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Say what you want about VShojo, but you can't deny Veibae's cuteness.

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She speaks like a retard

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Anon, she is the one model that doesn't look like neon shit. This goes without saying

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Ironmouse's chaotic gremlin attitude makes me laugh and also horny

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>Appropriating iconography from a music video that very intentionally condemns waifufaggotry to defend his waifu
Do vshojofags just have shit for brains or something?

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I can and I will

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Her voice is the problem

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I miss her tracksuit. It made her seem like a filthy gremlin with a hot voice.

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Crowder is cute and valid.

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it's just a cute dance anon
god forbid a vtuber not sound like every other high pitched anime girl

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>caring about "art*sts" intentions at all ever in any context
>not using whatever you want whenever you want for free
Kill yourself at your earliest convenience

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I think she looks fine IRL, she didn't need to go into vtubing.

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Nah I deny it

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She sounds like she is from one of those phone sex dating services. Whatever floats your boat but that's just why I don't watch her.

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zen and hime's models are the only two that i actively dislike, but veibae's is obviously the best

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froots model is also cute

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Think how much she saves on makeup though.

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>Using Crowder to shill whores
There's a nice level of irony to it.

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You strike me as that special type of dumbass that uses a song about a mechanical malfunction killing a man to advertise a car.

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You honestly seem the type who would pay to watch the Pepe creator documentary and start crying at his "misfortune" in life.

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I think you're the kind of mongoloid that thinks using the pepega emote on twitch means you're a neonazi because its based on peepeepoopoo the funny forechan natsee frog.
I also think you're a pedantic retard that needs to "uhm, actually" a meme template because you're borderline autistic and cant separate art and artist or derivative works from the original, see above.
Either way, please either unplug your router and stop shitting the thread or kill yourself. No third option.

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I heard the pepe documentary was actually pretty good.

Who gives a shit about twitch.

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fixed your gif, you're welcome

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i dont see a difference

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No one tell him.

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vshojo fans spend half their time justifying why they watch vshojo

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She will never love you. No matter how much you pay the emptiness will remain.

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i watch vshojo cause i like vtubers and i speak english

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veibae overlaps the pavement at the very bottom of the image

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I admit her avatar is pretty good.
Be honest with me, /vt/, is she a good streamer?

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cute clown

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I hate how all of the VShojo girls base their comedy off of "lol I'm so lewd," but somehow I still find Vei specifically to be really cute. I think it's the way her voice and speech patterns make her sound kind've... dumb. There is something inherently attractive about a girl not always being all there, like she almost needs to be taken care of.

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most of their stuff sucks. so far i have only seen one streamer from them that i really like

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all twitch chatters are actually ai controlled bots so what they do means nothing. i have not seen a single intelligent line in there ever

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>i have only seen one streamer from them that i really like
which is obviously veibae, good choice

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She's not meant to be cute, she wants to suck dick all the time.

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>thinking these threads are started by us
We have one general. Anything else is a bait thread.

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Vei's voice is disgusting, it sounds like she's constantly gargling a pair of balls

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Ohhh shitte chatuh what the fuckuh

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Boyyyes whad theh fuuhck do we do naow??

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She's a fucking slut. A slut that I want to rape.

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swears too much

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Sorry, Silvervale is the cutest V-shoujo girl to me when I watched one of her Subnautica videos with all her "WAAAAAAA! SO PRETTY!"s. Absolutely adorable.

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why would that affect the cuteness in any way

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Who are you quoting?

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no, watch 5 minutes of her stream she'll just sit there reacting to videos or talking about her period

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are you implying that girls shouldn't talk about their periods? anon, that just stigmatizes a natural bodily process and contributes to the patriarchy... that's not what you want, is it?

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Why won’t she add me on discord bros?

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I want to contribute to the patriarchy

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that is so disgusting anon, i literally cannot believe you would say such a terrible thing. what's next, are you gonna start watching jordan peterson? baka.

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Why would i watch him when I could go out oppressing women

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makes sense, somebody has to do it.
also why does my post say baka at the end? i 100 percent didn't write that. am i going insane?

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it's a filter added a few years ago when everyone was adding 's mh t bh fa m' at the end of every post

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oh good, i just installed a propane heater and i thought i might've been dying from a gas leak. good to know i won't be released from this world quite yet.

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Cute? She’s some bargain bin gutter whore, what on earth is cute about that?

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she's definitely more lewd than a lot of vtubers, but i don't know if i would call her a gutter whore.

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it's coming back this month

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Don't give me hope anon.

