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>getting into Hana because of her cool deep voice
>reading up on her wiki page and find out about some famous guy on her Doom stream so go and check it out
>notice her voice is higher pitched and she sounds like an anime character

The fuck? There are VTubers who do fake voices instead of using their normal speaking voice? How do they maintain that when they're streaming for like 6 hours? Regardless, I have to do more research and find out when she decided to drop the fake voice.

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they're playing a character

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>some famous guy on her Doom stream
You know, just some dude. Only the best VGM composer of the decade

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If he BREATHES, he's an E-CELEB!

Also anon, people's voices change when they're in front of a microphone. My brother's voice goes up an octave when talking on the phone, drives me nuts. Mostly sure he's not trying to be an uwu anime girl. I hope.

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*Also OP...

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I'm just glad she isn't in that whiny depressed funk anymore.

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i love this little coffee bean

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Quite a lot of them do it. Especially at first. Especially back then.

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who gives a shit. when is her dad getting back on stream?

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what, you thought they weren't good?
they're very good

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>Mostly sure he's not trying to be an uwu anime girl. I hope.

What's wrong with that? You could finally live in your incest dream.

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Humans subconsciously use higher pitched voices when they are trying to endear themselves to someone else.
Women have figured this out long ago and can do it on command in an attempt to get more simpbux.
It stresses the vocal cords and can ruin your voice in the longrun.
See: Suisei https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SbV0sRjffw

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I want to drink this menhara civet's poop coffee

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>There are VTubers who do fake voices instead of using their normal speaking voice?
this is a bait post right? i refuse to believe people are this fucking retarded.

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Never, schizos and weirdos ruined it by being weird in her chat.

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Anybody have a link to the piano version of her BGM from her anniversary stream? It was on the last video

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They all moved to Hololive after Holo EN debuted. Her chat is much cleaner now

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Hana was right!

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Why does it always have to be poop

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Chicken hands wrote this post "ironically"

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>insults her paypigs
>wtf where the paypigs

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I legitimately cannot tell the difference between Suisei's old and new voice. If she hadn't announced it I don't think anyone would have noticed. It's nowhere near as drastic as Hana's voice change.

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That wasn't Gareth Coker
Mick is close but his Killer Instinct soundtrack is better than his Doom stuff. Nothing from Mick touches this masterpiece though.

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Wow this board has a custom spoiler icon, that is really cute. I'm surprised the mods put so much work into this board, people act like it's a containment board but it's clear they like VTubers too and are putting the work in.

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As long as she keeps using that sexy deep voice she can insult me however she wants.

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When was the last time he appeared?

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every board on this hellsite was a containment board at some point

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He showed up in a discord call for like 2-3 minutes for her birthday stream to wish her a happy bday and give her a present on steam.

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Why would he even be creeped out by weird people, he's an old man. Old men don't get bothered by anything.

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>He's an old man

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He's an old queer, and was rolling with the bullshit pretty well when he was in stream. I think he's just seriously working in his next book and isn't normally awake for Hana's standard streaming times.

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Maybe because people keeps saying they want to fuck him. I'm sure I'd be creeped out with that no matter how old I am.

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eventually you get to a point where you just don't feel anything at all because you've seen it all before so many times

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You talk like you're speaking from experience, have you really had people tell you they want to fuck you hundreds of times?

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>last stream she wore glasses on her live2D
Be still my beating heart

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Maybe Henry is an introvert menhera too

>> No.2060148

>old man
He's only in his 40's

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He's a weeb, he knows the drill.

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Wouldn't that mean he conceived Hana when he was like, 20?

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You do realise that there are twenty-year olds who have sex and get married, don’t you Anon?

>> No.2061342

I mean nothing wrong with having sex at that age, just seems a little young to start taking care of a child.

>> No.2061390

Yeah, probably, but most people mainly think about the sex and stuff rather than thinking about ‘oh I might have a child’

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Accidents happen and 20 years ago and he was in the US Navy at the time. Military money is steady and good enough for even an E3 to raise a kid on.

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>hana's mom is dead
How long did Henry raise her on his own?

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This sounds like Konata's backstory from Lucky Star, though I'm sure the dad had help from family or friends

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Careful. That means her mom can show up as a ghost.

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My dad lived in Indonesia for a long ass time while I lived in the states. The timezone differences make it pretty hard if you are doing a normal sleep schedule.

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Why are there so many Americans in Indonesia, are there like big business opportunities there or something? I don't know much about that country.

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My dad lived there because he was a bird/reptile breeder and the environment made it easy to do that. Also it's kinda like living in Hawaii but doesn't cost as much.

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>hana is literally konata
god i want to fuck her even more now
why you gotta do this to me anon

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I'm surprised nobody even came up with that comparison
although I don't remember Konata saying haha poopoo

>> No.2063562

You WILL come to Indonesia

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What is the reference being made in this image? I understand that it's Battler from Umineko but why.

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low quality human resource, hiring foreigners for anything we incapable of.
born and grown in this country for 20 years, still amazed at how pathetic my country is

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eh. After she accidently voiced her real opinion on her fans calling them incels and I figured out dad wasn't dad I dropped her

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Reminds me of holofights

>> No.2064869

She still talks in deep voice on spacha reading streams.

