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(note dropping the hyphen)

This week we have a few important events going on:

Hime Hajime is doing a 5 Nights of Hime thing where she's trying to stream repeatedly to get into the flow. Considering her streaming history, she could use the practice and the exposure. She's doing a series of collabs with other VShojos along the way, sorta! She was supposed to start Monday but it got pushed back to Tuesday due to sickness, but then her collab partner (Melody) had a schedule conflict so we are off to a great start! However, she is still planning on going strong Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with Haruka Karibu tonight at 7pm, Ironmouse tomorrow, and who knows beyond that!

Snuffy debuted her new Live2D model last night complete with smaller eyes, butt fangs, and panty shots. To say she hasn't missed a beat with her long vacation is an understatement. The Trash Panda is back in full swing and ready for mischief, mayhem, and Pokemon card slaughter.

Another thing is happening this Saturday. Something something ... uh... Hm. What was it again? I think it involves a Pink Cat and a legendary vtuber in some kind of mass entertainment thingamajig. It'll come to me later I'm sure. Get your tickets tho, you damn heathens.

Vshojo team page: https://www.twitch.tv/team/vshojo

Snuffy: https://www.twitch.tv/snuffy

bunny_gif: https://www.twitch.tv/bunny_gif

Momo: https://www.twitch.tv/momo

Haruka Karibu: https://www.twitch.tv/harukakaribu

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Schedules for reminders. First Melody's.

Note, originally she posted a schedule that had Nyan, Nagzz, Noble, and Mousey all participating with her on CB on Thursday, but she quickly took that down because someone needed to dump cold water on the hype that went into overdrive instantly and nobody could handle it. I, personally, was looking forward to a little Nagzz on Noble action, but alas, another day.

(if anybody needs proof of that, I have the schedule before she took it down too)

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Mousey had another collab with Connor last night and as is wont for these two when they get together, the banter, the spittle, and the insults flew back and forth as this "old married couple" just love to dish it out to each other. What ALSO flew was holy water, because Mousey's dad apparently came into her room and flung the blessed liquid at her during her stream. Nobody but Iron Papa knows why, but it might have something to do with Mousey being mind broken numerous times by Connor's bullying.

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Nyanners is live right now: https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners

She's doing some chatting before doing some VRChat stuff today. She's also utterly a nervous wreck about Saturday, and she's equally barred from talking about the specifics of it. IE she can't talk about what she's going to be doing or what is going to happen, but it doesn't quite sound like she's going to be a huge part of the concert, which is what I thought all along anyway.

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Silvervale has been doing a few collabs lately, with Mira Pink and Veibae a week ago and now doing more this week. It looks like she's kind of ditching the idea of going on earlier, but that doesn't matter as long as she's having fun. Skyrim tonight with her 500 mods is always a good time.

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Zentreya, Haruka, and Bunny are all live right now as well:


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Dammit Zen....

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Nyanners should kill herself.

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>Zen is about to read Lusty argonian maid in her gecko form while in maid outfit
Billions of years of evolution has led to this moment lads.

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Zen continues to amaze me with the levels of humor she's willing to go to at her own expense.

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Nyanners' old school references are out of control today. I didn't expect Skifree.

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Snuffy live: https://www.twitch.tv/snuffy

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>(note dropping the hyphen)
I didnt mean to strong arm you out of the hyphen last thread, you can include it if you like. It just made me double check all the official stuff to see if there was a hyphen in it or not
Also, should we make a teamup for all the girls' schedules?

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I can't wait for her *new* stuff on friday, all the stuff she's been working on. Can't fucking wait.

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You didn't. I just realized that there wasn't much reason for it to be there, and whenever I type Vshojo I don't use a hyphen myself. So, it seemed silly.

>Also, should we make a teamup for all the girls' schedules?
All yours. I only have the schedules they provide on their Twitters, but if you can make something cool out of it, go nuts.

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Top three vshoj here

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Why doesn't Froot stream more?

>> No.2793582

internet issues

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Did any of you guys see snuffys "Masturbation ASMR" on her patreon and is it any good?

>> No.2794426

I can get women to masturbate for me online for free, why would I pay for something impersonal, that everyone else who pays will get an exact copy off?

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Because it's a Trash Panda doing it for you rather than some random sloot? To some people it's hotter when it is their waifu I guess.

Mousey is having computer problems! Did IronPapa throw more holy water on her computer to expel the demons!? And Hime is live! https://www.twitch.tv/hajime

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Alright, I made a Vshojo Teamup. Turns out you can only add 8 different colors if you're a free user. I couldn't find any schedule for Vei or Froot. If neither of them ever have schedules I could swap them for Snuffy or Haruka or whoever else.

Give me a (you) if I missed anything or got something wrong.

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Silvervale is live! More heavily modded Skyrim!


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Nice job! Only addition I have is that tomorrow Mousey is doing double duty with the Nagzz, Noble, Melody, Nyan VN collab and Hime's playdate tho whether she's streaming both I can't say.

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Vei mentioned wanting to start doing schedules but since she's ill it makes sense she doesn't have one yet. That or she forgot.

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Are all the vshojo fans on a different board? I've seen indie threads on this board with more traffic.

Genuinely asking.

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Froot's internet is still borked iirc, no no schedule for now.

>> No.2796479

pmg on /aco/. this board's a hellhole so most have abandoned it and hang there instead.

>> No.2796572

I assume that since it's listed on Mel's and not Mousey's, it'll be on Mel's stream. If it ends up being streamed on both then I'll start adding multiple to listed collabs.

Will keep their spots secured then

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it's weird to me that you people keep pretending that sydsnap is actually trying. her attempted "debut" made it clear to me she doesn't know how.
also I'm compelled to point and laugh about the fact that
when most of the talents are pretty open about fucking regularly. and sydsnap's entire attempt at having a debut "gimmick" was "LOOK AT ME I'M SUCH A GIANT WHORE". 'cause y'know. leaving the U out of "shoujo" takes it from "girl" to "virgin". like, I don't actually -care- if they fuck, I just think it's comical irony to gather up the folk who fuck under a banner that says "has yet to fuck".

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>I assume that since it's listed on Mel's and not Mousey's, it'll be on Mel's stream.
It's the playdate listed on Thursday on Mouse's schedule, she usually streams it.

