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average nijisanji outfit
average hololive outfit

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>Overly designed tripe
>Something normal people would actually wear and still look presentable

Go outside

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>average nijisanji outfit
>average hololive outfit

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Oh no no no!

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Alice has like 9 outfits.

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so hololive is leagues better than 2g3g?

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Maybe its just me and my minimalist taste, I prefer Ina's.

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>cute tako

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That Niji looks like something off one of those "make your own OC" sites that people used to put in their signatures on message boards.

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I'm a nijinigger now, Ina's outfit is the most boring and bland shit I've ever seen. And it probably cost them a small fortune.

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average noripro outfit reporting in

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As if you couldn't make a thread with the exact opposite narrative... whatever it is supposed to be.

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they can't keep getting away with this!

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I think it's actually her 10th

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>Nice classy Holo
>Dirty Niji Whore
I'll take the holo over the dumb whore

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Niji outfit is a cluttered mess to be honest

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Nijisanji over does with the designs.

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2nd outfit
10th outfit

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This actually looks fucking good

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Average Nijisanji outfit vs average Hololive outfit
See I can cherrypick too you faggot

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damn nijibros we just cant stop winning

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Uh, m8, Ina's old costume is the same as
>Overly designed tripe

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Left is great, right is good.

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>he thinks an adult can walk around in what basically amounts to a fucking grade school uniform with stockings and not get stared at like a fucking degenerate
Where fuck fuck do you live?

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>average nijisanji outfit
>average hololive outfit
Proof that Enma wants family friendly

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would fuck
would not fuck

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>design picture vs actual stream


And yes Alice's outfit is great. But Ina's is cute as fuck too.

Also the "overdesigned" cope is hilarious. Ina's previous costume can also be called that.

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Niji one looks like shit

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>Something normal people would actually wear and still look presentable
>A fucking eldritch monster

You fags are so fucking inconsistent

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Looks retarded

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And you see nothing wrong with Polka's feet being twice the size of her head?

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>pedophile blackedshit VS cute artist.

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Based Chaika. I KNEEL!

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Noooooo. Hololive can't do anything wrong!!!

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That Polka outfit looks like absolute shit

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Looks cute

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Nope, still better than the Niji trash

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This is your brain on mindless brand loyalty.

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the increased detail on the clothing makes it so offputting

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Tribalist fags ruin anything good

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This shameless pervert actually looks cool in his second outfit.

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How is this any different from the tumbler xe/xir shit that we all hate? It's literally the same thing and just as cringe.

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Because he outright said that he's not supposed to be a troon but a perverted sick fuck who dresses like a woman.
If woke people would hear this, they'd lose their fucking minds.

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Because one's a self aware parody and the other is meant to be taken seriously. Not hard to comprehend.

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He's just horny on main.

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dumb newfag /pol/ tourist

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Maybe if you actually bothered to look up what his gimmick is supposed to be.

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Massive cope

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I like the pimp hat

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Dumb HoloEOP

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Sorry, I would never degrade myself by watching Niji. I'm just calling it like it is. I'm not watching no troon.

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If you can't see any difference between an actual tranny and what's essentially Alice from Superjail that's a (you) problem.

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Oh no no no no no

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>It's ok, he's only pretending to be retarded
That is literally you right now

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Yes. That quite literally is his gimmick.

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You know what they say about ironic shitposting right? That doesn't present a good outlook for your troon vtuber.

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Post SEX outfits

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God Ill never get over how fuckable Polka's thighs are in that outfit.

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Trannies are men in dressed that want to be seen as women. Chaika is a man in a dress that wants to be seen as a man in a dress. If you can't comprehend the difference here I'll assume you actually have brain damage.

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And yet it is still not a cluttered shitshow.

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Busting my baby seed all over Furen!

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>half-assed goth with belly button
>cute dorky elementary schooler.

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At least it's over and not in.
Don't breed with the mentally handicapped.

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I want to fuck her silly until i purge the stupid out of her

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Why are whores allowed?

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Left: some trash that looks like it came out of a kisekae thread from /h/
Right: soul

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Only in Japan that is

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Look at this virgin.

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This is why hololive will always be better than nijis

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Thread is redeemed now.

