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>Smaller Twitch EN Vtuber Ryuusei Nova suddenly announces she's very suddenly stopping activities on March 28th
>3 Months After the Niji EN Audition
>Her last stream is 2 days after the end of the Hololive EN Auditions

Alright boys takin' all bets, where's she ending up?

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She's pregnant

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So we got 1 bet for the Free Clinic, any others?

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Literally who

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Small Twitch Vtuber, about 8k followers or so that's been going since about June. She was most widely know for scoring collabs with Artemis, Lyrica, and Pikamee.

The fact that it's a literally who very abruptly stopping activities right before we are going to see two major vtuber companies expand their respective EN branches makes this an eyebrow raiser.

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just listened to her singing and her voice. She seems like a shoe-in. She has a pleasant singing and talking voice. I hope she gets into hololive

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>Trooner sympathizer
Oh no no no, nijibros...
We lose

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If you watch her streams. her personality seems to be a good fit for hololive. she can definitely sing as well

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She finally completed her training. All that time learning, testing, using simulators, staying in shape. All those hours will pay off. She's becoming an astronaut, and is going to live on the ISS for the next three years.

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I'm 90% sure Hololive's audition form said something about a reply within two weeks of auditions CLOSING (Different from their previous rolling auditions of within 2 weeks of applying)

So I'm gonna bet Niji here

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Nah, niji can have her

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She follows mostly Nijisanji chuubas. She's getting into NijiEN.

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>Ollie just fucking Kool Aid Man's Her way into the retirement announcement of a microscopic Vtuber whom she's never publicly interacted with before.

Real fuckin' subtle there, Ollie.

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You obviously don't know that Melissa (non-binary) exists in Nijisanji JP with over 200k subs.

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Matsuri is a huge niji fan and look where she ended up

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Why does she speak in third-person?

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Melissa and Ryushen

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I'm amazed someone hasn't posted that Incredibles gif/webm yet.

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i thought hololive didn't interact with indies on twitter outside of the jpn sphere?

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Nova's not a menhera though.

>> No.1649149

It's a JP girly thing

They interact just fine. Only Gura, Ame and Ina don't because they don't know how to talk to internet strangers. Everyone does, except if they are dudes,,,,

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That's a japanese though, they're docile. Western SJW are hundred times worse

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So we've got our first NijiEN talent? Sounds great, think she'll be successful?

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Ollie is kinda of a walking yab, she talks to anyone she wants to. She like a twitter post that was illegally streaming a holo concert.

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Holo EN audition is still ongoing and it take months before they debut. I think it's safe to say she's probably getting into Niji EN. Same for other EN VTubers who retire around this time I guess.

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Eh it's not a hard and fast. The last month or two Hololive EN and Hololive ID have been interacting with Vtubers from Vshojo and independent twitch vtubers. Notably Ollie and Zen post at each other a lot on twitter, Calli and Ironmouse tweet at each other a decent amount lately, and Veibae and Kiara straight up said on twitter they want to work out a collab.

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Matsuri debuted like 4 months after Niji became a thing

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Most people are fine with trannies or either don't care enough to strongly hate them. Stop drinking the rrat poison

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Our new NijiEN member looks nice

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Mori is too. I swear to god if you let Shartemis ruin this thread I will maul you.

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I'm gonna be honest here, her personality might not be good fit if we are talking about Gen1 NijiEN. She's too mild. She can be addicting if you pay attention to her. Maybe she'll be like Inui Toko, but they better have someone like an Ange and Lize upfront because she won't be able to stand just with a good voice.

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The tweet blew up. Ollie saw it. Ollie being Ollie replies to it. Or you think Cover just blasted out an email to all their talents listing who's been selected, with links to their current personas because that's somehow relevant information?

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ollie seems kinda dangerously based.

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They are probably still sifting through thousands of applications.

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So she'll be the Ina of nijiEN?

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I say mild is a good thing. People like Lulu for her gentle disposition after all and Nijisanji doesn't need any more comparisons to Vshojo than necessary so I think having not every girl be some kind of crazy pervert is a good thing.

>> No.1649236

Someone like Inui Toko

>> No.1649240

>implying they'll let her keep the model

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Matsuri debuted 4 months after Nijisanji became a thing.

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Honestly that's not a far off comparison, just replace "comfy drawing stream" with "comfy singing stream"

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You need to describe how she is otherwise most here won't understand.

>> No.1649276

Every alert she had was Pekora sounds, it's certainly Hololive. Also here's when she redid her debut mainly in Japanese

>> No.1649281

Seems like she knows a good bit of Japanese. Nijisanji is lucky to have her.

