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Post dakooters penis

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I tried watching his stream and he has the charisma of a wet mop. Cute model though, should just stick to meme videos like he did in 2019.

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So she didn't get into one of the corpos.

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when will she do lewd ASMR with Artemis of the Blue?

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NijiEN when?

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she'd be cute in a collab with Finana

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When they'll make trap wave.

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huh, I never knew he became a vtuber. Enjoyed his shitposts years ago. He was always cute

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Ryuushen is already nonbinary-ish, they could probably just drop Dakooters in any wave

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its a troon aint it

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The only passing one

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nah she used to be a big memelord and tried doing the tidepod challenge and the cinnamon challenge at the same time for ALS. she pretty much had to have her vocal chords and her nasal passages reconstructed so she sounds odd. She had a pregnancy scare with CDogVA so definitely cis.

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he's a guy

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Just because Rushia passes doesn't change that she's a boy too anon....

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