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How much do VShojo talents usually make? Not just counting twitch, whats their net profit after paying for stream and social media expenses?

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As much as mid-tier Holos except for Melody whos making as much as the top five, thanks to Chaturbate

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Too much

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enough for a living

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who knows nigga

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Welcome newfag. To communicate on 4chan, find the thread related to what you'd like to post/ask about. If and only if you cannot find such a thread, you may create a new one.

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>As much as mid-tier Holos except for Melody whos making as much as the top five, thanks to Chaturbate

I feel like we are very close getting Snuffy to CB, way too many people here would be happy about that.

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>as much as a mid-tier holo
Holos get tons of sponsorships and merch sales so we never truly know how much they make.
Not sure how many sponsorships or merch sales vshojo gets.

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They're all independent so they take a way bigger cut of everything they make. Also they are pretty diversified with youtube and patreon, too. It's impossible to know the income but it's pretty damn big. Like just off of subs alone IronMouse probably takes home $30-35k a month considering she has 8700, twitch takes 30%, and some of those are tier 2/3.

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So specifically how much?

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literally no one knows and you're a retard if you believe anything written about it in this thread

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Other people have already answered most of this, but the truth is nobody knows. Like all streamers, the income varies with popularity, level of simp willingness, and whatever. The only thing we can track with any degree of accuracy are their Patreons (which are usually public, at least Mel's is) and Twitch subscriptions (but even that is a guestimate). Mousey had almost 9000 subs in April, which amounts to (at non partnered 50:50 splits) about $22,000 / month. Nyanners has more subs, Veibae has almost as many as Mousey, and so forth. So they're doing fine.

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Something people forget is that especially for those in shit states or outside America where they get taxed twice, some of them like vei get less than $1 per sub

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we used to track Mel realy well, using bots that add up all the donations on the platforms. before taxes, but after the platforms cut she used to make $70k per month, that definitely dropped a lot over the last 6 months but shes still making a lot.

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They get way more since they don't have youtube taking 30% of their tips and they don't split the money with Vshojo.

Vshojo is essentially an agency that represents Vtubers in sponsorship deals. The company receives the regular 5%-8% of any deal that they make for the Vtubers like this one for froot https://twitter.com/LichVtuber/status/1387491551064907777

Watch this to learn more about how agencies operate https://youtube.com/watch?v=3cuCQAZcB70

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I'm a retard, I meant 20% of any deal not 5%-8%

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How Much Does Twitch Take From Donations?
Donations – Donations made through 3rd party companies (such as Streamlabs) 100% go to the streamer.
Bits – Bits are always worth .01 USD to a streamer. If a viewer spends $1.40 to purchase 100 Bits, then twitch makes .40
Subscriptions – For Affiliates Twitch earns 50% of the sub. Some high-end Twitch Partners keep 70%, but these deals vary between streamers.

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Twitch takes 40% but there isn't much of a culture of donating bits on twitch, atleast in the English community. The subs thing is like you said, partners and affiliates get 50%-50% of subscribers but as they grow in channel size twitch offers better deals like 70%-30% at first and they give more and more to streamers as they grow. I think the highest percentage I've heard of a twitch partner getting is somewhere around 85%-88% but you probably need to have like 60k-100k subscribers aswell as a good negotiator and a good history with twitch. This is just rumors through the vine though so don't take these numbers as facts.

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The bigger question is how does the company make money?

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It's probably closer to the top tier holos since cover takes a big cut and vshojo doesn't. But we can't really know because even if we have their sub numbers we don't know the terms of their twitch contracts and what split they get.
Nyanners and Mouse probably make at least 20-30k per month.

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wtf? there are no streaming or social media expenses. literally anyone can do it for free

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lol you think they manage their own social media accounts?

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shitty deals. people should just set up their own stream instead of cucking for these big corporations

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i definitely would if i were to get into this stuff. its a really dumb system when the small creators get fucked over the most when they are the ones that need most support but the already successful ones get the best %

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To be fair given the state of medical care in PR/US about 30k is probably going on medical bills. She might be having to pay cash too if she can't get insurance.

Then again, most of vshojo seem to have some medical problems eating a chunk of their income too.

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>if she can't get insurance
ACA mandates that insurance companies accept her despite her condition. It also requires her to get insurance since otherwise she's going to be paying even more taxes on that massive twitch income.

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There is also a good chance she qualifies for Medicare if she is legally disabled from her condition. That being said, she probably would lost those benefits when started making stream bucks.

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Does ACA cover Puerto Rico?

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This. The only thing you can speculate about is the base salary, which I don't think it's that different between agencies.

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>Twitch takes 40% but there isn't much of a culture of donating bits on twitch, atleast in the English community.

Huh? Bit donations happen all the time in a couple of major forms: direct bit donations and interaction bits. The former happen on nearly every streamer's stream, with Zen being the highest percentage of these because this is how chat interacts with her, and the former are things like sound effects they can buy (if the streamer has it set up) or like in Miko's case it makes other things happen. So, I don't know why you get this idea that Twitch doesn't have that culture as it is a core part of it.

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From what people have been able to gather: merch purchases, a percentage of sponsorships, and income from YT / Twitch sources on the VShojo specific channels (ads, subs / memberships, etc).

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Twitch Partners can get a higher % of their tier 1 ($5) subscription fees (base pay is %50. Mouse has enough subs that she probably qualifies for a 70% split. Plus, you have to factor in that a certain percentage of those subs are going to be Tier 2 ($10) or Tier 3 ($25), which increases the overall payout from the subscription. Also, T2 and T3 subs have different split % with Twitch than T1 subs (more favorable to the streamer).
Source: https://creatorhype.com/twitch-signing-streamers-increase-sub-split/

The big difference between Superchat and Bits is that Youtube takes the cut from the Superchat AFTER it's been sent. So a streamer only sees $70 of that $100. Whereas with bits, Twitch takes their cut BEFORE it's sent to the streamer. If you want to send a streamer $100 in bits, you would buy 10,000 bits, which costs $128. Personally I think the bits system is better because the consumer eats the fee, not the streamer. People like to donate in fixed amounts - $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. So if you make up your mind to donate $20, you pay the $26 for the bits and are more willing to pay the extra fee on the bits. But lots of people also do direct paypal donations through streamlabs, too.

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Apparently the answer here is a yesn't. Some of the provisions don't, due to a court decision, but Puerto Rico passed some of their own laws to match up to the ACA. It is illegal for an insurance provider in Puerto Rico to deny anyone insurance due to pre-existing conditions.

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You guys know that she lives in the States right? She just grew up in Puerto Rico.

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I heard IM makes enough to at least live decently where she’s getting better with her health. That’s reassuring.

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