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A thread dedicated to Nijisanji EN's longnecked tomboy gamer Dragon/laughing gas addict!
Comfy Burrito edition!
>Her Youtube channel
>Her Twitch channel
https://www.twitch.tv/selentatsuki (embed) (embed)
>Her Twitter
>Previous Thread: >>16333265

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>Selen wants to grind to masters for fun
the copium is hitting hard

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>(embed) (embed) (embed)
fuck im retarded
why is she like this?

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I don't know Selen, whenever I was doing badly in a tournament back in the day, I'd do something completely different from the game I was playing to cool off. Ranked as a cool off is not healthy for anyone, neither you nor your teammates.

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>I'd do something completely different from the game I was playing to cool off. Ranked as a cool off is not healthy for anyone, neither you nor your teammates.
she probably feel bad for her performance and decided to play on ranked to cope with that, not the best decision but its selen

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Selen love

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Threadly reminder that fuck this beaner

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I did not watch the stream, but I heard they played this NA tournament like it was JP, which is a very questionable direction to take. Going against everything they did on Monday's practice stream.

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whats this?

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>Somehow Ike is better than Reimu
Reimu... not like this
NTDragoon but D-Dragon is the one that Selen always notice when she ask about sound balance at the beginning of the stream... only a few times the guy was right

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Comfy stream, I'm glad that she is ok and that her friends joined to play some matches with her
Selen will try to stream snipe Mysta in the morning
Selen played like thrash too but yes, iPN made the team play too passive in a NA tourney with Selen being the support character instead of letting her being a damage dealer one.

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It was a sad day for our dragon I was impressed with how well she handled it actually still kept streaming through the pain, I hope she actually takes her much needed break soon (and doesn't spend it all grinding apex).
Selen /haha/ loves you.

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Please sewen... no apex next week...

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selen is strong, she will be ok

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She re-tweeted this kind of art in the middle of the tournament... fuck...

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watching the wolfesteing vod and i spotted a fag who donated some political shit about firearms, good thing that selen is the master of deflection


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Is Selen still depressed?

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Yes, we haven't had babymaking sex in over 2 days...

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Any guess on the 1/4 premiere coming in a few hour

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Its probably the Lofi version of the Niji songs with some cool animation! That's my guess

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There has been a lot of really retarded takes about the OTK tourney.
NA and JP tournaments that are high level are more or less same in terms of playstyle, competitive apex is just extremely passive, because kills are rarely worth potentionally dying and losing out on placement. The only problem is that you don't really know what exactly will be happening in these tourneys that have pros to IGL with potatoes on their team. It could be just playing zone and it could be fiesta, which is why they were also worried if they are getting contested on landings first few games - you just have no idea how the lobby will play out. Majority of the teams that fought early did so becaues of circumstances they found themselves in, and they did not want to fight there if they could avoid it.

Your team needs gibby 100% of the time, but you don't want to put your best player on gibby, unless he is actually insane Gibby player like Lou. Instead the best player/igl will usually be on wraith-like character to scout and do damage.

And you don't want bruce, the worst player, to be on Gibby either. Sure it wasn't selen playstyle but Ipn on wraith and Selen Gibby is best decison by far.

You literally can't play too aggresive with 15 teams around you within 100 meters.

Ultimately it comes down to IGL predicting zones and rotating correctly and then small mistakes that everyone on the team will make and sometimes they become crucial like selen dying last two games.

First game was good, both storm point games they got super trolled by zone (literally as far as it can possibly be) and last two games were sadge.

They weren't as terrible as it looked like, nor is IPN a complete retard (but he was never IGL and had to igl his two clueless teammates against some of the best IGLs in the world), nor did selen make many mistakes that a pro wouldn't ever make. Her arm was literally shaking some of the games though, but that really is almost of no consequences.

It's also really hard to practice this gameplay in ranked, because in ranked you have 3-5 teams in last circle, while in tournament you have 15 teams final circle. Its like a whole different game.