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>retiring your roommate account because you got into niji/holo
ngmi. Coco, the queen of supachatto, still runs both her accounts. You need to squeeze every penny out of the vtubing rock before the fad passes and the money dries up

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Just quickly sifting through her Twitter, she seems okay. Keeps her nose clean. Probably isn't a Holo, so congrats to Niji.

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She also liked Delta's Ussewa cover but she unliked it after people start talking about it.

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That is surprising to me. Inui is one of the biggest female liver of Nijisanji. She mainly sings and do zatsudans. She's very comfy and her voice is deep and feminine. She collabs regularly with Suisei. She had a live concert a few months back.

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Audition period is still open and they take another month or more for processing + interviews. It's more likely Niji even if she's a big fan of Hololive.

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that intro line sounds way too similar to hoshikawa's, granted they both have star/space themed names but lol

>> No.1649312

She can't sing.

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It's either nijiEN or holoEN VSinger, but the latter seems less likely. She has a nice voice and says she loves to sing, but don't know if she's exactly what Cover is looking for.

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So, be honest, would you watch her if she's in NijiEN?

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I think she's Japanese living in Canada.

Maybe she will be like Machita or Inui


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I'll give her a chance, yeah.

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Purity bros...

>> No.1649367

So Nijisanji is only now, 3 months later, sending out acceptance letters?

>> No.1649375

You are deaf then


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It's possible they initially accepted a bunch of applicants and filtered out the worse ones as time went on. So she wouldn't have been initially sure if she got the job.

>> No.1649396

She'll be a Holo.
I mean, Ame's a twitchthot before becoming a Holo, so there's already precedence.

>> No.1649404

Niji doesn't care about purityshit.

>> No.1649408

ID's kiara

>> No.1649412

Honestly gonna give all the Niji ENs at least a month to see who I like, same as I did with Hololive EN

>> No.1649417

But she'll be part of Holo VSingers.
Plus, Hololive is an entertainment group, not an idol group anymore.

>> No.1649418

>kfp projecting

>> No.1649425

>Last stream is 2 days after auditions end
>Planning to quit BEFORE HoloEN auditions end
>"She could be a Holo though!!"
Are you guys retarded?

>> No.1649437

Ollie's not a numberfagging leech who threatens her genmates at gunpoint though.

>> No.1649440

Sure. I only didn't watch her because she was on twitch and I barely go to twitch these days. She's cool and very comfy.

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No, they're still an idol group. Cover and hololive production are two separate entities.

>> No.1649451

holofags are very

>> No.1649461

She's decent

Probably not at a professional level which the ENVSinger should be. I'd be surprised if she actually would be.

NijiEN is the most likely

>> No.1649466

B-But... YAGOO said...

>> No.1649469

Her voice is not that strong. It can be developed but still not up to par like Azki or Suisei so I wouldn't hope for that. NijiEN is the best bet for now.

>> No.1649479

No emotion, can't make high notes because her voice breaks. Shit singer.

>> No.1649485

Yeah. She really reminds me of a rough Inui. I love Inui. I hope she makes it and then they collab eventually

>> No.1649487

No rational westerner/SEA/ whatever would even want to audition for Niji. Hololive's the safest and most popular bet to Vtuber stardom.

>> No.1649488

are you a fucking retard from reddit? Cover is the entertainment company, hololive is a vtuber group with idol motif.

>> No.1649490

Anyone have some clips to sell me on her? Never heard of her before but she looks cute.

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>B-But... YAGOO said...
NOTHING you idiots, YAGOO'S dead he's locked in my basement HAHA

>> No.1649493

Sure tribalfag. See you when she debuts.

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Not really. Nijisanji has the funds and backing that can support a liver. The only issue is that Niji don't have the international buff like Holo does. I don't want another NijiKR who is only prominent now because of Bora Nun.

>> No.1649519

Ollie is what Kiara wishes she could be.

>> No.1649522

>no rational westerner/SEA would audition for Niji

We're you not here when Niji declared they were opening an EN branch and everyone and their grandmothers were suddenly Nijisanji fans

>> No.1649532

>This post is extremely low quality

>> No.1649547

>Niji makes the mistake of getting her model and her name
>the established HoloEN fanbase calls her Discount Suisei.

Would be hilarious.

>> No.1649552

Also, most Male Western Vtubers jump the gun on Nijisanji since HoloStarsEN are unlikely

>> No.1649560

Nijisanji makes their chuubas reincarnate don't they? Even Suisei had to fight tooth and nail to keep her character and that was Hololive.