>> No.2064895

me neither, i never watched the dub though

>> No.2064944

We have three, cute right.

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"I'm sorry incels. I'm joking. I'm joking. I'm joking. I'm jo- I'm joking. I'm being- I'm being- I'm joking. I'm joking chat. I'm not... JOKING! JOKING! Don't get offended! I'm sorry! I'm JOKING! I'm JOKING! Gonna put that out there. I'm JOKING!" - Hana Macchia, 2020

I dunno, I think she was joking.

>> No.2065899

I think she just realized she fucked up

>> No.2065929

If anyone in her chat is so fragile that they leave after hearing the word incels then I'm glad they're gone.

>> No.2066023

Ok have fun paying for "Papa"s condoms

>> No.2066048

what made her recline so bad?

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Bro were you actually expecting to marry her or something, I'm not surprised at Japanese people sperging out about "muh purity" but it always blows my mind to see an actual American on 4chan do it. She can have as many guys as she wants and I don't care, I would too if I could. Probably wasting my time saying this to you but I hope my post is really stressing you out.

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Hana is still the most popular and standing out from NijiIDs. Even her genmates are much worse with Taka being cringy as fuck and Zea being boring.

>> No.2066291

They're pretty good when they collab together

>> No.2066347

Collabs are almost always better, because they can play off each other. IDs know that and constantly invade each other's streams. Same as HoloIDs. JPs don't really do that.

>> No.2066379

stop using headphones so much anon its ruining your hearing

>> No.2066389

Imagine a Holostar climbing into Pekora or Aqua's house from the window at night like Indogs do.

>> No.2066403

Yeah, you're not a real american unless you've suck 5 cocks.

>> No.2066444

What did she mean by this?

>> No.2066640

Earbuds ruin your hearing but on-ear headphones are safe.

>> No.2066668

Imagine climbing on top of Pekora or Aqua.

>> No.2066805

Her attempts at running comedy are irritating. I wouldn't watch her even if she wasn't sharing her typical westernized girl on internet political opinions with the world. One big vtuber plays Dusk and it had to be her. Sad!

>> No.2067050

Political opinions? Like what? I thought VTubers stayed away from politics.

>> No.2067385

Nijisanji is not hololive. They can do and talk about whatever they'd like as long as it's not discriminating against race, gender or religion. They can talk about politics https://youtube.com/watch?v=P5e4cVkC-TM?&t=172

>> No.2067810

Zea is much better than hana

>> No.2067882

>They can talk about politics
Why is this good?

>> No.2067895

Because certain people like it. Better to be free to talk then shackled by regulations.

>> No.2067915

>you must listen to ignorant EN members talk about why Denmark is socialist (it's not) and the USA should become Socialist like them (it can't)
No, I don't think so.

>> No.2068042

At least they don't talk about trannoids

>> No.2068051

Nobody's forcing you to watch it if you don't like it. But by the same token, just because you don't like it doesn't mean it has to be forced to stop existing.

>> No.2068159

Interesting. I'm subbed to a Niji member and I noticed the other day that her description said something along the lines of "no politics in the chat" so I assumed that was just how they all were. But I guess it's actually that she personally chooses not to have politics rather than not being allowed to. At any rate, I don't know what the "problem" with Hana is but I doubt it is something that would bother me. I shall be watching her more often.

>> No.2070161

Upon doing some research it appears that Hana Macchia is famous for announcing when she has taken a huge shit, so apparently talking about her poop is actually quite topical and not merely your usual /vt/ fetishists.

>> No.2071268

anon she's Noraneko. She's not one to obey rules...

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Long looks better on her...

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>ponytail hana
>glasses hana
God I can't contain my erection

>> No.2072147

I cannot fathom E3 pay and a kid. When I was a E3 I was scrapping by, that said my BAH barely scratched living in Houston at the time. E5 pay though, easy to raise a kid, especially if the significant other has a a job.

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I want to put a baby in this adorable student teacher.

>> No.2072768

>tune in to hanamaci
>sappy talk again
I can't be crying every time i watch her streams anons..

>> No.2072791

Yes you can. I know I can.

>> No.2073277

There are? I thought all the Americans were at the Philippines due to all the US establishments being there in SEA.

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She's basically coming to terms with essentially fusing her offline and online personas. If you think about it that's a pretty big moment for any vtuber. What once was this character given to her that she probably wasn't completely comfortable being for the longest time has now essentially become her. Anyone would get emotional at that.

It's quite strange when you think about it. For many vtubers the person becomes that character, but in Hana's case the character has now become the person. Sure many of them starts to gain aspects of the person over time but not quite to the level I think we've seen happen with Hana. I find that very fascinating.

>> No.2074527

i used to watch Taka regularly even his FFXIV streams since i like how he reacts to MSQ. Then Captain Tsubasa happened when he actually has a lot of viewer for his standard, but he don't continue to New Hero mode that makes me lost all respect to him. That's why i switched watching Yashiro and other JP instead

>> No.2074599

She's always been more of a "regular" streamer than vtuber. In her old stream she gave away a ton of personal info, even her irl name. If anything, she's been concerned with content stagnation recently.

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Yes all true, and because of that she's seemed to always doubt her place in Niji ID and as a vtuber in general. But lately she's seemed a lot happier, coming to terms with herself as "Hana." The tired Hana from a few months back is gone and she's been extremely upbeat and happy as of late, and I think a lot of that has to do with finally letting go of her doubts about being a vtuber. She hinted at a lot of this in the stream that just aired.