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>wants to
That's part of what makes her cute, she wants to come off as a mega succubus, but then she gets nervous when a hot delivery guy shows up and has her mum answer the door.

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is that real? i never would've imagined that from vei.

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gift 300 subs

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That’s a great idea, then she’ll have to say hi honey for me.

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Gotta love this lad

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yeah, crowder is cute.

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Anon, if those wierdos she called out on stream the other week can manage to send her a message on discord then so can you. If she's actually interested in having conversations with randoms then just don't be fucking weird. And if she's not then I wouldn't really blame her.

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Why would she?

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baka desu senpai

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I wouldnt have a problem with VShojo if they did something else that isnt watching other people's content. I can't wait to when they get copyright'd

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He's just mad that she spoiled when her period is and he can't speculate about the timing of it.

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every video that can be hit by DMCA is marked as such and they check it every time.

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Anon, they've been misusing that video to create tributes to waifus for a long ass time now
also i wonder how many followers she gained thanks to that video going viral

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Say whatever you want about her cuteness, but a reminder that she's a misinformed idiot at best.

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i think it's more likely that she just misspoke about the roleplay and wasn't necessarily contradicting herself. as for not liking hololive, that seems like her prerogative. disagreeing with what someone says doesn't somehow make them an idiot for having a different opinion.

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unironically yeah, she's funny

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Vei did a poll in a recent stream and when like 70% of people chose reacting over games she called them all normies. I think later in the stream she ended up bringing out the gachi playlist to try and filter them out. You've got to remember the girl's been streaming games for years now. She's been having a ton of fun with Isaac and she keeps talking about missing Oblivion and Terraria. While the react stuff is there for variety sake, I still mainly watch her for her gaming and have never felt like she was lacking content in that regard.

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>She's been having a ton of fun with Isaac
Is she far in the new update? I haven't been keeping up, might tune in if it doesn't spoil me too much.

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She's beaten a few runs and ended up beating the lamb on hard mode for the first time just last stream. She's progressing pretty fast but pneumonia has been holding her back more than anything. I think she only ever starting dying consistently after she wanted to try hard mode out, which I found kind of cute.

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i think it took me at least a year before i ever beat isaac. to be fair only played it like a couple times a month, but that's still pretty impressive. or maybe i'm just not a real gamer. it did take me like three years before i ever beat spelunky for the first time.

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I vaguely recall her joking a few months ago about wanting to be an Isaac pro and impress everyone once the update came out. She's no expert, but she's been really good in general right from the start. I think it's super cute how she plays down how well she does sometimes without realizing how good she really is.

>> No.3156994

Oh so she hasn't even touched the new content, huh. I'll give her a watch.

I was sort of like you when I was a kid (took like 5 years before getting my first normal 1cc in Touhou) but at least now I can beat hard games relatively quickly.

>> No.3157441

Yeah, she's still pretty new to the game. I'm kind of jealous she gets to experience all the new stuff with most of everything else still being fresh to her.

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I like her voice and design but why is she like this

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>that thigh gap

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Vorefaggotry is patrician

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Kek what a retard. And this isn’t even cute dumbness like Nene, it’s the annoying punchable kind.

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>I'll make you even more beautiful
Not into vore but that's disturbingly kind of sweet

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>She also thinks that idol culture is messed up and that its the reason holos get doxxed.
>If this catbox does get deleted at some point, I'm going to make a full transcription of the clip so that it can be copy-pasted.

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mother bearing hips

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Wide enough to birth live, fully formed mothers

>> No.3159597

veibae actually gave birth to her own mother

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if you care about her, vote for her to be introduced to the JP audience:

The guy already made a Nyanners introduction.

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Isn't Vei already somewhat known for JPs anyway? Iirc she got a surge of JOPs a while back cuz a twitch translator did some clips of hers but idk if they're still around for her

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wow, you guys don't even care about veibae. she's nearly losing the vote, and you stand by and watch? i'm disappointed in you, anons.

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i refuse to start a twitter account.
that site is garbage and will ruin your brain.
and i'm saying this on 4chan.

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why would he bother? do jps really need to be introduced to a react streamer?

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veibae is great, only thing that's kinda funny is that the artist(neonbeat) is super racist LMAO he sperged in a twitch stream about his ex-girlfriend being awful and that he'll never trust the race again. he ended up just ending the stream after he made it awkward clearly.

>> No.3169908

i wouldn't really call that racist, i'd just say that's a dude bitter about getting his heart broken.
like chris rock was a giant pussy and let his wife walk all over him, she divorced him and took half his money, wouldn't be surprised if he was angry at black women.

