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Day 23...

Its been 23 days haatonchamas i cant take it anymore. It feels so empty without her.

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Hololive has pretty much been ruined for me ever since she disappeared. I’ve been filling the void with indies and small company chuubas since then.

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stay strong oniichan, just two more days

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Haachama was a thing and now it is over, homie

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I just want her back :(

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7 days left before her stream ban lift.

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I miss her so much bros ;_;

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In before graduation stream.

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1 month ban was too much, with 1 week it should have been enough this sucks

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I mISS hEr :((

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pepeloni spotted

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Since when was she stream banned? Isn't she just taking a break?

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Yes. They're spouting very shitty rrats

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the zhangs have hacked into Yagoo's Line account, it's true

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this rrat is based on the fact that during past suspensions the holo lost all access to their twitter and became unable to interact with their fans, the only twitter activity so far is a single scheduled tweet and the hashtag that both could be made by her new manager.

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Have you never heard of taking a break from twitter anon?????

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She isn't banned or suspended, those are just rrats.

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>-13 million views in the last month

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How dare you bring reasonable ideas into this place? Get off the meds and embrace the insane dumb rrats like the rest of us

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Sorry Haaton, but your nose has to go AWAY!

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I literally can't watch anyone anymore, aside from occasional ASMRs. Not that I only like Haachama, but it feels empty without her. Is that how it feels to have an oshi?

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>says she can't finish the series because new rules
>puts out a short video with bloody necks at the end
>1 hour later says she's going on break
The suspension rrat isn't that unrealistic

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that daily content to look forward to was the cornerstone of our day and to suddenly get it ripped away really messes with you. I know that feel

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Every formal suspension is announced through the official website/Twitter. There was one after the Taiwan mess, but there wasn't one this time.

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Guys I'm sorry to tell you this but she's gone forever.
She's been getting more and more annoyed with Cover's restrictions and suspensions since the Taiwan incident. Getting her latest videos she put a lot of word on deleted was the final nail in the coffin.
Cover is still trying to figure out how to announce this, so expect the notice to come out in the following days.

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I will not fail Haachama and nor shall you!

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It looks like they stopped after the backlash, rrat is the week long no contact break in january was a suspension too

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Im starting to lose hope...
Not a sign of life, no tweets not even a 3 sec video, I think yagoo may have offed her...

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>Lulu returns in the 28th.

Come on... She at the very least needs to be back on april.

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Get in, we're going Yagoo hunting

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28th Haachama sunday!

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How much are (you) paying in tribute to her when she returns?

>> No.1916347

How are the nip Haatons doing? Surely they must be more affected by this.

>> No.1916615

One fat cum load at least

>> No.1918157

Abandon your meds, time isnt real

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Is pic not Haachama and Miko? I feel like it's some indie but I don't know why

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hearing this album today and i cant shake off the feeling that Haachama is gonna be the Hololive dropout

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the thing is Lulu did Lize radio on her break saying she cant wait to return at the end of the month while hachama has been radio silent ever since, not even other members talking about her

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Nope, that's Haato.

>> No.1919121

>not even other members talking about her
and probably more I cant remember

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We need to start writing our list of demands for when we take Yagoo hostage, my first one is a new 3D outfit for haachama's goth costume including eyepatch

>> No.1920045

She is the unofficial mascot of Hololive, if they lose her may god have mercy on their souls. She represents everything intrinsically unique to HoloLive, without her it’s over.

>> No.1920073

Fuck I don't want to believe this but those quads make me nervous.

>> No.1920091

she's probably getting her pussy obliterated, that's what every woman who says they are soul searching do

>> No.1920114

Unironically this. Ironic how Coco and Haachama have been the only ones doing very "out there" and unique projects only to both get assraped by management.

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>> No.1920374

Two eyepatches

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next week
Chama graduates
Aloe returns

>> No.1921356

did they say anything about how she's doing or just answered to someone asking in the chat?

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I dreamed today where she came back. She released a new video and was livestreaming. Then I woke up.

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Allaachama akhbar

>> No.1921573

Away! the infidels

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What has Haachama been doing on her soul searching journey?

