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Why are (you) still watching Hololive if it pisses you off so much?
Let's examine some common complaints surrounding Cover and Hololive and see if they apply to Nijisanji.

>EOPs in the chat are so obnoxious!
Due to Nijisanji being relatively unknown in the west, even the chats of popular Nijis like Lulu are still 99% Japanese.
>Cover doesn't do enough to help their talents!
Immediately after the Aloe situation occured and she graduated, Ichikara implimented anti-slander measures against their talents, responding to the situation faster than Cover.
>Cover doesn't do enough for Holostars!
Nijisanji promotes their male talents equally as much as the girls as there is no segregation by sex, with the most popular vtuber of their's being Tokyo Ghoul himself - he's also the most subscribed to male vtuber period.
>Hololive doesn't have enough lolis!
Nijisanji has several loli in their ranks, including an aptly named Loli Gumi consisting of 4 (four) separate loli talents.
>Cover half-asses their 3Ds!
Nijisanji 3D productions are big events and treated as such without blatant model rigging issues or cheap, bought unity asset backgrounds being on display.
>Cover censors their talents too much!
Nijisanji isn't an idol company, so what their talents are allowed to talk about is far beyond the scope of Hololive. Shotacon talents are open about thirsting after shota talents, dirty fanfic Maros are read on stream and talents are free to be honest with their viewers as they don't need to pander to paypigs.
>None of Hololive's yuri couples are real!
Nijisanji has a real lesbian couple that are openly dating.
>Hololive stopped making swimsuit streams!
Nijisanji has no problem showing their talents in skimpy clothes in 3D streams or otherwise - they aren't afraid of getting demonetized as merch makes up the majority of their income.
>Hololive's concerts are too expensive for it's content!
Nijisanji always gives their all and puts on amazing 3D concerts with high production value, even those done for free.
>Hololive talents always play the same games!
Nijisanji has a far broader range of permissions and variety of games played regularly, with Atlus and Sony permissions being a particular strong point.
>Kiara exists!
Kiara does not exist in Nijisanji.

So, what's the reason for your loyalty towards Hololive?

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I watch some nijis, but small indies and small companies are more interesting to me. Hololive is just the most popular, so naturally attracts the most clippers and most inexperienced fans that see HoloEN and who they colab with as the best or only other options

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it's simple, hololive caters to an audience with small attention spans, they also use simpler japanese for translators.

Add with pandering to the meme audience/idolfag audience and what you got is the most cancerous vtuber fanbase in history.

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I watch anyone who I find entertaining. A lot of holo-only fags are EOP, so they can't really enjoy indies and nijis.

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I'm not a faggot that has loyalty to a specific brand or not. I literally just watch the v-tubers I like best and find most apparently. You are appealing to faggoty tribalism just as much as the hololivers. Kill yourself.

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The most subtle anti-Kiara thread yet

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I want to FUCK the Niji on the left.

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>Kiara does not exist in Nijisanji.

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>Nijinigger is a Kiara anti
Color me surprised

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>Kiara exists
Lmao even the Nijifans
I started watching Nijisanji and with the debut of HoloGamers I got hooked on Hololive too, now I still watch vtubers from both companies without any stupid "console wars" I was super happy when Luna debuted because I watched her since her Niji debut and I was sad when she left so I'm glad to be able to watch her
Loyalty to the chuubas, not the companies anons

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That's alice https://youtube.com/channel/UCt0clH12Xk1-Ej5PXKGfdPA

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I love Kiara though

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She a cute.

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Hololive doesn't piss me off but it makes me depressed knowing I will never marry my oshi, and she probably even has a bf off steam.
I should stop watching vtubers.

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>Nijisanji has a real lesbian couple that are openly dating.
Is Crossick actually legit?

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Poor Rushia, she was probably wearing like 60 pounds worth of tracking gear, and if you've seen her roommates videos she's about as built as the get stick bugged meme.

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I just hope Ichikara doesn't fuck up NijiEN. If they manage to shit on HoloEN then maybe Cover will finally stop resting on their laurels

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I'm not a tribalist but Ichikara NEEDS to get NijiEN out before HoloEN2 or else they have no chance.

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Too bad the Nijis are boring and bland

>> No.1632480

when someone makes a broad generalisation like this you just know they have no idea what they are talking about

>> No.1632483

It's legit. They even did a stream where they acted all lovey dovey together while sharing a bed.

