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Nijisanji EN debut already I can't wait anymore. I want to numberfag, I want to be a tribalist. Please announce a debut, I can't wait anymore

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This but unironically. People are speculating it'll happen this month though so... within the next 16 days it should happen I guess. I suspect we'll be seeing "whore" used as an even moreso than it is now because people will want to make an us vs. them type distinction between companies.

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Used as an insult*

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It doesn't really seem all that exciting a prospect to numberfag? It's going to do worse than HoloEN and probably vshojo and I don't think anyone is going to be surprised.

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No one expect them to do those kind of numbers, but still will be bigger than tsunderia and prism project easily.

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The longer they go without debuting, the more I'm starting to believe the idea that they're in a standoff with Hololive and their Vsinger(s) debut. The announcements would be big enough to over shadow each other.

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https://files.catbox.moe/zi9e4m.mp3 Here's your NIjiEN

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Yeah I'm just saying like the company with a very small western fanbase doing worse than the companies with huge western fanbases doesn't really take a genius to figure out. If it was actually close then it would be interesting.

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H.Live_EN debut already I can't wait anymore. I want to numberfag, I want to be a tribalist. Please announce a debut, I can't wait anymore

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I'd say it really depends on how much effort they put into marketing. Ichikara has money behind it and Sony ties so they could really make something spectacular to bring in the EOPs if they wanted to, it's just yet to be seen if they will. And they've been trying hard to get a foreign audience as is what with paying react channels for content of them. I suspect that Porter Robinson thing may have something to do with NijiEN as well.

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>vtuber group all about being lewd
not that I hate the idea but with youtube being a nanny-website and twitch cracking down on lewd streamers how are they gonna operate? like on sex cam sites?

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I dont think they've paid anyone unless all those channels decided to break the law and youtube tos by not disclosing paid sponsorship clearly. Just gave then some attention.

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Well, Melody started on Chaturbate...

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>2 of Vtuber related to Eilene family are joining H.Live.
I wonder if Eilene involved in this.

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I don't think they paid any of those channels otherwise they would show paid promotion. But they could have sent an email to them. Except for Izaya which became a nijisanji fan after some nijifags gave the rec.

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Pretty sure H.Live is its own streaming site like fc2.

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>Seriously thinking that Nijisanji can put a dent into HL

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They're not going to do a lot of damage and you guys are going to be shocked by how many they'll potentially pump out in a short amount of time and go
>"How the fuck can I keep up with all these cunts?"

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I don't know why people struggle so much with the idea that you aren't supposed to be able to follow every Niji, you just follow the ones you like

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I hope they release a week before HoloEN gen 2 and get utterly blown out, the threads would be amazing.

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I wonder how much more popular nijisanji would be if Korone’s roommate joined them instead of hololive

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A lot of popular Korone clips revolve around her "dog" gimmick so I'd say it actually depends on the kind of character they'd have given her, knowing Niji she'd have probably been another schoolgirl or loli

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Nijisanji hasn't been pumping out people for a while. Even JP is already 4 months but they have nothing.

No one is thinking like that retard. It still will be nice to see the growth.

Exactly. There's like 140 excluding Virtual Real and I'm subscribed to like 60.

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I hope you hang yourself tomorrow faggot.

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Do you people actually look at their shit? They've got vampires, princesses, magicians, magical girls, know, succubus, nuns, nurses, koalas, dogs, clowns, witches, dog girls, cat girls, dragon girls, knights, demons, sea slugs, fox girl, goddesses, ghosts, tengu.

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Hold up, dogs and dog girls?!

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Oh yeah, that's the good stuff, give me more.

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As in they have a character that's literally a dog for an avatar and a character that's a girl with dog like features.

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Yeah. A dog.

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Rude, Kiara. You're suppose to do that after they fail.

Well the problem with that is for people to remember if they are in Nijisanji if they drop them after a while. I sub to some Nijisanji and even at times I forget they are in there after a while. I think I can name all hololive members without much thought except for CN branch since I didn't follow them. With Nijisanji, I might be able to name 10 but the rest I have to resort to descriptions. Also, how welcoming are they to just a random English speaker just chatting there. With holo JP it seems inviting and they don't mind for the most part but I can't get a feel for Niji JP as much. If I don't know that they also speak english or there isn't a lot of english speakers chatting, I really don't have much motivation to chat myself. Might throw and emoji or kusa since I won't expect much interaction.

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I was almost expecting it to be an actual dog roommate for the dog vtuber

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I think that's just indicative of you knowing one company better than the other? Fairly sure I could name everyone from JP branches of both.

