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Why does Polka speaking English make me so hard

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Are you an architect anon? Does her heavy breathing as she strains to get every syllable out get you off?

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>those comments
Why can't we just kill Commies?

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Some parties claim that commies are humans, and that killing humans is somehow not ok when individuals do it, but totally ok when they do it though.

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She puts the most comedic value into it. And when she mimics the voices on Duoling she really shows how silly English sounds.

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Oruka love
Architect hate

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You love Porka but hate the only people who love her body?

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I want her to make fun of my bed before I shove her onto it and make sweet love

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She said something like "Don't touch me!" during the meme review with Coco and it definitely made me feel something

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Because they way she speaks English makes it sound like poorly scripted foreplay before bed.

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