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General numberfag sites

Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list athttps://pastebin.com/jwfivCFB

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what is gold contender for the day /#/ bros?

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No i will not bite, you can't make me

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I hate how Ark is buff game. Fuck jop

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Either Subaru or Suisei.

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Pekora exists

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No idea, but the 3D Models look much better in this than their previous vids.

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Top 3 current peaks on userlocal. I think I saw an image with Fauna at 17k last thread, did she stream and userlocal just didn't list it?

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Userlocal has issues with pickup on EN streams yea.

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name me one game that can beat ARK buff

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Mein Kraft

>> No.16819082

minecraft is not that buff, just the buff last longer and more consistent

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Ark debuff.
It'll happen eventually, but it may take a few weeks to a month before everyone is sick of it and the numbers tank.

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Cute!! Hopefully its nothing serious though. She was just starting to recover back to her usual viewership with more consistent streaming after all the recording sessions. Poor girl just can't catch a break in Hololive, lol.

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Yea, that is why you realllllyyyyyy shouldn't do cram recording sessions if you need to stream as well. That was an error from management.
IRyS probs out for 2 weeks.

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She definitely doesnt need to stream at all. She just doesn't know when to stop. Even during her karaoke streams, she keeps doing encore even when people want her to rest.

>> No.16819410

Suisei also hardly streams and limits herself to short streams when she has recordings. She has the self-control which IRyS doesn't.

>> No.16819424

Right, not the right choice of words.
Since she did a whole bunch of recording, she really should have taken more breaks, or spread the recordings out a bit more to minimize the strain.

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Hey numberbros, I've arrived at my Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. The room here is cramp but it feels great breathing in the nippon air. Having some jet lag issues after a 12 hour flight but that's okay. Can't wait to watch Day 1 Nijisanji concert.

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anon, you might want to sit down for this...

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She also has the fanbase and foundation that irys doesn't. Irys still has to make a name for herself in both the music and streaming business. Her music is tanking so she has to make up for it in streams because she doesnt have the luxury current Suisei does

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It's easy money for Luxiem to stream at this time. Like stream any type of zatsu/asmr/coomer bait stuffs and they'll get money kek. I'm gonna predict that at least Vox, Luca and Ike gonna pass $5k today.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

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20k for migo, this strategy is paying off

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That's true. I just think it's dumb to blame management for everything when sometimes the talent themselves are being retarded.

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Another 10K for Ike.

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>it's the likes meme again

>> No.16819918

I refuse to bite
We're NOT doing the like timeloop again

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If some CUNT comes around and robs Miko of her rightfully earned gold again I'm going to blow a gasket.

>> No.16819976

Likes don't mean anything.

>> No.16819984

Suba will most likely beat her no?

>> No.16819991

Shit, this guy is back. Prepare the horny images!

>> No.16819994

>Those views and likes on both videos
all me

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AWESOME!!! I hope you enjoy the show. Nijisanji shows are SICK and I'm sure the performers are going to knock em DEAD.

>> No.16820036

Ike with 9k viewers

>> No.16820046

Jesus, Ike might be 20K at this rate.

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Guessing Ike is going to get culled now? judging by how much the chat is getting spammed?

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Holy fuck Ike is so good

>> No.16820146

A-any time now, for sure!

Susan has a vendetta against holoEN and holoEN only

>> No.16820149

En gold already lmao holokeks

>> No.16820157

Ike to the moon

>> No.16820164

Who knows? It could be spam, it's definitely got to do with relays, could be other user behavior that flags.

>> No.16820188

I mean, he was an utaite, he better be

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Just use the term "male gold" so you'll never lose, not that you can stoop any lower now

>> No.16820227

there are some utaites that can't sing live

>> No.16820257

Holly shit, Niji found gold with Luxiem

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>> No.16820262

Smooth as fuck transition from 5k waiting to 5k watching in less than 1 minute

14k in 10 mins means he could get to 20k actually if there's no male overlap.
First time karaoke buff and he's a legit good singer is no joke.

>> No.16820285

>Ike 14k
Daaaaaaamn. Manjisanji is back.

>> No.16820295

Mysta, vox and now with ike with the triple threat

>> No.16820298

15k max most likely
Though if he gets 20k, he can challenge top tier NijiJP

>> No.16820324

nijigirls in absolute shambles

>> No.16820346

>EN gold
That's probably the saddest nijicoep shitpost of them all; having to completely disregard entire regions so that you can win your special olympics...

>> No.16820352

Wouldn’t it be funny that he’ll take the gold?

>> No.16820359

>15k max most likely
He's already at 15k in 12 mins and 1 song.

First time karaoke is always a huge buff, but even with that in mind, I didn't think he'll get this high this quickly.

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By the way, Ike is a really good singer

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Try not to piss yourself while crying this hard.

>> No.16820415

Wait, I just got in during second song. He sucks?

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What's this?

>> No.16820440

>Vox, Mysta and Ike all over 10k
So are we ready to say Luxiem is genuine phenomenon now? These aren't just "good for NijiEN" numbers, or even "Good for Niji" numbers, these are numbers that are on par with most of HoloEN.

>> No.16820458

>Nijishitters freaking out over 15k for first karaoke buff
Didn't Chloe get 99k? You faggots are so insufferable. Get your midgets out of here.

>> No.16820462

Speaking of the first karaoke buff, How big are HoloEN and NijiEN first karaoke streams?

>> No.16820479

Debut buff fags in shambles

>> No.16820480

Ike is actually singing METAL fucking based, no more japanese pop song bullshit

>> No.16820486

Its over Holobros.

>> No.16820494

goddamnit I laugh at this more than I should lmao

>> No.16820503

Sameket, think reiteisai but for gura

>> No.16820504

The gura karaoke where she hit 100k wasn't her first one, right?

>> No.16820508

Anon... thats been a thing around here for a while now... if anything, this most likely started with Hololive because Nijisanji hasnt had high numbers (that would challenge Holo) until now

>> No.16820513

>comparing against jp
Name one holoen besides gura that got 15k+ on their first karaoke

>> No.16820514

Are we getting raided right now?

>> No.16820518

Wow migo is actually blocking subaru with this timeslot.

Anyway pegors will challenge gold it seems with ark stream.

>> No.16820526

Ike at 16k with no signs stopping? Holy shit

>> No.16820531

Too bad speedrunning isn't good for content unless you're at the absolute Apex of your run. Luca seems like the autist perfect for those kinds of streams and make waves cuz of it

>> No.16820535

Only if they can pull those numbers during NA prime time, ya know, the main region an EN branch should be targeting. Until then they are just SEA shitters.

>> No.16820536

HoloJPChad here, stop using us for HoloEN beef against manjisanjiEN

>> No.16820557

yes, it's extremely obvious

>> No.16820568

30k+ possible ?

>> No.16820580

a view's a view

>> No.16820583

Her first one was like 66k.

>> No.16820587

>Ike first time karaoke (16k and rising) - huge overperformance even taking into account how special it is
> Mysta Birthday (12k) - underperformance considering he has gotten higher than this on his solo streams
> Vox 5-man Luxiem 1 month celebration (10k) - huge underperformance considering it's lower than his Sims stream

>So are we ready to say Luxiem is genuine phenomenon now?
They're very good, but to say they're Myth level or even first month Council level is just wrong.

>> No.16820616

That means they're smart enough to know where the audience and the money are.

>> No.16820628

>NOOOO You're cheating! You're picking times where people actually watch streams! Let's see how they do if they stream during times when nobody watches shit!
The absolute state of ENfags lmao

>> No.16820630

lots of people today who got into vtubers last month it seems

>> No.16820631

Crying? I'm actually listening to this guy sing. He's not half bad.

Enjoy being mentally handicapped though....

>> No.16820632

Fuck Ike will mog suisei karaoke

>> No.16820674

You have to take into account the time of day of the stream. The boys all get much higher views during asian hours. During western hours they are much less.

Mysta's threshold during asian hours is about 9k, during american hours it's about 3k

>> No.16820685

already 17k now

>> No.16820692

Holy fuck, Ike 17k

>> No.16820695

and it was made fun off everytime someone would post it

>> No.16820699

They are still in honeymoon phase, probably have to wait for a few more weeks to see their real number. But holly shit HoloEN needs to step up their game right now.

>> No.16820708

Burgers don't watch streams

>> No.16820724

He's actually a good singer dude

>> No.16820726


>> No.16820729

no way there is also suisei singing at the same time
miko's funnel will go toward suisei instead of pekora like yesterday

>> No.16820735

>there is no market for EN males

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File: 1020 KB, 1662x933, Ike.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never thought I'd see a NijiEN pull these numbers so soon.

>> No.16820760

Good for him, not good for NijiEN

>> No.16820762


>> No.16820763


>> No.16820777

I wonder how the holobronies feel right now

>> No.16820779

All except Sana

>> No.16820791

Lunch time in EU retard

>> No.16820793

>They are still in honeymoon phase
So Luxiem "honeymoon" phase lasts over a month while Council cratering to less than 5k views meant their debut buff didn't even last a week. Ok then.

>> No.16820801

Damm this is the power of Manjisanji

>> No.16820802



>> No.16820807

>b-but homostarsEN will do better!!!!
>why aren't they getting culled? is niji paying susan?