>> No.1649561

>and everyone and their grandmothers were suddenly Nijisanji fans
You mean falseflaggers?
It's the norm here. HoloCHADs are the majority here, while Nijiniggers are barely a spec in this place.

>> No.1649569

good god i hope none of those collabs happen

>> No.1649581

Must you?

>> No.1649582

>B-But... YAGOO said...
that Cover is an entertainment company. Don't fall for dumb Reddit memes from Redditors that can't differentiate Cover and hololive.

>> No.1649596

Boring content hard pass

>> No.1649597

Oh yeah let's goooooooooooooooooooo!!!

>> No.1649600

And /vt/ is a shithole, so?

>> No.1649631

This place is only a shithole because of KFPs fucking up the place with their autism. Remove them from existence, and the board would be 99.99% better.

>> No.1649648

Chumbuds are exponentially worse. They're the ones stirring shit in every Nijisanji thread they come across.

>> No.1649665

Do condomates really?

>> No.1649674

Any other potential NijiEN candidates? I'm particularly interested in any males
t. fag

>> No.1649690

maybe hana's dad, henry? big maybe though

>> No.1649696


>> No.1649735

seethe more

>> No.1649740

Olly is basically anime Tom holland
Both cant keep their fucking mouth shut

>> No.1649750

Dunkey collabed with Miko, the first step in becoming the vtuber

>> No.1649766

I kind of doubt they'd keep it in the family THAT much

>> No.1649779

only her so far.

>> No.1649785

Nijisanji is not an idol company, it's a Camwhores company

>> No.1649810

Kuzuga and Sakura Ritsuki kept their characters.

>> No.1649815

Watching her recent stream she seems really safe, a good all rounder but lacking in star power. I want to see what males Niji is considering since they will matter more than the girls.

>> No.1649818

Just look out for EN Vtubers who retire around this time. IIRC some ID anons keep a track of ID VTubers who retired after Holo ID Gen 2 audition finished and 2 of them turned out to be Ollie and Reine.

>> No.1649822

Pretty much every major agency does. They don't like licensing IP from individuals, bit of a legal mess if things go bad. It's honestly amazing Suisei managed to hold on to her character design (even though Cover owns the actual models she uses these days). Nijisanji has a similar case with Kuzuha, who started as an indie with his Tokyo Ghoul persona. What we don't know is how he got to keep the character; he doesn't strike people as the shrewd type, so he may have sold/turned the IP over to Nijisanji when he was scouted. Like Suisei with Hololive, the models he uses now are Nijisanji's property.

>> No.1649835

So... official NijiEN announcement this week?

>> No.1649856

Yeah, it's all up to ichikara. He has said that he'd be open to it if they come calling.

>> No.1649978

not really, all holo ID gen 2 stop streaming in their previous/roommate account

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should we boycott this girl to avenge what they did to Aloe?

>> No.1650064

Do Holofags really?

>> No.1650068

Probably in April

>> No.1650105

Nenechi stop and go contact Delta again.

>> No.1650134

oh what's wrong nijinigger?
gonna cry?

>> No.1650138

Do Holofags really?

>> No.1650200

she's here!

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Yes, very

>> No.1650411

Don't joke about that you stupid waste of life, never stoop to their level.

>> No.1650526

There's no "their level". You know very well that the majority of it came from NND users who hate vtubers in general.

>> No.1650551

Why would Kiara want to be someone that has less viewers and makes less money?

>> No.1650714

Don't forget the Kiara roommate tweets

>> No.1650785 [DELETED] 

Yeah there are so many I kinda loose track of em. Seems like 2 a week.

>> No.1650852

EN Vsinger reveal should be coming up soon, she seems like an okay singer.
Kinda think Nijien seems more plausible tho

>> No.1650876

If it isn't hololive 99% of this board wouldn't know who she is even if you smack them with the face with her.

>> No.1650906

They provably sent out acceptance letter a good while back, but they usually give their livers a good amount of time to settle their affairs and retire their previous persona. The same thing happened to holoID

>> No.1650921

I want to have Inui smacked in my face...

>> No.1650957

Neither can Coco, Luna, Amelia, Gura, or any ID

>> No.1650961

Lets be real here too

Nijifans are also unlikely to know half of the Niji roster

>> No.1650967

What are you trying to say then? No one mentioned SJWs, we're talking about trannys here.

>> No.1650974

The lower half maybe, but not big names like Inui

>> No.1650990

I mean that's like trying to know literally every Clone Trooper at this point

>> No.1651015

Ollie is really based. Alpha marketing, just fucking push your way into everything and people will be grateful because you have the hololive brandname.