>> No.1632599

And why are they boring? It's the Ichikara logo the one that turned them boring? Luna was boring but suddenly she turned interesting?

>> No.1632926

hey if it's got cunny i'll give them a shot why not

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this just in: OP is confirmed a whore and I do not give a fuck!

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Okay I'm a Nijichad now

>> No.1633509

Dont give easy yous to low effort baits onegai

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You make a compelling argument. I think I’ll start paying more attention to them now.

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Because they are loyal to hololive, that's why. It's the same thing as soccer teams even though the mindset shouldn't exist.

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I'm a holofag but I can see your point anon. I'll give a chance to Nijisanji.

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I'm a Nijinigger too but this tribalism is dumb

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I would have watched them if I'm not an EOP, Kanae, Fumino and Sasaki are ones that interests me

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They are boring for me, simple as. I enjoy Hololive more

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I feel that the Holofans that doesn't watch at least 1 Niji are EOPs or newfag summer childs, anyone that has been watching chuubas more than a year should at least noticed one of then only with the collabs

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I like Mito, Ange, Furen, Claire and Nui but you're not really doing anything to convince me because everything you posted is pointless. I'm learning japanese but i really suck at it so I still rely on translations, and that is something you didn't mention. Their own clipping channel is just cherrypicked stuff. No important zatsudan highlights, or any good chunk of great info. I would like it if each video has a transcript of translations so I can still know more about the vtuber even when not watching them live.

I still feel like a shameful tourist whenever I visit a niji thread. ;_;

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I'm full EOP and mainly watch clips, and Nijisanji doesn't get enough of those for me to keep up. Furthermore, Nijisanji doesn't have a thread/board culture here the way Hololive does. The borderline schizo posts Hololive attracts are half of the hobby for me. Nijisanji threads are too few, slow, calm and on-topic.

With Hololive, I can always come here to read rrats, funpost and meme in between watching clips, but I can't really do the same with Nijisanji due to the scarcity of content, and being told to fuck off when I visit their threads. Also, Cover's ineptitude works in our favor, giving us more fuel for funposting. Every yab is both a blessing and a curse, and they keep me coming back.

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From what I heard, niji is too "JP cultured" for translators. i.e you need to live in japan to know the jokes and references.

>> No.1637274

Can't get any more soulless than hired mocap actors.

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>Nijisanji has a far broader range of permissions and variety of games played regularly, with Atlus and Sony permissions being a particular strong point.
they only play minecraft, apex and now FUCKING ARK.
like most streamers.

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>cartwheels require hired dancers
Peak scootermutt

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1. your women are whores
2. your women suck at games
3. you don't have a Minato Aqua

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Anon I'm a fucking 34 years middle aged chubby man and I can do a cartwheel

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I mostly watch VSingers, a few indies and Holos.

I used to follow Gibara but when she went on a hiatus about half a year ago, I mostly stopped keeping up with Niji.

This post is retarded. People shit on Cover because they want Cover to succeed.

This tribalism bullshit isn't going to make people suddenly like Nijisani.

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Don't be threatened that hololive is catching up and might catch up by EOY anon. Niji had their run. PS I don't care which is bigger because as long as my Oshi is in Hololive, I watch hololive.

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Imagine being so American that can't even do a cartwheel.

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i watch both hololive and nijisanji.
heck i even watch both of the ID branch.
but lately, hololive streams are more enjoyable than niji, even made me spend money on them, and i've been watching hana macchia when she was at 30k subs and ibrahim earlier stream too.
it's just, i don't find them entertaining anymore.

>> No.1639749

here's almost 3k clips translated fo you

>> No.1639801

Genshin impact, FFXV, pokemon, tomb raider, resident evil.. those were all from nijisanji vtubers in the last months

>> No.1640055

okay but niji doesnt have shien

>> No.1640602

>Kiara does not exist in Nijisanji
Literally the only positive thing

>> No.1641795

You forgot Nijisanji has actual singers like Chima and Melissa.

>> No.1642368

>EOPs in the chat are so obnoxious!
>Due to Nijisanji being relatively unknown in the west, even the chats of popular Nijis like Lulu are still 99% Japanese.
Oh good, I want to feel like a special snowflake

>> No.1642783

are you saying the holos don't have any singer?

>> No.1643056

Sure you do Anon. Totally.

