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Is this the best design of all time?

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Is this the best design of all time?

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Chad office worker? He's from Nijisanji, right? I don't follow them but that would be my guess.

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Yes. This is what your average IIDX 皆伝 looks like

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pinnacle of chuuba avatars

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I'd watch that guy

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Yes. Yashiro is top SOVL.

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>wage slave
>has a cute daughter, hot dragon wife and neet son who constantly connects with him

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>designed by a BL artist

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SSS tier

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What is this stance called?

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Is he supposed to look like the guy from Nozaki-kun?

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Third biggest male vtuber with almost 500k. That's right.

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Not even close

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who is that and are there any lewds of them asking for a friend

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Nijisanji been known for ripping off design from anime to cut the cost, not just nozaki you can look at kaneki too

There is lot of model ripped off by them, you can look by yourself

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isn't this guy the second highest Nijisanji vtuber because like 70% of his content is super relatable to every other japanese salaryman?

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Who does this design cater to?

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dunno he does rhythm game shit like play beatmania really good, does sekiro speedrun, plays things like megaman and other older games or things you don't really see many vtubers playing like ace combat, with some TCG game stuff thrown in

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Music Game Chad, Gura can only wish she could get IIDX permissions

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all i see is that he's based af

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Stance of Oshi Annihilation

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How did this NPC looking dude get paired up with the smoking hot dragon chick?

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kobayashi dragon maid

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Really good is an understatement honestly

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>NPC looking dude get paired up with the smoking hot dragon chick
Just like in my animes.

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I just don't understand this design. He seems funny, but man, what the fuck is going on here?

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ironic that you mentioned duck
subaru is literally honorary niji with her design
just listen to her streaming style

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He claims it’s supposed to give off the impression of an pervert ojisan cross dressing

Don’t respond to retarded tribalniggers, they probably don’t watch Holo or Niji in the first place or else they would know that a lot of them are good friends

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Imagine the kino if zawa joined Nijisanji instead of Hololive...

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>look at kaneki
I thought Kuzuha had his chuuba avatar before joining Niji and they made an exception and let him keep it and join.

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She learned from the best
I really miss her old outfit.

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He's a pervert in a maid outfit. That's his schtick.

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Mashiro's a college student tho.

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>images clearly made by people who don't watch nijisanji

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Stop bumping this garbage thread

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make me.

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He does have schmoves, I'll give him that

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looks like a lesbian

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I hope you watched his dark souls playthrough or at least his sekiro Shura route speedrun

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>goofy looking wagecuck

who thought this was a good design?

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How do I stop bumping pls respond

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Holy based

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Not the best but good enough for Nijinpcs. Their vtubers are doing the same shit and their viewers are hakooshis, they love hako kikaku and they'll watch anything if it's Nijisanji.

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Nobody expects the average dude to be a successful vtuber

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Do you really believe this? People do not watch Yashiro just because he is a Nijisanji member, in fact he was the least popular member of his batch. People only started watching him when he revealed that he is one of the best Beatmania players in Japan.

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hes pretty funny

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His stress-filled collabs with Furen drew me in desu.

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he used to but other rainbowmen have passed him

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That explains why I've always liked his design. Simple but attractive. The concept of an otaku salaryman chuuba is the same. If NijiEN has anyone like him it's guaranteed kino. I won't get my hopes up though.

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>good at rhythm games, retroges, and RPGs
>plays MtG and ygo
>casual solo dia in apex
>gives soul-crushing redpills from time to time
>likes girls' last tour and lain
846 is kinda based

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>plays MtG

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I like how someone took the time to model different pairs of panties for Shiina.

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I'm gonna post my favorite boipussy, and you're gonna like it!

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He's honestly great.

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Regarding his skill as a rhythm game player I haven't seen people even mention this before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5aWwPxR7lc

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yashiro if he real

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>He's close with Matsuri
>Also works as a coach for Bemani Pro League
>Now is also a sensei for a fellow Niji cunny in IIDX as well, allows his viewers tohelp her and do a great job as well.

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What's his stand power?

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his clearing ability is insane but his scoring lags behind his clearing by quite a bit

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