It is good that she's worried about stagnation, but she doesn't seem upset by it like she was for some time. Because of it she's actually playing games she wants to play, like how she used to, like Cruelty Squad, much the opposite of some time back where she was going through a weird "content" obsession phase playing crap like Phasmo and Among Us.

Hana is such an interesting case to me as a vtuber. She goes about everything so different from every else in corporate vtubing. Gotta love her.

>> No.2075183

Hang on, she didn't make her character? I thought it was common for VTubers to, if not design it themselves, at least have a lot of input, because it's hard to play a character that does not remotely jive with your personal sensibilities. So they tell the designers what they want the theme to be and so on. Does Nijisanji not work that way?

>> No.2075260

she meant she hates you and every other male

>> No.2075288

It's hard to know the entire process but generally it seems more about finding some who fits the character to a T as close as possible rather than finding a person and designing the character around them. I know for a fact that this is how it was done with gen 5 of Niji ID at least.

>> No.2075293

>have a lot of input
For indies for sure. For companies it is a recent development. Usually the characters are shown together with the audition announcements.

>> No.2075401

I hate males too. Yet another thing we have in common.

>> No.2077067

Hana voices jumps all over the place. She herself has talked about this before.

>> No.2079518

chances he applied to Hololive EN?

>> No.2080072

Is that even possible?

>> No.2080191

Yeah I'm a dude and I do it too (subconsciously). It's weird because I look like I'm in my 30s but I sound like a kid

>> No.2081387

don't see why not. the Hololive audition announcement specifically said it was gender irrelevant. on top of that papa macchia showed interest but at the time said speaking only English was an issue.

>> No.2083700

>dad isn't dad
what? doesn't she unironically hate men irl? I doubt that if that wasn't her actual dad she'd ever talk to him outside of work.

>> No.2085269

You have to understand that the person you're talking to has already built a web of schizophrenic conspiracy theories in his head and thus logic is not going to get through to him.

>> No.2085328

>chat says something disgusting
>Hana: oh my God you guys are so weird

>> No.2089115

I don't get it.

>> No.2089373


>> No.2089555

never heard her talking about hating men, source? regardless, person youre responding to is retarded

>> No.2089908

The /v/ on /vt/ aint just for show, we have /v/ retardedness debuff inside us along with their tourist problems

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>> No.2091633

That's rather interesting that you have your Twitter language set to Chinese.

>> No.2091727

hey, she's got a point

>> No.2091795

How can you tell it's chinese and not japanese?

>> No.2091920

+500 social points for me

>> No.2092119

Because I'm not an uneducated piece of shit who revels in his ignorance.

>> No.2092640

I'm from singapore, fuck off.

>> No.2092722

I cant believe this cawfee producer could be this genuine

>> No.2092793

The only giveaway of language I'm seeing is 時間 which is the exactly the same in Twitter's Japanese interface, at least when showing replies.
So tell me, what am I missing? Clear the ignorance I'm reveling on.

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My Oshii can sing, draw and produce entertaining zatsudan. E-girls can attract the male gaze, parrot memes they don't actually understand, and struggle to swing their hips to a beat while doing the bare minimum for what can be considered dancing. they aren't the same.

>> No.2092858

Stopped reading there, calling you a retard now

>> No.2092940

she's right you know

>> No.2093086

Why doesn't Eating Mike Tyson's Ass-san ever visit Niji streams?

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File: 109 KB, 1080x1314, a88f270b1849a34f9d4a34867cd9a87b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You dismiss me because you know I'm right. You deflect because your fragile consciousness has no other defense. You attack me rather than my argument because my argument is watertight. You are weak. I am strong.

>> No.2093317

I dismissed you because you wanna play idolfag and can't even remember the terminology. I didn't even read past oshii.

>> No.2093322

just like with any hobby, there's a lot of newcomers that just stick to the most popular option since it's "safe".

>> No.2093359

If I'm such an idiot then you have no fear in confronting my argument then, right anon?

>> No.2093390

They're pointing out that you spelled oshi wrong. Thus, whatever else you said is worthless.

>> No.2093412

damb. :(

>> No.2093415

why does this makes me diamonds

>> No.2093448

Are you saying that merely reading the post aroused you? I would get it if you were listening to her voice because she has a nice voice and merely listening to girls talk turns me on all the time. But text alone, I dunno.

>> No.2093468

She's a Civet and Kopi Luwak is a thing

>> No.2093695

just the post, not even listening to her voice

>> No.2096122

I don't know what to make of that. Perhaps the word "joking" really gets you going?

>> No.2096993

She's an allright girl but this take is retarded. Well, maybe Niji vtubers are the same as e-thots, in general.

>> No.2097604

53, if I can help it.

>> No.2097650

Wait, what's her real name?

>> No.2097689 [SPOILER] 
File: 76 KB, 800x450, 1617263440420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her real name is JOHN CENA

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File: 69 KB, 1000x1000, En-fwKfVEAATZ3X.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And what would gain from this knowledge, anon?
As others have pointed out there is little different between Hana's roommate and "Hana Macchia" at this point. Her new outfit is literally based on her real self.