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nobody cares bitch

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That's kind of the point of the 5 nights of Hime thing tho, it is a change in her normal behavior and she's actually putting in an effort now. I am willing to let her put in effort and reap the rewards of that. Whether it works or not is not up to me, but to her, and any fans that want to support her.

And yes, we're very well aware of VShojo's name and what it means, and so does VShojo, so it is all intentional.

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Whoops I put Mel in the wrong timezone, I got mixed up. As for Hime, I assume it'll be on Hime's. Turns out I also got Hime's times wrong as she listed 7PM EST on the announcement tweet but all the stream announcements list 7PM PST, and yet I had them all at 5PM PST.
Should be fixed.

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Mouse is resuming her adventure with Connor.

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Mouse and Connor get into a call:

Mouse: "Hello?"
Connor: "Hello!"
Mouse: "Fuck you, motherfucker."

We're off and running!

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A lot of the people who enjoy Vshojo and don’t feel the need to be on the Spartan side of the battle of Thermopylae every day don’t actually post on /vt/

>> No.2797711

Spartan side? The Spartans had 300 people. We got maybe 30. We are stronker than Spartans.

>> No.2798007

Fair enough

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I love how these two pick on each other endlessly, but when they have a common enemy (that book especially) they both turn on it faster than they do on each other. They're toxic gamers!

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I think it's just that most VShojo fans are normal, well-adjusted people, and as such are mostly not on 4chan.

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Jesus, Mousey just passed 9000 subscribers. That's ~$22,500 right there. Jesus being a successful vtuber makes bank. It makes me wonder how much Twitch makes.

>> No.2803485

either these people are completely retarded with their finances or they are getting cucked big times with taxes or they are faking it. mouse doesn't even have a decent gaming pc, nyanners doesn't even have ac in her house, veibae lives like a fucking cave troll with her parents

>> No.2803852

What's the medication that Ironmouse is often on during streams? I know what she conditions she has, but what is she being given and for what purpose?

>> No.2803913

no idea, i initially thought it would be some kind of opiate or muscle relaxant for pain management or whatever but i don't think that would sit alright with her fucked up lungs

>> No.2804073

>mouse doesn't even have a decent gaming pc
I think that's more of a case of her being stubborn than lack of cash.

>> No.2804097

mouse is getting a new pc soon, nyanners can't have AC in her unit, and vei is probably just saving money (plus blowing it on new models and skeb comissions)
pretty hard to fake sub counts when the number of emote slots you have is based on the most subs you've had at once and most subs are shown in chat

she's said she's on like 40 different meds, no one really knows which one makes her loopy
some people speculate it's weed but she hasn't confirmed

>> No.2804124

I know that she needs regular plasma transfusions, but I don’t know what other medications she needs or even how often she needs them

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Not sure they've ever tried to fake it. Mousey talks about how her parents used to have to unretire to take care of her medical costs but now they don't have to. She also says she can afford more / better medical treatments. So in her case, a lot of her money probably goes that direction, to help her folks, and just general other shizz. Silvervale has talked about how her supporters have allowed her to be able to give her family the things she's always wanted to, and is very appreciative of the financial support (she also donated $1k to a charity stream the other day, and isn't shy about doing charity stuff all the time). Melody we know is loaded thanks to CB and Patreon, but she seems to be putting her money into her interests and possibly business ventures (the fact that Digi through his agency thought charging Mel 40k a month for services was affordable to her says a lot). Zen, lately, has started to grow a bit uncomfortable with the amount of simpery she gets.

The rest we don't know. Veibae, Nyanners, Froot, and Hime haven't talked much about finances. Nyan, like Zen, gets pretty uncomfortable with large swaths of donations, to the point where she often breaks down and gets very emotional (Silver does this, too), and I think Nyan could give Melody a run for monthly gains, but the latter is still the tops. Nyan just dropped a bomb recently that she's moving soon to something that is not an apartment (and has no shared walls, floors, or neighbors), so either she's planning on living in a cardboard box under an overpass, or she's buying a house. Could be renting one instead, but if she's as financially secure as I think she is, she can afford a pretty nice house.

I also wonder if VShojo has something to do with any of their finances. The company doesn't take money from them directly, but I mean whether they provide counseling for investing and other financial management with third parties. Gunrun surely has some investment advisors, so the girls would be dumb not to ask about it.

But, we really don't know. I wager most of these girls have not grown up in rich households, so they're probably paranoid about money and just don't spend it willy nilly (or, spend it willy nilly only on silly things like anime and skeb commissions). Of all of them, Zen seems like the type to hoard (except for charity), while Silver is probably too generous.

>> No.2804819

No clue, she doesn't regularly talk about what medicines she takes though looking at effects of and treatments for CVID, she's probably got a cocktail of stuff. Plasma immunoglobin replacement treatments are the only thing she's talked about.

She's flat out denied she does weed in any form, because I don't think she can. In general she has to take medicines that undoubtedly effect her already, so mixing in weed or alcohol could be really bad.

>> No.2804969

>Of all of them, Zen seems like the type to hoard
because she's a dragon, I get it

>> No.2805420

Jokes aside, she just gives me the frugal vibes, even tho she spends a buttload on 3D models for her avatar. She also seems pretty mature (when not being a troll), so she has the wisdom not to just blow her money like a nitwit.

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Nyanners love!

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Question for everyone, if mouse suddenly recovered from her sicknesses and was able to live a normal life. Would you guys hold any grudges against her if she stopped streaming to live a normal life?

>> No.2806594

I'd be very very surprised if she did that, since it's her link to her best friends currently.
But no, I wouldn't care, she doesn't owe me anything.

>> No.2806632

Why would I get mad at any streamer for quitting streaming for any reason?

>> No.2806778

Best ending, I'd be happy for her. But I doubt she'd quit streaming outright even then, since it's something she clearly enjoys doing and she'd probably still be a massive nerd for vtubing in general.

>> No.2812524

>Zen seems like the type to hoard
>(except for charity)
there's your problem bud. No idea on what Zen's finances are like but she recently moved into a new place (she kept delaying her new 3D debut because she was moving somewhere with more space to lay down more trackers) but aside from that Zen is by far the most openly generous and charitable of the group. She's done guerilla charity streams and donated huge amounts and even made Mouse break down bawling sometime last year when she did an impromptu charity stream to benefit plasma donation centers. Even in her recent interview with Padilla her closing thoughts were "Donate to your local charities."

