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Do you like watching vtubers being bullied by their peers?

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Shiina and Saku have been mabus for fucking years mate. Do your roommate reps.

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I know nothing about these people but I wanna fuck that bratty panda girl

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It's not fair, I wanna bully shiishii too!

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I know absolutely nothing about this girl, but seeing these makes me want to bully her too.

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I wish Matsuri would collab wth Chaika again.

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I wish she'd collab with Yashiro again...

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Why is the panda always bullying her friends.

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Nijis are all bullies

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She gets bullied too

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Incredibly so.

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how does the motion capture even works with that irl object??

I'm kinda confused.

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Niji's 3D technology is good.

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some interesting stuff in 3d
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2BGiYbf6Rw - tracking ping pong
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBd0yT9EZ-A - tracking beatmania play on a cabinet
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR6YeU6-xIk - tracking a full band
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD7XVWuL0Ao - tracking skipping rope
https://twitter.com/kuma_san2434/status/1379380407880228864 - gaming chair tracking
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTliNqbyHkw - another rhythm game cabinet

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO0l-TUrDoc dj practice in 3d

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Where is Okayu slapping Korone's ass

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I would rather have the pink haired girl bully me, but this is a decent substitute.

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WTF with that text over the screen.

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Niconico style comments, newfriend.

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Who is that semen demon dragon skipping the rope?

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you can just click the link to the original stream in the description if it bothers you

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So this is the power of sponsorships...

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based nijichad

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saku deserves abuse

fuck saku

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sister claire

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The great thing about niji is that they have 3D streams practically every other day

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Based CHADka

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Luna got bullied out of Nijisanji too

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She didn't. She just had no motivation as Moruru.

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Will Gibara go to that route as well?

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No that was the fat clown

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probably not

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shacho is so pretty...

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Actual sexual harassment.

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They likely only track a single point of the exercise ball by fixing a small device inside of it. Their software can find the rotation of the ball using either some kind of imbedded gyroscope, or (if the device doesn't have one) by checking the device's position relative to whatever position it was in when they set it up (i.e. if the device moves from the bottom of the ball to the top of the ball, the computer can assume the ball was flipped upside down). And then they can extrapolate the position of the ball given the ball's rotation + the device's position in 3D space.
Having it deform when sat on is probably done by taking the ball's calculated position and comparing it to the positions of the VTuber models, or the positions of the tracking equipment the VTubers are wearing. If the positions intersect, the software deforms the ball around the points of intersection.
The way they do it is probably at least a bit more complex, but I'd assume it's something along those lines. Pretty cool technology for sure.

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Same but sexually.

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Literally asking for it.

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Stop lying faggot

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It's a full blown /hlg/ narrative that fooled a lot of people.

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You can actually see her chest expanding from the huge sniff she took

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Only the ones I hate

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Probably the luckiest person on earth

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>Lunaitos actually believe this
Saku is a joke among her co-workers and when she graduated that time ppl though *she* was bullied.
Just accept that your oshi is a serial quitter menhera

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probably yes

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luna was struggling while Gibara achieved everything you possibly can as a vtuber even though she loathed streaming

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wTF is going on there??

Did she just sniff her ass on purpose??

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Wow even her baby talk is the same. Luna really is just a one trick pony.

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Okayu and Korone have a deep friendship.

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we dont need another monkey in hololive

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better not, even if she gets in she is going to be harassed by some nijitards, I dont want that

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Stop making me want to get into Nijisanji....

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Only like 6 Nijis are worth watching, the rest have no personality and are too boring or not part of the popular crew. Notice how it's the same characters in that video.

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Join us. You're missing out

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this, there is clearly some kind of favoritism inside the company

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well chaika and ryushen practically own the studio. akina once wanted to record a song but had to leave since those two booked all slots

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>that girl with the panda hoodie
Those are the only Nijisanji girls I know. Any other standouts I am missing? Mito in particular I have always been interested in.

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you forgot the whole sanbaka...

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Yeah, only 6. There's more than 60 worth at the very least.

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Kaede... Rin...