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We're out of SEX

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That jacket looks so out of place compared to everything else.

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left looks like an underage prostitute

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Wait is that really Polka's outfit? It's not like compressed or something? Why would they do this to her? Her thighs look like they're being hamstrung by her stockings and pants, then the middle just makes her look fat. Not to mention the huge ribbon just covering everything.

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>aggressive titties
>wide hips
>deep navel
sweet JESAS

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sasuga itou life

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wtf I love Chaika now

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You say that like it's a bad thing.
This is now a Nijisanji SEX thread.

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post the skirtless one

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Thinking whores are disgusting doesn't make somebody a virgin. In fact every sane person thinks they are revolting.

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An ojisan truly knows what the boys like.

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Gura and Amelia are the only good Hololive EN designs. They really wanted to cast a wide net with gen 1 instead of have good designs.

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Guess you must really hate the Holo girls who are desperate to get pounded by Connor's dick.

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do you not have art hoes where you live or something

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>Someone actually drew this
I was wrong. Turns out NTR isn't the worst genre after all.

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Ah fuck, Fuwa Minato actually beat Kiara and towa...

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I fail to see the issue.

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if you ask for it ina will give you a susjob

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Anon, the character you're posting has less than nothing going for her physically. It's a blatant turn-off. I've heard the character's voice, and knowing she's a plain "Seductive loli" character...it's just saddening. She can say some things, but that's anyone. Rushia's shadow reaches far over her.

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Average twitchtuber outfit

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When did you first realize you were a homosexual?

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And PPT too, fuck

>> No.3329190

>No breasts
>No curves
>High voice
Anon, you've lost it.

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I fail to see how shortness and a high pitched voice are not feminine traits.

>> No.3329292

Something like 4'8 to 5'8 works for being short in a feminine way. Beyond that, it's just childlike.
High-pitched voices are easily feminine, but hers isn't helping to make up for the ways she lacks elsewhere.

>> No.3329337

This is actually disgusting, lol. I actually wretched.

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Femininity *is* childlike. Unless you see your grandmother as the height of sex appeal.

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No, that'd be somewhere between Aki, Marine, Mio, and Flare.
I can't think of any ways I'd want a wife to resemble a child.

>> No.3329483

>likes literal old hags
I think your were biologically wired incorrectly. Men are meant to seek out young females to breed. Back in the day when you only lived until you were 30 you had to do that so our bodies evolved to do that. You being attracted to old hags proves there is something wired wrong in your brain. You aren't normal.

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Raise your pride flag high, anon.

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I like both for different reasons

>> No.3329585

is it bad I find her back way hotter than her ass?

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>I think your were biologically wired incorrectly. Men are meant to seek out young females to breed.
Anon, the stupid things kids say and do make it impossible to sustain an erection for more than a few minutes at most. Just go for the stable life.
>Back in the day when you only lived until you were 30 you had to do that so our bodies evolved to do that.
Anon, that average counts people who didn't make it to the age of 10. People have generally always been able to make it to 60.
>You being attracted to old hags proves there is something wired wrong in your brain.
No, it proves I desire the features that make a woman a WOMAN..

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Nah, all of Ririmu is great. Here's hoping the jannies agree...

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You literally have no room to complain.

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>implying any hololive fan would ever watch sharts
Nice try though

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Nijisanji also has simple outfits. Nothing wrong with simple. Both are good in their own way

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Despite you wanting to believe otherwise Redditors count as Hololive fans. You can't no true Scotsman fallacy out of this one.

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I would

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I want to grab Ina's removed flaps

>> No.3330168

Meh, I'd fuck both

>> No.3330865

Man her clothing physics and quality in general are fucking leagues above hololive what the fuck. What the fuck is cover doing?

>> No.3331007

>Back in the day when you only lived until you were 30 you had to do that so our bodies evolved to do that
And then our brains evolved to match the length of our lifespan instead of breeding right at the start and then have women be a waste of space for 90% of their lives, it just shows you never evolved you fucking troglodyte. Now keep up with your statistics and off yourself once you reach 30

>> No.3331059

Femininity is childlike if you're an actual 4"8 manlet who looks feminine next to adult busty women.

