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There now you shitters can fuck off with that hypocrite shit.

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nyanners is a hypocrite

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>child grooming is cute when a woman does it
this is true though, what's the problem?

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nyanners is a hypocrite
death to vshoujo

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nyanners is a whore I hope she gets aids

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nyanners always was hypocrite whore who hates her fanbase. only absolute delusional cucks watch her

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All these years later and pedos are still seething.

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>le poop, le piss, le smelly cat haha
Why is vshojo like this?

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nyanners is sick of you deep state pedos!

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nyanners more like NYIGGERS

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her entire shtick was being a loli bait moron

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It hasn't been for a while now. Her new bit is ironically enough acting like a 8 year old boy

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Welcome to 4chan, how new are you?

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Welcome to 4chan, I guess?

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Too late, there needs to be absolutely no nyanners discussion on this website

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I like how defending nyanners is basically admitting you're too new to have experienced the backstabbing. Lurk more.

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based nyanners patroller

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I don’t think being a shota is any better than a loli.

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did she cancel or just postbone it to another date

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Being mad about Nyanners means you've been here since 2010 and still haven't gotten a girlfriend. Stop lurking and pick up a football

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>been here since 2010 and still haven't gotten a girlfriend
aka based

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Go back to shilling Athena.

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point and laugh

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Seriously, why did she go through three streams just to pull the plug on this? I honestly enjoyed the streams and enjoy all the energy Mouse, Mel, and the boys were putting into it. Fuck Nyanners. Get Silver, Vei, or Snuffy in there. But they won't do that because it'll make Nyanners look bad. I spit on the pink cat.

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>three streams
please do some basic research before false flagging so you don't immediately get outed

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Because she was getting a lot of hate for it. I mean, look at the Nyanners anti threads if you need examples. Also they're still doing a voice acting collab, just not Nekopara anymore. They talked about Steins;Gate as an option, and that should be fun.

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sorry, should have said three videos worth of Noble and his crew editing. It was only one stream then? I guess that is better. She knew what she was getting into though. My spit remains on the cat.

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They did two streams a week apart. The last one was 3 weeks ago

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Maybe don't make such a big deal over fiction.

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Tell that to the haters.

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The haters are hating on a real person's dumb comments on fiction.

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>I honestly enjoyed the streams and enjoy all the energy Mouse, Mel, and the boys were putting into it.
If you truly enjoyed them then you would also know that they will continue, just with a different game.
Prpbably a better game, considering the old one was fucking nekopara.

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Not the ones who were hating on her for playing Nekopara. Not all her haters are from 4chan. She has a large audience and, yeah, probably quite a few of them are SJW tumberlinas who didn't like Nekopara's content. There are a lot of fair things to be critical of Nyan of, and giving a shit what her audience thinks to the point where it effects her content is one of them. The team dropping Nekopara because of her concerns is a legit thing to be upset with her about, because of what it means. 4chan haters hate her anyway, and they're going to keep hating her no matter what she does, but they were part of the hate crowd that got her make this decision.

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Imagine reading "grooming" into a catgirl game
Fuck everything is grooming with these niggers

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Maybe she shouldn't have put pronouns in her bio.

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Nyan never said anything about grooming in Nekopara, that's the schizo's interpretation based on her comments about Wataten.

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People in threads here on /vt/ kept shitting on her for playing Nekopara. Now the same people are shitting on her for making the group change the VN.
Her antis are obsessed with her and will twist anything she does into a new reason to shit on her.
Nekopara isn't even good, chances are the collabs will get better if they pick an interesting VN.

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i mean she literally did but ok

>> No.1631674

The thing is, it does feel like a loss. She was really into the voice acting part of it, and voice actors often have to work with material they might not find acceptable. It was fun. They took a pointless (in that they were playing the SFW version) game and actually made it somewhat entertaining. I'll miss the fun, not the game, and whether the new VN will be as much fun remains to be seen. I'm optimistic, but still a bit let down.

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She put herself in this position by pandering to those group. Her fault.

>> No.1631720

That's a fair take, but I trust the group to find a VN that will be just as fun to watch.

