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>Omg guys this game is so haaaaard
>Literally breed me in my tight gorilla pussy until we both pass out
>Like for real pull my hair until I scream your name and cry in fucking ecstasy
>Nooooo don't clip that out of conteeeeext wtfff guys

How the fuck is every one of them some variation of this

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>tight gorilla pussy

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Leeching ppt

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This girl and Vae? Yes
Naynners is not like that at all
Froot is not that different from HoloEN, I didn't watch her much tho

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>Nooooo don't clip that out of conteeeeext wtfff guys
But that's all the clipfags do. They only post hololive and vshitshow. That's why nothing else about vshitshow matters.

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>clipfag getting their opinion of a streamer out of 30 seconds of content
wow tell me more anon

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>implying there is any more context to be had outside of those 30s
Vshoujo is the one agency that can be summed up by clippers accurately

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>Getting clipped means you don't matter

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>B-but it's okay if it's these people I don't like!
No, clipfaggotry is a cancer that shouldn't be encouraged.

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I actually don't care about clippers overall, since for Hololive girls I can't understand Jap.
As long as the TLs are reasonably understandable, which most of them are, it's ok.

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wanna know how I know you've never watched a VShojo stream?

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It's also thanks to clippers that Vtubers get popular in the first place.
Without Hololive clippers, there would be no Hololive, which means no Vshoujo.

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Froot is basically what people who say "I don't watch Ina because she's boring" think Ina is.

Nyanners doesn't so much say lewd things as say disgusting things in a lewd way. I've never seen anyone else manage to charge saying "I am dirt. I am a miserable little worm" with so much sexual energy.

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Yeah Pink Cat is more like twitch meme cancer than a vslut. Cringy for different reasons.

Don't know shit about Froot, don't really care since she's part of the rest of that crew.

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Silvervale is boring. Watch Veibae instead, she’s peak western decadence and degeneracy but in a good way.

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Silvervale being the normal, vanilla one of the group is pretty much her selling point nowadays.

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nice spacing

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Silver is the stereotype, Vae is sometimes the stereotype.
Zen just shitposts with the chat.
Melody is an actually entertaining goofball half of the time.
Nyanners would be an entertaining goofball if her fake whisper anime voice wasn't literally painful to listen to.
Froot is exactly what you're describing when you say "she's boring and low energy" about a chooba.
Mousey is equal parts cringe and heart, and probably the only one in the whole group worth your parasocial affection.

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I can't get over the tranny hair.

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>Melody is an actually entertaining goofball half of the time.
isn't she the one that actually does porn?

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Yeah, but she's still an absolute dork when she has to talk

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Yes. She started as "The Internet's First Virtual Camgirl" and she still blasts her pussy with a donation-powered vibrator on the regs.

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>getting into a parasocial relationship with a chuubas that might drop dead any day
Don't so this to yourself anon

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The only time she ever sounds like she's not a half-retarded cartoon is when she's talking about hentai as if it were some kind of academic subject.

>> No.2995998

Yep, she's the cutest porn star.

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Dealing with the death of a loved one builds character, anon

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Too late. But I've resisting giving my money so far. Tho if she comes out with physical merch that isn't a shirt I might.

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With the new medicines she's gotten from having chooba emones, she is getting a little better. But yeah if there isn't a big change in the treatments for her disorder she's dead in 5-7 years max.

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everybody dies eventually, that's why you should love people while they're with you, not a reason to avoid loving them.
go hug your mom anon.

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All of Pekoland's royalty have drunk from the Elixir of Hourai and attained true immortality. It must be a shame to have a puny mortal oshi.

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My mom is six states away, and busy raising my brother's kids because him and his wife are too much of a pair of fuckups to do it themselves.

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Better start driving then, and give your niece/nephews a good figure to look up to.

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Unpopular opinion - The only V-Shojo member worth watching is Zentreya. Yes, she's a fucking clown that shitposts with the chat but at least she puts some effort into it, always introducing new gimmicks or costumes or models.

Silver, Melody, Mousey are boring as hec.

