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The Nyanners haters are seething right now.

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The Nyanners haters are Holofags who probably don't even know who AI or Teddyloid are, or oldfags who would hate her even if she gave them free blowjobs.

I know, because I fall into the second category.

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I'm one of them and this boils my fucking blood. This stupid hypocritical cunt doesn't deserve this kind of fame.

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Any rrats on why Gura isn't included?

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I don't know who TeddyLoid is.

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Hololive has never done collaborative concerts, there's no reason they would include Gura. They'd have to split the take with everyone else involved.

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There's absolutely no reason for Gura to be included, regardless of your personal bias for her.

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I dislike Nyanners but I really couldn't care less about this. Kizuna AI hasn't been good since her VA changed anyway

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they already got nyanners, why would they need nyanners-lite?

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she has no songs and never released covers. this is a music thing and she's just not ready for any of that.

also upd8 and holopro are on weird terms after the oda hime yab

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Kizuna Ai has a lot of chinks fans that's why

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How well can Nyanners sing?
Other than pomf I don't think I heard her sing.

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I hate the pink cat but objectively it's a great thing.
Kizuna is an important figure in Japan and this sort of event is the perfect chance for their audience to know a bit more about the "western" parts of the vtuber scene since most of them only know HoloEN and probably think all vtubers follow the semi-idol act.
For the good of both communities, I'm sincerely hoping she does well as an embassador, maybe I can see some of her redeeming qualities.

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kizuna ai isn't part of upd8 anymore, she is a solo project now

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you're missing out then desu, google it faggot his shit is amazing

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She can sing if she stops doing her fake cutesy voice. For some reason, of late, she keeps trying to sing while maintaining that voice which makes her sound awful.

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Nozomi still is there asshole.

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Ai has a contract with Bilibili

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No Males

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Yes! A Holobro who gets it. The future is bright for us all! Let's just chill and enjoy the ride.

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upd8 doesn't exist anymore

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Reasonably well, for a streamer.

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Panty and Stocking composer.

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AI hasn't been relevant in like 2 years. Seething about what lmao

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I’m seething because I like long hair and she’s doing this now with that stupid fucking cut

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Ame will say this to Gura one day

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Kizuna AI wants to reach 3 million subs before Gura. She's desperate.

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wh should I cae about kizuna ai? at this point she's just an advertisement mascot, as chuuba sucks.

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Excellent choice, my brethren.

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Wonder if saying Gura or hololive will be autotimeout on the twitch stream lol.

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Try typing in Kiryu Coco.

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She sucks and is socially retarded

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Just type Reddit dragon and everything's fine.

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what could gura realistically say as a comeback?

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Okay, Rebecca

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Nyanners is trash
you are trash for liking her
Even if she finds the cure for corona
Even if she achieves world peace
Nyanners will still be trash
and so will you

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This might actually be the best outcome for them.

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Fuck now I want season 2 again.

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No one cares about Kizuna anymore.

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Don't hate Nyanners since I don't watch her and isn't the Vshojo I follow (Melody, Mouse and Hajime). But she was honestly the safest choice. The rest are bad optics:
>Does porn
>Ai will stream this on BiliBili which is bad optics if you involve a Holo

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When you put it like that it makes it sound like Nyanners was really the only one they could actually pick.

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>Nyanners isn't bad optics

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i mean her design is cute. I really want to grab those pink ribbons and slam my cock into her mouth.

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>Ai will stream this on BiliBili
I wonder if the concert will show comment, donation, or anything lol. I can feel some geopolitics taiwan number #1 etc coming from the burgers.

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for normies she is just le funny anime catgirl

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>AI hasn't been relevant in like 2 years
which is exactly the amount of time after which mainstream media starts noticing "new" trends
this might mean mainstream media might start writing more about nyanners alongside kizuna when doing materials on vtubers

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>hololive has never done collaborative concerts
How does it feel to be wrong and gay? https://files.catbox.moe/4x7f7m.webm

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A real big sign that Kizuna is washed up

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She has her own production company but its still a sub company under Activ8, like upd8 was

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>The soulless pioneer vtuber with a dozen roommates that embodies the it's just a character mentality to the most extreme level
>A literal who
>The pink drama cat everyone who can dig hates
Excellent line up. It will be so bad we can filter out normies by attracting them to these

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I see your SnN and I raise you one dancefloor orgy


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Same here

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I wish nyanners haters could chill and enjoy something for once in their lives.
I enjoy a variety of other streamers, including quite a few from hololive, even though she has a special place in my heart.
Please don't turn this into a next retarded shit like "marvel vs dc" or "star trek vs star wars"
Why not enjoy both?

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Only a newfag would care about bragging being an oldfag.

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The only GAR one here.

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>Why not enjoy both?
Because vshoujo employees a literal camwhore and any one who associates with that shit loses my respect

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black cat best cat

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It alright, don't worry, she can't hurt you

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I honestly can't tell who's leeching who of the two of them.

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unbelievable, almost as if it was a fair deal

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While I don't hate or dislike her, her dislike here by other anons isn't about a they vs them. Many are fine with other Vshojos like IronMouse or Melody. Her dislike is mostly about her quite obvious hypocrisy, by calling out lolis as pedo bait, while being pedo bait herself. She has, quite a history with the loli genre that even involves this place. So to come out and say she is ashamed and disgusted by it while using a petite, loli like cat avatar and making lewd loli like noises, is sure to get on the bad side of many anons. I don't care personally, because my lust to fuck her petit cat body raw far outweighs her negatives for me.

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Are there japanese clippers who translate vshojo streams like theres english clippers who translate japanese clips?

I only ask because so far multiple japanese vtubers have had some knowledge of nyanners specifically while she does not stream in japanese ever

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>her dislike here by other anons isn't about a they vs them
I know the reason and it's even 10x more bullshit than tribal wars.
"Hypocrisy", lol. I'm not gonna take that bait again, that's just a waste of time discussing it with them all over again.

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there are some, Vei is especially popular in japan
otoh I've heard Nyanners is quite popular among chinese clippers

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I hope it turns out so horribly that a stigma forms within the industry that working with Western personalities is always and will always be bad.

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Because this whore cannot be trusted not to just burn the whole thing down.

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Panty and Stockings OST
ME! ME! ME! song

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who hurt you?

>> No.1848764

A clout chasing striver and a dying star desperate to regain some bit of her past glory. A perfect match.

>> No.1848794

might be my anecdata, but there seems to be a also a lot of russian translated clips of nyanners

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When vtubbing spirals into an ideological and political trash fire, you can point to this event as one of the seeds.

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Someone red pill me on the Nyanners hate? I don't watch her, but have noticed /vt/ seems to loath her when ever her name pops up.

>> No.1848883

hard to judge, because search bubble, but a quick yt search brought a channel full of her clips translated into japanese. But idk how popular she's in there irl

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Basically, she panders to lolicons while also being very vocal against lolicons.

>> No.1848940

This is all I know teddyloid for

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>but have noticed /vt/ seems to loath her when ever her name pops up.

A vast majority of /vt/ doesn't give a fuck and are content to enjoy their own vtubers without paying much attention. What you see is only a small group of very dedicated antis, most of which is driven by one guy. Nyanners is a very popular and highly entertaining vtuber and this Kizuna Ai thing is a reflection of that.