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>i mean she literally did but ok

>> No.1631738

She made her choice years ago to not be welcome on this website, it's not about antis like hololive

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>i didnt know that the content of the nekopara series could be interpreted as like...child grooming but i guess a lot of people see it that way and are uncomfortable with it

>> No.1631794

Fair enough, but then let's not pretend that there's anything she could do to not get shit on by the antis here. Some people here still feel betrayed and sad that their loli queen left them, so they'll shit on her no matter what she does.

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>he believes this

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I take from that comment she doesn't believe it is grooming but that other people do. That's not the same thing.

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She wouldn't be getting shit on if you cross-website posters would stop forcing there to be a thread 24/7, we'd just act like she doesn't exist

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This is why the only bearable English vtubers are from hololive. They know their streams exist for a wholesome experience and If anyone holds controversial opinions they are simply not gonna voice it publicly

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>we'd just act like she doesn't exist
You could do that anyway.

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Seriously? She interpreted Wataten as grooming but not Nekopara? A guy raised two catgirls from when they were "kittens" to be dependent on and subservient to him, with the help of his sister, and he ends up fucking them.
She's either too stupid or too full of shit to offer opinions.

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No because redditors won't stop cluttering the catalog with people that don't belong here

>> No.1632040

You're blaming other people for your autism.

>> No.1632068

it's a containment thread for you retards

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I'm not her, but I think there's a difference between the two shows. In Wataten an older adult person constantly bribes a young girl so she can dress her up in cute outfits and take pictures. It's pretty fucking creepy. I haven't played Nekopara but from the VA streams I never got the vibe it was the same thing. Then again, they're supposed to be cat pets that are also cat girls. The plot is fucking dumb to begin with and is just for cat girl sex scenes. I dunno, I can see the difference, and I can also see why some people think it is grooming. What's fucking retarded is the hypocrite schizos claiming it is grooming only to bolster their argument against her. You either think it is grooming or you don't. Nyanners doesn't think it's grooming but her haters do? The fuck is wrong with these people?

>> No.1632275

>I'm not her
It's ok Nyanners, we know it's you

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I once had the sweetest dream:
Somehow I found out where Nyanners lives and broke in. At first she yelled at me to gtfo of her home but after a couple of punches to her stomach and goblin face she got scared. Bitch was crying and kept begging me to not hurt her. She was whimpering "please, please, please" over and over.
I told her she would never see me again if she stopped Vtubing. If not, I would come back for her and everybody she cared about. I swore to feed her pets to her before I kill her. She promised me to stop Vtubing.
Before I left, I took a piss on her and told her to be reminded of this whenver she goes "pee pee poo poo" in the future.
Then I woke up, still smiling.

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It's really not. The women that do that IRL are the ugliest, schizo hags

>> No.1632427

stop insulting my wife

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Genuinely don't fucking get it.
Okay, cute girls talking about sex, fine.
LE PISS shit Nyanners does is...disgusting. Revolting.

>> No.1632769

You say talk about her in any threads about groups she's a part of? Understood.

>> No.1633401

le piss poop has been her only joke for over a decade. it's all the material she has.

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Based anon. Now do it for real.

>> No.1633643

>actual collab with rambalac
She keeps winning.

>> No.1633653

I've been here since '05 and I don't give a fuck about what Nyanners did, being a schizo doesn't make you an oldfag

>> No.1633726

Unironically to pander to the new face of 4chan kind of viewer.

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Pink cat stronk

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On and off guy, from '08. I generally don't care, but I do have a distaste for creators that shit on their own fans for works that the creator themselves made. If she had come out and said, "Hey, I think the joke has gone too far...", etc... Then that might be okay. Instead, she's talking shit about the people who like her content and doubles down on some kind of moralism. I'll come out and say it, I like loli art, but I am not a pedophile. I also like guro art (far, far more than loli), and I wouldn't consider that to be psychotic. I don't masturbate to it. I just like the aesthetic. According to Nyanners, this makes me a bad person, though she keeps creating content that appeals to the very people she hates. Nyanners is the Bruce Willis of Vtubing.