>> No.1643188

Ichigo-chan is super cute

>> No.1643268

I watch Ars, Alice and Lize. Keeping up with nijisanji is impossible because they dont feel like a group so it isnt as attractive for me.

also their 3D quality is overblown by tribalists and I dont watch people with penis besides belmond sometimes, not interested in anything else from them.

>> No.1644642

I'm watching Nijisanji already though

>> No.1645111

>Immediately after the Aloe situation occurred and she graduated, Ichikara implemented anti-slander measures against their talents, responding to the situation faster than Cover.
It was Nijisanji fans that sent death threats and harassed Aloe into graduation and attempted suicide you retard. Cover nuked the NND anti Hololive threads where nijisanji fans doxxed and organized harassment campaigns against Aloe. They also took them to court where they were fined for sending death threats.

>> No.1645307

Where's the source for that, schizo?

And you're not going to mention how Aloe was a retard who believed on 5ch rumors about chitose even though months later it was confirmed that chitose became a singer in JP?

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jokes on you, i like watching marumaru play ark

>> No.1645562

what is kanacoco

>> No.1645604

>Kiara does not exist in Nijisanji.

>> No.1646231

Bora Nun is miles away better than Aqua in Apex anon, and I'm a Holofag

>> No.1646253

But they don’t piss me off?

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Wake me up when she plays Sekiro again

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His Minecraft streams are pretty comfy, and his interactions with the girls are quality entertainment.
>n-no homo

>> No.1646550

I don't think she ever said about the identity of the people who sent her death threats but she was attacked by everyone not only Nijifans.
I won't deny Dedechi being really dumb, but AFAIK she said that before Chitose redebut as a singer and only during that one time since that's the only clip the antis used.

>> No.1646569

I'm waiting for that Ironmouse collab.

>> No.1646685

Randomly caught a clip of her sperging out over his reply, having not heard of her before. Was pretty cute, not gonna lie. I'll have to check her out. She's the bubble girl right?

>> No.1646954

Only seen clips of her, anons here are saying that she's sick and bedridden. She also interacted with Holostars' Aruran in his chat a week ago.

>> No.1647057

>She's the bubble girl right?
Yep. She has CVID, she has no immune system to speak of. Bedridden in a sterile environment and subsist on gruel. Horny beyond all belief.

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I want to penetrate and impregnate Ars

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It doesn't have Gura so who gives a shit. No matter how much you seethe this cute little shark will always be more loved and talented than the entirety of the Niji roster combined, get fucked.

>> No.1647325

>More loved
>More talented

>> No.1647359

Mega cope, lmao.

>> No.1647380

She can sing and do a cute voice, man. She doesn't know any languages besides English and she can't do basic math. You're thinking with your dick thinking she's the most talented girl in Hololive let alone Nijisanji.

>> No.1647468

not him, but her vocal range is kinda small so I wouldn't trust her to sing [get wild], [sukuramburu], and [give a reason]. something other chuubas can sing well.

>> No.1647512

>She doesn't know any languages besides English
And most of the nijis only know nip, what is your point?

>and she can't do basic math
The fuck does this have to do with talent as a performer? Gura is far more funny, cute and interesting to listen to than all 100+ nijiniggers combined. That's what matters in this line of work. You are reaching desperately for anything bringing up math, holy shit lol.

>her vocal range is kinda small
This claim constantly gets fucking destroyed in the singing threads, give up nigger.

>> No.1647571

her songs are too cherrypicked. while other chuubas like suisei have a large variety. you sound like you are hurt.

>> No.1647576

Meaning some know more than Gura.
>as a performer
You didn't say talent as a performer, you said "talented", as in talent in general. For her to be the most talented in Hololive she would require having skills that her senpais don't regularly best her on. Keep coping though, you're only embarrassing yourself.

>> No.1647621

>her songs are too cherrypicked. while other chuubas like suisei have a large variety
Her variety isn't cherry picked at all, on several of her recent streams she did requests, stop parroting old dead memes.

>> No.1647649

>all this goalpost moving cope as if talent for a chuuba isn't about their performance ability
Jesus you're desperate.

>> No.1647668

Gurafags are the niggers of Hololive

>> No.1647690

Who moved the goalpost? I told you how Gura was lacking in talent which was the original point of discussion, and (you) changed it to refer to only her performance abilities. It's no wonder Chumbabies have such a reputation.

>> No.1647691

What a fucking newfag, jesus.