>> No.2097908

Oh is that why people keep saying roommate, all this time I thought people were saying the VTubers actually have a real roommate and that's how people keep finding out who they are because their roommate leaks it, and I was thinking weird, why do so many of them have roommates, especially if they're so untrustworthy. But now I'm realizing that roommate is supposed to be like some "cute" way of referring to the person behind the avatar or something, treating them like a separate person. Which while confusing makes way more sense than everyone happening to have a roommate.

>> No.2097939

I didn't know Darren Korb was on Hana's stream.

>> No.2097984

because I'm a fan since 2019 and I missed this video. And idk who's her roomate either.

>> No.2098034

Funny how Hana has basically never had to do kayfabe because she's already an anime girl.

Foreign exchange student, half American half Japanese, main character of her branch, shy but horny, etc.

>> No.2098049

>shy but horny
Name one other anime girl that this describes.

>> No.2098104
File: 42 KB, 600x750, 39f6892caf6be90371fc224fe3d4d4fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shy perverts are nothing new my dude but here's an obvious example.

>> No.2098113

There are probably dozens. One I can remember is the main character from shimoneta

>> No.2098280

>Meme Gordon
>best VGM composer
Absolutely lmaoing @ your shit taste

>> No.2098301


>> No.2098420

Her deep voice is her lazy lay back voice.
Get her exited aboot anything and Hana gets squeaky.

>> No.2111822

>he fell for the "complex characters = always Chinese" meme

>> No.2112293

anon this is a level of kanji you can learn in dulingo

>> No.2115524

But that means she had an excited voice the entire Doom Eternal stream. Is it that good a game?

>> No.2119111
File: 105 KB, 1000x708, Natsuiro_Matsuri_Fourth_2D_Costume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are Vtubers getting costumes that reflect their IRL selves going to become a trend, eh?
Festival did the same thing recently.

>> No.2119455

Just look up her final Eternal stream.

>> No.2120151

Did she say this is based on something she normally wears or what? I don't really watch her.

>> No.2120209

No, that's ZUN.

>> No.2120224

its mikoler

>> No.2120280

Maybe it's just like Lulu's alt without the hat and sweater?

>> No.2120373

Who the fuck is that?

>> No.2120774

>Are Vtubers getting costumes that reflect their IRL selves going to become a trend, eh?

Maybe not costumes resembling their IRL selves, but more casual outfits in general

>> No.2120888

I like that they do this, feels more fitting for a streamer. Easier to envision the character is really there sitting at their computer playing video games, when they're not wearing like a ridiculous suit of armor or something.

>> No.2121013

>Did she say this is sorry on something she normally wears

Buddy you can look up her roommate and see her in a sleeveless version of that dress.

>> No.2121353

I don't go in for that doxing stuff so I'll take your word for it.

>> No.2121490

did her new kouhai still want to score with this flower girl?

>> No.2122685

The guys or the girls that want to score with her?

>> No.2122733

Reminds me of the pictures gibara would post of her clothes on her sub account.

>> No.2123816

Is this going to be the Hana Macchia general thread? Did anyone here watch her drawing stream I was going to catch it live but I didn't want to miss Chima's unarchived karaoke stream, how was it?

>> No.2125079

Niji must not be very popular if one of the most popular ones doesn't already have a general thread, huh? Well, I prefer it that way though. Less popular so that the chat isn't impossible for her to read, but not so unpopular that the chat is dead.

>> No.2125799

I find her mildly amusing, seems to be quite a nice person. I began following because her character and outfits are cute without being generic outlandish weeb trash

>> No.2126203

I remember that she did say that on the reveal stream but it doesn't mean that she owns the exact same clothes. Only the fashion style is similar.

>> No.2126850

I just realized, the clothing is actually her default outfit but with the jacket off. You can see it hidden on >>2042154. Don't know if it's obvious but I don't see anyone mentioning it so I thought I would.

>> No.2126894

Caught some of her persona streams, she's pretty funny and cool. Kinda weird people obsess over her father.

>> No.2127060

Most people's fathers have an old man voice but Hana's dad has a voice like he's 20 or something. I kind of get it, it's a sexy voice.

>> No.2127097

She has many schizo antis because of her tweets, but she’s actually a sweet girl who’s just a bit over the edge (not as bad as Kiara or Matsuri)

>> No.2127122

What did she tweet about that people are mad at her for? Can't be worse than anything Reuben Langdon said, yet people still like him.

>> No.2127330


>> No.2127505

I like the thing below Hana's mouth. I don't know what the word for it is but you see it on some anime girls sometimes, like to give their lip some definition while still keeping the anime style mouth. Rin Shibuya is a character that has it drawn like that. I don't know what the rule for using it is, sometimes I see it on characters that they want to look mature, but sometimes they aren't that kind of character at all.

>> No.2128258

But that's true? Literally the only difference is that VTubers have anime avatars. That's it. Well, I guess it's not surprising that anime fans would be ridiculously thin-skinned about something like that. People in this community like to consider themselves "above" 3D women but it's really reaching a breaking point now that VTubers are right there on the precipice. It's not like fictional characters where they have an out where it's like "They're written by male writers so obviously they're better than real women" (not always true anyway, plenty of great female writers out there like Yuniko Ayana). VTubers are a real, flesh and blood and boobs, actual woman talking to you in real time, with her own voice. Her actual thoughts are going unfiltered right into your ears, and people are liking them. And that makes some people uncomfortable, realizing they just might like women after all.