>> No.1633835

So it seems she's not talking to rambalac directly but he might be watching the stream and reacting to what she's saying. That's pretty fucking cool! Maybe she can have him do a few more things that he normally doesn't, like show off a few more of the interesting shops and stalls.

>> No.1633908

I think her issue with loli is sexualization, not that loli art exists. Also if you like guro you should try to find some of Ironmouse's personal art. She's... got a dark side to her. It's quite amazing.

>> No.1633960

It doesn't matter that she's sticking to her principles now. The lolicons and oldfag wannabes have already had their minds made up for them.

>> No.1634009

Oh, I love Ironmouse. She makes me want a Puerto Rican gf that will stab me in my sleep.

>> No.1634010

This stream is really fucking cool tho. A live walk-around Japan. Anything could happen. Maybe someone will try to find rambalac and say hi.

>> No.1634041

Her having an issue with loli sexualization means that she fundamentally doesn't understand what fiction is for. That is a clear red flag for anyone.

>> No.1634125

if nyanners doesn't want any of her fans to be lolicons, why does her avatar look like a little girl and why does she talk like she's seven years old

>> No.1634217

>I think her issue with loli is sexualization
It's more to do with hard lolicon and completely unambiguous depictions of little girls getting groomed, abducted and raped by adult men.

>> No.1634226

She's Vtubing Bruce Willis. She'll keep doing Die Hard (lolicon shit), but hates people that yell out "Die Hard" or "Yippe ki Yay".

>> No.1634261

The fuck kind of little girls have you been encountering?

>> No.1634387

Not arguing against that. Just saying that loli sexualization is where she draws a line. She doesn't seem to have a major issue with lolis themselves.

Or this.

Don't respond to the hypocrite bait.

>> No.1634408

Bullshit. I've seen some of the teachers that groomed high school boys and they actually looked pretty decent.

>> No.1634409

But can't you say that about any other type of media with extreme content? I mean, I've read stories about children getting raped and murdered and it isn't presented as pornography, but a crime drama. Why is one acceptable and the other one isn't based not off content, but from presentation? In fact, there are ero-mangaka that present this as a negative. Quzilax comes to mind. I don't think anyone actually faps to Geiger Counter or Loli Tomodachi.

>> No.1634489

And I'm sure there are handsome dudes that groomed little girls. It's still wrong when it happens IRL.

>> No.1634526

There are quite a few people who don't like those crime drama depictions either. For a lot of them, the idea of any harm coming to children, fact or fiction, is too much to deal with. Probably because they've ever had their own children or children of friends / family go through those horrible times. Parenthood changes your mindset severely about a lot of shit.

>> No.1634587

I understand that, but if you can't stomach certain content, you don't turn around and try to get other people to stop viewing that content. I don't like NTR shit, but I wouldn't shit on my fans if I made that kind of content for them to enjoy.

>> No.1634618

For the record, I'm not full on Nyanners hate, but I think she could have handled things better in the past. Rule number #1 should be to never attack your own audience.

>> No.1634687

Are you sure she cancelled? That goober anituber 'Lost Pause' posted a Nekopara video with her in it yesterday.

>> No.1634756

Let's be completely fair about everything: Nyanners disavowed her own loli content, that's a far cry from wanting all loli sexual content gone from the world. She distanced herself from it, that's all. I agree she should have handled it better and like >>1634618 said.

>> No.1634780

They already did a few streams, the content is out there (even VShojo posts clips of it). They're just not going to continue with Nekopara content and are instead going to a new game. Stop paying attention to shitters.

>> No.1634835

could your clout-chasing garbage general go back to >>>/trash/ already? Thanks in advanced

>> No.1634954

Funny how this whore basically ditched anon for being le ebil trolles on the internet only to come back to shill herself again here when it's beneficial. I don't really have any ill feelings towards her. I just don't like snakes in general.

>> No.1634957

No, she didn't just disavow it, she went all in with the tumblr crowd she wanted to fit in with and called her original audience every shitty thing she could think of. Just because she uses an anime avatar and makes r/4chan jokes now doesn't mean she doesn't despise us, she just couldn't make it big catering to sjws like she thought she could so she came crawling back.