>> No.1651035


>> No.1651118

Who cares if she gets to Niji anyway. It's clear that Niji is more into the characters themselves rather than the combination of roommate personality and overall design, which is why they're a merch- driven group as opposed to a more wholistic approach by cover. this is what spells the difference.

>> No.1651154

Nigga are you serious?
Do you know how many vtubers graduate every month

>> No.1651270
File: 186 KB, 630x566, 1611952554151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1651358

They bite you in the nuts, you bite them back in the nuts. It's simple. JUST DO IT.

>> No.1651509

She reminds me of okayu

>> No.1651582

>Coco can't sing
lmao you're fucking deaf

>> No.1651770

No Aloe eould get on a stool and slap your shit in for doing that shit.

>> No.1651810

Nene just make the fucking call she is waiting for you... or Delta make the fuckibg call she is waiting for you...

Fuck Ruki is probably going to have to do everything like usual. Ganbatte RMT!

>> No.1651864

sorry i'm not familiar with the deep rrrrats, what does artemis have to do with this?

>> No.1651889


>> No.1651892

They've collabed together before. That's it.

>> No.1651903

Sided with Artemis and Lyrica against Mocca's anti-TBA tweet.

>> No.1651914

Holo Delta Fag sounds great right? let's start the takedown operation. will start hiring schizo for tracking and write some rrat (no chink included)

see you anons soon, dont forget to bring your holo5 t-shirt and play Blue Clapper as war anthem

>> No.1651915

Cocos not a good singer dude. As long as she commits to her elmo voice its shit.

>> No.1651919

the only one you're right about is amelia but even she has a good instrument, her voice has a lot of good qualities, she'll just have to do a lot of voice training and general singing practice if she wants to actually make her voice shine.

>> No.1651974
File: 278 KB, 534x362, en.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1652046

Fuck off nijinigger. you faggots covered up for your japanese counterparts and lied to the western community. It's why reddit still thinks it was idolfags that forced her to graduate instead of schizo nijifags.

>> No.1652066

don't know why but i expected more then that.
i should never underestimate the ability of the autists to make a giant shit mountain out of literally nothing.

>> No.1652091

Eve is great. Hopefully they get more girls like her.

>> No.1652181

Unless they say they trans to everyone they meet for some fucking reason. If you think you are a woman then don't say you are trans. I don't know anything about Nova, nor I care. But it is interesting too see how Vtubers get their second life.

>> No.1652220

Anon... do it but you HAVE to stream it live and take lots of pictures. Make sure everyone can see how pft how cool you look.

>> No.1652284
File: 241 KB, 962x716, 1606400929872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon nobody asked and nobody actually cares. I fought that shit for 7 years and you know what I learned nobody fucking cares. I don't give a damn what her political opinion is or what retarded shit her roommate pushes. At the end of the day no one fucking cares let me watch my chuubas in fucking peace.

>> No.1652756

Don't forget Silvervale and Ame

>> No.1652875

If she turns out to be moving to the big leagues, just congratulate her quietly and don't make a big deal out of doxing her, the last thing we need is another Aloe.

>> No.1652957

this is the otherway around in japan kek

>> No.1653010

no, that's exactly what we will do

Niji EN is our chance to avenge the Nijinigger for Aloe

>> No.1653064

Nijisanji has history of hiring people fluent in Japanese so at least they can get Japanese audience if they can't make it big in western market, there's a big chance this girl will be NijiEN

>> No.1653074

keep saying it

>> No.1653132


>> No.1653161

>She was most widely know for scoring collabs with Artemis, Lyrica, and Pikamee.
Not exactly a great thing to be known for

>> No.1653181

ooh, the nijitards are trembling in fear huh. be careful anon, we will lurking in your thread and track your oshi

>> No.1653218



interesting combination...

>> No.1653234

Her and her circle was actually one of the biggest vtuber groups in the west. She’s actually well known in the western scene.
4chan doesn’t seem to recognize anyone who averages above 100 but below 1000 for some reason even though it talks about actual literal whos

>> No.1653296

thank for making niji buzz for free, ganbara anon-chan

>> No.1653304

In people only cared about her once she graduated, what makes her think she'll do better when she reincarnates to Nijisanji and she gets lost with the hundred of other vtubers in the group? I think she should've just stay indie and tried for a more cult following.

>> No.1653327
File: 261 KB, 802x1069, 1602814581284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pika is so based she cancels out the rest.