>> No.3331822


>> No.3331899

Ones a slut and the other has s cute forehead.

>> No.3332058

You always were, anon. You aren't fooling anyone with your dubs.

>> No.3332137

they really reclined hard in less than 6 months

>> No.3335993

Ina is a human and has said so multiple times. Fuck off newfag nigger

>> No.3336543

..person who never goes outside

>> No.3336625 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I wish Alice remove it most of time when using that costume.

>> No.3336732

Ririmu is amazingly hot.
By the way, what is the name of her fanbase?

>> No.3336804

Polka's so fucking hot

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>> No.3336924

Picture 1 Teenage girl in teen dress
Picture 2 Teenage girl in my grandmother's dress, with a chamber pot on her head

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File: 1.18 MB, 3207x3152, 9BC67206-2DA0-4C48-A679-1CC86AA94336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know how you'd transcribe it in romaji, but the Nijisanji wiki says her fanbase name is 陰キャバス.

>> No.3336963

I miss him... He's the only holostar that I watched

>> No.3336990

>we all hate
speak for yourself, i love trannys

>> No.3337230

Wow that's hot.
Arigatou 陰キャバス.

>> No.3337301

I want to fuck the one on the left, and I'm in love with the one on the right

>> No.3337305

>What the fuck is cover doing?
Everyone's been asking this same question since the dawn of time

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>COVER corp. is a cutting edge 2D entertainment company.

>> No.3337665

What are you talking about? The movements look terrible. Like they were doing too much to make her movements look fluid.

>> No.3337839

>Forced animation
It's like I'm really on /a/

>> No.3338027

the fuck is this shit. That's not how clothes behave.

>> No.3338154

God, her voice is so ugly. Also the outfit looks like shit.

>> No.3338196

god I want to fuck Kira so much

>> No.3338199

You've never been to a park or a college campus or... left your mother's basement.

>> No.3338229

>People knocking the blond girl's outfitwhen Polka's design is so complicated

Just because a Troll makes a thread doesn't mean we have to fall for the bait.

>> No.3338236

An average man can only hope to ever get close to such absolute manliness

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File: 27 KB, 196x59, 1597996084690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 107 KB, 1200x630, EuxYdMRVgAIuMBo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Holy fuck, you guys can eat a fuckung grenade, if you you were told thats for comedy purposes.

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File: 635 KB, 714x395, E5843A6C-A63E-4E02-AE85-AC91971C05F4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okama are a comedic staple in Japanese media. You don't have to like it, but it isn't the result of western gender politics in the slightest.

>> No.3338801

Amerifat go and stay go.

>> No.3339130

Reddit doesn't watch them either, despite what they may claim.

>> No.3339411

But why is Alice wearing a Holo outfit and why is Ina wearing a Niji one?

>> No.3339642

Cultural exchange.

>> No.3339720

ina got jipped hard, although so far none of the EN alternate outfits have been good. alice's outfit is nice but i liked her original more too

>> No.3339829

Where did you find that? I want to see a similar thing for other nijis, this is really cool video!

>> No.3339849

Trans rights are human rights

>> No.3339865

retard-chama please go back to your twitter safe space

>> No.3339889

This but ironically.

>> No.3339901

Should be this one.

>> No.3339921

Oh, it's not even an official source? Nijisanji fans are really good at archiving information about the livers.

>> No.3339951

Have you seen their wiki? They are not good, they are obsessed.

>> No.3340097

Kill yourself OP for making a tribalfag post of the two vtubers I regularly watch.

Looks cute!

I would fuck him


Furen is so cute!


Please don't, she reattaches them later on.

Ina is cute, don't be mean to her!

They've been lovely, and ina's outfit has been my favorite because she's lovely.

>> No.3340098

Holy fuck thanks. This is an amazing video. Can't imagine the amount of work.

