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Yeah I'm thinking Ollie needs to graduate

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Western anime men are descending upon Ollie like a hawk, now that they see a chance to fuck the other holos.

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Ollie graduation when?

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Mass graduation when?

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Retard ID manager i swear to God, at least Enma keeps his harem on tight leash

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Jesas another containment board

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So this is how these fags are all going to force their way in now?

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Ollie is liked by them, because she is perceived as a middleman.

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Thanks, Mori

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It just gets worse and worse.

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>at least Enma keeps his harem on tight leash
So tight, that she stifles the fun.

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Yagoo must be able to tell ID management to get their shit together, this is getting ridiculous.

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A fucking ''Hi'' if this isn't attention seeking to get popular in the hololive community I don't know nothing anymore

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Why do you keep making these shitty bait threads, iToddler?

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The final yab.......

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Mori kickstarted this whole shit.

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The fucking arrogance of this man is insane. Not even a comment about the stream, he just says hi and expects her to know who he is.

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She did know who he was though. It's not arrogance if it's true.

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anime youtubers are some of the gayest and most annoying people on the planet, every single one of them is a shameless clout chaser. most of them are SEAnigs too.

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Where are we with this?

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I hate this bitch

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This is all her fault

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>random man: Hi Ollie
>Ollie: HI!
>/vt/: *autistic screeching*

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I have no idea who this guy is.

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I hate e-celebs derailing entire chats in an ongoing stream
Can't they just be humble and leave a comment on the vod instead of being an attention whore.

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between 3 and 4

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I don't mind her knowing who he is, but what he's doing is literally ''LOOK AT ME I'M FAMOUS AND I'M IN YOUR CHAT,ADMIRE MY PRESENCE RIGHT NOW''

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I'm still waiting for her to collab with Charlie aka moistcr1tikal aka penguinz0 :}
She'd be so happy when that happens.

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Now I'm REALLY glad I didn't member her when she opened them up.

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Third maybe?

>> No.2658540

I mean, why not. She's feeding into it.

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That's exactly why she needs to go.

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Get over it, idolniggers

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Its going to be a growing problem. Right now everyone says "its not bad stop being a schizo", but I guarantee most people here watch vtubers to escape western influence and its rampant obsession with politics. You are witnessing the start of the end.

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I had never heard of them until her interview, but them talking about their bank accounts absolutely ruined Calli for me. Fuck all weebs in Japan.

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When your stupid retard kid does stupid retard things, you keep her in check. As much as I hate Enma's NO FUN ALLOWED policy, I'd rather have her way of keeping things in check than have an absolute yab machine like Ollie.
I'm really glad Ollie's not on EN and I hope she gets slapped for doing dumb retarded things.

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who is actually shitposting or not anymore I've lost the ability to tell

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That's how you know a rrat is getting juicy.

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I'm not a zombrade

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>posting anything other than a genuine expression of your passionate feelings towards chuubas to engage in healthy debate with /vt/ bros

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Dramafag crossboarders need to explode.

>> No.2658656

as per usual, the views that you agree with are real, and the views that you're against are shitposts.

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I hate it.

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>nooooo a streamer acknowledged the existence of another streamer
meds, holofags

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You'll never be cucked because you'll always be alone

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If you think it's bad now it's only going to get worse the more they start collabing with other communities. Just be glad she is just interacting with anitubers and not political pundits.

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enma saved holoEN from this timeline that holoID is in

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It's more Ollie making something out of it which is the annoying part. The fangirl squeeling when they enter the chat, the tweeting out about how she's playing with them on Apex. Some things should be kept to yourself. As the old saying goes: What you don't know can't hurt you

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>tfw EN chad who isn't effected by this and has based Enma to cockblock these fags

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You guys are blowing all of this way out of proportion.

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>The absolute state of ID

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These faggots are trying to leech off of hololive. It's so fucking obvious and disgusting.

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Hey, they're not all bad. At least Reine seems to have a good sense for potential yabs and knows to stay away

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You don't say?
2016 altered this site forever.

>> No.2658792

man who the fuck are these people
am I just old?

>> No.2658803

If anything it's the other way around. Ollie and other members have a lot more to gain from the exposure. There's no reason to be upset about it.

>> No.2658809

You're watching an idol company.
There's always the boring 10 view shitters like indies, or DICK CUM PUSSY every 3 seconds like vshojo if you don't like idolfagging.

>> No.2658820

>interacting with political pundits
that would actually be final yab worthy

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No clue. I've literally never watched a normal human streamer in my life, I'm assuming that's what they are.

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>gain more subs
>lose more paypigs

>> No.2658852

HoloEN Manager: noooooo you can't collab with coco because chinese people don't like her >:(

HoloID Manager: remember to buy anal lube when Connor comes to visit, my sister told me he'll just go in dry if he feels like it

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She is the only HoloID I subscribe to, her English is great. Moona has a nice singing voice, but that doesn’t really matter when streaming.

>> No.2658864

I'm starting to appreciate Reine more because of the rest being so unprofessional.

>> No.2658874

i dont like these fags but its probably the other way around, these dudes have 2-3m subs each if anything its the ID girls chasing clout and exposure from interacting with them.

>> No.2658894

No, you are just not retarded enough to watch "Anime YouTubers"

>> No.2658904

dont know either
t. zoomie

>> No.2658926

Someone post the sound version.

>> No.2658935

More like chasing unemployment. Do they really think being a anituber groupie is sustainable? Good luck with that.

>> No.2658950

So what are >we supposed to do then?

>> No.2658976

I used to watch Joey but then I stopped because he pissed me off but I don't remember what he even did to piss me off
So I have this vague hatred knowing that he annoys me for a reason that I'm not entirely sure of

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Well then ID has to level up and not use these tactics. I doesn't look good for either party. There are planty of people that they could interact with and it wouldn't look like empty clout chasing

>> No.2659003

spoken like a true electionfag
this site has always taken things way to seriously and then blamed some outside group for it

>> No.2659011

HoloID needs to be nuked.
Only Risu, Reine and Anya shall remain

>> No.2659022

freak the fuck out and start harassing chuubas and hololive staff

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Make your opinion known on Twitter and YouTube. Leave comments under Ollie and Moona's tweets and videos expressing dissatisfaction with the frequent collabs. Don't be a schizo in how you phrase it and you'll find people agreeing with you, as well as management's attention. Negative feedback works.

>> No.2659075

That faggot really needs to hit the weights.

>> No.2659077

It’s makes Hololive look pathetic. It comes across like a podcast has more cultural relevance, so their performers get star struck for d-listers.

>> No.2659088

Coco collab when?

>> No.2659104

Remember: Risu is reading this thread RIGHT NOW.

>> No.2659112

That's literally the personality type that youtube attracts

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Voice our concern in twitter lmao. It sounds fucking stupid and anti-4chan but we are in the stage where there is almost 0 comments against c*nnor having such a good time. Maybe "I don't like that c*nnor is just trend hopping and masks it as friendship" in olllie, moona, iofi, risu tweets RELATED to the issue.

Be sure to check out my nene's 3d debut in less than 12 hours

>> No.2659118

What's wrong with Moona?

>> No.2659121

But 4chan told me cancel culture is bad!

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I apologize

>> No.2659126

>these dudes have 2-3m subs each if anything its the ID girls chasing clout and exposure from interacting with them.
On old channels. I think they want to be involved in the VTuber popularity because their targeted fan base is interested in this sort of stuff. But they probably view Hololive as hard to access, or too closed off. Ollie is a middleman so to speak.

>> No.2659130

only after Enma has stopped kneeling to chinks

>> No.2659146

I am physically stronger than you and the military force of Japan is unable to stop me because they're comprised of Japanese men
Do you REALLY want to instigate something you know you won't be able to stop from happening?

>> No.2659149

>generalizing an entire website
Cancel your life.

>> No.2659169

Risu sucks

>> No.2659174

abandon ID

>> No.2659177

You can still be cucked even if you're single, retard

>> No.2659185

Become an anituber so that she will collab with you then get her to acknowledge the JQ on stream.

>> No.2659214

You quite literally only say this because you don't care about trying to marry a holo which means you unironically do not belong here and should leave

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>this is his wife
I feel like he's got a thing for SEAnigs

>> No.2659216

alright boys, start loading up those groomer accusations

>> No.2659218


>> No.2659219

You just outed yourself as a tourist, grats retard

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Anon has spoken...

>> No.2659229

most people on 4chan are bad

>> No.2659248

I'll take you with just my pinky, weakling.

>> No.2659257

Enma love

>> No.2659269

I call it preventive cancelling.

>> No.2659271

I've already unsuscribed to them, even disliked most of their videos. Also we need to voice our opinions, which I would've done already hours ago but Twitter isn't working and I can't create a burner account.

>> No.2659278

Here's the thing, people on 4chan don't care about being the bad guys, cause people on here aren't the "holier than thou" kind.

>> No.2659280

get new material, retards

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Nuclear weapons are bad, too. But we still need to hold them because the second we put ours away, other countries will use theirs' to obliterate us.

>> No.2659288

What a fucking embarrassment. It like someone trying to fuck the fat retarded girl just to get with her friends. Hololive shouldn’t let their talents act like fucking groupies for nobodies.

>> No.2659309

Mori started this and even encouraged it by not blocking these podcasters on twitter. Now those trash taste guys are fucking your oshi.

>> No.2659313

I actually saw one from someone I follow saying something between the lines "It's fine to say you dont like content, I dont like holos mixing with anitubers" and it had like 10 likes, but didnt drop names or anything, need more like that

>> No.2659314

The issue is that Risu gets off on cucking her fans

>> No.2659349

she's filipino and fat

>> No.2659351

They don't deserve a mass graduation like CN did. Some of them are redeemable.

