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Ironmouse is live edition!

Thread to discuss the members of VShojo plus their most common collab mates / closest friends! Talk about VShojo the company, Projekt Meldoy, Nyanners, Ironmouse, Silvervale, Zentreya, Froot, Hime, Veibae, Snuffy, Momo, and Bunny! Other friends may be added later, but for now this is the place to talk about these 11 vtubers!

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nyanners talking about mouse is this raid incoming?

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Get those cocks ready, Snuffy is LIVE

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playing final fantasy? will she get back on spyro?

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Oh god is this more super seducer?

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DSL snuff

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More super seducer, I was waiting for this.

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>Projekt Meldoy
You might want to fix that copypaste

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final fantasy more like falling into tetra master hell

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Is that Mousey? Wtf happened to her?

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Cock goes in mouth. Teeth run against cock.

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Any momofags here?

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I want to suck on Melody's Hush toy.

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Snuffys highest YT video view count.


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Is this game supposed to be terrible or does this guy have zero self-awareness?

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It's supposed to be a "this is how you pick up a woman" Mouse is obviously doing the stupid shit just to make it funny

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Super seducer is very weird. It's unclear if the first game was supposed to be serious or not, but people started making fun of it and the creator actually went with it and the sequels are basically memes in game form. The second game has a scene where he fires rockets on a youtube convention and kills alpharad and jim sterling.

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tfw no ironmouse gf

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Explained here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Nlkte-hGHc

tldw: meant to be a model for April 1st but couldn't wait.

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So it's a like a "the Room" situation then, that makes sense.

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I think it looks better than her other recent models

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It's a pickup guide but many of the choices, even some of the "right" choices have zero self awareness behind them. What this game doesn't tell you is that most women are trained from birth to smell this shit from a mile away and avoid these types of people.

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god this is hard to watch but ironmouse is cute anyways

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The previous one was way more cringey. Especially the one where he chats with the two women.

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that fucking zipper

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That exchange was so cringe it killed Ironmouse

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I have watched a minimum of 10 hours of each vshoujo (total: over 100 hours). Here is my ranking of girls best to worst.

Nyanners > Mel > Silver > Froot > Mouse > Hime > Man

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Neither the human body nor human technology was meant to withstand such intense, long-lasting cringe.

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Has Hime even streamed for 10 hours yet?

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Holy crap. I made that. How'd I fuck that up?

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I agree with where you put Zentreya, at least

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The guy behind the game is a PUA. Of course it's supposed to be serious. I can't speak for 2 or 3 but 1 is full of all kinds of little things that PUA's actually believe, gaslighting, misogyny, and weird assumptions about biology that aren't actually true. It also exposes how comically inept he is at basically everything. If he leaned into the joke everyone made of him after the first game then that's a marginal improvement.

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>Ironmouse is going to play all 3 super seducer games

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Make Mouse first and Nyanners last and then it's accurate.

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Is the meme that Ironmouse is going to die true? I just started watching Vshojo and shes cute as fuck but I don't want to get attached

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She has CVID. She's not going to die any time soon unless she gets an accidental exposure to some virus or bacteria. She just has a compromised immune system, life expectancy is currently more than 50 so she's fine.

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She's been feeling better ever since she's been able to afford higher quality medical care.

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Sweet, thanks anons.

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I do not even bother watching froot, hime or man i am excluding them to make a better choice later.

I would usually put Mel 1st place when she plays big brain games like portal and hell taker. And of course collaborating with other V-tubers.

1st place for Iron mouse only when she collabs with Mel and other V-tubers, her games seem boring to watch like seduction simulator.

1st place for Snuffy but that depends on game of choice like I want her to play spyro. preferred old 3d model.

Zentraya goes for top 3 when she collabs with other V-tubers specifically mel, nyanners or mouse.

I feel autistic watching nyanners but place her above silvervale.

Momo I place above silvervale for cool character and voice design with choice of games.

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Vshojo > Most HoloEn > Independent western VT > Kiara

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>I would usually put Mel 1st place when she plays big brain games like portal and hell taker. And of course collaborating with other V-tubers.

V-shojo members Iron mouse dominates in twitch 1st place with nyanners and mel not too far behind. I cant figure out why nyanners has song videos with million of views on YT so she dominates in that field.

The only reason Mel has like twice the amount of followers on twitter is she has like a Celeb kind of status. People have seemed to enjoyed hyping her up too much like multiple YT videos of different well known YT streamers hyping up her ordeal with digitrexv. hosted her in a game with other big shots like mia malkova and wilbur soot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojWsWKbKBhk literal news article information stating like how she is a threat to live models even this fucking quora answer got 124 thousand views https://qr.ae/pG7qdR.

