is a shintoist she talked about how she doesn't like being naked even alone because she were naked in front of a kami once and that embarrassed her so much

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EN is an easy pic
Mori (Catholic School)
Kiara (Austrian Catholic)
Ame (Spic Catholic)

I don't know about the other two.

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Pekora is rastafarian

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All the filipino ones are women of Christ. Gura I can guarantee is a Catholic because I'm from the same area and everyone is here.

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Hey that's new to me.
Is this ratt or real?
Anyway, my ratt is that most holos are Christian or have connections to Christian's sunday school or some shit.
Yeah, yagoo have that face of someone who spent his youth teaching at sunday school.

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I was about to tell you that the catholic one should be ame until I saw you separated it into "spic catholic" lol.
Spic catholic is catholic, though.

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Risu is Christian thats why she gets shunned by the rest of ID

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Yes, but I put it there to explain WHY they are catholic.

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Are any Holos actuallly Christian. Looks to me like she just went to a Catholic school, she doesn't actually believe anything.

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Suiseis mother is Eastern Orthodox apparently.

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Once you're baptized you're Christian for life

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Really stretching the meaning of the word confirmed here.

Those are very popular songs, we need more confirmation than that.

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>Those are very popular songs
...In Japan?

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You have to believe in Jesus Christ as your savior and as the Son Of God. She could be baptized and not believe in anything.

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>Those are very popular songs
She says they're nostalgic, anon. Because she sung them at Church. Do your reps.

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>she doesn't actually believe anything.
She recite Lord's prayer when on pinch.
She's probably didn't believe it, but the body can't lie.
I can believe that, that could explain why her mom fluent in english and why anemachi have imaginary friends.

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Marie? I never seen it, spoonfeed please?

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Ame's roommate isnt a spic, she just has brown hair.

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No way for real? Has she ever said that on stream.

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Even if she only went to Christian's high school.
You must consider her age. She should've forgot about that if she didn't practice it.

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Based Marine

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She's a white latino

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Her spanish is too bad for her to be hispanic.

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rrat? I don't believe that for a second.

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To be fair most 2nd and 3rd generation Latinx-Americans have pretty bad Spanish as well.

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retard detector going off today

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Marine is a good christian girl preserving herself for Marriage

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Too bad she had to wait this long. Oh well I'm sure shell find a guy who loves her even if they cant have kids.

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Imagine being a brainlet and believing in fairy tales

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Oh no now you're gone and done it, you blubbering buffoon.

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>*tip fedora*

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>barren womb
>sagging tits
The fuck is weong with japanese men?

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I prefer the Yahtzee against Pekora version where she recited it

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Pekora's whole family is Catholic, they even gave her and her brother Western first names.

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Luna has "Jesus" in her emotes. Says it couple of times and said "AMEN" during the prayer in Re:village demo.

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I too love Rick and Morty

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Neat, so that's how it sounds in Japanese. If I hear it the first time without subs I would think it's a variant of the Indignation spell.

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That would be blasphemous to most Christians/Catholics.

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It's funny how these girls are basically making fun of christcucknity and you guys take it as a sign they're devout little sheeple

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>A Texan
Probably raised southern Baptist but no longer believes or practices

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>No Sister Claire.

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>look at the design!
Show me the part where she actually act like one.
I'll wait.

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If Marine is a Christian, she’s a fucking hypocrite

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She literally said she was raised in a catholic school on-stream. I ain't even invoking the Devil's Words here.

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Whore in a habit.

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So like most catholics?

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Catholics are hyprocrites. More news at eleven.

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true, I forgot that

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>>3398528 is correct, Luna is just trying to appeal to the west with her vague understanding of western spirituality. And it's very cute.

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Americans go home, this a catholic board, Nagasaki christians will be avenged

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But I'm non-american and a catholic. It doesn't matter what dumbshit I do, God will forgive me as long as I repent. But yes, Nagasaki will be avenged. I know (((they))) did it.

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Excellent Habibi

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EN is minimum 80% catholic?
interesting tidbit. imo this makes sense, who would actually become a vtuber?
it all seems incredibly well aligned.

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Bro, I wish American Catholics were 10% as pious as a Eastern Euro or even SEA Catholics.
Fun Fact: Einstein was genuinely upset that the US dropped the bombs on Japan and not Germany because he was fond of the Japanese. But yeah, fuck (((them))) for targeting the one group that defended them for so many years.

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Without accepting Christ it's just a bath at church. Baptism is supposed to be a public acknowledgement of a person's faith, representing Christ's death and resurrection, not magic water.

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The best idols are christian....

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How many people here are forgetting Japan's syncretic tendencies and are conflating the adoption of Christian elements with a sincere belief in the supremacy of the Christian faith?

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anyone who has watched the Sound of Music watchalong knows Kiara is right with Jesus

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Thank you for typing latinx, always gets them going

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catholics aren't christian anymore.

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The JP girls are all Shinto, some of them even talk about visiting shrines, making them way more religious than the average Jap. They are definitely not Christian.

>> No.3400125

Japanese aren't catholic. they just pretend to be. nobody over there gives a shit about the pope.

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>it doesn't matter what dumb shit I do I have god so I can be as evil as I want
You don't seem to understand the idea behind the word repentance so I guess you're definitely catholic.

>> No.3400169

I'm not. It's the same with India but people generally can adopt the vestiges of their religion without actually adhering to its tenents. Chinese Christians pretty much adopt it as a status symbol.

>> No.3400200

Yeah bro, everyone knows the LDS are the real heirs of the faith.