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she made a song about a hentai loli doujin as a kid for lulz
that made her popular on 4chan and they groomed her as one of theirs
then when she grew up she came to a conclusion that loli is pretty fucked up, and it's time to take down that song
that made a part of her previous pedo-fanbase angry at her
they now call her a hypocrite because her avatar is flat-chested

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she kinda looks like astolfo in her new hair

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that astolfo was ridiculously huge though

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I love my nannyers, that Ai bitch better not be touching my waifu.

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I gladly stop to drop a few pink cat bads when I see my filter not working again, definitely not a small group retard.

>> No.1849130

she's an oldfag that has renounced this place.

>> No.1849178

What I'm really interested about is not even kizuna ai but what she's going to sing.
She's been hinting she has been working a lot on some stuff recently.
I liked her songs since before vtubing, and some of them I still listen regularly

>> No.1849183

Her Yabs aren't as obvious to normies.

>> No.1849216

Chinks are usually less active in chats once they see a good number of EOPs in it.

>> No.1849241

Nyanners is part of the same agency that a literal pornstar is in. How did they okay this? Kek.

>> No.1849358

dumb cunt from ye olde days of moote, made a retarded song about the pomf meme that blew up about as much as something like that could blow up 10+ years ago, then got woke and left us for tumblr and an attempt at becoming a voice actress, which failed miserably. now she's as old as cracky chan, but not as busted. god, cracky got obliterated by the wall and meth, the poor girl. as for nyanners, she came crawling back to the hentai scene with vshojo, but I guess now that she's gone and 360 noscoped hololive en now, she'll go back to oh fuck this what is this a ted talk fuck

>> No.1849379

They were at vtuberfes in january.

>> No.1849393

Who else could they possibly choose though? They can't choose HoloEN because of Bilibili, so it's either Nyanners, some literal who, or nobody at all

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I can't believe people are unironically defending nyanners. Her and her ilk will burn down all of this, the one last bastion that's free from Twitter cunts and sjws, because she makes your dick hard even though she hates you.

I hope all you who supports nyanners fucking die and watch what you love burn to ash.

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I'm just hyped for teddyloid
fucking teddyloid man

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I doubt this event will effect anything. You should worry more about nyanners or any other vshojo collabing with a holo.

>> No.1849510

I, on the other hand, just wish you get over your problems one day

>> No.1849566

>t. "" "" "" '' '' '' oldfag''' '' '' "" "" "" "'"' "

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I checked, you're right LOL

>> No.1849575

Go fuck yourself bitch. Her and the rest of vshojo are just going to be just like rest of the twitch cunts who abide by pc rules and spout their feminist shit and demands that their audience falls in line with their beliefs. This shit has already happened in the west with cons and fucking Vic Mignogna and it will happen again with vtubers too Goddamn

I'm really not too worried about that. As fucked up as Cover is, they definitely seem to be keeping a football field length with vshojo or any other western vtuber, but hey that could change

>> No.1849577

Pornstar is never a problem. Kizuna AI even follow a JAV actress.

>> No.1849652

>Go fuck yourself bitch
One day, the angry voices in your head will stop, I promise.

>> No.1849675

Nice cope.

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TeddyLoid does a lot of dance / electronic stuff, so probably a lot of that. Maybe she's looking to change her appeal a bit and a US tour might be a good "landing spot" for experiments.

Melody isn't involved. Simple.

It is probably inevitable at this point. Nijisanji-EN will take the plunge first, because they're more willing to take risks, and in order to keep Nijisanji-EN from blowing out HL-EN, cover will have no choice but to expand their horizons.

Unless people think EN Gen 2 is going to pull some miracle out of its ass.

I, too, wish you to get over your problems one day. Have a Nyan on the house.

>> No.1849695

And one day you'll stop being a cuck and learn to love a woman who doesn't treat you like her little paypiggy cunt

>> No.1849725

I don't love women at all. I'm no one's paypig.

>> No.1849726

>I have no retort so I will simply call you an angry schizo

>> No.1849758

But you sure are simping for a western whore that treats you one!
And I'm the one who needs my medical here! Get fucked anonchama

>> No.1849761

How can Nyanners fans post here? Like how do they deal with the cognitive dissonance from posting on a website that their oshi vehemently renounced?

>> No.1849786

Simple, they’re all newfags with no connection to this place.

>> No.1849818

>like one
>And I'm the one that needs meds here
My point still stands

>> No.1849844

She shit talks 4chan to this day. I just don't get it, like she says that posting here makes you one of the pedo groomers that made her do all of that terrible stuff that she's moved on from and then these fags are like
>oh yes Nyanners-sama I will defend your image on the one place you probably want your name brought up the least. If they were real fans they would respect her wishes and wouldn't talk about her here, or even go here at all.

>> No.1849877

>people fell this hard for the rebrand

>> No.1849881

shit I'm drunk enough to fuck my greentext up apparently.

>> No.1849883

>Made her do all of that stuff
Can't she own up for her own actions?

>> No.1849896

try and ask her to, I'd bet that you'd get banned in seconds from her chat.

>> No.1849918

What does she mean by guest though? Is nyanners gonna be a host or an announcer or something?

>> No.1849934

I'd bet money she's the opener.

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File: 1.97 MB, 2400x2400, ExC_60qW8AEoPmk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She shit talks 4chan to this day.

She actually doesn't, but I wouldn't expect you to know that.

>> No.1850007

Well, she didn't reveal a ton, but she is getting a 3D avatar and seemed to indicate she would be on stage with Kizuna Ai. She seemed to be gearing up for singing / dancing by the sounds of it. I guess we'll find out tho.

>> No.1850083

I would like a clip of that Anon, if you know of any. It's obsessive but I am going to compile all the shit that Nyanners has done in the past with all of her dirty laundry so that way I can spam that shit to death next time this reddit fags and twitter cunts start posting generals about her

>> No.1850098

Her avatar is a loli, anon. Pretending otherwise is stupid.

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Her avatar is not a loli, anon. Pretending otherwise is stupid.

>> No.1850164

We need to bully newfags alot more

>> No.1850238

barely anyone gives actual shit about those 2 trash tubers
it'll most likely flop, they arent as popular as they expect
especially when kizuna ai is already dying
but it's better they take all the normalfag cancer away from the other decent vtubers

sounds like you're the 2 or 3 shills on your nyanners threads with like 70 antis
you aren't fooling anyone and anyone can just visit the archives

>> No.1850252

Shes just as bad as the non passing trannies who call themselves females when they look and act like males. That whore isn't fooling anyone. She's a loli to most of her viewers

>> No.1850267

Even more reason to despise her.

>> No.1850288

Why do newfags talk like they know shit, V-carnival is coming up you dumb bitch.

>> No.1850310

I really, REALLY hope she doesn't actually show up at the concert itself and just says some random stuff at the after party or something. She can't sing for shit, so it makes no sense she'd be at a concert.

>> No.1850312

If you understood Chinese, the clippers actually label her as loli (蘿莉). Be glad no schizo is spreading news that Nyanners thinks Taiwan is a country.

>> No.1850338

VShojo and NijiEN share the same target audience, they're gonna cannibalize each other.