>> No.1922721

Aloe returns.
But its not actually aloe.
Its just some other girl they got expecting people to not remember.

>> No.1922767

Traveled to italy to away the pepeloni once and for all

>> No.1922802

Two souls for a soul.
Doesn't seem fair.

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Takes people months to realize because of autotune
It's Ruki

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Stay strong Haatons. This too will pass.

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I will not Forgive

>> No.1924375

That's roughly 10% of her entire viewcount.

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Is this a sign?

>> No.1926759

She has an indie lookalike, i can't remember her name for the life of me....
Its at the tip of my tongue.

>> No.1927026

Haachama will announce Aloe’s return during her return stream.

>> No.1927126

haachama will attach Aloe's head to her body mid stream

>> No.1929132

Oh god those quads please no

Not indie but char of tsunderia looks a lot like her

>> No.1930427

I think the January break was obviously just Haachama being busy with real life stuff since she had moved back to Japan recently. Plus I don't recall her doing anything bad around then.

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Haatons are one leaked tweet from Haachama away from launching an attack on Cover for what they've done.

>> No.1931318

I honestly just want to hear anything from her, even if it's a graduation announcement, this radio silence limbo is exhausting.

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>> No.1931472

Based if true. Cover has no need for her

>> No.1931617

it's not an unreasonable rrat, i dont believe it but it's definitely plausible

>> No.1931619

graduation after graduation
aaaAA why cant old people stuck in the past fuck off. who cares about constant growth and appeasing to all markets

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Remember, the Haachama we get back won't be our Haachama.

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Leaving these here...


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>> No.1935597

>*could* be done by manager
any post could be a manager, anon. even yours!

>> No.1935631

>what they've done
ah yes, the great sin of saying "stop before youtube bans you"

>> No.1935701

They literally threw everything else away for that anon, making the number go up it's all power leeches have left in their lives.

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>the managers are shitposting chama threads RIGHT NOW

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Haachama...I love you...please come back...

>> No.1935850

She's dead and gone. Why don't you get it, dude?

>> No.1935926

Your "we're doing this for your own good" rrat won't work on us here.

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>> No.1937321

Don't let /vt/ make you take your meds

>> No.1937421

Haachama is the only meds I had

>> No.1937590

23 days since they stopped my med supply, they couldn't make me take meds if they tried

>> No.1937669

It won't happen until after the konbeni promotion is done on April 6th. I expect her farewell stream to be on the 8th.

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anon it actually got worse.

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removing those views from her youtube channel is worse than any human genocide, we have to do something

>> No.1937877

Yeah, and your old dog went to live in a farm

>> No.1937949

Haachama's definitely the one that's had the most pushback from management on multiple accounts. She probably wants to just fuck off and do her own thing but is stuck being a face of the company.

>> No.1937991

Didn't she announce a comeback or was that a rrat?

>> No.1938011

Her Twitter bio says #seeyousoon

>> No.1938149

Not too important, desu. The fact they're able to mention her and aren't too worried about it implies everything is fine.

He moving back to Japan and this sudden break makes me think she might have gotten knocked up and moved back home to make sure the kid is a Japanese citizen.

>> No.1938186

if you push that rrat hard enough maybe cover will release a statement like the last time.

>> No.1938243

That's a very level-headed take, I agree with everything in this post.

>> No.1938258

>Haachama is a face of the company
Lol what? The only reason she has any kind of notability among the company is because her yabs attracted saviorfags. She has been a backbencher ever since the Gen 3 debut

>> No.1939750

Haha yeah its terribly true, i got this feeling too anticipating something everyday it feels like the days and tomorrow becoming much better

At first it was with risu nnn series which gladly she finished it and then haachama hit... its just empty and i feel like vomiting but cant do it

>> No.1939773

They will announce it just a few days before en gen 2 so everyone attention would be driven away with new fresh members just like the past they will keep doing this.

>> No.1939786

They already forgot her, nips are more versed with this kind of things.

>> No.1939799

"Backbencher" with more than 1m subs lol

>> No.1939816

All 1st gen have this traits. They are the utmost foundation of hololive in western market even more than Sora.