>> No.3400218

>for the kingdom, the power, the glory are yours
Catholic bros....

>> No.3400312

fuck i love her now

>> No.3400321

Nigga, it's called the Church of Sinners for a reason. All are welcome in it, especially those who have lapsed morally and spiritually.
Oh? If you're not going by the Nicene Creed categorically you're not Christian.

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/his/ got it worse because it's ok to be to be schizophrenic on /x/ unlike a damn history board

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No, just the Mexicans and Irish are Catholic. Most are Protestants (libtards) or Evangelicals (cucks)

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>Ame (Spic Catholic)
Ame is jewish

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i'm sure >>3400059 is just referring to the fact that catholics make false idols of the pope, of mary they think a man has the power to forgive your sins and they like setting up gift shops in their churches ect ect
some might be christitan but they straddle a fine line

>> No.3400459

>Nigga, it's called the Church of Sinners for a reason.
>I dindu nuffin jesus gun get me gud
black hands typed this post, imagine my shock

>> No.3400465

His point means you are to turn away from sin and avoid sin as much as possible. Saying God will just forgive me is testing God which He said not to do.

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No retard, I'm pointing out that you can't give christ lipservice, which includes doing something you know is wrong with a cavaliar attitude just because you know jesus is going to clean up your mess like the eternal tranny janny.

>> No.3400522

it fucking amazes me how little christianity there is in """christians""".

>> No.3400534

Of course you avoid sin. But I ain't spotless, and won't pretend to be.
The Seat of Peter is Empty

>> No.3400553

False, there are no jewish holos.

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Yeah i vote nay, i think your stretching the word christian a lot. Mentioning god does not make you a christian neither does singing famous songs.

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>her brothers have biblical names, as told by pekora
>commonly uses "jesus" and "oh my god" as an exclamation
>EXTREME aversion to homosexuality. Won't even entertain it or politely laugh it off like other holos

>> No.3400703

She literally has colored eyes. If she is any beaner it's half at best and she won the genetic lottery

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Fuck christcucks and the jew yahweh

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> Forgets that Christians do backflips to rationalize how Jesus is both God and the descendant of David so their entire Jewish cult doesn't fall apart.

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>She should've forgot about that if she didn't practice it.
you don't forget those things. I am from a Catholic school and I finished high school like 6 years ago and still remember that fucking prayer even though I didn't really said it everyday and I am agnostic

>> No.3400885

>He thinks we're American
Northern European here, the southern side of Europe is poor because of your stupid, roman pagan interpretation of the bible

>> No.3400904

Suisei's great grandmother was Princess Anastasia.

>> No.3400915

Aki (((Rosenthal)))

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The Holy Trinity is composed of Sol Invictus, Mani the Prophet, and Yeshua the Carpenter. Your jewish religion is just a vehicle of the Roman Faith.

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>worked at black company
>10 years ago
She should've forget about that, anon.

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That doxology has been official since Vatican 2.

>> No.3401023

Are Catholic schools common in Japan? Are they better at teaching eigo? Is that why the alleged catholic school holos seem to have a better grasp of it than the others?

>> No.3401024

What? His lineage is from David by Mary. Joseph's ancestry is also from David so even if you don't believe in immaculate conception, Jesus is still from the 'seed of David'.

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"""Vatican""" (((two)))

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>great grandmother
Her "hey, honey" is really something else.
I bet her mother said it to her father all the time...

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Not even once.

>> No.3401088

There are 32 JP holo girls. Japan is 1.5% Christian. With a little math:

(1-0.015)^32 = 0.6165

There is a 61.65% chance of no Christians among the JP girls, or a 38.35% chance of at least 1 Christian among the JP girls.

>> No.3401112

I'm a protestant dumb ass.

>> No.3401113

you buffoon

>> No.3401128

Now do the same math but with Tokyo demographic

>> No.3401130

So you're jewish. Gotcha.

>> No.3401135

Its not about getting lucky, white latinos are just white, they have next to 0 indio/native genetics. If Ame was half bean, which she's not, she'd be a mestizo.

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There are 32 JP holo girls. Japan is 10% NEET. With a little ma- wait..

>> No.3401185

this dude really ate that copypasta, isn't it?

>> No.3401257

Under that scenario, the chance of complete non-Christianity shrinks to 33%. (Though I don't know if the Tokyo stats are good, because it includes Western expats)

>> No.3401310

I don't know how I feel about a Christian chuuba. I'm a Christian myself and I consider vtubers to be kind of a guilty pleasure. Idolatry is a sin after all, and some of my collection plate money is going into Superchats lately. I don't know how I'd feel about getting into a chuuba who is actually a Christian herself, it would feel weird to me mixing my faith and my sin up like that.

>> No.3401338

It's simple Christanon:
>You superchat Christian Chuuba
>Chuuba donates your superchat money to her local church

The japan churches probably need it more than yours does, imo

>> No.3401352

you're going to hell anon

>> No.3401355

You aren't supposed to literally worship chuubas you dumb heretic, they are just people.

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There is nothing wrong with heterodoxy.

>> No.3401427

Yes Varg, I'm Jewish. I make lots and lots of Money, and I control every aspect of my life. I also, according to my own scripture, believe that Jesus christ is writhing in a pool of boiling human feces

>> No.3401432

Hololive is Vatican City psyop

>> No.3401449

Christianity fails logic and reason. Don't fucking tip fedora at me

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>> No.3401471

ogey sam sarris

>> No.3401472

Do your theology reps

>> No.3401500

This is some top tier enabling

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File: 105 KB, 834x1194, 1607532370231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dont think a serious christian would deny this

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Catholic girls are the best.

