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Nina is reading a book called "If Cats Disappeared from the World" by Genki Kawamura

>who is Nina?
Nina is a Dutch indie vtuber who currently streams on Twitch at 20:00 CET/11:00 PST/14:00 EST three days a week (this week Tuesday/Thursday only) and sings karaoke once a month (see her schedule on Twitter). Also known as the CEO of Seiso, she is the most dangerous indie alive.

She is:
>talkative and engaging
>has a great sense of humor
>genuinely kind and sweet
>voice like melted chocolate
>sings like an angel
>always does her reps
>big sister energy
>good at games
>has great taste
>100% seiso**
>supportive of other indies
>the best shoulder dancer in the world
Come watch her with us and discuss how fucking cute she is in the thread!

Her Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/ninaninin
Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/ninanininvt
YouTube VODs (more to be uploaded in future, she has them all on disk): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZYetJ72XDX0sn5GQLx-rBA
Her latest karaoke (treat yourself): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfJCE2tMMjI

Pastebin of VOD timestamps for clippers (if you make one and post it ITT I'll add it): https://pastebin.com/sbMyTDne

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For completeness her schedule this week.

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I love Nina!

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Hope the stream is fun, can't watch but I will keep an eye on the thread

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Nice to have you posting with us Ninabro!

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Love the reading stream though I am sure some people like gaming content more.

I'm tucked in tho.

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Any stream with Nina is a good stream, even a low-energy one. She's doing her reps like a good girl!

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Nina teaches us about Dutch surnames

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Stream already off to a good start

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She has a really good zatsudan game, I wish my big sister wife CEO would be more confident and do actual zatsudans every now and then.

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>"How am I animated? How are you animated? Huh? How are you moving around?"
I love this girl.

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I think she's kind of approaching it from a game streamer point of view, but there are plenty of successful chuubas who just talk a lot, and Nina could be one of them. Her voice and laugh alone could carry her, but she's just plain good at chatting, too.

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She's got some nice bgm going on for this.

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>that background
>simple, poor old looking house

I thought the horror setting will be there only for the lovecraft reading? Usually chuubas pick much happier looking backgrounds.

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>A World Without Cats
>main character has a brain tumor

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What's funny is that I think it's actually just a slightly brighter version of the one she used for the Lovecraft stories.

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I cant help to think she chose this because its what her actual room looks like. Old bed. Old wallpaper. Just two desks with two computers on opposite sides of the room.

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Nah, I bet her room is girly as fuck.

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Her reading DRAMATICALLY improved from the last reading stream. Night and day.

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Bible study time!

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>christian nina

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Pretty good story premise so far. I'm enjoying it a lot.

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I was iffy on it for a minute, but this is basically an anime light novel premise at this point, and those can go either way. So I'm interested.

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>mc can get drunk on one beer
Do Japs really?

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They have some strong beers there Anon.. but yeah its sad.

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This story is gonna go rough fast isn't it

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>frequent new followers
Might not be the highest viewed Nina stream, but shes definitely growing her channel.

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the literal devil is in it, and he's not working fast-food this time

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File: 26 KB, 668x376, Huj3R-T4_5Sk3HzrmSbcjCCJNp6H4fk-CvRw3Z0y-V_TnQaumNfRHIL0V1rl8_1oMr7FncXRd0gXRHWBu_f0nHDBb3VfeBC57RTJ9Y91UWx3ucseiYJsQOYUE5i7RGwhkSOhrLTGa18itNC9A5-wfkR_REVqh1SbU-48iYuxWbaYhcbKg3Sbyn1E4xUpR_4-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the bgm
>Nina's voice perfectly narrating

It's a good evening

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Nina grows in cycles centered around her karaokes. Next week is when we're gonna see some real shit.

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Speaking of which, I know life and the world is not fair, but she is genuinely a great streamer and I wish people.would also join more frequently for regular streams.

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...join her streams, or these threads? Cause she's doing fine on her own as far as viewers go. Honestly the fact that she's pulling around 130 right now for a reading stream while Bean Queen is streaming and a big /here/chuuba collab is going on proves it. As for the thread, it's really just an ad poster and gosling dumping ground at this point, which honestly is fine. Most indies don't even get that much.

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Id love for both so more people join us! Threads are more fun with more anons!

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I think Nina is old, because it seems to me that she is from the time when women were good and saint

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That's true, but there's only so much to discuss, especially for a stream like today's. We talked about this a few threads ago, too. There's only so many permutations of "God I fucking love Nina holy shit" you can post before it's played out. I think it's better that she gets an intermittent spotlight every month during the karaokes, it keeps her fresh in people's minds without burning them out on her.

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... how old? 40+ old?

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She's at most in her early thirties even if you don't believe her self-described age. And as someone even older than her, let me tell you, they stopped making women like Nina even before my time. She's just an anomaly.

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If you want others to open their minds to the idea that not all ENVtubers are like Vshojo, perhaps you must first open your mind to the idea that not all modern women are like those presented in popular modern media.

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For some reason Nina has been living rent free in my head ever since the watchalong.

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This is why I don't join the discord.

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People on this board are more interested in complaining about there not being vtubers like Nina but won't give Nina a chance. Feels like my experience with women telling me they would love to have a boyfriend like me but won't actually consider me for whatever reason.

Did Nina crying make an impression at you? Actually showing she has plenty of emotions like any one of us but on stream she is calm and collectes?