>> No.1939855

The company just want number, compared to merch or superchat they values sponsor and investor more because they give more and all it took away to please them all is happiness.

>> No.1939917

>that scream to the sky

>> No.1939985

>This fucked up Chammers anti shizo is her manager that's tired of her antics

>> No.1940007

Nobody has any incentive to unique one-off projects. You get the same amount of superchats by keeping it to just game and just-chatting streams. It's why a lot of people moved over from Youtube videos to Twitch streaming. Same revenues, but you don't spend dozens of hours on production for a single video. Most viewers just want something in the background while they focus on some menial task anyway.

>> No.1940154

even if she graduates Chammers is powerful enough to make it big as indie
might even be for the best

>> No.1940309


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"Hello, Haatons! I have come back! Today we will be playing Apex! Next stream will be kukiyomi!"

>> No.1940766

At this point il take anything, give me closure or give me death

>> No.1940782

How would you find her?

>> No.1940837

The same say all reborn v tubers are found, rely on the ex fan autists to track her down and then follow

>> No.1940865

Everyone would be talking about her new channel over the entire internet + the youtube algorithm will recommend her to everyone who watched hachama videos.

>> No.1940971

I'm sure Cover wouldn't allow for anything related to Haachama/Haato to be put on her new channel, other than her being a Vtuber.

>> No.1941080

I never said that she would need to do that. Someone can just recognize her from her voice and then news will spread.

>> No.1941101

>the youtube algorithm will recommend her to everyone who watched hachama videos
This was the point I was trying to refute, however I do agree that there would be a good chance of atleast one person randomly coming across a possible new channel and spreading the word. Especially with the vocal ranges that she has used across her videos.

>> No.1941203

I think it would be similar to how roommate / past life channel's videos get recommended. One potential issue though is if Cover nukes all of Hachama's videos that might mess with the algorithm.

>> No.1941317

Wouldn't matter it would immediately get linked to Haachama clips. Everyone here, on reddit, or discord would know within a day or two. Even super casuals would know within a month or so.

>> No.1941366

Nice thinking

>> No.1941561

Wait, did she private more videos again?

>> No.1941598

I hate hachama and I'm glad she's gone.

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I haven't watch hololive since she left.
If she doesn't come back I'm pretty sure I'm leaving Haachabros

>> No.1941759

All her song covers got nuked. Presumably Cover just being cautious about permissions (which they probably didn't have for any of them).

>> No.1942739

Fuck off and never come back fag.

>> No.1943975

I don't blame you. I tell myself that I will go back to only watching indies, but realistically I'll still watch Roberu and Aruran

>> No.1944064

BGM track day, get those spirits up for the comeback

>> No.1944431

What if what happen to haachama is because someone files a massive report about haachama videos, violence and abuse stuff thus forced the management to make heavy decision to do this.

Who could possibly do it? Haachama biggest haters is from chinese but their ways of spamming live chat and dislikes proven to be waste so now they resort to this way of massive reports, haachama is an easy target because of her videos. The next would be coco but her contents are still safe, they are just waiting and then forced coco to end like haachama.

>> No.1944542


>> No.1944785

damn.. when I read this I knew.. its true isn't it? she's not coming back is she?..

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Haachama sunday tomorrow, GET HYPE

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>Implying a post-hiatus, pent up haachamachama release kukiyomi stream woudn't be kino

>> No.1945139

Day 28 is haachama day
She's coming tomorrow

>> No.1945305

Mel and aki are quite forgettable

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since haachama stopped streaming i've found myself watching less hololive overall, even other streamers


>> No.1947924

Based. Only schizos browse this board

>> No.1948303

Going back through the archives, I still can't watch her eat a spider/scorpion without covering my eyes a bit, yet I know there are people out there who love it

>> No.1948986

What does this mean?

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Why is she so fascinated about cutting off the head?

>> No.1953792

If haachama returns exactly after 1 month we`ll know for sure it was for 2 yt strikes straight up. Possibly from chink spam-reporting, which means Cover will keep up the 'taking a break' façade not to encourage them

>> No.1954086

guro fetish

>> No.1957311

Haachama is overchama...

