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why are femcels like this?

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she aint coming back sint she

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Quick rundown for those of us that aren't nijifags?

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>a thread about nothing
What the hell am I even looking at?

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blue oni did ASMR
vampire CHAD was playing game at same time
vampire CHAD yells very loud
blue oni ASMR catches his screams
everyone jealous that they aren't getting groomed by oni hags

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damn tokyo ghoul is so lucky shes fucking the lolibaba......... its not fair bros.....

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Less than that random niji got for her collab with kaoru, fujofag should try harder

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Brb i'm going to downvote all her videos

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based puritychad

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top kek if true.

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wtf i thought nijifags were ok with their talents having relationships

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Nijisanjis own fans ending careers and forcing graduations like no ones business. Expect her to go on an indefinite hiatus Roa style. Which is a shame, blue Ayame is very attractive.
Amazing how you walk on eggshells in this business

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they sure are mad. would /vt/ be mad over something like this? >>1612789

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Its a thing that Kaede and Kuzuha are supposedly housemates. You add that theres a female in that house that lives there (supposedly), shes also a niji, and you have the two biggest fujo fanbase in all of 2434. Its like pissing on a bee hive full of mentally ill bees

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there is an anti holostar chink that spammed roberus chat just because holostars were being posted on the thread during his 3d debut.
granted it was /jp/ but there is no grant he wont jump here

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Nah, not in the way Japanese fans do. They will make twenty threads out of it for a week though.

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ah, it makes sense now
well, rip

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Woops not kaede, i meant Kanae

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Was it that faggot spamming Watame or someshit? It was annoying but Son basically ignored him. Didn’t even spare the courtesy to bonk him cause he did not give two shit and just kept talking.

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so whats her next move? ignore it and pretend nothing happened? ]

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oh yeah roberu was based, but i could still see him get annoyed by it.
he made the word [email protected]@[email protected] banned i belive

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Kuzuha already said some shit to get the heat off his back, but it isn't saving her whatsoever. She's officially being slutshamed to hell because shes fucking a fellow niji and this lady shares a company with Gundou of all people

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Man I'm so tired of being jealous. Fuck you Tokyo Ghoul.

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Hopefully, a 3D sex video that would make the fujos seethe even more

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That like/dislike ratio..
I never really know about Fujo fans..
What kind of mental illness they have??

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>make a thread about a niji drama
>always more active than any actual niji thread on this board

Why are hololive fans so obsessed with the drama of people they don't even watch or know about?

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imagine being 18 and a sexy hag starts training you in exclusively pleasuring every part of her body haha sounds terrible right

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Theyre purityfas but 100 times worse because theyre women whove diluded themselves into thinking two completely normal men have gay sex with one another

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Hololive fans seem to care more about niji drama than niji fans themselves here.

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true i dont watch any niji

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Not too far from /u/ fans to be honest, but then again I only know gayshippers from western fandoms.

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It's fun!
Next question

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Says a lot more about nijifans not being concerned about their talents leaving the company or just outright going into hiding because the public internet eats them alive

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the thread is literally HAHAHAHAH with a vtuber thumbnail of course im gonna come for the rrats

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It's either this or 10 more Kiara threads. Pick your poison

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It has nothing to do with Hololive fans. Drama threads of any kind will always see more activity than anything else on any board.

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The board might as well have been called hololive rather than virtual youtubers looking at the activity.

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Funny you should ask that when it's the nijisanji fans who can't shut up about hololive. I haven't seen a single nijisanji thread without people going apeshit over hololive. Your post a good example of that.

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>two chuubas live together

>both men

>both women

>man and woman
>woman must be forced to retire

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Based on the username, I'm pretty sure that chink is a 4chan main

>> No.1613258

That's because seething virgins can't imagine man and woman living together without having SEX, just like in their manga

>> No.1613262

I feel bad for everyone involved, except the fujos, they need more doses of reality like this one.

>> No.1613272

This. Look how lively Monoe graduation thread was when barely anyone cares about her before.

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>man and woman living together without having SEX
How is that possible?

>> No.1613298

people always claim stuff like that to act high and mighty. but words are cheap and meaningless, you'll see the truth once they are faced with that situation for real.

>> No.1613299

Men are always in the right, I don't see the problem her.

>> No.1613301

probably just ignore it, I think she has some concerts coming up so going to be busy with those anyway, maybe turn likes/dislikes off if she wants

>> No.1613316

Theres married Nijis and nijis with boyfriends/girlfriends
Its the thought that theyre fucking each other that gets the mental illness going, because then you can actually attack the relationship partner.

>> No.1613325

It's like proof of how hets are omegafragile far moreso than gays.

Also imagine just trying to keep things secret forever.

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Why the fuck would they get rid of their highest earning and most popular? Tokyo Ghoul outpace whoever the fuck she is by at least a mile.

>> No.1613333

this but unironically

>> No.1613353

Anon I said the guy shouldn't be retired

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>Vampire is fucking oni hag
I'm not even jealous, way to go Vampire chad, you just keep winning.

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>Kuzuha and Kanae are "Brothers of the hole"
>Mikoto single-handedly cucked hundreds of thousands if not a million fujos

Jesus fucking Christ.

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No fucking way. What the fuck?

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What the flying fuck

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sasuga kek.

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getting a million fujos to seethe while getting spitroasted by two virile young men at the same time
must feel great

>> No.1613449

>comments disabled
Jesus Christ have mercy on this bugmen and my sides

>> No.1613456

we holofans love our rrats anons. We come here for drama.

>> No.1613485

those are actually bugged
but i read some on comments on twitter that were
"imagine all the time i have been giving money to kuzahu just to know at the end im paying for the expenses of her living with him"
Pretty much like that pic that do the rounds here about vtubers and shit.

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Fujos were a mistake.

>> No.1613496

she cant disable them forever lol

>> No.1613516 [DELETED] 

>"imagine all the time i have been giving money to kuzahu just to know at the end im paying for the expenses of her living with him"
hahaha golden holy shit. its not THAT big of a deal its just really funny lmao

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>"imagine all the time i have been giving money to kuzahu just to know at the end im paying for the expenses of her living with him"
My sides holy shit

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Heh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzET_jVxrmU

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>Why are hololive fans so obsessed with the drama of people they don't even watch or know about?
>they don't even watch or know about?
Nice assumption there, chief.

>> No.1613615

Fujos were paying for Kuzuha's condoms all along

>> No.1613635

cute of you to think they're not doing it raw

>> No.1613643

Drama thread always gets more activity because that's what literally half this board cares for. Personally I blame the Chinese for kickstarting the taiwan drama just as HoloEN debuted and letting all the newfags get used to constant drama so when there isn't one they start hunting for more.

>> No.1613659

My brother and I

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Well damn

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Why are you making fun of them when that's the exact same shit the goslings say?