>> No.3340711

That's sick and the worst part is that it a bunch of chuubas got more outfits in the meantime and might need to be updated

>> No.3341928

>t.inbred flyover

>> No.3344522

>Subversion and institutional brain rot are ok because it's comedy
People like you are why this shit is happening

>> No.3351307
File: 14 KB, 360x320, ok retard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wanting to insert politics in comedy

>> No.3351880

yeah, makes it look more alive, i'll take that over say kanatas jacket which looks like an overlay png on her

>> No.3351968

Did you throw a bitch fit when you saw Bugs Bunny dress as a woman and kiss Elmer Fudd? No? Then shut the fuck up.

>> No.3352072

small indie company pls understand

>> No.3352092
File: 245 KB, 1200x800, 1606181688431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3352118

Both are good.

>> No.3352270

That's "inkyabasu", it's a play on incubus and inkya (introvert, nerd).

>> No.3352271

you're supposed to be tribalistic in this thread, stop or you'll kill their mood again!

>> No.3352774
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Can some niji watcher spoonfeed me on why a lot of them have bandage/screw variants on their default model?
Some kinda halloween collab?

>> No.3352981
File: 1.09 MB, 2024x1205, ccb5a1a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obviously this list doesn't include Hololive but Fubuki would be at 5, Gamers, and 2nd Gen are at 4, and basically everyone else is at 3 or 2.

I think Nene is the only one that technically only has one outfit. I'm not counting any of the international branches.

>> No.3353057

I kind of feel like one of the most common complaints I see from Hololive fans towards Nijisanji designs is that the many of them that they have too many people in normal outfits and that is boring?

>> No.3353084
File: 674 KB, 1125x1500, EvexkMYVcAw3Gsa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Releases the most sexual outfit in Vtuber history

> Graduates one week later

>> No.3353131

Half the people on this board complain that Niji designs are too over the top and the other half complain that they're too plain. What they really mean is they're bad because they aren't Hololive.

>> No.3353282

I assume you mean their default designs? Nijisanji does have over ten girls which are basically JKs but because they also have more people in general, they don't lack more eccentrically designed V-tubers either like Shiba or Debiru (especially true of the males when compared to Holostars).

It's a superficial complaint anyways. Since Nijis aren't as restricted by their management, their personalities and content are arguably more diverse than Hololive.

>> No.3353308
File: 241 KB, 1080x1980, EivKzCXUcAACuoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And Nijiniggers complain because they are Hololive.
Just let your tribal instincts go.

>> No.3353362

God please, I'm sick of going on this board and getting boners constantly.

>> No.3353375

I can't believe that Alice is not top 5 Niji with most costume.

>> No.3353387
File: 644 KB, 821x1024, 95DB3D3C-D1D1-4280-A5F8-41CE928BBED5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Nijiniggers" don't make cherrypicked images like this to try and make Hololive look bad.

>> No.3353394

Gee Mitomito! How come Ichikara-kun lets you have fourteen costumes?

>> No.3353621

You're really upset over an outdated 2013 meme template. Someone took 10 seconds to make.
Get a thicker skin bro.
At least Holobastards can take banter. Nijiniggers have created a hugbox in their /jp/ thread.

>> No.3353785

L for nijisanji

>> No.3353827

nice cock

>> No.3353873

Who's making the outdated 2013 memes to try and prove something? That's my point. Holofags simply cannot accept that Nijisanji be decent at anything. If they get decent views, they're viewbotting. Their outfits can never simply be good, they're either too over the top or plain. Their concerts can't feature the actual talents, they're surely hired dancers - despite Mito clearly not knowing how to dance. The issue here is not whether who can take the bantz, the issue is that one group simply makes *everything* into an argument in the first place. And it's not the group that takes days to hit the post limit on a single thread.

>> No.3353885
File: 57 KB, 1500x1500, 1619248587084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You're really upset over an outdated 2013 meme template. Someone took 10 seconds to make.
>Get a thicker skin bro.
>At least Holobastards can take banter. Nijiniggers have created a hugbox in their /jp/ thread.

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File: 286 KB, 1146x640, Exa0KRcVoAg1ynd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

List of Holofag sins
(there's no way they can be more popular than our amazing Niji talents)
Oh the horror. I bet they shitpost on /jp/ too.
Let's go beg the mod to wipe our asses and retreat back to our discord.