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>> No.2659379

I shall kneel

>> No.2659383

>only after Enma has stopped kneeling to chinks
Enma is too busy preventing holo JP from interacting with holo EN.

>> No.2659389

The biggest irony here is that you guys are fine with treerat and Lofi sucking jap dicks but not Ollie and Moona sucking white dicks.

>> No.2659416

>Its like someone trying to fuck the fat retarded girl just to get with her friends.
Nail on the head right there holy fuck

>> No.2659423

Reine is cool, she sounds very intelligent.

>> No.2659443

You deadbraps may be into NTR shit seeing as how you basically encourage her to fuck around with other rappers and the youtube manlet

>> No.2659449

My father forced me to lift weights when he fucked me in the ass for 14 years because he liked how tense it made me, you don't know how powerful I really am

>> No.2659453

Cry more

>> No.2659470

STFU whore. I only care about my oshi's happiness and if Mori wants to collab with critikal because it'd make her happy, than she should be allowed to do so.

>> No.2659476

Between 2 and 3. 2.7th trumpet.

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Right behind you.

>> No.2659480

fuck wh*Toids

>> No.2659493

the JP dicks arent outsiders to vtubing trying to trendchase and bringing an armie of retards with them

>> No.2659496

So are you faggots just gonna continue to complain on 4chan about it? I hope you realize how innefective that is.

>> No.2659503

That's all you can say

>> No.2659530

That's all that has to be said.

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>this you?

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>> No.2659554

>Risu lurks in /vt/
>Manager lurks in /vt/

it may not be the most efficent way, but any people with a single braincell knows many people comes to vent or speak their mind here because in twitter they get cancelled.

>> No.2659558

Sure, keep believing your oshi is a pure angel.

>> No.2659563

Only Unicorns shit on HoloID for Holostars collabs. They're purely platonic in nature, and the Holostars are idols themselves. Not to mention there is a relationship ban within the company, so there is no threat of cucking. But Connor is a faggot who clout chases, not an idol. And he is not within the company so thw love rules don't apply. You don't need to be a unicorn to hate this shit.

>> No.2659600

I remember when homos in the middle ages did this, and then we started hanging them from trees, better days, we should start doing it to cucks so they start learning that their behavior can deserve violent reprisal if it's bad enough and that doing so is the objective morally correct choice
All those faggots died somehow, anon. And yet they all taunted the people that killed them up until they had pitchforks outside their windows.
Why do you think that is?

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only real anon here, ID girls are retarded for bragging about playing with this guy publicly on twitter. Other girls probably play with friends and shit off stream but keep that shit separate from work/character so nobody gives a fuck as theyll never know.

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Aww, what's the matter? Little baby can't face the facts? Tiny babu can't has to cope with his waifu using his spacha money for condoms and lube with other men? Too bad you can't take pride in your cuckoldry, because it's far too late to deny it at this point.

>> No.2659656

>spacha money
Imagine spending a single cent on women

>> No.2659664

>you're fine with it
Shut the fuck up retard, literally nobody is justifying those whores

>> No.2659666

That trashy meme rapper should catch a bullet in the brain from Yagoo's yakuza handler

>> No.2659705

I've dismissed every yab so far as being blown completely out of proportion or just misunderstood either knowingly or unknowingly but even this is start to be too much. Ollie is in way over her head and is becoming the welcome mat for e-celeb faggots looking to leech off hololives success.

>> No.2659712

I don't care they're interacting with males but the fact they're shilling it really aggressive on twitter is what makes it so suspicious. Just look at fucking iofi. She doesn't have a single apex stream and yet plays it offline suddenly? What the fuck.

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Ollie is fucking based, can't wait to see her collab with black shark to see this board's meltdown.

>> No.2659728

I did the same thing when they dragged Moona, Reine and Anya into the homocollab.

>> No.2659738

Cry more idolfag, I hope ollie and trash talk will do a podcast soon so I can enjoy your tears more.

>> No.2659757

Fuck you, I still won't forgive you for kicking Chammers out of EN Minecra server

>> No.2659762

This, two days in a row I open Twitter to see if the girls have made any announcements and stuff and see posts praising Connor instead. I thought I've followed a bunch of VTubers, not an e-celeb fanclub.

>> No.2659780

They got married ?!
When did that happen?

>> No.2659784

Why do you choose to be an impotent and submissive male?
More importantly, since men are made to dominate women, and weak men deserve to die, why haven't you killed yourself?

>> No.2659793

You'll come back crying when they touch your oshi.

>> No.2659795

Watch Kiara!

>> No.2659802

And look where we are right now since most of the seething has been contained in /vt/. The only way they'll get the idea is if you let your opinions be known in video comments and Twitter replies.

>> No.2659814

Holy based. The ultimate collab...

>> No.2659845

Oh no, it's worse than a cuck
It's a MGTOW faggot

>> No.2659853

>More importantly, since men are made to dominate women
And you do this how, by donating money to women you deem pure?

>> No.2659906

Because women serve their providers, retard

>> No.2659919


>> No.2659929

Just leave ID alone vt, we don't need all 12 of you in ID fanbase.

>> No.2659938

>using redditspeak

>> No.2659946

You become impotent and submissive the moment you start watching chuubas.
They will never love you, they will never be with you, they won't even acknowledge your existence and your superchat money will go into the pockets of the boyfriend they expertly keep hidden.

>> No.2659954

Iofi could go and fuck on stream and I'd just use it as background for porn sessions.
The bad stuff is the audience those people are bringing in and just the fact that they interacting with them daily is getting annoying

>> No.2659962

You think women are serving you by playing hours of APEX?

>> No.2659979

so what should we do?

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>> No.2660008

Nah, still just dating, apparently. But they do live together.

>> No.2660015

Like I care, I watch them for entertainment not to married them in real life faggot.

>> No.2660021

If you think this way, you're compensating for the weakness you perceive in yourself. It's reaction formation. Get well soon anon.

>> No.2660022
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Vtubers are people
People will always disappoint you in the end
This is the logical conclusion of blurring the line between 2D and 3D
They are not the perfect angels you watch in your chinese cartoons

>> No.2660027

nothing but the most alpha of chads on /vt/, this is where the genetic cream of the crop congregates

>> No.2660030


>> No.2660055


>> No.2660104


>> No.2660140

isn't he a jap or something

>> No.2660151

At this point I start to have doubts that she can see a man as anything but a potential carry. I honestly was worried at first due to a plausible rrat of her being terribly alone but this looks a lot like she's just sperging out at being acknowledged by someone she is a fan of. Absolute nothingburger
It really doesn't. The person appreciating the fans of her art, allowing her to make a living off it and making her feel like her job really matters, also may or may not have sex with some people she talks to. Yes, that's what people you aren't dating do. They have sex with someone else. You wanting to fuck someone doesn't magically put a claim on them. Besides, get in line, faggot.

>> No.2660179

It hurts, the IDs have trashed the idea of vtubing that hololive had since day one, the being an anime girl with actual life, too much roomatefaggotry in their "characters" and official accounts. The line between 2D and 3D was supposed to be balanced... they broke it.

>> No.2660200

50% Japanese
50% Australian
pretty much the most Eastern you can possibly get

>> No.2660212

You're simping over one or multiple girls that are hiding behind anime avatars and you are currently gossiping over drama like a fucking woman. What the fuck makes you think you're anything but a submissive male yourself?

>> No.2660223

*tips fedora*

>> No.2660256 [DELETED] 
File: 260 KB, 785x823, 1616775605534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You'll come back crying when they touch your oshi.

>> No.2660266
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>> No.2660267

You guys don't even watch the IDs

>> No.2660282

Vtubers are are supposed to be separate characters but you zero talents want to downgrade them to 'streamers with avatars'.

And you guys now have this shit. You guys get what you fucking deserve.

>> No.2660310

I stopped watching the retarded zombie because she asperged too much

>> No.2660390

i watch the squirrel, i tried to get into reine for pochi but i don't particularly like her.

ollie is interesting when she pops up in collabs but i very rarely watch her as well.

>> No.2660402

i'd say 3... with a good chance of degrading to 2 and a small chance of evolving to 4.

>> No.2660407

sleep ollie, what r u doing? it's morning already

>> No.2660424

>People will always disappoint you in the end
But that's wrong, in fact my oshi told me multiple times that she loves me and really really meant it. And I wasn't even asking for her love!

>> No.2660449

Do you even watch hololive retard? Matrsuti already done what id done way before id debut, lots of jp member post their every day life on their Twitter account. Even miko make a diary of her hiatus life for few weeks.

>> No.2660450

Do you guys care about this because he's a male or because he's a faggot anituber? "Yes" is a Reddit reply btw

>> No.2660478

I watch moona

>> No.2660485


>> No.2660494


>> No.2660527

>want to downgrade them to 'streamers with avatars'.
They are literally streamers with avatars. Take your meds. Actual vtubing would only happen if we replace w*men them with a super strong AI but it's unlikely to happen anytime soon.

>> No.2660599


>> No.2660620

Because he's anituber. I don't think anyone here would give a fuck if the ID fangirling over male seiyuu's playing with them.
Imagine if fucking Sugita or Miyano Mamoru is the one in the tweet.

>> No.2660643

The comments are almost as cringe as kissing the ass of a fucking nobody. Way to debase yourself and your company for a podcaster. That is just too pathetic. It would be like fainting while asking for the autograph of you local weatherman.

>> No.2660649

australia is still western

>> No.2660672

you have to admit he has a point here, people here care more about the company than the talents at this point.