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There's around half of the entire JP branch in that video? Like it literally links to all the vtubers featured in the description and its around 50 different members.

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I wish she'd collab again...

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come on hololive, niji goes all out with their panties why can't you do the same

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what favoritism? lmao there's constant 3D stream from the ones that have 3D. Seriously it's trolling at this point.

If you're ignoring males and only counting girls there's Lize, Ange, Rin, Kaede, Chihiro, Tamaki, Toko, Akane, Tomoe, Sukoya, Gundo, Utako, Mikoto, Himawari, Shiina, Rion, Chima, Sister Claire, Nui Sociere, Dola, Furen.. There's a lot of good streamers in there with likeable personalities and with diffferent talents.

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My rrat is that Luna actually acts like that IRL because of childhood trauma or something
what happened with Gibara?

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>ignoring males
but they're the funniest ones

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There's chima if you like good singers.

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Sony can just call Google and tell them to give them a break on the lewd videos.

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Mito has always been the standout star in JK-gumi even back in the day. Kaede works hard but she's not Mito and Rin is a hermit.
I personally don't really care for Himawari, Nui or Shiina that much. Sanbaka is good. I can fap to Rion and Furen's avatars. I started to like Naraka after seeing her play with Daruma in CR Cup. Its good that she can combo.

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Cover is a chuuba company completely hard-carried by their talent. Cutting-edge, my ass. Niji's 3D is light years ahead and iirc they had inferior 3D to holos at some point in the past. It's not that Ichikara made a technological leap in 3D tech, they just got better. Cover is so goddamned incompetent.

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They used to. Aki even spread her legs. But those days are gone along with 3D swimsuits, thanks to youtube and their increased popularity.

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>Aki even spread her legs

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Maybe in APEX. But vtubers in general are getting more popular so while inter-company collabs still do happen, they will happen less since both sides will be busy with their own shit. Matsuri couldn't even join that APEX festival thing.

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Polka wasn't bullied.

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Can't remember if this was the first time or was it a reference to the first time.

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Yea, no idea what that anon's talking about. Nobuhime had a fine career for an oldie.

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Luna is a complete character. there are very early videos of her roommate from around 2012 with her real voice.

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He wasn't counting any male and only mentioning girls, which is why I didn't count

Sony Music invested in Nijisanji and they did it for other vtuber agencies. I have no idea why to insist in this bs.

she retired to do something outside of vtuber

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imagine the smell

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It wasn't that long ago but I guess it was still in the middle of Hololive's big boom.
Gibara quit. For English-speaking fans, it was kinda weird. Felt she had alot of groundswell initially with people knowing her for switching her personality but then EN talk/subs about her just disappeared and was replaced with Ars/Roa/Lulu and other Nijis.

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She should join Chaika, Yashiro, Maimoto and rikichi in one of their random ass 3d game streams.

>> No.2359344

I don't give a fuck about pantsu, I want 3D swimsuits. Fucking 3rd Gen are perfect for them and we will NEVER get them due to youtube. FUCK.

>> No.2359454

Even though Chaika is there, you'd probably want to add another female vtuber or ensure there's some female staff on the set since its a 3D game stream.

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Nope. Dick in face part 2

>> No.2359688

no, I want her to get gangbanged on stream

>> No.2360260

That can all happen. I'm just saying it probably feels safer for a woman to have another woman around if there are that many men. Since its 3D it won't just be vtubers there.

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Sexy bully

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I want to impregnate the panda.

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back when holo had soul...

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I want her to bully my dick

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there's a lot of good ones

>> No.2363406

Touya is a good place to start.

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That was literally last year you newfag. Stop trying to pretend to be an oldfag and making ignorant comments. Next time actually go look archives instead of waiting to be spoonfed.

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Built for Saimin djs.

>> No.2363600

Now that'll be a collab worth watching.