>> No.1850344

You forgot the part where she made walltexts explaining why loli is immoral and why you shouldn't use words like autistic or trap.

She's just crazy.

>> No.1850348

The anon you replied to posted a picture of Nijisanji member Lulu. You stupid fuck.

>> No.1850368

How many of these Nyanners exist?

>> No.1850379

I hate her more because she sided with the people who think all video games should be censored if it doesn't "empower women" to appeal to the perpetually triggered feminists. She's just mentally ill in general.

>> No.1850545

She grew up on 4chan, made content directed at people from 4chan for years then suddenly stopped associating with this place and deleted all her “problematic” content. She made some tumblr posts about how she was “groomed” on 4chan into doing things she wishes she hadn’t. Overall she’s just a bit of a hypocrite.

>> No.1850669

Her forehead is too big on her live2d model

>> No.1850727

Yes... yes! Literally came here just to see this. Pink cat is doing so well, get absolutely wrecked :3

>> No.1850769

so bad when her concerts are the best in the industry

>> No.1850929

In order to actually hate someone as sweet as Nyanners you have to be a real bitter cunt.
May you learn to love yourself one day anon.

>> No.1850941

Shes already raped. Ai-chan has physically molested 100% of female collabs she was in the same room with, sometimes even on camera.

>> No.1850961

Lots of actors, seiyuu and generally famous ladies blew up in popularity doing lewd stuff like modeling or hentai.

>> No.1850981

Rest assured that the only thing that makes my dick harder than Nyanners is your misery, anon.

>> No.1851001

>She shit talks 4chan to this day
She probably still browses this site. Everyone and their fucking mom who knows or is involved at all with "internet culture" as a whole posts here. Every moderately famous e-celeb has at least partially, or continues, to browse this site. Every one.

>> No.1851065

Downright absurd how some seem to expect her to have had some sort of unconditional loyalty to 4chan despite how many people here just constantly shat on her.

>> No.1851119

>people actually mad that she took down videos making light on the subject of paedophilia
Bloody hell... This is why she hates all of you. Stay mad, groomer paedoscum.

>> No.1851190
File: 288 KB, 468x471, 31B6F0A9-0F1A-4C64-95DB-550D0E591A4E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am beginning to notice many of the telltale signs of deep jewish infiltration and subversion of this industry. (((they ))) must be obsessed with controlling all media and entertainment. (((They))) will divide and conquer as they always do. And in the end, we will be left with tyrone and yenta as the only permitted chuubas

>> No.1851205

I love Kizuna AI and hate Nyanners. Now I want to kill myself

>> No.1851209
File: 110 KB, 1046x1106, A8C5CA4D-B68F-4A9B-897E-A75009206710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol why the fuck are you here? literalky why?

>> No.1851247

That's a lot of butthurt for a pink cat girl

>> No.1851256

she is a usurper

>> No.1851300
File: 95 KB, 291x272, 1591671740664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They could've chosen someone a lot better.
Uncultured Swine.

>> No.1851344

Why are people being mad about Nyanners getting 3rd billing and likely a one song warmup act?

>> No.1851368

she needs to go back to redd.it and tumb.r
she and her supporters are not welcome here

>> No.1851397
File: 282 KB, 1040x1102, E3B825EA-C7AA-426C-AD14-7C79B20D3F1C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4chan is like the mob. you dont get made and then leave. you show your face again and expect it to get stomped

>> No.1851409

This isn't going to blow up in the mainstream in the least, even Hatsune Miku was a 5 second curiosity. This stuff gets a handful of "look at quirky internet thing" and is dropped in a day.

>> No.1851432

She's fine. Nothing wrong with being embarrassed with the dumb stuff you've done in the past. It's weirder that you guys are taking it so personally.

>> No.1851446

nope shes dead to this image board

>> No.1851487

Slowly, gradually, you're going to end up being the one who's not welcome here. You can already feel it starting to happen, can't you?

>> No.1851521

>Why not enjoy both?
Why am I supposed to keep liking Nyanners when she calls me a paedophile who she doesn't want as a fan for liking the character she presents herself as?

>> No.1851526
File: 232 KB, 850x1202, 8E32C3E1-E4A9-42E9-8285-32B9D7C72720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she’s only embarrassed because she has thrown in with the feminists and cult of wokeness. which means she is damaged good and no longer has any appeal to us.

>> No.1851535

Okay, but you are a pedophile though.
I'm not, which is why none of that bothers me.

>> No.1851542

for the love of fucking god you absolute degenerate, why the fuck are u putting desu you fucking burger boy

>> No.1851555

we are legum, reject us, pools closed

>> No.1851556

are you jewish?

>> No.1851561

So you don't like Nyanners?

>> No.1851562

lol it's a word filter, I got hit by it too once. t-b-h (w/o the hyphens) gets filtered to desu

>> No.1851572

kek, newfag

>> No.1851573

the audacity of newfags

>> No.1851576

I do! She's awesome and funny and ridiculously talented.

>> No.1851582

The Nyanners haters are gathering right now in this thread.

>> No.1851586

gas yourself newscum

>> No.1851598

If you actually look at the threads about her it becomes incredibly clear that almost none of the people pretending to be her fans are actually her fans, they're just here to stir shit. And that should be made obvious by the fact that Nyanners has been telling people not to make threads about her on 4chan for an entire decade at this point since she knows it incites anger against her.

>> No.1851607

>Not Mori, the actual music EN

>> No.1851612

The absolute state of this board.

>> No.1851620

I'm a fan of Nyanners and also love to stir shit, I don't think those are mutually exclusive.
Impotent autistic rage makes me happy, and it really doesn't get any more impotent or autistic than a nyanners anti.

>> No.1851634

the absolute state of reddit infiltration

>> No.1851651

She's not great but its not earrape either. Go listen to the stuff she did with lipgloss, thats probably the height of her singing

>> No.1851656

>Nothing wrong with being embarrassed with the dumb stuff you've done in the past.
>>people actually mad that she took down videos
Funny that the people defending her consistently ignore that the problem was never her taking pomf down in itself, it's her taking pomf down, denouncing everyone who liked it as a pedophile, blaming the people around her for her making it instead of accepting responsibility for her actions, and continuing to this day to make money off of portraying a lewd loli character while denouncing loli at the same time.
Someone wanting to move on from the dumb stuff they did when they were young is fine (but she was already an adult back then anyway), what's not fine is actively profiting off of hypocrisy because you want to have your moral superiority cake and eat the money too.

So why as a fan of Nyanners would you encourage anger being directed towards her? It's clear over the last several weeks how the threads here have directly resulted in people harassing her outside of here, like the hypocrite image getting spammed all over Twitter. An actual fan would not want such a thing for the person they're a fan of.

>> No.1851657

there is a sea of talented chuubas who love their supporters and you pick the cat turd who shits on her fans. go back to your reddit litterbox

>> No.1851676

Amazing. I'm really happy for her.

>> No.1851711
File: 95 KB, 373x177, 1609795250176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How dare you Rosepost while shittalking oyabun.
Fuck you.