>> No.2129047

That's like 80% of Niji ID at this point.
Taka being the exception, and he's done offcollabs with her several times. That man has the willpower of a fucking saint.

>> No.2129118
File: 403 KB, 1221x1080, 1616939804148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There shouldn't be a difference. You're right. 2D loving gremlins living in your head aside, we should judge people based on their merits.
So I'll just stick with making fun of boring whores, of which the majority of e-girls just happen to be.
While enjoying content full of energy, authenticity, and originality, which vtubers just happen to be.

>> No.2129157

Very comfy and ultra laid back, lots of tired deep voice Hana. It's short so watch it and the her Untitled Goose Game stream from today if you have the time.

One thing I've only noticed recently because Hana rarely does draw streams is that she'll almost instinctively draw emotions or little chibi pictures and then immediately erase them to express herself midconvo, I find that to be an absolutley adorable habit.

>> No.2129199

Ty anon! I'll make sure to watch it instead of doing my Alice guitar VOD reps.

>> No.2129431

I would say that there is probably a connection between the fact that they use avatars and the fact that they are more lively and entertaining to watch. Because it means they can't rely on their looks and have to bring people in with their personality. Which is why you even see really popular VTubers that have truly awful models, because they bring a great personality to the table and that's what the viewers are there for. Hell, if a VTuber is streaming something where I don't need to pay any attention to the visuals, I just listen to it without watching, maybe while I'm multitasking playing a game or something. After a point you've seen all the model's facial expressions so you can just close your eyes and imagine their face just fine. There's a certain appeal to that.

>> No.2130294
File: 292 KB, 1311x720, EwuOBGwVkAEpwY5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're not a big ol' stinky, are you /vt/?

>> No.2130344

No, I'm a good noodle!

>> No.2130555

I really hope she plans on finishing Cruelty Squad, fascinating game.

>> No.2130565

It's in early access IIRC, maybe she's waiting on more content updates

>> No.2130655

So... do different regions of Indonesia have different accents just like different regions of America do? I really do not know much about that country. But I notice some Indonesian vtubers have similar accents to each other and some sound completely different. I'm looking at a map and I see Indonesia is like a whole bunch of different islands north of Australia so I guess the different islands could be like different states?

>> No.2130667

Anyone have a clean recording of the laughtrack she made with her own voice? I need it for reasons. Guess I can comb through the streams until I find a good moment if I have to.

>> No.2130905
File: 283 KB, 800x800, Ex4VW-LUUAELqQZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute grandma

Also I swear that fucking twitter post is practically a ritual post for Hana threads at this point.

>> No.2131119
File: 543 KB, 2000x841, 1595224665499.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2131834

Wow this country is fucking huge. I'm surprised it's not more influential on the world stage like the other big countries are. You never hear anything about "the delegation from Indonesia" asking for something. They seem to just keep to themselves.

>> No.2131854

>Commie dad

>> No.2131868


>> No.2133402

No proof I guess. Shame, I would have liked yet another reason to like him.

>> No.2133421

>My brother's voice goes up an octave when talking on the phone, drives me nuts.
That isn't even remotely normal. Not where I live at least.

>> No.2133458

Dunno, but I've seen this and the reverse to be true. When I was 12 my voice was higher when talking on the phone, but once I was older It turns lower instead.

>> No.2133467

Her Doom streams and Pikamee's streams were my gateway into vtubers but I couldn't stand her streams of the Doom expansion anymore when I realized she never switches off the super shotgun

>> No.2133511

Mind you, Hana isn't Indonesian at all.

>> No.2133621

But her accent is distinctly not American or Japanese so she must have picked it up from living in Indonesia so long.

>> No.2133969

i think sometime during this stream he mentions being a socialist. i don't have a timestamp, it's been a while since i watched it and it's late.

>> No.2134142

Aurelia Vizal

>> No.2134310

ogey chang

>> No.2134558

>content full of energy, authenticity, and originality
Pic unrelated right?

>> No.2134688

I see that she's busy girl by being literally all of Indonesian female vtubers.

>> No.2135021

Thanks, this helped me find a clip video on the Vaush subreddit. He seems pretty great but I don't really understand how someone can have a daughter and then go "welp, I'm gay"?

>> No.2137910


>> No.2138234
File: 408 KB, 750x750, 1603846028701.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vtubers are better than regular e-celebs simply because they know that anime is better than them.

She may try to deny this, but deep inside, she knows it to be truth.

>> No.2138250

Why is Eminem throwing a rat at me

>> No.2144438

I've always wondered about this. Why did she choose to be a student in Indonesia? Indonesia isn't known for having best universities. Did her dad neglecting her or something? So she was forced to live with her aunt in Indonesia? Something like that? Give me the rrat.

>> No.2144888

Maybe it was stupidly cheap or something?

>> No.2145023

Maybe he isn't confident enough to raise her by himself and sent her to the mother side family

>> No.2145060

1. Mom's not Indonesian
2. Mom's not even alive

>> No.2147372

No need to even get into that. It says on the VTuber wiki that her father neglected her because he was playing DOOM all the time.