Their popularity in different media platforms is intriguing.

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One is Nyanners, another is dying, and another sticks things in her ass for money. Why

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Barely. 12 hours, 9 streams total in 2 months. One was only 30 min long. Plus I think 3 cancelled ones, and the collab on the vshojo channel with Mel and Froot that she ditched less than an hour in while they kept going.

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cmon man

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I think I am falling in love with zen

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why are her lips so sexually underage

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yo Toad choking Wario to death with the kings cape is pretty fucking based

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This movie is fucking awesome.


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this hyper expressive tracking is a game changer for watchalongs

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Actually delusional. You fail for doing PUA stuff like negging in the first game.

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Oh shit the guys who made that Mario movie are in Mousey's chat and she's losing her mind!

>> No.1936668

I can't believe Ironmouse is fucking dead

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So happy for the Mouse to get to meet people she admires.

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wait why she crying?

>> No.1936791

it's really nice that these days even people that are confined to their beds/rooms can live out their dreams, even if it's just through a pc.

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so what was this controversy where she called her chat "losers?" I can't find an actual clip of it and all I get is the perspective of simps.

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She decided to take a slight detour from Super Seducer and showed us all Mario Warfare, a fanmade MANLY BADASS rendition of the Mario story with shit tons of references, gun-fu, hard-boiled martial arts action, a lot of humor, and Luigi. It was a fuck ton of fun to watch, but what we didn't know is that apparently a couple of the guys who made it were in her chat watching it with us. Mousey said that she first saw the movie when she was in the hospital and that it really brought her a lot of happiness when she was in a pretty low point, so when she found out the creators were there watching with her (and one of them Tweeted her) she got emotional getting to meet the people behind the film and express her appreciation for what they made.

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you mean like the rest of this board

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intimidated/impressed you had it on speedial anon

i feel like she was half joking but i also got the feeling she was being half-serious. i can kinda see how she lost simps over it. there's a decent chance she hates the whole "moe uguu vtuber" thing since she basically dropped that persona and wanted to be more "normal."

>> No.1936913

oh well mouse is leaving time to watch silver.

>> No.1936951

i mean not really, she has a chronic disease and has an excuse for living on the internet.

>> No.1936959

and of course she will raid silver.

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It's clearly a fucking joke and I don't know how anyone got offended over it. Maybe if Snuffy's actual personality was ever the uwu cutesy vtuber that her old voice pretended to be I could see the argument being made, but she was talking about eating smegma and shit even when she used the cute voice. And even if someone was stupid enough to be mad about it there's also the fact she was drunk off her tits when she said it so it would be easy to "forgive" her.

It's telling she didn't apologize for it. She brushed it off, saying that anyone who got upset probably didn't belong in her stream anyway.

>> No.1937039

VShojos tend to raid other VShojos first (tho not always), so I don't know why that's weird.

Wait, did she actually lose viewers for that? She was talking to VEIBAE who is well known for calling her chat losers, small dicks, etc, so it was clearly a reference to her being there and a joke. What a pack of pathetic bandwagoning jackholes.

>> No.1937074

There's been talk other places that maybe Snuffy isn't all that comfortable with her sudden boost in popularity. She went from having hundreds or so viewers per stream to several thousand in the spam of a few months, most of which boomed in a few weeks. I don't think she was ready for that kind of fanbase, and, to be frank, the fans she gained were mostly new fans. Which is GOOD, meaning she wasn't stealing other streamer fans, but they were clearly just flavor of the month types if that chased them off.

>> No.1937117

She did but calling it a "controversy" is overstating it. It was like a half-dozen people in her Discord that I saw and not anyone else. Whoever called it a controversy sounds like they're trying to stir up shit to me.

>> No.1937143

i've noticed that the youtube algorithm has been shoving snuffy and juniper clips down my throat (which I'm fine with because I like them both) but I get the impression that the mystical almighty internet gods have chosen them to get more popular.

>> No.1937174

I dunno, it hit kinda different to when like moonmoon says it since he says it all the time. seemed kinda weird. I have this rrat that snuffy despises people who liked her old persona specifically because it was a "cute anime girl" and doesn't want even the slightest hint of simpery in her chat.

>> No.1937204

Sounds about right then. Tempest in a teapot.

Me too, and I don't usually watch a lot of Snuffy myself. I like her just fine, but she isn't my main watch. Juniper I have not watched at all but get a shit ton of her videos rec'd to me. I think it's mostly the clippers. Some have focused pretty hard on VShojo+ and other western vtubers (Cooksie in particular), but some have been scared off VShojo and are just doing the independents.