>> No.1647707
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so this is what a gurafag looks like

>> No.1647713

Retard you brought up math as if that has any bearing on someone's talent as a vtuber. The entire INDUSTRY OF VTUBING is about performance that's the whole fucking discussion. Holy shit you are sub 100 IQ aren't you?

>> No.1647731

Wow, you're mad. Please, feel free to go back to your Global hugbox if facts make you so angry.

>> No.1647734
File: 192 KB, 1239x1248, 1598179112619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is what a samefagging tourist looks like

>> No.1647740

t. newfag

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>one of gura's shrimp mongoloid starts shilling his vtuber
>proceed to have a meltdown

>> No.1647755

>literally resorting to u mad bro
Oh I'm wasting time with an underage. Thanks for conceding the argument though, kek.

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>> No.1647779

This is a Nijisanji thread, Chumbaby. Feel free to boast when you know every Nijisanji chuuba's fanbase name despite you not being interested in it.

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>gets BTFO
>starts samefagging up the thread projecting his meltdown

>> No.1647800

It wasn't a question as "u mad bro" is implied to be, though. You really are angry.

>> No.1647806

Nijis are irrelevant literal whos while Gura is the biggest name in vtubing right now and her fanbase runs this fucking board, which is kind of the whole point lol.

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do they have noeru?
then i dont care

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File: 7 KB, 181x178, 1342343084033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are correct.
She is amazing singer.
She is very talented.
She is great vtuber. You are very lucky to be her fan. I hope you are happy.

>> No.1647821

No one even watches her streams

>> No.1647824


>> No.1647832

So you don't know anything about what you're shitting on. That's what I thought.

>> No.1647849

Yeah her streams with literally almost half a million views at the moment they go offline, nobody is watching those. Holy top fucking kek, do you really drink the anti kool-aid that hard?

>> No.1647871

Can you stop defending your maiden's honor on cooldown and go back to your containment thread? Nobody cares about Gura here.

>> No.1647888

Nijis with a fourth of her follower count get the same views. Stay coping.

>> No.1647915

>nijinigger makes pathetic shill thread/hololive attack thread
>complains when people tell him why no one gives a fuck about niji shit

>> No.1647922

Yes. Now go back.

>> No.1647932

The rare cases of chuubas not being mirrored by their fanbases. She deserves better

>> No.1647936
File: 29 KB, 236x200, 1600715380940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah. Cry more.

>> No.1647962

Post three right now

>> No.1647974

Well, you're free to camp out here in a thread talking about chuubas you supposedly dislike I guess. Maybe you'll even figure out why they make you so angry if you really don't see them as competition.

>> No.1647983 [DELETED] 

>p-p-please come watch our irrelevant literal whos of the vtubing industry, w-we have lolis too and FUCK COVER amirite????

>> No.1647990
File: 70 KB, 500x570, 4uudil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you guys fighting against a five year old? Imagine eating a bait from five year old in 4chan and derailing this thread. Now back to selling your Niji chuubas Nijiniggers.

>> No.1648022

Yes yes, you're angry and posting on cooldown, we get it. No need to chimp out.

>> No.1648041

The actual niji thread is doing a better job at that for once, found some neat covers

>> No.1648054

Bro you're literally crying that an anon doesn't agree with you in your little tribalist shill thread, laughing my ass off at you calling anyone else angry

>> No.1648057


>> No.1648059

>>Kiara exists!
>Kiara does not exist in Nijisanji.

Alright you got me I'm in

>> No.1648088

It's great how this one absurd throwaway meme is more iconic and memorable than anything the entirety of nijisanji has ever put out.

>> No.1648092

Anon, you're too afraid to reply to half the anons giving you (you)s because you don't have an argument so you resort to strawmanning. You can't "no u" your way into looking better.

>> No.1648109

Lol what thread are you even reading? I asked for proof here >>1647962 and you niggers are the ones afraid to reply.

>> No.1648130

Yeah, I occasionally visit there and is a lot less gatekeeping than the one in /jp/, but they still replied to cheap baits like ones posted by this Guranigger. Please understand shark havent streamed for two days and they need to vent somewhere, you dont fight with five year olds, because you can't win. Just filter them and discuss Niji chuubas.

>> No.1648163

That's one anon, Chumbaby-kun. Nigger, singular.