>> No.16820808

>niji en males will flop

>> No.16820810

HoloEN who

>> No.16820816


>> No.16820822

>lunch time
jesus christ the state of this thread

>> No.16820833

>Only get big numbers when streaming over JP/TW prime time

>> No.16820837

>NijiEN males will be 2views

>> No.16820838

Miko won't end her stream what funnel are you talking about?

>> No.16820840

Council was only riding on the Coattails of Myth's fame let's be honest.

Luxiem seems more of a genuine explosion since this is the branch of livers that all barely break 3k before. Now we have multiple livers just breaking 10k in regular intervals with solo streams.

This is Niji's breakout wave. They did it. They caught a new audience.

>> No.16820843

I hate ENfags with a passion so I'm on your side just this once Nijiniggers.

>> No.16820851

Should “honeymoon phase” and “debut buff” be added to the holocope list?

>> No.16820859

Let's not kid ourselves, HolostarsEN will probably do better with the Hololive branding backing them up.

>> No.16820861


>> No.16820863

I'm in EU and I just had breakfast retard

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File: 1.35 MB, 1261x1305, 1735491936475.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its over…

>> No.16820873

Nothing is stopping you from watching if you have remote work, or even if you work at office but no one looks at your PC. That's what I'm doing now.

>> No.16820893

and who will their audience be? please think holobrony

>> No.16820915

>is already over a month
>They said this 3 weeks ago
Sad at this point holobros, just take the L and accept your male overlords.

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File: 310 KB, 1564x900, 013tQVe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Irys (36k) : https://playboard.co/en/video/XGzuTH_-dIU
Ame (33k): https://holo.poi.cat/stream/zAmujX9XraQ
Kronii (28k): https://holo.poi.cat/stream/rlibxnpWI_M
Mumei (30k): https://holo.poi.cat/stream/sWQIkO7txq4

I'll find the rest

>> No.16820924

For this year.
I'm not gonna go grab Myth's numbers because it's really unfair to compare superbuffed debut numbers that Myth had that were also pre2020 cull.

>> No.16820935

Will we finally see gold for NijiEN?

>> No.16820936

I kneel...
Are we going to see the first gold from NijiEN?

>> No.16820939

Is Ike going to break the NijiEN CCV
>JP watch NijiEN males
>EN watch holoEN males

>> No.16820942

Luxiem mindbroke /#/
Never seen so much coping and seething

>> No.16820947

Ah the holostarsEN cope, in a fanbase where males are shunned and the whole Mori drama that exemplifies it

>> No.16820949

He's putting in the work. I think he can easily make 25k a regular thing IF he does his utawakus at this hour. I don't even know if there's a market for them at all out west.

>> No.16820959
File: 42 KB, 234x210, moomwhat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pretty sure that's most of them
even mumei's guerilla one got 30k

>> No.16820960

They are like Myth back then, Gura got 65k with her first karaoke stream remember?

>> No.16820964

you're actually fucking stupid

>> No.16820967

>about to break 20k
>leaves to get water
>viewers drop
>never reach 20k
numberfags reeing right now

>> No.16820968

Luxiam hyped things up better than Council,more collabs and more streams, 100K celebration and one month celebration and birthday celebration

>> No.16820972

I think holostars will be heavily handicapped by having to tone down just how yabai/extreme their interactions are compared to the freedom the Niji's get. Mysta/Vox wouldn't be nearly as popular as they are if they couldn't go all out.

>> No.16820993
File: 184 KB, 664x559, 1623860721120.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16820995

Majority women based off of Mysta's stats. Remember that when you see the absolute state of the catalogue and the quality and type of bait being thrown around.

>> No.16821005

>EN branch
>All of their streams are 6am-9am EST
>EN branch
This isn't a good thing. They are catching a market but its not the market they want. There is a reason television ratings value target demographic numbers over the raw number of total people watching.

>> No.16821026

Meanwhile holo keeps playing ark lol

>> No.16821031


>> No.16821037

>thing is clearly working
>this isn't a good thing
kek you guys are actually retarded

>> No.16821039

NijiEN Top 10 peak views (nijimado+vnuma)
21/12/20 20,683 Vox Nijisanji debut
21/12/20 19,672 Mysta Nijisanji debut
21/12/20 19,388 Nijisanji Luxiem debut program
21/12/20 17,528 Ike Nijisanji debut
21/12/20 16,374 Shu Nijisanji debut
21/07/18 15,263 Petra Nijisanji debut
21/05/16 14,859 Elira Nijisanji debut
21/12/20 14,807 Luca Nijisanji debut
21/10/09 14,560 Enna Nijisanji debut
21/10/09 14,541 Millie Nijisanji debut

>> No.16821048

Fear not, the number is going back up.

>> No.16821051

>regular intervals
I wouldnt go that far. Anywsy this is his first karaoke and really surprased expectations. But like chloe we need to see where it drops the next time

>> No.16821055

Relax anon, they're just looking at another tab.

>> No.16821057

Can we graduate Niji EN girls? They are useless not even Elira can get 5k for karaoke.

>> No.16821065


>> No.16821072


>> No.16821074

He recovered them fast

>> No.16821096

Yes,Lexium didnt stop streaming,they know what they are doing.

>> No.16821108

Lmfao fucking retard

>> No.16821113


>> No.16821114

Is good for them but not so much for the managers

>> No.16821123

>20k in jp primetime

This is 100k if translated to NA primetime

>> No.16821125

20k get

>> No.16821126

20k baby lets gooooooo

>> No.16821135
File: 131 KB, 578x163, 1622663204928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16821141

They probably just tabbed out in the mini-break.

>> No.16821142

At least the list won't be full of debut stream

>> No.16821143


>> No.16821144

Number that astel will never get on karaoke lmao

>> No.16821151

this might be the dumbest post ive ever seen on this thread

>> No.16821164

no way, holo fanbase is to insecure to watch other men, especially with the idea they would collab with their oshis, that's why holostars jp is a joke compared to niji

>> No.16821169


>> No.16821170

RIP Holosers

>> No.16821179

Oh nice, i'll never watch vox mysta cause of hard fujo pandering, but maybe i'll check on him later.

>> No.16821181


>> No.16821188

>Now we have multiple livers just breaking 10k in regular intervals with solo streams.
>regular intervals
Not really?
Shu and Luca are likely never going to break 10k since they stream in burger times.

Mysta has gotten over 10k 5 times and a few of them are 1 time streams that he can't replicate or his birthday stream.

Vox has broken 10k twice, once with Sims 4 character creation, and today with a 5-man luxiem collab on his channel.

Ike has broken 10k twice, once with a JP duolingo and now with his first karaokes. Both will not be as high the next time he does them, altho I can see him getting consistent 10k+ on his karaokes in the future.

>> No.16821190

>No you don't understand guys streaming when people actually watch is a bad strategy!
EN cope hitting new levels

>> No.16821193

Nah, Ike just sucks in comparison to Astel

>> No.16821195

>mfw seeing holostars icons in ikes chat

Holy shit luxeium really are stealing the holostars audience lmfaoo

>> No.16821197

here comes the cull

>> No.16821198
File: 31 KB, 128x128, 1827457127512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>holokeks right now

>> No.16821199

They have flopped. They get shit numbers in the market an EN branch should be targeting. They can only get numbers when they stream during JP time which is a market that Nijisanji already does well in. Its all the same people watching, they didn't expand at all and failed in their mission.

>> No.16821201

Holobros,i dont feel so good

>> No.16821202

didn't another one of luxiem do a karaoke already. what was his numbers

>> No.16821225

Dont bring logic here man. We are in sea hours. Anyway happy for ike

>> No.16821226

Well number is number, from business viewpoint they are performing better than some HoloEN.

>> No.16821238
File: 24 KB, 200x356, 1637469919742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where's the kneel?
Go Ike sama!!!

>> No.16821243

this is number thread anon, did astel ever had 20k on a karaoke stream before?

>> No.16821250

Man, is being retarded an extreme sport at these hours?

>> No.16821254

Ike's chat right now:
>omg I love your voice

>> No.16821259
File: 487 KB, 600x612, kneel sephirot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I always knew you were the real New King (not that Orange pretender!)

>> No.16821262

They performances are better than HoloEN this year.

>> No.16821266


>> No.16821286
File: 181 KB, 400x400, 1639274336809.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16821289

Shu did but no one cares about him and he did it on NA time

>> No.16821292

arent we like just 20 days into the year?

>> No.16821294

This should be a thing kek

>> No.16821295

How different is that when females do karaoke?

>> No.16821296

Ok you fucking idiot. Tell me which number TV executives value more

>Show A
4 million viewers and .35 in the demo
>Show B
3.1 million viewers and .46 in the demo

Show me how smart you are you fucking mongoloid.

>> No.16821306

I'm just answering the question. I can watch male vtubers and I've stayed at Ike's karaoke for 3 songs. He sucks at singing.

>> No.16821322

Big number > small number

>> No.16821331

Damn HoloEN fags really seething over getting mogged like this huh? Glad I'm a JP chad and have absolutely no stake in this minnow slapfight

>> No.16821333

He is ok.

>> No.16821340

Did he do any metal songs yet?