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Saku noticed my home country Trinidad while playing sonic Olympics, so I will always watch her

>> No.2364371

He's not wrong tho. Soulfullness decreases with size and time

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You guys fucking suck at pitching sales, how about you give a rundown about them instead of putting a list of meaningless names.
Nui Sociere: Titty monster might give you the impression that all she has to offer is related to sex appeal and that would be a mistake. She's an RPG enthusiast and has very lively reactions to the games she plays.
Shirayuki Tomoe: classy oneesan with a dom side, forms a (very likely real) yuri pair with Sukoya Kana called crossick
Furen Lustario: Knight known for not being the sharpest tool in the shed, tends to act first and think later while playing videogames. She often laughs off at her own stupidity.
Chima Machita: 90% of her content is singing related, if you're interested in that you WILL kneel to her.
Shizurin: Rin! Part of the student council group with Mito and Deron, she's often seen playing games by herself at her own pace. Recommended if you want an extremely comfy stream.

>> No.2366753

Chronoir (kuzuha/kanae) if you want fujobait, if you want ikemen voices you can try Belmond, Yumeoi, Kanda.

>> No.2366867

The blame is on youtube tho
Newfags aren't gonna understand when you say Deron, just say Kaede.
Kuzuha, Fuwa and Ibrahim have the hottest male designs.

>> No.2367395

Isn't it just as much cover being over cautious?

>> No.2367399

akina is cringe in a way that's funny and endearing if you're into that.

>> No.2367672

Luna is not a quitter and she is staying with Hololive forever...

>> No.2368223

I did kind of think that looking at it, with nothing but a name to go on you might as well just look at the website. But then writing a description takes far more effort.

>> No.2368748

Belmond has the hottest voice and his avatar matches it too https://youtube.com/channel/UCbc8fwhdUNlqi-J99ISYu4A

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Why did he do it?

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I want the holoens to beat kiara up live on stream in 3d

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because friends bully friends

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she's an actual bitch

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They should be overly cautious with all the shit that happened. They needed help from people like the fucking Quartering when they were hit with demonetisation shit early last year. Mel and Choco get new outfits but youtube still sometimes shadowbans them. And so on.

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Do you genuinely believe that Moruru was bullied by Sasaki? Or are you just shitposting? I really can't tell because of how retarded the fanbase has become.

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take a load of narratives about yourself from 5ch shitposters, cram them all into a parody and get 10 million views

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Their home 3D models still have pantsu i believe. Aki's were green.

>> No.2377433

i miss erolive bros...

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This girl looks retarded, but in a good way

>> No.2380007

I like her more than Luna.


>> No.2381898

Nijisanji feels like a highschool to be honest, like they all have their little ingroups. There's the popular bichis and chads with Sasaki, Kaede, Shiina, Himawari, Kuzuha, Chaika, etc. Then there's the autists and introverts like Ars, Roa, Marin, and at the bottom you have the social outcasts that were bullied out of the company like Luna and Polka. You rarely see them collab together because unlike Hololive they don't have a senpai kohai system.

>> No.2381951

>social outcasts that were bullied out of the company
>like Polka

>> No.2381992

>they don't have a senpai kohai system.
Did you miss that stream where Kanae got angry at one of the Korean newbies for not calling him senpai?

>> No.2382194

How has nobody posted the Sasaki smacking the shit out of Baqua clip yet. I think it even went too far for Okayu and Shiina but they played it off well.

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>> No.2382371

To be fair, companies are like that too with their cliques and shit.

>> No.2382489

You can’t have written this in earnest

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>dont have senpai kouhai
Due to Chaika and Shiishii, but that doesn't mean all niji members adhere to it.

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Or the ball is just painted and trackable with basic CV

>> No.2385792

You know she's actually mean when you notice she didnt push the girl and kicked the ball instead.

>> No.2386047

The levels of your fuckup are astounding.

>> No.2386131

Dumb question, but how the hell did they get that ball looking so good? Is it a 3d model? They couldn't have done it optically with keying or masking, so it has to be just a really good looking model, right? But then how rig it up to squish properly in response to the girl sitting on it?

Something tells me there's a really easy answer, but I can't figure it out.