>> No.1613672

there probably aren't even 5 actual fans of either of these guys on this website, actual fans that know their history and watch all their content, see them in everything they do either on youtube or elsewhere

>> No.1613676

>Use fujos to fund your pure unfiltered sex paradise with baba oni and best bro.

Sasuga Kuzuha, he cracked the code.

>> No.1613680

The absolute state of niji kek. LMAO.

>> No.1613698

Em... based?

>> No.1613703

>"imagine all the time i have been giving money to kuzahu just to know at the end im paying for the expenses of her living with him"
There's honestly nothing wrong with that, unless you unironically believe you had a sliver of a chance with him, in which case good fucking luck with that.

>> No.1613725

Remember that nijisanji lady who tweeted about her two children?
I miss her.

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>> No.1613747

>unless you unironically believe you had a sliver of a chance with him
that exactly the point and reason people give them money many times, not to say exlcuively but fuijos are schizos in their own right.
vampire and kaeda should just say that she lives there and be done with it.
But probably dont want to destroy the fujo income so quickly.

>> No.1613759

The last thread was fun as hell.
Might as well have fun here too.

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>> No.1613764

Uhm nijibros? I though we were the best company in the industry

>> No.1613771

I though gosling posters are all about unrequited love?

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Female coomers are truly fucked up.

>> No.1613810

No, really. Who?

>> No.1613811

intra-Niji politics are funny to me

>> No.1613813

But Kuzuha has a 80% male viewer fanbase.
Statistically, men donate to Kuzuha more than the fujo minority (whom are a minority of a minority to begin with).

>> No.1613837

Depends on your fanbase. If you do GFE then of course they're gonna sperg out. If you don't it's fine. One chuba even shows her baby on video no one got mad because she doesn't bait her viewers.

>> No.1613860

I got mad, fuck that whore hako-chan. I burnt every piece of cardboard in my house that evening.

>> No.1613879

i doubt men are buying that merc.
but even if only half of that 20% are fujos thats still 10% of your income.

>> No.1613893

Just imagine how much of a dork hako chan will grow up to be.

>> No.1613898

>He fell for the "GFE Chuuba" trap
I only watch chuubas as an act, all the time. Makes it impossible to get hooked into a fake para-relationship with them.

>> No.1613900

Bro they're sitting on the side worried about their own internal affairs or success doing absolutely fucking nothing while Ichikara tears itself apart from within

>> No.1613910

lmao get cucked

>> No.1613934

Kinda based desu

>> No.1613940

nice deflection and forever cope nijigger

>> No.1613946

so were nijikeks the true schizos? I still remember the one case where a girl graduated early just because she had the same accent as one member and they harassed her into leaving for it

>> No.1613951

At least they are doing better than hololive

>> No.1613953

That's what they were telling themselves.

>> No.1613966

Speaking of that incident. When is Roa coming back?

>> No.1613971

What was the controversy that got like 11k dislikes?

>> No.1613974

This but unironically
>It's sexist!
That's not why. Fuck faggots who hate women. Do you want to know why it's important?
Because there is a very cancerous little tick in the vtuber community about how even when dating is banned and wrong, it's loosely more "ok" to date other vtubers, because if you get caught, it's both of your careera dead.

If women get the idea that, no, when vtubers dating are found out, both suffer, but the woman is disproportionately affected and forced to quit while the man can keep going, it'll finally put that nascent trope to bed and women vtubers will stop trying to parse out who to fuck and instead just learn that they shouldn't be fucking.

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>> No.1613978

>At least they are doing better than hololive
>Already went half silent because several fans went Anti

Anon... I got news for you...

>> No.1614002

I'm talking about Nijisanji as a whole not just one person

>> No.1614021

Who in Nijisanji are confirmed hags?

>> No.1614029


>> No.1614030

IMO there is something wrong with paying for a rich self-sustaining dudes sex adventures
I'd be worried for the mental health of somebody who pays a rich person tons of money so that they can have fun despite never knowing they exist

>> No.1614037

Gundou is a christmas cake at least

>> No.1614041

Wait who's getting angry here, rindou cucks or trashhags?

>> No.1614067

just seems more like a bunch of drama hungry gawkers getting excited over something that will more than likely fizzle out into nothing if left alone

>> No.1614070

There's nothing wrong with that since said rich person's current status is made possible by said somebody (among many others) who pays rich person for reasons only they know.

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>> No.1614079

it was a miatake to turn it on from an environment like nijisanji, kanae learn it well

>> No.1614081

Unironically the rabid fujos.

>> No.1614092

I mean, are you saying you wouldn't post anything if there was a big drama thread about Hololive?

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Ghoulfujos. Blue oni is already a nijiwhore grouped with other whores. Purityfags have left already

>> No.1614123

Has she always followed 0 people on Twitter? I think she is going to graduate soon

>> No.1614130

these fujos are a zealot that throw big superchat regularly, it isnt like kuzuha would reprimand them either

>> No.1614143


>> No.1614150

Please tell me more about this milf chuba

>> No.1614165

>Purityfags have left already
They never existed in the first place.
Rindou's an incorrigible whore, and I love it.

>> No.1614170
File: 232 KB, 484x468, 1615105097899.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes unironically

>> No.1614175

i love this thread

>> No.1614193

Imagine if this was Hololive.
The male would be doxxed to hell and back, threatened, spammed, harrassed, you name it.

>> No.1614195

nah you're completely wrong, if this happen in hololive the man would be the wrong in here

it's not about who is man and women it's about who is have more biggest fanbase out of them

>> No.1614206


>> No.1614210

It's both Kuzuha's female fanatics and Rindou's gfe cucks

>> No.1614212

how ironic you bring her up in a nijinigger thread

>> No.1614214

Ange is a skank? Inclinations aside, you'd think her voice would be a major obstacle to getting together with CHAD. She seriously sounds like a dude. It's something you can overlook if the girl is an 8, 9, or 10, but I really, really doubt that's Ange.

>> No.1614219

I don't really get why people are still so interested in this. The nip vtuber drama sites haven't said anything about it in days because there is nothing new to add really.

>> No.1614227

>mentally ill bees

>> No.1614235


>> No.1614240

We're talking about what if chuubas were found living together, dumbass.

>> No.1614253

This is about as much a niji thread as when someone starts posting lulu in a hololive thread.

>> No.1614258

Anon, the voms thread always had monoefags and even more just quietly lurked and enjoyed their oshi. A drama that big was sure to explode and bring out lurkers who really wanted to have answers aside from the usual trolls.

>> No.1614262

It's drama and we haven't had a good one since haachama took a break and that was two weeks ago.

>> No.1614264

>Rindou's gfe cucks
They're barely a blip in the radar.
Most of the antis are either faggots who make fake accounts and dislike her for the lulz and unironic, assblasted fujoshitters.