>> No.3401628

Dude, I haven't been to church in over 15 years and I can still recite most of the major prayers. That shit sticks in your brain.

>> No.3401736

I believe in god
the father almighty
creator of heaven and earth
I believe in jesus christ our savior

Shit, I can't finish it. I can still do the entire rosary though.

>> No.3401802

Reminder that jesus is just a prophet and not a god, he dont get crucified nor sacrificed by mere man

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File: 413 KB, 2210x1719, 3beb0otxp5251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Christianity fails logic and reason
>He doesn't know Thomas Aquinas


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File: 305 KB, 428x368, 1608317583161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go away Moona.

>> No.3401883

>B-b-but see he can be both because his mom is also descended from David. T-t-that totally isn't an excuse for why so much emphasis is placed on Joseph's lineage despite Mary's virginity, a-a-and why the Bible contradicts its own account of his lineage.

>> No.3401973

Reminder that Mohammed is just a bandit and not a prophet, prophets don't rob caravans.

>> No.3401983

Aquinas also failed

>> No.3401989
File: 43 KB, 270x270, zNlxURDLR0DN4qWVP9k5DHSOUGazE+D+IArO76zTUwgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking that logic and reasoning can provide you with a fulfilling life and happiness

>> No.3402012

I can save her

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File: 396 KB, 1500x1802, __gawr_gura_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_clarenceman0605__dc127cee9146987d4753df1c19d4b1f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Given Gura's dropped hints she came from the Bible belt, pretty sure she's Christian too.

>> No.3402144

Prove it.
protip: you can't

>> No.3402252

>not understanding that catholics ask the Blessed Virgin Mother of God to pray for them and intercede for them with God in Heaven

>> No.3402260

t. somebody from a group I don't belong to

>> No.3402292

he was conceived of the power of the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary. he suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended to the dead. On the third day, he rose again. He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting, amen.

>> No.3402314

Wubba lubba dub duuuub!

>> No.3402391 [SPOILER] 
File: 18 KB, 785x535, 1620406902054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If any of the are none of them are members of the only church that matters...

>> No.3402438

Oi blimey i's da tjutsch o' ingerland innit

>> No.3402455
File: 69 KB, 919x1200, atheist dark ages.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3402477

I cant right now but just trust me bro

>> No.3402514

Mormon chuuba when?

>> No.3402580

Isnt that Nene with all her husbands and wives?

>> No.3402634

Mori: Catholic
Kiara: Unironically believes in astrology
Ina: Raised protestant (self-hating Asian parents), but now agnostic
Ame: Part of extremely orthodox Jewish sect
Gura: Germanic Paganism

>> No.3402663

random Christian fact: Sir Issac Newton, often depicted as a posterboy atheist, actually was strongly believed in God and felt his views on math and physics reinforced the idea that a god must exist for such a mechanically exact yet chaotic universe to happen.

He was just a heretic because he practiced shit like Alchemy and believed the holy trinity had a specific hierarchy.

>> No.3402680

Marine is most likely Catholic but you can tell from how she talks and acts that she's not a practicing Catholic, in which case she's Catholic only in the most shallow sense.

>> No.3402711

Based and Thomist-pilled

>> No.3402726

>often depicted as a posterboy atheist

By strawmanning Catholics perhaps LMAO.

>> No.3402737

Clint is enough Mormon for the internet

>> No.3402747

Go to hell retard!

>> No.3402750

>Catholicism is Christian
It's practically Judaism at this point

>> No.3402754

I know Ina's family is Christian

>> No.3402762


>> No.3402777

ameka my habibi

>> No.3402786

source: my ass

>> No.3402884

You are a disgrace to actual Latinos and Latinas holy shit.

>> No.3403031

>Auntie is jewish
>I don't give a flying fuck
>But anons can't handle the truth

>> No.3403208

If she's Korean and speaks English you can pretty much assume she's Christian. About 30% of the native population of South Koreans are Christian but that rate goes up exponentially for the immigrants who go to the west.

>> No.3403215

>fulfilling life and happiness
so hedonism then?

>> No.3403284

so, the source is your ass

>> No.3403428

why do you need logic and reason when you can just BELEB. i can sin all i want and as long as i beleb, im saved. sounds like a win to me.

>> No.3403485

Not really, if you knew anything about Vatican II you'd know Catholics are becoming more and more like protestants. The rest is just misunderstandings protestants who have no education about Catholics have.
>they pray to saints
They ask saints to pray for them just like protestants ask their auntie to pray for them
>they pray to Mary
They ask Mary to pray for them and literally almost everything in the rosary is taken straight from the Bible
>Jesus said not to call people father
He also said to cut your hand off, it was hyperbole just like the former thing to not let pharisees parade around as a superior class of people
>sola scripturaaaaa
The Trinity isn't in the Bible either

>> No.3403509

>Germanic Paganism
Sell me on this rrat.

>> No.3403543

When’s Vatican 3 and Knuckles huehuehuehue

>> No.3403550
File: 45 KB, 651x198, koreans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

https://www pewresearch org/fact-tank/2014/08/12/6-facts-about-christianity-in-south-korea/

>> No.3403576

marine got consfued about the concept of trinity and declared herself as agnostic on stream when?

>> No.3403633 [DELETED] 

Only the priest says it, not regular people

>> No.3403640

Welp, Anon won the argument I guess.

>> No.3403692

i'm not saying the statistic isn't true. You have no confirmation from roommante's tweet or anything like that. Trying to draw conclusions from a stat sheet is meaningless if you don't look case by case

>> No.3403703

No one says it outside of church though

>> No.3403711

Is that Vatican doxxing Kiara?