>> No.1851718

Because I'm an asshole and I love drama. Was that not clear?
I really do like Nyanners a lot and wish her the best, but I think some of her best and funniest bits are when she's legit hurting a little. She's the kind of artist who bleeds into her work, and I love her for it. She'll never stop because of Twitter harassment, that is simply not her psychology.

>> No.1851733

>She'll never stop because of Twitter harassment, that is simply not her psychology.
She literally just cancelled the Nekopara collab because of it.
Incidentally, she also said that she didn't know how weird the content got because she wasn't familiar with it outside of memes, despite voicing a fandub of it a few years ago. So she's a liar too.

>> No.1851738

I don't get it. If she's so opposed to lolicons then why does she makes her whole schtick around being a loli?
It's like saying you hate wars but still selling guns and ammo to people..
...oh shit, wait, I think I got it.
So basically either she has no morals and is some kind of a bugman or she changed her mind but she doesn't have a shred of dignity to acknowledge it so she keeps quiet.
Either way, she does what she loves (you never go back), pandering to people she hates.
She literally makes a product of herself for the people that she despises.
And she brings in more and more people that she is completely againts.
She nurtures what she can't stand.
Imagine being groomed.
Imagine being a woman.

>> No.1851739

paedo dollars matter. she has lost a lot of money and the tumblr crowd isn’t making up the difference. it’s poetic justice. get woke go broke

>> No.1851740

I mean, one conclusion was Nyanners has always been a weirdo outsider and is very prone trying to please the people around her, and the timing of her denouncing pomf was likely when she was in university and surrounded by SJW types, so to fit in she probably felt the need to denounce her old internet bullshit.

I think the 'loli character' is just a reflection on herself who isn't particularly well developed. So to speak. She seems pleasant enough, and nobody who she interacts with seems to have anything negative to say. Maybe I should stick to vshojo threads instead of these saltmines though.

>> No.1851768

>So why as a fan of Nyanners would you encourage anger being directed towards her?
Not that guy, but as another fan: /vt/ is irrelevant. Her threads get like 60 IPs und a portion of that are her fans, so there's at most 40 haters that actually care enough to post in her thread. Meanwhile she peaked at over 9k live viewers on her stream yesterday. This is a vtuber board and discussion about the most popular english non-holo vtuber belongs here. Both positive and negative discussion.

>> No.1851778

She asked for advice on that a LOT, from her friends, people she knows and trusts. They told her that Nekopara was kinda creepy, so she stopped.
Personally I didn't mind the Nekopara collab, but I also thought they mined all the humor out of it in the first couple of hours, so stopping is was probably objectively correct. There's only so much you can do with voice-acting an incredibly bland harem hentai.

>> No.1851797

Yeah, it's this. Nyanners is a bit of a lost soul and I think she legit wants to become a better person, but she doesn't really know what that means. It makes her eager to please and a great entertainer, though, so I can't complain. She's a very sweet person.

>> No.1851803

>I mean, one conclusion was Nyanners has always been a weirdo outsider and is very prone trying to please the people around her, and the timing of her denouncing pomf was likely when she was in university and surrounded by SJW types, so to fit in she probably felt the need to denounce her old internet bullshit.
You're largely right in that she's desperate to fit in and molds herself based on the people around her at the time, but you failed to register that she continues to denounce loli content even now, conflating it with actual child abuse. The most recent time was like two months ago.
>I think the 'loli character' is just a reflection on herself who isn't particularly well developed.
So she says, but obviously she has to cover her own ass, and never mind the huge head and cutesy appearance that makes it look like a loli well beyond just being flat, plus the voice.
>She seems pleasant enough, and nobody who she interacts with seems to have anything negative to say.
Of course no one she works with is going to shittalk her in public, there'd be nothing to gain from it. Thinking she's a good person despite her clear hypocrisy is your prerogative.

>Not that guy, but as another fan: /vt/ is irrelevant.
>She literally just cancelled the Nekopara collab because of it.
That harassment was spearheaded by people from these threads.
>This is a vtuber board and discussion about the most popular english non-holo vtuber belongs here. Both positive and negative discussion.
One might consider this a valid argument if not for her history on the site and indeed the prior history of people using this site to foster resentment towards her back in 2012 and thereabouts, aka the entire reason she disavowed 4chan in the first place. There is nothing positive that can come from Nyanners being posted on 4chan, not for her or for anyone else.

A response that was only provoked because of all the people giving her shit for it. Look on Twitter, I guarantee there will be way more of it than you expected.

>> No.1851815

Not really seething, just disappointed that Kizuna Ai would debase herself enough to collaborate with somebody as sad as Nyanners. Will make sure to get as many people to post comments saying what they think about somebody tainting their reputation collaborating with Nyanners.

>> No.1851832

Oh you're seething.

>> No.1851847

Just wait till pedo chinks realize what her views on lolicons are.

>> No.1851854
File: 209 KB, 681x681, 1602111983708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't care about the pedo seething. Never have.
But Ai-chan is an idol. An actual idol. Nyanners is very far from that. The contrast is too stark between them.
I don't want Ai-chan to be infected by the dumbass poopoopeepee pepega shit, so I really seriously hope nyanners will be on her best behavior. I hope she is at least smart and mature enough to respect that.

>> No.1851858

She's a one-china-policy whore, so I doubt they'll care. Hopefully one day, the only people that pay attention to this washed up piece of shit are the CCP.

>> No.1851864

>against her own kind
>also pro-bugmen
you can't make this shit up

>> No.1851865

I don't think even Nyanners is stupid enough to fuck up an event like this. At worst she'll drop her spaghetti while thanking people.

>> No.1851874

I mean, yeah, most friends I have think Loli is a bit gross, but I'm not going to say anything or be dumb enough to wear a "I love Cunnie" t-shirt, it's kind of a western norm. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up knowing someone who has been abused, that might colour her experience with it as well. Though I have no idea why I'm trying to justify it to be honest.

>> No.1851875

I hope she isn't, because she's funnier when she's uninhibited.
Unfortunately, you'll likely get your wish. Her recent stream with rambalac (a Japanese steadycam streamer guy) was an absolute snoozefest because she was too polite and reserved to be funny.

>> No.1851895
File: 150 KB, 682x751, 1599754584355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's good news.
There is a time and a place for the uninhibited shit, and an event with Ai-chan is not it.

>> No.1851921

>She's a one-china-policy whore
Lmao is that the new rrat? She didn't even say anything when the game placed her there, she just treated it like any other location and moved on. Did you expect her to go on a massive anti-china rant and turn vshojo into a target for the chinese schizos? She's not that stupid.

>> No.1851929

It's probably going to literally be 1-2 songs, then thank you very much for having me, bumped off stage, maybe comes back for an encore. Final goodbye. Done.

If she's doing it from a studio instead of home theres probably going to be a couple of Kizuna Ai's people babysitting her too.

>> No.1851932

Yeah alright, I can begrudgingly respect Kizuna Ai's seniority. I'm pretty sure Nyanners will behave the way Ai wants her to. She's the type to embarrass herself, not others.

>> No.1851936
File: 213 KB, 1356x771, thinking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did no one tell Nyanners that Ai loves lolis and had that Azur Lane video where Ai wanted to lick Eldridge, along with several other similar videos? Why would Nyanners collab with someone like that?