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File: 882 KB, 700x700, 1614226961823.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>More dislikes than janitors and nga chinks at their peak
Nijisanji really is something

>> No.1614292

she wasn't living with anyone and still got doxxed to hell and back, threatened,spammed,harrased

>> No.1614317

No one cared who Monoe was until she got kicked out on her ass...

>> No.1614336

There was no male to push the blame to, so she had to tank all that shit herself.
Different circumstance.

>> No.1614341

Yeah, but the drama isn’t as fun when everyone here is like days late already. Kuzuha said he lives alone, and the number of dislikes on her Mario Kart video haven’t gone up since a few days ago.

This is more drama worthy, and it’s more likely due to a twitter bug than her unfollowing everyone.

>> No.1614346 [DELETED] 

shut up, she is a different case you fucking faggot

also she dont living with anyone but living with her abusive dad who fuck her regularly and this is not rrat

>> No.1614352
File: 179 KB, 1135x1605, 1605532624144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hot rrat: this was all planned to boost her numbers. She doesn't care about being seen as a whore and might even reel in some of Kuzuha's cuckqueans and other degenerates.

>> No.1614387

As far as I know, Ange is a certified virgin. How she ended up with the others is a mystery to me.

>> No.1614399

>and the number of dislikes on her Mario Kart video haven’t gone up since a few days ago.
actually wrong both te views, likes and dislikes have been growing steadily.
tis video originally had 100k views and 4k likes and 2k dislikes.
Gotta give credit to nijis, keeping a 40% dislike aint easy.

>> No.1614402

>more active than any actual niji thread on this board
In the time this thread has been up the actual Niji thread has had literally 0 posts and it has less IPs/overall posts than this thread despite having been up since Sunday.

>> No.1614433

Its better not to shit up generals with drama anyway. Just leave comfy threads alone and act like crazed dramawhores in another

>> No.1614441

any timestamp or clips?

>> No.1614444

theres literally male+female pairings forced by the company, its just that this time they fucked up by revealing that the gay fujo bait guy is actually straight and fucks whores instead of fucking boy ass

>> No.1614450

>since a few days ago
I remember checking the video the day Kuzuha did his members post and it was at 3.2k dislikes already.

Also christ it’s still the same idiot doing the 40% dislike shit. Why would anyone care if a single video gets removed from the algorithm? If they cared enough they could even private the video or disable likes/dislikes on it.

>> No.1614459

It's been a silent understanding already that the actual Nijithread is meant to remind anons on who's currently streaming (there are a LOT of Niji chuubas after all). While more specific topics are best discussed outside of it.

>> No.1614474

Of what?

>> No.1614481
File: 183 KB, 870x467, fake news.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the redditard right?

>> No.1614501


>> No.1614508

More or less, they tried to shit on Kuzuha at first but his fans were all still just giving him tons of support drowning them out. Much easier to target someone who doesn't have legions of people behind them.

>> No.1614527


>> No.1614531

>cuck asks for help
In all seriousness i could see an organized raid of upvotes and comments being helpful, not sure its possible though.
Nobody deserves to be slandered for fucking Tokyo Ghoul

>> No.1614533

just a cope, they are living together

>> No.1614549

Seems right. The only people that care about this drama are newfags and vtuber antis.

>> No.1614550

Reminds me of a similar situation before, only in that the chuuba vanished for one month due to 5ch autists making rrats out of thin air and repeating them ad infinitum as oif they're the truth.
Then, she returned and found solace with her international fanbase.

>> No.1614572

>making rrats out of thin air
Cope Utofaggot

>> No.1614610

tfw no oni wife to suck you dry while you play apex

>> No.1614641

Yeah, unless you give me some 100%, verifiable sources for all those bullshit claims, then you're free to keep doing your timeloop coping forever.

>> No.1614642

Yes, If you look at those antagonistic comment on Twitter or YT lot's are created by suspiciously fresh/no avatar account. Also there some retard posting "KATOU JUNICHII IS THE BEST" on Mikoto stream.

Pretty sure people are fine with that, because if they really raging then Kuzuha subs decline would be noticed but not inclining like what currently happen.

>> No.1614673

You do realize Aloe was sent death threats, harassed and doxxed by nijisanji fans on NND and Futaba for talking about Chitose and Nijisanji in this twitcast video (https://files.catbox.moe/nj05dn.mp4).The boyfriend rumors (which were fake) ,Live2D "leak" and breaking contract/untrustworthy were all excuses nijisanji fans used to push for her graduation. Those schizos drove her to attempt suicide because of the overwhelming amount of hate she was receiving. Many of them were later taken to court and fined for that shit.

>> No.1614694

The "people" who attacking her is tokyo ghoul fans, of course he didn't get attacked

>> No.1614710

But Aloe/Delta thread said it was all shitty dad fault.

No, Kuzuha was also attacked. Why did you think he made a statement to begin with.

>> No.1614716

he did though

>> No.1614717

>176k views in 1h
Actually not bad, I thought Mikoto wasnt that popular.

>> No.1614733

>>176k views in 1h

>> No.1614765

>prematurely revealed Gibara's graduation
>found out to have a cute, blue oni wife as his live-in partner
>both didn't do jack shit in hurting his popularity
Rindou sure raised one powerful husbando...

>> No.1614788


>> No.1614797

attacked by who? the only fans that like to attacking some vtubers is nijiniggers

>> No.1614806

>its not something that listeners should get involved

Fucking jap better not be telling me what to do.
I want to fuck Mikoto and thats 90% of the reason I ever watch a vtuber. Why else would I watch streamers, for their retarded lack of humor or gaming skills?
The fact that some faggots not just watch but also give their money to vtubers just to watch them flirting with other men just blows my mind.

>> No.1614817


>> No.1614827

>niji attracted rabit fujoshitters
>holo attracted rabit idolturds
You can't make this shit up.

>> No.1614830

After what happen with his roommates he's already tempered.

Katou Junnichi or simply people who don't like Vtuber at all.
What, you think everyone is fans of Vtuber or something?

>> No.1614858

chinkbros... I never knew we were nijiniggers all along...

>> No.1614859

Don't think anybody legitimate was really angry about the first one. It's kind of hard to get upset about it when its already been leaked from the members stream and trended on JP twitter for most of a day when a news site posted about the leak.

>> No.1614884

>Redditor is a cuck
Color me surprised

>> No.1614887

Me on my way to meet acting CEO of SEX

>> No.1614901

why are you here?

>> No.1614906

Zhangbros I can't believe we lost to Fujos...

>> No.1614907

>males aren't even gay
>females aren't even idols
You REALLY can't make this shit up.

>> No.1614908

This is hag on he way to her and Tokyo ghouls shared apartment

>> No.1614960

Not enough drama in Hololive, it's mostly just made up shit and insane schizo hallucinations. Nijisanji has the drama market cornered.