>> No.3403734

Atlantis is Hyperborea

>> No.3403774

Yes, Pope Francis is a well known kfp anti.

>> No.3403821

the reason kiara moved to japan is because she got excommunicated and had to flee from her austrian mountain village

>> No.3403863

>Gura: Germanic Paganism
I cannot see Gura invoking the name of Odin or praising the Tuatha De Dannan Kings.

That makes no fucking sense. The Hyperborea and Atlantis are both classic myth concepts and I'm pretty sure Plato described them as distinct places.

>> No.3403986

Oy vey lads he's figured us out, the fucking goyim have figured us out

>> No.3404484

>1446 BC
>not understanding the 2nd commandment

>> No.3404536

no you dont understand, its super cool to larp as christian now, because uhh, counterculture!

>> No.3404815

While it's quite impressive that she still remembers it, an actual Christian would never recite the Our Father for something like this.

>> No.3404969

she can save you

>> No.3404986

There's a solid 80% chance that her parents were poor fucks who immigrated to Canada, were Christian or became Christian to join the local Korean church community for support. Pooled their money together in a church community pot for a loan to buy a restaurant, dry cleaning shop, laundromat, convenience store, hair supply store, and busted ass to provide for Ina. If Ina is a zoomer that percentage drops to a coin flip due to business professionals with money coming in. But smart money is on her being at least nominally Christian as a kid, even if she isn't now.

>> No.3405291

Still, no confirmation of anything. I don't like to repeat myself but unless she says something nobody will ever know and neither me or you can be 100% sure

>> No.3405347

Ina is rich tho, she plays piano and her house is big
you cant be a hikki like her without being rich

>> No.3405458

If you really bust ass and get lucky, you can afford houses like that by year 10. If you came in with money already saved up, you could shave a few years off that

>> No.3405796 [DELETED] 

mori is openly an atheist but she was raised catholic

kiara is probably a non-practicing/"cultural" Catholic like 90% of austrians

no idea about ame

>> No.3405807

words are not actions

>> No.3405896

I can all but guarantee Gura is a Catholic as a fellow suburban M***hole unless her parents were weirdos, but I doubt it because the community pressure to fit in is so strong in wealthy white M* burbs that even the Vietnamese & Chinese kids went to Sunday School.

>> No.3405902

Well better catholic than protestants raving about jews

>> No.3405944 [DELETED] 

You'd know D*******e was an atheist if you followed her pre-Hololive

>> No.3405967

What the fuck are you trying to censor, Miami, Maine, Michigan, any other American places that begin with M?

>> No.3406107

Masshole. Massachusetts Asshole. Pretty common lingo if you're American. Anyway I thought Gura was Midwest or something. And that unless you're in Boston proper, you're probably a Presbyterian no?

>> No.3406203

i think he was making a joke by purposely not mentioning it and listing a bunch of other things instead, anon.

>> No.3406420

It helps that the Bible and some prayers are really beautifully written prose.

"In the beginning..."
"Let there be light"
"Hallowed be thy name"

>> No.3406950

brother is named diablo :^)

>> No.3407060
File: 103 KB, 946x994, easter_athy1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Athena LOVE

>> No.3407127
File: 443 KB, 900x900, 1619716244423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck yourself with a rusty pipe amigo

>> No.3407186

The correct term is spix

>> No.3407862

You're not supposed to pray to anyone but God and there's only "one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus". You don't pray to dead family members or so-called saints. This was the old Catholic Church compromising with the pantheists that they converted.
>The Trinity isn't in the Bible
The term Godhead/Elohim is. A lot of terms aren't in the Bible but their concepts are.

>> No.3408091

You're clearly very ignorant of history

>> No.3408203

>Thread about Christian vtubers
>200+ posts
>Not a single one contains mention of, or even a picture of, Abigail Dovely
>Literally holds Bible readings every Sunday

>> No.3408310
File: 200 KB, 795x598, 2d7cc5fec4d885d95fadc4636c25838b9f46bb34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3408371
File: 222 KB, 1920x1080, DovelySchedule.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No one.

>> No.3408379

go and stay go

>> No.3408553

Spix and trix and stix

>> No.3408616

Hot. If only this were true

>> No.3408619

chin up king
your fedora is tipping

>> No.3409112

The only people who unironically enjoy hedonism are people in their early 20s and people who missed a development milestone due to a poor upbringing.

>> No.3409126

spix and trix with bricks come

>> No.3409192

Not an argument, without giving definitions for
>fulfilling life
they are just whatever makes me feel good in the long run

>> No.3409208
File: 2.33 MB, 2241x1324, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3409285
File: 258 KB, 332x378, 1614085455967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When did everyone on this site go from wearing fedoras to LARPing as Christians?
I'm not sure which is more cringe but convert to Islam we have free lolis.

>> No.3409431

>in the long run
What are you like 24? You have at least a couple of years of enjoying hedonism under your belt. You are not special you will burnout like everyone else.

If you need a definition of fulfillment or happiness you are either too young or too far gone.

>> No.3409448

>he doesn’t know her last name..

>> No.3409494

Like 8 years ago when being an atheist was no longer a contrarian choice and became mainstream. Same reason why 4chan was mostly left-leaning until Obama took office.

>> No.3409518
File: 86 KB, 480x853, 275E4FA8-C259-4D4A-A5E9-EC8EB1508106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unfathomably Based. Hope this is true

>> No.3409520

I'm an atheist myself, but I recognise that atheism doesn't produce a moral society. I'll advocate religion to the degree that it's a noble lie to convince people to not become despondent and kill themselves as happens in atheist civilisations.