>> No.1957352
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This. I got mine while playing RE4

>> No.1957793

queen of hearts lore
off with their heads!

>> No.1961902

Today is the day!

>> No.1966260

No. It never is.

>> No.1967913

No.. please dont.

>> No.1967948
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>> No.1970557

Get hype!

>> No.1970581
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If she returns while I sleep I'm going to be really disappointed.

>> No.1970628

This. Without Haachama Holo is boring as fuck except for the usual other chaotic/dummies like Miko, Nene, Peko, but ain't the same. I started getting into the Holofightz as of late.

>> No.1971212
File: 1.40 MB, 1406x890, 2021-03-28 040025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're back.

>> No.1971243
File: 1.37 MB, 2000x2000, 1614125151929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Real Shit??

>> No.1971327

You need to accept that It's over. You can't keep making these threads forever.

>> No.1971335

Ha, you won't get me this time. I'm on to your tricks...
Wait what the fuck??

>> No.1971382

DAY 25

>> No.1971393


>> No.1971413

It's like when your dying kitten moves one last time...

>> No.1971616


>> No.1972001

I just want my baby to come home
I won't go through with the minecraft bomb threats or anything
Just let my baby come home

>> No.1972012

>The lore is back

>> No.1972014


>> No.1975800


>> No.1975899

Let it fall off, we haven't been able to have the chama general because there's always 2 gosling threads up and she's almost back

>> No.1979073

The idea that it's "just a break" is just as much a rrat. The reality is that we don't know for sure what really went down. It could be that she's on an unusually long break. It's also possible that she got punished for a ridiculously long time for drama that went down. It's even possible that she's preparing for uni. All these theories have their own pros and cons. We can keep speculating all day but unless new info is released we just don't know.

>> No.1979099

Do you think the others will celebrate her return?

>> No.1979189
File: 1.40 MB, 1316x1316, 1613827892904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.1979261
File: 644 KB, 720x1131, Untitled90_20200418234351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's hope Haaton-tachi
Believe in Chammer

>> No.1979334

mamachama...a tweet...pls...

>> No.1980131


>> No.1981574

How are the HopeCHADS so powerful?

>> No.1984451

All we have to do is wait for the stream...

>> No.1988498


>> No.1991139


The videos returned on Haachama Sunday, because its the 28th.

This is no coincidence. I have faith brothers.

>> No.1997206

But no news on twitter...

>> No.1997537

fuck cover and fuck hachama

>> No.1998701

Do you want to be labeled as chink? Because that's how you're labeled as chink

>> No.1998852

Do you want to be labeled as racist? Because that's how you're labeled as racist

>> No.1998881

Became catholic
Accepted that australia gave her a European soul and that she wouldn't fit in to japan properly
Fucked, or is going to fuck, a white guy
And will come back as Hololive EN2 as well as HoloStar next gen as Red-kun

>> No.1999267

Wait for the 8th, friend. The arc has not yet finished.

>> No.1999282

one yuan has been deposited into your account

>> No.1999301

catholic = hispanic or filipino not white though

>> No.1999530

>Implying italians, French, Bavarian Germans, Austtrians, and half of eastern europe don't exist

>> No.1999649

>implying Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and eastern Europe is along the Pacific Rim

>> No.1999759

You should try to cheer yourself up with some pizza.
But don't go to the Pizza Hut across the street.
Go to the Domino's down the highway.

>> No.1999799

sounds like you're gonna trick me, AWAY

>> No.1999832

>this song actually predicted current Haachama situation

>> No.1999859

What are you talking about?
I was just suggesting that OP should get himself a Domino's pepeloni, just like Haachama.

>> No.1999871


>> No.2000157

Fuck off tourist, you are not wanted

Oh no, what is anon gonna do, a /pol/ tourist called a racist, you sure showed him.

>> No.2000512

How can you be racist against bugs? It's not about race, they are simply insects

>> No.2001416


>> No.2003085

Get your definitions together, bugman

>> No.2003737

Finally. Less pointless threads and more Kiara hate threads.

>> No.2004466
File: 729 KB, 1043x586, SPOILER_1616311393654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2005997

This guy gets it.
Chinkoids aren't even human.

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