Froot is kinda cute but that's all.

Syd... Hime is whatever she's streaming way too infrequently and prefers to work on her roommate's stuff.

Vei is just walking about dicks. Nice but eh?

Nyanners i would not mind kicking down the stairs for being huge hypocrite and having no redeeming values.

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>>tight gorilla pussy
i mean...

>> No.2997621

>Silver, Melody, Mousey are boring as hec.

Objective, Melody was fun as hell to watch in Portal and helltaker. I think if there was a big brains award ranking V-shojo members she would be 1st place.

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Male gorillas have pretty small peepees so I'd imagine the average gorilla pussy would be pretty tight to a human.

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Actually, I kind of agree. I don't really watch Vshojo due to timezones, but the one time I was in Zen's prestream (or whatever you call the ~10 minutes before the stream really starts) was hype as fuck - I don't know if it was a on-time thing, but the rock music together with the festival recordings (like actual music festivals) and the strangely fitting emote spam in chat really made for something that keeps you there. Additionaly, I don't really find the tts as off-putting as others either - yeah, it's strange, but people are having fun so whatever, and people still seem unsure whether Zen is actually male or female, I've seen both being claimed.

With that being said, I still do occasionally watch Melody and Vei.

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Unpopular opinion:

nyanners and Vei pass as fuckable in real life, cant say the rest about other V-shojo members.

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Silvervale is pretty much 1:1 based on her irl look to the point where she even decided to dye her hair and make cosplay of her old model.
And yes, she's actually that ridiculously thicc.

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Froot is a literal whore.

>> No.2997812

>5-7 years max
don't really give a shit but i read people with her thing can live up to like 50

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>Silvervale is pretty much 1:1 based on her irl look to the point where she even decided to dye her hair and make cosplay of her old model.
>And yes, she's actually that ridiculously thicc.

whaaaaaat? she had a real reveal? post sauce you wont get a ban on it since I did it before with melody for marsmayhem.

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File: 1.12 MB, 2336x2001, veifroot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That only makes it better. WHORE LOVE.

>> No.2997917

I probably will not find it anymore, it was old-ass times of me being Melody's simp and Silver made everybody horny by sending her photos. I think tho she has irl Instagram somewhere.

Speaking of, i'm kinda curious about Melody... dare to redpill me?

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Cant tell if true, Mel is already making serious bank on CB.

>> No.2998300

nyanners is so 4chan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2dYUdsIK5g

>> No.2998430

I see...

>> No.2998434

wtf anti bros i thought she was a massive sjw??

>> No.2998555

>that first minute
peak cute and funny, gonna check her out

>> No.2998692

>eternalsmelter1 on Reddit pointed out her “mannerism and moans/gasps are very identical” and also “they both act the same when cum”.

Wtf is wrong with reddit? Who the hell researches the nuances in a girl cumming

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Really makes you think that a literal whore and a spic are the least hated vshojo girls on 4chan.
Really puts into perspective what the other members are like.

>> No.2998766

Lurk at least 6 months before posting.

>> No.2998896

if properly medicated, sure, but she used to be forced to pick and choose what medication to reject because they could not afford it

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That's fucking terrible. No wonder people are chimping out about a hololove collab.

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>Nyanners i would not mind kicking down the stairs for being huge hypocrite and having no redeeming values.

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Does all of v-shojo has to be for shitposting? Atleast give them a good reason to browse our threads than staying away from them

>> No.2999819

very true, that's brain power that can be used for memorizing and recognizing bulges.

>> No.2999860

They have a good thread, if these threads didn't exist to let antis vent they'd just shit that one up instead.

>> No.2999867

Oh look, another bate thread

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Froot is a cheating whore who would have been stoned to death in any civilized country.

>> No.3000045

/pmg/ is a discord extension and should be treated as such

>> No.3000095

Remember: pink cat BAD.

>> No.3000129

Every time I heard Froot all I could think about was that she is probably a pajeet and how bad she probably smells.

>> No.3000155

calm down ahmed. she’s already redeemed herself.

>> No.3000186

There's no redemption for adultery.