>> No.3409525

>not posting the original

>> No.3409528
File: 115 KB, 1154x719, 6818736361c77fee90d0616289f6fa9d70c6b39b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

0 arguments, faggot

>> No.3409579

>but I recognise that atheism doesn't produce a moral society
Paganism then

>> No.3409621

>If you need a definition of fulfillment or happiness you are either too young or too far gone.

>> No.3409673

Paganism in it current form offers no moral guidance or community structure. They are glorified clubs were people go to get high and fuck. I would know I was part of one in college.

>> No.3409759

idk, Japan is doing just fine without abrahamic cancer

>> No.3409771
File: 79 KB, 960x864, nyrtfn3tqsu51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3409783

Kill yourself wojak posting cancer

>> No.3409836
File: 145 KB, 750x563, buff_korean_jesus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3409854

She's a Protestant who believes in Rainbow Jesus.

Because it's contrarian.

>> No.3409870

I am as baffled as you are.

>> No.3409917

>we have free lolis.
not getting fooled again

>> No.3410036

>declining birthrate
>toxic work life balance
>value is placed more on seniority rather than merit
>suicide is socially acceptable
>culture believes that maintaining harmony is more important than solving injustices
>broken legal system were the only option is to plead guilty because the authorities can't be perceived as doing wrong.
>extremely high rates of depression yet still maintains social stigma of mental illness
>overall extremely judgmental and passive aggressive society
but hey the streets are clean right?

>> No.3410043
File: 542 KB, 2560x1440, 1612855172558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see the value of religion in nurturing a sense of community within a society similar to nationalism but religion isn't moral in any way. Look at all the rampant child sexual abuse in virtually every religion. Jews are out there sucking on baby dicks, evangelicals are running child rape cults, catholics are molesting little boys, muslims are marrying little girls, buddhists are forcing children into slavery, etc.
Atheist societies or ones that are at least fully secular have produced significantly more social progress and moral good than religious ones.

I just don't think anyone should get into religion or push religion for the sake of morality because it's bullshit. The average christian just uses their religion as an excuse to commit crimes and treat others poorly because "jesus will forgive" or "well they aren't god's people anyway so who cares". This isn't unique to them either, pretty much all religions devolve into tribalism due to their primary purpose being that sense of community. If you join a new community then it can be worthwhile to join in the local religious sects for networking purposes to raise your standing in the community but that's all it's good for really.

4chan going from shitting on religious people to larping as their parents is some weird ass meta-commentary on how religions enforce themselves onto the masses through social pressure even in an educated populace that sees it as incompatible with reality.

>> No.3410165

Isn't that what every religious sect is? It's pretty much just for matchmaking and social clubs with a bit of grifting from the higher ups to enrich themselves. Occasionally they'll do some charity work as well but ultimately it's still just to build connections with business leaders and lay people to further their own political and economic power.

>> No.3410295

Isn't christianity very popular in Korea? Ina strikes me as being very religious

>> No.3410395
File: 236 KB, 1280x720, 1494408147564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that Kizuna Ai?

>> No.3410416
File: 229 KB, 1500x844, 1614407221718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her character is literally a priestess of a false god. She wouldn't be a very good christian if true.
Though I already know it's not true since we're dating.

>> No.3410454
File: 57 KB, 496x516, 1596557497687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Together with that anon's biblebelt rrat, are you implying HoloMyth are all catholic?

>> No.3410455

I don't necessarily think left leaning but yeah 4chan has pretty much always been reactionary.

>> No.3410482

>J word
no one cares stay there

>> No.3410483

The mega churches and Mormons for sure. But 95% of churches in the US are run on a shoe string budget with most of the "workers" being volunteers. They are also more family centric than a regular social club.

>> No.3410572

>declining birthrate
And how is it pagan issue
Christian nations suffer the same
>toxic work life balance
How is it pagan issue.
They are Asians
>value is placed more on seniority rather than merit
How is it pagan issue.
Individualism and meritocracy is a western thing.
>suicide is socially acceptable
>culture believes that maintaining harmony is more important than solving injustices
Asian thing
>broken legal system were the only option is to plead guilty because the authorities can't be perceived as doing wrong.
Asian thing.
>extremely high rates of depression yet still maintains social stigma of mental illness
Mental care is not mainstream outside The West
>overall extremely judgmental and passive aggressive society
Asian thing.

>> No.3410771
File: 596 KB, 639x617, 1611984469018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4chan was very left leaning well into like 2013 when GG turned everyone into a drooling retard. Not like American liberal left-leaning where it's all about being woke and performative but pro-labor shit like boycotting or raiding corporations that exploited people or use scummy business tactics. Somewhere along the line /v/ went from hating EA and Activision to hating indie devs because "indie" became synonymous with "sjw."

I'm not saying it's outright malicious and also not saying all churches are corrupt but their purpose is largely to be a social club. The family centric thing is key though since it provides a place within a community for the entire family to be together and interact with other families to build bonds within the (usually very small) community. Pretty much all of European history before the 20th century most people were farmers so social interaction was rare and highly valued. Religion being called the opiate of the masses is very true, it was pretty much their only release for thousands of years. Nowadays with other forms of entertainment and social media connecting people all over the world its kinda lost its purpose which is why atheism is on the rise.

>> No.3410785
File: 511 KB, 640x480, foundtheglowie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a man commits idolatry
Really Punish

>> No.3411003

Neither do I. Current Pope a shit.