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>> No.2386215

Why is Aqua so easy to bully

>> No.2386259

>Nijis are allowed to have panties
It's not fair holobros

>> No.2386299

Nijis are allowed to fondle each other on stream and be hit on the butt live. they aren't idols

>> No.2386362

Think I've got it. It is a model, just maybe with a unnecessarily high res jpeg of a real ball for a texture. You can briefly see the ball deform just after it's kicked. The bottom left of the ball pinches inwards, then just as she falls, behind her head, the ball distorts with a hard point.

It can't be truly optical with keying and masking, as the girl falls in front of the ball, so the irl girl would be visible, or at least her legs would be.

As for the distortion, I'm not very familiar with mo-cap but I could see playing sensors around or inside the ball, that relay position to each other as the ball is squish, which then is applied to the 3d model, which again looks really good thanks to the unnecessarily high res jpeg texture.

Is this making sense? It's really the only logical conclusion I could come with.

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>> No.2386549

How can she slap?! How can niji slap?!

>> No.2387903

based atahuta

>> No.2387937

Not a nijisanji liver. She was her own project/company like Mirai Akari/Aoi/Himehina

>> No.2387973

she was in upd8

>> No.2391266

Not as a talent under upd8. upd8 only managed Ai.

>> No.2394780

I'd fuck saku

>> No.2394993

I want to impregnate her with a whole litter of pandas

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>> No.2395363

clip cancer

>> No.2395926

She wasn't Nijisanji you absolute retard

>> No.2395962

> Polka
> Nijisanji


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>> No.2396103

God jesus

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d-did this actually happen?

>> No.2397146

Do your own research don't be like these two:
Butt spanking is fine and has happened in Hololive like in Aki/Luna/Robocco collab. Don't blame anyone for not watching those three low tiers tholol.
Like others have said, Nobu was not in Niji. But while Kuzuha is popular, he is far from a chad personality-wise. If you think he's a chad its not because of how it acts but because you just look at numbers and just read shit people say online. Thats like those "old" Haato fans who kept saying they miss her despite Haato doing streams where she isn't full-on Haachama during the "Haachama period", you don't actually watch. I'd say Kanae is more of a chad.

>> No.2400348

Are you talking him and Yuya from KR during APEX kill relay?
That was him joking, because on the same stream he's actually ok for KR people to talk to him with out Keigo.

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maybe I'm just horny but it almost looks like somone is moving her legs for her

>> No.2411577

imagine the sexual harassment behind the scenes in niji

>> No.2411674


>> No.2413067

Motion capture works on the same principles for objects as for humans. You set up a bunch of sensors on the object to be captured, and link that to points/nodes on a 3d model that you then animate/deform according to the captured motion data. The big strides in motion capture tech are improvements in either the capture method (using fewer sensors or capturing motion without a sensor at all) or the animation end (using various methods to extrapolate more complete animations from incomplete capture).

>> No.2413256

I still wonder about how the ping pong ball here >>2348473 is tracked though. If you put shit on the outside of it like the little bumps you see on suits people wear then its going to make it behave weird when you play with it but in looks like it behaves exactly how you would expect a ping pong ball to act. Maybe the ping pong ball itself is the bumps on the suit and the suit is background.

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>> No.2419948

The ping-pong ball is tracked by camera. Niji3D at home (not the one done at a studio, those use conventional motion trackers because it's more consistent) also tracks by camera.

>> No.2422671

Lol, you forgot an indie vtuber identity in between those two retire and debut

>> No.2422754

You don't know shit about what narrative you're writing
Why are all holofags like this?

>> No.2423492

Kanakana is certified troll, he doesn't care much bout keigo. The one who strict with keigo is touya

>> No.2423868


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>that sitting technique
Okayu is related to Lowry?

>> No.2429421

niggersanjis still trying to push their way into holofans good graces after forcing graduations and shitting on us for years
keep trying, nijiEN is a failure already

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>Do you like watching vtubers being bullied by their peers?

>> No.2432250

So ignoring the singularity of absolute retardation present in this post, I'm just going to point out that Polkahime's boyfriend is in Nijisanji.

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