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don't care never will

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This board is infested by schizo idolfags

You absolutely do care

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Who gives a shit, do you think none of these people are talking off-stream or whatever. Of course most internet personalities in the same field talk with each other

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holy based
holy faggot

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Lol no one really hates Kiara anymore ever since everyone realized the slut liked to fuck live, Kiara is a purr maiden if put next to that slut, zomcucks will say otherwise

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Holy WTF

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I wanna beat them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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we need a kiara ollie collab just to see this board in flames

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If they both collab with Pekora at the same time this board will be the Nevada nuclear test site in the 50s

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this, but also add nyanners and artemis

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both of them were specifically chosen by hololive just to make 4chan seethe to it's core

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Delusional globalshart

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I don't watch any of these both, so what happened this time?

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>Kiara and Ollie Collab
>Kiara's Menhera powers go nutzo's
>Kiara keeps making subtle remarks about live sex
>Ollie knows what she's talking abkut but feigns ignorance
>Ollie can't live with the shame
>Ollie kills herself
>Kiara thanks /vt/ and sucks my cock

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I don't care what they do, I just love shitposting about them. I hope they do worse and worse shit until one day it becomes impossible to make a thread about them without it immediately being populated with baiters pretending to like them and torrents of copy-pastes and pure schitzo hate

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Based beyond belief.

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Too based

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this, but unironically

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>Why do you care so much

I want more live sex anon, I want it and need it now

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You dropped your crown, king.

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this honestly, seeing it bleed into their chats and causing the managers distress is some of the best hololive content we have

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DESU, I used to watch the Ollie quite a bit before she found Apex and enjoyed what she did, but everything post Apex has been downhill. I dont enjoy her content anymore and dont watch her, same with Kiara but at least I have a begrudging respect for Kiara although she is a tryhard numberfag.

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Anyone can list how many yabs Ollie has done this month?

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This month, I think it was just praising Vshojo and namedropping most of the members on-stream, saying she wants to "break the rules" during that speech, getting in trouble for playing Apex with Connor, Deleting Apex and promising to stop and then immediately reinstalling it after getting scared in a horror game. I think that's everything from this month.

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>getting in trouble for playing Apex with Connor
How is that worthy of being an issue? I don't watch her streams.

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Based as fuck

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She didn't get in any trouble if that's what you are asking, 4chan is just making shit up.

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