>> No.16821341

I can't wait for Luca and Shu to brsak 10k just to see you fags cope more.

>> No.16821347

I don't even have a horse in the male chuuba race, but you need to go.

>> No.16821364

He needs more experience live singing, but he is overall pretty good.

>> No.16821369

>NijiEN Gold! with 20k
>Miko with 22k

>> No.16821386

Holobronies doing mental gymnastics right now to escape the reality that males have a large audience
It's ok man, you guys will have holostarsEN soon. You will also have your brotubers.

>> No.16821395

Big number > Small number

Your oshi has small number, Ike has big number now you cope.

>> No.16821400

I think is already late for luca and shu. I belive shu even had a jp only stream already

>> No.16821403

thread should make a parody song out of this

>> No.16821405

>Subaru 20k
>Miko 21k
>Ike 20k
so close Ike kun

>> No.16821434
File: 212 KB, 741x1612, 857215723756125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

meanwhile HoloEN

>Kiara 67.7
>Mori 54.5
>Ina 31.7
>Ame 27.7
>Gura 26.4

>IRyS 46.4

>Bae 44.1
>Sana 29.8
>Fauna 28.5
>Kronii 28.5
>Mumei 24.9

>> No.16821452

oh nonono not the towakeks...

>> No.16821453

Forget it Anon, you're dealing with shitposting females, the absolute worst group to use logic on.
What's my evidence for this conjecture? Posting styles and the absolute retardation that happened in the NijiEn thread in which a bunch of people felt the need to post their tits.

>> No.16821459

Pretty sure Ike's roommate got famous for doing an Error cover.

>> No.16821463

Kenzokus, not like this...

>> No.16821466

Good job dodging the question. I'll accept your concession. The numbers are useless if they aren't coming from the market you are targeting. This has been true in every form of entertainment forever.

>> No.16821467

cope in the dark

>> No.16821485
File: 8 KB, 233x217, i_kneel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus males suck at singing, but good number I kneel

>> No.16821497

happy to be proven wrong when it happens, but homoEN will flop harder than homoJP.

>> No.16821502

Theres hope for Luca. He has the most loyal female fanbase in NijiEN by far

>> No.16821512

>T-The numbers aren't good because not enough burgerfats are watching!
lmaoooooooooooooo. Get mogged sharkfaggot

>> No.16821525

Nigga loyal fanabse matters shit. Ike, vox and nysta numbers dint come from loyal but tourists

>> No.16821526

I am HoloEN fag,but Luxiam deserves big numbers for the work they put.

>> No.16821536

Forget a on, we're in prime shitposting territory, abandon logic, nuance and context all ye who enter.
Like I can see these are solid numbers, but when the goal of NijiEN was to expand into the NA market...

>> No.16821540
File: 8 KB, 195x119, unknown (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16821545

Are holobronies stooping so low to just “I-IT DOESNT COUNT”

>> No.16821548

Shu did his first karaoke already and got 4.5k.
Luca's peak so far is 5k being killer in the mega Friday the 13th collab.

If either get 10k, it'll be like today when they host a 5-man luxiem collab on their channel.

>> No.16821549

Pretty sure HoloEN still keeps the record for highest viewed karaoke stream. Gotta add 100k to Ike's numbers and you got Gura.

>> No.16821561

I'm just sitting back and screenshotting so many posts for grudgeposting when the JP tourists checking out his first karaoke don't show up for the next one and he gets a much lower number. Keep posting. I am building quite a collection here.

>> No.16821565

What I am more curious about is what this will do for the JP Nijis that had EOPs watching them. Will they keep them or lose them over the long term?

>> No.16821573

NA isn't the only place that speaks english retardchama

>> No.16821574

Suba is getting close. Can she steal the gold from migo?

>> No.16821587

If he can break 20,600 he can beat Vox's debut stream

>> No.16821588

>not even gold
sorry trannie I only kneel to the first place

>> No.16821589

but shes a woman

hes got the male debuff. this is like the equivalency of 200k

>> No.16821617

Gura is not prime anymore,she doesnt like streaming.

>> No.16821618

he did it

>> No.16821620

He just did lmao

>> No.16821623

Keep coping holocuck. Your whores are irrelevant now that Manjisanji is in town

>> No.16821625

Pretty much the situation of chloe.
People are setting up for grudgepost like mystas birthday compared to cooking simulator.

>> No.16821644
File: 248 KB, 628x636, 6E17FD41-0185-4FEF-AC32-596053D93B72.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nijien fags roleplaying as nijifags when they're all old holoen fans who can barely name a single nijiJP

>> No.16821651

Actual retard.

>> No.16821657

subaru passed miko's peak

>> No.16821660
File: 504 KB, 756x1155, TeamYoutube response spammy accounts2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>open this thread
>retards still jerking off over broken ccv

>> No.16821662
File: 8 KB, 536x65, 2022-01-21 11_40_29-Window.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He has.

>> No.16821664

nice mental gymnastics nijitranny

>> No.16821666

Even Ame got 25k in her first/second karaoke, I mean.

>> No.16821676

Vox got 20,683
It's still not enough

>> No.16821694
File: 253 KB, 335x506, 1642760556222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nijifags I kneel. You guys earned it today.

>> No.16821717

already higher anon

>> No.16821723

it's enough now

>> No.16821724

20870 is enough

>> No.16821739

I think Ike is the real Gura killer.

>> No.16821748

21k now, Ike got the record for nijiEN

>> No.16821756

that's with no overlap too. Ike is pitted against holojp and nijijp. This is a 50k karaoke stream

>> No.16821763

20742 and still growing
NijiEN CCV record

>> No.16821772

>holofags griefs Manisanji getting covid
>their absence creates huge audience for NijiEN male to break records
Watamage is a monkey paw

>> No.16821776

sad cope

>> No.16821781

Proof that Ike should be getting more numbers! I KNEEL FUJOS

>> No.16821784

Ame's first karaoke was 33k >>16820922

Well if there's one thing that isn't broken, it's Ike's CCV lol.
He suffered barely any dip from his waiting room and recovered 5k in less than 1 minute.
This is as accurate of a CCV we're going to get.

>> No.16821795

What overlap does ike has? All the high niji jp males are out of comission.

>> No.16821796
File: 113 KB, 1733x696, 1638883669797.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16821803

Suba actually steal the gold from migo..

>> No.16821814

Dude is really not bad. He needs practice and conditioning to make it good.

>> No.16821818
File: 50 KB, 353x410, 1617544941042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Astelsisters i don't feel so good...

>> No.16821826

None of the NijiEN males have ever been culled.

>> No.16821834

astel shouldve joined nijijp

>> No.16821836

That's why I added a comparison. Astel is a better singer than him. Even Kaida sounds better and in tune with the music.

>> No.16821838
File: 24 KB, 928x206, 518278713257125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10k+ today
nijien = 2
>vox luxiem collab
>ike karaoke

vshojo = 2

holoen = 1
>fauna colllab

>> No.16821839

I love your hit single Anon!

>> No.16821840

Yeah i still wonder why the en girls get hit so hard

>> No.16821841

The 2nd highest Niji is 3k and she's a female playing Valorant.
NijiJP is taking the day off.

>> No.16821850

he is apparently extremely nervous as well

>> No.16821853

nah, HoloJP fans are not overlapping with NijiEN males

>> No.16821871

Seriously, for all of the actual Nijisanji fans posting trying to prove their point, dont even bother. This thread is literally Hololive tribalfag central, your words wont reach them.

>> No.16821872

Ike lets goo show these EN whores how its done!!!

>> No.16821874

Yeah, he isn't very good so his next karaoke is going to be much lower.

>> No.16821879

Nah, it counts, numbers are numebers, but context always matters.
Congrats, he's creeping up to 21k.
Also knowing that this was done in a JP+SEA friendly time slot matters a lot too, as understanding where the audience comes from matters a whole lot for future numbers and for where the rest of the dudes should schedule for if they want numbers.
What's worrying for NijiEN is that their audience in NA is outright anemic, and if their branch goals were to expand into that market, they appear to be doing a poor job.

>> No.16821890

Holocope is amusing though.

>> No.16821891

you overlap with people with similar audiences you dumbass

>> No.16821911

Can suisei beat Ike with overlap?

>> No.16821914

Oh no mysta is not the king of nijiEN afterall..

>> No.16821918

Honestly it's just fun watching them sperg as their reality falls apart.

>> No.16821929

>not tribalfags
nice joke

>> No.16821940

Of course, dude singing in front of 20k, something holostar can only dream
Especially that faggot astel

>> No.16821945

So the next days the JP primetime zone will be a war for Luxiem, because there is no way they will miss the chance to grab some fujos for their market.

>> No.16821951

Audience overlap with HoloEN.
They probably have decent overlap with Council, and well, council recently had an outfit relay.....

>> No.16821953

That partly explains why Ike got so high, nothing happening in Niji right now so Niji fan flock to his stream

>> No.16821962


>> No.16821966

> they aren't coming from the market you are targeting
HoloEN and NijiEN market is anyone who know english and can understand them. Haven't you seen Gura statistics, she only has 29% in NA.