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>not all modern women are like those presented in popular modern media.
It doesn't matter if the problem is finding a good woman in this shitty ocean

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Me too, anon, Me too.
Vtubers in general taught me this, and the knowledge has pretty much ruined my life. They were out there the whole time and I wasted my youth. Now I'm just trying to make up for lost time.

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Doesn't help that they're either very good at blending in with normalfags or are otherwise just as reclusive as the average anon.

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Well revealing your power level and super niche interests is social suicide.

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To fellow Anon who asked for that one skeb with Nina on the bicycle l - got rejected. I need to find a different artist.

Also regarding the clips - we got an answer from ObiVtuber clips. He said he wants to feature our clips and he also has his own ready but he actually wanted the Algorithm to pick up his channel before boosting Nina. Shall I reply to him to do it anyway?

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I'm the anon who requested the skeb. You didn't have to go out of your way to commission that in the first place, so don't feel like you need to update me! Only do it if you want to (and then post it here, of course.) As for the clip thing, if he said he wants to wait, that's really up to him isn't it?

>> No.2757033

>wanted the Algorithm to pick up his channel before boosting Nina
Sounds reasonable to me.

>> No.2757216

I'll just thank the clip channel and tell him to do his thing then.

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>Life is a tragedy in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot

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>tfw no Nina audiobook

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Pic related me listening to this book

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I wish we had Nina merch to hug, whether it's dakis or plushies. It would really enhance the experience.

>> No.2757504

I would buy the merchandise. But I think a lot of her audience might frown on such heavy monetization.

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Not me, I want my oshi to make it raaaaaiiiiiin

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Nina is a gift

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Nina is proof that there is a God

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Nina will probably never earn big unless she leans into some fetish or finds some big walleted gachis who enjoy her for who she is. It's how the world works. She doesn't bait donations or anything.

>> No.2758236

Our oshi is pure, not dumb. If she grows her audience to Lumi levels or bigger, she'll start changing how she streams in order to make more money. That doesn't mean she has to become manipulative or make worse content, though. I bet many people would appreciate Nina for who she is, if she presents herself the right way.

>> No.2758490

Her new live2d will probably make it more profitable for her.

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>Nina talks to her cat in Dutch

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No doubt. The Genshin artist prestige will help, too.

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I know I wrote this before but this models success will live or die by the quality of its rigging. I know Nina is crazy competent so I have a good feeling about it. The artist herself doesn't have a lot of clout on twitter but she DOES illustrate for the game and contributes original character designs and promotional art for the game so still, maybe VTuber Community will want to hang out with her purely for the prestige.

>> No.2758862

>maybe VTuber Community will want to hang out with her purely for the prestige
Nah, and I didn't mean to suggest that. What I meant is that having a model drawn by an artist who worked on a popular game known for its cute girls is the kind of thing that when people hear it, they think "Oh wow, this chuuba must be important." Then they might check her out.

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Damn this is a good stream

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>Nina's close to perfect reading and voice acting
>The book is a fucking trip

Pic related I apologize for the wojak but best one I have for this moment.

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>Nina is crying

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fuck my attention has been split too many directions in too many streams
I'll need to relisten to the VOD

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>put my cat down last spring
This part hits me pretty hard.

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I'm sorry Anon.. I hope you will feel better and this book will help you with the grief a tiny bit aside of posting here with us.

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I'm sorry to hear that anon. Cats are the best.

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You have my condolences

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I'm laying devastated in my bed I didn't expect this story is about coping with grief. Holy shit I relate too much. Nina's delivery is 10/10

>> No.2759781

the bgm is syncing up perfectly, too

>> No.2759787

Someone's saving the VOD, right? It's not going to disappear into the twitch void.

>> No.2759794

I would really appreciate if those two idiots didn't keep spamming Nina's links every time there's a quiet pause. I'm trying to enjoy the gosh darn story!

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>get home
>see the thread
I'm in for a wild ride later...
The VOD is not getting purged right?

>> No.2760143

No, ChooChoo has mentioned Multiple times that it'll be saved.

>> No.2760164

VOD isn't getting yeeted unless Twitch will yab it off the platform.

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Thank you Nina that was wonderful. I dont know any other chuuba who does content like you do..

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Thanks for hanging out anons. I love Nina and I'll see you all Thursday.

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my rating of the stream:

>> No.2760417

I'm quite happy I'm going to have thursday off so I can enjoy the second Nina stream this week. I really love stories like these, they're sad but the message about accepting death and living your life, not taking the days for granted, is a wonderful message.

>> No.2760420

Alright, thanks!

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It's certainly relatable given how much Nina and other chuubas have inspired a lot of anons to take a second shot at a normal life. It's like she knows...

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I'm not gonna do rate the stream, but >>2760308
thank you indeed Nina, absolutely wonderful 5 hours. Instant timewarp. I hope other Ninabros and Anons will catch up with the VOD.

>> No.2760733

She will be one of the biggest. Mark my words.

>> No.2761086

Happy I finally caught one of Nina's streams live, had a real quality time.

>> No.2761135

I havent seen a single nina stream, the tab is open but she streams at 8 am where I live and i miss every single one.

>> No.2761281

I hope you will join us too for the gaming streams and the karaoke on 1st of May!

I dont know what to say Anon... I know Vods aren't the same, but our oshi is a EU wagie so we aren't going to get different times..

>> No.2761311

tfw no sleepover stream ):

>> No.2761368

Anon I think our local CEO isn't that strong on GFE to have that sort of streams..

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