>> No.1614985

fairs, but why would the chinks attacking her, retard

>> No.1615017

Western Devil-sama... your context reps...

>> No.1615049

Are retard anon? Or did you simply evading the answer?

>> No.1615066

retardchama, your reading comprehension reps...

>> No.1615079
File: 120 KB, 275x264, 1608772730240.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>female Nijis already have it tough with viewership
>Mikoto goes and pulls this shit

I hope that 3 inches jap dick was worth losing your vtuber career, you dumb whore.

>> No.1615087

Your ESL hands had a stroke, try again retard

>> No.1615099

Tokyo ghoul has at the very least a 3.5 incher, be nice anon

>> No.1615108

>throws away career for 3 inches of jap dick
imagine what she'll throw away when she discovers her first bbc

>> No.1615129

i've never really gotten why when hololive members get some kind of drama its always framed as antis with some ulterior motive but for nijisanji its always all certainly their own fans, even though nijisanji members and the company as a whole have plenty of antis too

>> No.1615136

Why are all the demon vtubers such whores?

>> No.1615142

Wasn't she already known to be a massive whore? This will probably help her more than it will hinder her.

>> No.1615146

>the only fans that like to attacking some vtubers is nijiniggers
Gweilo... are you for real...?

>> No.1615170

>mostly made up shit and insane schizo hallucinations
I hope that’s what everyone in this thread tells themselves as they post.

>> No.1615184

she is a groomer bitch, the dude was literally groomed since school. honestly awful

>> No.1615196

nijiniggers and the chinks, yeah

>> No.1615200

Found the hallucinating schizo.

>> No.1615201

Said 3 inch jap dick is a more stable source of income than the chaotic nanbans of the west.
>losing her vtuber career
lol, she's as thick-skinned as someone can get. This is nothing.

>> No.1615234

Why pretend? You obviously know why. If it’s something I like people hate on it for no reason. If it’s something I don’t like, their fans have finally realized how shit it is.

Even Nijisanji fans are doing the same shit in this thread saying everyone disliking Mikoto is just another anti, or how Aloe haters were mainly made up of Hololive fans. No shit Hololive fans do the same thing, you just see more since they’re the majority.

>> No.1615237

Honestly based

>> No.1615278

It's easier to blame other people in Hololive, with them having a more sizeable foreign fanbase.
In Nijisanji, most (if not all) fans are Japanese, so it becomes more of a fanbase war than an Intl. war.

>> No.1615281

i mean whenever anythingniji related happens they always blame holofans

>> No.1615311

Just one look at your global thread, and I can understand why the entirety of /jp/ are laughing at you.

>> No.1615316

it's nearly 25th, IT'S NEARLY TWENTYFIFTH.

Clench your anuses, dramafags.
Either Haachama graduates or kiara does something in the collab to set off the 1st watamate reich on her chicken race.

It's something about the horns that makes them horny. In relation to horn size.

>> No.1615329

Wtf, I hate Tokyo Ghoul even more now!!!

>> No.1615339

When was the last time something Niji related happened that Hololive was blamed for? I can’t even remember anything between Meiro/Roa and this, and no one was blaming Holofans for Meiro.

>> No.1615340

Oof size: large

>> No.1615381

Doing God's work soldier.

>> No.1615395


>> No.1615401

Wish I could find me a woman like that

>> No.1615433

If anything its gaijin Nijisanji fans blaming gaijin Hololive fans, for different reason.

>> No.1615435

Why are Aquafags like this?

>> No.1615440

that isn't blaming the actual drama itself on hololive fans at all? just pointing out that for a board that is almost entirely hololive fans there sure is a lot of interest in drama for people they dont even care about

>> No.1615457

Are you implying this board is filled by Nijisanji fans?

>> No.1615463
File: 147 KB, 497x472, 1615589531992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're honestly cute together though.
I honestly don't see the problem. Especially when you watch them both.

>> No.1615471

He's blaming Holofans for being obsessed, not for starting the drama. You can take your bets on whether OP mainly watches Hololive or Nijisanji, or neither. Judging by the replies and the board we're on, that's a pretty easy bet.

>> No.1615523

Reminder that this is all reddit dragon's fault.

>> No.1615565

I'm pretty sure it's actually the evil, numberfagging orange woman who leeches on literally everything she associates with.

>> No.1615581

so Nenechi?

>> No.1615595

Nah, i blame consolewarring numberfagging SEA nigger anon.

>> No.1615609

Wow, women are whores, who would have guessed. Surely every other vtuber is different and not cramming dick the second the stream is off.
In other news, grass green, sky blue.

>> No.1615692
File: 77 KB, 500x571, 1612643649580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More like it's (You)r fault

>> No.1615695

Realistically how do you defend yourself from schitzo shit? Its literally not worth it because theyre not looking for a conversation and just quick kneejerk eop memes. Gwelu is literally married and several members already dated/sleep around. Why would nijifans give a shit

>> No.1615818

If you're a small channel, ignore. Antis thrive when they're given attention.
If you're a sizeable channel, just make a statement and let the rrats die out while the fanbase does all the work for you.
Reminder that Japan also has a rather toxic Anti-Vtuber culture, so it really depends on what kind of rrat they latch on.

>> No.1615849

Got called a chink. Orange women bad

>> No.1615898

She shut off comments, the real sign of "think skinned"

>> No.1615954

Blue Oni is sensitive whore, nothing new

>> No.1615965

The comments are glitched.
Scroll up.

>> No.1616054

He's up!

>> No.1616101


>> No.1616148

Drama is always funny to me. I barely even follow Hololive. I'm more of a 774 inc. fag

>> No.1616152

Can anyone give me a quick rundown on what happened?

>> No.1616177

damn can't believe nijiniggers were groomers all along
i didn't see that coming nope what a shock wow !!1!1!!!

>> No.1616192


>> No.1616199

a 60 year old nijisanji streamer raped a 1 month old baby

>> No.1616232

Some literal who Nijishit is an actual whore and a sorry excuse for a vtuber.

She should be setting an example and act professional, but she squandered our trust by sleeping with a man.

>> No.1616251

10000 year old demon hag rapes the freshly deceased corpse of a 10y/o emo, hilarity ensues.

>> No.1616268


>> No.1616290

>no dislikes
H-how? How did he escape this situation unscathed?

>> No.1616324

you don't get it. he's a victim of sexual abuse and grooming

>> No.1616345

Nijisanji literally have a vtuber who has been asking marriage advice/talk with a married man and gorilla idol openly as content, then setting her this year goal to get married as she talk to her viewer about it and was given blessing by her viewer.

>> No.1616412

>victim of sexual abuse and grooming
I wish I was the victim...

>> No.1616413

>Openly stating you are going to go get married so the coomers dont get any illusions (at the obvious risk of losing coomer donations)
>Say nothing, get coomer donations while grooming the biggert fujoshi idol in the industry.
Im thinking blue Oni is based, unless she's stupid enough to get herself doxxed, then she is fucked for a decade at least.

