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For the first time, Nina is playing a 2hu game - Perfect Cherry Blossom!

>who is Nina?
Nina is a Dutch indie vtuber who currently streams on Twitch at 20:00 CET/11:00 PST/14:00 EST three days a week and sings karaoke once a month (see her schedule on Twitter). Also known as the CEO of Seiso, she is the most dangerous indie alive.

She is:
>talkative and engaging
>has a great sense of humor
>genuinely kind and sweet
>voice like melted chocolate
>sings like an angel
>always does her reps
>big sister energy
>good at games
>has great taste
>100% seiso**
>supportive of other indies
>the best shoulder dancer in the world
Come watch her with us and discuss how fucking cute she is in the thread!

Her Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/ninaninin
Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/ninanininvt
YouTube VODs (more to be uploaded in future, she has them all on disk): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZYetJ72XDX0sn5GQLx-rBA
Her latest karaoke (treat yourself): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfJCE2tMMjI

Pastebin of VOD timestamps for clippers (if you make one and post it ITT I'll add it): https://pastebin.com/sbMyTDne

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I was about to make thread, thanks OP.
I love Nina so much bros!

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wonder if I claim a sing mode how well she'll manage to sing to the boss themes

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Hey, me too!

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you won't know till you try

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>Teutonic Sorcery in chat
Yeah, i chuckled.

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>Nina is on Friday Mode
Yesss I'm tucked in

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who's that?

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No idea, but there is anon in /wvt/ who lusts for chuubas with germanic accents and calls them Teutonic Temptresses. I just found this nickname funny and thought it might be him.

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>thought it might be him
Nope. I'm somebody else. And though german girls' accents make me horny, Nina is my oshi!

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If thats him Nina is his oshi so he is a full on Ninabro! One of us!

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You are cool dude nonetheless and your fetish is totally understandable, glad to have you on board!

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I want Nina to giggle at me for cumming prematurely

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I was considering skebbing Nina looking at (you) with disgust or lqughing at you desu.

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>Nina fell asleep trying to watch Twilight
>doesn't get the appeal of 50 Shades
How is she so perfect?

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Disgust isn't a face you can easily imagine her making, but when you finally do...lawd have mercy

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I told you guys, she is an AI algorithm created by Dutch government to fuck up Belgians.
Girls like this can't exist.

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While I do lust after girls with German accents, I am not that anon.

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Nina your license...

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And so can't Sheeps!

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>"I'll be reading some Dutch smut while playing Touhou"

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>going normal mode

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Context? I don't follow the bear..

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Bear is cute, but she's not that good at Touhou

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Nina... the 2hus...

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Sweaty Nina...

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>If this keeps up I'll have to take off my sweater

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My god all those squeaks.

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She's doing it! Imagine!

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>She's going Lunatic

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>She is playing on lunatic
>Doing OK
>Still reads chat

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>All this dodging without focusing
Holy shit.

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what the fuck?

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Is this a good 2hu starting game?

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>Friday motherfucking night
>2hu with ZUN art ON
>still 144 viewers
Good my child, grow!

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All me btw

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Is it me or is stream lacking bitrate on some particle heavy parts in this game? Is this common when streaming 2hu in general?

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Not really a bit rate issue as Nina looks crazy crisp on 1080p60. Just the 2hu game..

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File: 26 KB, 668x376, Huj3R-T4_5Sk3HzrmSbcjCCJNp6H4fk-CvRw3Z0y-V_TnQaumNfRHIL0V1rl8_1oMr7FncXRd0gXRHWBu_f0nHDBb3VfeBC57RTJ9Y91UWx3ucseiYJsQOYUE5i7RGwhkSOhrLTGa18itNC9A5-wfkR_REVqh1SbU-48iYuxWbaYhcbKg3Sbyn1E4xUpR_4-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good numbers. Nina's numbers peak in 1.5h though. Shes on her way! Still need to figure out how to help her promote the 1st of May karaoke...

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What would Nina's yokai title be? I'm thinking the "Seiso Magical Girl of Blessed Eardrums"

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Very good bullet dodging for the first time try

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she has catlike reflexes

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I'm crazy impressed as she is still narrating and talking to the chat sasuga CEO chama

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How are we doing today, Ninabros? Some fresh, short clips this time.