>> No.2660673

itd be fine if its Jerma but some anituber literally who srsly?

>> No.2660674

not really. They are characters. over time their character and their irl personalities blend together, but if you look at some of the girl's roommates channels their personalities can vary pretty dramatically.

>> No.2660687


>> No.2660697

I honestly have no idea why people get this idea that they're 100% characters with an actor instead of streamers with an avatar and a brief character context that they aren't even required to adhere to.

>> No.2660731

something is just 'off ' about this guy. You know how social retards become internet famous and then do stupid shit like start drama or fuck a 14 yr old? (Think Leafy is here, or those smash bros niggers who ran a train on a 14 yr old). Others probably called it now, but Im telling you , Connor's gonna catch a sexual assault charge or some dumb shit in the future.

>> No.2660738

Damn you got a lot of cucks assmad and it's true if you can't keep your fucking bitch in check you're not even a man, cope forever soi overdosed faggots

>> No.2660747

No one will openly talk about hating this whole thing in youtube comments, people would jump with a knife in hand to protect Ollie ''breaking the rules''

>> No.2660784

Did you really just post a clip of yourself Cummer? No one gives a fuck about your commentary about yourself asshole.

>> No.2660806

all i see is a guy being holier than thou because he doesn't understand the thing he's trying to force himself into. and for an anituber to be this way too kek

>> No.2660823

Also calling it right now Ollie will be the first to spark a trend of articles called ''the problematic side of hololive''

>> No.2660836

The thing is vtubers are not your bitch, you cannot make a vtuber submit to you no matter how many superchats you send to them, you have no personal relationship with them, you are in fact the one submissive and reliant on them to make content that pleases you while providing monetary compensation

>> No.2660837

oh shit he's running amok

>> No.2660838

If this Connor guy gets canceled for pedophilia or something after all this I would be laughing so fucking hard

>> No.2660849 [DELETED] 
File: 43 KB, 644x800, 1616801597518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do you guys care about this because he's a male or because he's a faggot anituber? >"Yes" is a Reddit reply btw

>> No.2660861

>I’m soo above this.
Please adopt me!!!

>> No.2660871

Try to actually use critical thinking and face up to what he's saying. None of it is false

>> No.2660906

I guess you are actual retards who don't follow hololive or just watch clips, posting their fucking life is part of the joy, but they always kept their interactions professional without exception, flirting with anitubers and asperging over nobodies like IDs are doing is just pure retardation, if it was a seiyuu I'd understand, and even then the JPs kept it professional for the majority of time, but faggots who would most likely cancel matsuri if they could aren't any good.

>> No.2660913


>> No.2660921

You know when you make these soijack posts you're supposed to not actually give (you)s to the person who you're mocking, this is like /qa/ day one stuff

>> No.2660928

He has no point, he clearly has no idea what he's talking about, a complete outsider to the medium trying to force his way in and change how things work. Western streamers have this bizarre complex where they think the audience just has to go along with whatever they want, never understanding that the streamer provides a product to their audience. The audience dictates to the streamer what they want out of them.

>> No.2660966

No one cares what he has to say that’s the point, unsolicited advice is fucking obnoxious. Almost as obnoxious as a bottom feeder preying on the weakest link for attention.

>> No.2660973

Are you guys for real or is this just for fun

>> No.2660977

>people here care more about the company than the talents at this point
I care about the vibes of hololive, the reason I got in is to stay away from the western faggotry, yet the IDs decided to bring it back to me even when the fucking EN stayed away.

>> No.2660986

Gura actually already sparked that with her loli avatar.

So far the girls who get the most shit from western antis are




>> No.2660989


>> No.2661005
File: 102 KB, 1053x674, D1LBbuMXcAA6JmU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hololive fans are weird

>> No.2661013

>the fans shouldnt decide what the streamer does because they are their own person
>but me, faggot eceleb, can decide what the fans should and shouldnt like. their opinion doesnt matter

>> No.2661014

Then don't watch them retard, you're the one that looks for yabs to complain about

>> No.2661019

Calm down, faggot, I agree that Ollie and Iofi are out of line here. I'm an idolfag myself, I just think people who think the girls are all actors playing characters are retarded. They're clearly streaming as themselves behind an avatar, that doesn't mean they get to ignore company and fan rules as we're seeing here.

>> No.2661026

You must be joking not including Kiara who's gotten cat gore sent to her and her life threatened

>> No.2661027

I thought you guys hate idol culture and unirosn

>> No.2661037

Gura and Haachama are saints.

>> No.2661066

kiara has a shit ton of haters rather than antis.

>> No.2661083

..and? lol stop shoving your chicken whore into every conversation.

>> No.2661093

It's because most of ID fans are not idolfag, retard. All ID member already throw their idol status since day one.

>> No.2661095

I just hate how pathetic she sounds when she fangirls like this I don’t understand the appeal

>> No.2661104

probably because it's a better atmosphere when the streamer and viewers get along and respect each other rather than the streamer being a puppet for their viewers, having to tiptoe around things that upset them

>> No.2661108

Most of these articles were ignored doe even by the talents, if something actually happens with connor 100% chance he will talk about it on twitter and all of his sjw friends will join his side to ''change the industry''

>> No.2661118

This board loves getting angry over trivial shit more than it hates idolfaggotry

>> No.2661119

People who hate idol culture were always a vocal minority among Hololive fans, I mean for fuck's sake, it's an IDOL company. Only redditors who have no fucking idea what they're talking about talk about "toxic idol culture" perpetually.

>> No.2661122

I hate Unicorns. Not idol culture. Don't get the two conflates, it has never been antiethical for an idol to collab with males if she chooses to do so. It's got nothing to do with the fact that he's male and everything to do with the fact that he is an attention whoring faggot whose value system goes against the company weasling his way in through a girl he thinks he can exploit.

>> No.2661124

Fuck off welsh nigger. The customer is always right.

>> No.2661137

You don’t need a bitch in check to be a man you stupid nigger hell you don’t even need a bitch at all

>> No.2661159

Anya hold onto idol status so she has no fan... logical....

>> No.2661164
File: 626 KB, 1238x1352, rrat (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for real tho, when I saw that vid of connor dressing up in that stupid shit, I knew something was wrong with him. No normal man would do something like that. But bitches will be like, "He's comfortable with himself thats why he does it." Miss me with that, crossdressing is a warning sign, this fagbag is on to some suspicious bullshit

>> No.2661169

You said
>So far the girls who get the most shit from western antis are
and didn't include the girl who actually gets the most shit from western antis you absolute mong

>> No.2661191

>the customer is always right
the majority of fans want the collab, they must be right then?

>> No.2661195

I agree, that doesn't stop blue bird from hating them though.

>> No.2661213


>> No.2661214

I wasn't even talking about vtubers faggot just the cucked youth in general, also you'll never see these fags approaching indies

>> No.2661216

get out there and voice your concerns on the platform they use. if that's to hard for you just dislike their their stream and don't watch them live (you can still watch the vod) not watching them live will make them notice the declining viewership and make them wonder what went wrong.

>> No.2661241

Then read the reply chain next time faggot because the entire conversation was about vtubers.

>> No.2661252

Connor is reading these threads right now and laughs at (You)

>> No.2661254 [DELETED] 
File: 237 KB, 1137x1125, 1618264098769.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You know when you make these soijack posts you're supposed to not actually give (you)s to the person who you're mocking, this is like /qa/ day one stuff

>> No.2661313

You're still doing it

>> No.2661319

It's not too late to invest in Daggercoin

>> No.2661325

>id member saying hi and have interaction with anituber
>how dare they flirting in front of me

Seriously take your meds, when did the last time you talking with a girl who wasn't your mom?

>> No.2661337

Why are you here?

>> No.2661352

He lifts weights and he's gay

>> No.2661363

>I just think people who think the girls are all actors playing characters are retarded
Oh I agree anon, I just didnt word it properly, I wanted to say I found their behaviour purely unprofessional, as the one reason I like hololive is the standards they got and these both are completely ignoring it.

>Then don't watch them retard
>Join a company with rules and way of doing things
>Do it for a while
>Change the way of doing it and wanting to break rules
Fuck off, I used to watch them, I would if they stopped asperging again. They should have joined nijisanji if they wanted to "branch out"

>> No.2661365

It does leave a bad taste in my mouth..the thought that they might just be trying to jump on Hololive popularity and are treating ID as a pawn..hope it is not the case though

>> No.2661368

So he says they are deciding for them, then brings up an example of them having an opinion on what the vtubers are doing?

People are allowed to have an opinion on what vtubers are doing. If they're superchatting them or being persistent about it then it gets creepy. But a single expression of dissatisfaction on a tweet or comment level is not out of line. After that, if they don't want to follow that, then don't watch, unsub, unfollow, etc. Simple as.

>> No.2661406
File: 438 KB, 787x810, 1614294247877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im only sad because a vtuber will never react like this to me when i type 2 letters in chat

>> No.2661419

In Japan being really muscular is looked at as gay, I mean gyms are really homosocial environments to begin with, just watch any gachihomo meme video

>> No.2661429

The streamer-audience relationship requires compromise, that means the streamer doesn't get to ignore their audience and the audience should allow flexibility within reason. Breaking all of the established fan rules like this is not within these boundaries.

>> No.2661431

We had this clip before. He's wrong about us not caring. But I don't want my oshi to be miserable over her job and lack of individual freedom. I don't see why I should disagree with him on that.
>The audience dictates to the streamer what they want out of them.
No, that's backwards. If an eceleb or streamer or chuuba just does nothing interesting to you, you don't become part of their audience to begin with. Doesn't mean the audience goes along with everything or that it should even do that, but you can always leave if you don't like it, and no streamer or chuuba is required to go over for you as long as they can find someone to sell their product to.
Hololive fans are weird, that's me

>> No.2661434

So this is what the hypothetical e-celeb board would look like...