>> No.1634970

>never attack your own audience.
And if it's a completely undesirable demographic that you naively fostered within your audience? It's not like she could've let them down gently and then expected them to take the hint.

>> No.1635052

The problem is that she didn't do that. She shat on everyone who liked that content, and not just anons that were actual fucking potential child rapists. I know that wasn't her real intention, but that's the way it came off at the time.

>> No.1635182

Rent free.

>> No.1635263

PedOPhiLa GoOD

>> No.1635282

Because 4channers couldn't possibly be making fandom threads for Nyanners on their own, right?

Not him but she could have done it better, that's not really up for debate. I know she had her own personal emotional anger at 4chan for certain things, but you can just walk away without even talking about your old audience. There's no doubt she could have handled it better. However, people still pissed at it need to move on. We get it, we just don't care.

>> No.1635341

Grow up and stop being a little bitch

>> No.1635354

Based schizo

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would you say that to her face?

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isn't it gonna be REAL hypocritical of the mods to ban me for irlposting when they know 100% for sure what nyanners looks like, as opposed to me posting some random whore reaction image? Like what's the fucking point even?

>> No.1635800

>4channers couldn't possibly be making fandom threads for Nyanners on their own, right
Nope. Tourists at best.

>> No.1635824

>appealing to fags and trannies
don't put shit where you eat

>> No.1635825

"anime cat says anime is for pedos"
why Nyaggers are like this?

>> No.1635838

There's a reason why people dont like traitors. I hope she should just stop bothering about posting here because she knows basically everyone aside from newfags has a sour opinion towards her. I dont even think she has an actual audience here aside from the retards on /co/mblr

>> No.1635875

I hope you both get banned.

/vt/ was going to bring in people who are only enthused about vtubers, which Nyanners currently is. Either way, it doesn't mean she's doing it.

You're not going to hear any argument from me. Caving to them is even worse, because as we all know the woke crowd doesn't just do one thing and forget, they hound you forever.

>> No.1635885

No one is retarded enough to shill retarded SJW ideologies apart from nyannercucks. Every single thread there is always at least one obvious discordnigger tourist defending nyanners and/or SJW shilling. If you noticed, almost every single one of them couldn't separate reality from fiction.

>> No.1635889

not even, you could have realized her nature after the fact.

>> No.1635924

this stream is great

>> No.1635932

I'll defend her only from what I find to be a stupid argument or unfair, but I would do that for anybody because I autistically hate terrible arguments / logic. The rest is all fair game.

>> No.1635937

She made her decision, she's in the woke club. If she's smart enough to avoid posting here her fans should follow in her footsteps, especially the off-boarders.

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>> No.1635990

Or you could just ignore / filter Nyanners threads and go on with your life while we enjoy her content, like any other vtuber on this board.

>> No.1636007


>> No.1636028

If you're defending nyanners' inability to separate reality from fiction, then you're the illogical retard here. Not to mention she's a massive hypocrite who appeals to SJWs to pretend she cares about her younger viewers when in reality she doesn't, because if she really did she would never be making those poo poo pee pee nsfw jokes in the first place.

>> No.1636038

There are plenty of content threads I do ignore. I am not going to ignore SJW apologism.

>> No.1636373

Field trip over! Thank you rambalac!

>> No.1636391

Hell yeah, Pedos BTFO

>> No.1636420

This was a good collab. I love how that one shizo anti from australia keeps jinxing himself. She announced her square enix FF14 sponsorship when he went on a massive rant about how unimportant and irrelevant she is and then she got this rambalac live collab after he kept accusing her of lazily reusing rambalac's youtube content.
I wonder what he will give us next.

>> No.1636484

Her issue is that she's mentally ill. If she has ADHD and she's unable to properly recognize faces, then one can easily suppose that she would have trouble separating reality from fiction as well. Trying to understand people like that is like trying to understand depressed people or schizophrenics, it's a futile effort if you don't exactly see the reasoning that makes one suicidal (they just somehow feel like it), likewise with the people who are unable to differ 2D from 3D.

