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Come home. Pomu, Rosemi, Elira, Enna

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Fuck you two faggots.

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let trade then

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>when the competition is apparently shit but they want their talents so badly

c'mon holobros, did you really have to do a roundabout way of saying the talents over at holo there are boring af?

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Why would they bother? HoloEN is going to be collabing with males as often as NijiEN does within six months

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They all collab with males. Worthless.

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Nijis I will literally trade you all of EN except Kiara plus all of ID minus Moona for Pomu, Rosemi

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Management is so shit as well that any mentioned Niji here would rather graduate than take the money.

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With the exception of Irys and Gura the rest of holoEN kinda sucks compared to nijiEN.

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Selen unironically would rather be in Nijisanji over Hololive due to the freedom, Finana too.
The rest of NijiEN is debatable.

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Pomu, Elira, Rosemi, Enna, Millie are all hlolivefag, they will choose hololive anytime if they pass the audition, but they didn't so they stuck with nijiEN, very sad yeah

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Isnt elira the most unicorn friendly in nijiEN?

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We’re no longer interested in trading. Until you fix those broken girls we will decline all offers.

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Imma suck your dick right now.
t. Noel

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Eww no

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>due to the freedom
Such as?

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Pomu, Elira, and Rosemi could've made it if they'd been patient, especially since a former 2view Genshin addict like Baelz made it in.
Millie and Enna most likely settled since they're best friends in a megacorp.

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We could have had Pomu over fucking Ina or Mori and this pisses me off till no end.

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Not having a manger breathing down your neck. Also not the same anon.

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Mumkey Jones.

Come home.

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No, you live with your council failures and hope gen 3 is better.

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>Significantly much more control over you control, don't have to ask permissions for literally any game you do and can even do guerilla streams whenever you want
>Able to collab with males and sometimes people outside outside of the company because the silent majority don't give a shit and only oshi purists do
>Parasocial/GFE pandering is optional(even if it is more profittable, not every vtuber is comfortable with that bullshit)
>HoloID levels of freedom of speech because the CEO only gives a shit about what NijiJP's yabs
Etc. Etc. Etc.

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im still frustrated that they ended up being a bundle of lazy fucks after their debut month and the only one that streams regularly is the worst one out of the bunch
cheers to gen 3 being better

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>Reject Pomu and Enna
>Beg for them
Why don't you just watch them as they are currently?

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Keep your paws off my dragon

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Pretty sure on the first one there is still permissions required. Its just Niji management seems far more competent at grabbing and holding permissions.

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Holobeggar threads get more pathetic everytime they are posted. I feel sorry that you fags don't have any good talents in your corp but improving your scouting would be a much better use of your time then begging talents from other corporations to take pity on you and join.

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>Enna with Irys' model
Holo did her a favor by rejecting her.

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None of them are talented enough for Hololive. Let them rot away as second class citizens in Manjisanji.

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Because Nijishitty's culture sucks.

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fuck off

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fuck man I forgot this almost could've been a thing, thanks for reminding me how much of a good deal enna got

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>Enna original song
>barely 200k views in almost 3 months
Yeah, great deal

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Irys's previous life was doing much better in numbers than her current one. Enna was a 2view before Niji and she's clearly not 100% in it for business reasons unlike Irys, otherwise she would've made more original singles by now.

>> No.16604999

>Mumei's new song surpassed that in 6 hours

>> No.16605154

nobody cares faggot

In anycase i don't think Enna would like being in Hololive in the first place because she likely won't be allowed to talk about dead bodies or smacking her literal fanbase

Niji be blessed.

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What part of their culture is shitty compared to Holo EN, that they stream?

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>Parasocial/GFE pandering is optional(even if it is more profittable, not every vtuber is comfortable with that bullshit)
You realize that Hololive is that way too? GFE holomems are hardly a majority.

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>they stream a lot
Oh wow!! That means more time for crude toilet humor and sex jokes. Prime content right there. So glad I get to watch 6 hours of that everyday.

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Holofags prefer that their talents act like sanitized robots unable of depicting human emotion.

Nijis actually act like how they want, too human for them. They want their artificial anime fix.

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What is this a list of the most midling talents in the groups?

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Super mega cope

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>They want their artificial anime fix.
Congratulations on figuring out the point of being a vtuber instead of a normal streamer

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me here

And look confirmation lmao.

Have fun with your boring ass talents that can't even act like human beings lmao. The fact that you guys are begging for our talents as they are right now speaks volumes. If they were in holo they would have been as boring as the talents there right now don't worry. So nothing would have changed.

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>Prime content right there. So glad I get to watch 6 hours of that everyday
It is, compared to complaining about schedules constantly because no one is streaming making any content.

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Thats correct I want my chuuba to act the way they where promised instead of like every other faggot on this hellscape board

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Most hours streamed last week.