>> No.1616428


>> No.1616440
File: 40 KB, 211x185, fubuki_question_mark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She should act professional

>> No.1616441

Do you hate women because of your mother?

>> No.1616461

>act professional
nijisanji girls are just vshojo for jops

>> No.1616518

But professionalism's boring and fake as fuck.

>> No.1616539

if you're a vtuber, you're already fake, and there's nothing more boring than a standard issue whore

>> No.1616552

some female niji had audio from a male niji coming into their mic and some people downvoted her for it. That's literally it for now

>> No.1616567

>t. Armchair psychologist

>> No.1616574

Eli is the most professional actor in the industry, besides the actual voice actors like Old Man Tanaka and Hayase.

>> No.1616593


>> No.1616608
File: 75 KB, 830x738, 1518829276812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no womanlet gf

>> No.1616617

>if you're a vtuber, you're already fake
That's why whenever they start becoming "real" it gathers a lot of attention.
>and there's nothing more boring than a standard issue whore
I agree, but I have to ask what's "standard issue whore" is to you?

>> No.1616700

Imagine that a woman is so enamored with you, she's slowly and methodically grooms you into her boyfriend while pretending that your relationship is all-organic. Imagine her riding your dick and smiling to herself because her plan has worked perfectly. Terrible. Just terrible.

>> No.1616717

Hey Niji-fans I'm so glad you guys are going through this right now. I think our schizos will come shit up your threads for a while and stay away from our threads, as you can see right here. They're pretty identity-less and just want to stir narratives up.
Thank you for your sacrifice and I'm sorry but also not sorry.

>> No.1616723

It's the other way around schizo

>> No.1616757

you'll miss me

>> No.1616762

Well he's not wrong anon, I couldn't care less about them 99% of the time.

>> No.1616764

Honestly she must have been a looker and better than the younger women if she was able to get with Tokyo Ghoul

>> No.1616773

Not quite, he was attacked for like 3-4 days, hell even this board doomposted about this during Gibara Graduation.

It's not her

>> No.1616799

It's because he kept streaming and everybody moved on/gave up after a few days. If RIndou streamed daily, this shit would've been forgotten by now.

>> No.1616813

Did Kanae get more shit for Kanaeboshi than Kuzuha is getting now for this Mikoto debacle?

>> No.1616814

poor guy... that scheming hag actually did it

>> No.1616817


>> No.1616870

he got a little, but he's unshakable. Tokyo Ghoul man has a high autism power level

>> No.1616960

I think it's about same, It's just Mikoto isn't a daily streamer so making it look like it's affecting her.

>> No.1617046
File: 359 KB, 694x620, 1612596399301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no cute, blue oni wife who can mimic Hayamin to give you a personal ASMR session

>> No.1617116

>Chink ESL
My fucking sides. This has to be LARPing right?

>> No.1617122

>Imagine that a woman is so enamored with you
You lost me

>> No.1617128

I imagine he must be crying into his hands while he gets eaten by her other mouth. Truly awful, poor guy

>> No.1617135

It's kinda affecting his performance during CR cup skirmish.
This and the usual Anti-Vtuber APEX fanbase attacking Chihiro lowering team performance and morale, until Alelu cosplay that is.

>> No.1617217

i'm starting to see a stereotype with oni vtubers and being sex having whores

>> No.1617267

>t. KFP
10 entire keks

>> No.1617475

Just imagining the poor guy, all tired out after a grueling APEX stream, is now beset by her live-in wife, demanding him to let her service him for the entire night.
Imagine the kind of horrors she'll demand while doing the deed, since it's pretty well known that she's kinky as hell. Worst still, she'll absolutely demand him to cum outside and let his virile semen land on either her luscious back or her well-defined tummy...
My condolences...

>> No.1617510

Did people actually hate Kanaeboshi? I never followed dramas back then but is that why they kinda stopped doing collabs?

>> No.1617705

Sara have her own share of Anti, She's literally get flamed early on.

>> No.1617711

>Did people actually hate Kanaeboshi?
Fujos hated it, yes.

>> No.1618015

It's too bad only the faceless fujo hordes are getting cucked here, we're unlikely to get quality NTR doujin from this.

>> No.1618181

God, I wish that were me

>> No.1618200

Just self insert as a fujo bro. It worked for me.

>> No.1618398

>we're unlikely to get quality NTR doujin from this
Even if we did, it'll be the typical ugly ojii-san cucking Kuzuha. Which sucks, since the main appeal is to portray the fujos as the cuckqueans.

>> No.1618505

Nah, it would be Kenmochi style of sharpness with Roberu 3D arms and shoulder.

>> No.1618690

I can't believe how incompetent Cover can be for fucking it up that bad...

>> No.1619110

man, fuck the crazy fujos saying this as a fujo.
it's not like hskw is the only girl he did teetee with, from the clips I've seen he used to be cute with Akabane too.

>> No.1620221
File: 74 KB, 640x462, 1615313208432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ruining stuff as always. Fujos are a blight on society

>> No.1620235

It wasn't because of them (mainly). When they first did their collabs, a few were unhappy, but not really any more than normal. The thing is, both of them started to make fun of the people that were unhappy on twitter, and released a turing love cover right after in retaliation. Other stuff including giving each other superchat, appearing on each other's stream randomly, and Kanae on twitcast talking about how he didn't do anything wrong (obviously). Tweets were like, "Wow I thought there were a lot more people who hated me, but looking at this it's less than 10% of my fanbase lol", and other people started attacking him for "ignoring any part of his fanbase". In the end what really stopped them was that they riled enough people up to flood Hoshikawa's chat until it was unusable since she wasn't as big then, so they deleted their tweets and stopped.

They did do another collab at the end of the year though, and nothing really happened, so they might just not have time. Both are playing Ark though so it's inevitable that they'll interact again.

>> No.1620452

Imagine talking like this, join the 41%.

>> No.1620583

I hate them because of your mother.

>> No.1620694
File: 496 KB, 500x455, 1513792750167.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1620764
File: 433 KB, 562x469, 1615611868358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1620840

>It's like proof of how hets are omegafragile far moreso than gays.
You've never been to the gay part of twitter, especially the lesbian one

>> No.1621826

Mentally ill queen bees at that. Fat fujo fucks need the rope. I can smell their anger and jealousy.

>> No.1622468

>The boyfriend rumors (which were fake)

>Most of my relationships were online relationships
>Most of them were during my utaite days
>It was before Discord, so most of it was on Skype
>We'd having meetings with a lot of us, so we got to know each other
>The most recent one was someone I I was with until last year's August
>They were focused on games
>They were worried because they heard about how voice acting companies could be black companies and dangerous, and asked me not to do it
read the full schizos copypasta he wrote about the dad. he played apart in her decision because of his outbursts of anger over all the calls and such but it was far from the only thing going on

>> No.1622507

You think our antis are bad, Japanese fujos and otaku are a whole other level.