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What does it matter if you can name everyone in Nijisanji or not? What matters is their success as vtubers, not the name behind them. They also have にじさんじ written in their descriptions and regularly collaborate with other Nijis depending on the chuuba and participate in events such as NijiFes so if you forget it's really on you... The lack of reception to English viewers is just because the majority of their audience is Japanese, and they speak Japanese. No point pandering to people who barely know they exist.

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Can't wait for OP and other fags like him to get b&.

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it will end up like NijiID. DOA

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Yea I'm tired of waiting,I want to shit on nijien failure so hard,but at this point I lost all the motivation..

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I feel bad for Hana. She and Pikamee used to be the face of English Vtubers. Why weren't they able to ride the wave of hype?

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You're going to be severely disappointed if you have high hopes for Nijisanji. If you're lucky, you'll walk away with someone you like. Also the vast majority of Nijis would be very lucky to pull the same numbers the lower-tier Hololive vtubers do, so if you're a numberfag, you're preeminently dooming yourself.

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That's some really good cherry picking in that image.

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I have to give it to you. This image is bait of the highest order. Only somebody who truly never watched a minute of Nijisanji could truly make the argument that they're largely normalfags in any capacity.

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only watch the 3k+ nijis ignore the rest they are literally whos.

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>see new english chuuba
>get excited
>fucking dropped

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I like Mashiro even if he hovers below 3k. It's cool how he has a different indie horror game to play every couple of days, I think he shows off Nijisanji's proficiency at getting permissions.

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I don't know the name of everyone in nijisanji, but at the very least JP, ID and KR, I recognize they are in Nijisanji. At the end of the day it really depends on the investment you're doing. When I got into hololive I also thought it was insane to get into 50 vtubers but I was able to do it somehow.

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Etna's design is probably one of my favourite Vtuber designs out there

If only she wasn't a filthy Indog

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HoloID which mostly speaks english and NijiiD which mostly speaks in indonesian?

And Maha5 which blows up both as they are the nijisanji of indonesia with more popularity with indo than both of them.

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Actually counting it up it's kind of funny he's got almost every member of 100 or so from JP that has a school uniform in that image. Counting on their website I got around 80 for the JP branch in some other kind of costume.

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Pikamee seems intentional, she just doesn't make much EN content lately. I'm not sure why, every video she makes in English crushes the ones she makes in Japanese, just look at the recent Stanley video for an example.
I don't know what happened to Macchia, I like her.

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That's a lot of cherrypicked vtubers.

>literal whos
> Tomoe, Kaede, Debiru, Utako, Belmond, Mel, Chigusa, Elu, Kanda, Mikoto, Ryushen Sukoya, Rin, Claire, Gundo, Emma are who

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LostPause shilling Niji for free rumao. Youtubers like that fag get their inbox full of offers from companies to shill their shit for $5-10k+ per video.

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I'll never stop being assblasted about Meiro's suspension. Fuck Nijisanji.

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Can't wait

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How does the corporate boot taste like?

>> No.2469407

Certainly looks that way, the very next video is sponsored and uses the correct paid promotion labeling.

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>i really dont have much motivation to chat myself

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>literal whos
Anon, I get you like to numberfag but this was a stupid post to make and shows that you know absolutely nothing about Nijisanji.

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Hana's been perfectly fine lately, we don't need you numberfags worrying about her.
t. Nijisenja

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She made some comments about "vtubers are actually just virtual e-girls" and after that youtube stopped recomending her clips for me, so no idea what happend.

>> No.2469782

Ah no, I'm not arguing that she's doing fine

It's more like I assumed she'd be bigger than what she is now considering she was the only decent English Vtuber for the time

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any ideas and speculations on who got in for NijiEN? All I know in these last couple of weeks are sudden indie graduations, one of them is probably a notorious tripfag from /m/

>> No.2470686

I stopped watching when her father started acting like a faggot

>> No.2470804

Mint, Nove and whatever I can't remember
>one of them is probably a notorious tripfag from /m/

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I would love to see /vt/ become a battleground between holofags vs nijifags. I love both holo and niji, but nothing like seeing retards fighting and numberfagging.

>> No.2470990

for that to happen wouldn't it have to be holofags vs holofags who also like nijien for the most part?

>> No.2471125

Isn't this like opening a restaurant and calling it M.Donalds? Seems like they're asking for an infringement lawsuit.

>> No.2471180

truth to be told, there is no nijifags on this board. only holo anits

>> No.2471214

I partake on occasion.