>> No.1648165

>OP makes a whine thread asking why holo fans don't watch nijis instead
>gets legit response from a chumchad
>cries that it's bait

>> No.1648166

God youre both little babies shut up

>> No.1648187
File: 64 KB, 203x224, 1593798038297.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then stop making baby tantrum threads shilling your second-rate chuuba outfit

>> No.1648203
File: 262 KB, 500x498, 1355443713364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shark havent streamed for two days and they need to vent somewhere

>> No.1648208

true, it's strange how they feel the need to constantly shill the shark if they're so confident her abilities speak for itself to begin with

>> No.1648225

Posting about your oshi isn't shilling, newfag. This OP is shilling.

>> No.1648251

t. shilling chumbud

>> No.1648273

I don't watch hololive though, I watch the talents in hololive and even then its only a handful, and even then I barely have time for that handful. Cover is a terrible company and Kiara is bad but I don't have time to care.

>> No.1648278

Please point to where I made a post anywhere ITT that says "go watch Gura". I don't care if you fags have bad taste. You can continue watching your niji shit that's perfectly fine with me. This thread is gay faggot shit though.

>> No.1648294
File: 16 KB, 300x233, 1600819796753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember when nijisanji personally asked a youtuber reactor to react to their official translated clips?

>> No.1648298

Ive only just arrived in this thread but reading your replies made me cringe hard enough to actually reply. People like you shit up both communities but I guess that's what youre after

>> No.1648301

t. seething shilling chumbud

>> No.1648323

>shit up both communities
I don't go in the niji general thread, I don't even think about them. I'm only here because the OP specifically wanted to pick a fight with hololive, and now nijiniggers are crying and coping.

>> No.1648343

Take your meds, buddy

>> No.1648345

Holy shit, so many people fell for bait post. I guess holostars has more fans than all of your brain cells combined

>> No.1648357

It's the best kind of bait - bait that is also unironically true.

>> No.1648363

struck a nerve huh

>> No.1648377

That phrase is always made by people who are upset and projecting

>> No.1648389
File: 194 KB, 279x389, Tifa 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit negro that's all you had to say

>> No.1648403

This is the most honest post in the thread.

>> No.1648405

i'll take that as a yes

>> No.1648430


>> No.1648444

so now you're not only shilling a chuuba but clips of her too huh

>> No.1648453

>still misusing the word shilling
Are you ESL or something? Or just retarded?

>> No.1648470

youre posting it in hopes that people watch are you not

>> No.1648497

Bro it's a fucking reply meme and it doesn't make money. Are you actually retarded? Like really, truly?

>> No.1648503
File: 98 KB, 1280x720, mito.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying i give a flying fuck about cute voice

>> No.1648514

why does a question on a mongolian basket weaving forum make you so angry

>> No.1648521

Why are you so desperately trying to convince yourself I am angry lol

>> No.1648531

I mean, alright, it's okay to be homosexual if you're gonna be honest about it

>> No.1648540

why does a question asking you why youre angry on a mongolian basketweaving forum make you so angry

>> No.1648568
File: 139 KB, 710x710, 1602008846768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are trying much too hard

>> No.1648591

im not the one spending time searching for a dedicated smug gura reaction image and or video for every other post

>> No.1648605

Bro I just click a random image in my gura react folder lmao

>> No.1648618

Its sad since of all the baits they are falling for it's a bait from a nine year old Guranigger. Imagine picking a fight with a kid instead of just giving him the candy and let him 'win'.

>> No.1648620

the very fact that you have a dedicated gura reaction image folder is more tryhard than any post i could ever make

>> No.1648640

>saving some choice memes to a folder is tryhard
Wew lad, is this like your first week on 4chan or something?

>> No.1648668

You still took the bait and fight with a LITERAL kid. Stop dude.

>> No.1648673

They can't let it go because they know everything said about how Gura is more talented than the whole of Nijisanji is completely true and it makes them seethe endlessly

>> No.1648691

saying wew lad, kek, seethe cope and dilate and a dedicated meme reaction image folder does not make you an oldfag, it makes you a /v/tard

>> No.1648724
File: 218 KB, 401x383, 1609193424519.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks wew lad came from /v/
>he thinks kek came from /v/
>claiming I used the dilate meme when I didn't
>he thinks dedicated meme reaction folders aren't older than him
Good lord you are so fucking new and out of arguments

>> No.1648730

t. Guranigger

>> No.1648733
File: 9 KB, 195x258, 1505130428957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're both faggots

>> No.1648747

There it is, the endless seethe I was talking about

>> No.1648761

im not saying youre saying dilate here im saying having that in your regular vernacular period makes you a /v/tard. because it does

>> No.1648763

>veiled kiara hate thread
>anyone was expecting it to be quality discussion and not bait

>> No.1648783

I literally don't use /v/, but you should probably go back there since you seem overly familiar with what it's like to the point that you believe memes from other parts of 4chan are /v/tard memes

>> No.1648796

>no u
so this is the argumentative ability of the average cumbud...