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>pros to IGL with potatoes on their team
>getting contested on landings first few games - you just have no idea how the lobby will play out
>It's also really hard to practice this gameplay in ranked
yeah, i'm only familiar with watching like cr cup (obviously not as high level but similar idea) but did they not have scrims for this or something? cause it doesn't seem like it was ever going to be enjoyable at all for weaker teams unless there was some way to structure it a bit better
>They weren't as terrible as it looked like
also, yeah i feel like everyone's overreacting a bit but then that's understandable cause selen is much too hard on herself

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i really want selen covers but maybe i inhaled too much selenium but a man can dream
other people speculate some lore videos

>> No.16455724

Yea there were no scrims, people were calling their landing spots just before game started

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Thanks for the analysis.

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Bought Selen's voice pack just before the sale ends :D.

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I will never get the appeal of competitive video gaming.
I only participated in one tournament but every time we lost I felt depressed and even if we won I just felt exhausted.
I never managed to enjoy that game since then.

Honestly I just felt bad watching the vod but I believe Selen knows what's best for her and will handle it well.

It's really hard not to concernfag dragoons....

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>damage dealer one
theres no such thing in their team comp
guns do the damage
they simply played like shit thinking this was a serious tournament
just because the team captains are proplayers doesnt means the tournament will be like ALGS with 15 squads in the final circle

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I really wish she wasn't so attached to her competitive gaming performance but yeah, it's her choice. Still hurts my heart.

I gave up on serious multiplayer games as I enter my 30 year old boomer years and now all I play is Deep Rock with friends. Used to be really into Red Orchestra/Rising Storm but got tired of tryhards bitching about everything and acting like they are the master tactician.

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Enjoy Selen's GFE!
i know... sadly she still have problems with the competitive part and then blame herself if things go bad. But its over, next week the only thing we will have to concernfag is her not being a dummy at destroying her voice

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Seeing selen sad just hurts..

>> No.16461827

I used to be a pretty bad pro player at an RTS. Honestly it's part of her competitive drive to be upset about losing.

For me looking back at it many years later, I am quite fond of when I got beaten badly too, it is part of the memories. I'm sure she will look back at this tourney in a positive way one day.

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>because kills are rarely worth potentionally dying and losing out on placement.
But the scoring in this fucking tournament was for kills. Placement was secondary. FUCK. Not getting kills means losing, even if you get last team with zero kills every round.

>> No.16464044

They were using the pro league system, same one where all teams play as safe as possible. It is rare to win a game with no kills, so you don't need to rush for them. In the end game brawl you can pick up a lot of kills for free, and some kills you pick up from an inevitable fight anyways. It's rare to win with less than 6 kills, so no need to rush for them.

The most kills squads got in the tourney was 11 or 12.
Taisheen squad won game 2 with 11. They got first kill when 10 squads were left right after circle 4 closed. Then they just held their god spot and won off of that while picking up "risk-free kills".

Same for teeam Apryze 11 kill win, then Nickmercs win they did get more kills early, but they were the exception. Other winning teams had less kills.

Snipes team got consistent placing and they were able to pick up kills at the end brawls before being eliminated. It just goes hand in hand, you need to get to top last teams and the kills happen.

Most they could have done to aggro pick up kills was land on people, but that's called 50/50 because it's pretty RNG what weapons you drop on etc. Noone does that because the three potential kills aren't worth placing 20th.

>> No.16464064

Finally someone with a brain

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Apex retard excusing retard plays, while citing how getting kills wins the shitty tournament, nice.

>> No.16469083

go back >>16441838

>> No.16469372


Did Selen end up streaming with Mysta?

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Scaring Selen just to watch her try to run away with a big, full belly!

>> No.16469738

>Cites how high ranking teams won by getting kills
>Says you shouldn't aim to get kills

>> No.16469752

He didn't play Apex, so no

>> No.16470942

I was citing how they got kills VERY LATE GAME, that was the point of what I was saying. The highest Team iPN placed was 10th.

Majority of the teams that won games or placed high in tournament overall had 0 kills at
that point, picking all of their kills near the end, where teams with bad position are forced out and you kill them for free. Exactly how team ipn died in game 1, because they had to rotate in a shitty way. The teams that had rotated well and played safe for placement to get best spot in the zone could then pick up kills.

If you are then wondering who picks up kills from the first teams that die, those are usually teams that end up placing just above them, because by fighting them they inevitably grief themselves too to some extent.