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>Veibae's cuteness
Both her new 2D and 3D models are ugly

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Yeah, it's the reason why all her YouTube vids have hard subs. Also the reason why she's live Google translating everything she says in that one clip that guy is always sperging on about. Even one of her top donators is Japanese. I don't keep up with Japanese clips but for as much as she works to try and include her JP fans, I'd imagine they could do with more natively translated fan content in much the same way as any JP chuuba's bubble of eop fans.

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does anyone know if you can still buy the limited veibae merch? it was supposed to run out april 23rd, but it's still listed on booth. i kinda wanna buy it, but i'm a little worried since it was supposed to have expired by now.

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You wouldn’t say that if you were looking down the barrel of one of those guns.

>> No.3170631

>long sleeve t-shirt - L - black
I'm a medium but if it doesn't work out we can take turns wearing mine if you want. Also they said something about the japanese run of merch being different but I can't recall how. All I remember is that for some reason the shirts going to japan ended up being a bit fucked up. It definitely looks different design wise at least and I wouldn't be surprised if it still being listed is another blunder on their part. You should ask her on twitter or her next stream.

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she doesn’t sound bri’ish at all, but it doesn’t bother me

>> No.3170930

>we can take turns wearing mine if you want
only if you're a cute anime girl.

>> No.3171333

who dis?

>> No.3172033

Jinguji Tamamo

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Her roommate is so cute bros. I wish she was marriage material.

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just propose dude, what is she gonna do? say no?

>> No.3178225

But she is though?

>> No.3178378

I started watching her a couple days ago. I had no idea she was so cute. Her voice is pure sex.
Vei has goslings?

>> No.3178415

Obviously sex with her would be pretty intense, but I don’t think she’s ready to be a mother yet.

>> No.3180828

Very based. I share your opinion and hold a firm belief in its superiority to others.

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>> No.3180944

She'd look better if she didn't wear 16 layers of makeup and load her lips with 30 pounds of botox.

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>vore + body improvement
that's it mane

>> No.3197159

Jesus what a dumb fucking whore.
is thanks to hololive that these bitches can eat something else than cum.

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She's not cute, but she's hot I'll give her that

>> No.3197254

I don't see the appeal. She's just a dime a dozen whore.

>> No.3197271

Cry some more

>> No.3197297

change your tampon

>> No.3200311

kys whore

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jokes on you, that's my fetish
that seems a little extreme

>> No.3200808

daily reminder that if you like vscrotum you like eating shit and swallowing the bull's semen

>> No.3200915

I unironically like Melody. A lot.

>> No.3200946

wtf stop liking things

>> No.3201010

girls don't belong here fuck off slut

>> No.3201014

Nah, In fact, I even laugh sometimes during her streams.

>> No.3201076

she seems really genuine, but i don't want to support what she does on that other website. i refuse to be a coomer.

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Curiosity will get the better of you
You will want to hear those stifled moans
Give in to your lust

>> No.3201217

were you born a simp or was it something that happened over time?

>> No.3201377

Where do you think you are?

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I discovered her because of the chaturbate, when it was on the "news" that girls from that site wanted her banned because "they can't compete".
Not only she had way more personality than any other camgirl, but also kept doing silly shit like clipping onto the floor, saying autistic memes during the act, etc. She was actually having fun with it.
She is the kind of girl that I'd have a beer with, the kind of person that would actually be fun to have around.
Call me a coomer, but I like Melody.

>> No.3201455

Neither? You can like a streamer and not be a simp. I don't even remember ever having fapped to her.

>> No.3204167

What nationality is she with that fucked up manner of speech? Sometimes I feel like I'd rather listen to Zen's jank TTS.

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Idk, I think succubi come from the Netherworld. All I know is that her voice makes me irresponsibly horny.

>> No.3204657

thats how i heard about them too but i never actually bothered to watch what it is. i think im going to stay away it still because the tard "community" is just too weird

>> No.3204690

are you sure? on here people seem to have unhealthy obsessions and thats far beyond just liking someone

>> No.3205667

She's okay. Of the few times I've tuned in, she's had interesting or funny things to say, but it seems she frequently doesn't have much to say other than incoherent things just to make use of her sexy voice.
I stick around for her just-chatting portions and lose interest once she starts playing Binding of Isaac (since she mostly focuses on the game and reacts to that).
The Twitch-culture noise (memes, music) also takes some getting used to.

I heard her voice as I read that. Thanks for the laugh.

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