>> No.2661449

Do us all a favor leave and take the rope with you

>> No.2661451

I won't be surprised if half of them are just trolling but the other half is genuinely retarded loser.

>> No.2661455

It is arrogance because he knows she'll know him, he's only commenting "hi" because he knows she'll know him. Thats very obviously arrogant.

>> No.2661466

yesterday, your mum anon.

And if you don't see them asperging on media, ollie being jealous and the whole Id treating him like a celebrity, then you are either blind or just a retarded contrarian.

>> No.2661485

What rules? They have a manager and they'd be notified if they broke any rules. Sounds like you're imposing your own rules onto them

>> No.2661576
File: 223 KB, 474x530, 1604263679924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I dont understand why they dont like it
Spoken like a emotionally stunted faggot incapable empahie
>Those hololive people laughing at them
>Only my opinion can be right I cant fathom the possibility of different opinions
>Hurr respect streamers. Bow to my needs
Nigger you are the one being paid not the other way around

Low IQ takes from low lQ person

>> No.2661577

Fuck off. The stars know and follow the rules within the company. They would get wiped off if they would ever put their hands on female talent.

>> No.2661580

Gatekeep, faggots need to stop being scared of gatekeeping the fuck out of vtubers.

>> No.2661591

>Ollie literally in a video: I want to break the hololive rules!
>Sounds like you're imposing your own rules onto them

You are not even a clipwatcher, go back connor.

>> No.2661623

I treat the ID’s like I treat them in NASFAQ, for shitposting only.

>> No.2661630

You dont belong here, fuck off.

>> No.2661637

They don't fuck the female talent, but it's definitely not because of company policy kek

>> No.2661651
File: 190 KB, 1198x715, map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2661693

e-celeb board should totally be a thing because these threads sure as shit don't belong here

>> No.2661698

Can Ollie not YAB for at least a week. What's attracting western men to want to get into the zombie panties? I'm guessing Ollie's high energy and screams and they imagine how it will translate into bed once they finish the grooming process.

>> No.2661699

I mean if you thib having 2 million people subscribe to your youtube account doesn't count as being celebrity, how much subscriber do you have on your youtube account anon?

>> No.2661703

Gatekeeping is a meme the way you guys use it. How do you plan on gatekeeping literal 13 year olds from watching Hololive if it shows up on their YouTube recommendations? They don't use Twitter so you can't call them faggots, they don't use 4chan so you can't spam loli porn at them to filter them. It's entirely impossible to prevent anituber junkies from entering le Reddit Hololive rabbit hole. Give up.

>> No.2661730

Australia was a prison colony for Britain, a Western nation.

>> No.2661744

>he lacks critical information

>> No.2661765


>> No.2661767

Nooo not moona too, please

>> No.2661770
File: 69 KB, 683x646, 1618694318143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2661782

I laugh at him living on the street or flipping burgers when his youtube shtick inevitably crumbles

>> No.2661791

>he does not have the required info

>> No.2661807

the majority of the world was conquered by a European nation at some time in the past
Is India western because it was owned by Britain?
Is Japan a western nation because it was taken over by the US post WW2?

>> No.2661808

The ones who actually pay regularly won't like it and her income will go down significantly.

>> No.2661817

When we're talking about "western countries" we're talking about first world countries with central European languages and culture. Australia in particular is part of the anglosphere and the British commonwealth, so it's western.

>> No.2661820

>being a 2M subs anituber makes you a celebrity worth asperging and gosling
that's what he said

>> No.2661830

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why older VTubers are better. More experience, more character, and more careful about not sparking controversy.

>> No.2661832

Yes because the company has standards the talent they take in dont. The new hires have to be taught those standards or and if they refuse to comply they should GTFO.

>> No.2661848

Indogs can't handle it.

>> No.2661852

ID manager's? Lol

>> No.2661860

Maybe you should follow your own advice and listen to what she said retard.

>> No.2661880

No, because Indians aren't western European white men. Australians are.

>> No.2661882

Ollie was the only one that started responding to them. That cdawgva guy tried with several of the ENs before moving onto ID.

>> No.2661884

I think this is just another reason to not let literal high schoolers work for you really, you'd think they'd have learned after the Kurisu incident.

>> No.2661901

Even 10 years ago when I was what? 17?! I always viewed youtube and streaming as a side job/hobby. For the people that make a career out of it...when happens when they get old? Are they going to be a 40 year old guy still talking about "muh waifu anime" shit? That's fucking cringe.

>> No.2661908

Is India western then?
they were taken over by Britain, have more English speakers then any other country on Earth besides the US and are in the British Commonwealth?
no, obviously not

>> No.2661911

>give up
You're obviously one of the retards that needs to be gatekept, first we have to start with the faggots here that obviously dont belong. Gatekeeping clipfags is less of an issue because they're contained for the most part but becoming vocal about the dumb shit that people like Ollie and Kiara does is something that needs to be done. Gatekeeping can easily work its just that everyone here is a pussy and wont enforce it.

>> No.2661917

Thanks for proving me right, retarded nigger.
If she didn't like it she could have gone to other place, I'm this close to going chink on her hastags

>> No.2661919

How do you know that anon, it's been months since ollie first interaction with anitubers but her red SC is still the same.

>> No.2661925

This anon’s right. Just ask Kaoru’s wife lol

>> No.2661932

You could argue that the Australian Aboriginals are an Eastern people, but modern day Australians are Anglo stock. Geographically, yes, Australia is Eastern, but when people say Western and Eastern, it's primarily in reference to two very separate regions of culture and power.

>> No.2661938


>> No.2661963

Should honestly start doing so, push ollie out of HL.

>> No.2661969

he will just go back to being a voice actor it's not that deep

>> No.2661980
File: 9 KB, 227x222, peko34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a difference between a slow burn where these people come in little by little over the years and a fast decay when anitubers bring them all in droves anon.

I bet you that some if not a significant part of their audience would never hear or try to watch vtubers naturally and organically.

This is the crux of the issue, the audience anitubers bring and the velocity/quantity in which they bring it.

>> No.2661997

He's half Japanese, you can't weasel out of Japan being Eastern can you?

>> No.2662008

>Mori is getting groomed too

>> No.2662013
File: 115 KB, 500x282, 1618151415264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek, honestly just sounds like he's salty he can't leech off of the bigger streamers anymore

>> No.2662017

why don't Hololive manager stop her?

>> No.2662032

I disagree that Ollie needs to graduate, we should push for ID management to put a leash on her and Iofi. Ollie doesn't seem like a bad person, she's just young and stupid.

>> No.2662037

>voice actor
For anime abridge series? Bro...really?

>> No.2662049


>> No.2662057

So your idea of gatekeeping is keeping retards off of 4chan? The majority of vtuber fans don't even lurk this website. Please explain how you plan on gatekeeping clipfags from watching clips and becoming Hololive fans. Please keep in mind that these people stick to heavily moderated communities like Reddit and Discords where any dissent gets you banned. You gonna call Discord kiddies names? You gonna wrack up your Leddit karma to finally post and then get immediately banned? You're naive and idealistic.

>> No.2662059

They will bring their thousand retards that never cared or will care beyond the most casual thing, move the current fanbase out and then the only losers will be the girls.

>> No.2662069

You cant be a pussy on the matter, it will just give them more chances to fuck over the industry.

>> No.2662076

Japan is certainly Eastern. I wasn't really talking about the anituber guy. That being said, he's culturally a Westerner.

>> No.2662110

he was a voice actor for commercials and did the Shipping Forecast if I remember correctly
he made a living from voice acting

>> No.2662122

>not reading before replying
try again, faggot.

>> No.2662123

You make it big and invest your money.
If you dont you flip burgers or become a "community manager" because you have "internet experience" and have to suck dick on twitter for a iving
He'll probably make more flipping burgers than as a VA let's be honest here

>> No.2662128

>first world countries with central European languages and culture
Maybe read my reply before asking stupid-ass questions?

>> No.2662141

This issue hasn't reached the point where it's destructive enough to warrant graduation, if Cover graduates her for this it will just look bad. Management just needs to get strict, it will be good for their image.

>> No.2662156


>> No.2662169

I did. If you can't comprehend how my post relates to yours without needless quotations there's no helping you.

>> No.2662183

>But I don't want my oshi to be miserable over her job and lack of individual freedom.
Oh come on. If these poor girls are so oppressed, then they can just leave and get some other gig. When I work as Donald Duck in Disney Land, then I fucking have to act that role and not do shit that does not belong into the family friendly world that is DIsney land. That is the job. Nobody is shocked by this or demands that Donald Duck actors need moar freedom to fulfil themselves.
Have a look at Vshojo if you wanna see what these streamers would be like if nobody kept them in check.

>> No.2662202
File: 451 KB, 4040x626, c8e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Truer words were never spoken. Greens are already here, browns are coming soon.

>> No.2662222
File: 219 KB, 1200x1227, central europe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so it's not western because it's not a central European Language?
does that make the US, England and Canada eastern then too?
given that English comes from England which is not in central europe?

>> No.2662231

>People shouldn’t tell people who they can collab with...
They can if they are fucking professionals on a goddamn team. You don’t see professional athletes playing for other teams for no fucking reason you ignorant asshole!? It’s called professionalism, if Hololive wants to let them it’s their call not yours you fucking idiot.