The best thing you could do is to gatekeep them away from your community before they cause any more damage.

Almost every person I've seen who is unable to differ reality from fiction is mentally ill in some way. Respecting fiction is like the most accurate litmus test whether or not I'd trust/support someone.

>> No.1636685

The fuck are you talking about, lol
Shit deflection retard

the antis here dont care whatever the fuck that rambalac nigger is about
it's more about nyanner hypocrisy and her being an insufferable sjw

>> No.1636753

There's one shizo from australia who keeps coming to her threads to shitpost and he got BTFO by his own posts and laughed out of the thread twice now.

>> No.1636777

Dumb unfunny clout chasing hypocrite

>> No.1636785

When are mods going to do something about this samefagging bogan nigger shitting up the board and false flagging to start raids?

>> No.1636819

do you have any proof hes actually from the kangaroo island? or are you falseflagging to make up false narratives?

>> No.1636889

It's just speculation based on the times he posted.

>> No.1636961

he has essentially admitted it in past threads

>> No.1637136

To be fair to the schizo, he's never admitted it, but the times he posts are either mid-day European time zones or late night Australian time zones, and then he fucks off for the rest of the day after about 11m PST. It's amazing. I can set my watch to the schizo.

>> No.1637281

Good. Fucking whore turned her back on us when we loved her before anyone else. Since she's chosen to live by twitter then hopefully justice will be delivered and she will die by twitter.

>> No.1637350

I hope rambalac will walk up to a giant sign saying that nyanners is a giant content thieving slut. I like nyanners but I want to see her suffer.

>> No.1637395

the stream already happened and it was a great time for everyone involved

>> No.1637431

>she's unable to properly recognize faces
That's an interesting point, someone who can't register the subtle differences in people's faces might see anime characters as more "real" since their faces aren't so clearly fake compared to a a real one. I wonder if there's been any studies into how people with this condition view fictional characters

>> No.1637669
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>nyanners is a giant content thieving slut.
This is why you fucks keep getting blown the fuck out.


Then Rambalac contacts Nyanners, does a live stream collab, clearly not at all bothered by her "stealing" his content and instead giving her more because he appreciates the attention she's brought to his channel.

Seriously, keep making shit up and being schizos about it. It seems to help Nyanners out a lot.

>> No.1637740

What a hypocrite cat.

>> No.1638229

What a lovely cat.

>> No.1638382

Good. Fucking SJW reaping what she sowed.

>> No.1638913
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More like hypercute cat

>> No.1639159


>> No.1639189

Nyanners had grown uncomfortable with some of the content that Nekopara had as central themes, mostly related to the "ownership" nature of the catgirls in the show. She was also getting a lot of shit for participating in the game over Twitter, Reddit, and here (guess by who), so she asked the group if they could switch games and they are switching games. None of them have any issue with this and as a result no longer will they be streaming and voice acting Nekopara as a team but will switch to another game starting on Thursday. The collab streams are continuing, the voice acting is continuing, they're just going to do a different game.

The long and the short of it is that Nyanners should have done her research on Nekopara before agreeing to take part in it. Noble should have done his research on what would make Nyanners uncomfortable before inviting her (remember, he also decided to do Doki Doki Literature Club with Mel, Mouse, Silver, and Bunny and decided, along with Silver and Mouse who had played the game already, not to tell Bunny or Melody about the nature of that game and it ended up disturbing Melody very badly). So there's some blame to go around here, but Nyanners is owning her own mistakes on this and has explained her stance on her Discord as to why she was uncomfortable with the content of the game and why she was having an issue streaming it to thousands of viewers. Yes, she shouldn't have done it in the first place. Yes, she could have stuck through it and just never done that again. However, what is done is done.

The shitters constantly point out Nyanners' history in which she states numerous times that she takes her role as a content creator seriously. She knows she has people watching what she feels she owes a certain responsibility to, especially younger viewers, and she's once again making a decision partially based on that notion. Shitters also called her hypocritical for doing this in the first place, and now she's not doing it anymore, so they'll be happy now. I'm sure.