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I mean, I can see how people think it hits different, especially since Snuffy hasn't been known to be particularly antagonistic to her chat. But that cuts both ways, she's not that antagonistic to her chat, so why would she start there? I think she meant it in that standard tomboy fashion where they're acting like a bro and just giving their bros a little shit, y'know? It doesn't seem sincerely like she thinks her chat is a bunch of actual "losers".

>> No.1937277

her point was that she feels comfortable singing for chat but they're nobody compared to vei. it was not super tactful but I interpret that as saying more about how she views vei than how she views chat

>> No.1937306

Yeah, I concur. She and Vei have been friends for a long time, so she was probably also digging a bit at Vei too.

>> No.1937307

go to bed Snuffy

>> No.1937374

Yeah, the most simple explanation is that Snuffy was playing up the simping for Vei

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annoying that vshojo members keep saying V-tuber. were they like this more than a month ago before the creation of this board

>> No.1937592

that figure looks fucking terrible. i hope they offered her a shitload of money because i'd be embarrassed to have a figure like that of me.

>> No.1937613

I don't understand your question.
Are you complaining about the pronunciation or something or are you seriously asking of vshojo members used the word vtuber before a month ago

>> No.1937751

I think he is offended that people who stream outside of youtube call themselves vtubers. so i'm pretty sure he is just retarded.

>> No.1937761


> t. digitrexv

>> No.1937809

i mean, it's become a catch-all term for virtual avatar streamers. I wonder what you'd call them before?

>> No.1937841

The Vshojo girls have mentioned wanting to use the term VStreamer as a catch-all term for Twitch, bilibili and other sites where they may be. But it still doesn't get much traction outside of that and for an ad it'd be easier to use the vernacular everyone understands. So yes that anon is retarded.

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well, in any case vtuber or vstreamer have been the terms used on twitch since the english boom first started in late 2019 through early 2020.
silvervale pic related

>> No.1937898

why are there no booba itt?

>> No.1937976

dont know what hololive is but glad mouse's video helped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3Is4AIpcGs

>> No.1938089

Are you mad they're not saying "chuuba"?

>The Vshojo girls have mentioned wanting to use the term VStreamer as a catch-all term for Twitch

I don't remember any of the girls ever saying they want to switch to v-streamer. Twitch prefers "v-streamer", which, nobody else uses but Twitch officials. In fact they all use [vtuber] tags in their headers so they can be searched for.

I think it's fucking cute. The tiny pancakes makes it even better! It's a minor Mel meme.

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All you had to do was ask, but you'll have to be more specific on whose booba you wish.

>> No.1939558

i dont care. poost boob

>> No.1940720

if people actually watched the stream to get the full context of the joke rather than just a fucking clip they'd see the punchline not but 30 seconds later where she goes "no i'm sorry i was just trying to look cool in front of a hot girl!!!"
this isn't anywhere near the first time she's playfully bantered with chat, so i'm pretty sure the (very few) people that actually left were fairly new and didn't understand her personality, and probably just knew her from her clips that had blown up recently
like, i respect (the non-shady) clippers for what they do to give the streamers exposure, but people who rely solely on clips and then act like they know what's going on are a pet peeve of mine

>> No.1942085

Snuffy isn't vshojo, though.

>> No.1942204

sensible chuckle.jpg

>> No.1942520

read the OP, idiot

>> No.1946240

Mouse, Mel, and Silvervale have all mentioned wanting to do that on Lewdcast, but the biggest reason they don't is because it's kind of throwing yourself under the bus to not use the imperfect term that's more familiar to everyone.

>> No.1946369

If I recall the chat was extra shitty that stream, so if it caused a few of those people to fuck off then even better.

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File: 130 KB, 1024x659, ExarWS-WYAQ3EX4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Mel live! https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody

>> No.1951327

>It doesn't seem sincerely like she thinks her chat is a bunch of actual "losers".
Could you blame her if she did though?

>> No.1952597

when is v shojo going to add new members? they collab with independents enough like snuffy the veibae that they are basically honorary members at this point.

>> No.1952656

nyanners is shit and constantly brings down the rest of the cast. mouse and mel are top tier. zen is a man, froot and hajime just kinda exist. add snuffy veibae and juniper for fucks sake.