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the average holo is a million times more genuine than some communist hag saying HONEY and MOMMY 50 million times a stream

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>the average holo is a million times more genuine

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Oh but the quality is still shit tho so whats the point in quantity coping?

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Have you ever watched a HoloJP stream or are you an EOP?

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The original point of a vtuber was so people could make content without worrying about their identity being compromised or exposed faggot. A lot of people want to make content while keeping their private life out of it. It's the entire fucking reason why real life doxxing is bad and frowned upon.

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>Enna without Millie
You'd sooner split an atom with your fingers

>> No.16605559

Clipfaggot lmaooooooo

>> No.16605569

Petra has literally no personality so it's hard to say how genuine she is

To an extent, but you can't possibly pretend that they weren't playing into the "anime but real!" angle from the very beginning. Hololive just perfected that model.

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Stop Niji begging.

>> No.16605601

>Your vtuber skin. Your identity. Your projection in the digital realm. Something you have to wear for every stream as if it's your own body, and something that will be associated with you until your graduation, if not beyond that.

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Holobeggars are so pathetic lmao.

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The irony is everything that makes those girls on your list so amazing is exactly what Omega hates
>ACTUAL BANTER? Fuck you Mori, you stick to PG rated conversations on your teamtime
>Endurance streams? Only if the game is sponsored at it stops at 120 minutes
>Actually singing? No public domain music, that's unarchived btw
>Impromptu collabs? Better not be any MEN or actual fun

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This is an EOP board. I do acknowledge that JP talents are far more free and wild, and does crazy shit as much as nijisanji, however unicorns here will ignore that and call the other companies crude whores despite their own side having a sex crazed pirate and a blonde menhera who streams R-18 art reviews.

>> No.16605662

graduate the holoen whores yagoo-sama

>> No.16605682

>begging for our talents
Yeah, because one falseflagging faggot is represenative of the entire base. Don't flatter yourself Nijinigger, we don't want your ESL SEA "talents".

>> No.16605738

Who's on the chopping block
Ame, Sana, Mumei, and Kronii for sure

>> No.16605799

>everyone that makes me look bad is falseflagging
Kill yourself ya retard.

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"How about you suck my dick, old man?"

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>anime but real
>Hololive just perfected that model
In that they only show up once a week? LOL

>> No.16605815

>Its just one guy
>Meanwhile these threads pop up every 6 or 7 hours.
Yeah right faggot, keep lying and coping, I can smell your envy.

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I enjoy both companies and I don't like to tribalfag. Do I belong on this board?

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>Rosemi hololivefag
Of all the fucking ones to shitpost about.

>> No.16605878

Indeed it's what the masses want. They have the numbers , so the people have spoken. Not gonna argue with that.

That said, i am a grown man and would actually liked to be entertained with good energy. so i prefer niji's more natural approach to streaming.

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We lost her, Holobros

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Its not begging I genuinely want to know what the point of quantity coping is I like Pomu and I hate tribal fags but quantity coping when NijiEN has 4 decent female talents two decent male talents and the JP branch only has twice that in both brackets is mind boggling specially when the good ones aren't even quantity streaming

>> No.16605937

Seeing how /vt/ makes fun of NijiEN fans being also HoloEN fans means no you're not.

>> No.16605939

So nothing too significant

>> No.16605948

>2 of the crudest women in the branch
>2 of the biggest actual Nijifags
I'd say Rosemi might work out anyway, but I'm 90% sure the reason she ended up leaving Tsunderia was a failure to connect with anyone there, and sending her to HoloEN would be even worse. Awful choices over all, OP

>> No.16605962

Honestly get out, you'll be happier that way.

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Millie passed the Hololive Audition and Enna didn't. Millie burned that Hololive bridge with her friends in HoloID in favour of staying with her best friend in Nijisanji.

>> No.16606017

Didnt Rosemi admit in a pl that she did apply to Holo I know Pomu did

>> No.16606019

This is a board for gossip and console wars.

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>> No.16606072

...this makes too much sense

>> No.16606073

Moona still talks to Millie regularly though

>> No.16606093

Don't think so, but it's certainly possible. Doesn't change the fact that she'd completely flounder there. She would've done the same in NijiEN too if she didn't already have friends there.
There's no evidence of this.

>> No.16606147

Pick a side or get out

>> No.16606159

why are holobronies always begging for our girl? is Hololive really boring or something?

>> No.16606196

Obviously I mean the corpo bridge not their talents.

>> No.16606211

They need more English streams.

>> No.16606254

I'm so tired of these threads. Leave my oshi alone

>> No.16606297

Sorry, they will continually shit posting with Yagoo.