>> No.1639269

There is a reason people call her a hypocrite

>> No.1639278

>she feels she owes a certain responsibility to, especially younger viewers
shitty copypasta, See >>1636028

>> No.1639375

Nigger are you fucking high? What younger viewers? Her content has never gone below pg13 I'd you're being extremely generous and mostly stands on the r18 level what with all the sex and booze talk. If she thinks young children are watching her streams she should be getting them to fuck off, not pandering to them. This sounds like a fucking cop out.

>> No.1639545


>> No.1639800

watched them once but knew them before they did this don't care for lolitards but she is a retarded hypocritical bitch doing mental gymnastics with a discord full of cucks to defend it

>> No.1639845

You're responding to copypasta, dumbshit. Unless you're samefagging.

>> No.1640057

If its copy pasta it's copy pasta written by a genuine nyanners white knight, so yeah it's absolutely worth responding to

>> No.1640132

>ever responding to copypasta

Fucking newfags.

>> No.1640190

>Unless you're samefagging
He is

>> No.1640207

Ok pedo

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sometimes i take big poops, and other times they're more of a pastey consistency

>> No.1640245
File: 1.53 MB, 1280x720, 01 - A Funny, Squirmy Feeling.mkv_snapshot_13.45_[2019.12.05_06.16.01].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine siding with fucking mother's basement because you want to defend your roastie cat vtuber.

>> No.1640321

>nyanners cuck with no arguments and resorting to adhominems
You belong in the /trash/, go back

>> No.1640371

Kill yourself Nyanners.

>> No.1640398

ok pedo

>> No.1640411

Kill yourself nyanners

>> No.1640452

Ok pedo

>> No.1640466

t. Tumblr tourist

>> No.1640506

She's now even more worse of a hypocrite considering the fact that she had no issues playing the game but then now suddenly she does?? Is she a massive fucking retard? It doesn't make sense and it looks like she's constantly trying to lick the soles of some sjw

>> No.1640545

not an ad hominem, look up words before you use them

>> No.1640546

>Lose argument
>Nyanners white knight now spamming the same adhominem like a broken record
This is just pathetic kek
Nyanners and her ilk are truly braindead

>> No.1640564

Not gunna (you) the shitters because i generally enjoy nyanners but holy fuck that was grade A cringe she spewed. If you don't want to do it then don't do it, but don't expect for a second for someone to believe that you didn't think the catgirl H game wasn't going to be an incest laden weebfest and that you didn't google it first. That's literally the only reason it was picked.
Don't fake your powerlevel while dropping Boxxy-isms

>> No.1640611

Using "get a gf" as an insult kek

>> No.1640645

Dont care about her or the people posting here just going to say that loli is based

>> No.1640745
File: 1.16 MB, 1200x1680, 1598016219209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok pedo

>> No.1640763

They can't even say Nigger or Faggot. It's obvious they're discord/reddit tourists.

>> No.1640855

Shion is extremely hot

>> No.1640875


>> No.1640897

she's the coco of vshojo and based for sticking it to pedopigs

>> No.1640907

>Loli Vtuber
How does she get away with it

>> No.1640947
File: 371 KB, 1304x1841, 1598912424504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck the mesugaki

>> No.1640983

Her audience is unironically underage and doesn't really understand what's going on.

>> No.1640987

>Tries to distance herself from pedo shit
>Then goes on to create a loli catgirl avatar

>> No.1641011
File: 89 KB, 356x356, 1615805874488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1641032

ok pedo

>> No.1641036

Lol none of VShojo was funny in the first place, now I can laugh even more at them.

>> No.1641073


>> No.1641096

calling her the coco of vshojo would be an absolute insult to coco
coco is the reason why hololiveEN isn't full of sjw grifters

you have to go back, newfag

>> No.1641150


>> No.1641190
File: 1.51 MB, 2836x2478, 010ac9d71079ed8398f98e669140a98a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyanners should rebrand as mesugaki

>> No.1641202

The absolute state of nyannerfags

>> No.1641216

some men must dirty their hands so that we may live in peaceful times

>> No.1641242

What narrative is this?