>> No.1653382

successful applicants in holo en auditions will be contacted 2 weeks after audition ends so there is no chance of her being a holo. a nijifag maybe

>> No.1653766
File: 428 KB, 451x619, eeb161ed0103676b8657f90a21f519e8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck. I think... You might be right.

>> No.1653873

You're an absolute newfag who knows jackshit about Nijisanji JP, kill yourself so your worthless brain disease doesn't spread to any offspring.

>> No.1653993

You're not reproducing either, not with that gaping wound on your dick lmoa

>> No.1654041

I mean, we still do not know how many livers they will debut for the EN branch so is up in the air her future.

>> No.1654414

Ollie is not a jew, though, so she doesn't numberfag. She knows one aka is all it takes to feed an Indonesian family for a week and she's happy to be able to provide for her massive, loving family.

>> No.1654785

>NijiEN will be shi-

>> No.1654882

Nah, I'm pretty sure that in both companies no one typically knows who's in the next generation until the debuts happen, especially if it's cross branches like in this case which would be HoloID to HoloEN2

>>1649367 if this is Nijisanji they might have accepted her awhile back but she continued to stream out of necessity to pay her bills. Ame was streaming on her roommates account as late as the first week of August or late July since she kinda had to due to her small audience.

>>1653993 I'm not reproducing because I'm going be to busy raping your Oshi's barren womb. I want you to blame yourself for when she disappears.

>> No.1654923

I worry about vshojo collabs because only melody bothers with kayfabe. At least it looks like she's interested in collabing with the one who's a natural match for the reaper's kayfabe.

>> No.1655017

Depends on the games she plays, and how entertaining she is playing them.

>> No.1655877

Never watched her, I only know her from the Pika collab. Is she any good?

>> No.1656085

She's soft spoken, knows Japanese and can sing a bit. Kept her nose clean so no drama that the public is aware of. She's good.

>> No.1656712

Anon please stop using her to falseflag. She scolded her fans the last time they tried to shit on other fanbases.

>> No.1659197

She's pretty cute, I hope she can help NijiEN succeed.

>> No.1659495

can she into meme? if no then there's no hope for nijien

>> No.1659537

She's not going to be the only member, anon.

>> No.1659953

i only know of her because some dude stared at her massive tits in a clip

>> No.1660133

Inui, not Nui

>> No.1660146

>Cruel Angel Thesis
She has potential, but much to grow. Maybe she made it for VSinger, but I doubt there wouldn't be someone more experienced.

>> No.1660197

no one here watches nijisanji

>> No.1660238

That's 'cuz everyone here is a dirty EOP. Once they start their English branch be prepared for the floodgates to open.

>> No.1660327


>> No.1660408

bruh...all em vtuber niggas be blending together

>> No.1660440


>> No.1660510

Pachi pachi

>> No.1660786

I don't remember the names of everyone but I'm sure know who is and isn't part of Nijisanji, independent of their size.

>> No.1660839

First of all, I'm no "nijinigger". Second, everyone knows that most of it came from NND and the hate for Aloe from nijisanji fans came from her lying about chitose graduation over a 5ch rumor.

>> No.1660927

Seems like a good girl, I hope she's in nijisanji EN.

>> No.1661000

Mori x Mouse would be kino of the highest order

>> No.1661174

Are you sure her previous identity (don't remember what it was) never interacted with her before?

>> No.1661191

They shouldn't be interacting with STDshojo at all.

>> No.1661598

nobody fucking cares you braindead eop redditor, you cunts are actually the fucking worst,fuck off

>> No.1663782

fuck no it wouldnt

>> No.1664077

As long as she doesn't collab with a mtf tranny on her new reincarnation, yes, she seems cute.

>> No.1664421
File: 9 KB, 225x225, 1612930834415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is all that needs to be said
but its going to fucking happen anyway, its unavoidable with ollie, kiara and mori at least. Any EN collabs with indies/non holos need to be heavily screened and collabs with vshojo and shit like trash taste should be outright banned because fuck vshojo and fuck trash taste

>> No.1664717

Yeah, we're having triplets

>> No.1665194

Moona collabed with Asagiri Yua, another en vtuber in the same group as Nova, not that long ago

>> No.1665217

Did she abandon her Russian pet already?

>> No.1665271

>can't make high notes because her voice breaks
That's 100% fixable.

>> No.1665304

Why do you want her to be a Vsinger so bad? Is Nijisanji such a bad option to you people?

>> No.1665546

Nigga, they are just talking on Twitter.

>> No.1665874

You guys hate Vshojo too much but you don't have to worry there being a collab. They are just talking in Twitter.