>> No.1622621

Pretty much, most of the people here are just having a laugh at this.
Fujo grudges are no joke

>> No.1622769

>But Aloe/Delta thread said it was all shitty dad fault.
the post you read is why niji fags harassed her, but she was still going to come back.
then they phoned her home, talked shit to her dad, and her dad essentially forced her to quit.

>> No.1622995 [SPOILER] 
File: 389 KB, 836x1200, 1615994968663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They'll forget about it in a week. It's always like this.

>> No.1623209

so wait, it's the female fanbase that's angry, not the males?

>> No.1623576

Well I guess there should be a sizeable fanbase who are gay for the ghoul

>> No.1623854

Because they're normally chinks.

>> No.1623880
File: 86 KB, 207x237, 1606930559251.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see both of them being tee tee in stream
everyone loves it
>accidentally hears tokyo ghoul in her stream
wtf whore

>> No.1624106

Stop hating fujos, they're cute and funny

>> No.1624155

>Utofags still oblivious to this day
Of course there is no hard proof, there will never be, because it depends entirely on her and your capacity to use basic logic.

>> No.1624185

Tokyoghoul... I KNEEL

>> No.1624316

Many convinced themselves it was just silly LARP for the channels... until the roommate meme became literal.

>> No.1624411

>Everyone i dislike is a schizo!

>> No.1624832
File: 17 KB, 330x314, 1615892565378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talking about her favorite type of creampie like it's normal stream topic
Thank goodness whores are dumb as fuck and out themselves so easily.

>> No.1624903


>> No.1625373
File: 284 KB, 480x480, 1615838068212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only hope the trail of sperm they leave behind won't stain Alice or Emma and the other more pure niji chuubas.

>> No.1625413

Ok Chang.

>> No.1625491

Massive props to Kuzuha if he's actually smashing her left and right.

>> No.1625508

Disgusting chitchat.

>> No.1625546

Are they childhood friends?

>> No.1626016

No, they're definitely not.

>> No.1626085

She could be anything.
One thing's for sure is that they knew each other even before Tokyo Ghoul became a Niji.

>> No.1626093

Yeah, Emma is very pure allright.

>> No.1626117
File: 34 KB, 227x222, 1605911243405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1626148

I empathize with them because if my oshi turned out to be living with a kareshi I'd probably throw my pc in the bathtub and take the first flight for Syria to join ISIS, I kinda understand how they feel.

>> No.1626234
File: 455 KB, 1164x1253, lolibooru 310218 asymmetrical_legwear eyebrows_visible_through_hair jacket_on_shoulders looking_at_viewer old_school_swimsuit one-piece_swimsuit suketoudara_(artist).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She was pure in my mind.

>> No.1626245

>TFW Kuzuha maybe smashed his grooming lewd childhood friend and a good chunk of us still jack off to 2D renders
I think we can make it too if he managed to do so... Just saying.

>> No.1626292

But we're not teens anymore...

>> No.1626302
File: 17 KB, 200x200, 1578082021851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>having a female childhood friend
>having a female acquaintance
>having irl friends in the first place

>> No.1626328

>tfw they talk like my female coworkers
Guess it's universal.

>> No.1626404

Not necessarily smashing our qt childhood friends if we have any, I do have one my age tho, but maybe just getting a GF, I mean, if Tokyo Ghoul Man could I can't see why we can't.

>> No.1626414

She probably doesn't even love him, if they know each other since before youtube why did she act only now? because now he's popular and widely recognized as a cool guy online, she also feels superior to his unlucky female subscribers who are "losers" unlike her.

>> No.1626482

Oh, we definitely can try
...Emphasis on "try" though.

>> No.1626512

Women do talk about this stuff far more often when in a group of only-women because they can "drop the act" and talk like this without much outside judgement, I guess it works like a charm with VTubing because of the "no face" condition.

>> No.1626556

Not trying is losing by default anon.

>> No.1626569

Does she hate her own fans? I don't follow her so I don't know what kind of people like her and how she acts with her viewers during streams, seeing as nobody really cares I assume even if she got fans, nobody set her as their favorite except maybe a small slice of them.

>> No.1626581

>won't stain Alice or Emma and the other more pure niji chuubas.
Name 1 niji woman who is pure and not a whore

>> No.1626591

>why did she act only now?
>implying she's not making moves onto him offstream

>> No.1626660

The trying is not the main problem, but mostly HOW we try.
Like, I swear I'm the type who feels like Ars when people I can't relate too start coming over, or like Aqua when I can't even relate in the first place, so I go entirely mute.

>> No.1626684

Nothing's happening on 25th except anons blowing trivial shit out of proportion.

>> No.1626690

And yes, fanart doesn't count.

>> No.1626734

to be honest the vast majority of them never really touch on the kinds of topics seen in those few clips that get thrown around

>> No.1626744

Imagine thinking your measurement for life happiness is having a girlfriend. For a bunch of autistic men you sure act more like little girls than most women I know. Don't tell me you dream of being princess carried and kissed in the forehead too.

>> No.1626751

but 'Tokyo Ghoul Man' was scouted by a modelling agency and you weren't, anon.

>> No.1626760

Your narrative is stupid anon. This incident could legit be an accident, and you know, they could've decided to not interact with each other on stream as to not let work get in between them??

>> No.1626764
File: 100 KB, 1200x675, Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Himawari Honma

>> No.1626807

Tokyo ghoul was incredibly attractive even as a minor. That is the only reason blue Oni got interested and groomed him.

>> No.1626851

I just want a family, anon.
Sucks being an only child with both your parents whom have already passed away.

>> No.1626921

Kuzuha and Rindou are carrying abe's will.

>> No.1626932

Even this a narrative though. According to Kuzuha at least he lives alone, he posted saying so in his members community after he said he wouldn't say anything else about it on stream.

>> No.1626959

When asked about her. He literally said "no comment". That basically confirms it.

>> No.1626962

>nobody cares
Look at the dislike bar in OP. They do care but since they're japs they won't do anything more than disliking a couple of her videos.

>> No.1626984

I just want to experience someone touching my peepee once, especially since I'm 38.

>> No.1627018

Because it'll be more of a confirmation if he had any info on her in the first place though.

>> No.1627022

Yeah after that he posted saying he lived alone in members.

>> No.1627027

These narratives don't necessarily repel each other.

>> No.1627058

go rape someone or buy a consort you worthless trash

>> No.1627076

It's botted.
Just scroll above, notice that it's a constant 60:40 like to dislike ratio and still maintained for 5 days.

>> No.1627128

obvious lie on his part.

>> No.1627140

>go rape someone
That's illegal anon.

>> No.1627159

Nice narrative.

