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Why is she so ungrateful for her supporters?

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She had a small heart because size of her chest.

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Because she knows that half of them think shes an underage anime girl and watch her only to UoooH

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Will Gura become a menhera?

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You'd be ungrateful too if you knew half your fanbase ran harassment campaigns against your coworkers.

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because of HERfaggots, literal kids and trendhoppers in her fanbase

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I blame /pol/ for that Ollie.

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Her fanbase is shit, Pekora should do the same, it's a pity that good chubas get those terrible fanbases

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>why is she so ungrateful for her supporters?
>t. someone who doesn't watch Gura
fuck off faggot. this board is nothing but low effort post after low effort post in between the ritualposting generals.

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post at least 10 timestamps to support this or kill yourself

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Pol did nothing wrong!

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/pol/ + /albania/ is everything wrong.

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Yeah, she is especially ungrateful to her biggest supporter: DudulTv. Despite the fact that he made so many animations of her she still refuses to have discord sex with him.

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this Gura cover is very underrated

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give it up chumfags, your oshi thinks you're a bunch of losers

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>source: dude trust me

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>you're a bunch of losers
She isn't wrong, but we could avoid that point.

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reminder of chumbuds crimes
>raiding Fubuki's chat after Gura hit 1m subs to brag about it
>harassing Iofi on Twitter for not translating during Among Us collab
>harassing Suisei on Twitter for dodging suspicion in Among Us collab using "I don't know English" as an excuse
>plotting to raid Kizuna Ai's chat after Gura passes her in subs

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They really are the nousagis of EN

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Poor Iofi.

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all me

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what a fuckin beast

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chumbuds are secretly nousagis

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Sounds like chumbud superiority has led to some controversy

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This is all either overblown or outright false anti bullshit.

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Tell that to Iofi who had to apologize.

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So what? You don't even care about Iofi.

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Ok, fine, Sounds like chumbud superiority has led to some inferiority. Better?

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Ungrateful you say?
Try again with some other Holo, or better yet, kill yourselves

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That's outright false bullshit.

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>using Iofi who lost her mind about 2, count it with, 2 comments and has been heavily criticized for it

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She sang this on her latest karaoke so I just default to that one.

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>thinly disguised falseflag thread

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Huh. Must have actually missed this one.
Thanks anon

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>Blaming the victim
Never change chumkeks.

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If you cared you wouldn't be bringing up months old drama, she wouldn't want that.

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Why are there a lot of anti-gura popping up recently? Did she do something controversial in her latest stream?

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your oshi does too, unless she’s mentally fucked.

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Why did you bump this thread?
It was about to get archived.

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I wanted to know and I didn't want to make a new thread when this one was still up.

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Just the standard Vtuber hate. Gura is one of the famous vtubers of the west so she gets of undue hate.

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Original songs aren't great unless the singer puts their heart and soul into it. See Kiara vs. Suisei's original songs. Considering that Gura doesn't seem overly enthusiastic about making an original song, it's better that she doesn't rather than half-assing it.

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She already is.

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Eh, there's more hate towards chumbuds than Gura herself.

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>Kiara is omnipresent

Kiara i kneel

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They attack Gura through her fans because its all they have. Not like it matters, she's basically untouchable now.

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gura would rather lie on her belly all day (and night) long for months than use her brain power to compose song

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>plotting to raid Kizuna Ai's chat after Gura passes her in subs

only this one is based, vtubing outside your company is competition and you should do everything to stagnate their growth or even destroy them once and for all, everyone who speaks otherwise are lying

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But to compare with Suisei, it can even be called unfair lol
Suisei's has the idol aura i am unable to really grasp from EN

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The same reason there were 7 fucking Kiara threads while Ame, Gura, and Ina were streaming yesterday.
>Why all the Kiara hate?
>Why does she needs 2 hats?
>Why is Kiara so orange?
>Kiara is...
It’s painfully transparent astroturfing. They spam and bump threads about her nonstop when the other members are streaming, and shit talk the rest of HoloEN when Kiara is streaming. The rest of HoloEN gets way more attention and they can’t stand it, so they do everything they can to make it about her or to drag others down in her honor. They are a disgusting Cult now and they deserve each other. Fuck KFP and the shitbird. I don’t even know which one I hate more now.

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I mean.. Comet isn't that good but NCP is great...
Everyone improves over time, I'm sure a year from now Kiara's original songs will be miles better than the recent ones.
Anyways, she IS working on music but she has no connections so it takes longer. Just be patient.