>> No.1952659

neither of them are interested in joining vshojo currently, they've talked about it a number of times before since people constantly ask them
vshojo has said if they do add new members it will be one at a time, they won't be doing generations

>> No.1952779

yes please add veibae
in one of her recent streams vei even said that shed love to join vshojo, but that its expensive for a small company to constantly add new members, so it may not happen anytime soon, sadly

>> No.1952881

them being added doesn't really functionally change much in terms of stream content anyway since they still collab plenty with the vshojo girls
sure it will open up some potential sponsorships and other opportunities but when you're a big established indie those aren't that hard to find either
it certainly wouldn't be bad for it to happen eventually but i don't know why people constantly harp about it, i'd rather it happen later on down the line when both the streamer and vshojo are ready, rather than just doing it haphazardly just so they're part of "the group"

>> No.1952963

I don't think they're in a hurry to add members right now. They started in late November and just had their last member debut in late January. Since then they've been working on things, it seems. Not sure what the VShojo Twitch channel is supposed to be for, the official merch line just launched, the girls are all getting model changes and updates as they wish, and there are obviously background things happening like the Kizuna Ai concert negotiation (which was just announced) and Mousey stated that there are more big announcements on the way (she did say once that Lewdcast has a rather impressive guest coming). I said this before months ago, but I think the plan is: establish talents -> build brand recognition -> make the current talents big -> then expand.

The foundation is built, but there's more to do. They want to be able to promote a new talent and get them as big as the others quickly so they're not lagging behind. This is just smart business.

>> No.1954372

>in one of her recent streams vei even said that shed love to join vshojo
Is there a clip of that or do you remember which stream that was in?

>> No.1954738

Not that anon but I remember this too. It was one of her more recent streams is all I remember and I've only been watching her play Oblivion so it's probably one of those. Can't be any more specific than that though.

>> No.1954941

Vei is pretty much a honorary Vshojo anyway and she collabs with them a lot. Lately she collabs with Nyanners almost every week and those streams are always great. If she wants to join the group then I believe it's only a matter of time until it happens.

>> No.1956047

i like how you put this anon, i see it now from your perspective. its almost as if...

>> No.1956376
File: 1.53 MB, 960x960, 1616876394881.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...they're a business?

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File: 1.03 MB, 2646x3679, 1614552197591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which one?

>> No.1958505

I. Ron Mouse is live!!


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>> No.1958636

vei's energy, accent or thirst for dick, any of them alone would be enough, all 3 combined with a decent rig?
fucking. diamonds.

>> No.1958744

The Spanish word of the day is "Peekza!"

>> No.1958866

I hope Vei's migraines get better. Feels like she hasn't been on in ages.

>> No.1958983

I have to wonder if we will ever see Snuffy officially join the group. She is probably my favorite unaffiliated vtuber other than Momo at this point. But I always love Mousey if for nothing other than her being the same weirdass weeb chick she was back when she was just doing this for double digit audiences and that was considered a big crowd. It's been refreshing to watch her grow by just being herself.

>> No.1959108

>Ironmouse is live edition!

If you call that living.

>> No.1960827

i'm real curious if snuffy/etc auditioned for holo en 2 and that's why they're just hanging around for the time being. froot/hime seem like outsiders so i wouldn't be surprised if they up and vanish if they get offered a spot.

actually what if someone like silver joined holo, would she be a turncoat sellout and never mentioned again? Wasn't silver a mod in ame's old twitch channel which might be a huge plus if she wanted in?

>> No.1961250

I missed it, why is Mouse upset at this dog guy she's looking at?

>> No.1961455

he said "ignore vshojo" and then seperated melody from vshojo, and then said vshojo is less popular than melody.

>> No.1961509

I’d let Snuffy toss my salad

>> No.1961570

highly doubt snuffy did, she seems to like the set up she has now, and the popularity it unfortunately comes with. she has also said she's not really a fan of the way hololive does things and not a fan of way they view vtubers (my words, not hers) The only one of vshojo i could see leaving for hololive is hime, simply because she is in japan.

>> No.1961652

who wouldn't. i'd drink her menstrual fluids.

>> No.1961739

I doubt any of the Vshojos applied. I think Nyan and Silver have told their chats that they won't apply and Melody obviously won't either because camgirl stuff and Vshojo was her idea. Hime is the only one I could maaaybe see applying, but Yagoo would get a stroke if he saw Hime's content. I'm unsure about the non-Vshojo friends, but I think Vei has also flat out said that she won't audition for holo en.

>> No.1961874

I’d let her give me a Cleveland steamer

>> No.1962007

if you are curious about something that dumb you should just watch more

>> No.1962309

wtf ironmouse is based shouting out small time vtubers

>> No.1962339

it wasnt that bad but he came out like a dick for chat, at least mousey took it well in the end

>> No.1963218

Froot seems like she would get along well with Gura/Cali/etc., so I wouldn't be surprised if she auditioned for Hololive before Vshojo was a thing. But now? She's definitely not going anywhere now.