>> No.3000226


Not to these people. There are a lot of people who think that the past cannot be forgiven or made up for and a bad deed a non-Hololive member does makes them a permenant black talent who should be deplatformed in a just world.

And the same people probably hate Cancel Culture

>> No.3000331

if their example of a good figure to look up to is someone from this shithole they're pretty much fucked.

>> No.3000374

So where can I sign up to become a VSJ shill?
The contact field on their website?
How much do you guys get paid?

>> No.3000398

>Nyanners would be an entertaining goofball if her fake whisper anime voice wasn't literally painful to listen to.
This, I tried to give her a look but her uwu pissed the fuck out of me

>> No.3000440

Well, actually, I read the "omg guys this game is so haaaaaard" in Silvervale's voice, except he got the emphasis wrong. Silver always emphasizes the "sooooooo" part. Silver is generally good at games, but she was struggling bigtime with Ori and tends to have problems with games like those. She will play up her sexuality, too. Not sure what OP is talking about with gorilla poon tho.

>> No.3000451

50c per post, tots up to about $9 an hour if you aren't trying very hard, which is nice.

>> No.3000518

>And the same people probably hate Cancel Culture
What has malicious deplatforming to do with keeping a mental tally to determine if someone is worth your attention or not?
You can't blame posters for correcting the record whenever you revisionists try to omit important biographic details?

>> No.3000639

Do I get that as money or merch coupons?

>> No.3000788

>correcting the record whenever you revisionists try to omit important biographic details
Not being obsessed with some petty drama and posting about it constantly isn't a deliberate attempt at revisionism.

>> No.3000879

I wish I was paid for it.

>> No.3001261

That's ok, she can land safely on my face.

>> No.3001691


She's both, that's why everyone calls her a hypocrite

>> No.3001742

>She's both, that's why some angry fags who don't watch her call her a hypocrite

>> No.3001863

There is no redemption for people who were never apologetic about it in the first place.

>> No.3001975 [DELETED] 

>keeping a mental tally to determine if someone is worth your attention or not

>> No.3001990

I used to hate Ironmouse, but she's pretty good when she has a non-vshojo member to play off of.

>> No.3002034

Only watch nyanners when she is streaming with mouse or mel.

>> No.3002057

what the fuck does this twitch meme have to do with 4chan? kill yourself faggot

>> No.3002169

Is this bait or a kid snitching on themselves? I can't tell anymore.

>> No.3002258

The only redemption for a cheating whore is death, so who exactly is streaming on her channel?

>> No.3002280

The fuck did she do?

>> No.3002364

Married some soldier, fucked the entire town when he was deployed, took half his paycheck in the divorce. Typical shit.

>> No.3002402 [DELETED] 

How about her collabs with connor?

>> No.3002418

More like outing themselves as a massive newfag. How do you not know all of aniki's exploits and the memes associated with them?

>> No.3002497

Full of bullying, snark, banter, and insults. And that's just them saying "hello!".

Mouse (joins call on Discord): "Hello?"
Connor: "Hi!"
Mouse: "Fuck you."

Seriously, that happened on their second time playing It Takes Two.

>> No.3002650

epic vshoujo bants there

>> No.3002790

It was the calling it a "twitch meme" that got me

>> No.3002990


>> No.3003030

Well yeah, aniki, Lords of the Gym, all that shit is old 4chan material. Twitch my ass.

>> No.3003062

Nyanners antis ALWAYS out themselves as newfags if you push them far enough. Never forget >>2971155.

>> No.3003092

i wish i had a girlfriend

>> No.3003151 [DELETED] 

Is she in Puerto Rico or the States? healthcare's about the same, though...if you ignore PR having few specialists.

>> No.3003251

That faggot was pro-nyanners though?

>> No.3003371 [DELETED] 

She is, but Puerto Rico isn't a state and so they don't get as much economic development as other states, and so quality of medicine also suffers. She's a U.S.citizen by virtue of Puerto Rico being a U.S. territory, tho.