>> No.2148073

Indonesia, australia, and a few other countries in oceania entire Economies are practically fueled by running schools and universities for foreigners(mostly china, japan, vietnam, and sometimes america) since in japan and china there aren't really alot of high education schools that have enough space, or in like vietnam they just straight up don't have it.
why she's there in the first place?
I dunno desu

>> No.2148143

wait I just realized american Higher education is batshit insane expensive and indonesian is dirt cheap but with same results, and she may not have had good access to Japanese higher education and it may have been something that was planned before mom dieded

>> No.2155618

Either way she comes off as incredibly smart so it seems to have worked out.

>> No.2155819

So she can't speak indonesian natively?

>> No.2156164

She can speak it fluently, if that's what you mean.

>> No.2156454

What happened to her mother?

>> No.2156673

According to wiki she died a long time ago

>> No.2156704

She got a full ride scholarship for engineering in Indonesia if I recall.

>> No.2156972

Bi people exist anon. It's ok

>> No.2157415

She can, but there are a lot of slang that she haven't picked up yet. Indonesian is easy to learn for basic conversation but is a different beast when it comes to slang.

See that ethnics map that anon shared in the post above? Everytime you visit a different region you'll learn a lot new slang.

>> No.2157431

Actually he identified as pansexual in the video. Fucking nice breath of fresh air to see someone so unapologetically left-wing in the anime community, really tired of the /pol/shit after immersing myself in this site for well over a decade. If this wasn't the only anonymous website out there I would have left a long time ago, but that's how it is, so I'm here to stay even though I despise so many of you.

>> No.2157505

probably has something to do with indonesia having a lower gdp per capita than namibia

>> No.2157760

That's sad.

>> No.2157868

Every time you post this, it only gets more based

>> No.2157992


>> No.2158183

The question is, based on what?

>> No.2159642

She's telling it how it is.

>> No.2159683

I want to read her dad's books. That is why I need a last name,

>> No.2159744

7/10, could be more subtle.

>> No.2159770

Pansexual is just Bisexual fishing for woke points.

>> No.2159989

Has he at all alluded to being a writer at any point?

>> No.2160007

but anon, what about all the other genders out there like
>girlish boy
>boyish girl
>girl born in a boy's body
>boy born in a girl's body
>boyish girl who says they're neither but is still basically just a boyish girl
>boy who says they're a girl but honestly isn't even fucking trying
>minecraft glowsquid
and so on.

>> No.2160052

Yes, he during the Doom streams.

>> No.2161136


>> No.2161838

Is it true that she's a bitch behind the scenes.

>> No.2161974

How could anyone here possibly know that? You're just an anti trying to stir up shit. Doesn't seem like it's your first post in the thread.

>> No.2162015

it's the opposite
she's the object of envy by other members

>> No.2162119

You think they don't get help from their extended family in such cases? I would like to think most people don't immediately severe ties to their family when they are old enough to drink.

>> No.2164052

Its kinda weird, most people i know from 4chan are pretty leftie, but it seems the ones with /pol/ minds arn't too social so don't engage with 4chan's satelite communities.

>> No.2165281

Listening to her tell the story about how she can't use chopsticks was one of the funniest things. I'm glad that it seems that she's happy in Indonesia.

>> No.2165326

Shut the fuck up you annoying faggot

>> No.2165468

>most people i know from 4chan are pretty leftie
Yeah maybe if you only browse /mu/ or something. Unfortunately /pol/ infected most boards and it’s left a long lasting effect.

>> No.2165627

Unfortunately no fun allowed faggots infected most boards and it's left a long lasting effect.

>> No.2166397

I can't find a chlip of this. Please help?

>> No.2166439
File: 62 KB, 400x400, marisajp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2166991

From her latest drawing stream, if the links fucked up check the comments for the timestamp it's at the 12 minute mark https://youtube.com/watch?v=B3ulT3LW-4Q&t720

>> No.2167160

Anyone that actually gives a fuck about left or right or whatever shit most Americans like to scream about are no fun allowed faggots to me. We need to go back to pre-2010.

>> No.2168574

>look at Taka's latest stream
>it's not even him streaming, it's some other Niji ID person
What the fuck is his deal?

>> No.2168884

ok boomer

>> No.2169283

ZEA is feeling down again, please give her a visit.

>> No.2169577

I ended up checking her out because this thread made me aware she exists, and go figure the first stream of hers I sit down to watch live is something heavy like this. So I don't know anything about what she's been like in the past but I do know it's always sad to hear a girl cry so I hope she feels better soon.

>> No.2169739

She's had a stream in the past where she talked about being sad about having low viewership/subs. Think it was half a year ago or so.

>> No.2169832

Your average metalhead folks

>> No.2169930

Dang, I sure wasn't prepared for her crying. I don't really follow her. What exactly made her feel so shit?

>> No.2170246

It's very likely, from what she's been talking about, that she feels like she's getting left behind as the vtuber bubble grows. The girl has worked hard since day one though, harder than most in Niji ID, but sadly she's also one of the most self-critical of the bunch.