>> No.1648826

It's not a no u when it has actual logical reasoning, lol

>> No.1648839

it is though
feel free to stop ending your sentences with "lol" and "lmao" by the way this isn't whatever discord you come from

>> No.1648849

Jesus Christ the amount of autism in this thread.

>> No.1648858
File: 155 KB, 286x286, 1615933579308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>first it was /v/
>now it's discord
You're just throwing whatever boogeyman you can at the wall and seeing what sticks huh? While completely lacking the self-awareness to realize that you're just giving yourself away as being a tourist from these places since you seem to know how they operate.

>> No.1648874

Once again >>1648763

>> No.1648886

i guess it's nice to be blissfully unaware that anons don't link discords in threads all the time. i suppose being a newfag who can only reply with "no u" has it's benefits

>> No.1648895

or do link, rather

>> No.1648910

>i guess it's nice to be blissfully unaware that anons don't link discords in threads all the time
Is that how nijinigger threads are? Doesn't surprise me. Thanks for confirming you're a discord tranny though, you can go back now.

>> No.1648930

if this is a discord tranny thread why do you want to post in it so bad

>> No.1648941

Your reading comprehension reps, anonchama...

>> No.1648961
File: 143 KB, 266x309, 1612928392569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mostly to tell you discord trannies to fuck off and stop shilling which would have been clear to you by now if you weren't retarded

>> No.1648963

theyre great i know. if discord is for discord trannies (which it is), and youre under the impression that discords get linked in nijisanji threads, and this is a nijisanji thread, why do you want to post in a discord tranny thread so bad

>> No.1648980

Its only endless when people continue the loop a.k.a replied to the bait.
TLDR stop replying to bait

>> No.1648995

youve taken up half the posts in this thread so at this point youre at the very least an honorary discord tranny

>> No.1649014
File: 619 KB, 1020x789, 1612320763065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he's still going
How does one cute little shark make retarded antis so fucking mad lol

>> No.1649035

if this is the discord tranny thread, where discord trannies post and you make up at the very least half of the posts in it you are an honorary discord tranny

>> No.1649044

Yes, yes, I read your retarded faulty logic the first time tranny, that's nice

>> No.1649065

I'm considering checking out Niji, once their EN branch debuts, if I get hooked at their creativity, personality and game variety. I'd go all in, shame cuz I'm an EOP and I'm finding HoloEN really fucking boring.

>> No.1649073

youre among sisters here, no need to get fiesty

>> No.1649081
File: 346 KB, 900x900, 1601013557152.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ogey troon

>> No.1649102

it sure is fun to reclaim slurs huh girlfriend, let's own those cissies

>> No.1649116

>unironically knows this much apparent trannyspeak
Wow you aren't even pretending are you. You are literally a discord tranny. Holy fuck my sides.

>> No.1649117

> I live in the west, I only watch hololive, therefore nothing that Nijisanji ever does will be iconic to me.

>> No.1649134

>self-hating EOP wapanese who pretends he doesn't live in the west too

>> No.1649135

>I'm finding HoloEN really boring

I hope you do find NijiEN exciting though.

>> No.1649147

hell yeah girlfriend, i'm always happy to help new sisters find their way in the tribe

>> No.1649183

what if,
what if more people just like hololive girls than niji girl, and its not really about the agency

>> No.1649230

>its not really about the agency
Why would I watch Hololive then?

>> No.1649242

No it's more then that, the guy just gave a shit example. They have:
>Made out
>Licked each other
>slept together
>groped one another
>Met their real parents
>openly admitted to sexual acts they've done.
>Open about being gay
>And other shit I can't remember
I mean just look up "crosssick", just one video can show they're way more open then hololive.

>> No.1649252

Because you like the girls in it?

>> No.1649265

I see cunny
I watch cunny
Simple as
Now go watch hiyo

>> No.1649266

And you like the girls because of the agency/brand

>> No.1649286

I like the memes and the family feel. You support all because you support one. I'd just go watch indies if I didn't care about the agency.