>> No.16821967

i would never expect that i would be rooting for niji en males but here we go

>> No.16821970
File: 13 KB, 511x125, 129851251725125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16821976

America is a failed empire, and Canada and Mexico are fucking jokes with no spending power. NA hours literally do not matter.

>> No.16821978

Ike's chat is barely moving. no way this is 20k

>> No.16821979

this, at this point astel should just kill himself

>> No.16821982

COPE IN THE DARK, will forever be my favourite meme now

>> No.16821985

i think everyone in Niji is watching him

>> No.16821992



>> No.16821997


>> No.16822001

Wasn't the luxiem collab during burger hours? I missed it on account of being in yuroland.

>> No.16822011

> actual Nijisanji fans posting trying to prove their point
It's literally all shitposts lol.
There's better Luxiem posts with actual numbers when they get lower numbers than all the edgy kids trying to pick a fight right now.

>> No.16822016

Didnt say that. Read my post again. All I said was """"""this""""""" thread is for Hololive tribalfagging. You fuckers """"""rule"""""" this board, right?

>> No.16822047

Ike proving niji runs this board

>> No.16822048

>thinking everyone is a sperg that needs to spam their shit

>> No.16822052

Anon, no amount of numbers is going to impress anyone in these threads (especially for singing streams) when the numbers on record are in the upper six digits. The only impressive thing is that they at all have an audience above four digits and that isn't saying much.

>> No.16822056

Did he passed migo? Holy shit

>> No.16822063

>last song already
Not even going to be an hour long

>> No.16822066


>> No.16822067

you niggers want to prove points by being tribalfags that's why everyone shit on you

>> No.16822068

Yuro hours.

>> No.16822071

this is how i can tell you're a woman

>> No.16822081

What's with trannies and samefagging?
Are they so new that they think we can't tell it just because it says anonymous up top?

>> No.16822090

They only care Luxiem if they get big numbers to shit others

>> No.16822104

t. tribalfaggot

>> No.16822105

pekosubamiko soon

>> No.16822106

Yeah, Gold for Subaru

>> No.16822109

He wants to watch sui karaoke

>> No.16822113


>> No.16822123

Is gonna recline like chloe what a fucking waste
Still a decerbed number

>> No.16822130

>failed empire
>creates internet

>> No.16822139


>> No.16822144

Nah he is pretty close though. Migo peak is 22.4k

>> No.16822148
File: 214 KB, 1130x376, S2ss01I.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not yet, but he's on his last song and it's pretty hype.

>> No.16822165

This is gonna be one of those NijiSilvers like typical LMAO

>> No.16822193


>> No.16822194

It was held at 10am PST/1pmEST (if you're talking about the 100k celebration collab). Which is yuro hours so I'm curious how you ended up missing it.

>> No.16822206

niji en males are honorary jp holos
dont ask me how it works it just does

>> No.16822210


>> No.16822223
File: 43 KB, 893x443, ikeeee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Run Shuba, run!

>> No.16822229

>IP count hasn't gone up at all
Its literally just one Nijifag posting on cooldown

>> No.16822237

>the numbers on record are in the upper six digits
"in the upper five to six digits"*

>> No.16822256

Enfag is forced to side with HoloJP tonight.

>> No.16822257

Gura,please wake the fuck up.
You are the most sub vtuber.
You could easily get 30K ccv just singing.

>> No.16822264

Bunch of top Nijis taking a break tonight? Only 1 20k Niji stream coming from Ike

>> No.16822267


>> No.16822271

its kinda sad at this point, he's clearly mentally ill

>> No.16822274

22k get

>> No.16822278

It's women you dumbass. This is how I know you've never had to deal with some of the stupid shitposting women can get up to online. They're just as stupid and nasty as men can be when anonymous, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or a women.

>> No.16822279

The worst human invention

>> No.16822280

Niji ASIA when?

>> No.16822293

Hey man good for nijien males, at least they'll be in radar for medals if lucky. But nothing is really that impressive for me

>> No.16822297

I think it's the best time for Luxiem to stream at JP prime time because many male NijiJP got covid

>> No.16822298

Usually streams need to get like 50k before we start using this thread like we're doing a watch party. Why the fuck you guys doing it for a 20k stream...

>> No.16822299

A respectable silver from Ike

>> No.16822305
File: 40 KB, 739x415, lastsamurai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They dare to side with us? These filthy gaijin

>> No.16822309

everyday's SeaMonkey hours are like that

>> No.16822317


>> No.16822319

unironically women anon

>> No.16822321

they got covid? which ones?

>> No.16822324



>> No.16822330

gura will get sub 20k if she streams during jp primetime

>> No.16822331

Check how he sang Aspirin if you left after the first 3, that was a LOT better

>> No.16822337

>why are there 22k people here?
He's numberfagging too now

>> No.16822344

Ike just came to his numbers

>> No.16822352

GG, faggot

>> No.16822355

All the important ones.

>> No.16822358

He hid the numbers to calm his nerves kek

>> No.16822363

I mean, it allows you to post this garbage, so I am inclined to agree.

>> No.16822364


20k for a debut karaoke, especially during the heart of JP prime time with absolutely no Niji overlap isn't that impressive.

>> No.16822383

He lost coolness points

>> No.16822384

man fat fujos are as cancerous as unicorns

>> No.16822394

>gets 22k
what a chad

>> No.16822410

people tend to forget women can be worse than men at many things. take hygiene, men can get pretty filthy but some women take it to another level

>> No.16822414

A karaoke at this time qould be interesting but will never happen

>> No.16822420

that fucker got 22.2k, if he did just 1 or 2 more song he could get gold (at least until suisei later)

>> No.16822434

It is impressive.
Look at NijiEN fem.

>> No.16822440

no one can beat this guy

>> No.16822449

Ike has 150k subs right now.
Lets check his subcount in a bit.
This is the type of breakout stream that would normally lead to a big sub incline.
and Yes, I know it's his first karaoke, I've been mentioning it all thread.

>> No.16822452

Just in time to Suisei's. Karaoke bros we're eating tonight

>> No.16822463

Ike's normal viewers are like 2-3k

He kept the viewercount off his screen so he wouldn't be psyched out by it. When he pulled it back on screen, he suddenly realized 22k people were watching and had a meltdown

>> No.16822468

Not even silver. BTFO nijifaggots. Clean the mess after shitting up the thread with your sperg.

>> No.16822471


>> No.16822486

..they are unicorns, anon

>> No.16822493


holo will never touch en gold ever again

>> No.16822495

I think is impressive. BUT is not happen again.

>> No.16822505

>Myth+ID1 to appear at HoloFes

>> No.16822508
File: 44 KB, 267x246, Ru-cgkDHTDY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mori got 24k 3 hours later

>> No.16822521

you sure sound mad

>> No.16822527

I'm not your bros nijinigger

>> No.16822530

>that fucker got 22.2k, if he did just 1 or 2 more song he could get gold (at least until suisei later)
Not with peko ark

>> No.16822536
File: 328 KB, 924x301, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16822544

Stop samefagging Reimu

>> No.16822556

wait what im watching shuba, did they announce it on the main channel? is it with 3d?

>> No.16822564


>> No.16822565


>> No.16822569

Like physically?

>> No.16822573
File: 1.19 MB, 961x543, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16822580

But how?

>> No.16822586

Its time for primetime!! Let's go RBC!!!

>> No.16822589
File: 1.08 MB, 923x519, 1630857750610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16822597

>main channel debuff + kiara debuff field + iofi autistic screech
Poor botan lmao

>> No.16822599


>> No.16822605

No, fujos are shippers... completely different and arguably worse. They're all schizos though.

>> No.16822609

In other news
All of Myth and ID1 will be at Holofest as performers.

>> No.16822634

she's an old hag, she's used to this

>> No.16822647

Hold on, checking details, but I suspect that it's just gonna be cardboard, but they'll be Part of the event.

>> No.16822653
File: 8 KB, 177x285, watamage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16822697

>isn't that impressive.
Naw, no one would've predicted 22k for Ike's first karaokes even with all the buffs.
He knew his best timeslot, saw an opportunity (literally no one streaming) and took it and was rewarded by it.

I honestly thought the first 20k NijiEN stream would be a Mysta karaoke, but now I don't know if he can even get it since he doesn't sing.

>> No.16822703
File: 184 KB, 1920x1080, 1625641139394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit what

>> No.16822709


>> No.16822725
File: 463 KB, 874x498, nice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He really could actually get more viewers. No 1drop, and the only major drop is because he's grabbing some water.

>> No.16822746

its very impressive because niji kr and id would never get those numbers
hell even niji jp wouldn't so go suck a dick anon

>> No.16822748

Yumejos are the ones that are the unicorns for females.

>> No.16822755

Oh they are present on the expo, not holofes concert. There's a difference, they can do 2D like other expos they were in

>> No.16822767

Fuck homos invited?!

>> No.16822774

Is there any top NijiJP streaming tonight, kinda funny Niji gold tonight belong to their EN brand

>> No.16822779

>He knew his best timeslot, saw an opportunity (literally no one streaming) and took it and was rewarded by it.
Please Council ,learn from this man.