>> No.2662258

>No, that's backwards. If an eceleb or streamer or chuuba just does nothing interesting to you, you don't become part of their audience to begin with. Doesn't mean the audience goes along with everything or that it should even do that, but you can always leave if you don't like it, and no streamer or chuuba is required to go over for you as long as they can find someone to sell their product to.
Yes? Nobody is denying that. All people are doing is saying: "we do not like XYZ" If the streamer wants to do it anyway, then that is up to her but why that Connor faggot is rebuking the audience for simply not liking something.

>> No.2662270

>if Cover graduates her for this it will just look bad.
No it wouldnt and if you let it reach the point where its destructive enough then we'll already be at a loss. What she's doing now is spitting in the face of Cover and expecting nothing bad to happen. They need to make an example out of Ollie so literally no one else does the same as her as we already know theres more problems in the company.

>> No.2662297

This guy gets it.

>> No.2662308

streaming is not a team sport
plus Hololive has let many of there talents stream with outsiders before so it's not a big deal lol

>> No.2662313

Why is it so hard to understand for some retards that what many people likes of hololive is their standards compared to some indies? If I wanted Vshoujo I'd watch Vshoujo, not fucking hololive.

>> No.2662358

You didnt, i said gatekeeping clipfags is less of an issue and you went on to ask on how they can be gatekept. Clipfags gatekeep themselves simply by sticking to clips and nothing else, they're not an issue.

>> No.2662382

why is it so hard for you to realise that a lot of people like non hololive talents and want to see there favourite hololivers stream with other streamers

>> No.2662385

For the Anime Man himself (2.8 million subs) to notice you is a huge accomplishment. For CdawgVA (2.05 million subs) to notice you AND play Apex with you is a huge accomplishment. And now, there's a chance for gigguk (2.92 million subs) to come into the fray, potentially setting up an opportunity for Ollie to appear on Trash Taste like Mori and gain even more worldwide recognition. She literally can't stop winning at this point.

>> No.2662393

Even though his upbringing was western, I'd say he at least understands Japanese culture better than 99% of people on this board. His mother is Japanese and has imparted their culture on him and he's lived and worked in Japan for like 6 years now.

>> No.2662414

These collabs were always hold to professional standards, not to asperging and gosling over an anituber that even slandered their fanbase before out of rage.

>> No.2662421

that's what these simps don't understand

>> No.2662435

Less of an issue implies that they are still an issue. You can't even comprehend what you wrote yourself.

>> No.2662446

>tfw she's a yab machine basically because she's young and stupid

>> No.2662473

I though England is included in "central europe", so I'll correct my statement. And say, European countries excluding the Iberian peninsula.

>> No.2662476

That's exactly what other bunch of people don't want, just like they can express that, I will express my opinion, they have to get hold to a standard, Vshoujo already got BTFO'd, trash taste too, soon it will be that faggot.

>> No.2662495

cuckbeats would love it, I dont really care.

>> No.2662496

Something being an issue doesnt mean we need to focus on it, its less important but still important. You'll probably never fix the issues that come from clipfagging but you can fix the outcome that comes from them. One being more important than the other.

>> No.2662499

Just graduate her and pretend it is because of something else.

>> No.2662504


>> No.2662519

>Connor said Hololive wouldn't be allowed back to TT
we keep winning, fuck ID and fuck anitubers.

>> No.2662524

The only reason we are even talking about this is because she is Hololive. It’s a corporation, they hired her, promote her, and gave her status and credibility. If she wants to be an individual go right ahead, but don’t think she would even matter at all if it wasn’t for the team she joined. Leave your avatar at the door and get the fuck out maybe Cummer will pay your rent from now on, have fun chasing you bliss or whatever.

>> No.2662543

And how do you plan on preventing this outcome? Do share.

>> No.2662547

Agreed, although I would suggest to publicly give some other reason so that there will not be a ton of white knights demanding Cover to change its ways.

>> No.2662550

>a lot of people
I don't care about what "a lot of people" like; I watch vtubers specifically because they're anime girls and not 3dpd, if I wanted to look at someone's ugly face on my screen I'd just go join a Teams meeting at work.

>> No.2662651

That's what the charm of hololive is about, it feels like a team, you would know if you watched tho.

>> No.2662660

With how things are, we'll get white knights no matter what, dealing with the issue sooner will probably mean less white knights at this point.

>> No.2662704

Gigguk simps for Hololive not the other way around.

>> No.2662738

I don't watch Ollie, I will not watch Ollie, but her mere presence in ID has ruined it, Reine is an apex addict, Iofi is now unfiltered and can gush over e celebs now since ollie doesn't get shit for it, and moona is a super autist so she just does whatever ollie or iofi are doing

>> No.2662821

Keep it classy Reine, you are the saving grace of HoloID. No offense Moona you're cool to.

>> No.2662842

Absolutely this! The sense of entitlement some of these people have is disgusting. They owe their popularity almost exclusively to that company, since many of them already streamed individually before and did not get a fraction of the audiece they have now, yet they act as if they are made it all on their own and are only held back by the company.

>> No.2662888

Sorry I should rephrase this: many of their followers act like that, is what I should have said.

>> No.2662941

the chance is pretty small, since Ollie treat them like a god, they will just belittle Ollie and make it as just an opportunity to dig into EN branch.

It would be different if Ollie just play it cool, equal, have the same ground in the first time.

it's business afterall

>> No.2662948

>subs mattering
>when you're in the company that has the biggest vtubers in the industry, the most superchatted vtubers in the industry, where you can be friends with famous mangakas and VAs easily
Only ollie is as retarded to care about getting attention from anitubers because she's a zoomer

>> No.2662987

Well for starters it would be good to be vocal against the retarded bullshit that gets spewed by obvious SEAniggers and the like. Being vocal in places will simply let people know that people dont like this rather than what we have now. Right now these faggots run free without any dissenting opinion what so ever so they feel like this is something thats ok for them to do. How the hell will Cover know that this is an issue if we just let it continue without any level of dissent?

>> No.2662997


>> No.2663036

This anon get's it.

In actuallity, Ollie is not on the same ground as them, she is above them because they want to break into the vtubers audience and she can "give them" that. She should act as such.

>> No.2663131

So you plan on gatekeeping people by... voicing dissenting opinions to them? Where, in YouTube comments? On Twitter? Nobody is going to feel threatened by an opposing opinion unless you start calling them niggers or something, and in both cases that'll get you instantly regarded as "not worth taking seriously" type. Dissenting opinions do not keep anybody out, especially when echo chambers like Reddit and Discord will always exist to validate their opinions. I agree that Cover should be informed that people aren't happy with their talent's decisions, but this doesn't gatekeep anyone.

>> No.2663160

He even ordered Ina to draw him as a female and ordered everyone to refer to him as a woman so purityfags don't realize he's nakadashiing all of them on a daily basis.

>> No.2663248

>A girl getting noticed by a guy is an accomplishment
These losers mean nothing to me nor the industry. Get James May in a collab then we'll talk.

>> No.2663424

>>She literally can't stop winning at this point.
awww so naive, comeback when you've grown enough to taste the true bitter of how the world works.

>> No.2663426

Why are you spergs getting riled up now but when they were collabing with Holostars you don't even budge?

>> No.2663465


There's your answer

>> No.2663485

and the ID managers are retarded enough to not tell her that

>> No.2663518

Do you know the difference between some random slob with a camera and a vtuber coworker?

>> No.2663547

If I were in their shoes I would be very prudently saving in hopes of if/when this bubble bursts, I will have enough in savings to get by with working a some random job. Doesn't he teach English in Japan still or something. Maybe he can use this experience to pivot into some anime industry job though or go back to school with the youtube money he made

>> No.2663565

their dicks are possibly smaller

>> No.2663597

>but this doesn't gatekeep anyone.
Its this sort of pussy mentality that makes the issue worse, it does gatekeep, you see this shit in single person threads here all the time. Its all about making someone feel unwanted or not welcomed, while i agree that reddit and discord are issues, it would be very beneficial to make these people feel unwelcomed outside of their hugboxes. No we cant call them nigger, no we cant send them gore to scare them out but that would be a poor way to deal with people interested in Vtubers in general. We simply need to make them feel like their views are in lower number than ours.

>> No.2663604

now? where have you been?

>> No.2663630 [SPOILER] 
File: 68 KB, 1280x720, 1618706250494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some people make it work.

>> No.2663638

But anon, the issue is "anons getting angry she's collabing with a male."

>> No.2663762

Literally nobody cares about IDs collabing with males, they collab with holostars all the time, risu collabs with an indie ID homo with a terrible design all the time, the problem is that ollie is collabing with someone that is 1. not a vtuber, even worse an anituber 2. is only using her to get into the vtuber crowd 3. is a trash person that hates what hololive has been for ages

>> No.2663808

>it does gatekeep, you see this shit in single person threads here all the time
Again, barely any vtuber fans lurk here. A few retards being kicked out from this board means fuck all. Besides, this board does an awful job at gatekeeping. How many anti-idolfags do you see in this very thread despite that not being the majority opinion here? People don't feel threatened by dissenting opinions, even if they are in the minority. They stick to their fringe groups that will validate their opinions regardless of the numbers behind them. I'm sure you're aware that society overall is anti-loli, and yet you still participate in society despite having a positive view of loli. You just keep that shit to yourself. You are naive to think any number of people could keep unfavorable types away.

>> No.2663854

I hate that faggot but I support this for the sole reason that it makes you seeth. Remember that one day EN will also recline hard enough to justify a collab with e-celebs. your seething will be glorious

>> No.2663963
File: 48 KB, 1083x194, asasads.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2664020

Who's this (You)? Your tulpa?