>> No.2170276

Hm, I actually had just been thinking about that. I was looking at her sub count and then the date when she started and thinking, holy shit, it's actually really impressive that someone can have the dedication to keep streaming for at least a year and a half despite never even having cracked 100k. I seriously respect VTubers like that. Especially in her case, with her having Hana as to compare to and Hana being so much more popular. I can imagine it would be fairly demoralizing so I'm not surprised to learn it's been eating at her. Well, I've subscribed to her and I'll try to catch her streams when I can so I'll do my part to help her increase her popularity.

>> No.2170313

She's been bottling up feelings of not living up to expectations. Sounds like she's constantly thinking about it.
I checked the other ID livers and it seems like she's on the higher end of views with around 3-4k VOD views but she's been the one who is actively trying hard to grow her channel and it hasn't given the results she wanted.

>> No.2170431

What exactly has this hard work entailed? Not a sarcastic question or anything, I'm genuinely curious what she's been doing to attempt to broaden her appeal.

>> No.2171207

I'm only a part-time viewer but I know for a fact she practices singing a lot, her aim is to be an idol after all. She also collabs quite a bit in outside of Niji ID, stream multiple times a week, tries of a variety of weird streams (she did one where she streamed while her live 2D at her office dayjob, man that must have taken some guts) and tries out different games both weird and popular to see what her audience will enjoy the most.

I do however, agree that there's "something missing" with ZEA, as she herself said. Being cute and dorky will only get you so far, I guess. Hana is the funni one, Amicia the comfy one, Nara the dommy mommy, Bon the daddy, Miyu the tomboy, Derem's been around for only a few months and already she's known as "the weird one." ZEA is kind of caught in the middle, I think. I still like her a lot though, and despite all this she's had a lot of success from just that hard work alone. I appreciate that drive. Maybe being the hard-working idol is her identity, but that sadly doesn't really translate to well to streams.

>> No.2171684


>> No.2172354

male admissions go straight into the dumpster.
JP laws don't allow for gender discrimination so they have to say "gender irrelevant" even though everybody knows that there's never going to be a mixed gen in hololive

>> No.2172487

This is the most interesting thing to me. You don't pick that accent up (or any accent really) unless you were there from a really young age, so... How fucking long has she been living there that she developed that accent?

>> No.2175988

I would say ZEA has the same appeal as someone like Tokino Sora, just a standard idol-looking character for people who are into that, thing is Sora has a massive advantage due to being one of the first and even then she's actually not quite as popular as you might expect, so it makes you wonder if there's really all that much demand for such a character. And then ZEA being Indonesian and Nijisanji just makes her even more niche than that.

>> No.2176400

She said herself she's half Japanese on her mom's side, and she also mentioned her mom died while she was young.

>> No.2176643
File: 1.87 MB, 2807x3508, 20210403_150402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2176965

I'd hug our gf

>> No.2176987

Sure, it's always nice to hug your grandma.

Joking aside I love her new costume so much, you can tell from the stream where she debuted that it means a lot to her too.

>> No.2177833

Theoretically it could be possible that someone pulled a Fairys and fooled them into thinking they were a girl, but in the case of Hana's father more likely is that he applied for Nijisanji EN.

>> No.2177876

>means a lot to her
>goes right back to using her old one in her next stream

>> No.2177966

Then put it on again for the funni birb game. She just likes dicking around with model combinations.

>> No.2178417

It hurts my heart that the Indo debuff is real, so many talented, unique and funny individuals in Niji ID alone, yet in places like this are rarely talked about.

>> No.2178870

I wonder if it's just people really thinking they only stream in ID.

>> No.2179354

Comfy and wholesome girl

>> No.2179539

I just wish she didn't overuse so much internet lingo, it ends up coming out really cringe

>> No.2180640

That's because you're cringe

>> No.2194400 [DELETED] 


>> No.2194469

I wish she used more internet lingo, like "based." Every time I hear Ame say based it turns me on for some reason.

>> No.2195678

I swear every time someone posts this it gets more (You)s each time. Based Hana making purityfags seethe

>> No.2195734
File: 300 KB, 1800x1800, Ex_TkP1XMAAxu9K.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't think I didn't see that bro. Nice save.

>> No.2195754

I didn’t realize this until recently. /vt/ has the most retarded terminology

>> No.2196727
File: 523 KB, 926x472, rrat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hana has sex with her dad.

I would elaborate but I'm tired. So have this humble rrat.

>> No.2196963

VShojo is getting more popular every day, I think that American viewers really don't care about purity like Japanese ones do. You see a lot of people on this board still trying to use it as a trolling tactic because there's a lot of /jp/ remnants who think this board has the same culture, but I tell you she could literally be taking a dick while she's streaming and I wouldn't care as long as the stream is entertaining.

>> No.2197006

That's probably true, I avoided HoloID for the longest time until I happened across some clips and realized they spoke a lot of English, and Hololive is way more popular than Nijisanji. Doesn't help that some of them in Niji actually do speak Indonesian 90% of the time.

>> No.2198304

Course if I were someone who wanted to make Hana look good, my strategy would be to pose as an anti that's shit talking her, then respond to myself defending her, and then have the "anti" double down and make Hana haters look like really awful people meanwhile I'm making Hana's fanbase look really good by being extremely civil and polite and talking about how great Hana is, and so people would really start hating Hana antis while loving Hana even though in this hypothetical situation both of them were me the whole time.