>> No.1627164

My qt tomboy childhood friend GF ended up getting corrupted by drugs and turned into a deadbeat, life sucks anon.

>> No.1627182

Anyone can say they live alone, anon.

>> No.1627191

I'm into NTR so this drama doesn't affect me

>> No.1627221

>turned into a deadbeat
It can't be that bad....

>> No.1627254
File: 9 KB, 250x227, _20210313_192531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only of you get caught

>> No.1627272

She's homeless for a reason.

>> No.1627289

Kuzuha's not gay.
He's not romantically attracted with his female fanbase.
He loves his cute, blue oni wife, and there's nothing purer than that.

>> No.1627313

Should've gone into the rap gig to make a living.

>> No.1627315

Anyone can say no comment too but apparently him saying that is as good as confirmation of something going on where as him explicitly saying he lives alone should be ignored entirely.

>> No.1627377

So we're in agreement that at least there's something going on between the two of them?

>> No.1627427
File: 1.99 MB, 960x514, 1563600242819.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1627429

I'm just pointing out the retarded logic here, a narrative crafted from an implication derived from a refusal to comment is apparently somehow more reliable than an explicit statement

>> No.1627460


>> No.1627488

...did nothing wrong

>> No.1627523
File: 337 KB, 854x480, Godfather.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Now you come to me, Kaigai Niki please give me justice"

>> No.1627524


>> No.1627617
File: 147 KB, 743x529, 1571002590841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Completely true. We don't see their faces, we see only their sad souls.

>> No.1627841

still only 1 post in the actual thread this entire time

>> No.1627883

Even if it wasn't botted, it's just a temporary outrage. I checked the stream chat and the negative comments could be counted in an hand, everybody is just encouraging her for the game. The funny thing I noticed is the lack of emoji spam in the start of the stream and the lack of member icons in the chat names, many must have canceled their ship as a form of protest but I doubt she'll be affected, it's not unusual for her to take a week hiatus in between streams.

>> No.1627907

its doesnt have to end like this anon
get some qt whore pregnant and then marry your daughter

>> No.1628023


>> No.1628109

Isn't this just pointing out that everyone in this thread doesn't actually follow Nijisanji if this gets more activity than the main thread there?

>> No.1628170
File: 21 KB, 232x227, 1606125110203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this is definitely not a japanese sausage

>> No.1628192

Reddit will believe anything as long as you pretend to be ESL while being 100% grammaticaly correct.
I dont care about this drama, I've always known Mikoto is a whore and she's probably had sex with multiple Niji men including society man. This dude sounds like hes coping pretty hard

>> No.1628218

even Jap girls realise superiority of BBC

>> No.1628607

No one likes shitlogs, quit lying to yourself.

>> No.1628701
File: 30 KB, 484x468, _20210317_194403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1628825

You can project your cope onto others all you want, doesnt make what i said wrong.

>> No.1628828

I'm more surprised how many people have learned how big of a slut she is. She's apart of the women's groups in 2434 that openly talk about sex and their sexual preference, what they like doing in the bedroom, positions, where they prefer to be cummed on/and of inside them.
Same thing with Ange Katrina. They're sexually active women who talk about men on collab streams, more and people are shocked that these girls literally just talk about their preferences of WHEN THEY DO have sex. Nijisanji girls have never shied away from this degeneracy, they're youtube personalities, not idols.

>> No.1629010

not him but don't you see that obviously rindou was either at kuzuha's place, kuzuha was at makoto's place, or they were at the studio? it doesn't really matter if they're explicitly "living together" or they just spend time together off stream. it doesn't matter what kuzuha says about it in terms of denial because there's hard evidence, especially when he wouldn't say shit besides "we don't live together." if he would have said "oh I was in the studio" or "oh I was crashing at her place cause mine is disgusting and filled with trash" that would be believable. instead we get "I don't live with her" and "no comment." don't you see how that instills doubt in his words?

>> No.1629077

>they're youtube personalities, not idols.
good thing that's exactly how they're marketed huh.

>> No.1629137

Are you retarded or dense? Nijisanjis aren't sold as idols nor have they ever been

>> No.1629161

isn't that what he said?

>> No.1629179

.....that's what I said

>> No.1629214

sorry I thought the huh at the end was indicative of sarcasm

>> No.1629261

Didn't Utako say some students find out about her being a vtuber? I bet she already tapped many students too.
The fact that she's also into yaoi and shipping their students is a bit worrying for them, I guess.

>> No.1629279

it was more of an indication with my frustrations with nijisanji's horrible western marketing.

>> No.1629305

it's not right either
again, cope

>> No.1629352

they never did any western marketing selling their image so what are you on about

>> No.1629386

For the most part, SKB talk about porn anon. Sure, you can extrapolate their tastes onto what they might like irl, but that's a whole different topic.

>> No.1629397

is that why they're the lowest picked in the dating pool? Keep lying to yourself, cuck.

>> No.1629410

Don't talk about things you don't know about EOP-kun, you're mixing Gundou-sensei with Utako, they're not even remotely similar.

>> No.1629424

The absolute state of niji manwhore

>> No.1629463

wow, parroting a meme and moving goalposts. How desperate can you get? Massive cope

>> No.1629525

Wow, ignoring facts and stating nothing yourself. How much of a waste of life can you be? Literally off yourself.

>> No.1629533

Fuck, I missed the mark.
>Ange probably likes cuckolding IRL

>> No.1629537

that's why I'm frustrated. if nijisanji did good EN marketing they'd blow up for sure. look at how those "wacky" japanese variety TV segments blow up on the western net. all ichikara had to do was advertise their bigger collabs with short 1-2 minute clips like that and the "japan is soooooo weird" crowd would eat it up.

>> No.1629562

the more you say cope the less I want to agree with you

>> No.1629585

Utako is a veteran 2ch fujoshi, Mirei is the lesb teacher you're thinking of.

>> No.1629763

parroting memes, moving goalposts, and ignoring facts. Truly the loser trifecta. Cope, dilate, take a bath, kill yourself, etc

>> No.1629802

Fucking hot

>> No.1629843

aren't you the one that thinks people like niggers?

>> No.1629854

He is.

>> No.1629952

ah well, he's serving as a good lesson as to why you should filter twitter buzzwords.

>> No.1629972

No that's you because you brought it up

>> No.1630109

Must be someone from her unofficial discord, does he really think everybody is used to NTR as much as he is? hell, I read NTR doujins not gonna lie but it still makes me upset to know that a chuuba I like and support (maybe even monetarily) is having a relationship irl. This kind of stuff makes me ask my self why they are doing this in the first place, was it for attention or is the pay really that good? can't her bf pay for everything she wants instead of making people on the internet feel attached to her and donate money that she doesn't even need?

>> No.1630115

you should use a tripcode, it'll be easier to filter you that way.