>> No.1641261


>> No.1641368
File: 144 KB, 556x1037, Nyanners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based. Never let them forget.

>> No.1641408
File: 529 KB, 1367x856, 1602579482816.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolutely based

>> No.1641480

The reddit one

>> No.1641511
File: 132 KB, 640x828, 1607730359351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even though I occasionally watch Nyanners I'd be sad if I didnt see this in every thread

>> No.1641529

It's not a narrative if it's true

>> No.1641565

Go back to your discord nyancuck

>> No.1641653

>Being mad about Nyanners means you've been here since 2010
Either that or they're a newfag who found out Nyanners apparently betrayed 4chan and they're trying to fit in.

>> No.1641660

And let you spread your sjw cancer on 4chan? No way fag

>> No.1641687

Is this the "everyone who hates nyanners is one person" shit again?

>> No.1641709

Ask me how I know you're new

>> No.1641750
File: 100 KB, 599x502, 1611551883748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1641785

vtubers are only liked on two boards so what are you talking about

>> No.1641850

Or you could also find a hugbox somewhere else to discuss your pink cat in, but you just have to keep trying to make your pink cat accepted in lolicon land, aren't you? Well that's not happening as long as draw breath

>> No.1641904

And if an sjw like nyanners is accepted on one its one too many

>> No.1642341

You're all just jealous you didn't get to talk to Rambalac.

>> No.1642389

Who the fuck is ramblanc?

>> No.1642477

Imagine feeling "backstabbed" by some girl on the internet who you have no personal connection to

>> No.1642484

>watching degenerate vtuber
god, you all are pathetic loser, go watch ethot, at least you can see a real pussy

>> No.1642527
File: 683 KB, 728x2340, 1615519414140.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread in a nutshell

>> No.1642641

Lurk more faggot

>> No.1642734

I've been here since before that happened
Do you need some girl you've never met to approve your taste in porn? What's wrong with you?

>> No.1642771

No you haven't and your vernacular gives you away, now lurk more or piss off

>> No.1642808

Criminally based.

>> No.1642819

since 2006
>your vernacular
are you trying to sound intimidating? it's not working, I'm not ESL

>> No.1642967

Yeah and I've been here since 2004, while I'm at it in also the pope and the prime minister of France. Take a hike faggot

>> No.1642975
File: 677 KB, 3872x2708, 87636698_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is now a thread for Shion's rincredibly sexy body

>> No.1643040
File: 920 KB, 850x1202, 1598910561215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My nigger

>> No.1643070

There's really nothing unusual about being here a long time
What's more unusual is you thinking that if you were here you would have felt backstabbed by some internet clout chaser deciding she didn't like loli anymore
sounds like you need therapy

>> No.1643236

>Internet clout chaser deciding she didn't like loli
>implying this is what happened
Your new is showing again.

>> No.1643436

What backstabbed? Nyanners or not, Sjw shit must be purged. She can still backpedal from all the mistakes she made and make amends but she actively chooses to be a dumb Sjw whore.

>> No.1643660

You have to be such a fucking loser holy shit. Blatant false flagging just so you can shit up the board... cringe as fuck

>> No.1643674

t. Seething nyancuck

>> No.1643705

Not all heroes wear capes

>> No.1643720

t. actual schizo loser responsible for 90% of the activity in these threads

>> No.1643748

Wow this is fucking sad, what a butthurt faggot

>> No.1643799

lmao literally busted false flagging just so he has an excuse to talk to himself. Such delicious cringe

>> No.1643986

I'd I can be 1/10th the man he is I would've lived a blessed life

>> No.1644022


>> No.1644055
File: 540 KB, 1000x360, 1613627279863.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based grudgefag