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>ACTUAL BANTER? Fuck you Mori, you stick to PG rated conversations on your teamtime
That's the funniest part of all of this.
Hololive EN is basically Japanese Game Grumps.
>Sanitized PG humor to pander to children and/or appear marketable
Meanwhile Nijisanji EN is Japanese OneyPlays/Vinesauce
>Unhinged no-fucks-given banter and 18+ nsfw humor

Try and deny this. Actually fucking try and deny this as fact.

>> No.16606309

Its true Nijis may not have killed gura in subs but they mog her in other ways

>> No.16606379

That weird, They said that it's okay to have lazy girls who don't stream for the sake of "quality" why are they complaining now? Looks like our girl quality is better than Hololive EN huh?

>> No.16606382

I hate both those things they are both try hard humor the only difference is ones sanitized while the other sets a brick of lead on the gas pedal

>> No.16606456

>You have to constantly tell piss and shit jokes to be considered "human"
Interesting world view you have there Nijinigger.

>> No.16606467

Pomus roommate is unironically hotter than all of ENs roommates and this is why we truly seeth

>> No.16606489

You might enjoy Nijisanji EN if you actually gave watching them a chance.

>> No.16606504

We lost our Pomu, it not fucking fair, holobros...

>> No.16606509

Yeah, she is super hot with her mutilated tits.

>> No.16606562

Well that will never happen

>> No.16606600

Into idolshit, would fit in well
Would fit in well with HoloJP
Couldn't hang out with her SEAfriends, but in return would boost her much needed music career

As a tradeoff
Would hurt her music career, but in return would give her the freedom she seems to want
Would fit in well with the gremlin crew
Would fit in well, Genshin permission

Anyway, none of this will happen, what's done is done so just enjoy them where they are. Tribalfags get the rope

>> No.16606629

>threadwatching faggot

If you actually watched them you'd see they interact with each other and their fans like actual human beings and do stuff they actually like.

but ofc you will be a tribalwatching faggot forever so yeah just burn in this fucking board lmao.

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it's fake

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>Didn't end up with a shit rigging like many holoEN
>Has freedom to say whatever she wants
>Makes similar amount of money and doesn't have a fanbase full of redditors
I'm glad that Pomu is nijisanji

>> No.16607225

And here I was shitposting about them all being asian, I didn't think it was real.

>> No.16607271

>I didn't think it was real
Because it isn't

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>ENniggers arguing about the most superfluous shit and trying to find differences
>JPCHADS knowing that it's all the same shit with different coatings and just enjoying it for what it is

>> No.16607286

So failed the holoEN's auditin was in her favor?

>> No.16607436

pomu is white and selen is mulatto

>> No.16607452

if you understood japanese you would know that majority of holos romantically pander/flirt with their fans, there are different degrees, but everyone does that from Okayu, Korone to Subaru

>> No.16607466


>> No.16607557

I'll trade the entirety of Luxiem for free

>> No.16607639

Maybe HoloEN's managers were the ones who really failed those auditions, ESL-chama

>> No.16607668

They really did ruin NijiEN. The Holofags were right about male vtubers. The dynamic I enjoyed so much in NijiEN just isn't the same anymore.

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>> No.16607776

Really showing the /v/ in /vt/

>> No.16607778


>> No.16607809

This has been a long time coming

>> No.16607823

The funny thing is that their actual roommates are cuter than the girls they used in this fake dox.

>> No.16607833

Surprised it took this look for this to be made

>> No.16607851

Which part Pomu still looks better than all or Holo EN

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Flat chest are pretty good anyway, besides, Pomu already said she has a big butt to compensate it.

>> No.16607901

So everything various hololive members already do, got it.

>> No.16607950

And those hands Jesus fucking Christ if Pomu was a hag I would dump all my shit and simp for this lesbian fairy

>> No.16607986

I don't see how being frustrated that your favourite girl dynamic changed because of new males is comparable to the point you are making

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>Pomu was a hag
Anon, Pomu is pretty much confirmed to be 30-31 years old.

>> No.16608042
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>If Pomu was a hag

>> No.16608044

there's no face picture leak of them tho

>> No.16608071
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i know man. i miss the golden times.

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As demonstrated. People of anycolor don't care about holo talents or former holos going to Nijisanji, however things cannot be said for the vice versa.

>> No.16608222

Nice samefagging lmao. actual nijifans know this par for the course and never would have complained about males.

>> No.16608224

Topkek if you ask me lol lmao

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You can not post this when there are always 10 million bait posts whenever one of them has 10k viewers, but dead silence whenever they just do normal. Pic related is during EN hours. Imagine if someone made 3 threads about Pute getting 10k viewers and was like
>Wow can Hololive even compete? Should they hire females?
Don't be surprised if people relentlessly shit on Vox and Mysta if they're used for bait even worse than Selen is

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fucking retard
nijien was my first niji exposure, how was i supposed to know cucks were incoming

>> No.16608312

Wtf /hag/ lied to me god damnit cant trust anyone on this fucking board even your fellow fetishists

>> No.16608317

This ... sounds plausible actually.