>> No.3003719

Yeah it seems that new fags hate her, like a week ago we had a thread a user was annoyed about Veis gachibass stream comment section hating it for not knowing what it was.

>> No.3003809

>zoomers hate V-shojo confirmed.

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>> No.3004178

>why didn't my collage work reee.png

>> No.3004225

That she also does porn is her big advantage.
The separation between the spicy channel for the coomsoomers and the dorky channel for general entertainment allows her to focus on and privide content for different fan bases.
You like porn? Go to Chaturbate.
You like dork? Go to Twitch.
You like both? Watch both.

There is no reason for her to inject unnecessary lewdtalk into her Twitch content.
When she gets lewd on her Twitch channel, you can believe that she does it because she wants to and not as coomerbait; it just seems more gunuine.
Silvervale & Co. don't have an avenue to 'get it out of their system' and have to 'overcompensate' on their channels, making it less believable.

tl;dr: Melody doing porn makes her other content more genuine since there is no longer a need to deploy coomerbait.

>> No.3004263

Still don't consider her a hypocrite, sorry. Pomf was always trash by the way.

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Anons are waiting for their patches

>> No.3004388

Cute goth girl. I have a pic, but i'm not risking an irl ban.

>> No.3004617

Only problem with v-shojo members is that they seem to lean more to libshit values, while hololive is favorable because japs are right wing.

>> No.3004798

I read a rrat recently that Marine gave makeup advice to trannies.

>> No.3004922

nice spacing

>> No.3004963


>> No.3005016

Dont compare this board to /pol/tards please

>> No.3005154

>Over 9000 internets
You should see how retarded you look by now
Lurk 10 more years before posting again

>> No.3005607


is there any evidence of this besides schizophrenic rantings?

also based

>> No.3005762

Anon-chama, your reps...

>> No.3012593

Just in case anybody wants to know what this anon is talking about:


This is usually the main intro video that plays before each Zen stream.

>> No.3012620

You had me at
>tight gorilla pussy
The rest made me want to punch my screen.

>> No.3012644

People only like it as a joke to make /vt/ mad unless unironic Twittards are here because they were told they're in good company.

>> No.3012702

We may forgive but we never forget

>> No.3012732

>boring as hec
Even her react content is funny as fuck. Have you seen her Bee Movie video?

>> No.3013073

>malicious deplatforming
90 percent of the time it's a twitter thread saying "I don't like something"

>> No.3013139 [DELETED] 

I like Vei, quite a lot actually. Her voice is relentlessly sexy and I find her charming and funny. Her Oblivion streams were fucking great, too. To compare her, for example, to Ame's Oblivion gameplay would be night and day for entertainment value. Veibae, more like Veibased.

>agghhhuh I spileduh hot coffee on my pusssyyyuh

>> No.3013577

Vei basically has no filter and I enjoy that

>> No.3013633

>Omg guys this game is so haaaaard
So, is it okay when Amelia Watson does it?

>> No.3013864

I think there's a guy and a girl behind the avatar. They take turns switching between who's gaming and who's controlling the avatar

>> No.3014039

fucking attention whore model

>> No.3014089

That's every vtuber ever.

>> No.3014117

my model has a bodysuit though and isnt an attention whore

>> No.3014255


In an alternate timeline Amelia could have easily ended up in Vshojo. She was friends with all the right people


fr the model put my off checking her out for a month. She looks like the concept of e-thots made flesh

>> No.3014272

Ironmouse isn't, and that's for the best.

>> No.3015136

I damn well hope I'm not the only person who thinks Silvervale looks like a bootleg Bratz doll.

>> No.3015381

are ironmouse and cdwag fucking?

>> No.3016086

Unless they've found a way to have sex without touching then no.

>> No.3016769

That was written a year ago, more stuff has been discovered/figured out that it has mostly been debunked.

>> No.3016856 [DELETED] 


>> No.3016876

What vtuber isn't an attention whore? They're doing this to build a fanbase, even if they don't mean to. There are very few vtubers who don't care if they don't ever get any kind of following.