Game 6 team Mande kills selen early, you can then watch Mande pov to see how much of a struggle it was after to even not die to zone. Worked out for them, but usually doesn't.

Team ipn never got to a point where they could really think about something like "Ok this is the last game and we are near the bottom, we need a high kill win to place well, we will now try to kill as many teams as possible there, taking extra risk."

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What I want to know is, this the second tournament now, and we really haven't gotten the true on stream breakdown that was promised. the best one so far was the stress stream just after debut. I can't cum if she doesn't cry. It just doesn't work.

>> No.16474938

I never wanted to put my dick on a burrito so much

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Damn Selen... i hope she doesn't get a tournament invite in a long ass time, this shit only bring sadness to her

>> No.16484272

hi hi
enough sadness lets enjoy hand sim

>> No.16484358

Starting the collab!


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Selen was blown up by the terrorist Pomu Rainpuff. Never forget.

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Selen please... its a IRL gun... and a AK 47, easiest gun to understand...

>> No.16490310

She's trying to rack an AK with the safety on...

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gun fags are the worst backseaters lol

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That's literally me... i still love you Selen

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>mfw the safety on/off loop

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>/k/chads torture stream
>now the pistol

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I want Selen to be my gf

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latest build in /ybc/'s Tatsutown, will house a parkour course soon

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>will house a parkour course soon
holy based, MC Dragoons are something else

>> No.16492013

Wait, why was Selen so sad

>> No.16492682

Pregnancy test was negative :(

>> No.16492729

just didnt do well in the apex tourney, lets move past it)

>> No.16492805

Step aside, infertile anon. I'll give her the big family she needs

>> No.16492992

I'm considering writing a short story about going home to your hometown for the holidays and reconnecting with your tomboy childhood friend Selen. Can't decide if a christmas holiday setting or going home over the summer is better though.
I also can't write for shit.

>> No.16493142

Noone on this website can write anon.

i vote for summer

>> No.16493220

write it anyways
summer for sweaty fun

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>> No.16493392

I vote sundress and sunhat

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>> No.16493506

cute selen

>> No.16493641

Selen, Rosemi and pomu

>> No.16493763

I don't get it, but cute Selen.

>> No.16494139

Christmas can be used as a sequel.
You could probably write about how girly she has become (The long hair, girly posture, shyness) OR go full on tomboy mode.

>> No.16494637

Yeah I was thinking full tomboy mode. Basically the mc going into his old room, hooking up some game console to an old tv and Selen popping by unexpectedly in full tomboy mode telling the mc to start up [insert old game they used to play together] with playful teasing. Some general teasing and prodding going into some play wrestling and the mc suddenly realizing that under all those tomboy clothes is an actual girl.
Christmas sequel with Selen showing up all girly and taking the mc by surprise would probably work well as well.
Jesus christ I feel pathetic writing all of this out.
Those are some early ideas I've had.

>> No.16494792

couch co-op cod

>> No.16494828


Don't be Anon. That sounds like a great and wholesome idea...

If you need help with the spicy bit at some point later down the line, holla at ya boy

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She did it!

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I cant believe that Selen killed Pomu with a Italian tank

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>> No.16495599

w-what did he mean by this?

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File: 196 KB, 660x848, feetselen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 2.80 MB, 246x291, 1642297438202.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 610 KB, 900x631, Selen ogey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Some things from the Hand Collab:

>Friday 13 collab stream confirmed, with Pomu and Luca, they need 5 more people. No day confirmed yet.
>Confirmed AMOGUS collab
>Saturday: She will be playing Rainbow Six Extraction with Rosemi and Finana
>The other 3 videos for the Express will be on 2D animation
>Today we will have another Twitch stream because the counter restards tomorrow. It will be a REALLY short stream (30 minutes) DYRBI?
>She will take 2 rest days in a row, Sunday and Monday

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Please Selen... anything but apex. I beg of you

>> No.16502606


>> No.16502642

its gonna be Apex and you will love it
and while not hard i want selen to play touhou17.5 on hard just because its out of her element

>> No.16505157

Why does selen like playing Apex so much? She has played real games, she should've been weaned from it by now.

>> No.16505724

I'm going to wake selen up soon, she needs to stream on twitch tonight..

>> No.16505830

Don't do it , Ember!

