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I’m not ogey...

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Your rrat is proven false?

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what happened OP?

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>my rrat is not ogey

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the pain is unending

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Cheerr up anon

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Nobody on this board is ogey, anon. Why else would people be here?

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It's okay Peko, just get to Act 3 and you can get Vernoica back

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Everything will be oggay anon

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I had my first ever panic attack this week. It was so bad that I called an ambulance because I truly thought I was going to die. Didn't get in because even though I have insurance, I'd still end up with a giant bill. LET'S GOOOOOOOO!

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is anyone here have been ogey?

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Do burgers really?

sorry anonchama

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what caused it?

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Chances are he had to pay for calling an ambulance too

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a long time ago

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Been there, anon. Life is suffering. I guess that's what dumb escapist entertainment is banking on.

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It's ogey anon. If you have time to spend shitposting on /vt/ then more than likely everything will be fine, things will be better, and you'll be in a place where you're valid and matter

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Panic attacks are no joke. The left side of my face and my left arm went numb, I had intense chest pain, and I couldn't breathe. How are you supposed to distinguish that from a heart attack?

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Everyone is not ogey during these shitty times anon

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i am. I got the 5 white balls on the powerball and actually paid for the powerplay. I won $4 million. I can supa chat forever

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Everything has been ogey ever since I became a wizard.

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Had my first one last year, genuinely thought I was gonna die too, thought it was a heart attack or something. Hopefully you feel better.

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(I promise)

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anon please invest wisely

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Buy out yagoo and fuck your oshi

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I like this way more than I should.

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how was this done?

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Annie are u ogey

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Wouldn't it be proven true as you only say ogey to false rrats?

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Taking your meds was never a joke

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I'm also...
I'm broken like shit.

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Anxiety meds are shit though

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Not really, benzodiazepines are pretty effective

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I want to cum inside emo Mori

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Lexapro did wonders for me.

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But you get dependent on them.

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If you get some more of that thing you like, you will be ogey. For a moment.

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They always say 'ogey rrat', but they never ask 'are you ogey rrat?'

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Better to be dependent on an easily accessable medication than unable to function.

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But that's what wrecked Jordan Peterson.

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tripcode explorer

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>Jordan Peterson

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Fubuki heals

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How are panic attacks even real? nigga just calm down

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You've never had a bad trip before? It's basically like one of those and telling someone having one to calm down is guaranteed to freak them out further. Usually people benefit a lot from being listened to throughout them even if you don't say anything. Ambulance drivers are pretty well-trained in that regard from my experience.

But yeah they're usually caused by prolonged stress and shit mental health with drug use in my experience. It's basically breaking point.

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bad trips are entirety an ego issue, if you maintain your mindset it's a non-issue. people who have panic attacks just have a weak sense of self.

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cool blog fags
you are retarded

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When will we get a Jersey mobster chuuba?

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how the hell do people get anxiety attacks?

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bro how is depression is real just don't worry be happy now wooohooooohohohohoooo

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I’d rather have coof than feel like I do now

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It could always be worse lol

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nice blogposts, fags

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My butthole hurt all night and it made it hard to sleep. I think it's hemorrhoids bros.

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