>> No.16822781

>random hired dancers using their 3D with all the voice already prerecorded
soul less

>> No.16822796
File: 3.04 MB, 2006x1123, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is addtion casts for live concert day 1

>> No.16822822

Japan's PM is being pressured right now to open borders. I won't expect them to attend Holofest, but this year, they'd probably let go some border restrictions.

>> No.16822829

>fags though EN and ID will get 3D in the concert

>turns out it’s just them being there at the expo and not as performers

You had one shot cover and you fucking blew it

>> No.16822834

They got 3D models now!!!!?????

>> No.16822853

Going to wait for the official EN annoucment to clarify details because I'm a filthy NonJP speaker.

>> No.16822857


>> No.16822866
File: 3.25 MB, 2009x1127, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

day 2

ID and EN got 3D

>> No.16822871

welp no audience then. idolmaster 2.0

>> No.16822895

They already had them, but couldn't debut.

>> No.16822896

Isn't Japan still closed to foreigners? I doubt it's 3D.

>> No.16822947

They're at expo retard. Everyone will make appearance at expo but only Myth and ID aside from JPs are appearing in Holofes

>> No.16822957

knowing yagoo's luck, it might just happen

>> No.16822963

you are a retard

>> No.16822965

They aren't allowed to travel to japan because of pandemic.

Hololive decided to just have other people acting in their models so that way they didn't have to travel. They'll be doing the voice lines though

>> No.16822983

If you think about the audience who are into kpop they're tapping into you'd understand why they'd flock to something like this

>> No.16823005

Theyve had since November at least, the question is how they are going to run it. Home 3D? Us studio? They got greenlight to travel to jpstusio?

>> No.16823007

>Please Council ,learn from this man.
Kronii's (28k) first karaoke was overlapping with a big minecraft orgy and Mumei's (30k) was a guerilla stream around midnight.
Even without looking at Holo numbers, 22k is impressive for any Niji.

>hell even niji jp wouldn't
For real, Chima gets like 6k, Ryushen gets like 2-4k, and Akina gets 8k on a good day?
Ike is probably never going to get a 20k karaoke again, but if he manages to get close to 10k, he'll already be the most successful Niji karaoke singer.

>> No.16823012

It can be prerecorded

>> No.16823036

Myth and ID1's 3D models have been ready for a while now, they just can't travel to Japan.

>> No.16823090

so how will the EOP holos work during holofes? will they be paired up with others just translating what they say?

>> No.16823120

Now it makes sense why they randomly had Kiara and Iofi on this stream if they were going to drop a bombshell like that. I'm fucking pumped dude.

>> No.16823136

I think Toko got 20k once after that collab with Norio

>> No.16823139

They are now in the list as performers

>> No.16823144

I was talking about it being 3D. The obvious answer is they'll just pre-record their Live2d.

>> No.16823150

From what I read from Global, HoloFes is not going to have 3D for EN/ID, instead they will be voice cast.

>> No.16823159

Holofes will have virtual tickets again right?

>> No.16823166
File: 400 KB, 1236x636, srytgerh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh look it's friday

>> No.16823177

What does "Making an appearance at an expo" even entail? So far I haven't seen them tease anything about their 3D model

>> No.16823189

True, I forgot about Toko since she streams like 5 times a month.
She gets 10k+ on karaokes pretty often so I'm wrong.

>> No.16823230

subaru lost like 3k to slot change, miko lost like 1k

>> No.16823247

>2 5-minute streams
neck yourself faggot

>> No.16823273

Nobody knows yet since they haven't clarified. There is still over a month until Holofes anyway and that is plenty of time to properly announce 3D.

>> No.16823302
File: 290 KB, 497x478, Screenshot_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was going around a random video binge and I stumbled across this video:


Any different from what vtubers make?

>> No.16823307
File: 123 KB, 1717x522, 1623756856414.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well they are listed on the concert performer list now.

>> No.16823320

Subaru had some Pekora viewers since Peko pranked her and she was setting up a retaliation prank.

>> No.16823332

Last week of Feb or early March then

>> No.16823335

Ok, so I have all my grudgeposts ready for when this Niji faggot gets sub 10k on his next karaoke. They are armed and ready to fire.

>> No.16823352

queen usada at 20k at 10 mins
suzy at 18k

>> No.16823370

Tiktokers make money from sponsors paying them to shill their products and they become millionaires overnight.
The actual tiktoks make no money.

>> No.16823418

This, if they can fly them to JP February or early March they will bein 3D if not then 2D

>> No.16823439

Nevermind, this is Tiktok views, disregard

>> No.16823460

Kinda funny when Niji just cancelled their concert and Holo shilling more info abt Holofes. But then it gonna be in March so hopefully things are going well for them.

>> No.16823470

Yea, they pay for SHIT for views.
Whereas Holomem get
>Actual ad views
>Premium payouts on watchtime
>Superchat + Memberships

>> No.16823483

>ame and gura was gone for a week

kinda impossible since Japan is still closed but what's the chance of them being in Japan right now?

>> No.16823495

They are in the main event. I doubt they're in Japan tho, so i assume they recorded their 3D performance elsewhere. Hopefully they didn't use home3D for it tho, that's garbage.

>> No.16823497

20k for suzy
did something happen at pegor stream? chart dipped a bit

>> No.16823526

It's late but Suisei recover her waiting room number in two minutes.

>> No.16823527

4 holos 80k jesas

>> No.16823533

Zero, because Cover isn't going to try and sneak people through the borders after playing by the rules for so long.

>> No.16823534

>Gura bad wifi
>she is staying in a Japanese hotel

>> No.16823541
File: 146 KB, 1200x250, RUoOMh6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I rarely watch men, but Ike did good today, both in numbers and singing so I'm a fan.
More importantly, EN Leos once again mogged the fuck out of OG Leos.

When was the last time Leos got 22k?
I don't remember either.

>> No.16823548

Well it's not much better for YouTube's shorts, they're pretty shit for earning money.

>> No.16823559

TikTok is good for exposure only

>> No.16823561

Damm I thought today is debuff day? The number going strong

>> No.16823569

Suzy going get bronze and subaru silver, nice try niji en but better luck next time well if you can that is.

>> No.16823586


>> No.16823589

22k is kind of weak for a debut karaoke. Gura got 66k, Kronii got 30k, and of course Chloe got 99k.

>> No.16823593

D-did they secretly doing their dance reps bros?!

>> No.16823618

there's also ogayu, but it's a zatsu so it's getting her normal debuff game numbers

>> No.16823637

everyone getting 20k on debuff friday nice
miko, peko, subaru, suisei, later probably rushia
now where the fuck is marine?
did she ayamed?

>> No.16823649

Fridays have never been debuff days. They're the start of the weekend schedule through.

>> No.16823653

It's really good for NijiEN. Give credit where it's due.

>> No.16823654


>> No.16823686

marine these days it's just shilling and collabs lol

>> No.16823687

>peko gold

>> No.16823695

I'm worried what we're seeing here are the same events that happened to edengumi in their first month. They might've looked strong, but they fell off months later.

>> No.16823702

NijiEN doesn't live in a bubble faggot.

>> No.16823704

>Unironically comparing NijiEN numbers to HoloEN/JP numbers
Bruh, Ike beat his own debut today.
He's punching way above his weight class.

>> No.16823706

Mumei also got 36k if I recall right

>> No.16823719

They were at least pre-covid, there was reliable data and Youtubers avoided it pretty much.

>> No.16823722

Okay, Ike can actually sing. I'm fucking shook right now. They're never getting the western audience because of anime stigma and the abundance of male face cam streamers but they can definitely spearhead a massive growth in SEA. This also highlights how fucking abysmal wave 1-3 were. The fact that they barely get talked about here anymore aside from highlighting how much of a failure they are, and how discussions of the girls got overshadowed by Luxiem in the NijiEn thread barely a month after debuts is a testament to that. I know most (including me) will disregard January data due to ccvid but I'll be very interested how waves 1-3 will perform in Feb.

>> No.16823724

It's literally the Niji EN CCV record why can't you dumb niggers into context

>> No.16823731
File: 181 KB, 1217x297, death slot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HOLY SHIT! This slot

>> No.16823732


>> No.16823739

god, if you're a low tier holo streaming in this slot it's fucking suicide

>> No.16823741

dont forget vspo mogging nijijp

>> No.16823746

Suisei showing EN shitters who's queen of karaoke

>> No.16823754

And of course Gura got the infamous 120k for her 2nd karaoke.

>> No.16823770

Jesus,suisei 23K with overlap

>> No.16823784
File: 202 KB, 736x836, keeto same.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WTF is even ketto?

>> No.16823807

Look, can you stop? He's okayish at best and I'm someone who only watch karaoke streams.

>> No.16823811

NijiEN doesn't live in a bubble faggot. Only fair to compare them to their peers.

>> No.16823812

Because no one fucking cares? I have the larges dick in Azerbaijan, do I get a medal?

>> No.16823813

suzy passed miko, that 35p that hangs around here it's gonna be real sad

>> No.16823845

If they get that number on burgers time, sure. They are niji en after all.

>> No.16823852

If this is anything like HoloFes2, then they're supposed to be the opening act. That doesn't confirm them getting 3D though, so the question is whether they can get special permission to enter Japan for whatever reason and whether or not that can be done wit more than a month in advance to the concert.