>> No.1666012

Hopefully Nova's new avatar is godlike because her personality alone isn't strong enough to put NijiEN on the map

>> No.1666045

>heavily screened
To be fair, if cover would let them collab it would be that and i don't think VShoujo people want that.

>> No.1666084

Never heard of her before but looking through some highlights.
>vtuber experience
>can sing decently
>perfect english and japanese
>pleasant natural voice
>huge pekora fangirl
Yeah 100% got picked up by hololive.

>> No.1666086

She's good, only downside is that her mic set-up is kinda garbage but that's easy to fix.

>> No.1666178

/vt/ is like 95% hololive eops

>> No.1666181

Her graduated was planned before Hololive auditions even ended. There's no chance.

>> No.1666267

What evidence is there of when she started planning her grad? (i think she went nijisanji)

>> No.1666314

Literally the OP image. She plans to have her last stream on the 28th. That's two days after auditions end which are currently ongoing.

>> No.1666326

Not any more, nijinegro.

>> No.1666342

I would give her a shot, especially if she shills the canadian angle

>> No.1666396

Fuck yeah it would. To fit the kayfabe they should collab when Mouse has like a week left to live.

>> No.1666452

>came from her lying about chitose graduation over a 5ch rumor.
Hold on Aloe was the one spreading rrats? Damn SEX I'm disappointed in you...

>> No.1666491
File: 58 KB, 1627x813, hololive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You really think hololive waits until auditions are over to start sending out acceptance letters.

>> No.1666553

Can you read? That's the initial screening, as in before interviews and acceptance occurs. That's just being accepted for an interview. Nobody would quit their job if there wasn't a certainty they were getting another one.

>> No.1666991


For the VSinger auditions, they contacted successful applicants in the two weeks after closing auditions.

>> No.1667032

she was boring to watch, i dont have high hopes for gen 2

>> No.1667048

Well, she doesn't have the voice of an angel so it's highly unlikely she's a VSinger. So it's still most likely NijiEN.

>> No.1667070

Audition began over a month ago, thats more than enough time for her to have made an application gotten a callback for an interview and been accepted. As stated before shes a huge pekora fangirl and I doubt shed go for another company when she has a chance to be friends with her idol.

>> No.1667145

>As stated before shes a huge pekora fangirl and I doubt shed go for another company when she has a chance to be friends with her idol
Tell that to Matsuri, self-proclaimed Nijisanji fangirl. Hololive doesn't rush auditions and if they'd already had talents they were bullish on they wouldn't still be accepting applications. Just accept she's most likely not in Hololive.

>> No.1667206

im scared my oshi also got accepted
she's carved a nice community and i'd hate to throw it all away just to see her swarmed with retards in chat and people sending red supas with cringe shit

>> No.1667218

God, you're such an insufferable faggot.

>> No.1667243

she's probably a niji so you won't need to worry about holofans at least

>> No.1667332

>She carved a nice community
How can it be a nice community when (You) are there?

>> No.1667393

I hope she gets accepted to NijiEN and during her debut she personally tells you to kill yourself.

>> No.1667404

did you need to phonepost to make it seem like two different people shared this opinion

>> No.1667455

when you're a small indie its like flailing in the water, you'll grab onto any passing log no matter how flimsy or rotting

I've never heard of her before today so I have no investment either way. I guess we will find out in a few months.

>> No.1667601

It's kind of fucked up that her fans will only ever find out second hand or by surprise where she ended up and not from her.

I don't really want my oshi indie to disappear on me like that even if its for her best interests isnt that kind of sad. and then have to pretend like that never happened?

>> No.1667644

i already found out most of my oshi's secrets, how can you call yourself a fan if you havent taken the stalker pill yet?

>> No.1667662

been following ollie on twitter since the beginning, she does this kinda shit to literal whos nonstop

>> No.1667683

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

>> No.1667689

They are almost certainly contractually forbidden from openly talking about it. In any case can you really call yourself a fan if you can't identify your oshi just because she looks a little different.

>> No.1667703

she probably should stop, honestly

>> No.1667726

I guess it's a difficult situation to be in. But you can still support her even if she appears in a different form. Nijis aren't censored so much so it'll probably be like almost nothing changed.

>> No.1667734

Imagine not knowing even where your oshi lives, what a failure.

>> No.1667951

That's just the nature of the VTuber concept and industry. Virtual beings are ephemeral. I suppose you can argue that it's a callback to how virtual identities were also supposed ephemeral in the early days of the Web before the Big Data era where your online self is forever linked to your real life self.