>> No.2812601

I would feel bad but I doubt that would happen. At least not permanently. She's said before she's an extrovert forced to live as an introvert and I'm sure she'd want to take a solid month or more off to travel, and see all the places she's never gotten too. Possibly even meet with some of her friends IRL. But she loves streaming now and loves meeting new people that way and especially loves VTubing in general so she wouldn't stay away permanently.

Anyway you just made me sad thinking about Mouse getting to meet Nyan and Zen and Silver and Melody irl as I'm sure there's nothing she'd like more than getting to do that.

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>thinking about Mouse getting to meet Nyan and Zen and Silver and Melody irl as I'm sure there's nothing she'd like more than getting to do that.

Well i hope that does happen one day

>> No.2813422

No i will not hold any kind of grudges. Why would i? That's just simply irrational and selfish.

>> No.2815935

How many times girls can fap per day? Mousey says 10 is rookie number and it makes me wonder...

>> No.2816618

I'm sure they'll get to see her body one day, her family is Catholic so they'll probably do a wake

>> No.2816712

in general they don't have nearly the same "come down" time after an orgasm men do. but 10 would still be rough.

>> No.2817052

You can still save a lot of your money while only spending it on charities (donations are also tax write offs, tho I do not think Zen is doing this only for that, she's a legit generous person). I knew Zen moved to a new place, but unless she bought a house I don't think it would be that expensive.

>> No.2817811

Veibae and Bunny are live:

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>> No.2818121

vei's voice is better, she's finally recovering

did you make the hat?

>> No.2818711

no, the guy that made it isnt even from this board

>> No.2818891

Nyanners, kill yourself.

>> No.2818918

taiwan is not a part of china

>> No.2818926

all of them are liars.

>> No.2820118


Has Nyanners managed to piss off the CCP plebs?

>> No.2820708

Zentreya is live: https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya

>> No.2821303


I wouldn't hold a grudge against any vtuber for graduating. I might be sad, since she's gone, but I'd be understanding, since she's able to live a fulfilling life.


Growing up poor, it is easy to live frugally, and when you suddenly end up with a fair amount of money, part of you wants to just stuff it away just in case everything goes tits up and you don't have a decent job again.

>> No.2822586

>Growing up poor
Stop believing the sob stories designed to bait donations.

>> No.2823211

Or they're just saving/investing every single penny because streaming is a very unstable career

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Nyanners is releasing an original song saturday before the concert. I guess we now know one thing she'll be singing live.

>> No.2823551

Why is the idea that someone didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth so hard to believe?

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>> No.2827614

>Not tattooing her on your foot so you're constantly stepping on her as she would want.

>> No.2827675

Why does it look like she's on a massive bruise/burn?

>> No.2828910

Hime cancelled today due to illness. The Mouse of Iron persists.

>> No.2829446

So much for the 5 days of Hime lol. She isn't even acting like she's trying.

>> No.2829855

Wow anon must really love pink cat to get a fucking tattoo of her.

I could never see myself doing this

>> No.2829952

You don't know how a recently applied tattoo looks like?

>> No.2830522

No, but now that it's pointed out it seems embarrassingly obvious

>> No.2832391

Mousey showed off her art! She avoids this because she sometimes draws some disturbing things and people make judgments based on it that she's crying out for help through it. I'm glad she showed it off! She's really good.

>> No.2832474

Whoa! Yeah that's a little too coincidental to not be related. Good for Nyan!

>> No.2832581


>> No.2832732

I don't think I could get a full tattoo of Nyanners either but maybe her little ghost cat would be alright.

>> No.2833025

Unfortunate. She was sick earlier in the week and cancelled Monday and now has to for today as well. Veibae gets sick right before her debut and Hime gets sick before her big week. VShojos are unlucky.

>> No.2833054

Does any of them play eroge RPGs?

>> No.2833225

Mel has played some h games on her streams, like Sengoku Rance

>> No.2833305

>like Sengoku Rance

>> No.2833353

Google led me here, but the link is dead. Is there an archive for her chasturbate streams?

>> No.2833652

nevermind, it's on porn hub

>> No.2835224

Mousey has an extensive collection of eroge, but she can't play them on Twitch.

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Silvervale is live! https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale

She's doing a livestream bike ride around Japan! Well actually someone else is biking around Japan, but she's streaming them live while they're doing it and riding in the basket!

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File: 1.73 MB, 1429x738, waifushelves.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 88 KB, 1200x675, 1618606885083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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The anti thread has more participation than this thread, you can't let that keep happening

>> No.2839759
File: 1.01 MB, 1164x823, 1619009716460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The anti threads are filled with false flagging faggots and easily bait biting Holobros. Some people just prefer tribalism, but I guarantee there are few if any VShojo fans actually in those threads.

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>die twelve hours later

>> No.2840780


>> No.2841075


>> No.2841176


>debuting the song on a special stream at 3pm on Saturday
>concert is at 8pm

I mean, sure, whatever you want to believe, chief. Silvervale made a song, Nyanners has now made a song, but yeah sure whatever right?

>> No.2841197
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Sorry, forgot to give you a complimentary Nyan-booba for visiting, except judging by the IP count, you've been here already.

>> No.2841481

Can't she stream them on pornhub like the melody streamer

>> No.2841517
File: 312 KB, 2048x1129, 1619154502112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>IP +0

Melody streams on Chatturbate, and I'm not sure. I think Mousey would have issues with getting permission to stream there. CB is kind of paranoid about vtubers and would require a lot of verification that I don't know Mousey can provide easily.

>> No.2841597
File: 593 KB, 2800x3400, 1619048472290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Mel plz.

>> No.2842061
File: 269 KB, 800x600, 1619118507840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2842075

It's just Japan Silver you weeb, nice of Rob and Silver though

>> No.2842713

Given Kizuna Ai's history, it's a lot more likely that she planned a concert in the US and asked her people to get her a popular US vtuber. Gura was out because of Hololive so Nyanners was next. And Nyan probably had plans for an original song for a long time, and took this opportunity as a kick in the butt to finally release it.