Hime and (I think) Melody mentioned that they are open to having new people join, but they don't want to just add new members just because. Vshojo's family to them, and like they said, talent comes first.

Which on that note: Mel's a camgirl, Silver makes MMD videos, Froot's an artist, Nyanners sings, Zen uses TTS... you get the idea. If anyone new is joining, they're probably going to be friends with everyone else and they're probably bringing more to the table than just another vtuber model.

But I wouldn't expect a new Vshojo member for a year or two. Not while Froot and Hime still feel new.

>> No.1963547
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what did she mean by this?

>> No.1965067

She was mostly trolling, but I think she was also hoping he'd come back to VShojo and say something nice since he SENT a fucking link to her over Twitter to one of his songs.

I'm not 100% sure I know what he was trying to say with the vtuber circle things to begin with, but when he did come back to VShojo it was like an afterthought when he kind of brushed them aside in the first place. Not a good look really.

>> No.1965449

a good chunk of them are lads from /wvt/ too which is awesome

>> No.1965482

She's been doing these for a few weeks now. Mousey has always said that she was once a relatively unknown vtuber and got a boost that helped her become bigger, and so she wants to give those boosts back to as many as she can.

>> No.1965589

That's one thing I love about her desu. I mean life kinda already threw her the ultimate pot of fuck you so it seems hard for the trolls to actually get to her.

>> No.1965617

Mousey clearly has no fucks to give. When youre in and out of the hospital all the time and one foot in the grave you stop giving a shit about what people say or do. Know that from experience.

>> No.1966028

She's still human, tho. She had a rough patch this week that broke my damn heart.

>> No.1966415
File: 716 KB, 1501x2048, 1616888981818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did anybody see a reason why Silver cancelled her stream tonight? She was doing Patreon movie night as well so maybe she decided to focus on that instead?

Also an excuse to post Pocket Waifu.

>> No.1966428
File: 203 KB, 370x300, 013r.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know Mau, since I come from /wvt/, he is an australian and as such he is a shitposter, but he is not a bad guy who tried to troll her, he was just very stupid to not consider what he was sending to her.
I would stay here for Ironmouse, I love when she speaks spanish, but chat is too fast many times and I like supporting indies. She started as one after all, and I appreciate how she helped several smaller indies of ours, already saw her in small latinamerican vtuber chats out of the blue and I learnt that she has a genuine love for vtuberism.
Anyways, you guys seem cool. Best wishes and thanks.

>> No.1966442

Does anyone have a list of the vtubers she shilled? I couldn't catch them all, but that space guy was pretty cool.

>> No.1966612

ironmouse just raided spacer actually!

>> No.1966951

the ones from 4chan were

Indirectly included

>> No.1967119


Here's the full list, including the ones >>1966951 already got to with their YouTube / Twitch channels.

Lee Roha (Nijisanji Korea)
KrimboKills (https://www.twitch.tv/krimbokills)
Spacer Haywire (https://www.twitch.tv/spacer_haywire_ch)
CaptCrabs (https://www.twitch.tv/captcrabs)
KishinShinobi (https://www.twitch.tv/kishinshinobi)
MautheDoog (https://www.twitch.tv/mauthedoog)
Little_S_ (https://www.twitch.tv/little_s_)
ProjectUglyBastard (https://www.twitch.tv/projectuglybastard)
Junii Ch Hedgboi (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsY26IqwDlZREnak0XCJ2tg)
Sungi Seong Ch (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnZxDQCvgdn5xHaR3FS_uyA)

She also spent quite a bit of time spitting fire at this guy for dissing on east coast spicy chips availability, Bodega stores, and eating onions. I don't think she MEANT for it to look like she was hating this man, but he sure got her Puerto Rican heart burning.

Alaric_Ch (https://www.twitch.tv/alaric_ch)
Danniikunn (https://www.twitch.tv/danniikunn)
CamuiKushi (https://www.twitch.tv/camuikushi)
Brobot (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWpN6mv5O14TYxcHGzKF_3g)

Brobot sent Mousey a message promoting #automatubers so apparently there's a lot of people who like being robot vtubers.

FalseEyeD (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTBrTjegOyxeKUGcJfjr6cg)

A not shitty drama chasing vtuber news guy? Subbed!

Sammaslammajama (https://www.twitch.tv/sammaslammajama)
Captain_Cube (https://www.twitch.tv/captain_cube)

And that's all she got to today.

>> No.1967136

sweet, thank you. I appreciate the links

>> No.1967341

Alright thanks.

>> No.1967483

Little_S is /here/ too he's /fit/

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