>> No.2664105

They don't hate Hololive.............

>> No.2664138

>You just keep that shit to yourself.
This is literally the point, as long as faggots who enjoy the bullshit Ollie does stay silent then it becomes a non-issue. Especially when it comes to covers view on what westerners feels about what Ollie and other problem girls do as a whole, as things are right now we have a mass majority of SEAnigs thinking Ollies "break the rules" behavior is a good thing and theres no one pushing otherwise in a good vocal manner. I understand that this board in a major minority when it comes to vtuber fans, i was just making an example. I also agree that the gatekeeping here is dogshit, it was part of my original point, people here are pussies when it comes to it.

>> No.2664151

What video?

>> No.2664160
File: 3 KB, 124x122, 1614966214868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was saying this 8 months ago and I was told to fuck off.
Hololive and vtubing in general is past their gold age. The final yab is upon us

>> No.2664179

most of them dont even enable superchat tf he's on about

>> No.2664185
File: 299 KB, 463x453, 1617772184900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was fun while it lasted

>> No.2664209

what video he is referring to?

>> No.2664214

nigger you have several talents with more than a million subscribers. what gatekeep??

>> No.2664230

ogey chang

>> No.2664251

They hate idol culture which is the foundation of Hololive.

>> No.2664298

it's not the foundation . It's something that didn't exist before the third generation

>> No.2664308

I see your point. But I still think it's impossible for the small amount of people here to push their opinion to such a noticeable way that those who support Ollie's behavior are forced to be quiet. The last time I saw posters here band together to do anything they achieved a whopping 70 dislikes on a video they didn't like compared to thousands of likes. There is simply not enough manpower to strongarm anyone.

>> No.2664351

>It's something that didn't exist before the third generation
Do your hololive reps.

>> No.2664354

Who are you talking to schizo-kun?

>> No.2664446

It should be stated that this is a yab not because 'C-connor is fucking my oshi!', Ollie blatantly has a boyfriend. What she does in her own time is her business. The fucking issue here is that this motherfucker is a fucking attention whoring faggot leech, that includes Anime Man and Gigguk.
This faggot is why shit like this can just pass and could potentially end up creating a massive shitstorm. The idea of being exempt from being a leech because you have big numbers is retarded. If you're following a trend just to get the opportunity to bank on it, you're a leech regardless of how 'big' you are. That applies to everything, but just look at the TT guys. Before the most they did was send in a superchat or appear in chat, which ended horribly because it completely derailed the chat which is bad enough as is. These guys (specifically the one who was outright against the fad) are clearly trying to bank on the vtubing fad before it runs its course and there going through the easy targets in ID. Look how fast Connor jumped ship when Ame outright ignored him and the shit he brought in chat, I don't see him bringing her up any longer probably because he can't milk her dry. Look what happened with Mori, she goes on the podcast and the management hold her off from getting too crazy with the collabs and look what he does. He acts like some authority and pretends that everyone against collabing with outsiders is a problem, despite the audience it would bring in are just as bad, if not worse, than idolfags. Also look who he's interacting with, fucking Gen 1 and Ollie. No Anya, who's THE lowest subbed Holo, and Reine, who's got an Indo death squad that is ready to be released on any potential yab. Also the fucker might actually give attention to Anya, where he tells his retard fans to sub and then proceed to act like a savior for boosting her and hold that over everyone's fucking heads. This shit should be filtered through management, and I'm completely against EN's management blatant restrictions on their communication with the JP girls but that doesn't mean I'm now okay with the complete polar opposite. Fuck TT, fuck CDawg, fuck AnimeMan, fuck Gigguk, and FUCK ALL THESE LEECHES.

>> No.2664471
File: 2.45 MB, 498x372, 1618369453614.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

G-guys... when vtubing eventually becomes another pozzed with politics, where do I go???

>> No.2664481

I feel like keeping a defeatist attitude on it will only make it worse though. Im sure theres people upset about what Ollies doing outside of here or that would be upset if they simply knew. Staying quiet is only going to get Hololives situation deeper in the hole then it already is now.

>> No.2664510

This thread proves that Connor was right about chuuba fans being creepy weirdos

>> No.2664520

Wish i knew, i probably wont leave my Oshi but everything else getting ruined will probably make me give up on the rest. For now keep an eye on JP indies.

>> No.2664567

>It's something that didn't exist before the third generation
GFE does not equal idol culture retard

>> No.2664595

Guess who pays the bills, hint: it's not the normal fans that might send $5 on a special event

>> No.2664620


>> No.2664634

Kill yourself you fucking tourist trash. Or keep sucking his cock, maybe he'll notice you one day too

>> No.2664637

I don't think towa or matuli are starving to death rn.

>> No.2664656

I'm kinda glad Ollie is a huge menhera that is afraid of some of the EN girls (Kiara lole, Gura cause of her numbers, Ina cause she seems too quiet, and Ame cause she's too afraid to call her a friend due to past drama in her childhood) so I'm 100% sure that this and EN management will keep these faggots away from our girls

>> No.2664706

Some fucking weasel who failed to do his magic with EN and moved to a weaker link (Ollie).

>> No.2664729
File: 113 KB, 726x662, 1551648953327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hope those retarded anitubers don't touch Reine. They're annoying enough as it is.

>> No.2664736

You don’t belong here and neither does that faggot cocksucker, Connor. Kill yourself.

>> No.2664760

did you forget that hololive stayed afloat for a whole year just by spamming collabs with every popular vtuber they could?? they legally dont have the right to complain about leeching

>> No.2664783

Hope she gets suspended at the very least for dragging the attention whore c*nnor to the spotlight

>> No.2664789

>Normalfag tries to change something different to fit his normie taste

>> No.2664806

Silent majority and all that.

>> No.2664822

cope, holocel. you can't even manage 500 dislikes on her video for this. lower than chinks

>> No.2664825

kys nigger, this is a niche hobby, go back to play smash and groom children and leave us alone.

>> No.2664864

>niche hobby
since when a 'niche' hobby dominates youtube superchats??? you have a talent with nearly 3 million subs.

>> No.2664865

No one dislikes or spam videos here exactly because we are not chinks, but you have to make up your boogeymans huh nigger, have you wondered why she lost half of her views recently?

>> No.2664876

Networking and leeching are completely different. Some of these anituber faggots were against vtubers until they proved popular enough to bother leeching from.

>> No.2664878

Based anon

>> No.2664882
File: 2.03 MB, 380x600, 1618703401989.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This man is speaking the truth

>> No.2664885

Lol what the fuck are u doing here, go back tourist

>> No.2664898

but that's how your voice is heard by the chuuba. not by arguing on basket waving forums.

>> No.2664906


>> No.2664932

People should really start using the dislike button, I miyself just ignore the vids I don't like, but otherwise this shit will keep going.
As tokyo ghoul said once, it's fine to say you don't like something and press dislike.

>> No.2664954 [DELETED] 

Incels are so mad

>> No.2664960


>> No.2664967

Anon, vtubing IS a niche hobby, but a very profitable one because people into it, the most hardcore ones pay huge amounts of money to have a GFE or simply support the anime girl/boy as they seem cute.

>> No.2664988

Obese landwhale hands typed this post

>> No.2665006

This is the correct opinion, thread over.

>> No.2665007
File: 35 KB, 1204x288, ytd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People should really start using the dislike button
Won't work for long.

>> No.2665013

Why not. You should consider both quantity and quality. Also I still see retards throwing hundreds per stream.

What you all could do is to write direct messages to yab herself through streamlabs, you know. That certainly won't amount to a large total sum, and prefacing with "this is private only" or shit will prevent it from being read aloud. Given her menhera, even five messages may keep her thinking for a while.

>> No.2665033

Holy fucking based anon

>> No.2665081


>> No.2665083

Does ollie have marshmallows?

>> No.2665111

Do cuckbeats really...

>> No.2665130

Both are headed to a cliff in their own way. In the end of the day the JP approach is the best, and it was a pretty dumb decision to not unify their policies instead of letting branches loose with their managers doing as they please.

>> No.2665147 [DELETED] 

I'm not a purityfag by Mori is a thot that doesn't give a shit about vtubing and Critikal is nothing but a generic dramatuber now. She can't graduate soon enough and I hope she never collabs with him

>> No.2665152

But Ollie isn't really an entrance into EN. unless... Oh no, Ame is smarter than that, she surely won't apex collab with ollie AND connor. She deliberately goes the GFE route, she's not gonna break that.

>> No.2665166

Towa and matsuri got massive gachikois who are creepy weirdos, I didn't say males warded off gachikois

>> No.2665178

I'm not a purityfag but Mori is a thot that doesn't give a shit about vtubing and Critikal is nothing but a generic dramatuber now. She can't graduate soon enough and I hope she never collabs with him

>> No.2665185

Ollie really is the best example
>Creative debut
>Plays into her character
And now what, she plays Apex and flirts/fangirls over random ecelebs.

What was the entire point of her shtick, seemingly just to gain initial popularity since she self admittedly hates the rules and prioritised playing with a guy over her fans, that's a snake.

>> No.2665201

Amelia has already ignored these faggots before. I’m sure EN management is watching what’s happening here. Even Mori hasn’t done another collab outside of vtubing since the podcast.

>> No.2665215

surprisely critikal is smart enough to not ''seek attention'' in hololive, most of the time people mentioned Mori in his chat all he had to say is ''that's cute'' or ''she's doing great''

>> No.2665221

Screencapped for later use

>> No.2665224

based enma chad. And based cover for hiring a mel yab manager.