>> No.16608341

Because you fags were blind to the fact they were always been this way and are only looking for things to blame when you fags don't get collabs. Lazulightfags, are, in fact, the worst offenders of this.
You'll go into the upcoming Lazulight collab and still find ways to blame Luxiem. This is a prediction I will make a bet on, if I am proven wrong I will, be graceful and ask the Lazulight general for one comission piece they would like and I will comission artwork. This is a promise.

>> No.16608357
File: 24 KB, 890x653, 1637532537653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck are you on about? Did you completely forgot the meltdowns that happened in Rosemi thread?

>> No.16608403

>Trusting Holo tribalists

>> No.16608471

So Rosemi's fans were all newfags that refused to listen to anyone warning them?

>> No.16608480

Pomu has been named as a hag in multiple recent hag threads. Fuck off you brownoid faggots

>> No.16608508

>Don't be surprised if people relentlessly shit on Vox and Mysta if they're used for bait even worse than Selen is
Right but the actual wound that will never heal was that /vt/ was wrong about males and I will never make /vt/ forget. I don't care if those dudes get shit on, they were shat on way before they even debuted

>> No.16608598
File: 241 KB, 500x500, 1620547802117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know nobody in this thread watches JP but I wouldn't mind trading Towa for either Toko or Chima. Twap genuinely feels a little out of place at times plus Holo gets a singer out of it.

>> No.16608602
File: 252 KB, 600x625, 1608535290217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the meltdowns that happened in Rosemi thread
yeah that was me

>> No.16608605

I'm a Lazulight fag and I think Luxiem is pretty neat. That said if that collab turns into an impromptu collab with non-Lazulight members I will be disappointed.

>> No.16608649

You still have Pomu, retard.

>> No.16608659

No way? Could it be that Nijifags don't watch anything other than Nijisanji? Whoah!

>> No.16608678

If you spent even 5 minutes researching nijisanji you would know males are their biggest strength right now and their best vtubers are male and they have no problem interacting with the opposite sex.

If you wanted Segregation, go to hololive and see how they treat holostars rumao

>> No.16608682

you being right about male numbers being decent doesn't mean they are actually good
I bet you think Marvel movies are good as well

>> No.16608683

>something is awesome
>it gets made worse by the addition of a new element
Fuck off fag. Luxiem are a bunch of try hard pandering inauthentic douchebags and I will never accept them into MY NijiEN.

>> No.16608695
File: 30 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just wanna enjoy my hags regardless of fucking corpo tribalist bullshit. Can't these people fuck off to a containment thread or a live volcano

>> No.16608785

how are you coping rosebud
I'm actually curious

>> No.16608822

Did it ever occur to you that people just dislike Luxiem for who they are and not what they are? They're very different from the normal Niji males

>> No.16608826

Fuck off you know what I mean I hate the way male collabs get handled in Niji the forced unity shit is retarded

>> No.16608834

Wow! It's almost like Nijisanji fans are actually content with the talents they have.

>> No.16608848

They didn't ruin anything. nothing fucking changed. no one is acting different. you're just a fucking unicorn that probably gets upset at the thought of your oshi going to the groceries and the cashier happened to be male lmao.

>> No.16608849

I feel that this is only true for Mysta and Vox. Those two are the ones who give NijiEN a bad name now. Shu, Luca, and Ike are much more normal.

>> No.16608876

consider it denied

>> No.16608946

Fuck off I've seen faggots argue over her hag status in at least 3 hag threads and only two actual legit Pomu posts its almost always predominantly fucking Mio that gets spammed despite all the glorious hags across multiple companies

>> No.16608979

>No JP trade threads
>No small corpo poaching threads
This shit is getting boring already, it's all recycled posts at this point.

>> No.16608989
File: 57 KB, 890x653, 1639969426180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i went through a lot of anger in the first week of the luxiem announcement, and then i thought i hit the 'good person' acceptance phase and i thought "you know what? i love these girls and still want that. the men won't stop that" but now it's been weeks since i've watched a nijien stream and the constant twitter interactions are just kind of annoying to see so it feels like i'm just drifting away from the whole niji scene.
i'm sure the "good, fuck off unicorn" cucks are happy, good for them. weirdos

>> No.16609094

>Luxiem for who they are and not what they are? They're very different from the normal Niji males
Luca, Shu and Ike are pretty par for the course in Nijisanji JP. Vox insults his chat like a male version of Hoshikawa which is funny because it's known the females of Nijisanji are more vulgar than the dudes.
Mysta I understand why people hate him though. He's a numberfag, has that tone that's in constantly in denial and brings in tons of vulgar and disgusting talk.

