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Gimme five more fags

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why is this controversial but saying/singing NIIIIGGGGGAAAAA is no big deal?

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JAV whore

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Fuck you sheep!

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She doesn’t know what nigga means, making it innocent. But porn is big no! That would ruin her reputation.

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the fujoshit mob can go to hell, but this shit has already been settled. its nothing compared to demonetisation or a ban by gaytube. both will come back very soon.

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Mmmmmm, yummy sideboob

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neck yourself dramaniggerfaggot

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So whats the drama about?
t. ESL here

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fujoshit roasties in their 30s went apeshit because of one fujoshit doujin insulting og gundam that made marine and miko laugh

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Wait this is still a thing?

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>vtubers laugh at bad doujin
>artists call for the ending of their careers
>somehow this provokes an official apology and hiatus from the vtubers
I feel like there's some missing context here.

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They didn't even laugh at it, they laughed because Miko put it in the fridge as a prank and the title is "Amuro Rape", they actually praised said they really liked the book
The missing context is that fujos are insane and normies are easily misled and there's a lot of people on the Japanese internet that bitterly hate Hololive for a variety of retarded reasons who were spreading misinformation

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Eh, there will be 50 supporters per anti or fujo who will continuously praise them and tell them they did nothing wrong. Might as well just throw a bone at the dogs so they can calm down and continue with their lives as normal. Is yet more dramafaggotry that will be forgotten after a month. Also that thin-skinned artist will end with the shortest end of the stick, so who cares.

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Fuck Japanese culture. They apologize and act guilty for no reason other than blanket conformity. They don't get that twitter drama dies as fast as it's created so now Marine and Miko have to lose weeks of income because of a few faggots on Twitter complaining.

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And you can bet they'll be showered with akasupas as soon as they return, we all know this story already so why making an even bigger mountain out of this molehill? We're also talking about two of the most beloved holos by both Cover and their fans, so again, why even worry?

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Coco bore (and continues to bear) the vitriol of Chinese antis and it only seems to make her more powerful and her fans more dedicated.

Miko and Marine are a similar calibre of Vtuber in terms of following and earning power. If anything the obvious forced apologies are just drawing attention to those who have wronged Miko and Marine, which - if the chats on those videos are anything to go by - their fans are not taking lightly.

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because nigga isn't a japanese word you mentally ill american

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but i love it when she sings nigga

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Why do people give into this bullshit. Just say "get over it" and keep streaming.

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Why don't the nips know about never apologizing?

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They only do that to their WW2 war crimes!

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jap culture is based on apologizing about everything except what is actually shameful as >>2247664 said

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Ironic isn't it?

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>Clippers misrepresenting idols to make them look bad
Isn't this a crime in Japan? It's definitely a crime in Burgerland.

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I still don't understand why they had to apologize, all they did was talk about a doujin while superchats were on.

Is it illegal to monetize commentary on copyrighted media in Japan? If so, then how to review magazines/websites continue to operate?

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it's even in the fan works guidelines, so yea you're in for a really shit ride if Cover pursues legal actions

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So 2D have rights now? If that's the case then then the VAs shouldn't be allowed to be anonymous.

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Because no one sued her?

Try to be that idiot and threaten to sue her or at least spread her clips of her saying that to BLM community, then she would graduate.

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Poor Miko.

Stupid fucking nerds crying over something so trivial. Jesus christ.

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