>> No.1644062

Don't worry you sound like a stupid nigger so you're on your way

>> No.1644102

didn't know it was possible to be this shameless

>> No.1644139

Wow this is embarassing

>> No.1644152

Holy based

>> No.1644186

Truly a man amongst men

>> No.1644204

Fucking outed, false flagging cunt

>> No.1644220

Nyancucks eternally seething

>> No.1644235


>> No.1644265


>> No.1644277


>> No.1644295

I kneel

>> No.1644303

Fucking retard

>> No.1644327

This triggers the nyancucks

>> No.1644334

/vt/ schizos aren't even smart enough to change their file names, maybe our schizos aren't that powerful after all

>> No.1644360


>> No.1644374

This is just dad

>> No.1644393

Based as fuck

>> No.1644399

Knew he was a false flagger but this shit is embarassing

>> No.1644420

I fucking love you grudgefag

>> No.1644431

Cringe kino, why are /vt/ schizos so entry level?

>> No.1644447


So are you two fuckers just going to samefag until that post has more replies than there are ips in this thread?

>> No.1644450

What a faggot

>> No.1644472

Absolutely fucking based

>> No.1644490

What kind of retarded faggot does this shit?

>> No.1644523

Heroes aren't born, they are made

>> No.1644553

So this is the power of 4channel jannies

>> No.1644559

This is what I call dedication

>> No.1644571
File: 272 KB, 1232x1217, 1586096283578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's been at 84 IPs for a while now kek

>> No.1644590

So this is the power of the truly motivated

>> No.1644612

These are the authentic opinions of many people. Many people are saying these things

>> No.1644626


>> No.1644649


>> No.1644664

>rent free
Fuming Rev-says-desu viewer.

>> No.1644677

What manner of power is this

>> No.1644700

Only a tranny or a chink would spend this much time being this much of a faggot

>> No.1644759

This isn't even that impressive by schizo levels

>> No.1644780

Hello? Based department?

>> No.1644794

I bet my left nut these are just samefags trying to reach the bump limit or make a screencap

>> No.1644795

Cringe and bluepilled

>> No.1644826

Only a man of true dedication is capable of such endeavour

>> No.1644836

Faggots get the rope

>> No.1644857

Based and redpilled

>> No.1644893

Based nyanners patroller

>> No.1644904

Congrats on cracking the most obvious samefag case in the history of samefags. The guy literally made this thread just to parade around acting butthurt

>> No.1644950

Autism like this needs to be rooted out and flamed

>> No.1644957

I... I kneel...

>> No.1644992

It may be autism, but he's putting it to a good cause

>> No.1644993


>> No.1645018


>> No.1645027

Imagine having all that time and wasting it on this, what a worthless faggot

>> No.1645055

I approve

>> No.1645072

/vt/ is a hellhole

>> No.1645091

/vt/ is a wonderful place

>> No.1645125

Schizos are so fucking annoying

>> No.1645129


>> No.1645157

He just wants to be a victim

>> No.1645186

Unbelievably based

>> No.1645208

Good thing you can samefag with impunity on /vt/, most other boards wouldn't roll over to schizo faggots

>> No.1645232


>> No.1645252


>> No.1645281

Too cringe for me

>> No.1645286
File: 319 KB, 624x633, 1585144620958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still at 84 IPs

>> No.1645306

Is anyone keeping count? I think there's about sixty replies of which 40 of them are done by two people but I can't be arsed the check

>> No.1645310

Super cringe, guh

>> No.1645329

If there's one thing this proves it's that nyannerfags are just as if not more autistic than nyanners antis

>> No.1645331

Idk what this is, but it's definitely not based

>> No.1645355

What a loser lmao

>> No.1645374
File: 230 KB, 1185x1303, 1600501594654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great thread guys

>> No.1645386

Oof definitely cringe

>> No.1645423


>> No.1645456

Cringe faggot

>> No.1645486

I'd kill myself if this was me

>> No.1645512

Cringe autist

>> No.1645584
File: 70 KB, 2675x448, 1605363580310.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1646840

>Stopping just before bump limit
Might as well have gone all the way, at least commit to your autism.

>> No.1650132

Always nyanners

>> No.1650510

Nyanners a shit

>> No.1650890


>> No.1651627

Nyanners is definitely the kind of girl to shout poggers during sex.

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