>> No.2843361

Huh, this thread seems really nice (t. tourist from /hlgg/ and /wvt/). I'm already following most of the vshojo girls, but I don't have much time to watch them (partially because most of them stream in the middle of the night for me).

With that being said, can you sell me on them?

>> No.2843707

A lot of people left after it was clear the /vt/ jannies were holoniggers. samefag antis own the board now. The only ((((approved)))) discussion is what doesn't get spammed. Classic 4chan censorship

>> No.2843716

The whole point of the anti thread is to redirect all antis to it, so there's less antis here. Cmon anon i thought you were smarter than that.

>> No.2846248

Given the spout of hate against hololive once in a blue moon in /pmg/ its fair to say that some vshojo fans are a part of it such as >>2843707

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"I can't believe no one is bumping the Vshojo thread" -Veibae March 13th, 2021

>> No.2852840

Vei doesn't care, she's too busy schlicking to rule34 of herself she commissioned on skeb.

>> No.2852972

I legitimately fucking hate vshojo. I don't even watch hololive or any other vtubers, I only come here to shit up the vshojo threads

>> No.2853858

Based. Reasonable, or even sane, uses of your valuable time is for faggots.

>> No.2853955

Kill yourself ironic normie retard and never post here again!

>> No.2854015

How much money do you think she's spent on porn of herself?

>> No.2854057

Thousands of dollars
>t. Vei, herself

>> No.2854882
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And where are all the stuff goes? I only see a few nsfw pics on pixiv

>> No.2854993

Stupid question but why did Hime Hajime debut so late after Froot I though she was gonna debut shortly after her. I feel like it kinda screwed her over since she doesn’t seem to fit in as well with the others.

>> No.2854999
File: 392 KB, 2000x3000, Eq588jTXMAABHP6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In short:
-Froot is the most like a Holo. Seiso exterior with a lewd and mischievous streak. She's a good artist (this pic is by her) and is very soft spoken with a unique accent. https://youtu.be/Dmgn3AphcuE
-Veibae is a massive degenerate who is a massive bitch to her chat. She's actually very nice and that comes through quite a lot and she's arguably the least feminine of the group. One of her fav youtubers is badlandchugs for a point of reference https://youtu.be/T0w2lWKOG3Q
-Silvervale is also basically a Holo but with a more lewd appearance and boob jokes. She's a srs gamer and is currently playing Skyrim with 500+ mods installed. She's very kind and invites her mom to stream sometimes. https://youtu.be/W2LsgJwq2L0
-Melody streams on Chaturbate on the side but is very sweet and innocent when she's not in porn mode. A bit of an airhead but she means well and is very cute. https://youtu.be/YsDOzsKHrVA
-Mouse is an extrovert forced to live as an introvert thanks to her many illnesses, the most prominent of which is CVID. She's a pervert and a degen since she hasn't had any real human contact outside of her parents for years but is usually very positive despite that. She's a trained singer and got her big break after being "discovered" by Melody and tries to pay it forward by highlighting smaller VTubers herself now. https://youtu.be/dn477FFBaTE
-Nyan is the other singer of the group This board hates her thanks to her 4chan roots but she's very popular with comfy streams. Literally can not stop making old references and is very good at going with the flow. Like turning an unexpected pair of naked tits into a solid half hour of content https://youtu.be/6Va6zLm_FLE
-Zentreya's entire schtick is a hostile relationship with chat. She talks with TTS and makes excellent use of her 3D model by dealing in a lot of physical gags. Probably the biggest gamer of the group and always willing to let herself die in collabs to land a joke. https://youtu.be/FFz7n53KNnI
-Nobody talks about Hime. She doesn't stream often enough and is currently trying to resolve that but until she does there's not a lot to go on. Her being Sydsnap is the worst kept secret of a VTuber identity of all time though which is really fucking funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xT7UchOAYQI

>> No.2855079

her discord

>she doesn’t seem to fit in as well with the others
it's also because she never streams.

>she's arguably the least feminine of the group
if your idea of "feminine" is defined by movies and manga and not meeting any real women, maybe.

>> No.2855800

If /pmg/ comes here I'd be shocked. Far more likely that we migrate there and act like we've always been there.

>> No.2855982
File: 2.00 MB, 200x200, flabbergasted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Would you guys hold any grudges against her if she stopped streaming to live a normal life?
It's always weird getting a view into the /jp/ mind like this

>> No.2856142 [SPOILER] 
File: 157 KB, 1080x877, 1619201928482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like Gura a lot but /hlgg/ and /ggg/ really drives me away from any kind of community around her
It's like the more seiso vibe a chuuba has the worse the community gets, vshojo being coomy at least keeps the psychos away

>> No.2856184

also people like Vei aren't afraid to call out weirdos, which a Hololive talent wouldn't dare doing.

>> No.2856353

>keeps the psychos away
Some of them, it's always funny hearing the occasional story from Silver's Diamonds chat

>> No.2856689

Yeah Silver gets some seriously weird and obsessive fucks.

>> No.2856768

I’m new to the world of English speaking vtubers.
One quick question.
WHY didn’t they invite Koopa to join them? Didn’t they imagine what she would feel?
Why do western companies always hurt girls’ feelings in a way like this?

>> No.2856786


>> No.2856792

You mean like Bowser?

>> No.2856809

is she friends with any of them and/or has she applied to join vshojo?

>> No.2856907

WHY do you say things like that ?

>> No.2857470

Nyanners is live!
She's super nervous because of the concert tomorrow and it shows

>> No.2857728

Koopafriend, if you want to hang out here and be chill you're welcome to, but it is starting to feel like you're oddly shitting on Koopa which makes no sense to us.

>> No.2858818
File: 46 KB, 680x337, EuSZzO0WgAgNxba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2858997

Say hello to your future VShojo

>> No.2859353

I sincerely doubt it. There are a ton of vtubers who are probably not going to ever join VShojo just because they're not friends with the current members. And while that doesn't always apply, such as Hime not being known by any of them before joining, it seems to help a lot more.

>> No.2859360

shes mels friend

>> No.2859424

Veibae and Snuffy are tsun for /vt/ I swear. I wouldn't be surprised if they bring it up again after Nyanner's concert

>> No.2859475

neither of them come on this board.

