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How is hololive's face tracking so bad? Even Nijisanji who use a fucking phone app for their live2D models has better face tracking than them.

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>Better than Hololive at anything

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It's all about the rig/model. Early gens were made by incompetent people, and for some reason they get to keep working on their rig/model, so many of them are forever bad. 5th gen and onward is very good.

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Doesn't hololive also use a phone app?
If you want an example look at that infamous clip of Sora "hitting her head" on the desk, it's actually her phone slipping down and tracking her face down with it.

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>expecting tribalist baiters to know jack shit

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Hololive also uses a phone app.
Ichikara is a tech company that made its own app, Cover is not.

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Anonchama, your reps

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>Even Nijisanji who use a fucking phone app for their live2D models has better face tracking than them.

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oh, thanks for the reminder that i wanted to check for chuubas that did SMT games.
finaly something good from a retarded bait thread

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better in concerts, singers, events, merchandise, 3D and many things. Retard.

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I thought the riggers went back and reworked the first few gens so they were on par with 5th gen?

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wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. Fuck off Nijinigger.

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Not on par with Lamy, but yeah they have been updating the older gen's models

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Polka has one of the worst rigs. Her mouth just hangs open and barely moves while she speaks.

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hope you're looking forward to ID 3D

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>concerts: with hired dancers
>singers: LMAO
>events: if you mean phisical events lmao you'll never be there, if you mean online lmao
>merchandise: "muh merchandise"
>3D: ok you win this one

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