>> No.1630291

>but it still makes me upset to know that a chuuba I like and support (maybe even monetarily) is having a relationship irl.
dude, you're not dating them, they never implied your dating them. they are making content because they enjoy it. streaming isn't the kind of job you can do while hating it. just ask any streamer/youtube/actor/member of a troupe. people have to at least be having fun while performing or it's not going to sell the performance.

>> No.1630322

>she does it just for fun
>she exploits the weak minds of thousands hikki neets who never had a relationship just to have fun and everything is right in the world

>> No.1630327

What made you think you had any connection to your chuuba or them to you? How do you feed this delusion?

>> No.1630348

if you don't like it, don't watch it then.

>> No.1630378

Not her fault you're mentally unstable.

>> No.1630387

Surely not her, I'm not even subbed to her channel, I was talking in general.
I can tell from a mile which chuubas are whores.

>> No.1630389

every single one of those hikki's knows that once that stream ends whatever she does is irrelevant to them.

>> No.1630430

>it's fine if a chuuba makes you sad
>don't you dare talk shit about chuubas! they're gonna be sad...

for those who didn't commit sudoku probably yes.

>> No.1630438

you're single because you think about women like that. they can tell from your attitude.

>> No.1630454

>was it for attention or is the pay really that good?
Some people love to share their joys to others. It's a form of attention, but it's not the attention you probably mean. You support them because you want them to keep share their joys to you.
If you have this kinds of mindset like in your post, you should never donate tubers in the first place since you have unhealthy obsessions over something.

>> No.1630462

Topkek no. I'm single because I wasted my childhood playing video games.

>> No.1630513

>wasted my childhood playing video games
so did Kuzuha and look at him

>> No.1630519

I cant tell if you're baiting or actually this autistic. Either way seek help.

>> No.1630530

>unhealthy obsessions
Jealousy is perfectly healthy human behavior.

>> No.1630554

>it's fine if a chuuba makes you sad
>don't you dare talk shit about chuubas! they're gonna be sad...
the difference is nobody cares if your sad.

>> No.1630566

If he did he would be a friendless loner like the thousands who disliked her last stream.

>> No.1630590

yeah but possessive envy is not. that's like shitting your pants twice a day and saying
>shitting is a perfectly healthy human behavior

>> No.1630605

stop blaming your shortcomings on everything but yourself. it's not video games fault. it's yours.

>> No.1630618

How do you even separate possessive envy, for a man towards a woman, from normal envy? enlighten me with some example.

>> No.1630701

>I am envious of the amount of money Jeff Bezos' wife got from her divorce.
>man Jeff had a smoking wife, I wish I could've had her/someone as hot. too bad she was a gold digger though.
>man if I was as rich as Jeff I would be so much better to his wife than he was. she'd love me forever and we'd be rich as fuck. why why why why didn't she marry me instead of that bald lil bitch.
not normal.

>> No.1630712 [DELETED] 

Yes, but overly jealous over something ain't healthy.
"Fuck, she's taken. I'd fuck her when she's single," that's envy.
"Fuck, she's taken. She should be single for anyone but me. What a fucking whore," that's possessive envy.

>> No.1630730

Yes, but overly jealous over something ain't healthy.
"Fuck, she's taken. I'd fuck her if she was single," that's envy.
"Fuck, she's taken. She should be single for anyone but me. What a fucking whore," that's possessive envy.

>> No.1630749

Being jealous of a situation that someone is in is normal. Being jealous of that person is not. You can work to put yourself I different situations, you can never become someone else. That line of thinking is just delusional and is unhealthy.

>> No.1630772

That has nothing to do with the context.

That's something you say about a random thot, not about someone you watch and listen to every single day and maybe even donated money to, someone you actually developed deeper feelings than "yea I'd fuck her" or "nah I wouldn't fuck her".

>> No.1630800

>Being jealous of a situation that someone is
>Being jealous of that person is no
Redundant sentences.

>> No.1630854

You mean like a friend that you get feelings for but they have a boyfriend? Your possessive envy is unhealthy.

>> No.1630875

That's why you should already expect from the start that they're taken, even more if you decide to support Niji vtubers because they're more liberal about telling their romance lives compared to Holo vtubers.
Beside, like I said before, you support them so they can share their joys. Other than that is an unhealthy obsession.

>> No.1630885

Well, it's true one suffers from being jealous but shutting down that part of the brain only makes you a fool.

>You mean like a friend that you get feelings for but they have a boyfriend?
Humans have done poetry about this sort of feels for hundreds years indeed. There's even anime series, but I'm sure you know.

>> No.1631020

>you should already expect from the start that they're taken
and you are absolutely right but people who have reached a certain age and never lived to the fullest will always tend to wish for the opposite and let themselves get dragged by the flow of emotions.

>you support them so they can share their joys
I see what you mean, it may be true for a random vlogger on youtube but to me vtubers are completely different, it cannot be compared so easily.

>> No.1631054

>That has nothing to do with the context.
ok sure.

>I am envious of the amount of money Kuzuha makes
>>man I really like Rindou Makoto, Kuzuha's one lucky dog to have a girl like that.
>>man if I'm so much more interesting than that stupid trash covered hikki beer kuzuha. why can't rindou come ride my balls instead why why why I donate so much.
>not normal.

>Redundant sentences
Let me phrase it like this. Being jealous of how person A or person B acts, or their physical possessions is ok, because you can use that jealousy to constructively work towards a goal. Being jealous of how person A interacts with person B, to the point that you wish you were person B or think that person A SHOULD like you more than they like person B is very unhealthy. Because there's not shit you can do about how other people think or feel. Nothing you can work towards, no goal to achieve. In situation one you're jealous of someone who has worked harder than you or has benefited from their environment more than you. You can change those factors, but you can't change who you are. That's why possessive jealousy isn't very healthy, because it's not something you can actually use to drive positive changes in your life.

>> No.1631062

How do you even develop those feelings for someone you've never been with in real life? That reeks of "I never go outside"

>> No.1631087

>That reeks of "I never go outside"
I think you answered your own question anonchama.

>> No.1631267

>people who have reached a certain age and never lived to the fullest will always tend to wish for the opposite and let themselves get dragged by the flow of emotions.
If they reach the point where they expect they ain't taken, then they're already unhealthy. I honesty can understand the sentiment though.
>vtubers are completely different, it cannot be compared so easily.
Fair enough, since you might watch vtubers from Hololive youtubers. I started watching vtubers from Nijisanji, so we might have different perspective from this part.
I want to say that you should just ignore their IRL stuff and think the vtubers as real persons (so vtubers and IRL person are different people), but in the end it also doesn't solve any thing if your mindset is also vtuber persona = her IRL person.

>> No.1631421

extremely lonely and/or mentally ill people. Apart from Fujos, it's these type of people that target Rindou.

>> No.1631776
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>> No.1632090

idol culture and its consequences have been disaster for a human race

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