>> No.3411015

Let me sum this whole thing up for you. Japan is the only country that adopted a western economic and government structure without adopting western (aka Christian) value system. Much of their culture is still based on Confucian principals which are incompatible with western society. Christianity advocates for the individual. This takes away power from the government and is why Christians were hunted down and killed in Japan for so long. Western society needs individualism to function. Japan rejects this idea, so post WWII westernized Japan is failing.

>> No.3411059
File: 1.14 MB, 2000x2479, 1620347566103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't know about "very popular" but it's more prominent in SK than other Asian countries because of American occupation after WWII. So Ina being Catholic is plausible.
Since Cover is a company, we won't get any undeniable confirmation since companies avoid politics and religion like the plague, but if you want to think Ina's Catholic, it's a possibility.

I don't think LARPing as a false god's priestess is necessarily something horrible unless you're a VERY devout Christian.

I can't see 4chan ever becoming an Islamic site since it's a sandnigger religion.

>> No.3411067
File: 132 KB, 348x298, 1591641391157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Old Legion did not forget, brother. Nor they will forgive. The teachings of Tyler Durden still resurface among the young, and I've seen many of the disillusioned libleft finally concede guns, and crime, are necessary.

>> No.3411116

/b/tards raiding places is not representative of 4chan

>> No.3411135

All popes are shit anon.

>> No.3411140


>> No.3411169

Formerly Chuck's

>> No.3411177
File: 3.31 MB, 1415x2000, akai_haato_baphomet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey Christians.
I got a question.
Would a vtuber named after a demon from the bible be offensive? I just thought the name sounded cool, but I don't want people thinking I'm trying to bait Christians or something.

>> No.3411193

Ok but this still doesn't mean christkek religion is the answer.

>> No.3411199


>> No.3411241
File: 398 KB, 596x623, 1602757919599.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah. My oshi, a catholic, uses edgy iconography from our own mythos.

>> No.3411245

Most won't consider it offensive. Only the extremely devout would care.

>> No.3411246

Metalfags already have made blasphemy mainstream. I wouldn't be offended, but it would turn me off from them

>> No.3411273

>Confirmed Christian
I went to catholic school. I'd believe it.

>> No.3411289


>> No.3411298

I'm from Russia and we have all of those but multiplied by 100, and none of the positives. None.
>declining population
>work for food with no life savings whatsoever
>value is placed more on connections rather than merit
>alcoholism is form of suicide too, except it's for pussies, is a norm
>culture believes that maintaining status quo is more important than solving injustices
>broken legal system were you always guilty because the authorities need to keep people scared all the time and have means to punish for any disobedience.
>extremely high rates of depression yet still maintains social stigma of mental illness
>overall extremely judgmental and passive aggressive society
>streets covered with shit all the time
>loli is a sin, anime is a sin, hentai is a sin, not praising the tzar is a sin
But hey, orthodox Christianity and Islam.

>> No.3411396

>I can't see 4chan ever becoming an Islamic site since it's a sandnigger religion.
Christianity is too though, Jesus was literally from the middle east.
Muslims in the actual middle east have a lot of similarities to the type of trashy people you see in the deep south of the US, minus the alcoholism. I could see that shit actually happening at the point in time when Christianity is no longer a viable religion in the west. Islam will likely not die any time soon since that region of the world is more resistant to social change.

>> No.3411400
File: 81 KB, 900x835, Z(1)(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all girls Catholic school
Aka a lesbian breeding factory

>> No.3411516

Shut up dumbass rabbit

>> No.3411520

Fanart of Marine in slutty nun outfit where?

>> No.3411607

It depends if is a mixed school or not

>> No.3411615

christcucks would just say it's because communism killed christianity by enforcing state atheism for 2 decades almost a hundred years ago or some shit.
there's no reasoning with them.

>> No.3411652

>all girls
>depends if it's a mixed school

>> No.3411665

Marine is in need of saving. I volunteer myself to help bring her back to the light.

>> No.3411697

Judging by all the Korean churches I've seen, I'm pretty sure Korea's sect of choice is Presbyterian.

>> No.3411819

Correct, Marine loves pussy

>> No.3411854

>muh deep south
Literally no different from city rats.

>> No.3412001
File: 1011 KB, 2522x1772, 87215935_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you don't go hard and fast I'm going to beat you to debute that's all I have to say.

>> No.3412035

You're not wrong anon, but the trashy people in the cities don't rely on religion as much. They can just go to the movies or concerts or whatever. They don't need to use the bible to convince women to have sex with them when they can just use drugs instead.

>> No.3412134

Nips are not failing any harder than any other 1st world nation nowadays, that's dumb.

>> No.3412215
File: 98 KB, 469x428, importance_revised_checked_final.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but the trashy people in the cities don't rely on religion as much.
You are completely wrong and also really ignorant about this topic.

>> No.3412353

>but trashy people in the city dont have religion
yes they do, its called feminism, the cult of woke, and gayest of all, atheisms.

>> No.3412432

Is this only for people living in the cities or what's the relevance? I didn't say they're not religious at all.

>> No.3412452

free (You)s

>> No.3412491

No, it was that way for pretty much 100 years before communism was a thing.