>> No.1851937

Didn't she fully skip it because it was Taiwan?

>> No.1851949

It's almost as if Nyanners is a worthless hypocrite with literally no principles except what gets her onions-infused Twitter leftie audience pleased with her.

>> No.1851956
File: 26 KB, 480x480, 1551489207284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gee anon, at least entertain the question instead of revealing the answer right away.

>> No.1851961

>that embodies the it's just a character mentality to the most extreme level
That's a good thing. Only the dozen roommates thing isn't.

>> No.1851965

Geoguessr reveals the location after you guess, so no, she cpuldn't have known. She walked around, guessed somewhere in china and when the game revealed the location she immediately moved on to the next round without saying anything.

>> No.1851966

there is literally nothing wrong with wanting to lick every decadent centimeter of a succulent loli

>> No.1851976

If she was uncharacteristically quiet, and seemed too afraid to say anything or crack a joke about it, it's still a red flag, just less of one.

>> No.1851979

i want to lick every inch of nyanners

>> No.1851991

Ai is a has-been trying desperately to cling to any kernel of relevancy. Fitting partner for hypocrite cat.

>> No.1851997

It's very simple: I hate pedos and loli threads too and even though I visit this site I don't identify with the things its associated with, so I never felt attacked by her, on the contrary, that was the moment when she gained in my eyes.
I could ask the same, how can you not feel a dissonance when attacking her and hating on pedos, unless...

>> No.1852016

Nyanners here. Now that I have been made aware of this I am cancelling the collab again. Sorry. I'll try to be better.

>> No.1852022

drawings arent children therefore bot pedo. Pedo is when your priest or grandfather molested you and robbed you of all joy and humor and replaced it with becoming a cock hungry homosexual

>> No.1852030

People here understand that drawings aren't real. Nyanners doesn't.

Not vague enough, doesn't blame other people for pushing her into the collab, 6/10 is the best I can give.

>> No.1852032
File: 506 KB, 2000x667, 1611714911151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like Ai-chan needs a new collab partner.
Time for Koopa to make a move!

>> No.1852042

who hurt you, sweetie?

>> No.1852059

You're not a sole representative of this image board. I'm here too and she's far from dead to me

>> No.1852065
File: 1.33 MB, 2149x3035, 5AC3848D-1E78-4596-B102-CC964FE5320B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

loli are for love and licking

>> No.1852067

I'm not hating on pedos.

>> No.1852081

you are never a part of this board. you are a tourist, an illegal immigrant. you have to go back

>> No.1852100

There's so many of us, though. Who's going to make us?

>> No.1852105

I also like longer hair but the new one is cute

>> No.1852116

I thought I liked the long hair better but now that I'm used to it I think I prefer it short. It's extremely cute :3

>> No.1852125

you will never change the culture so accept it or fuck off

>> No.1852136

Sounds like you're new here, but the culture here has changed a lot in the past 15 years, and not in a way you'd like. We're winning :)

>> No.1852143

It's changing already, friend. This thread would have looked very different 5 years ago.

>> No.1852144
File: 166 KB, 391x800, 76B88030-32FF-4079-B3AB-78D89E26C0DC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminder to all tourists, the 4chan mascot is a loli

>> No.1852150

Back to Twitter with you, you "MAP" piece of shit. Anyone against lolis is an actual pedo with a guilty conscience.

>> No.1852166

give examples samefag

>> No.1852167

I am struggling to imagine how pitifully autistic you'd have to be to imagine that normies would recoil at a picture of Yotsuba in regular clothes. Do you have literally no theory of mind at all, anon?

>> No.1852169 [DELETED] 

>Anyone against lolis is an actual pedo with a guilty conscience.
This. This has been proven time and time again. It's a trope.

>> No.1852187

>Anyone against lolis is an actual pedo with a guilty conscience.
This. This has been proven time and time again. It's a trope.

>> No.1852197

Everyone saw that, nyannerschama.

>> No.1852217

Basically every time Nyanners says something about pedos is because she's feeling guilty over jilling off over the latest ComicLO?

>> No.1852242

pretty much. and who hasn’t coomed at least once to cLO?

>> No.1852274

I don't think any of us has to worry about her getting corrupted since she barely understands English and American culture.

>> No.1852282

yeah, that and all male feminists are rapists/sex pests.
at first i thought it was a funny meme, now i just think it's true.

>> No.1852537

exposed lol.

>> No.1852596

this is you, >>1851542 isnt it?

>> No.1852680

No, I'm the guy who explained the text filter to him.

>> No.1852714

Why doesn't Nyanners like loli? She's missing out on cute tummy and cunny.

>> No.1852725

pushing vtubers in the west is an absolute waste of time. Miku appeared in late nite tv and it amounted to nothing

>> No.1852907

Have you SEEN the type of people Ai-chins collabed with?

>> No.1852937

Freshen up my memory a bit.

>> No.1852962


>> No.1852987

Akari, for one, the girl who was a swimsuit model for some japanese nascar thing.

>> No.1853028

who the fuck is kuzuha ai lol

>> No.1853190

Fucking paedo-trannies, leave this website NOW!

>> No.1853268

She's right though. Her point was that you shouldn't jerk off to loli. But doing loli voice is fine. Basically don't be a perv and get hard because someone sounds like a child. Fucking pedo.

>> No.1853332

Pedos are getting cocky just because Biden is in the White House.

>> No.1853347

Desperation. AI has become irrelevant

>> No.1853358

Doing loli voice is fine. Clothing and acting as an underaged slut is ok too.
But getting hard is not ok.
Get lost, faggot.

>> No.1853362
File: 202 KB, 1066x1165, 1613365076112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dam Son

>> No.1853367


>> No.1853476

>Kizuna Ai collab with a Tumblerette
No thanks

>> No.1853484

She’s doing fine desu. Obviously not as well as she was a few years ago but that’s just because the market has become saturated.

>> No.1853492

Reminder that you will never be Japanese
the only people on this board that care about Kizuna are weebs that think they are allowed to emulate Japan's senpai worship culture

>> No.1853555

You need to go back.

>> No.1853617
File: 34 KB, 499x501, 1513992194402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even though I dislike her, she's necessary evil. Think of all the shitty children she panders to that might have ended up in your oshi's chat instead. Knowing someone is a nyanners fan is also a massive red flag, which is useful information at the end of the day.

>> No.1853619

I'm happy for it to remain a niche little nerd thing on both sides of the pond, which it absolutely is.

>> No.1853650

>collabing with nyanners

>> No.1853665

lmao nyanners going to the moon while your shitty holo oshis panders to EOPs to pad their subscriber counts

>> No.1853687

You know it's true and the lack of genuine Kizuna threads proves it. Nobody cares about her content, only her status as the original.

>> No.1853694

You seem to forgot Coco had Melody as a guest on Asacoco and it was discussed a collaboration between them until Cover stepped up and prevented her from doing it,

>> No.1853713

Pedos feel betrayed when she said pedo = bad.

>> No.1853718

So are the chinks going to attach themselves to VShojo now. I want to see them shill Vshojo now

>> No.1853722

teddyloid sucks shit, that anon isn't missing anything, it's just a bunch of shitty weeb wubs, weebs in general have absolutely dog shit taste. I'll stick with the jap disco.