>> No.2665248

Add that he's openly disparaged both fans and the industry.
That and the fact it was in private, that makes it more personal and directly excludes the fans.

>> No.2665306

>The Anime Man
what an absolutely terrible username

>> No.2665332

her taste in men is shit

>> No.2665351

Nice job retard

>> No.2665389

Transparent indog deflection

>> No.2665390

ehhh gigguk wasnt that much of a leech, he talking about simping coco during the taiwan yab on a genshin impact sponsored stream. Sounds based in my book.

>> No.2665408

I never heard of them before, I blame Calli for this

>> No.2665413

Gigguk is probably the lesser bad of the bunch, main problem rests in connor, being actively agaisnt the hololive way of doing things and pushing the retarded zoomer to "break the rules!"

>> No.2665442


>> No.2665546

I remember a screenshot of Connor going "you ignored me" or something, followed by Ame saying "good job Gura!" in her chat. Anyone got it?

>> No.2665789

it wasnt Connor. It was that other fag CallMeCarson

>> No.2665843

who the fuck knows those retards man, jesus
people need to go back to not caring about these faggots like any sane human would...

>> No.2665927

I'm actually surprised there wasn't some kickback duw to Gigguk actually given his older reviews have calling characters fags and retarded.

>> No.2666080

>prioritised playing with a guy over her fan
only some schizos on /vt/ are butthurt not her fans

>> No.2666281
File: 184 KB, 389x413, 981547982475298.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2666625

B-but she used to be my number 1

>> No.2666702

Nice of you to out yourself as a tourist.

>> No.2667295

>What was the entire point of her shtick, seemingly just to gain initial popularity since she self admittedly hates the rules and prioritised playing with a guy over her fans, that's a snake.
Now imagine getting an SJW

>> No.2667395

It's ironic because numberfags are quick to point out low numbers but then complain when they get popular and this happens. Which is it, do you want your oshi to be super successful or do you want your niche hobby?

>> No.2667510

Collabing with people whose fanbase won't watch you won't make you grow, they have in hololive the biggest streamers in youtube and they fanbases that would be interested in watching you. How many people have said "I started watching mori because of her TT collab"? I bet you it's not even 1% of the people that watch her because she's associated with hololive

>> No.2667583

My Oshi can become popular without shitty leeching faggots trying to keep relevance with their own bullshit agenda. If you think these people give a shit about Ollie, you're a retard. The second these faggots get what they want out of Ollie they'll leave her for the next trend and their fans will follow suit. You dont want trend chasing followers simply for the fact that they'll leave you once you're no longer a trend, you want people who actually give a shit about your Oshi. Ollie isnt my Oshi btw.

>> No.2667808

Ollie is not my oshi, but I'd like for her to grow and have a good fanbase that won't just jump ship into the next fad when vtubers stop being "the thing".

>> No.2668025

> Which is it, do you want your oshi to be super successful or do you want your niche hobby?
No one ever uses that argument for the likes of Rushia or Pekora

>> No.2668218

there is sooo many fucking ways, than Ollie have to act like he is a god

>> No.2668391

I will kneel to the indogs if they're just baiting him with a collab that will never happen so they can continue to keep him on leash.

>> No.2668705

Man has this thread turned into a referendum on the state of the vtubing industry and on Hololive's activities in particular. Are we the chinks now?

>> No.2668803

No we're like japs since they shit on girls collabing with males all the time since the beginning of the idol industry, chinks weren't the only antis and they weren't the first to exist you know

>> No.2668805

Nah, it's just the libarts students doing their assignments.

>> No.2669151

at this pace HoloID scandals will happen any time

>> No.2669257

Its literally just Ollie causing a majority of the issues.

>> No.2669489
File: 53 KB, 509x600, 1613198437118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neither, they want their autismo doomposts of Aloe/Chris 2.0 to finally come into fruition so they can have an excuse as small as their dicks to continue this nonsense further on. Has anyone compiled a list of events that were supposed to spell the end for Holos for the past year (which humorously enough is also when most of EOPs here learned what a vtuber is)? You can't expect reason from people who seriously believe that Gura having below 20k live viewers is a sign of utter failure and a harbinger of graduation, or that HoloID talents speak only Indonesian. Risu must be pissing herself laughing when reading these threads, ever since HoloEN debuted you can't go a single month without hearing how a talent, a branch or even the entire fucking company is done for. Do you remember the amounts of mindless reeeing we used to see when even a brief mention of something like a collab with Nijisanji or even Holostars equaled to you getting deathglares over how retarded you are for "supporting faggots and leeches" and for "trying to destroy the industry"? And how exactly fuckall negative has happened to the vtubers themselves after said collabs occured? You can draw the rest of the picture and your own conclusions yourself, I'll see you soon when a next about-to-be-another-nothingburger comes up.

>> No.2669690


>> No.2669728

He's actually very decent in what he does. He's stopped reviewing individual series, and is just commenting on recent trends in general nowadays. Don't know why people hate both Joey and Garnt anyway, they're very loyal to their fiancées. The whole reason why Connor is the biggest threat is that unlike the other two, Connor is single.

Also, for those who keep saying Mori is involved with Connor; Mori is just being a wingman to Milky.

>> No.2669764

ah yes, the "4chan is my oshi" phenomenon.

>> No.2669769
File: 49 KB, 722x445, 1612232252443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't kid yourself. The greens were here long before HoloEN.

>> No.2669784

She reincarnated, you know? Look in the judas thread.

>> No.2669864

You should've picked a hobby that's not being broadcast through the most popular streaming services, dumbass.

>> No.2669869

How can one man mindbreak hundreds of simps?

>> No.2669956
File: 231 KB, 384x367, 1614873028481.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is only joke! Why you heff to be mad?

>> No.2670000

/pol/ needs to leave. Also, if you choose a hobby that's easily discoverable, then you're an idiot.

>> No.2670031

She barely has that many viewers let alone simps.
People just don't want ironic weebs shitting up someplace else.

>> No.2670046

He's grooming another girl in his stream live right now.

>> No.2670055

You need to go back, you insufferable faggot.

>> No.2670090

Connor might be a problem, but Joey is far from "ironic weeb", he's been doing this longer than you have been a weeb.

>> No.2670097

Kill yourself, Redditor.

>> No.2670122

go back to what? You need to go back to Anipike if you wanted to gatekeep everything, or maybe Geocities.

>> No.2670158

>doesnt like gatekeeping
We both know where, go back.

>> No.2670171

This. It's too late to complain. Better go back in time, back to the point where people were smuggling subs into the US, and try to tell subbers that it's a bad idea.

>> No.2670194

>Connor streams on a website where anyone can just ask him something if they persist hard enough
Why don’t we just fucking ask him why all this is happening?

>> No.2670227
File: 7 KB, 320x180, 88888888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm /pol/ because I don't want politics injected into one of the last mediums of entertainment

>> No.2670237

no, I'm saying it's too late. Also, why gatekeep a hobby that's readily available for those who look?

Another point: Joey interviewed Ai, way before any of you gave a damn, So from his point of view, You're the trendhopper.

>> No.2670254

Reminds me of the time C*rson SCed Gura and you can hear the change in tone in Gura's voice to being a bit happy yet she still chose to ignore him.

>> No.2670279

You faggots have about 150 IPS these days and all you can come up with is less than 30 dislikes to bring attention to her recent actions? You're all a bunch of autistic fucks that are too afraid to post your concerns in her comment section

>> No.2670310

this but move risu and reine to EN

>> No.2670312

she's ugly holy shit

>> No.2670316

>no, I'm saying it's too late.
No, you want it to be too late. You can tell by how much you suck these ironic weebs dick.

>> No.2670319

Go ahead and donate some money to him at the end of the stream and ask him "Hey why are you trying to fuck these underage hololive girls?"

>> No.2670355

Remember that mutts are literally taught that anything is politics, that you should push for politics to be in it if it wasn't before, and to hate whatever doesn't follow your politics. Meaning, regardless of whatever you believe, a retarded mutt will just throw his favorite buzzword, /pol/. Just ignore them.

>> No.2670371

Is anyone here actually against graduating Ollie?

>> No.2670386


>> No.2670420

>The guy who lives in Japan and is actually half-Japanese delving into more niche stuff
>The guy who turned down a BBC Job to review anime
You're the one who's being an ironic weeb because you don't understand.

>> No.2670425


>> No.2670457

You cant even read the thread, dont talk about understanding shit.

>> No.2670470

No, I actually want her to go away and move to Vshoujo

>> No.2670477

I wouldn't care if she's graduated or not, but she just needs to get reprimanded by her manager so she shuts the fuck up and stops being a walking yab machine.

>> No.2670496

Why are there so many TT fans in here? More than 0 is too many already fuck off from this place

>> No.2670506

>My argument didn't work
>Time to call that anon a SEANig.

>> No.2670530

Fucking yourself/getting fucked on stream is for onlyfans or fucking twitch, keep that shit off hololive.

>> No.2670567

I didnt call you a SEAnig, retard. Are you insecure about being one?

>> No.2670601

Don't actually watch the podcast, I watch Garnt's and Joey's individual channels. Do yourselves a favor and discern the threat level of each member because you're literally gatekeeping people who have been weebs longer than you have been.

>> No.2670629

Not as insecure about being Japanese and a weeb compared to Gigguk.

>> No.2670632
File: 99 KB, 434x400, 1616422834717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking based

>> No.2670649

>Marine was using an "exercise belt" on stream while moaning on stream
Your JP Holos aren't any better and don't forget Towa

>> No.2670660

Like I give a shit, I don't want them collabing with vtubers ever even if they're ok guys, if they're actual fans they should know that real people is a no-no and they're only collabing with ID because ID for some reason allows it

>> No.2670679

What about Towa anon, I feel like laughing at your narrative for now

>> No.2670728

>muh excercise belt vs shoving a fucking dildo in cunt
reset your perspective.