>> No.2859944

Oh. Does she do CB too?

>> No.2860247


Snuffy does. She's explicitly mentioned it on stream.

>> No.2860272

Veis voice is so pretty that the gross bumpkin sounding bitch is even more jarring to my ears than usual.

>> No.2860330

They both do or did, Vei literally said she hates this place and is never coming to it again

>> No.2860408

Her voice is like pure sex in the ears.

>> No.2860437

Nyanners comes here as well

>> No.2860485

>pink cat gets 8k views playing Diablo
holoen dont look...

>> No.2861086

definitely not on this board, no.

>> No.2861152

without a doubt she does

>> No.2861466

Nyanners definitely does not. I feel like she's popped in on the /aco/ thread a couple times based on stuff she's said and the recent discussion about how chill communities based around porn tend to be but even that's a stretch. Vei hates /vt/ because they hate her. And Snuffy doesn't like /vt/ but said she looks at it because she likes seeing what stupid shit people say about her which isn't exactly healthy but it's not like anyone can stop her.

>> No.2861575

/jp/ used to like Vei when she was an indie with a large proportion on Nip fans

>> No.2861751

bullshit, every second that she isnt streaming Nyanners is namesearching herself, she's been doing it for a fucking decade

>> No.2861855


>> No.2862451

i hope you didn't miss nyanners's diablo 2 challenge run, necromancer/random skills/melee with broken weapon

that blood raven kill was the gamer moment of 2021

>> No.2862738

my favourite part was the mods deleting anything that had anything to do with the game

>> No.2862812

Yeah, that was a particularly bad chat, conversation was essentially impossible

>> No.2862901

>Nyanners definitely does not.
She does at least sometimes. She's responded to stuff in these threads in her discord in real time. I don't know why she does, curiosity probably.

>> No.2862916

between this, her inability to figure out anything by herself, and the drunk+stressed out part before diablo, that was just a terrible stream. a shame because the VR stream two days ago was great.

>> No.2862971

Eh, I liked the actual stream part, the chat was bad but also there's a ton of new mods. They'll probably get reined in a bit.

>> No.2863028

given how the mods were during diablo, they seem more like your typical discord mods you see in memes than actual people you can trust to make a good chat experience.

>> No.2863072

She specifically started the game by saying she didn't want help from chat unless she asked. I wasn't really paying attention to what got deleted so it's possible the mods were overzealous in deleting stuff that wasn't really backseating, but I'm not surprised lots of chat got deleted

>> No.2863151

part of it was she said no backseating unless she asked and then when she asked questions mods deleted the answers. Also a bunch of other random stuff got deleted. It was confusing more than anything, nothing malicious just weird.

>> No.2863480

Give me a ranking of big brain to small brain V-shojo members.

I rank Mel 1st place. What's everyone's 1st to last place ranking and why

>> No.2863515

Curiosity killed the cat. Browsing this board will do her no good.

>> No.2863658


If Nyanners still browses 4chan after 11 years she's clinically retarded. You and I sure, we can take a passing insult here and there everyday, but someone who gets consistently shit on online every single day (doesn't matter whether it's justified or not) should not be intentionally exposing themselves to that kind of crap. It's like if Chrischan egosearched himself daily, you'd become a mental mess in no time.

Or maybe she's just built different, in which case hey, congrats.

>> No.2863670

OMFG 8,100 viewers on CB with mel

>> No.2863871

Nyanners, do a feet ASMR

>> No.2863928

Miko has 13k viewers and everyone was talking shit on /vt/ that she averages 5k at best.

>> No.2864102

She does average around 5-6k. But she collabs a lot with bigger streamers and she can get 10k+ on those streams

>> No.2864105

>Miko has 13k viewers and everyone was talking shit on /vt/ that she averages 5k at best.

13.5k is she more popular than hololive with viewers?

>> No.2864172

you're here forever

>> No.2864214

Jesus christ her CB stream looks like 4chan posting. I guess thats what makes CB better than twitch.

>> No.2864323

I do not like bunny's accent. That is all.

>> No.2864381
File: 32 KB, 925x274, stream capture..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lets just put all of hololive and V-shojo on CB just for gaming.

>> No.2865194

She flat out asked people NOT to backseat and as usual morons can't fucking help themselves. I don't know why the fuck this is so hard for people to understand. Unless the streamer asks for help, your help is not wanted nor appreciated. It's supposed to be fun dammit.

>> No.2865234

I love bun's Texan accent. There will be more

>> No.2865257

I'm new to vshojo lore, just how bad is Ironmouse's health?

>> No.2865295

Yeah, sounds like the mods weren't keeping up with the discussion. She has a few newbies so maybe they're a bit overzealous.

Miko's stream numbers are weird and have been declining hard for the last few months.

Also Silvervale and Mousey are playing Nothing But Trouble with Nagzz, Noble, Potastic P, and Bunny!

>> No.2865445
File: 1.34 MB, 809x1250, 1614563934624.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her current health is fine. What you should be asking is what condition she has, which we are happy to explain. Ironmouse was born with CVID (common variable immune deficiency), which basically means her body doesn't produce natural antibodies (or very few antibodies) to fight pathogens. Somewhere after high school she got hit pretty hard with a disease that left her mostly disabled with decreased lung capacity. Thus, currently, she's a bubble girl in her home with her parents but her condition is improving thanks to better medicines and plasma treatments that she can afford thanks to her success as a vtuber.

>> No.2865619

In short she's fine until she's not. If she were to get an infection at this point (especially covid considering how it affects you) things could go south for her in the blink of an eye. Until then she's entirely capable of living a somewhat normal, if sheltered life.

>> No.2865634

>Her current health is fine
bud she was so medicated during a stream a few days ago that she couldn't remember it afterwards. Her health is BETTER, but it's certainly not FINE.

>> No.2865765

>Until then she's entirely capable of living a somewhat normal, if sheltered life.
holy shit you're an idiot

>> No.2865874

Something like this, yes, but people need to get away from the idea that any sneeze in her direction is instant death. She catches colds like everybody else and recovers thanks to treatments. The immunoglobin enriched plasma basically gives her antibodies from healthy people who donate plasma, and she uses those to fight off colds and infections. I don't know what other medicines she takes, but I know some are for her lungs, and some other things. The damage she suffered from the lung infection is something she'll never get away from I don't think, but the rest of her could recover well enough to allow her to go outside again someday. Her prognosis right now is good tho.