Tastes are subjective, so to each their own, but I sincerely don't understand what people's issue is with Silvervale's model that they seem to ignore in others.

>> No.3016931
File: 1.19 MB, 1200x675, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's silvervale's endgame anyway? Turn every vtuber into a generic e-girl titty streamer, but anime?

>> No.3017002

to make money by being a vtuber? what kind of dumb fuck question is that.

>> No.3017051

The article isn't even sure of it's theory, so why do people take that to heart? Never mind many of the early attempts to dox Mel have resulted in jack squat with no supporting evidence. Nobody knows who Mel is, except Mel, Digi, and whomever is Mel's Manager. You would think Digi, if he was THAT pissed at Mel, would just totally dox her and blow the whole thing, but he didn't. Credit to the bastard I suppose.

>> No.3017102

To entertain, be cozy, be generous to people she knows and to charities, and generally be a decent human being?

Why are you all so obsessed with her model? If you were just horny I'd get it, but the rest of this ascribing to her personality is weird.

>> No.3017193

don't you mean the concept of e-thots made virtual?

>> No.3017263


>> No.3017814

don't lie to me

>> No.3019128

I also don't get it. She really doesn't seem like a malicious whore, just a basic bitch. And her model is very expressive too.

>> No.3019761

veibae is pure cringe, she would still have a dead channel if she didn't have her model

>> No.3020006

Oh, you mean the Pomf Pomf chick?

>> No.3020011

Name a civilized country where stoning occurs.
Picture living in said country.
Imagine Vtubers starting that country.
Does that bring joy?

>> No.3020291

I assume you mean "Imagine Vtubers starting in that country". And no, there are no civilized countries where stoning occurs. But I live in one where stoning happens, and I can tell you that the moment the cheating part came into light, the vtuber would be hated and bullied into quitting.

>> No.3020370


>> No.3021881

Yeah, I'd love a loli catgirl on my face

>> No.3022016

I know who knows because i have few contacts here and there so eh, i could just ask?
And Digi was not really trying to fuck himself (and desu he's still doing well and Giga company is also running well lol), he just wanted to bring Mel's attention to him because she ignored him with few really big things. It's... kinda deeper situation, hard to explain without Mel's simps screeching.

>> No.3022868

Silver used to have irl pics of herself on her insta, but they've long-since been deleted. Having seen them, I can confirm that her model is pretty much an idealized version of herself

>> No.3022957

How is mousey irl?

>> No.3023015

no one knows. she claims her very first stream on YN she did without an avatar but that only was five minutes. second closest is her self portrait "frail"

>> No.3023039

God I fucking hate clip channels so damn much

>> No.3023229

One thing people need to get over is that clipfags are only out to put certain content out there. That's not entirely the case. Yes, they do, but not necessarily because they want to but because those are the vids that get views and are thus promoted by YouTube's retarded algorithm. So they're just cogs in a machine, a machine run by twits and programmed by bigger twits and empowered by even bigger twits (the audience).

>> No.3023589

And i'm her brother, so i could just say who she is right? And it's not hard to explain, you literally just need to type it.

>> No.3023789

Honestly I hope Silver is ok, she hasn't been as open recently and seems more reserved. She's honestly an angel, no yabs

>> No.3023799

gonna go test your theory

>> No.3023856
File: 31 KB, 456x412, 1614644595710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Godspeed anon.

>> No.3024059

This most former porn stars know that there shit is everwere and it’s a waste to do coomerbait cuz fucks would just google search and go jack off and close the stream

>> No.3024112

What Gotta show the pics

>> No.3024151

Why is she a goriila? Is she black?

>> No.3024502

nyanners encourages her community to be lewd, also during supporter jackbox streams she's drawing cocks, tiddies, and talking about cumsocks.


>> No.3025072

World domination. Duh.

>> No.3026830

How can be bedridden, connected to life supporting machinery, sick and dying girl?
Obviously she's symbol of sex with nice boobs and thick thighs and she know how to please a man./s

>> No.3026976

Nyanners is such a fucking grifter, I can't stand the woman.