>> No.1853733

Nobody is forcing you to watch them, you know.

>> No.1853770

>it’s another episode of 4chan pedos going off because they got their feeling hurt
Yeaaaaah, not really surprised lol.

>> No.1853784

Reminder to lolicon advocates and oldfag wannabes: lewding Yotsuba on any any board is still a guaranteed b&.

>> No.1853787

I bet you still believe Sora is a JK who does this for fun with her schoolmate A-chan

>> No.1853817

Who cares about Kizuna AI in 2021?

>> No.1853841

I’m lewding Yotsuba every single waking moment in my mind and jannies can’t do a thing about it.

>> No.1853866

the people in this very thread it seems

>> No.1853998

This is why lolifaggots and "muh harmless 2D!" will never be universally accepted on 4chan.

>> No.1854027

kys teen

>> No.1854068

/vt/ really is all reddit newfags, huh

>> No.1854092

Nyanners herself openly loved loli eromanga back in the day so that's highly likely.

>> No.1854107

Kill yourself you chinlet pedophile weakling faggot fuck.

>> No.1854125

Pink cat is finally an idol for her fans. I want to cry

>> No.1854185

Does Nyanners even have enough original songs to part of a tour?

>> No.1854186
File: 213 KB, 406x430, 1600645437437.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Accepted? This is our home.
If anything you're the one seeking for approval, making stupid posts like those. Learn your place.

>> No.1854213

You're the outsider here newfag, 3DPD is arguably the oldest and biggest running meme on this entire site.

>> No.1854235

>The pink drama cat everyone who can dig hates
You mean everyone who is an oldfag or a bandwagon chaser.

>> No.1854241

They added the board when vtubers were at their height, of course it’s full of newfags. There was probably even a post about it on reddit.

>> No.1854260

Only actual paedos care about that shit, you guys are so fucking easy to bait is not even funny anymore.

>> No.1854291

Sorry, not all of us instantly associate youth, cuteness and moe aesthetics with hentai.

>> No.1854400

>sorry, not all of us are straight
I already knew that.

>> No.1854426

wait this is an actual concert? or a meme one? unless the clips of her singing are just acting, why wouldn’t they get a vtuber who sounds better?

>> No.1854446

>Only actual pedos would care about being called pedos, no one who doesn't want to fuck kids would be bothered at all by being labeled a pedo

>> No.1854459

Its not about quality, its about

>> No.1854468

>this is an actual concert?
As much as you could consider a purely online event an actual concert I guess.

>> No.1854571

seems like a weird choice then if people are going to be watching to listen to performers

>> No.1854588

>I openly endorse, defend and chronically masturbate to graphic depictions of adult men raping gradeschoolers. u mad, society?
Why are loliconfags like this?

>> No.1854598

not a nyanners fan by any means but this looks fun, congrats to the nyanners fans

>> No.1854619

If it’s all online what does “from NY” and “from LA” mean? What’s even the point in calling it the “US Tour” if they aren’t actually touring the US?

>> No.1854695

Just baiting views and playing at reasonable US hours I suppose. On the one hand it's obviously pretty fake, on the other I can't really blame them considering a real IRL tour is still pretty much impossible.

>> No.1854724

Nyanners is a proud burger (unlike Mori)

>> No.1854992

Why do you care so much?

>> No.1855032

nyanners sings beautifully when she applies herself, she's had professional training
honestly of all the "big" EN vtubers I think the only ones who can sing better than her are gura, ironmouse and momo, but none of them would have been eligible for this concert
add to it that she's arguably the most popular non-holo EN and she was a clear shoe-in

>> No.1855249

Genuine curiosity. Especially in regards to people who argue for it in online spaces where normalfags hold the vast majority.

>> No.1855340

Are you implying that normalfags are a majority here?

>> No.1855395

they have been for 4-5 years at least

>> No.1855426

No. Like, social media shitshows where anything even remotely taboo could attract an e-lynching from out of nowhere.

>> No.1855449

There’s normalfags on every board now but they’re definitely not the majority.

>> No.1855496

Why not go ask there instead then? Retard.

>> No.1855505
File: 41 KB, 508x539, (you).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>online spaces where normalfags hold the vast majority

>> No.1855574

Personally I am not into loli, but I defend it here because it doesn't hurt anybody and scares away normal/newfags.

>> No.1855669

>loli this, loli that
Why does nobody ever talk about Shota? Straight Shota is based.

>> No.1855860

Personally, I wouldn't mind quietly fapping in peace to whatever drawing I want. The problem is that some people really seem to have an issue with it and constantly try to demonize me and the things I like. If they weren't actively trying to ruin things for artists and their fans alike, I wouldn't have to be so vocal in defending them myself. Makes sense, right?
I just don't understand their obsession.

>> No.1855896

Except children could not understand what are they doing, but Nyanners is not a child, even if she's dumb as fuck.

>> No.1855953

/ss/ isn't as controversial because it falls under the "Nice." double standard.

>> No.1855958

Because no one cares when a guy is the "victim". South Park had a whole episode about that.

>> No.1855978

"Not-Pedo" seems like quite a broad definition of normalfag dude. We're weebs and weirdos too, just not broken as you.

>> No.1856015

Because guys can't be victims. They would love to be raped by experienced woman and be proud of that.

>> No.1856042

>Straight Shota is based
Yes, but for some reason it doesn't have a dedicated army of e-crusaders going around accusing everyone who likes it of being pedophiles.

>> No.1856082


>> No.1856125
File: 83 KB, 664x939, 1613939561916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I pity how absolutely plagued you are by your own delusions, tourist samefag. For so long as the pink cat continues to thrive on her own hypocrisy, your pathetic attempts at gaslighting the truth and disrupting us from within will never come to fruition, and your insecure proclamations of "winning" and "changing" the discourse will forever fall on deaf ears. An event collab such as this changes literally nothing. Virtual events and collabs are the natural progression of any rapidly-growing vtuber agency, and VShojo is no exception. This causes no harm to honest vtubers who honed their talents through sincere passion for their work and their fans. It likewise does not at all change the farcical foundations of the pink cat's current career and nor will they ever be changed, no matter how much further her business opportunities may grow in the future.

You have already lost, it is final and irreversible. You must go back.

>> No.1856149

>We're weebs and weirdos too, just not broken as you.
It's your loss

>> No.1856186

You're weak. You're a wimp. Fucking chinlet. Kill yourself genetic dead end pedo fuck.

>> No.1856200

Who are you quoting?

>> No.1856213

You, you weak pedophile wimp.

>> No.1856235

Yes, because it's she who sexualises the children.
Have any problem with it, dog?

>> No.1856238

The voices in his head.

>> No.1856239

Not only am I not the person you replied to previously, that's not what that person said either, so that's impossible on two fronts.

>> No.1856246

Stop getting mad at drawings.

>> No.1856253

The delusion of this kind of mindset is not realizing what side you're really on. You try to act superior by shitting on loli, but to the vast majority of normal society you're just as much of a freak for reading even a mostly vanilla highschool doujin. You won't win any points from them by being anti-loli, they'll ostracize you just the same.