She's always medicated. I don't know what medicines she takes that induces such highs, but she can be pretty stoned at times. That stream with Connor was easily the most stoned I've ever seen her.

>> No.2865878

okay answer me this, why is she called iron mouse when she got horns?

>> No.2865933
File: 175 KB, 1500x2892, EtLIsulXIAI5pms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her nickname in high school was "Mouse" because she's only 4'10", and she's a big fan of Sailor Moon and Sailor Iron Mouse is where she inevitably takes her name from. Her real name, however, is Satanas. She is the Devil incarnate and she is here for your soul!

>> No.2866031


>> No.2866144

daaaaaamn, ok, I see. I guess the saddest people feliz jueves the hardest.

>> No.2866264

Are you a nyanners mod?

>> No.2866306

It's amazing, really. I think most people take life for granted and we just think everything will always be okay. She has stared her mortality in the face, and does so everyday, and wants to live as best she can. Sometimes I think we all need to have a life scare so we can live half as hard as she does.

>> No.2866349
File: 2.07 MB, 640x360, 1618023842474.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, sure, why not. Unrelated question, but what is your Twitch account handle? Just, y'know, for reference.

>> No.2866725
File: 129 KB, 266x270, 1615860687904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's PalpableCesser, why? Are you going to make me a VIP in her chat???

>> No.2866833


>> No.2866841
File: 219 KB, 369x342, 1618497190147.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can! Check your status in your next Nyanners stream! Which is tomorrow at 3pm PST where she debuts her new produced single sure to be a #1 hit song on Billboard! And this takes place mere hours before the Kizuna Ai concert where Nyanners and TeddyLoid will share the stage with the vtubing legend (tickets still available!)!

>> No.2866882
File: 193 KB, 1921x1080, 1619139013670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



(tho whether this is an actual 3D body or just an MMD I can't tell)

>> No.2866903
File: 223 KB, 633x401, 1615862780480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my gosh, thank you!!!! I'll make sure to be theere for her new single and concert! I'm so excited for tomorrow you wouldn't believe it!!!!!

>> No.2866925

She had a dono goal for a 3d avatar a while back, so 3d is definitely coming

>> No.2867077

Her 2d model is one of the best, probably because she was able to work on it herself. I wonder if her 3d model will be of similar quality. Hope her internet is fixed soon, I miss her.

>> No.2867122

Why are there kizuna gifs in mels CB stream, is she some kind of famous V-tuber?

>> No.2867137
File: 422 KB, 627x631, 1617733319372.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You go Big Guy!

>> No.2867384

It's the only way we're ever going to get Ai to do CB.

>> No.2868583
File: 3.98 MB, 1650x2550, 1618099528105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She just needs to gear up bratan

>> No.2869199

THat's actually something she's asked about on stream before. It would still be limiting because she's wheelchair bound but she's mentioned being okay with wearing a full on fucking exosuit if it meant she could go outside again.

>> No.2869397
File: 133 KB, 788x985, 1619218235003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, someone help me understand this piece. For context of my confusion, here's the tweet from the artist who posted it:


>> No.2869613 [SPOILER] 
File: 737 KB, 796x949, 1619229756122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, have you met VShojo's newest member?

>> No.2870291
File: 1.22 MB, 652x1636, 1619227871527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now you, too, can ride Projekt Melody!

>> No.2870306

Which vshojou has the best singing voice?
Can they release an album?

>> No.2870330

Was that when she sold out when she said she wouldn't join an organisation and ended up doing so?

>> No.2870432

Nyanners and Mouse

>> No.2870442

Mouse is singing right now on her stream if you want to come listen.

>> No.2870768

Silvervale can sing, too, when she's not in public and turns into a socially anxious mess.

Silvervale's "Home":
Nyanners singing Lilium:
Mousey singing Unlasting:

>> No.2872898
File: 795 KB, 908x1080, 16192250668151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why's she so fucking cute?

>> No.2873014

She had an interview with Amouranth today. If you see a big jump in her numbers, it’s because she rained in a big streamer and pulled some of their viewers

>> No.2873437

>Which vshojou has the best singing voice?
Its a toss up between Ironmouse and Nyanners
>Can they release an album?

>> No.2873526

She talked about Escolar, a type of cheaper fish commonly substituted for tuna but that gives people horrible orange diarrhea due to its waxy esters. Escolar --> Pablo Escobar
That's my guess

>> No.2873697

Ironmouse's singing still surprises me. It's rather amazing. Fuck. Girl's got pipes.

>> No.2873711
File: 819 KB, 2800x4040, 1619195233574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better than what I had, which is "someone has a really fucking weird fetish". Have some Nyantits.

>> No.2873750
File: 684 KB, 811x623, 1619234020298.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whenever she does And I'm Telling You I stop whatever the fuck I am doing and just listen. She's got fucking soul...

Also a weird fascination with Mars...

>> No.2873878

The little bitch gave me goosebumps with that last song. Shit was cash.

>> No.2873911

>waxy esters

>> No.2874105

Yeah, you eat the wax ester and then your guts empty themselves. Don't eat generically named "white tuna" Also tuna can be made artificially red and fresh looking with carbon monoxide.

>> No.2874132

Nyan is very good but I really think Mouse is the stronger singer. Especially after what I heard tonight she went completely fucking nuts on some songs to a level I've personally never heard Nyan reach. They're both good though.

>> No.2874298

They're both really good, listen to Nyanners' stuff with magic circuit if you haven't before

>> No.2874443


>> No.2874498

better without the band-aid

>> No.2874508

She sang / 10, a perfect score

>> No.2874690

Vei said she pays 50% in taxes on top of her Twitch fees (She lives in the UK).

>> No.2874696

She's definitely good but I suppose I'm biased cause I just came from Mouse's stream ending and this is one of the last songs she did after singing for a little over 2 hours straight. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/998477307?t=05h08m52s

>> No.2876570

God, Nyanners is such a nervous wreck, I love it.

>> No.2876792

>Nyanners is hated by 4chan because of her roots here.
I don't get it. Is it a jealousy thing or what?