>> No.3412537

God approves of lesbians

>> No.3412612
File: 299 KB, 1240x1754, __gawr_gura_and_shishiro_botan_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_yogurt_kyo__aedd1446cfdd81b39a58d257ff2701db.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Christianity is too though, Jesus was literally from the middle east
Didn't think of that. I guess what I mean is that Christianity has a deep European history. As far as I know, Islam has always been a Middle Eastern thing. It's at least been contained enough for most middle/high school textbooks to not really mention it at all, at least for now.
>I could see that shit actually happening at the point in time when Christianity is no longer a viable religion in the west
You might actually be onto something. I recall a conversation I had with an actual Nazi born in a white supremacist family and he said that we should look up to the Islam religion/Middle Eastern countries because of their treatment of women. That being said, although true Nazis dislike Catholicism because it evolved from Judaism, I think they generally favor other types of Christianity over Islamism. I'm not saying it's impossible with enough time though.

>> No.3412698
File: 91 KB, 670x426, Religion_economy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also on the same topic, the comparison of saying 'Muslim countries are just the same as Christian ones when it comes to merit put into religion' is also an error.

The US isn't even unique in the number of Christian faith in it vs the economy of its country.

>> No.3412706

>religious and political tribalism?

>> No.3412753

tip harder faggot

>> No.3412778

This but unironically. Russia is still dealing with the aftermath of the fall of the Soviet Union. A lot of people in high positions in the Russian government are hold overs from the Soviet Union.

>> No.3412914

Maybe in Japan, but visiting the all girls catholic girls school here in Canada when I was in high school was full of girls wanting to interact with the opposite sex

>> No.3413014

This but unironically

>> No.3413040

>>Hundred years ago

Actually I think them and almost all economic professors would place that blame on the Soviet Union falling, which happened 30 years ago and not a century ago, anon.

>> No.3413370

سبحان الله ان الله يهدي من يشاء بغير حساب

>> No.3413564

I don't believe anyone on this site has that level of geopolitical awareness even though your'e right. You have too much faith in them if you expect an acknowledgement that the fall of communism was bad.

>> No.3413631

Lol you fucker.
It's a plan B if I join a company so it's all good.
But I doubt it will be alike anyways I can't find a single fictional character who has ever used the idea.

>> No.3413658

*tips fedora*

>> No.3413803

Not anymore but she was raised protestant

>> No.3413815

You should make a big titty Beelzebub vtuber that can transform into a fly-themed loli.
Pander to both crowds.

>> No.3413820

He never denied that the Soviet Union had anything to do with the current state of Russia. His claim was that Christian apologists would put all the blame on the Soviet's state atheism, rather than their other policies

>> No.3413862

Russia use to be one of the largest cultural epicenters of Europe back in the 1800s. They produced painters, musicians, writers, and philosophers like it was no ones business. All of then ending after 2 world wars and the adoption of communism must just be a coincidence.

>> No.3413964

>Look at all the rampant child sexual abuse in virtually every religion
The problems you mentioned are due to the specifics of those particular religions or due the supposed followers of the religion just being corrupt fucks and going directly against the morals their religion teaches, problems caused by choosing a shit religion or practicing it shittily, not caused by being religious in and of itself.
>Atheist societies or ones that are at least fully secular have produced significantly more social progress and moral good than religious ones
These "atheist societies" don't have moral superiority because they're less religious, it's because they're first world white or east asian countries, they were still better places to live than most of the world decades and centuries ago when their populations were very religious, while societies that went out of their way to try to forcefully minimize religion have gone to shit.
>christians go "jesus will forgive" or "well they aren't god's people anyway so who cares".
Again, a problem with the particular religion, something which could be corrected in a non-shit religion.
You talk about religion like it's inherently immoral and atheism is somehow better when the problems with current religions stem from them being shit religions, pointing out that abrahamic religions are full of tards doesn't invalidate the possibility of a better alternative.

>> No.3414063

I don't think any LDS girl would stoop that low (assuming she stills goes to church)

>> No.3414269

Shintoism is a literal meme in Japan, when they visit shrines many of them are literally unsure if they're doing it as a pilgrimage or just for sightseeing

>> No.3414278

Where are all the campaigns in the west begging people to have kids?

>> No.3414519

the fake name she gave her brother is Michael retards

>> No.3414660

ratzinger wasn't

>> No.3414675

Bible belt is protestant you ding dongs

>> No.3414733

ok commie

>> No.3414816

It unironically is and it's pretty great
She got pretend-angry once at Resident Evil protagonist taking the name Jesus in vain because she thought he called some zombie abomination Jesus(he was just freaking out, though)
She also told her chat to not be faggots once

>> No.3414821

Most European countries have those lmao. And the reason our birthrate isn't quite as disasterous as Japan's is because we take in way more immigrants

>> No.3414840

yeah I'm sure this guy is super based and not sending children to get their blood drank by anyone after raping them

>> No.3414851

jewishchama, the Christians have a first part of their bible that includes names like that.

>> No.3414852

>Again, a problem with the particular religion, something which could be corrected in a non-shit religion.
Actually Christianity was kind of revolutionary at the time for being a religion that preached forgiveness and social mobility instead of enforcing a caste system and state-sponsored violence. Somehow it got warped into being the exact opposite of what Jesus preached as soon as they became the dominant religion, so I'm not sure you can really "fix" problems inherent to religion as a social phenomena just through revising the doctrine.
>You talk about religion like it's inherently immoral and atheism is somehow better
I don't actually believe religion is inherently evil, but I think any religion of sufficient size will outgrow its purpose and be corrupted by outside actors and infiltrators looking to enrich themselves. Small religions tend to still follow their original teachings, for example Jews in countries where they're oppressed are much closer to the original religion's teachings than the charlatans in Israel or New York.
You can do the very same thing with Atheism or Paganism since grifters exist everywhere, but only if it's the dominant group within a community. Atheists hold very little power in the US so there's less utility for a corrupt person to hijack Atheism. If Atheism ever became the dominant religion then you'd end up like the USSR or China where people actively used anti-religious doctrine to oppress religious people, which is obviously bad too.