Not too many clip ideas, so suggestions are appreciated. Feedback too. It's good to know some people like the clips. Unfortunately, I can't help much with sharing them as my free time will probably run out soon, and I don't want to leave anyone hanging. Otherwise, I would probably create a YT channel and clip more people.

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sorry, I had to

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>my free time will probably run out soon, and I don't want to leave anyone hanging
Don't worry about it. Nina's got a lot of fans with normal lives or reps to catch up on. I'm sure she'd just be happy that anyone took some time to clip her at all.

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Great clips, the only comment I have is that when you do your subs, sub also the funny noises!

You are the best Clipanon!!! Pic related. It's Clipanon.

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Are there any others sites that can run ads? Not adanon, but Re*dit has promoted posts, right?

>> No.2615465

I am looking into it but it probably is a site where we need to prove we are Nina.
T. Adanon

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>Nina at 200
>Stalker impressed in chat
I'm so happy for my big sister CEO

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Yes but you have to be a brand/corporation and contact the Re**it sales team to do that. I don't know if being an indie vtuber makes you a brand by their standards, and if so Nina would have to contact them herself.

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oh yes

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>Nina grew up playing with handmedowns from her brother


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>Maybe I should balance on my... nevermind

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The Seiso Council are all Witch Coven plants, there's no need to worry

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Alright she is a gamer

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was this ever in doubt?

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>"I love frilly stuff!"
>has a closet full of dresses
Do you guys think she wears frilly dresses in public?

>> No.2616619

Of course, Nina is a refined and elegant lady

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Will Nina reach 200 viewers today? Y/N

>> No.2616806

She did already once.
High chance she's she's type to, but I also wouldn't be surprised if she wouldn't be too outgoing at the same time.

>> No.2617065

I think shes gonna make it on Normal bros

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>still maintains full chat interaction while playing a 2hu game

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Imagine how well she'd be doing if she wasn't streaming it. As expected of our CEO.

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She is doing so much better than i did the first time i played while still keeping track of the chat. Its amazing.

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>Moriko paying respect in Nina's chat
I love this Bat!

>> No.2617720

Damn, she actually beat it.

>> No.2617754

How did she do bros? Not much into 2hu.

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>I can only see the ending if I earn it

>> No.2617794

She did incredibly well.

>> No.2617943

Pretty good, especially when also reading chat at the same time. I kneel CEO.

>> No.2617972

I need more kneeling reaction images because of Nina, the ones I have are not enough

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I love those stupid stories about nothing.

>> No.2618009

I love Nina, but what the hell even are these short stories? They all sound like some normalfag's daily journal.

>> No.2618060

It's the point. The book is called Nothing Much Happens. Here have a link.

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them youkai need to die/10
Our big sis is surprisingly good at bullet hells.

>> No.2618331

>Nyarus Fly Me To The Moon
Damn I'm so spoiled by Nina holy shit...

>> No.2618370

This was confirmed by Nina Gaiden

>> No.2618494

Very enjoyable and comfy from what I could watch before I had to save my data

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To be fair to her, there are very few indie chuubas that can match Nina at singing. Or corporate ones, for that matter.

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aight but you gotta agree it is soul

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I like Nyaru don't worry no ill will.in my post!

>> No.2618924

MCR has the most soul though

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nina carried what i don't care about/10
I love my CEOsisterwife.

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...did you post this in the wrong thread, or did somebody reference this on Nyaru's stream?

>> No.2619136

That's a Touhou song if I'm not wrong

>> No.2619185

She was literally singing it Anon.

>> No.2619265

I wasn't watching, which is why I asked.

>> No.2619356

Its ok to ask! Just wanted to give a short answer!

>> No.2619533

I don't get Touhou autism

>> No.2619608

Me neither but the stream was really nothing what I expected. Pleasantly surprised.

>> No.2620528

Gentlemen, I love Nina. That's all.

>> No.2624724

But Nina loves Koopa...

>> No.2624966

But Koopa loves me.

>> No.2625228

What if that anon is Koopa?

>> No.2625270

Hi Nina.

>> No.2625370

No, I'm Risu.

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