>> No.16609100

There can't be any JP trade threads because only like two dozen people on this board actually watch JP stuff outside of Hololive. Even NijiEN faggots watch more HoloJP than NijiJP

>> No.16609111

Reminder that Nijicucks will call you a liar and insult you for daring to have an opinion. I have no idea how these people can live with themselves.

>> No.16609145

>made worse
>MY NijiEN
LMAO why do they always out themselves like this

>> No.16609146

These threads are so sad, why do Holofriends insist on constructing these elaborate fantasies where girls from other corporations jump over to their brand instead of appreciating all the hard work and quality content that their own chuubas are putting o-HHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok I could't keep a straight face for that last part KEK

>> No.16609157

good, fuck off unicorn

>> No.16609175

good, fuck off unicorn

>> No.16609187

JP watchers unironically have a higher chance of being untiyfags.

>> No.16609228

But the girls talked to guys on twitter an collabed with them before...? I do dislike the impromptu collabs, but I don't get what your problem is. Do you think Rosemi is interested in these men or something???

>> No.16609234

good, fuck off unicorn

>> No.16609260

Lmao, Rosepiggie.

>> No.16609322

Guys guys, don't bully the unicorns too harshly

>> No.16609330


>> No.16609349

homobeggars are disgusting
imagine blaming Cover that they don't allow male leeching

>> No.16609351

I mean no offense to unicornbros when I say this but they have an entirely different mindset when it comes to this stuff. It's a case of "You just won't get it."

>> No.16609392

The forced unity because they are all EN is just cringe and fucking cancer if given a chance without corpo or the rabbied fans losing their shit I bet at least half the girls would do far fewer collabs and have far fewer interactions with the males as well.

>> No.16609401

I'd trade you Hoshikawa for Matsuri. They both fit better the otherway.

>> No.16609429

it's different when it's with dudes from outside niji. those are pretty few and far between. the "nijisanji EN" family was still just a core group of girls. when guys are INSIDE the family it's different.

>> No.16609439

I don't care about EN, JP actually stream

>> No.16609455

>Just want to enjoy vtubers.
>Get called a unicorn since I don't want men and lost my oshi.

>> No.16609474

>forced unity because they are all EN
autistic holobrony who's never had a friend in his life can't tell when people genuinely enjoy being around each other. isn't there a gura stream you could be watching

>> No.16609501

is cute.

>> No.16609531

>forced unity
vtubers had always collabed in unity. Your shitty corp is the one forcing anything lmao. Try looking outside and see how often indies "force" their collabs lmao.

>> No.16609543

If you don't want male, go fucking watch hololive you damn faggot

>> No.16609558

good, fuck off unicorn

>> No.16609585

>Just want to enjoy female vtubers
>Get rightfully called a unicorn because don't like members of my own sex.

>> No.16609588

Pomu please transfer to hololive. You'll have a better chance of collabing with your niji oshis since they'll be more willing to waive their collab fees for you

>> No.16609596

>Like the girl
>But you don't like the business model of the group she's a part of.
Honestly it does sound like a shitty spot to be in, I don't think you can just tell anons to drop someone they enjoy watching.

>> No.16609605

Hmmm yet they seem so disgusted >>16607003

>> No.16609644

And what if I don't like anyone from Hololive?

>> No.16609655

Rabbied fans will always deny how forced the unity is also my oshi rarely collabs so suck my cock unityfag

>> No.16609669
File: 127 KB, 1188x1143, 1641638598543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

king you deserve better

>> No.16609671

But Rosemi is only gonna have 1 stream with men in it this week. You can just not watch that stream, right?

>> No.16609675

Did you forget the part where Rosemi got sent a clip from Van for Christmas LMAO.
>'my oshi'
>dont even fucking watch her

>> No.16609741

Until one randomly jumps in a stream and awkwardly self inserts lmao

>> No.16609773

The more hardcore Niji tribalists just can't accept that adding males into an all female dynamic will drastically change things. If you like it then cool but Luxiem has dominated NijiEN discussion, activity, and fan attention. I'll always have a special place in my heart for Rosemi and might still check her out from time to time but I'm going to become primarily an IRyS watcher going forward. Hopefully /Hirys/ welcomes me.

>inb4 falseflagger
Fuck off

>> No.16609778

She regularly interacts with them off stream.

>> No.16609787

Go forced yourself to like them

>> No.16609812
File: 923 KB, 546x815, 1639285561503.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16609819

The only genuine Hololive is Kiara and everyone hates her for being honest. People who watch Hololive like Disney-like fakeness of character.

>> No.16609821
File: 381 KB, 1750x1650, fcccaf6f9c5916ea8c82e2d09320b5b9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Holofags will never EVER get this kind of experience with Hololive EN

>> No.16609880

when did that even happen for Rosemi. VCs only happen when the streamer is in collab voice channel, which means they are inviting people lmao

none of these fuckers watch streams, but act like it's ruined for them lmao.