>> No.3354493

So you're a drama loving Holofag who can't comprehend why someone might be mildly annoyed that they must constantly numberfag and compare talents. Got it

>> No.3354524

Generic overdesigned trash vs cute and fitting to the personality? Yes.

>> No.3354666

How even the lowest Nijisanji have tons of outfits but a lot in hololive don't have even half of that? What is cover doing when their chubas are overall more successful?

>> No.3354729

You make a great argument. That's exactly what happen.

t. vtuber fan who like sboth nijisanji and hololive vtubers

>> No.3354779

Brand loyalty is a thing. People get used to the image of a thing, if you change it too quickly and too radical you start alienating. And in anime aesthetics is more important, thats why characters in anime rarely change clothes.

>> No.3354789

I'm just laughing at people who take numbers so seriously. You're holding up a shitpost and saying "look at what your people made!"
Who cares. Have you people even set foot in /jp/ outside your general

>> No.3354894

The only people who take numbers seriously are the ones who accuse Nijimembers of viewbotting and throw a fit when Fuwa makes it even into the top ten most viewed Vtuber streams of the day. You can take a quick look in the general on this board to confirm this if you like, but Nijifans do not care if a Hololive outfit reveal rightfully gets a large amount of views.
And yes, I'm holding up shitposts that're made specifically to incite tribalfagging, because that is what you people love to do. Needlessly incite tribalfagging over anything and everything.

>> No.3354907
File: 420 KB, 680x829, 1616802711426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>List of Holofag sins
>(there's no way they can be more popular than our amazing Niji talents)
>Oh the horror. I bet they shitpost on /jp/ too.
>Let's go beg the mod to wipe our asses and retreat back to our discord.

>> No.3354993

>And yes, I'm holding up shitposts that're made specifically to incite tribalfagging, because that is what you people love to do. Needlessly incite tribalfagging over anything and everything.
Jesus man.
Just look at my first post then look in a mirror.
Don't take 4chan fanbases so seriously. Don't cry about 10 second shitposts.
Lurk more.

>> No.3355039

Ina has a very flickabe forehead

>> No.3355106

The hired dancers thing is 100% true

>> No.3355170

If you're going to insult me, at least make it consistent. First you accuse me of never stepping foot outside of /jp/, which would imply that I've been posting about Vtubers for longer than this board's creation - for what, 5, 6 months now? Then you insinuate that I'm a Discord tranny, and now I'm seemingly a newfag. It seems like you're just throwing anything at the wall and seeing what sticks. This entire thread is a tribalfag thread made by a Holofag. My initial post was made in reaction to that. Blame the OP and your Global thread culture that leaked onto the rest of this board that obsesses over numbers and inter-chuuba competition, not me for rightfully pointing out how idiotic it all is.

>> No.3355414

I think it's consistent based on the evidence. You think an MS paint shitpost is indicative of an entire group, you clearly don't look at threads outside your mod curated Niji thread to see that shit is as common on 4chan and /jp/ as leaves on a tree.
Because it's a highly curated general most Nijisanji fans go on a private discord, but maybe you're too new to be invited.
Finally you think the fact you've been here 5 or 6 months makes you not a newfag. Even if you were here during the /vt/ split I'd still call you a newfag because you don't understand our culture.
Conclusion:lurk more.

I actually think Alice's outfit looks better than Ina, so I assumed it was probably a nijisanji thread, not that it matters. Tribalism goes both ways is what I was trying to tell you.

>> No.3355694

>Finally you think the fact you've been here 5 or 6 months makes you not a newfag
I said *longer* than this board's creation. Work on those reading comprehension reps. I let this go before, but you also seemingly misinterpreted my earlier post as accusing Hololive members as viewbotting and hiring hired dancers somehow. Did you misread Mito as Miko?
I also never said that an ms paint shitpost was indicative of an entire group. I did say that that is the kind of content that members of a certain group make. If you think that accurately represents the feelings of the overall Hololive fanbase on this board then well well, thank you for proving my point.
Your "culture" is dogshit. It's spreading "rrats" aka blatant lies about other Vtubers for laughs and and using numbers as a sole indicator of stream quality as none of you know even a slight amount of Japanese as you're all clipniggers and EN-only newfags, and even /hlg/ who still carries the Hololive name rightfully wants nothing to do with it. If that's the culture you expect me to conform then you've got another thing coming.