>> No.1668377 [DELETED] 


>> No.1668404

it could easily lead to collabs if allowed, all of vshojo is tryhard garbage humor and nyanners is a massive hypocrite

>> No.1668531

I mean so is hololive so its perfect

>> No.1668598

There's the catch, though. She still streams her personal LIVE ACTION account, she's not allowed to have another virtual avatar.

>> No.1668684

that's just the reddit fanbase, not the actual holos

>> No.1668728

>This is a seiso stream
>reads it anyway
It's fine.

>> No.1668743

Her voice is cute, I hope she's holoEN2

>> No.1668778

Seems like she is also following bunch of niji twitter recently hmm

>> No.1668917

Probably NijiEN, she's not great but she's not bad either, wish her all the best anyway.

>> No.1673360

Akuma Momo
I was there,on her graduation
And during Ollie's debut I was like:"wait a fucking minute"

>> No.1674220

It reminds me of this

>> No.1678123

I wonder if she'll ever collab with Mint or anyone from her time as Nova again. I kind of doubt it but I'd imagine she would still be allowed to.

>> No.1678338

Maybe in your bubble.

>> No.1678407

ID dont follow this rule at all. Iofi mainly but most of the ID girls collab with whoever they want. Moona has done come out of Hololive and so has Ollie.

However Matsuri and Fubuki like to break those rules sometimes too. Fubuki gives a polite middle finger constantly to the purist fags who say she cant collab with men.

>> No.1678636

This but for Holobros instead.

>> No.1678643

Nobody tells ID what to do. They do as they please.

>> No.1678689


>> No.1678999

I love both

>> No.1679027

Senpai, I...

>> No.1679077

But everyone loves Ollie, while Kiara has the most dedicated antis (who aren't chinkoid)

>> No.1679125
File: 38 KB, 586x441, CyaLaterNova.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe. She also retweeted this. Get your rrats ready.

>> No.1679139


>> No.1679322

Why does everyone forget about the Hololive vsinger auditions?

>> No.1679438

The hell man? I'd be fucking stoked that my oshi would be getting a professionally designed and modeled character, a company to back her up financially, and opportunities to try out a bunch of new stuff and collab with big Vtubers. If anything getting accepted to Niji or Holo would guarantee you being able to oshi her longer since Niji/Holo generally guarantees much more stability than being an indie where you might have to quit at the drop of a hat if real-world issues come up.

>> No.1679550

She wasn't my oshi but I've been following her since her debut. When I heard she was graduating I was definitely thinking "What if..?"
Will be super happy for her if she actually got in somewhere, and will get the small satisfaction that I've been with her since day 1.

>> No.1680023

Oh FFS, first Risu, now Ollie, does HoloID just wants everyone to know who's joining HoloEN months in advance?

>> No.1680246

What's the fastest way to meds?

>> No.1680613

Kek, I for one agree with this post

>> No.1680824

>been following ollie on twitter since the beginning, she does this kinda shit to literal whos nonstop


Link me her replies to literal whos or it didn't happen

>> No.1681604

Does niji have a good network? Like do you get free subs just by being in niji like you do being in Hololive? Hololive spends a lot of effort networking their talent together.

>> No.1681817

they don't go as hard botting subs as cover does if that's what you're wondering

>> No.1681837

>Does niji have a good network?

If you're jp or nun bora then yeah, the others are pretty lackluster

>Like do you get free subs just by being in niji like you do being in Hololive?

lol no

>> No.1682411

Bora nun's kino tbqh

>> No.1682567

Cover is an entertainment company, Hololive is the idol project under said entertainment company redditbro

>> No.1683418
File: 191 KB, 754x660, 1614628627519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking alpha

>> No.1683458

Niji fans aren't loyal to the brand like Hololive fans so no. They may watch one or two individual streamers but not mass-sub to every streamer or live in a bubble of only-Niji streamers to inflate their viewer numbers.

Maybe they should consider developing that kind of brand loyalty if they want their non-JP branches to succeed.

>> No.1683503

ID's kiara but actually better*

>> No.1684082
File: 46 KB, 1325x228, $103.50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1684121

I have 60 Niji from ID/KR/JP subbed alongside 50 from HL so maybe I'm just insane.

>> No.1684180

The narrative with Chitose has never been proven to be made up. The closest we got to """proof""" was a guy claiming that Chitose shows her face all over the place as Dustcell, so she clearly wasn't concerned with dox and therefore Aloe had to be "making shit up." He specifically cited her twitter/IG accounts, except when you check the images on them Chitose's face is always out of shot. Same with her partner's accounts. Cue the goalpost moving to "it was visible during the live they had recently." Except all the images from it that I could find also had he face conveniently blocked. Even better, the livestream for it had expired by the time this was brought up.