>> No.16609899

Damn Nijifags are more hostile then I remember, they just boot people out from their group and laugh at them? Not even the fucking 2view corpos do that and those are actual circlejerks.

>> No.16609920
File: 29 KB, 476x508, j64yq2nhooa61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder she couldn't win a 50k tourney but Towa some how won a low stakes one lmao

>> No.16609970
File: 1.24 MB, 1152x1047, Kiarmu [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fb44ghw.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When the wall comes down there will be peace.

>> No.16609978

appreciate the understanding bros

>> No.16610008
File: 90 KB, 563x563, 51086FE2-3430-4F42-8CC5-D7E4DBBFED0D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funny how HoloENiggas have all this time to shitpost. Not even their streamers have enough time to stream for them kek. HoloJP chads, you guys are alright.

>> No.16610032

There's nothing wrong with booting someone whining about not enjoying the content anymore, that's called kindness

>> No.16610038

Its because they know that if a better corpo offered their female chuubas a contract (Specially a corpo where their growth isnt so fucking stagnant) they would take it

>> No.16610053

Definition of deflection:
1 : a turning aside or off course : deviation. 2 : the departure of an indicator or pointer from the zero reading on the scale of an instrument.

>> No.16610066

If you want minimal to no male interaction watch Kawaii.

>> No.16610067

>Toko or Chima
You may get Toko but Chima wouldn't want to be hololive for sure

>> No.16610112

Oh no I was just responding to the selen I aint click any link that could potentially give your shit chuubas views

>> No.16610114

Dragoons are very familiar with that term.

>> No.16610124
File: 62 KB, 512x512, 1642250368629.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LMAOing @ all the ENfaggots in this thread

>> No.16610156

Her Twitter activity is literal shit-posting. These fags are gonna piss themselves if they actually get her.

>> No.16610217

It has to be EN Nijinigger JP has so many hire anyone off the street chuubas that making any real consensus for a solid argument is moot

>> No.16610238

Small dog syndrome is running rampant. There's no cure. It's a doomed fandom.

>> No.16610247

But is the fake not more valuable than the real?

>> No.16610321

Why did Gen 2 flop so bad?
Wha happun?

>> No.16610323

Gatekeeping feels good

>> No.16610344

Based Kawaii enjoyer

>> No.16610376
File: 159 KB, 1024x682, 22OBITSROSENBLAT-jumbo-v2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was real in my mind.

>> No.16610398

Twap is a heavy hitter so we need at least another girl....we'll take Naraka.

>> No.16610405

Hows that working for your Indog level view count chuuba?

>> No.16610447

>Ruining your oshi's chance to become bigger

>> No.16610481

Why has this thread turned into a thread for coping? There's no way that holoEN is so boring, right?

>> No.16610495
File: 177 KB, 828x611, Omegaloool.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Consistent 19k average ccv
pretty fackin good mate

>> No.16610516

Both HoloEN and NijiEN interact with males so I'm not sure why you guys don't just bond over that. At least Deadbeats, Hoomans and Brrats should feel at home with Niji.

>> No.16610517

You're right, should be an inclusive space like Hololive.

>> No.16610528

Fucking based taste brother. The Nephamily welcomes you!!

>> No.16610548
File: 2.94 MB, 640x434, 1638275873254.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16610569 [DELETED] 
File: 64 KB, 1053x612, 1642421425458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your oshi
>steak for breakfast yes or no?

>> No.16610593

You oshi had a the biggest ship in Nijisanji

>> No.16610728

Are you me? I stopped watching nijiEN since the male debut. My life is a lot better now that I have time to clear my game and anime backlog, thank god I have passed the simp phase

>> No.16610803

Do you know what Nijisanji EN stands for? Nijisanji Envy kek.

>> No.16610864

i have never watched any of the 3 examples you listed, because i am not a faggot.

>> No.16610898

So wait, is this envy for Nijisanji or Nijisanji is being envious?

>> No.16610999


>> No.16611031

Yea, I'm sure they are envious with how HoloEN fans dont even have to watch streams.

>> No.16611081

I thought this thread Will be fill with nijicope....

>> No.16611100

Just watch the indies and Kawaii bro, that is what I am watching after the nijiEN males debut

>> No.16611132

The former, nijinijiggers aren't begging for Holo talents it's the holobeggars who always wanna steal from Nijisanji

>> No.16611204

Holobeggars BTFO

>> No.16611298
File: 921 KB, 1000x1000, 1619907660852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are Holokeks like this?

>> No.16611335

Turns out, homobeggar wasn't an insult from holofags but their own form of kinship.

>> No.16611380

Naraka is literally Towa but extrovert more gremlin and male collab

>> No.16611393

You are just rejecting the truth and then resuming to eat up child proof Idol pandering PG bullshit.