>> No.3355704

It's not? Her tentacles look bad, she looks like a Chinese knockoff Splatoon fighter

>> No.3355746

Why does this thread have 200 posts

>> No.3355899

>Because it's a highly curated general most Nijisanji fans go on a private discord, but maybe you're too new to be invited.


>> No.3355913

If you see any NijiHolo thread over 300 posts you already know why. It's because of the timeloops.

>> No.3355954

Yeah I did misread that.
You misunderstand me. I'm not talking about a general or board culture, I'm talking about 4chan itself. It's culture is retarded shitposts, ignoring those shitposts or laughing at them, not taking things that people say seriously. Look at that stupid shit for a second and tell me why you're angry. Their faces are fucking spread out. Look at the image quality. It's not meant to be taken seriously. You would know that if you'd seen that post hundreds of times before. As anyone who's been around enough has.
Who cares about this board's creation. I'm telling you you're a newfag if you get upset over nothing. If you see someone shittalking your company ignore it or shit talk back. In a few years you'll be in my position laughing at the tribals, but right now it's obvious you're deep in the war mindset. Because you can't take people being stupid.

>> No.3355976

Cute loli vs forehead

>> No.3356270

>I'm talking about 4chan itself. It's culture is retarded shitposts
You used to be banned for replying to shitposts. Clearly you don't remember, or more accurately weren't around for such a time. Shitposts are low quality posts, nothing more nothing less. The fact that you see them as something to be celebrated and not an inevitable annoyance at the very least means your definition of "shitpost" has clearly been warped from watching too much Reddit dragon.
>You would know that if you'd seen that post hundreds of times before. As anyone who's been around enough has
This is how I know for a fact that you're a newfag pretending to be an oldfag. That image is less than a month old. You can check for yourself in the archives. It'd be nice if you could quit projecting that onto me.
>I'm telling you you're a newfag if you get upset over nothing
And I'm telling you if you earnestly confuse Mito for Miko, presumably because you don't even know who the former *is*, it's completely laughable that you'd try to accuse anybody else of being new.
>In a few years you'll be in my position laughing at the tribals
I'm assuming you're young so you don't know this, but you grow more sincere with age, not less. In a few years you won't need to act like an Aussie, or a Leaf, or your particular SEAnigger boogeyman to get your kicks. You'll be able to earnestly enjoy a hobby without all of this forced retardation, or at least I hope so for your sake.

>> No.3356560

Was this supposed to be a diss on Ina? Because the left one is awful

>> No.3356652

Hey come on man are yanking my chain I'm not talking about that literal same image, I'm talking about the template that's been posted millions of times since 2013 where people post stupid shit over a board room meetings and contrast them. You see it once or twice then filter it from your mind every time every time it comes up. Or you should.
I don't celebrate shitposting, shitposting is inevitable. It's how you deal with it that people need to learn with time.
And of course I know who Mito is, she's one of my favorites. See though there you go again seeing the worst in your supposed enemies.
Maybe this conversation would've been more productiive if I'd started with an even nicer jab than "nijinigger" but at this point it's really pointless time waste so I'd be happy to end it here.

>> No.3356691

>made for rape
>made for headpats
both are good

>> No.3356785

>Hey come on man are yanking my chain I'm not talking about that literal same image
>And of course I know who Mito is, she's one of my favorites
Go ahead and give me the rundown on the last stream of hers you watched, then.

>> No.3358517

>What the fuck is cover doing?
To prevent yabs, cover has girls use iphones for cameras, which send wireframe animation obs. I'd guess that extra layer of crap is what prevents them from having more fluid movements.

>> No.3358918

The clothing physics here look stupid as shit. Her 3d model looks great though

>> No.3359116
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I was hoping it would derail into an alt costumes thread, but fags prefer arguing about inane shit.

>> No.3359217

i wanna fug this magician hag

>> No.3359948

Chad faggot

>> No.3360024

that's a live 2d you fucking retard.

>> No.3360214

Reading comprehension reps

>> No.3360746
File: 107 KB, 2000x2000, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3362417


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