>> No.1856270 [DELETED] 

>she sexualizes children
No she doesn't. You're the fucking weirdo wimp pussy who sexualizes little kids. Fucking chinlet wimp.
You're a pedo. Kill yourself. You weak fucking cunt.

>> No.1856308

take your meds, shizo, or you'll broke yourself

>> No.1856323 [DELETED] 

Take my fist through your glass chinlet skull you fucking weak wimp cunt.

>> No.1856354

Stop giving (you)’s to the schizo baitfag.

>> No.1856369

Wait, which one was the mentally unstable side again?

>> No.1856381 [DELETED] 
File: 131 KB, 1200x863, nyanners 2b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyanners > HoloEN

>> No.1856398 [DELETED] 

The side that jerks off to children. Should be pretty obvious

>> No.1856415

Gator eats the big one, anonchama...

>> No.1856427

That’s her? Post more, Anon.

>> No.1856432


>> No.1856497

We're mentally on-point and in touch with our inner desires, if anything you are the unstable ones who are getting overly upset about it and denying your own sexuality.

Liking loli is literally the biological default, and disliking it is merely a learned behaviour from broken thots.

>> No.1856507

Based Nyanners also won the genetic roulette

>> No.1856515

>"Mr anon, I regret to inform you that one of our teachers, Miss DSLs McBimbotits (aged 21), has found having sexual intercourse with your son."
Yeah, "some reason".

>> No.1856527

Oh... she's skinny fat, spindle arms and wide torso. Guess the 2B outfit hides it pretty well though.

>> No.1856565

Hottest Vshojo confirmed

>> No.1856566
File: 2.75 MB, 390x810, your substitute teacher.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hmm yeah that is kind of odd

>> No.1856589

The answer is simple, women don't get insecure over /ss/ the same way the get insecure over loli.

>> No.1856641

>The mother of Vtubing is now reduced to being on the same level as Nyanners
Now that's fucking bleak

>> No.1856648

>she deleted all her cosplay pics
Sad. I wonder if someone has a backup of them all.

>> No.1856660

Something to be said for the tradition of graduating; arguably it's better to retire on top than to keep trying but slowly fade into irrelevance.

>> No.1856669

they are still there, learn to lurk

>> No.1856698

>Nyanners hater losing it again
Trolololo lololooool~

>> No.1856722

>The mother of Vtubing
If you listen closely, you can hear the screeching of Eliene and Digitrevx in the distance.

>> No.1856731

No shit they’re still around. Does that change the fact that she deleted them?

>> No.1856740

You want him to find them by not asking around for them?

>> No.1856779

>google "nyanners 2b cosplay"
>same for the other ones
>"she deleted them?"

>> No.1856832

>click on link on her twitter
>Sorry, this page isn't available.

>> No.1856839

Basically this. Nyanners hater is really trying hard.

>> No.1856841


>> No.1856866

Literally just google “nyanners cosplay” and they all show up under images even though they’re deleted from her actual twitter page. I’m sure someone made an archive of them all but I don’t have it.

>> No.1856870

would fuck this bitch

>> No.1856899

How can my obese vtuber waifu ever compete?

>> No.1856912

The image is still associated with her twitter account even though she deleted them. Click the link and it will tell you it’s unavailable. Fucking retard.

>> No.1856941

Nyanners hater needs to stop trying so hard.

>> No.1856980

the 2b ones are literally on her twitter account, I saved that one >>1856381 literally from her twitter account. I pray that your parents have the strength that I lack to deal with your stupidity.

>> No.1856982

Oh, she's kinda... cute, but in an internet gremlin kinda way. Nice.

>> No.1857031

No way, not as long as you keep making posts like that. This shit is 100% what I'm here for.

>> No.1857064
File: 40 KB, 400x400, nSGrrtBu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1857095

Yes, that picture is LITERALLY from her LITERAL twitter account but she LITERALLY deleted it so you LITERALLY cannot find it on her LITERAL twitter account anymore.

>> No.1857107

>I pray that your parents have the strength that I lack to deal with your stupidity.
hahahahaha based

>> No.1857122

Nyanners hater just got destroyed right now.

>> No.1857214
File: 29 KB, 684x352, 1586169064697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1857245

You should have no problem providing a working link then, right?

>> No.1857250

>the image is on her twitter account
>search for an IG link on her twitter account instead

damn you are actually retarded and not just trolling? big kusa

>> No.1857261

HoloEN roommates are unironically cuter and hotter. Especially my oshi

>> No.1857316 [DELETED] 
File: 65 KB, 640x640, nyanners 2b II.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1857358
File: 335 KB, 600x600, 08637f56bb43aabc584d17f9e6da4dab.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought we're in the vortex, but I guess the real shitshow is yet to come

>> No.1857374

Had this been in 2018, it would have been the moon. Right now it's more like... a reall tall building.
but then again, in 2018 AI wouldn't have been this desperatefor relevancy

>> No.1857435

Look weird but I think it’s just the outfit
Pretty nice desu

>> No.1857437

Based Nyanners reaching glory without having to get raped while "wrestling" wearing an Asuka outfit.

>> No.1857491

no wonder the butthurtness

>> No.1857509

>getting this mad at drawings
Actually, Unironically put a bullet through your brain you retarded nyannerscuck

>> No.1857530

Drink bleach nyanners hater.

>> No.1857531
File: 46 KB, 960x647, EvBIMVOVgAMVZSb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyanners is a girl?!

>> No.1857564

Please leave this site then, you aren't welcome.

>> No.1857599

>defending her for free
You will NEVER get people here to like her no matter how much your discord defense force tries.

>> No.1857661

Anyone who actually wanted people to like her wouldn't act like that.

>> No.1857783

>attacking her for free
You will NEVER convince the anons who already have their minds made up about liking her to switch their stance, no matter how many times you cry about hypocrisy or betrayal.

>> No.1857795

Do feminists count as girls?

>> No.1857803

why are you responding to such old posts in an autosaged thread? what kind of retard are you?

>> No.1857823
File: 256 KB, 326x326, 16142953119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's very easy to post hateful comments and it's fun seeing the chaos.

>> No.1857830

Eat shit and die, nyanners hater

>> No.1857838

back to the discord with you

>> No.1857843


this is like from that movie with two guys beating each other in the face at the same time so many times they both fall down unconscious
fuck, what movie was that

>> No.1857860

Damn you are seething.... meds NOW

>> No.1857868

>muh discord boogeyman
you might have to come to terms with the fact that people actually like her and don't care about your queer little crusade, anti-kun

>> No.1857927

Based chaoschad.

>> No.1857934

I enjoy how shit your nyanners/vshojo threads are. Looks like the anti posting won't be ending anytime soon.

>> No.1857972

You're thinking of the final Naruto vs. Sasuke fight. Gutwrenching stuff.

>> No.1857980

oh no retards are posting retard shit on 4chan, however will i live

>> No.1858014

Well it's certainly affecting your brain functions since you can't look away from here for more than 5 mins.

>> No.1858031

then don't reply to bait you fucking retard.
you are as bad as the antis.

>> No.1858040

You’re really starting to piss me off...

>> No.1858053

Has Kizuna even ever acknowledged the existence of Gura?