>> No.16611473
File: 29 KB, 128x128, 1624896928366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16611493

I’m sorry, unicorn. You need to give Prism a try because they’re all female, GFE and actually lean into idol culture. Niji and now HoloEN are about to abandon their ways.

>> No.16611571

>You need to give Prism a try because they’re all female, GFE and actually lean into idol culture.
Non Anon has said she wanted to collab with Tomoya and Pippa for a three bunny collab.

>> No.16611577

>numbers being decent doesn't mean they are actually good
You DO realize that numbers are the only thing /vt/ have been talking about for the past 2 years, right?

>I bet you think Marvel movies are good as well
But /vt/ think their idols are better because they got da numbers????

>> No.16611580

Okay I want a JP that
>Plays APEX
>Can sing
>Little male interaction
Who does Niji have to put on the table?

>> No.16611624
File: 977 KB, 1195x1080, 106498468496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's too late, Yagoo. Maybe you should have accepted them into Hololive instead of sitting on your asses for an eternity.

>> No.16611644

Isn't she the Ollie of Prism?

>> No.16611656

You get the entire 3rd nijiEN wave but only if you retroactively accept that pantyhat girl who's video was posted in the threads.

>> No.16611701

>Plays APEX
>Little male interaction
Impossible unless they are in hololive already

>> No.16611719

Ollie wishes she could be that wild.

>> No.16611721
File: 30 KB, 800x640, 1636464988090.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incredible stuff man

>> No.16611793

Damn I'm actually stumped trying to think of someone.

>> No.16611810

Go look at Rosemi's shorts like the gym boss one and tell me if Cover would let Holo En do that.

>> No.16611849

The blue Apex goblin

>> No.16611927

You best bet is Kawaii, Nene and Lua are GFE primus

>> No.16611931
File: 209 KB, 890x653, 1422358295926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just watch nijisanji. If you need these vtubers, then they are much better than the ones you watch.

>> No.16611937

>little make interaction
I mean, if they all were manlets...

>> No.16611960

who do you recommend? don't get my hopes up for nothing, anon. this sounds cute

>> No.16611988

The Apex elf maybe?

>> No.16611996

Okay okay final offer being laid out.
>Nijisanji JP receives:
Towa and RBC
>Hololive JP receives
Amamya Kokoro, Matsukai Mao and Toko Inui AND Toko can still collab with Ange and Lize once every 2 months.

>> No.16612020

ah i see

>> No.16612036

>Plays APEX
>Can sing
>Little male interaction
Bora- oh wait.

>> No.16612054

Rosemi also had a stream where she went to GYM to play sports and sing songs, and then went to McDonalds

>> No.16612110

This elf

>> No.16612137

Han Bada!

>> No.16612140
File: 3.89 MB, 1860x1857, 1626239018733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's funny how every unicorn talking about jumping off the NijiEN ship uses Rosemi as their example when she's had minimal on-stream interaction with the guys. I wonder if the posters on 4channel.org/vt/ are not being very honest.

>> No.16612157
File: 989 KB, 1889x943, Comfy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm watching Rosemi-sama play the Toreba crane game and Ewiwa struggle playing Outer Wilds Feels good bros.

>> No.16612166

kokoro gets hard-carried by her model...
If you want anyone, get marin and give her an actual decent new face.

>> No.16612174

There's no popular JP female Apex vtuber outside of Hololive that has "little male interaction". You can't find one

>> No.16612188

Rabbit vtuber are wild. It’s part of the brand. Just focus on milder ones.

>> No.16612208


>> No.16612243

Nope, she is playing regular with males in CR cup

>> No.16612312

Oh shit, the online arcade!? Gonna check

>> No.16612350

Deal, Hayama for Towa. I'll even sweeten the deal and take Ngo off your hands for no charge.

>> No.16612491

Don't drag my wife into this shit. Fuck you

>> No.16612520

I haven't been keeping up, why do people want some Niji to join Holo?

>> No.16612522

>Unhinged no-fucks-given banter and 18+ nsfw humor

If I wanted this, I'd rather watch twitchwhores or VHOJO

>> No.16612523

No way, for a confirmed farter you have to give a braphog as well.

>> No.16612635

Amamya joined Nijisanji because she wants to play in nijisanji MC server and playing with nijisanji's lolies, she will not join hololive. You can have Mao and Toko Inui and keep Towa but give Matsuri instead as you guys don't seem like want her anymore, RBC is boring but inoffensive so she can get in

>> No.16612693

This is hard, because Apex phase is almost over with niji ad kuzu and kanae also stop playing the game

>> No.16612697
File: 172 KB, 777x1400, 1630633989328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reject Idol culture
Embrace freedom of expression

>> No.16612752

Wrong. Doxxing is frowned upon so as not to ruin the anime girl illusion.

