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What is Mito playing?

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I think it's Persona 1 on the PS1. I might be wrong tho.

>> No.2671210

Ubermensh Maker 64

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Linda Cubed. Some game about catching animals to bring to the ark and escape the apocalypse.

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It doesn't matter, Nijisanji sucks.

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The abaolute state of holofags

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One hell of a rollercoaster of an rpg

>> No.2672332

Better question is why she been playing it for so long

>> No.2672352

Maybe it's great by the standard of weird JRPGs?

>> No.2672411

It's a cult classic. I watched her run of the A route and it's very well-made for an RPG of its time.

>> No.2672653

Same reason why Korone plays boring old games because she likes it and the fans dont mind because they are entertaining to watch. Better than APEX spam at least

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She has triple the watchers or more than Sora who's currently playing Nier tomato
Holobros... It's over, i kneel to the Nijifags

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Could you not?

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honestly it looks like a pretty fun game. no localisation tho so it just becomes another reason to do reps

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B scenario cleared, what a ride. Villains in the 00s really get no redemption, only death.

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pretty neat game

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mental illness at it's finest

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kemt collab on the 20th

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Why she looks so dead inside?

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your life must be so fucking sad

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Is that the Hitler guy?

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