>> No.1649292

This is retarded
The agency doesn't make the personality.
I still follow my oshi even after she changed agencies.

>> No.1649300

Nah. I like Nijisanji even if it doesn't have that family feel.

>> No.1649372

>I still follow my oshi even after she changed agencies
And I don't really get this line of thinking. I don't want my oshi to betray her agency and everyone in it, and I don't want her to go indie because that's just fucking boring. Hololive is the sitcom set that makes the content work. Without it the magic's no longer there.

>> No.1649398

I'm an EOP but there's more than enough translated clips to know about them. Over 3k.

>> No.1649478

If you're talking about the nijisanji link, then, it feels random to me. Like, it wouldn't give me a full picture about mito or ange. But I haven't browsed everything in it though.

>> No.1649598

>family feel
Unless you happen to be male and then you get treated like a leper by most of the members.

>> No.1650256

Well, it has all their members from all branches so it's a good thing to give chances to a lot.

>> No.1650286

>I don't want her to go indie because that would be fucking boring

>> No.1650816

I watch both Hololive and Nijisanji, fuck off tribalfags.

>> No.1650972

I would give one of my kidneys to be able to watch Gibara again, I don't care if it's as an indie, a Holo or a voice actress

>> No.1651455

Loyalty to companies is a joke. Gura cute. I watch Alice too. Used to follow Ebio's minecraft adventures live after getting hooked on an hour long "clip" of it on niconico.

>> No.1652196
File: 310 KB, 498x498, Yuzuki_Roa_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ichikara implimented anti-slander measures against their talents

>> No.1652858
File: 1.88 MB, 1200x1697, Yuuki.Chihiro.full.3208793.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just watch Chihiro. She's CUTE.

>> No.1653600

Because I fell into this hole anon, I lived in this hole and I'll die in this hole.

>> No.1654365

I've been rewatching detroit and listening to the voice pack.

>> No.1654797

Okay so tell me which superior Nijisanji streamers I should be watching.

>> No.1654892

Anon, at least tell them your specific interests or your oshi

>> No.1654893

watch chima singing ghibli songs now

>> No.1655335

The only reason I would watch nijisanji is when gura moves to nijisanji

>> No.1657282

>still no vtuber group that only has loli members

Why are japs so stupid when it comes to good ideas

>> No.1658256

strim, onegai...

>> No.1659191

I don't want to watch garbage like nijisanji. How much are they paying you to astroturf, manager-san? I would never want to associate myself with wapanese who pay more attention to a streamers chat than the actual content. If I want raw Japanese streamers I go indie. Otherwise, I'll stick to hololive.

>> No.1659393

t. holofag who watches their fake idols due to their haha funny noises they make, relying on translated clips.

>> No.1659682
File: 29 KB, 580x548, 1550676756471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss her so goddamn much.

>> No.1659725

But thats you, holofagfag retard that can't read english.

>> No.1661217

indie or not, EOPs like you still can't understand a single word lmao
yea holo is the way to go for you

>> No.1661688

I don't have any loyalty towards Hololive, it just happens that Hololive talents are amazing picks almost every single time. Meanwhile, the sheer amount of people in Nijisanji turned me off since it seemed like they just take anyone.

If you can find me someone as nuts and entertaining as Haachama in Nijisanji, or someone who actually speaks English regularly, I'll gladly take a look at them. I have no problem with Nijisanji aside from a total lack of exposure.

>> No.1661877

I only watch Kanae and Kuzuha clips

>> No.1662053

- Tsukino Mito
- Suzuka Utako

If you want literal degerates, Gundo will do too, but avoid her if you are a purist. Also, Haato's content was good even pre schizo arc. Decent in the few games she plays and decent reaction.

>> No.1662081

>or someone who actually speaks English regularly
I've watched Hana from niji ID a few times, she's pretty fun and doesn't have as bad an accent as holoIDs not names Reine

>> No.1662247

I don't mind accents. I like Ollie for example, and I'm pretty sure she'd be considered having an accent. Does she speak English? And is she a degenelate?

>> No.1662282

Dude I want absolute degenelates. Haachama is my favourite, and I don't mean the schizo shit, I mean the "what the fuck is she doing eating that fucking alligator leg" craziness. Plus I have no limits, I'm the opposite of a purist, I don't like overly pure shit. Idolfaggotry is cancer. Do any of those speak English ever?