Maybe the point is just to be secular I guess and enforce that secularism in both government and business to prevent religion-creep into a society.

>> No.3414908

i'm saying it's not his real name obviously.

>> No.3415103

>Actually Christianity was kind of revolutionary at the time for being a religion that preached forgiveness and social mobility instead of enforcing a caste system and state-sponsored violence. Somehow it got warped into being the exact opposite of what Jesus preached as soon as they became the dominant religion, so I'm not sure you can really "fix" problems inherent to religion as a social phenomena just through revising the doctrine.
you cant, thats why christ was against organized religion.

>> No.3415208


>> No.3415519

Supposedly Risu is from the 10% of Indonesia that is Christian

>> No.3415599

Awful lot of falseflagging jews in this thread. Surprised the mods have deleted it yet.

>> No.3415717

Ina may not be Christian but she has Christian values

>> No.3415865

Haven't deleted the thread*

>> No.3416405

Lesbians can't inseminate one another, though

>> No.3416566

This thread will be nuked in the next couple hours

>> No.3416639

Also, using the Lord's name in vain is a sin. Plus it just sounds trashy.

>> No.3417103

Christianity is stupid, and pretty retarded. What the fuck happened to all those babies who are retconned out of existence because of how much your Church like to fix its lore like a third rate comic writer, Christcucks?

>> No.3417160

The Bible only says men having sex with other men is bad, and that's only in the context of being a hedonistic gentile. Applying this to woman requires addition interpretation.

>> No.3417743

I wish I could be Christian, but I can't bring myself to love creation and so I can't love God unless I could perceive him as not being fully at fault for it.
At the same time, I want to be the kind of person Christianity promises me the ability to be. Dedicated, idealistic, get shit done, militant moralism, strength, strength of community, charity, self-sacrifice, self-respect, responsibility, etc. I want to be that type of person. I want to feel as if I can almost LARP as an avatar of something that could represent that to me. I even want to have something whose representation I can have faith in.

I want to love the world, but instead I just want to remake it. I try not to think about it too often because it's chuuni shit, obviously, but I can't help feeling this way.

>> No.3417919

The bible also says women should marry and bear children for their husbands, though.
So lesbianism is only okay as a side dish, but you must still be a good house wife for a man.

>> No.3418147

>I wish I could be Christian, but I can't bring myself to love creation and so I can't love God unless I could perceive him as not being fully at fault for it.
This is my take too. plenty of parts of christianity are based, but I can't seriously buy in on a god that misanthropic and evil while also claiming to be the absolute objective force of good. There are some hints in the original texts that this might not be the case, but the only reason for that is the original texts are lost to time, so I'm basically sitting here with nothing to go on.

I definitely agree with the concept of original sin, but I can't see a god who wont apologize for wrong doing as the ultimate good either.

>> No.3418340

bro just make your own chuuni religion none of it is real anyway why do you need to follow some organization's established scripture?

>> No.3418502

Catholics anons ITT; if you had to pick one of the following two Christian faiths that you liked the more than the other, would you pick Protestant or Orthodox?

>> No.3418511

Nothing wrong with lesbians marrying men.

Do you think chuuni religions grow on air? you have to do religious studys to make that shit consistent anon, and some of the early christian stuff is really interesting. I'd love to have an copy of the bible with nothing in the old testimant that isn't available in surviving text dated before christ.

>> No.3418699

They also have to have sex with men, though, since a wife must submit to her husband

>> No.3418703

Most would say orthodox, In reality the idea that theres any kind of contest between any of them is a joke. Orthodox is probably the closest but not by a lot. Catholicism is the anti christ and Protestants are literally like >catholicism is the antichrist but we're not the daughters of that whore somehow.

Theyre all fucked.

>> No.3418732

People make up chuuni religions out of nothing all the time. You think mormonism was based in anything tangible other than joseph smith wanting to fuck his friends wives? As long as you create something with enough pseudo-historicity to have plausible deniability for being incompatible with the bible and that meets the material needs of the local community you can be a successful cult leader.

>> No.3418868

>A wife must submit to her husband.
Obviously. Life is not shiny and lovely. To get something you must give up something, and women including lesbians get protection and living expenses from men, so they should have to give recompense for it.

>> No.3418891

Orthodox christianity is just judaism with more child rape and less fun stuff.

>> No.3419027
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The Sister Church of course. If you go by the Nicene Creed, you're alright.

>> No.3421138

Cool. I was raised on Orthodox, and while I never really respected it and had my atheism phase, my atheism phase led into my communism phase, which led into my militant moralism phase, which led me here now where I'm in my "get shit done, be better, learn and train as much as you can know how to be better, and be a fucking man" mindset, and looking back at Orthodox a lot of concepts appeal to me, especially this one
>"He was incarnate that we might be made god"
That speaks to me quite a bit. I can probably respect a God who would make that kind of decision.

>> No.3424230


>> No.3424310

Lutherchads won, catholics and evangelicucks keep coping.

>> No.3424358

Lutherchads are literally also doomed by their very own logic. They are daughters of the whore of babylon.

>> No.3424400


>> No.3426219

Hey man I took a trip down whatever road would promise me a better world

>> No.3426775

This thread is probably full of the worst posters congregating and debating which form of Christianity is the least Jewish. You guys have problems.

>> No.3427159

I am retarded

>> No.3427520

Fuck you. Unit-02 is based and nothing you can do or say will change that, swinedog!

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