>> No.16612786

>I'll even sweeten the deal and take Ngo off your hands for no charge.
No way bitch, Ngo is carried hard in her homegrown and have the potential to get big

>> No.16612801

Holobro lie about being OK with the lazyness of their talent and not coping wanting niji liver for themeself

>> No.16612877

Okay holobronie, you get Petra for Cooksie.

>> No.16612888

Bro Ngo is a fucking potential plametbuster tier entertainer like Marine, even if she can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges. No way she's goin' for free

>> No.16612906

Matsuri is so fucking miserable there, dude. All of her friends and her oshi are in Nijisanji. And she's not even getting decent numbers in Hololive while getting constantly harassed for it

>> No.16612941

Imagine her getting BLACKED

>> No.16612995

She's a sizequeen, you don't need to imagine

>> No.16613002

So you like watching Amelia Watson dance and "sing" like a fucking retard instead? You might as well have keys dangled in your face since you're that easily entertained.

>> No.16613071

Imagine Finana and Rosemi doing bisexual gangbangs with ATOGM.

>> No.16613086

Don't worry she'll reach that star potential with us it's fine. It'll be faster.

>> No.16613164

Okay I'm a fair man. You get La+ and we get Ngo and a 2 view like Haruka.

>> No.16613165

Good list except Enna

>> No.16613172

this fucking thread is miserable

It's the other side convincing the other that their side is shit

all you guys are doing is making the fanbase look bad.

but who am i kidding, this is fucking vt, why did I have hope in you guys in the first place lmao

>> No.16613188

NijiEN will always have better chemistry. Millie and Enna and Elira are best friends. Without Millie Enna would have killed himself by now. Millie and Enna were the ones that got Elira to do vtubing in the first place. Pomu has known all three for a long time now.

>> No.16613278

>average nijifag fantasy

>> No.16613424

Ok, so you guys only want to dump unwanted talents to the other while take the most promising star. Stop that
We need to take the heat here with the big stars, not some midget
I will start.
Mito and Lize for Marine and Lamy. Deal?

>> No.16613535

The reason I prefer Nijisanji EN over Hololive EN is specifically because their chemistry feels fucking genuine. Almost anytime Gura or Ame collab, the chemistry feels forced and artificial.

>> No.16613549

Lamy is too high on the SC list. You can have Marine and Noel.

>> No.16613571



>> No.16613575

La+ is just a discount Emma August bro...

>> No.16613630

>Hololive JP receives
>Amamya Kokoro, Matsukai Mao and Toko Inui
I love RBC but hell no, I love the other three too much.

>> No.16613760

Korone for nijiEN.

>> No.16613799
File: 2.79 MB, 1251x2000, Emma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am perplexed too. Don't get me wrong, two Emmas is better than none but why La+ when there's the original

>> No.16613809

Nah La+ is good, and also knows how to charm people. Also Sister Claire likes her so seeing them collab would be cute

>> No.16613888

I personally wouldn't say no. Cunnysanji onegai

>> No.16613931

Noel is too unstable and risky bro...
How about Mito, Lize and Kanae for the duo Marine and Pekora, you can't get a sweeter deal than this, Kanae will help kick start the failure holostar branch

>> No.16614010

I honestly can't name an entertaining holo that I'd like to be in niji.

>> No.16614022

Throw one more Niji male on the table, we'll need at least a pair and you have yourself a deal.

>> No.16614084

Yeah, we can have both and they can collab together. Emma can corrupt her sister.

>> No.16614244

Kuzuha, Kanae and Lize for the combo Marine + Pekora is the final deal, take it or leave

>> No.16614330

Really? Marine, Suisei, Fubuki. None of them? I'm not even a holofag, so I don't know about hidden gems

>> No.16614393

We'll take Lain off your hands as well. 3 Niji stars and a younger member that's growing for two finished product stars. Or you give us the three stars and a singer like Akane or Levi.

>> No.16614458

I would take Matsuri and Fubuki, but otherwise yea I really dont find anyone in Holo trade Niji livers for.

>> No.16614476

I will give you that one
Nijisanji doesn't lack good singer
Fubuki is overrated

>> No.16614551

Double demon cunny

>> No.16614640

They are not really funny. I guess Selen and Pomu ruined it for me.

>> No.16616337

Because they know what's coming their way and they are scared.

>> No.16616832

That wasn't even a remote concern until a couple of weeks ago. She still existed for about 6 months beforehand.

>> No.16617134
File: 2.51 MB, 1750x1650, 1634355001202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16617344

Honestly only Matsuri and Fubuki are the one that wouldn't much different if they joined Niji.
Hell, Matsuri probably revert to her pre-2020 stuff. Like Chigusa.

>> No.16618474

reddit spacing

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