>> No.2876943

Her correct size

>> No.2877005

No some people just can't handle that someone who would start out building their brand on 4chan would later denounce their time here. Nevermind that she was doxxed by people here and had people trying to groom her when she was underaged. The specific thing most people hate was a song about loli she made awhile back and removed 6 fucking years ago from YT and they still haven't gotten over it.

>> No.2877114

I don't blame her. 4chan is full of degenerate coomers that will abandon all morals for that feeling of nut euphoria they lost all those years ago.

>> No.2878158

And even then, a majority of her antis now are people who either watched an eceleb's video and are on his crusade against her or they're lolcow / kiwifarms fucks who know how to get (you)s. It's mostly the latter because they rarely change up any of the shit they post or say. It's always the same fucking thing over and over.

>> No.2878303

I thought she was hated for being a hypocrite.
She hates lolis to pander to the SJWs, and then she debuted a loli vtuber persona.
I don't mind VShojo much, since they won't last long. SJWs have a tendency to cannibalize each other, and it's already starting to show.

>> No.2878332

Excellent impression of exactly what >>2878158 is talking about.

>> No.2878352

Like this guy?>>2878303

>> No.2879489

>Hime needs a streaming event to help her have a consistent schedule
>people like her

>> No.2879941

Its so fake and she sounds retarded

>> No.2880289

And note the time. It's amazing, really.

>> No.2880937

>I don't mind VShojo much, since they won't last long. SJWs have a tendency to cannibalize each other, and it's already starting to show.
All it takes is one 'iffy' sponsor with deep pockets to tear the group apart

>> No.2881129
File: 1.21 MB, 1922x1997, 1619228900472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2881140

fuck off back to your discord grooming. the retards were deleting answers to nyan's questions, one of the mods was backseating themselves, and they were deleting basic game functions that aren't backseating but just fucking things you have to know (like how to run or cast spells).

>> No.2881214

nobody here does.

>> No.2881597

So I am >>2865194 and you're right, I shot my mouth off early. I posted that before seeing >>2863072 and >>2863151. My bad, sorry.

>> No.2882331
File: 70 KB, 712x528, 1619128041132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Melly! Today is the day, the day we have been waiting for!"

"Hm? Why, Nyan? What's so special about today?"

"Today, Melly, is the day we take over the (vtubing) WORLD!"

>> No.2884724

This is not bait or a joke. This is not me trying to be edgy. I am being completely honest and sincere when I say that the world would be a better place if Nyanners killed herself.

>> No.2884987

Is she gonna sing her new song at the concert?

>> No.2885020

>and then she debuted a loli vtuber persona
Only if your definition begins and ends at "small chest". If so many people are still seething over her years later, then surely you shouldn't need to grasp at straws this hard for reasons why.

>> No.2885184

Bitch literally cannot stop lying and contradicting herself constantly. It is not about something many years ago, it is how she is every fucking day.

>> No.2885253

the timing is pretty obvious.
I hope it will be an energetic song and not some prissy shit, but the title doesn't bode well.

>> No.2885370

I'm just catching Mousey's singing stream for yesterday, and man, I love this little gremlin.

>> No.2887782

Seems like Nyanners antis are in a perpetual state of rent free, so I'll just give a petty (You) and be on my way.

>> No.2888568
File: 194 KB, 503x503, 1618699400049.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to respect Mel but collabing and shilling the absolute niggercompany that is Fakku makes you a faggot of the highest magnitude

>> No.2888983

how new are you

>> No.2889033

I expect she doesn't know the reputation Fakku has and just knows hentai

Just like look away man haha like close your eyes

>> No.2889589


>> No.2889663 [DELETED] 

some share this NOW

>> No.2890106

someone share this NOW

>> No.2892017

She did the same shit last year as well, with Digi even writing a fucking essay saying Fakku did nothing wrong

>> No.2892612


>> No.2893175

Not the guy but that's it? 30 Seconds?
>Mic cuts out when there is no sound
>Not even the hint of a schlick
>No buildup just coom
Not terrible but disappointing for something paywalled

>> No.2893835

Anyways I think they need Koopa as their members.
Her fandom will grow like 50 times in a month or so if you're dubious about her potential.
In the first place it's competition. They need to catch up with Cover asap or they'll fade away.
To start or expand your vtuber business you don't need that much investment because inherently it's all remote-working. All you need to do is just make your members as much colorful as you can and then prune excessive parts away.
I mean, haven't the board members of V-shojo discuss it ever? If so, why did they decline that idea?

>> No.2894040

They''re not trying to be as big as Cover, the girls are all friends and Vshojo essentially just exists for their convenience rather than the other way around.

>> No.2894284

What is this weird meme? It feels like it's intended to try and keep Koopa down or something by making her look unappealing to the VSJ crowd.

>> No.2894586
File: 285 KB, 300x168, confused dog.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you doing?

>> No.2896637

Digi was right

>> No.2897434

>doesn't even have to stream naked like the rest of chaturbate girls
>all she has to do is show booba anime
How does Melody do it? She can fake that she is masturbating and doing lewd shit and she profits more than the regular whore.

>> No.2898055

basement dwellers who are convinced that all real women are fake and their animes are real

stop watching melody and touch grass fuckers

>> No.2898374

What can I expect from the concert?
Is it worth seeing live?

>> No.2898647

She doesn't fake shit though.

>> No.2898783


>> No.2898886

if you really like kizuna ai, yeah. realistically nyanners will probably only sing a couple songs.

>> No.2898929

I know it's true in my heart

>> No.2898976

Actually check out some of the streams sometimes. You can hear her fucking herself, see her riding sex toys, and in a very recent example when she was so wet a dildo kept slipping out of her pussy she made the harebrained move of putting a strip of duct tape over her pussy. It worked but when she had to remove it later it left a mark and she had to skip a stream or so later to recover.