>> No.2670735

Just saying your JP Holos aren't as innocent as you think, they can be as yab as Ollie so saying she needs to graduate is bullshit

>> No.2670752

I wont forget her, she probably treats her fans the best. https://streamable.com/kjw7rv

>> No.2670771

Have you seen Joey's interview with Ai? You're seriously mistaken if you actually think it's Yab-worthy.

Almost all of the stupid things that arose from the podcast was from Connor pressuring Mori to drop the character, The other two are the least of your problems because they've dealt and discussed vtubers years ago, as well as having fiancées who have supported them when they were not the big anitubers they were.

This is looking more to be insecurity rather than actual fear. I understand you guys hating Connor, I also hate his takes and him being the "scripted Normie who disagrees with Joey and Garnt" and wish someone else was the third guy.

>> No.2670781

As long as they don't do it on stream no one gives a shit, ollie is doing it on her character because she wants attention, I don't want her graduated but management should tell her to stop with her bullshit before it gets out of hand

>> No.2670795

Stop projecting, the fags only 26, do you seriously consider the shit in pic related as anything but ironic shite?

>more niche stuff
Clearly some high brow content of value.

>> No.2670805

>Japanese girls doing fanservice while also never going over the line because its known to be fan service and just that
>someone causing endless issues end on and after talking about how she wants to create endless issues
>its bullshit to get rid of the problem maker
ok retard.

>> No.2670823

Well too bad, cause ID is never getting proper management and will be treated like Idols and get new outfits before your HoloEN "entertainer" branch kek

>> No.2670828
File: 916 KB, 1055x1868, Screenshot_20210418-052448_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woops, pic related.

>> No.2670868

>Have you seen Joey's interview with Ai? You're seriously mistaken if you actually think it's Yab-worthy.
Its obvious you're new if you dont know the answer to why this is different with Hololive. Go back.

>> No.2670960

He's half-white ffs

>> No.2670974
File: 3 KB, 267x77, joey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

except you're full of bullshit.

>> No.2671040

You're probably replying to the cat gore spammer, you know.

>> No.2671042

except; you know. Ai is the first, and the interview remained professional enough. It is in fact, you who has not viewed the actual interview and basing your doomposting on lies.

>> No.2671118

Damn what a fucking cringe retard, he doesnt get the slightest thing

>> No.2671156

I want any girl, even my oshi, to graduate. Not because I hate her or hololive but the genuine curiosity of graduating someone loved is giving me autism

>> No.2671208

Holy shit you must be a child, its not about how professional it is, its not about him being a good guy or how much you want to fuck him. Its about the fact that Hololive should not be interacting with people outside of the vtuber/music sphere. They are not in the same genre as AI and AI has been in interviews with Japanese groups before. It is something more or less normal for her to do and isnt out of her character. A holo doing so is different and if you cant see this fact then it is you who is simply too retarded to see the issue.

>> No.2671266

ummmm. HoloJP's have been interviewed in mainstream Japanese TV.

>> No.2671290

TV is different than some retard on the internet.

>> No.2671291
File: 462 KB, 2048x1536, 6q5fswxffmo61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

about that...

>> No.2671310

Okay Boomer.

>> No.2671320

Like i said, the music sphere. So stuff you'd see Idols doing you'd see Hololive do.

>> No.2671330

Remember when Ollie was supposed to be the EN-killer that's gonna eclipse Gura's sub numbers?
Hahahahah. Eat shit.

>> No.2671336

Before anyone responds with
>but muh kajita and suda
Suda and kajita are based, anitubers are not

>> No.2671340

Go back, you dont belong here.

>> No.2671374

>Oh no my hobby is being marginalized!
>better gatekeep Youtube personalities from interacting with other Youtube personalities
>TV interviews are brought up
>T-they don't count.
This is tantamount to plugging holes in a ship with prebuilt holes. You're the people saying that their content does not matter, but the exposure to the mainstream.

>> No.2671378

No anon they must use their Vtuber accounts because reasons

>> No.2671395
File: 750 KB, 1079x1940, Screenshot_20210418-054900_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What exactly do you think that disproves, he's still pretty young for all you think it matters, cope harder.
>ooooooh he made videos a whole 8 years ago
Yeah, vlogs, let's plays, and tier lists.
He's not some vaunted oldfag, he's just a shitty clickbait fag who makes ironic weeb videos.

>> No.2671418

>better gatekeep Youtube personalities from interacting with other Youtube personalities
Yes this is what JP management and EN management does, the only branch that doesn't do this is ID and you can guess why those fags are all in on ID

>> No.2671424

no, it sounds like YOU wanted to interview Holos, and can't. So you're venting.

>> No.2671460

>implying that people with jobs in the Japanese media with deep ties are on the same level as some random retard on youtube.

>> No.2671492

Except they're Kadokawa employees, anon.

>> No.2671493

This, not only do they respect the culture, but in none of these circumstances are they boasting about private interactions.

Faggots trying to pretend professionals working on promotions or scripted events are equal to playing around with a guy off camera are either severely retarded or just baiting.

>> No.2671500

It sounds like you're mad that you cant fuck this faggot so you're venting. Seriously you sound like a child, just leave.

>> No.2671544
File: 98 KB, 850x741, agee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would I be mad? It benefits me that ID is being humiliated right now. I just think you're targetting the wrong guys.

>> No.2671558

Why did management prohibited these oh so important kadokawa employees from collabing again with EN?

>> No.2671560


>> No.2671588

Why are you replying to yourself?

>> No.2671603

Because they're done with them on TT. Only Connor is actively trying to collab. Garnt and Joey were fans before the interview. I'm just telling you that they aren't problems, Connor is.

>> No.2671617

Why would I want to interview anyone?
You just sound pathetic constantly deflecting form being shown how much of a faggot your supposed grand weeb is.

>> No.2671628
File: 5 KB, 334x93, Kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2671665

As long as they keep doing shit like what the OP shows they're a problem, connor is just the bigger problem.

>> No.2671670

>actual anituber fans in this thread.

it's just sad

>> No.2671713

What do you expect from r*ddit tourists

>> No.2671720

>Garnt and Joey were fans
Someone with a following knows what saying "hi" in someones chat does. He wants the attention and therefore he's a faggot. If he was a fan he wouldnt drag attention towards himself and just watch the fucking stream instead of derailing it.

>> No.2671733

Ollie and Connor are perfect for each other, they both want to break the rules that idolfags have set for Hololive and I love that it's working. Forever you Holofags will seethe until this reaches your precious Reine and EN

>> No.2671761

But they're actual Hololive fans. Why are we making them a pariah for being fans?

>> No.2671785


>> No.2671808

Except they don't. Which is why they don't realize that the scenario you're fearing is happening. I wouldn't categorize that as malicious, it's just dumb.

>> No.2671820

>HoloID and HoloEN graduate because of youtuber drama, leaving only HoloJP

sounds based to me

>> No.2671835

No, if she wants to act like a indie then become a indie

>> No.2671867

>they dont know that saying something in someones chat while they have 2.7m subs will cause issues (subs that probably cross over btw)
Thats some mighty cope.

>> No.2671874

As fans they shouldn't get special treatment only because they're a big channel, if they're real fans they should know how other fans will feel and how this will affect the girls. These guys know what idol culture is, but the way I see it is that they feel ollie is "safe" and that her fans are "safe" so they don't feel threatened enough to not contacting them

>> No.2671925

That would work of they hadn't done it multiple times, they aren't quite that stupid.
More likely they never even stop to think about it, it does take a certain level of narcissism to do such things after all.

>> No.2671935

They already failed EN, anon. That's why they're settling for ID scraps

>> No.2671974

they were normalized with Twitch raids, anon.

Also, people keep roping in Gigguk, and he hasn't done anything.

Hell, he's just continuing on with gachashit.

>> No.2671993

It's literally just a hi, it's not even related to the stream, they want the attention and know that their comment will get seen

>> No.2672005


>> No.2672055

yeah, poor guy can't get a break.
>Sydney gets to be a vtuber
>gets a shit model.
I'm thinking he's dead inside.

>> No.2672103
File: 278 KB, 1195x1195, 1607964800005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one is talking about him because amongst the three... He's the ugliest, which shows you what this topic is all about, Fragile Masculinity.

>> No.2672137


Yeah, I'm thinking BASED

>> No.2672198

>Fragile Masculinity.
Time to play the game, faggot or femoid?

>> No.2672220

Neither, anon. I'm just confident that a person isn't going to steal my oshi from me.

>> No.2672224
File: 2.35 MB, 1649x931, 1614988139327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2672272

>implying anyone gives a shit about that
Ollie is dating some fat dude, no one gives a shit about "someone taking her" and i doubt a majority watch Ollie. Its just more proof that you have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.2672291

>It's about gatekeeping the hobby
>from actual older fans.
You dumb.

>> No.2672312

I dont speak nigger, wanna try that again? Also you're a newfag, leave.

>> No.2672617

Love how this thread freaks out, meanwhile 99% of Ollie's watcher don't give a single shit about this

>> No.2672676

Maybe if Ollie keeps it to herself.

>> No.2672809

The whole concept seems so alien to me.
I got raids in the deliberately shitting a place up sense, but the twitch kind just seems like putting numberfaggotry above a community, imagine sending a large crowd of sports fans into some local comedy club and thinking it's a good thing?

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