>> No.16823860

Hey look Suzy just easily mogged him

>> No.16823862

stop being a faggot
its not healthy

>> No.16823865

You can doompost once we we actual hard declines. Until the just enjoy the big numbers.

>> No.16823869

What the fuck is this? A japanese Gura fan convention? I know she is extremely popular in Japan but that seems a bit much.

>> No.16823874


>> No.16823877

Pegors seems to get random drops in viewers.

>> No.16823886

Mumei got 30k >>16820922
But the comparison is dumb anyways.
It's the first 20k NijiEN stream and we all know even NijiJP doesn't get 20k streams nowadays.

>> No.16823897

It's not impressive for suisei, at all;
At least we know that her singing stream suffers heavily from overlap

>> No.16823904

battle between Suityan and Peko...

>> No.16823913

theyll just pre-record it, using either vr or some local/home studios

>> No.16823914

>now where the fuck is marine?
on her period

>> No.16823915

This is the gura-JP convention.
Yea. same-chan has a convention dedicated to her and her alone. In Japan.

>> No.16823926

>special permission
Maybe Cover decided to get off their ass and do something. Despite the borders being closed its not like people haven't been going over there for business. Getting business exemptions shouldn't be impossible. Maybe they did it.

>> No.16823930

She's still getting 25k

>> No.16823934

Blue women are scary

>> No.16823942

They'll drop later for sure, the question is when does the hype wear off because it seems like the hype is getting stronger, kinda like HoloMyth didn't peak until their 2nd month.

>> No.16823943
File: 1.03 MB, 1237x1053, 716294546337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do we save NijiJP bros?

>> No.16823953

ketto = convention
comiketto/comiket = comic convention

>> No.16823961

You can enter Japan with business visa.

>> No.16823963

the 23-25k range getting kinda interesting

>> No.16823968

It is the proof that Gura is basically the top Holo. A dedicated Gura-con.

>> No.16823980

>the biggest vsinger in the world mogged a niji en
yeah no fucking shit
nobody is saying ike is going to be biggest chuuba in the world but the boys are single-handedly saving their branch from irrelevance and you holo en faggots can't stop seething over it and using jp to cope

>> No.16823990
File: 21 KB, 655x68, Nijiloses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry NijiEN male faggot. Move over and kneel to a real singer.

>> No.16823991

>special olympics
>special treatment
asking for a special mental institute is next

>> No.16824003


>> No.16824008

>Lauren getting higher numbers talking about playing Apex than actually playing Apex

>> No.16824015

She is by far the most popular Holomem WORLDWIDE, but even I'm loath to say she's the most popular one in Japan (same-chan, why do you hate numbers so...it makes my heart break as a numberfag....)

>> No.16824016

No, entry of business visa is also suspended

Though that will only last till end of Feb

>> No.16824021

they had one in feb 2021 which was originally supposed to be in 2020 but covid fucked it

>> No.16824023

Damm 4 Holos holding over 100k viewers, I kneel

>> No.16824036

why are you so salty lmao
get a life loser

>> No.16824044


>> No.16824048

Suzy 25K

>> No.16824058

>January 18, 2022
Well fuck.

>> No.16824062

Ah, i hadn't realized that one had been cancelled, but I had heard about it.

>> No.16824073
File: 58 KB, 1000x1000, UOH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So its just a matter of time until we get all those Gura doujins uploaded to sadpanda

>> No.16824090

have them leech NijiEN males fanbas-

>> No.16824111

Mori bros? Wtf is this?

>> No.16824115
File: 269 KB, 1403x739, watershed moment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People are dumb if they can't understand the magnitude of this number for Nijisanji. Here is the list of streamer channels having a stream over that number

>viewer :: date :: author :: title
>22406 :: 2022-01-20 :: Mito :: ジャッジアイズ 最 終 回【JUDGE EYES 死神の遺言 ※ネタバレあり!】
>23114 :: 2022-01-19 :: Fuwa :: 【3.0お披露目】第8回CRカップ優勝しました【不破湊/にじさんじ】
>24401 :: 2022-01-16 :: Fuwa :: 【#スタミナ寿司WIN】僕たちは飛びます【不破湊/天月/StylishNoob/にじさんじ】
>29211 :: 2022-01-16 :: Toya :: 剣持刀也
>30195 :: 2022-01-03 :: Maimoto :: 【雀魂】新春!にじさんじ麻雀杯2022 企画説明&抽選会【#にじさんじ麻雀杯】
>34123 :: 2022-01-17 :: Yorumi Rena :: 福袋争奪!!3Dすごろく大会2022【花畑チャイカ/椎名唯華/鷹宮リオン/ジョー・力一/舞元啓介/夜見れな/にじさんじ】

That's it, that's the whole list. Fuwa, Mito, Toya, Maimoto and Yorumi Rena 3D. And now Ike.
Ignore the boys at your own peril, they're not competing with Myth for EN domination, they are competing for Nijisanji supremacy and it may signify a MAJOR shift in priorities for that company, from trying to compete with HoloJP to having no competition in the segment Luxiem is succeeding right now.

>> No.16824120

I know that, but what I don't know is whether all of the Holos set to participate are allowed to leave their countries. Wasn't Kiara stuck in Australia (Europe) because they had a mandatory lock-down? Have they eased the restrictions?

>> No.16824123

>pegor slipping to suzy

>> No.16824126

Suityan 26k

>> No.16824127

You don't have to have a meltdown over him getting good numbers today.

He's not going to get 20k for his 2nd karaoke anyways so why you gotta be so insecure?

>> No.16824133
File: 185 KB, 478x239, 1626875856841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Battle for gold.

>> No.16824135


This is cute as fuck. The Nips sure do love Same-chan. I'm sure they contribute quite a bit to her explosive VOD growth.

>> No.16824150

26k get.

>> No.16824152

wow you really killed him kid!

>> No.16824154

Forgot Okayu, Subaru loses some viewers to her
I guess their fanbase overlap a bit

>> No.16824187

Holly shit suzy gold!!!!!

>> No.16824193


>> No.16824194

I don't even care i love both and happy for them...

>> No.16824197

27k now

>> No.16824227

Exactly, NijiJP has been absolutely starved of 20k streams so far in 2022.
Even Kuzuha hasn't gotten a 20k stream yet this year.

>> No.16824240
File: 22 KB, 659x72, KNEELFAG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bragging about 22k karaoke

>> No.16824245

It's the same way how Myth went about. They destroyed HoloJP in the first few months, both in views and in SCs.

>> No.16824247

>Even Kuzuha hasn't gotten a 20k stream yet this year.
Because he's dumb, btw. Even Hoshikawa is getting good numbers with APEX

>> No.16824253

the fuck ? for real ?

>> No.16824266

fucking pathetic
he should come to starsEn, if it must happen.

>> No.16824268

I kneel to blue womans in Hololive

>> No.16824270

27k now!!!

>> No.16824271
File: 131 KB, 795x265, 1614099245209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suisei gold?

>> No.16824288

quit narrating every 1k, just do big marks

>> No.16824289

This is the second sameket

>> No.16824294

All top holos streaming overlapping hell, why you all do this???? Is this going to be the norm?? Thank god marine is sick and la+ have shitty internet.

>> No.16824309

Yes, the Niji decline is real. Don't let the niggers in this thread fool you. They're literally circling the drain as we speak.

>> No.16824317
File: 400 KB, 410x510, 1641921862409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16824322

Fuck you anon i though with this much gloating he'd be at least great, you make me check him and he's nothing special. He just made me remember why i hate miku vocal even though i love vocaloid music. Good, maybe have potential, but very bland nothing magical nothing delivered

>> No.16824324

Anon, see >>16824115. That's ALL streams over 20k from Nijisanji in 2022 (excluding the main channel)

>> No.16824343

Blue women too strong...

>> No.16824348

/ggg/ is down the street

>> No.16824365

why are you talking in 3rd person loser?
get a life

>> No.16824370
File: 2.49 MB, 1920x1080, suichan I kneel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16824376

What did you expect from a quantity over quality black company, shame on you for biting his bait.

>> No.16824388

>it was that bad
Time for the Eigo Jouzu Nijis to shape up, I guess. It's their time to shine. Will they? Time will tell.

>> No.16824404


>> No.16824416

Iroha no...why are you streaming right now....

>> No.16824422

Sui singing Towa's FACT

>> No.16824423

>iroha and rbc started right in the middle of this

>> No.16824436

>but that seems a bit much
>Doesn't know about the Bowsette con

>> No.16824439

>Luxiem is going to experience an Edengumi level crash
Its going to be glorious

>> No.16824449

Well, to be fair there's also the issue of CCVID afflicting everyone for the first bit of January, and then Idol reps for the now-cancelled concerts.
It's certainly a big OOF moment for numbers for NijiJP.

>> No.16824453

Their fujo audience is so starved they're hopping onto EN streams of their branch to satisfy their crave for dick, kekk

>> No.16824454

>history repeating itself as the black ships now visit Nijisanji, the ultimate bastion of all things Japanese

>> No.16824465

Maybe holojp giving me numberrot for real ...

>> No.16824468

Austrian lockdown was only for like a week

>> No.16824482


>> No.16824492

>knowing about Bowsette con
I'm not sure that is something you should be bragging about loser.