>> No.3027392

>tfw no tight pussied gorilla wife

>> No.3028187

People with CVID have a fairly normal life expectancy these days, and her overall condition seems to be improving a lot now that she can actually afford all the treatment she needs. Sure, it's depressing that she couldn't even eat one french fry without feeling like she was going to die afterwards, but the fact that she was able to get up and sneak that fry in the first place is very telling of how much progress she's been making recently.

>> No.3030644

Ive heard about the french fry, but dont actually know what was up. qrd?

>> No.3031338

Haven't been keeping tabs on Mousey for about a year now. Her condition's getting a little better? That's good to hear.

>> No.3031518

A normie friend told me that "gorilla grip pussy" is "that good tight shit" so I'm assuming that's what's meant by gorilla pussy here

>> No.3034245

I'm only a casual follower so I'm not the most reliable source, but from what I understand, she's able to move around more now, and has even started eating actual food again (though just soup for now). She tried a fry, couldn't resist the urge to swallow it, and almost had to cancel a stream over it.

>> No.3035080

I doubt anyone calling silvervale a generic e-girl has ever tuned into one of her streams.

>> No.3036290

Clip-only plebs at it again

>> No.3036507


V-shojo is becoming too big in views and I am starting to see more V-shojo related threads on this board. Make it stop.

>> No.3036647

>V-shojo is becoming too big in views and I am starting to see more V-shojo related threads on this board. Make it stop

Good grief get rid of holoshit.

>> No.3038540

Your oshi smiles upon you.

>> No.3038663

She has nudes floating around somewhere, I wonder if they'll resurface again

>> No.3038737

Melody's autism is cute. CUTE

>> No.3039648

She surprised herself during a recent singing stream by being able to go longer between breaths while singing the Kimetsu no Yaiba opening, which she hasn't ever done before and it "scared" her. It's a slow improvement, but improvement none the less. She also tried to sing opera yesterday, and it was beautiful:


She started out great, tried to hit the lower range and failed, and finished strong. She's progressing, but it'll be a while yet before she can do a full opera song again.

>> No.3044598
File: 83 KB, 374x309, 1608035952093.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she still has an incredible voice even with her limitations. her singing is honestly wonderful and it's heartwarming to hear every time

>> No.3044739

so what? that's based

>> No.3048558

I like Snuffy, but yeah it gets kind of old.

>> No.3049204

But autistic enough to make a super mega modded skyrim too.

>> No.3049280

So is Melody, whats your point?

>> No.3049293

Silvervale has the most deadass fuck you full throttle PORNSTAR PHYSIQUE out of any VTuber, but I enjoyed her Subnautica vids and thought she was pretty cute

>> No.3049329 [DELETED] 

Was this years ago and did she apologize?
Stop being a fucking Dawi holding a grudge.

>> No.3050110

Why is there a hole in her chest?

>> No.3050257 [DELETED] 

>Was this years ago and did she apologize?
Yes and no, respectively.

But it's not just that she cheated. She fucking cheated while her SO was deployed.

>> No.3050288 [DELETED] 

Well why don't you post evidence unless this some anti conspiracy you pulled out your ass.

>> No.3050404 [DELETED] 
File: 869 KB, 792x406, 1618202837314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not an anti conspiracy, it's fairly well known.

She also didn't tell the dude she was cheating with and when it came out she threw him under the bus.

>> No.3051170


>> No.3051283 [DELETED] 

deployed soldier get cheated on, thats just a fact. unless they have kids or have been married a decade, its like, 90% chance the wife is going to go suck some other guys dick.

>> No.3051459

nevermind guys, turns out my pp is also small

>> No.3051559 [DELETED] 

To who? If she has any contact with her ex do you think any moron here would know?

>> No.3051610 [DELETED] 

yea it happens that's why it's such a big meme, doesn't mean we won't lose all respect for the women who do it. Don't get married if you can't stay faithful, that should be a given...

>> No.3051623
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Sad to hear, man.

>> No.3052476

How new

>> No.3052605 [DELETED] 

That's just some random woman with a deployed man. No proof.

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