>> No.2473017

>Jokes about Nijis being just regular people
>Leaves out Yashiro, the vtuber who is literally a random ass corporate salaryman
He's the most "just a dude" character on the entire roster and you do him dirty like this, for shame

>> No.2473124

I know nijiEn won’t be getting holoEn numbers but I hope they do well. I’m looking forward to whenever they debut, sometime in April hopefully.

>> No.2473206

the best of NijiID is Anya tier, damn

>> No.2473218

>complaining about cherry picking
It's not his fault niji has 5 billion nobodies that drag down the reputation of the few good ones

>> No.2473855

>HonHima not in topest tier

>> No.2473932

honestly i think its more like there's no nijifags and only niji antis
there's a small minority who exclusively like niji and hate holo but most niji watchers enjoy holo as well

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The only real Nijifags here are probably fans of vtubers in general, including Hololive, and maybe some hipsters. Oldfags are probably dead or a very small amount. I watch some Niji content, mostly APEX, Sanbaka and Sister Cleaire but even then, I wouldn't call myself a Nijifag yet. There are too many chuubas and Hololive is the most popular among EN-speaking fans and discussions on this website are almost entirely in EN. Things might change with NijiEN but the explosive growth that vtubers experienced in 2020 is now slowing down.
The nobodies do not drag down the reputation since like Hololive or any other company, nobody cares about the nobodies. You'll get saviorfags posting that they do but we all know they don't watch the streams even.

>> No.2474377

Is it only a suspension? I thought she's now out of the company after the shit with Roa.
Its a numberfag, you expect them to not be stupid?
HoloEN debuted and JP vtubers who managed to attract some EN watchers before that debut had those viewers eaten up.
Go look up archives of the vtuber general in /jp/. And then some archives of the Hololive or Nijisanji general.

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I cant wait for them to use YouTube as the debut platform, and then for the numbers to look like utter dogshit because Susan clips your viewership numbers by 50% on all livestreams.

>> No.2474881

I mean Pikamee still does streams using both JP and English, she just for some reason only uses the title “EN STREAM” once in a while, I guess referring to if the game doesn’t have a JP translation or not? Because she played MH Rise with the EN subs using her Japanese copy once.

>> No.2483851

They'll probably be in a comfortable second place.
That will easily put them above 99.9% of all vtubers, but the Holo tribalists who are used to gorillions will obviously see that as a catastrophic failure.

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Hololive tries so hard to be 'unique' with their designs that it ends up being generic ironically. The EN branch feels very tryhard when it comes to this. And it still ends up being less unique than some of the Nijis like Chaika.

>> No.2484462

>>2467214 if Nijisanji top livers like Mito or Hoshikawa do collabs with NijiEN I can easily see NijiEN exploding in popularity and rivaling HoloEN

>> No.2484518

Maybe in Japan, like KR's Bora.

>> No.2484530

>her father

>> No.2484562

Exploding with who? The JOPs?

>> No.2484581

its her dad, she isn't that stupid to lie like that

>> No.2484600

there are more Niji fans in the west than you would like to believe

>> No.2484602

Never got this rrat.
If he's actually her bf, they should both get into professional acting.

>> No.2484624

Don't think she's lying about her did but,
she lied about being Indonesian on her debut stream though.

>> No.2484633

well, her dad is a professional writer...

>> No.2484634

Amusingly for me it goes the other way, Niji tries to be unique and distance themselves from the school uniform stigma from their earlier generations that you end up with over-the top stuff like Chaika and whatever the joker guy's name is

>> No.2484655

She is technically Indonesian, lives and speaks the language etc. Probably even has the citizenship

>> No.2484657

>the joker guy
literal nightmare fuel

>> No.2484671

Yeah, it's not like she lied about being Indonesian and is just a "my great grandmother was Indonesian" roastie larping as a full indog

>> No.2484736

The bottom 2 lines might as well just be nobodies (sorry Levi I love your singing voice). If you don't know the at least 80% above that line you're sleeping.

>> No.2484760

the Joker guy is unironically pretty entertaining and good singer

>> No.2484798

He's a real showman.

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File: 88 KB, 900x900, Joe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But there's not an overabundance of them, so it's okay. Hololiveness 'uniqueness' is bad because there's no balance between plain designs and 'unique' ones. Also, Mito, Deron and Rin are part of a "schoolgirl gang", it was a deliberate choice. The other members in their generation look pretty different from them.


>> No.2484838

Where's the Ringo Mogire Beam concert performance webm when you need it?

>> No.2484858

Rikiichi entertaining? How low are your standards anons?