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are you serious? this stuff all definitely happened except for Kizuna ai but I absolutely believe that it will happen

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Exactly what I thought, here comes the KFP cult to bump their own bait because no one cared.

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i kneel....

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OK QAnon. Enough of your false narratives

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>This one guy in the MHR stream right now chaining superchats for a super cringy poem. He's at 19 at $10 each as of posting this.

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>posting on 4chan
>thinks he ain't a loser

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>Kiara's songs ain't good
I find it kinda sad, as Kiara's dream, even before Hololive, has been to be an idol, and she found some small success in some literally who anime cons, using her money to hire profesional photographers, trying her best to get attention, and in the end, nothing worked, then she found more success hiding her real face, and still she's in the last place of her coworkers. She wants it so bad and yet it seems it will never happen. Personally I find her whole "I wanna fuck Callie" shtick really annoying, same with Callie "tsundere" retardation, but I can only sympathize as I too am pursuing a dream that seems to go far away the more I try.

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>be Iofi
>public figure
>have a misunderstanding over a position/duty that was pushed onto her
>fail to clear it up or correct her position/involvement
>day of event becomes chaotic, with her and others failing to properly facilitate communication
>less than a handful of people directly address her, criticize herr participation
>be Iofi, and in all Iofi fashion, have a meltdown
>make very public twitter post fishing for pity from her peer group, senpais and the public at large
>end up having to delete them and apologize, again, further dragging the matter than it needed to be

I am not a chumbud and I don't even hate Iofi, but all of her problems involving that particular incident were of her own making. A lot of the blame falls on Cover because they lack foresight as a company and they don't train their staff in fielding feedback, but that doesn't preclude the fact that Iofi herself is a public figure and should be aware that these things are going to happen and should be prepared to handle them as they come.

It's basic customer service/public relations.

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Chumbuds are actual children. Seeing how little the numbers mean probably made her envy the sort of chat cultures you see with Aki, Flare, and Towa.

>> No.2200895

What are you insinuating?

>> No.2208035

all of these are gigabased
keep seething gook

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The difference between Kiara and you is that Kiara kept trying and is now living her dream.

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>this board is nothing but low effort post after low effort post in between the ritualposting generals.
then gb2 ledit you sad cunt

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Because her chumbuds are bunch of ass-kissing losers that are easily enamored by anything she does.
>t. chumbud

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It's pretty obvious she has a disdain for her neckbeard audience.
But her disdain is also cute.
She dislikes her audience but she has to pretend otherwise. It's kind of hot desu.

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She is American.
Americans are ungrateful pig.
Fucking USA.

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I mean look at these losers

>> No.2220691

imagine hating people who give you infinite money, if I was given thousands of dollars just for being cute I would thank my audience every day. Hell, just get a homeless guy off the street and get him to stream, he'd probably be more thankful than gura.

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Have you not heard her menhera nihilism lines?

>> No.2221304

because she didnt earn them

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>It's pretty obvious she has a disdain for her neckbeard audience.
look at this rrat

dude, this girl is as pure and wholesome as they come. I think she's just uncomfortable with the idea people toss money at her, and doesn't know what to say to them. She doesn't hate them, she just doesn't know how to thank them.

>> No.2223489

it's kiara's fault.

>> No.2223565

How didn't she earn them? Literally EVERYONE was wary of EN, thinking it would blow up right in Hololive's hands because they'd hire some stupid bitch that wouldn't watch her mouth on stream. And to everyone's surprise, it turned out to be great, despite Gura getting a lot of fire for her design.

>> No.2224831

what a cope. this shit is her fucking job. she’s paid to entertain us. she’s just cocky and will fall hard

>> No.2224878

Gura shits on her audience every chance she gets. She calls them retards and one of her answers in the Jack collab was "Imagine if chat was actually funny". It's very obvious she fucking hates them

>> No.2224942

>chaaaAAAaaaat, the joke doesn't suddenly become funny when you say it a second time.
i think she has a pretty good relationship with her audience.

>> No.2224958

I think gura didn't expect she'd get so many subs and maybe even dislike it cause she knew with huge fanbase, there will be a lot of toxicity. Not to mention most of her subs are probably bots.

>> No.2225078

Pretty sure Rushia is very tired of the flat jokes too but she rolls with them because she wants to entertain her audience. Understanding that the chat is going to be cancer with overdone jokes most of the time is vtubing 101. Gura should just deal with it rather than trying to counter unfunny cancer with passive aggressive comments of her own

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no, i think gura is cute when she admonishes chat for being unfunny.

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