>> No.16824508

By holofes they'll be back to 2 views just like the rest of niji, we've seen this unfold too often.

>> No.16824511


you're on to something anon

>> No.16824533

kek /jp/ niji purists must be seething rn.

>> No.16824539

Are you a woman, by chance

>> No.16824560


>> No.16824562

They have a massive JP audience right now and we know how touristy JP Niji fans are. They are going to be dropped like a bad habit and then they will have a lot more in common with Oliver.

>> No.16824574


>> No.16824586

Do you realize where you are nigger tourist?
/ggg/ is the last room in the hallway or go back to Discord childfucker.

>> No.16824591

>Nijifags absolutely shat themselves ITT with a 20k stream
>Holo produces FIVE 20k streams and possibly more
>doesn't elaborate

>> No.16824592

Niji jp is a failure.

>> No.16824605


>> No.16824610

Reminder, both leos and lauren were SC powerhouses during their first two months. But where did it led to?

>> No.16824613

my iroha...
At least she is dragging out the start

>> No.16824622
File: 248 KB, 325x497, 1641352891434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if they'll actually has their 3D debut next month!!!!!????

>> No.16824626

It'll happen, but not until March imo.
Edengumi wasn't getting close to 20k 4 weeks after their debuts, so Luxiem's trajectory isn't identical.
Gonna need to wait for Luxiem to burn through all their buffs before we'll see them settle down.

>> No.16824635

They were all wishing death on NijiJP livers two days ago kek im happy karma came to bite them in the ass

>> No.16824638

>only women call people losers

>> No.16824675

I was on point then

>> No.16824684

Suityan 28k

>> No.16824686

>But where did it led to?
They still get a shitton of money during celebrations and special streams.
Women don't watch gaming streams tho so not much they can do about that.

>> No.16824690
File: 861 KB, 934x1245, 172544826338.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too strong…

>> No.16824692

Oh shit, iroha chan mou utawaku!??

>> No.16824698

>he doesn't know about the en home3d update

>> No.16824704

ogey loser

>> No.16824708

>That response
Found the kpopfag
Glad Suzy has shown your twinkie his place.

>> No.16824720

yes yes you are a very hardcore teenage girl

>> No.16824729

What karma? Oh you mean the entire cancellation of your nijishitty event? Myth just got 3D and an appearance at holofes btw :)))))))

>> No.16824744

I don't understand why there is a rivalry going on right now
Women watch niji EN and the top guys, men watch holo
Completely different audiences, we can coexist you know

>> No.16824747
File: 179 KB, 455x444, 1638548557369.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tell me more!

>> No.16824756

this is the last song for gigastacy right

>> No.16824762

i dont know how you reached this conclusion but good for you i guess

>> No.16824765

27K can be mogged if KING enters.
Holo,why overlap<

>> No.16824770

At least it's not like HoloEN that nobody streams at prime time

>> No.16824777

who will get suisei's funnel ?

>> No.16824779



>> No.16824782

SEA hours, board goes to this at this time.

>> No.16824783
File: 2.41 MB, 1976x1257, 1627563831664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Niji version when?

>> No.16824789
File: 305 KB, 984x491, Are (you) anon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16824805

Guys, it's gonna be walfie 3D

>> No.16824811


>> No.16824814

*cums on you*

>> No.16824815

So prerecorded confirmed?

>> No.16824818

You would think Migo right?

>> No.16824820
File: 740 KB, 1000x1288, kuzuha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if KING enters.
inb4 he plays another relaxing round of Valorant

>> No.16824822


>> No.16824827

>she was singing Noel orisong
Nice way to boxpush suzy.

>> No.16824830


>> No.16824831

>Finally use ogey
Lurk more retard before you pull a Mori get this board to rape you

>> No.16824854

She said Day 1 watch along. She is performing on Day 2.

>> No.16824857

She shilled Towa's EP as well.

>> No.16824860

On the first day, dummy, she's on day 2

>> No.16824862

Nooo suzy, no more encores. Please send them to Iroha.

>> No.16824864

If he play yugioh sure he can beat that.

>> No.16824889


>> No.16824899

Still, it's not bad for Iroha to get 9k while Suisei is still singing.

>> No.16824902

for day 1, so she will be in day 2

>> No.16824905

Oh right, my bad.

>> No.16824906

>Suisei sings My Song live better than Watame does
Was about to write a shitpost about how Suzy hates Watame by skipping her orisong, but I'm glad to be proven wrong.

Should be around 29k when she ends.

>> No.16824910

suisei singing watame's my song


>> No.16824911

>Expecting two groups who, while they share many similarities, ultimately cheerlead for different teams, to get along
Anon, do you know anything about how people work, at all?????

>> No.16824913

Yes,its still not enough for Holo Gold.

>> No.16824923

Suzy sing watame my story! 30k come on!

>> No.16824949

it's not gonna incline with a watame song lmao

>> No.16824955

is numbers thread not singing thread but she sounds worse to me

>> No.16824962

I like Iroha but its suicide for her to stream at primetime

>> No.16824968

>Suisei singing all the new Hololive songs and shilling EPs
If she does nothing for IRyS I am going to be pissed.

>> No.16824994

Iroha just need to delay her stream for another 30 minutes since Suisei will only sing for an hour.

>> No.16824996

The vsinger can stand on her own, surely.

>> No.16825024

Has she even interacted with IRyS in any significant amount? Like, it'd be nice but I'm not gonna fault her if she hasn't really talked with IRyS that much.

>> No.16825031
File: 1.26 MB, 950x841, 1607861352004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>suisei's sing stream is as same number as gura's unarchived stream

bros...gap between jp/en is so bigger than ever...

>> No.16825041

>shilling Watame's album

>> No.16825043

It was in her schedule for a while already and Suzy just stole her spot. At least she delayed the start and will catch some funneling.

>> No.16825054

Might want to go back and have a listen anon.
Watame has sang My Song twice to my knowledge
>her sololive
>her 3D live for her anniversary: https://youtu.be/TV8rLERH6yU?t=3090
and she ran out of breath both times half way through.

Hope she nails it for Holofes.

>> No.16825056
File: 836 KB, 808x890, noel kneel.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16825065

Dude that's Gura or Mori's job

>> No.16825073

I dunno what being out of breath means but she sounds better singing that song.

>> No.16825081

I wonder how many studios they have? IRyS has been there a lot lately and Suzy lives there half the time it seems like so you'd imagine they've at least run into each other. Would be funny to get another "i met suisei and she introduced herself as Sora" story from someone haha

>> No.16825082

No need to worry, the samurai abt to get 10k while overlapping with top tiers
She is much stronger than numberfags thought

>> No.16825098

Gen 6 don't give a shit tho. All of em (minus hawk) like to stream at that time. I hate it too much overlap, bad for number fagging but they do get number tho.

>> No.16825119

apparently the app was updated yesterday. update was big enough that gura's fucked up wifi didn't let it finish the download.
she also said something along the line of thinking up stream ideas for what's in the update.

>> No.16825121


>> No.16825154

>I dunno what being out of breath means
You ESL? It means her breathing is out of control when singing and it affects the quality of the performance.

>> No.16825157

holy shit suzy matching the stellar stellar intro live, it inclined her back to 29k

>> No.16825176

30k onegai...

>> No.16825184

Ike gorilla 2k waiting

>> No.16825214

That Stellar Stellar cold intro made me diamonds... and the numbers went up with it too...

>> No.16825257


>> No.16825286
File: 1.09 MB, 1211x1054, 81735372174957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5 10k+

>> No.16825296

Looks like it's possible to pull huge numbers even when you have to compete. There goes that cope.

>> No.16825299

Nope and I don't think it does

>> No.16825318


>> No.16825332

wow, very good numbers for Friday night ?!

>> No.16825335

suzy's chat is so fucking green

>> No.16825352

100k+ ccv on friday!

>> No.16825363

Same for samurai. God damn

>> No.16825368

No dice, time to seethe

>> No.16825370

She doesn't stream much compared to some holos but when she does her members show up. It's pretty comfy

>> No.16825377

Alright just tuned in to Pekora. How is the schizo doing? I don't even want to read the thread

>> No.16825384

>Not ESL
>Doesn't know what out of breath means
Fuck off

>> No.16825388

Here comes the funnel

>> No.16825401

>Ike gorilla stream
He does know how to milk,
unlike Council.

>> No.16825402

suzy ended, watch for funnels

>> No.16825439

I'm from the UK. You're the ESL one if you didn't know what I meant by saying know what it means.
Keep learning but I doubt you'll find that type of nuance in TV

>> No.16825451

Vanished, Holohonor restored by Suzy

>> No.16825472

Iroha spiked 3k almost immediately, still rising

>> No.16825499

>I dunno what being out of breath means
What other way is there to interpret this, Mr. totally-not-ESL?

>> No.16825514

I will never forget when a seanigger called me ESL because he couldn't understand a 2 clause sentence.

>> No.16825552

>I'm from the UK
Make a better lie, anon. Anyone can smell your shit from miles away.

>> No.16825556

Iroha got the funnel, over 14k now.