>> No.2485117

Something different for a change:

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File: 310 KB, 2048x1152, Kyomafu_maimoto_joe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can you not be impressed by his singing performances?

Based clown with a golden voice.

>> No.2485393

>joker guy's name is
Joe Rikiichi, who's entire name is a literal joke in its self because the kanji ジョー・力一 can be read as "Jo-kah"

>> No.2485448

actually this, they go with outfits so extravagant that it filter people so hard

>> No.2485451

I love Joe as a performer but I'll be caught dead if I'm watching him outside of a collab or in a live performance. His actual channel content is dry as a desert

>> No.2485475

pretty low it seems

>> No.2485847

Neither Mito, nor Neroneko or Himawari are "extravagant"

>> No.2485924

thank god they are not, imagine having your roster full of shit like a literally dog

>> No.2486031

Chaika has been there for almost 3 years and the last group they debuted was literally all in school uniforms. Between then they have debuted vtubers from right across the range of very realistic, including school uniforms right through to fantastical. I think you are trying to see patterns where there really aren't any.

>> No.2486173

You're a faggot to think having a non-human vtuber is bad.

>> No.2486289

hey, maybe after she reincarnate she will choose a better design

>> No.2486800

big if true

>> No.2487513


Anon...Mito is big but she barely collabs outside the people she is already close to. And Sarah, right now her growth is stagnant for some whatever reason. She used to have a noticeable clout on the clip community pre HoloEN...but I guess most of that clout was her ship with Kaede and Matsuri simping for her.

>> No.2487601

Sarah EN streams vere quite successful

>> No.2487761

And yet she deleted/privatized all of them.

>> No.2487999

No she didn't? Her self introduction, the english study stream and the minecraft stream where she was talking both languages are all right there on her page.

>> No.2488460

There are people who still care about this? She roasted herself about it in the debut rewatch big time. Unlike you guys she moved on.

>> No.2488654

Bora's success can be attributed to the rise of APEX in Japan. She like many "APEX, APEX" streamers finally had their investments in the game pay off. Her design's super cute.
Didn't Sara get caught in some dramas like the stamp card shit? She also did ask for people to clip her, so I assume she's not getting that many clips. I don't actually watch her content, unless its in an APEX tourney or a collab with Haato, so I'm not sure if her solo content is good.

>> No.2489024

That clip where she is talking about wanting clips is from a stream in 2019.

>> No.2496787

Why would anyone joins NijiEN when HoloEN exist? I only watch Japanese vtubers but I'm pretty sure people don't know these non-Hololive groups are a thing.

>> No.2497933

Because Holo is slow at making gens while Niji takes in like 10-15 new talents at a time?

>> No.2498383
File: 141 KB, 1166x503, EN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they hate money.

>> No.2498477

Why did earlier Hololive members joined Hololive instead of, let's say, Game-Bu?

>> No.2498561
File: 188 KB, 800x450, F2F0D86A-A6C2-4605-A6EF-F0AEB9A0B6AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2498821

Because they want to make money? What the fuck does Gamebu have at that time before they implode? Views and nothing else. Also, Nijisanji members have been canibalizing eachothers for viewers and simps for a long time now. Just look at this list >>2469205 , a lot of them never dropped below 10k viewers in any streams, now more than 90% of them are averaging below 10k.

>> No.2499167

And the best holos during gen 3 debut were in the 3k-4k zone. Why not Niji then?
>a lot of them never dropped below 10k viewers in any streams
>a lot
One or two is not a lot.

>> No.2499334

Maybe, but she did also start Eilene Academy recently.

>> No.2499510

Nijisanji India is getting disbanded. They're probably getting ready for debuting NijiEN.
Still no announcement though.

>> No.2499596

>One or two is not a lot
It's not one or two though. Being Nijisanji member has never been stable, while Hololive always have very stable viewers and they're also growing, not to mention the shitload of money they were getting from Chinese fans.

>> No.2499900

I'm not going into the quality > quantity argument, but realistically, you have more chances to get into Niji than Holo, so it would make sense for people to apply there

Heck, they even take in people with no prior streaming experience

>> No.2499923

It's too late they missed the rona train. Unless we have another pandemic again they are not going to get anywhere near the interest as what happened last summer.

>> No.2499971

>It's not one or two
Name them. Maybe Sasaki and Lulu were 10k+ somewhat consistently but that's it.
Not always. Gen 0 and 1 didn't have it.
Yet they joined.

>> No.2500079

Hololive exists so it's going to be much of a problem

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