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Addicted to certain game genre makes you like that. In my case i went from playing
>Dota 1 all day
>to LoL
>to Dota 2
>to Smite
>to LoL again
Selen is the same but with competitive FAST shooters
My wish and those of many Dragoons is that she transition to more realistic shooters (Rainbow Six, Counter Strike, Tarkov, ect) or wish for an "Apex killer"

>> No.16506304

RS6 cs tarkov are all terrible for watching. literal hours of nothing but camping and bushes. 0/10 watching

>> No.16506357

She should play paladongs.

>> No.16506406

shit is funny

>> No.16506705

Please no, this shit ruins lives.

>> No.16506842

True, its fun to play but not to watch. The problem is that the other options are Valorant and... Valorant... and everyone knows that Overwatch 2 will flop either on release or in a few months
Based friends kek

>> No.16508958

dangerously based
>She will take 2 rest days in a row, Sunday and Monday
better than nothing, i dont think selen will take the rest week on january... i dont think she will take the rest week at all

>> No.16511743

selen's on with finana

>> No.16511792
File: 48 KB, 347x313, NijiEN Perfection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16511877
File: 41 KB, 712x549, FJJyEQ6agAYXX_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16512454

selen making finana beg...

>> No.16512507


>> No.16512521

I can hear the fanartists drawing right now...

>> No.16512547
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Want to join the Selen clan? BEG FOR IT

>> No.16512555

Selen is a butchdyke who wants cute girls kneeling around her strapon and beg for it.

>> No.16512633

selen is bi

>> No.16512842

>Hacking in PUBs
what a turbo faggot

>> No.16512912

>the hackers are Teamates
Wow Selen you can't just call out a different company like that.

>> No.16514256

>Friend Request: Poop Goblin

>> No.16514557

Ipn should keep that name, it suits him.

>> No.16515239
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finana is the perfect little brat for selen to dom

>> No.16516004

>the stream won't be for more than an hour guys

>> No.16516087
File: 237 KB, 348x327, Selen HUH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>30 minutes
>1 hour only
>it will probably go until a Champion
Selen is always like this... but considering that she will have 2 rest days in a row, i prefer the long stream for Selenium recharge

>> No.16516236

>Selen is scared of what Finana says while she's away so she can't empty her bladder

>> No.16516255
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>he will never marry Selen

>> No.16516279

well? let's hear it

>> No.16516300


>> No.16516502
File: 1.20 MB, 2056x2560, FH-WPZVWUAgTetB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well so far it was "If Selen was any closer this would be weird out of context" so its nothing bad

>> No.16516659

Okay.... I need more fish and sewen collabs.

>> No.16516678
File: 2.14 MB, 1335x748, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this Ember a stream sniper or is it one of her
"friends" playing with her

>> No.16516700

its iPN so friends

>> No.16516743

Oh i figured he would be on voice if it were him, i just joined the stream did she mention it?

>> No.16516790
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>> No.16516838

Oh nice Selen is going to have subs on twitch, time to drop my twitch prime on her.

>> No.16516978
File: 931 KB, 3985x4096, Selen 134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No Selen for 2 days... time for her to rest
based, i have mine too

>> No.16517019

Does partner just get more money off subs than affiliate? i know they can't get partner for both twitch and youtube.

>> No.16517180

>Does partner just get more money off subs than affiliate?
Yes, for what i understand... affiliate get 50% of subs while the Partner depending on how big you are, you can decrease the cut and get sponsors, ect

>> No.16517802

When you get partner, you can renegotiate your contract with Twitch. Obviously if you have some company backing you and stuff it's pretty significant.
It's often negotiated to keep 70% of the sub money and get sponsorship and and more advantages. The very top likely negotiate even more tightly

>> No.16519884
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>Dragoon tits

>> No.16520057

so why she laughs so much?

>> No.16521524

I love the strong bond dragoons share
helping each other out just to make Selen happy
truly based

>> No.16521668

You can't stream on other platforms as a partner. What selen is doing is basically scooping up some free prime subs, not making a commitment to only stream on twitch.

>> No.16523279
File: 325 KB, 2048x1396, FJF03RLaAAEMXpo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because she is happy like this pic!
y-you mean... Dragon right?

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Selen is still better

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