>> No.16825571

>if you didn't know what I meant by saying know what it means
The fuck did he mean by this

>> No.16825574

Ike 5k

>> No.16825588

Top NijiJP no one streams tonight?
Looks like NijiEN males don't compete with HoloEN, they are competing with their own JP brand...

>> No.16825594

Music fags are one step above unicorns in financing their oshi, it helped that she has a cheaper tier.

>> No.16825599

Today I beat my record of times I squatted why won't anyone care..

>> No.16825621

Move here when you fags done

>> No.16825640

The tallest midget in the room doesn't brag about being tall.

>> No.16825646

At this point you have to think that the management is deliberately sabotaging nijisanji, they take the most popular members, make them "practice" so they can't stream, give them covid so it's cancelled anyways and they still can't stream

>> No.16825648

RBC still has not recover waiting room after 35 mins...

>> No.16825650

nice.she's a good girl delaying her utawaku for Suityan.hope it will reach 20k

>> No.16825652

I didn't even catch that lmao
Literal gibberish and he's pretending he knows English?

>> No.16825667
File: 2 KB, 125x99, pekosleep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm from the UK

>> No.16825669

I care, anon, I don't care bout NijiEN's record though so too bad for them

>> No.16825682

There's only so many songs she can learn anon.
She doesn't even know any Watame songs even.

>> No.16825716

Dang iroha a 15k+ vtuber, yagoo i kneel.

>> No.16825719

It's back, but first it's going to terrorize all the poor lower tiers first...

>> No.16825730
File: 34 KB, 1277x251, kek2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It meant that I think it was either irrelevant or wrong
"I dunno what you think you mean by this" is the way it's said in literature and TV.
Purest of white

>> No.16825740
File: 1.19 MB, 1179x1283, 62012634642847.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lauren mogged

>> No.16825742

>Literally just sang My Story
What does he mean by this?

>> No.16825758

>did 1+ squats
good job anon you beat okayu, here is your special olympics gold

>> No.16825768

dont call me fag

>> No.16825771
File: 166 KB, 439x360, 20220109_074345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why susan aim for the weaks bros?

>> No.16825777

>I'm from the UK. You're the ESL one if you didn't know what I meant by saying know what it means.
>You're the ESL one if you didn't know what I meant by saying know what it means.
>if you didn't know what I meant by saying know what it means.
>I'm from the UK.
Help, I am wheezing right now!

>> No.16825795


>> No.16825810

>Purest of white
I see. A fucking corpse, then.

>> No.16825815

B-but, you are a faggot anon

>> No.16825822

That was pretty obvious to anyone paying attention to the numbers.
There's almost no overlap between Luxiem and any Holo.

It's just people wanting to fling shit at the other side to piss people off.
Look at how many "holocope" posts there were before Suisei's karaoke, and how many "Nijimale midget" posts there are after.

>> No.16825828

I hate council now.

>> No.16825841

A corpse that schooled you monkey boys on english

>> No.16825852

i like iroha but she has like a lesser version of the mr koro problem, where she does this high pitch moan at the end of some lines

>> No.16825855

The weak have the most 'unity watchers' by %, and those people are the ones that get flagged the most. We saw it the first time around, guess that JP isn't immune, they just haven't done any big Relay events yet after everyone got unflagged.

>> No.16825883


>> No.16825896

Then you're deaf if you can't hear Watame gasping for breaths in the chorus

>> No.16825934

Blue on blue violence

>> No.16825950

It's not relevant to whether it sounds better or not, Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah studio version is stunning to listen to because of him going out of breath.

>> No.16825964

I see. So what does out of breath means again, ESL UK-anon?

>> No.16825970

edengumikeks don't look

>> No.16825988

Here's an alternative for you anon

>> No.16825999

Another easy 10k for ike

>> No.16826003

Nice attempt at a question mate

>> No.16826016

summ'asen ko'one

>> No.16826028
File: 187 KB, 325x259, WTF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to watch Iroha's karaoke but this little shit keeps mocking me.

>> No.16826043

sorry they were just not as loud as when she gasped for air as I im kidding im kidding please watamage have mercy

>> No.16826047

leave pokobe alone anon

>> No.16826075
File: 656 KB, 1000x1000, 1638889567381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What's his problem!?

>> No.16826084


>> No.16826098

I don't have any stakes in this or am biased towards any company. Just happy for my fellow swede, that's all.
See you next thread.

>> No.16826104


>> No.16826107

>It's not relevant to whether it sounds better or not
>Watame dying mid-performance
I'm done, get your ears checked out just in case.

>> No.16826120

Nice dodge, seanigger. And stop trying to have the last word. Even on 4chan, that's just cringe.

>> No.16826148

>JP primetime
>Sails a black ship over NijiJP
Nothing personnel, kiddo

>> No.16826149
File: 29 KB, 350x490, 194207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He needs correction....

>> No.16826150

You already outed yourself as SEA, I trust my own ears over yours.

>> No.16826154

Vox just postponed his stream for Ike.
Fuck,this is what council shuld have done.
They do teamwork.
They love streaming.
They know how to milk out of audience.

>> No.16826207

Dude should never stream in EN times again.
There's no advantages because JP women pay more too.

>> No.16826218

Men are better team-players. Who'd have thought?

>> No.16826280

When you say it like this, it make a whole LOT more sense

>> No.16826288

Any men with bros (friends)?

>> No.16826289

Is Luxiem /our/ chuuba bros?

>> No.16826358

East coast burger actually and no one in the thread understands your janky ass English so just shut the fuck up mate.

>> No.16826387
File: 21 KB, 656x70, Edengumiherewecome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Failing to hit 10k
>After your "hype" karaoke
>with unculled numbers
>during your buff "SEA" time slot
Lets all point and laugh at this failure

>> No.16826393

Last word because i'm your teacher today.
Here's another example
"I dunno what you mean by pain, i'll be fine"
Learn the pedigree's language son

>> No.16826395

>SEAniggers and hapas
unironically yes

>> No.16826396

is shuba ending or going into sc? im watching gozaru

>> No.16826472

>19 minutes
you just want to get grudgeposted huh?

>> No.16826504

Every time suisei sings another chuuba's originals there will always be faggots shit up the thread like this. I like suisei but why are hoshiyomis so obnoxious

>> No.16826535

because their oshi is a giga stacy

>> No.16826553

Ike has been stalling for 10 mins so its unlikely he'll reach 10k.
Still a retarded post tho.

>> No.16826578

Please don't lump all of us together. I just enjoy her takes on other holomem's songs and leave it at that.

>> No.16826595

Aye you got it backwards though, guy you just responded to was the faggot hoshiyomi

>> No.16826619

Suisei is going to get gold today so they are going to be extra obnoxious for the entire day.

>> No.16826662

Huh, so you're a literal kid. No wonder, then. Didn't even doxx-proof your gadget, huh?

>> No.16826684

predicting your own shitposts huh

>> No.16826692

At least backread

>> No.16826693

Iroha 16k on her final song before encore

>> No.16826729


>> No.16826737 [DELETED] 

Oh no my maturity is being called into question.
At least I didn't call out someone for being ESL while secretly being the love child of tree-swinging asians.

>> No.16826752

They did Hologen3 way.

>> No.16826781

the cringeposts just dont stop..

>> No.16826845

the female lingo tend to come out more when the nijimales got a good number huh....

>> No.16826936

oh wow thanks alot anon now we've got two threads for the next 90 minutes.

>> No.16827025

the other thread has gen 5 schizo, fuck

>> No.16827164

I just remembered Ark 2 will be released this year right?

>> No.16827216

expected postpone because last DLC map of ARK 1 will release this year

>> No.16827241

Why do hoshiyomis live rent free in your head? There's not that many

>> No.16827370

no fucking way they'll do better than Luxiem, they don't have the nijijp male audience

>> No.16827531

Hololive has beaten Nijisanji in every single facet of vtubing. Its only a matter of time until male vtubers are added to that list.

>> No.16827548


>> No.16827705

Reddit Duck schizo is in there too. That other thread is cursed.

>> No.16827718

36 mins left for the queen to show who's boss in SC simping. My predictions goes like this. Mysta earnt $19k from his birthday. Rushia earns more than that in just a countdown.

>> No.16827776

sad i won't be here, i gotta go watch danchou cause my wife will be there

>> No.16827809

Why hasn't someone charge back or refund back money from streamlabs to fuck up nijiEN?

>> No.16828024

reddit unironically

>> No.16828208

They didn't even turn up to watch gartic earlier despite crying about how much they love the sharts.

>> No.16828222

Ike already earnt $12k from his first Karaoke. I don't get why HoloEN prefers not opening SCs during readings. The guy skim reads everything and says thank you then money pours in. Is it that hard, council? HoloJPs tends to ignore event SCs too because they're big in volume, they'll just say thank you and fuck off. No need to do a separate SC reading with monetization off. These girls are so allergic to money.

>> No.16828382

Oga and Iofi both got 6 times their regular viewership

>> No.16829048


>> No.16829121

Oga's average is like 500, and he got 3700.
Iofi also averages 500, and she got 6500.
Thats 9k excess that showed up over their usuals despite competing head to head with EN Mario Party, Fubuki, and Lamy.

>> No.16829192

Oh wow, exactly 90 minutes, just like I predicted

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