>> No.1858062


>> No.1858121


>> No.1858181


>> No.1858267

>they both fall down unconscious
It's more like the face punching exchange from the Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama fight only it never fucking ends.

>> No.1858339


>> No.1858345

All of your threads turn into unusable shitflinging, like this one. I've already won.

>> No.1858511

That doesn't matter, though. The point is that Nyanners is wildly happy and successful, and antis are miserable and angry. That is precious to me!

>> No.1858615
File: 406 KB, 617x500, 1613091921728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've already won

>> No.1858663


>> No.1858696
File: 418 KB, 1242x948, 1578750758701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I pity those who cannot enjoy Nyanners.

>> No.1858728


>> No.1858803

I pity you for enjoying some SJW's unfunny toilet humor. She doesn't even like you, which makes it even more sad.

>> No.1858885

She got a dominoes sponsorship, didn't she?

>> No.1858964

I mean, half of these antis are people who just straight up hate women, and the only reason they like idols and corporate vtubers is because they convince themselves that their behaviour is monitored and controlled by men, and are perfect obedient asian women who will be their wife and wipe their arse for them.

Any glimmer of independence is a turnoff.

>> No.1858972

>Nyanners is wildly happy and successful
Only one of those things is true.

>> No.1858998
File: 103 KB, 600x800, 4614047F-1437-440D-8A60-FD4A92137DFC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i would rather shoot hot ropes of jizz all over my renge fig

>> No.1859017

Who knew the chinks would team up with VShojo

>> No.1859048

No, I just hate hypocrites and sanctimonious morons.
My oshi is a western indie female, actually more independent than your unfunny pink cat who belongs to a company.

>> No.1859080

I mean, were you around when she talked about getting to perform with Kizuna Ai? She was ridiculously happy.
Obviously she then bounced right into anxiety, 'cause that's what neurotic pink cat does, that's kind of where her humor is born. But yeah she's happy.

>> No.1859094


>> No.1859173


>> No.1859225
File: 586 KB, 900x1012, DA833644-653A-4932-8B51-7EE7E47F6093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how could you do this to Renge?

>> No.1859291


>> No.1859343
File: 173 KB, 892x1200, 1595900010458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mate, I've been on this website for many years now and I've been through quite a lot of shit in my life. You want to know the most important thing I've learned? A heart full of hate never lasts longer than a heart full of love.

>> No.1859358

No. No they don't

>> No.1859425 [DELETED] 

Remember to post this on her twitter feed

>> No.1859473 [DELETED] 

Great catch. How can we spread this information beyond the thread?

>> No.1859480

fuck off

>> No.1859567

Oh shit, someone do this. For the lulz.

>> No.1859644

I don't think calling something cute is the same as wanting to unironically rape it

>> No.1859675

Yeah, that's why she wants to take her home and lick her all over.

>> No.1859689

Figured a nyannertard would be too stupid to know what perpero means.

>> No.1859695 [DELETED] 
File: 1.03 MB, 1871x960, 1590256921775.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post on twitter, and repost it on every nyanners thread, just like this one. Someone will eventually break containment.

>> No.1859720 [DELETED] 

Would be nice to stop arguing in circles with idiots and start making dents. We need a hero, bros.

>> No.1859723

peropero doesn't mean rape, no matter what kind of retarded mental gymnastics you may perform

>> No.1859768

>pairing teddyloid with these two fucks
what a waste

>> No.1859771

Yeah, licking someone all over isn't sexual, specially not when it involves designs like those. Struggling to cope?

>> No.1859784

Hey, AI is based, have some respect. Shame about the pink shitstain.

>> No.1859830

die reddi.t nigger

>> No.1859863

do you think when someone sees a cute puppy or a baby and say they want to smooch it all over, they mean kidnap it, strip it down and sexually assault it?

>> No.1859880

big diff from peropero which is definitely sexual

>> No.1859901

You wouldn't smooch someone's kid all over. Licking them is even worse.

>> No.1859910
File: 88 KB, 720x667, 7F8F5189-6156-43B4-991E-2FFA3CEFAE8C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you would know peropero was sexual if you read ComicLO, newfag

>> No.1859911

in your weird ass delusional head canon maybe

>> No.1859934

once again the unironic pedophiles out themselves kek

>> No.1859941

read more doujins

>> No.1859947

>Anon thinks there's no difference between kissing and licking
Is it autism?

>> No.1859954

Look at this dude. Oh no no no no.

>> No.1859982

Don't feed the troll

>> No.1859989

t. never saw Ai's videos from around that period where every time she did a gacha shill video she'd lust over the loli characters
Well, management obviously told her to tone it down at some point though.

>> No.1859991

lol look at mister pedestrian observer arguing over which drawings attract pedos and which ones dont.

>> No.1859999

read less doujins and try interacting with people
some entertainer makes a funny comment and you pedophiles take it as her endorsing your child rape kink, that's some serious schizophrenia

>> No.1860000

>now he's defending someone that wants to lick lolis all over and saying its okay
I can see the hypocrisy rubbed onto her fans lmao.

>> No.1860005

Unfortunately, the "white knights" in this thread made me to hate her more.

>> No.1860021

I don't know, post it on twitter and ask her yourself.

>> No.1860034

yeah because the magazine about cartoon little girls having sex is definitely not aimed at pedos

>> No.1860041

enjoying art isn’t raping children.

>> No.1860062

it’s art and legal so get fucked

>> No.1860072

Stop it. Logic bad, pink cat good, LOGIC BAD.

>> No.1860075 [DELETED] 


>> No.1860082
File: 138 KB, 850x1202, 1550144421881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they're pulling out the art cope

>> No.1860083

i guess you think watching movies about bank robbers makes you a bank robber.

>> No.1860101

the law can tell the difference, why cant you?

>> No.1860109
File: 351 KB, 594x761, 1611461204693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kneels to zhang

>> No.1860115

Don't let him distract you. He's trying to make you argue on circles again instead of realizing you can use the Ai image against the sjw cat.

>> No.1860116
File: 107 KB, 1039x614, 1616586269096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1860139

She kept the avatar and killed her sisters. She won.

>> No.1860163

no I don't, but I do believe that masturbating to depictions of little children makes you a pedophile by definition, which only pedophiles would argue against

>> No.1860241

Well, in Payday you're robbing a depiction of a bank, so I that would make you a bank robber by definition if you ever played it.

>> No.1860263

She might have won the battle but she lost the war by becoming a slave to China.

>> No.1860273

how long will it talk to itself?

>> No.1860286
File: 1.22 MB, 1408x3352, the boomer meme is born.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao the cringe

>> No.1860301

thankfully it is 2021 and you don’t get to be the judge. You are a literal who, a nobody. and this world is full of delicious cunny for the enjoyment of connoisseurs. enjoy your feminist hag indoctrination.

>> No.1860347


>> No.1860394

real nigga talk

>> No.1860494
File: 653 KB, 240x240, 162dd6bb2bca6ef22d1d2c133323723a4681818b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope a nazi curbstomps your retarded smegma guzzling heads one day

>> No.1860540

why anon,
we are the nazis

>> No.1861077
File: 2.64 MB, 1871x1594, 1616599364150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, use this

>> No.1861142

>Deleted posts are all from a "fan" who was "defending" her
Every time.

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