>> No.2199511

That's the thing, feels like the explosive growth for a handful of Vtubers over last year has severely distorted the perception of "normal". There's a ton of talented streamers that haven't broken 100k, let alone talented Vtubers.
ZEA's sub count is extremely respectable, even full-blown idol units like GEMS Company can't even scrape together that many even when you combine all the Vtubers in the group.

>> No.2199942

That's a rrat? They're a bit too close.

>> No.2200785

It's just the usual schizoids thinking "He sounds young so he's actually her boyfriend! Ha ha ha, now I have ruined Hana Macchia for you! *swoops cape*"

>> No.2200865

Oh man, again. It makes me so sad to see her again. She was the second person that got me into nijisanji after hana. Now imagine that NijiEN debut and they surpass her in less than 6 months, this will consume into her a lot. ugh

>> No.2200906

It has nothing to do with "purityfags", it's just an incorrect statement. Vtubers that I watch are not the same as e-thots, they are entertainers who put slightly more thought into their content compared to your average twitch streamer.

>> No.2200940

On the flipside, NijiEN could be just the thing she needs to achieve more popularity. Moona and co. became a whole lot more popular after HoloEN so I could very well see the same thing happening to her.

>> No.2205108
File: 760 KB, 4096x2809, EiQO5mhU0AAzB3b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you you guys actually want to support Niji ID:
Anniversary free talk with gay otter and alien:

Drawing with a cute teacher:

>> No.2205406

Hololive ID 1 got more popularity because of Pekora.
ID 2 rode the wave from EN exploding in popularity.

>> No.2213884

And even then, they don't get nearly as much attention as EN or JP Vtubers. I genuinely think most people are spooked away from ID because they assume they don't speak English, and as for why that doesn't stop them from watching the JP ones, I bet you a good chunk of them are like "Heh, I know some Japanese from anime, I can handle this." and they can't do that for Indonesian. Although if you watch anime, you should know "selamat pagi" because of Nichijou.

>> No.2215413

That one's custom made for her & is unreleased

>> No.2216345
File: 219 KB, 440x329, swagface.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would anyone SEA care to explain what the discussion about eating walls in Azura and Miyu's stream was all about lmao

>> No.2216870
File: 1.64 MB, 1500x1500, 1607498693373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she means wall's
it's an ice cream brand

>> No.2216907

I don't really like their designs. Seriously, I think the 4th wave might be the most perfect so far

>> No.2217353

Ah I see. I'm just retarded. I thought the guy in chat was literally talking about eating walls.

I like Miyu's design quite a bit, and I personally think Azura is a bit over-designed. Etna's design is great but to me Siska and Bon's are just a bit too simple to be all that memorable. But to each their own.

As much as I love 3Set the other Gens really need some new costume and 2.0 love too. Really want to see Miyu out of that otter suit...

Annyways, Hana stream in a bit

>> No.2217562

Etna's design is downright amazing but how are you gonna go and use the name Etna. There's literally nobody else named that but the Disgaea character. It'd be like naming yourself Bowser Turquoise and your theme is that you're a robot, it's just too iconic a name to use like that. Great design but I don't know what she was thinking with her name.

>> No.2218095

But Cover and Ichikara were opening their Indonesian branch because their targeted market is Indonesian. They never intended to attract the EN market in the first place, so it's not a loss if ppl from English speaking website aren't talking much about them. And ppl who said that ID is a testing branch for EN is retarded.

Look at Maha5 agency. Their fans are purely Indonesian and they can be far more successful than NijiID and although they're still below the HoloID, they're doing okay without having to court the EN fans like HoloID.

It's mostly bad management from Cover and Ichikara that hinders them from gaining more local fans. They're forcing the Japanese business model in a place that has far more different market climate than Japan.

>> No.2218107
File: 647 KB, 893x1263, 47e9a0d7dcac9ef91f3f3e8c84ee1cd3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me Etna just conjures up imagery of an old Jewish woman.

>> No.2218262

Unfortunately Maha5 attracted some of the worst kind of fans. I think Lumi Celestia had a breakdown because a lot of her fans are a bunch of misbehaving underaged retard that can't read the rules and the situation. She needed 4-5 mods in chat to keep them in check. I don't think any of Holo ID and Niji ID fans would be ready for that if somehow they decided to go full focus on local audience growth.

>> No.2218475
File: 142 KB, 1242x1242, EhRA3WIVoAAQrpz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're probably right, it was probably just a happy accident that Hana and the rest of Niji ID even appeared on the radar of mostly-English viewers like myself in the first place.

Still I love them, and I hate to see the bias against ID vtubers so prevalent here. Maybe it only exists mostly in the /vt/ bubble, at least that's my hope.

>> No.2218517

The P4 streams are coming back bois, hell yeah.

>> No.2220785

Hana is gayer than usual today.

>> No.2220799

Does Nijisanji have to deal with permission issues like Hololive does, or do they just don't care? It seems like they stream a lot more.

>> No.2220941

Hana/NijiID new thread soon?

I guess the bias against ID has to do with the language itself and assuming that they all speak only ID. I guess compared to certain languages it doesn’t sound too pleasant.

IIRC Nijisanji got permissions well before the HL debacle. It’s kind of why they have potential to stream a lot more, even if some of the members don’t.

>> No.2221227

>Hana/NijiID new thread soon?

New thread >>2221212

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