>> No.1684304


>> No.1684352


A lot of Niji fans focus more on groupings within Nijisanji (Chronoir, Sanbaka, JK-Gumi, etc) since there are so many livers. So the really popular ones are often in more popular groupings (Chronoir + the livers that often collab with them routinely get more views than most of Hololive) whilst others don't.

>> No.1684614

my wife, Shannon, already took that spot.

>> No.1684746

Most likely Nijisanji, if any. The pool of applicants that applied were most likely bandwagon people who saw HoloEN's success and immediately jumped on Niji's auditions, not knowing that Hololive would do another round just a few months later. I wouldn't doubt that she was the considered cream of the crop for their low quality applicants.

>> No.1684796

Ina has been talking with Pika on twitter since day one, but nothing ever came of it. Cover seems to be very hands on when it comes to what collabs EN is allowed to do.

>> No.1684924
File: 266 KB, 1150x1242, 20210319_171728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another nijiEn

>> No.1684996

Second week of April.

>> No.1685211
File: 127 KB, 1919x1079, IMG_20201116_195202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's 3 girls graduating from this agency on the same day. no ogeys unless you call all of them nijien

>> No.1686406

>it could easily lead to collabs if allowed
Even if it would happen it would be heavily censored with what they can say and i think most of VShoujo knows that.

>> No.1686573

Realistically speaking, THE most Seiso roommate we've had so far if that's her reaction.
Based on what I've seen so far, I hope she comes to ENgen2.

>> No.1686660

>But everyone loves Ollie

>> No.1686864

>Chumbuds are exponentially worse
KFP, why are the chumbuds always your first option for deflection? Nobody but you thinks this. Hell, nobody even thinks YOU think this.

>> No.1686999

Well, the community likes her a lot more than Kiara in general.

>> No.1687487

Extremely low bar, but you're not wrong

>> No.1688168

I mean, yeah official answers will probably be 2 weeks from end of auditions. But i'm pretty sure they already gave clear answers to people they are interested with about their plans.

>> No.1688608

NijiEN or GEN2 it is

>> No.1688654

Could also be Holo Vsingers but 90% sure its NijiEN unless we all got baited and shes really just done vtubing.

>> No.1689051

This thread makes me realize what a bubble /vt/ is. This girl isn’t obscure at all, like everyone who follows English vtubers deeper than only watching HoloEN Vshojo and no one else knows her.
We have whole threads dedicated to vtubers less than half her size.

>> No.1689248

Yeah she's definitely one of the standouts among the EN indies. If you look just a little further than HoloEN and Vshojo, you would at least run into her and Hanamori. There's also Atelier Live as another fairly popular indie group and whoever is in Domo's clique.

>> No.1689338

The problem is that almost all of the western side of /vt/ is descended from /wvt/ and /wvt/ is so fucking stupid that it kills new vtubers by accident by repeating the same bad ideas that have been passed down from day 1
Everyone with half a brain moved to /aud/

>> No.1689678

Agreed, /wvt/ is too invested in their own bubble, it's fun to watch dumpster fires sometimes though. I like seeing the discussions and feedback going around in /aud/, feels like they should've renamed to/asp/ though.

>> No.1689979


>> No.1690053

Asp standing for?

>> No.1690142

isn't /aud/ just a hugbox for male and trannie TBAs?

>> No.1690332

/wvt/ is a way bigger hugbox. It’s literally a circle jerk general for shilling and tells people what they want to hear when most of its vtubers basically have an all /wvt/ population and shrinking. It’s basically a /vg/ general.
/auds/ doesn’t really keep thread personalities and talks about technical stuff. It’s honest enough to tell people straight when they’re not going to work.

>> No.1691298

>Atelier Live
Its kinda funny most of the people who post about Artemis, Kani, or even Chai here don't realize they're in a group

>> No.1691627

Aspiring vtubers, since the discussion there is mainly about becoming or improving as a vtuber, whether or not they intend to go corporate or indie.

>> No.1691702

It just feels more of a collection of popular art kids than an organized group, dunno how artemis got in there though.

>> No.1692300

Niji India and Korea (who all speak English) haven’t broken 10k subs yet, for India who was originally billed as EN it’s been like 10 months already.

>> No.1694104

>India who was originally billed as EN
They went ID>EN>ID

>> No.1694487

To be honest, /vt/ is also a hugbox

>> No.1695179

Based cock teasing bitches.

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