>> No.2899006

I guess the cumbrain meme was true all along

>> No.2899221

>her toys are neither on nor in her, they are somewhere nearby and you can hear it
>she never takes off her underwear, you can hear fabric rustling when she pretends to masturbate
>she reacts not to the vibrators, but to the tip queue, getting confused on how to act when it breaks or lags
>licks her lips and passes it off as her being "wet" (due to having her microphone on her chest/collarbone picking it up)
>fakes being shy and awkward despite fucking, sucking cocks and eating out chicks on camera before rebranding
>smokes pot before streams to make acting like a retarded bimbo more "natural"
>has years of acting experience

>> No.2899251

>fakes being shy and awkward despite fucking, sucking cocks and eating out chicks on camera before rebranding

>> No.2899275

ironmouse is kinda pog desu

>> No.2899278

lol the mental gymnastics for this vs "she's actually shoving a dildo into her pussy" is silly. you're being a silly goose anon.

>> No.2899536

aww, the poor simp doesn't know what vaginas sound like

>> No.2899641


aaand i'm banned because jannies are cowards

also >>2899278, Can you prove that she's actually using toys and masturbating during her streams or do you simply believe a professional prostitute who streams for an audience of virgin weebs?

>> No.2899699

Why don't you invite everyone talked about in /wvt/ while you're at it.

>> No.2899777

Can you prove she's not? What would she have to gain out of faking it vs just doing it for real? People aren't seeing her IRL either way might as well just actually masturbate and use the stream as an opportunity to get off and your logic just sounds like "whores lie" which is very silly.

>> No.2899780

Lumi is great. Too bad about the retarded fat failed e-thot bunny fucking up the collab by screeching loudly trying to be the center of attention. Became too fat to whore herself so now she just uses an anime avatar and photoshops herself to try to relive her glory days.

>> No.2899832

bunny schizo's back

>> No.2899880

holy shit how are you this dumb
don't you know that the first rule of the internet is "irl pics or it didn't happen"

>> No.2899921

i thought the first rule was tits or gtfo

>> No.2900071

Well she did become fat and does photoshop heavily now. It’s visible on her social medias for anyone to see.

>> No.2900078

ah yes, surely someone who made a career out of doing one thing would go through the trouble of faking it afterwards
do you also turn the sink on and wait so that people think you washed your hands after pooping?

>> No.2900088

it's basically the same thing

>> No.2900316

She chose to switch to using a virtual avatar instead of showing her arbys. Why wouldn't she switch to pretending to masturbate? Just like, oh, you know, all those JAV vtubers who pretend to use vibrators during their streams?

>> No.2900332

I’ve never understood the “she faking it” idea came from. Why would someone FAKE masturbating? Especially since no one can actually see you. It’s like having to choose between a free house or a free house and a car and assuming one would choose the former

>> No.2900527

Because she streams to a bunch of virgin coomer weebs and she knows that they will buy her acting.

Yeah, sure, a woman can definitely cum 10 times from a shitty vibrator that can be barely felt even on full settings.

>> No.2900607

bitch shut the fuck up this argument is retarded and you know it

>> No.2900654

10/10 counterargument desu

>> No.2900748

>hurr durr people have to take my retarded argument seriously or I win automatically!
kindly fuck off

>> No.2900799

But why fake it? Why deny yourself enjoyment?

>> No.2900857

Honestly, the "lawnmower" debut/anniversary stream is one of the best pieces of evidence for refuting this retarded argument.

>> No.2900859

if you have nothing to actually disprove me then yeah i win

She's not doing it for enjoyment, it's for money.

>> No.2900937

Nope. She could have just removed the dildo attachment and just sat on it. There's nothing proving that she actually masturbated using it. Take a massager, put a pillow on it and sit on top of it. Let's see if that gets you off lol.

>> No.2901012

If anything it proves that her manager monitors her streams and fucks her afterwards, since Motorbunny is a toy controlled with a wired/wireless remote and she wasn't holding anything in her hands.

>> No.2901052

see >>2900078
why would she go through the trouble of faking it when she's not profiting in any way in the process? it's literally like those people who fake washing their hands.

>> No.2901082






Jesus Goddamn Christ people, you're responding to a lolcow / kiwifarms fuckfaced asshole and you're doing EXACTLY what he wants.

>> No.2901132

hey dude null called
he says if you're going to have him in your head this much you should start paying him for it since just being rent-free isn't cutting it anymore

>> No.2901185
File: 2.64 MB, 1871x1594, nyanners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Today I will remind them.

>> No.2901269

You calling nyanners a SJW? lol
Are you projecting?

>> No.2901332

>She's not doing it for enjoyment, it's for money.
Hence the “choose between a free house or a free house and a car” point I made. Why just make money when you can make money AND cum?

>> No.2901375

>not profiting from it
She earns thousands of bucks in tips alone every stream. Here's a bit of sex knowledge for you, virgin simps. If a prostitute can fake it, she will fake it, because she's not doing it for enjoyment. Before she rebranded she had to shove a lovense in her snatch, now she can leave it nearby and moan in the mic. Efficiency.

>> No.2901737


>> No.2901904

Because if she actually masturbates, she will probably do it in a more relaxed setting while watching porn.
It is even more likely that she does not masturbate at all and instead has sex.

>> No.2901961

Women do not masturbate as often as guys, anon. They do it once or twice a week and they have to get into the mood. It is even more likely that she just as sex in lieu of masturbation.

>> No.2901964
File: 73 KB, 500x442, 1614089067656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mmmmmm fumny catd

>> No.2902249

your retarded point would make sense if there weren't thousands of women actively camwhoring, including Mel as we know from her past identity.

>> No.2902380

Idk anon, sounds like a lot more work to fake masturbate than to actually masturbate. I mean, to consistently "act" for more than a year without a hitch and end up receiving a CB award as a verified cam model? That's impressive. But more often than not, the truth is more mundane.

>> No.2902754

They are not truly aroused on cam either and fake their orgasm. If they could fake using a dildo they would do that too.

>> No.2902948

She did have something in her hands, well, rather in arms reach, you could see her messing with it.

>> No.2903024

lol, can't believe people still believe that rrat after a year.

>> No.2903443

Appreciate it man

>> No.2903464

Nothing about Nyanners strikes me as SJW desu

>> No.2903521

she cant even say the word "race" when referencing a possible black man

>> No.2903568

Nyanners is live!
First original song release party
I hope the song doesn't suck

>> No.2903678

Does someone else want to get the new thread ready? I'm not in a place to do so and probably wont be before page 10. I'm thinking a nice Kizuna Ai concert OP would be appropriate.

>> No.2906144

English vtubing was a mistake

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