>> No.1662328

I really really don’t like sharing a board with this style of guy

>> No.1662390

Don't worry anon degeneracy isn't contagious, just let them be

>> No.1662405

Unfortunately non of them speaks fluent English except Hoshikawa, and even then she only panders to EOPs recently, but Honma wants EOPs in her chat so she probably will respond to an English comment as long as it isnt garbage. I dont know what is your standard for degenerate so just look up their names in YouTube for clips, but Mito is famous for her record breaking 'ban RTA' and Human Centipede watch along. Her shitpost is.......unique. Her content is very EOP filter though.

>> No.1662435

It’s not a degenerate, it’s a normalfag who wants the holos to be clowns for him. Haha say the funny word!!

>> No.1662522

Well, if you're into degeneracy and not purity Nijisanji is the right place. There's plenty of Nijis that're crazy, but none of the ones that are really speak English... For a beginner I'd probably recommend Mito, Utako, Chaika and Gibara (though she just graduated, you can view her clips to see what Nijisanji is about). Here's some clips of them.

>> No.1662603

Very useful, thanks for the info nijibros. Being an EOP is pain, maybe I should just learn some Japanese so I can enjoy a broader selection of chuubas.

>> No.1662672

Start soon and do your japanese reps daily, I was there 2 years ago and now I can understand most of the streams (3 or 4 people speaking at the same time is hell)

>> No.1662763

t. EOP

>> No.1662780

fuck dude, do you really think I have that much persistence? I can barely hold an interest for 6 months without burning out and forgetting about it

>> No.1662817

You'll probably be interested in more Japanese media down the road so whatever you learn now is a net positive. If you use a flashcard app like Anki it even begins to feel like a game. You won't know what you can accomplish until you try.

>> No.1662933

Do you want to do me a favour and just give me an easy and effortless way to start? Are there any good sites or apps I can sign up to that worked well for you? Anki I guess?

>> No.1662988

Learn hiragana and katakana first. Get anki and get decks of them to do it. Should only take you a couple of days. Then review a grammar guide like Tae Kim. After that you can get started on learning kanji/vocabulary and that'll be what you focus on from that point on.

>> No.1663090

Great, thanks. Maybe in a decade or whatever you'll be the sole reason why a random dude is fully fluent in Japanese.

>> No.1663115

Who's the green haired girl?

>> No.1664441
File: 2.62 MB, 2039x2894, kazaki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Morinaka Kazaki. She has both an adult and a loli form between which she alternates.

>> No.1665149

I'm not even a Nijifag, I just used to watch their clips and sometimes watch Lulu or Chima

>> No.1665204

this is why nobody likes you, nijiniggers

>> No.1665266

Because of facts?

>> No.1665306

because you're pedos

>> No.1665312

so cringe

>> No.1665339

But being a pedo is based.

>> No.1665346

Go back

>> No.1665384

All vtubers are pedos anon. Including your oshi

>> No.1665421

>being a pedo is bad
This is 4chan, Miss

>> No.1665439

I said based.

>> No.1665491

Forgot this recent 3D, watch it quick since I have no idea if it will stay on YouTube forever

>> No.1665985

I'm retarded and replied to the wrong guy

>> No.1666168

>Including your oshi

joke's on you, I don't have one

>> No.1666748

okay, but hololive has polka, and her entire design is my fetish

>> No.1667212

If you dont mind guys, Niji literally has The Joker.

>> No.1667298

you cant just put all clowns in the same clown car. there's different subgenres of clowns, like performance clowns, psycho clowns, circus clowns and so on

>> No.1667511

To be honest, the thing that filters me the most about Nijisanji is that most of the men look like skinny twigs. I think Holostars has much more appealing male character designs.

>> No.1667584
File: 10 KB, 340x191, %3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesnt look like a stick to me. If you meant Touya then yes.

>> No.1667610

Hey, I said most. Joe's cool.

>> No.1668800

Kenmochi laughing

>> No.1668836

>if it pisses you off so much?
it doesn't, i just pretend it does to bait (You)s

>> No.1670930

Neither can you, duolingokek. Do your ESLreps.

>> No.1672336

That's sad.

>> No.1674916

That's just marketing. People are shitting on the rival company because of it so it's the best time to announce it. They're still hiring people for the program months after the announcement.

>> No.1675020

seeing hlgg slowly die out as niji inclines will be fun, a cornered animal lashes out the hardest

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